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2009.04.16 Thursday
MGS4 Integral Podcast Episode 8. "Shadow Moses: Heliport" walkthrough.

Download Instructions:
To download, select EXTRAS > ONLINE > INTEGRAL PODCAST from the Metal Gear Solid 4 title screen. Listen by equipping the iPod® item in-game.

* The MGS4 Integral Podcast is an exclusive in-game radio show for use with the Playstation 3 game "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots". Please note that it is not possible to listen to this audio program without a copy of MGS4.

>> Next Episode: 04/30/2009 <<

Cast   :   Ken Imaizumi
Aki Saito
Sean Eyestone
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / Silent Assassin / 2009年04月16日 18:50

I think I speak for most of the old MGS fans, when I say that Shadow Moses will always have a special place in our hearts. I really enjoyed the podcast and can`t wait to hear the next part.
One other thing, It`s really hard to hear what you guys planned to do with some of the stages, but it got taken out of the game in the end.

2 / C.Burfitt / 2009年04月16日 21:15

Excellence podcast as usual...

3 / Cmpunk33 / 2009年04月16日 21:37

hello guys its my first coment here.
i just lisend to the 8th podcast and it whas (kick Ass) but, what whas a real pain in the ass whas the level 4 dore,
the did tell you the it will open after otocon restores energi...
but they dident tell you the there is a dwarf gekko waiting for you in there:pppppp
so look out fot it:pppppp

4 / CoporalEd / 2009年04月16日 21:38

Good show, just as usual!

But you shouldn't have mentioned the lake, now I always have to go the place and check if the path is free! ^^

5 / gytpow / 2009年04月16日 23:08

no zoe3 plz add trophies muthaf***r

6 / noggin / 2009年04月16日 23:33

awesome podcast just a question and idea will mgss 4 ever get trophies lots of people have been asking and we have no idea and why not relase the places that u took out like the frozen lake as content on the playstation store its a money maker that hardcore fans will want to buy hopefully you will take this on board and answer the burning question in the next podcast thanks for your time

7 / noggin / 2009年04月16日 23:33

awesome podcast just a question and idea will mgss 4 ever get trophies lots of people have been asking and we have no idea and why not relase the places that u took out like the frozen lake as content on the playstation store its a money maker that hardcore fans will want to buy hopefully you will take this on board and answer the burning question in the next podcast thanks for your time

8 / Gringo234 / 2009年04月17日 04:18

Everybody wants another Zone of Enders.

If you guys made it multi-platform I'm sure it well sell like hot cakes.

9 / night_cobra / 2009年04月17日 04:23

great podcast, found a few things i didn't about this stage like the return of the ghosts from mgs1 and other fun stuff. and about the zone of the enders franchise i'd really like to see a third in the series as some of my friends 5 of them actually to be honest. and if you really do make the third i only ask you to keep the core gameplay and button layout similar or the same as the other two and to emphasize more on improving the customization of your robot(similar to armored core where you pick your parts and colours) and a longer story, because as good as the games were, they felt a bit too short on lenght.well that's it for me and thank you for reading this awfully long comment.

10 / TerryWolfe / 2009年04月17日 08:17

About Zone of The Enders 3:

There are actually not many people who want a ZOE3, but those who want it are loud. Please do not waste the investment into developing a new ZOE game because the average person doesn't know much about it or demand it. Thank you!

11 / Aleks / 2009年04月17日 10:09

Greetings from Germany Ken, Aki and Sean,

I think the first i what i have to say is that i absolutely loved Zone of the Enders the 2ndRunner and would freak out if a sequel comes. I´ve not played the first one, but a good friend of mine showed me this game and let me play. It was easy to get how it should be played and it had amazing Graphics. So far i would even say, that this was the best Robot game for the ps2 in my opinion. I dont really like these Gundam Wing stuff. They looked so stiff. ZOE´s Orbital Frames where more futuristic and awesome than any robots there were. It got its own style, and that is what i liked about it.

But now that i heard your podcast on mgs4, i wondered, that you werent even beginning with a new one. I thought as the PS3 is out you would work on a new ZOE. It was because it seemed confirmed that you are working or Kojima is working on a ZOE for ps3. If you type it in Google ( Zone of the Enders 3) you will get much articels about it. I just bought the PS3 cause of Metal Gear and hopefully a new ZOE. You Guys should stick to this series.

It was/is a cool game, cause of the cool fightning and moving system. Much futuristic and awesome stuff. There were so many weapons and stuff, it was so fun to play. Please make a sequel and let me (or the fans) fly with Jehuty. I know you Guys are right now working on a new MGS, but i really really hope that this Game continues.

