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2008.03.20 Thursday

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Commemorating the release of "MGS: Essential Collection" in North America, we've prepared a MGS2-themed show with guest & MGS2 expert, James Howell.

Read James's insightful essay about MGS2 here:

Ryan Payton


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1 / xbox fan / 2008年12月24日 09:14

will MGS4 ever be for the 360 plz give a straight answer???????Yes or NO

2 / Big Boss / 2008年12月29日 12:06

im telling you from the heart kojima if you release Mgs for 360 ur gonna disapoint every sony fann includeing me and can call a major riot 4 us sony fans because evry1 is gonna leave ps3 winch leaves us wtf

3 / Games4Fun / 2009年01月07日 03:13

Hideo, you have been applauded since the release of MGS4 as possibly THE single greatest developer in the industry right now. Your news of Kojima Productions restructuring is somewhat troubling to some of us gamers... you have already produced the best game of our time! It would be more encouraging to hear that you are building on the foundation you have already built rather than starting from scratch. We also hope that you are going to continue focus on a single platform vs. spreading your concentration across multiple platforms. There is not a single western game that garnered as much respect as MGS4 in 2008... we can see this in the reviews. I hope you'll consider this, thank you.

4 / Moses / 2010年03月25日 21:10

I have a question... if it was feasible for Big Boss to still be alive in MGS4 (and it was...) then why not have the massively rewarding end to the series of Old Snake and Big Boos going head to head? I ADORE the series like no other story on any medium, but I think the amassed narrative credit (and it's potential) was squandered in Guns of the Patriots. It feels like someone else made it.

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