So this was about the ZOE Sequel, now lets return to the comment to the actual Podcast from Mgs4. I didnt even know i could sneak up behind those mini geckos. I killed them every time i passed by this area. And the Ghost thing really shoked me a bit. I actually didnt wanted to make a photo with the camera, because i thought it would scare the crap outta me, but it was really normal after i saw it. I suggested some big shok effect ^^ but thanks for not doing so ;)

Keep up your hard and good work, and keep the Podcast as long as this one was ( i think it was the longest so far)

Your Fan Aleks

12 / Griffo / 2009年04月17日 11:03

I was quite disappointed when I played through the Shadow Moses part of the game and realised - instantly - that the voice recordings from the Twin Snakes were used for the flashbacks instead of the voice recordings from the original PS1 game. I really wonder why that is. I mean, the remake wasn't developed by Kojima Productions, and you're not reminiscing about something you played for the first time 10 years ago if you're hearing something which was released only a few years ago which you didn't even play or experience.

I've never played the remake and I'm glad. The voice acting was superb in the original, for its time. I mean, the music from the original was used for the flashback scenes, so why not the voices? MGS4 was is on a PlayStation system and so was MGS1, unlike its remake, so I think a lot of people were also hearing voice acting from a remake which they never played.

I don't know if this is nostalgia or rose-tinted glasses or whatnot, but it seems to me from what I've heard that the voice acting was a lot more memorable and vibrant on the PS1 when compared to the GameCube's recordings.

Maybe the Japanese voice acting for the remake was better than the original acting, and that's why you went for the remake in that respect, which meant that you also used the remake's recordings for the English version of MGS4 for consistency reasons.

That still doesn't make sense to me. It was always the idea that the game was trying to make you remember when you first played MGS1 all those years ago on the PS1 - even the small gameplay segment which you play in MGS4 was from the PS1 version.

So basically, that's one of the small parts of the game which really made me feel as though a quite undisputable mistake had been made.

I didn't know anything at all about the top-down-camera easter egg, or the ghosts, so that was really interesting - thanks!

About the Zone of the Enders sequel - I'm a bit ashamed to say that I haven't played them (I do own them, and have done for quite a while). The premise and what the atmosphere is very appealing to me, and I really want to play them... (cyber punk ftw!) it's just hard making priorities with the amount of content in the games I appreciate these days. Anyway, I've looked at quite a few reviews for both of the games, and it seems as though they were simply not as well received as the Metal Gear series in general. The second game did seem like it was an improvement from what I've read though. There's obviously a huge cult following, but a new game would without a doubt have nowhere near the wide appeal which MGS has. Also, even if I did play through both of them and love them as much as I loved some other KP games to date (I wouldn't be surprised if I did), I still wouldn't ask for a sequel, at least not now. For me, sequels need to be completely sequential, with as little gaps in-between as possible, obviously making room for a lengthy development period to ensure high quality. But, I don't think there should be yearlong gaps in between the games, in which no development of the franchise takes place whatsoever. Metal Gear didn't do it, and has done fantastically, and neither did God of War.

It just reminds me of Hollywood dredging up some old franchise which was popular decades ago (I know this example is sort of on the other end of the spectrum, but it's the same principle). It makes me sick.

I don't doubt that another game in the franchise headed by Hideo or simply developed by Kojima Productions would be of extremely high quality, but I'm with Kojima on moving forward. How about we just do remakes of the drawings we drew when we were toddlers, or rewrites of the stories we wrote when we were 10? People need to grow and mature, and use the all the time before they die to create as much as they can for which they want to be remembered if they are ambitious and care about their name. I think this is Kojima's thinking, and I agree with him completely.

Why would anything new from Kojima be any less great than the ZOE franchise? If anything, it'd be better, in my opinion.

It seems as though Kojima is unique to some other large names and developers in the industry in that he and his team can bear the weight of the pressure of a quadruple A title again and again. After a seriously beautiful and high quality game is produced, the director often is afraid of being engrossed and sucked from life again like they were when completing the gargantuan task. Kojima's a machine in this respect. No emotion, save the odd chuckle. Just pure endurance.

I also have a feeling that many fans haven't even played Policenauts, Snatcher or ZOE (It's only ZOE I haven't played ;) ), and yet feel the need to show their dedication, loyalty and knowledge of Kojima's work by shouting 'Please make a remake/sequel for *insert old game hear* for the PS3!'. Then they hypocritically complain that it defiles the original once the remake is completed, not unlike with Twin Snakes.

Obviously, there are a lot of people who have played the games and ask for remakes, but often I feel they're still shouting it in his face in blind hope of being recognised as being a notably loyal fan or just someone who appreciates him more than the usual shmuck. :P

Anyway, that's my two cents. (I need a British expression which does the same job as that).

Keep it up.

13 / Jack / 2009年04月17日 11:14

I'd really like to see something on the ps3 or 360 related to ZOE. Great cast, by the way.

14 / StunandStab / 2009年04月17日 11:36

Hey guys.
I just got done listening to this integral podcast.

I'd just like to say, it is EXTREMELY depressing to hear that you cut out the lake area, and your reasoning for it is even more depressing. If you left the lake area, the heliport would still be there. If you'd just made it more difficult to access (so that most people wouldn't realize that path even exists) then nobody would miss out on the heliport anyway, or they'd just discover the lake path after passing through the heliport and going up the path in the canyon!

The sewer section in Eastern Europe sounded awesome, too, but at least you had a legit reason for removing that.

Does KP has any plans to add more to the game via DLC? Like maybe you could add in these extra areas to Eastern Europe and Shadow Moses that SHOULD be there. I also always thought it'd be really awesome if MGS4 started off the same way MGS2 did (with a smaller chapter at the start as a different character). For example, if you got to play as Raiden infiltrating Area 51 to rescue Sunny... that would be awesome. I would pay money for DLC like that. I think all fans of MGS4 would like DLC that adds to the game and would pay for it.

Did Sean's wife really leave him because he was working too much on the game? I'm sorry to hear that if it's true Sean... but hey, look on the bright side, you made an awesome game and Shadow Moses is wonderful! (But it'd be better if that lake area was there. *hint hint* )

15 / SeánG. / 2009年04月17日 11:53

Hi guys,
I have suggestion that would benefit me, and possibly others,for the podcast. My problem is that when I'm listening to the podcasts, sometimes I dont hear what was said and as far as I am aware, there is no way of rewinding the iPod. This means that, in order hear it I have to start the podcast over which could mean waiting 30 minutes. My suggestion would be to break the podcast into a series of 5 minute podcasts so that each runs into the next. It is not a major problem but I hope you will cosider what I have said.
Thanks, Seán.

16 / John Saladin / 2009年04月17日 15:18

Hello again.
That was really great podcast.
Shadow Moses is really one special stage.
To bad that lake was left out. Could be there just as one alternate route.
Nevertheless great podcast.
Keep it up!


17 / shep / 2009年04月17日 23:04

I am enjoying the podcasts great work. I was sad to hear that the alternative route, gecko on a frozen lake, on the way to shadow moses was dropped so people wouldn't miss the heliport. I would have gone to the heliport on my replay. Like with south america replaying I took a different route. Understandable leaving out the truck section in south america.

18 / Frank / 2009年04月17日 23:41


19 / Polysics_2004 / 2009年04月18日 00:17

Good podcast as usual. I didn't know about equipping the Sorrow doll to see the ghosts so thanks for that tip in particular!
As for ZOE 3, I'd love to see it. I know another 2 people who've played both ZOE games and would also love to see a third one.

20 / Nitroid / 2009年04月18日 02:24

On the subject of Z.O.E.3:

I would love to see a third Zone of the Enders game, but I would also like to see something that Kojima makes from his own interests, rather than just listen to what fans say. This is a difficult question!

21 / Walleye / 2009年04月18日 03:59


22 / Hubbe (Finland) / 2009年04月18日 06:02


And not later. WE WANT IT NOW!

23 / Psycho_Mantis / 2009年04月18日 06:47

Hey guys, i just wanted to let you know that i would really like to see a Zone Of the Enders 3! Iam a longtime fan of the games ever since the first one came out and i would really like to see it happen.

24 / imOnWelfare / 2009年04月18日 08:12

Please make ZOE3!!!

25 / Golden Boy / 2009年04月18日 08:57

We are still waiting for Zone of the Enders 3. I want to play with Jehuty on the PS3. Please Mr. Kojima. And don't forget about DOLORES.

26 / Hobbes / 2009年04月18日 08:58


You said you wanted info on people who wanted a ZOE3.
I do. And literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world agree.

So MAKE it. NOW.

27 / Qwerty / 2009年04月18日 08:58

I want to see ZOE3 in production. It's been like a year and a half or so since I finished ZOE2 and have been waiting eagerly for announcements about this and stuff. I hope this becomes a priority. :)

28 / Soliden / 2009年04月18日 09:01

Oh no, no no no no! ZOE2 is one of the the best things happened to the PlayStation 2, of course we want the third episode, bring back Dingo! Just don't make it a Wii or an iphone game please :/

29 / Monstrum / 2009年04月18日 09:03

Best podcast yet! more of these kind of casts. Until now , didnt know about ghosts in there, thnx for that. And on next cast, would ya tell more about those mantis and sorrow dolls, like is there more ya can do with em? Then theres this one part in shadow moses that made me wonder.. just before rex hangar, the way is kinda blocked by extra wall, why was that made in stage? And last big guestion, would you tell how you 3 got in Konami team? and would there be possibility for 20 year old guy, without game makin experience or graduation to this business and just english as link language and passion to video gaming, to get job in Konami like game company? Finland hasnt been very successfull on gaming business, only there is Max payne brought from Finland that was good game.. but still.. anyway, thnx from very good podcast, keep it up and share all secrets XD , Thnx from Finnish gamer

30 / Axisian / 2009年04月18日 09:27



31 / SG / 2009年04月18日 09:32

Please , ZOE 3 on PS3

32 / Abdul Rahman / 2009年04月18日 11:44

I WANT ZOE3. I'll buy it at a high price.

33 / xGamer / 2009年04月18日 13:17

We want ZOE3 0n xbox360 !! $

34 / greenlantern / 2009年04月18日 13:17

I work at a video game retail store and many customers agree they want to see another Zone of the Enders

35 / ssll / 2009年04月18日 13:27

i want new mgs with snake

36 / raulioo / 2009年04月18日 13:53

Bring ZOE3 on...we want it in PS3

37 / SP-WOLF-00 / 2009年04月18日 13:54


38 / SnakEater / 2009年04月18日 18:41


We want a new ZOE for PS3 Please !!!

The best robot game !!

I will buy 2 copies !!

39 / zeezo / 2009年04月18日 19:48

we don't want ZOE3 in the next MGS

40 / Rize / 2009年04月18日 22:06

i want ZOE 3333...x70



41 / Jehuty.v2 / 2009年04月18日 22:54

Q: ZOE3?


42 / Faisal / 2009年04月18日 22:58

I have been waiting for this for six years and I was worrying that you forget about this epic game .

43 / JKTrix / 2009年04月19日 00:03

At the very end of this podcast, you fellows were talking about ZOE3 and asked for comments with 'realistic' sales numbers. Well, myself and 3 people i know personally who own PS3s would absolutely buy ZoE3. I know a few more people who don't yet have PS3s, but will seriously consider it should ZoE come.

I actually just discovered these Integral podcasts again today, and decided to listen to them backwards. Didn't realize it would be like a commentary/walkthrough! This will be a great way to replay the game.

44 / The 3rd Runner / 2009年04月19日 00:14

We want new ZOE!!

45 / Sonluth / 2009年04月19日 00:18

You guys mentioned ZoE 3 in the last podcast. I'm all for it. I miss that particular Game series. Plus i think there's still stuff that can be put to use that was in the movie and the anime in a game. So in short HELL YEAH i'd like to see ZoE 3!

46 / Heart Knight / 2009年04月19日 00:45

ppl plz we want zoe3 plz plz!!!!
we've been waiting for it long ago

47 / Aziz / 2009年04月19日 01:15


48 / king_uther / 2009年04月19日 02:46

Zone of the Enders 3 all the way.

49 / Dave / 2009年04月19日 03:16

Zone of the Enders 3 would be fantastic

50 / derp / 2009年04月19日 05:46

put trophies in mgs4
no need for zoe3

51 / comalcuit / 2009年04月19日 05:57

I would absolutely LOVE to see a new Z.O.E. title. The games are fantastic and hold a sentimental value for me. With the current generation of consoles there's endless possibilities to enhance the series.

52 / Theyab / 2009年04月19日 06:47

I want ZOE3 on PS3

53 / old snake 4 / 2009年04月19日 06:49

we want MGS5 from kojima production

54 / Vzamm / 2009年04月19日 08:40

I want ZOE3 so bad...the MGS mechanics team is fantastic and they proved it in MGS4 with the MG Rex/Ray sequences.

55 / NickNameless / 2009年04月19日 09:01

I'd like to see a new ZOE :D

56 / Dre / 2009年04月19日 09:09

Kojima Production :)

Please do a Zone of the Enders 3 :D
ZOE2 was a great game and i would love a next gen version :D


57 / Random guy from finland / 2009年04月19日 09:10

A new Zone of the Enders game would be really great as the first two were both awesome.

Persoanlly I'm hoping that if a new game is made it's not a PS3 exclusive like Metal Gear Solid 4 (which I'm not even intrested in as I didn't like the first game in the series) as I don't own a PS3 at the moment.

58 / RageBot / 2009年04月19日 09:12

Yes, I would sure like ZOE3

59 / Fafnir / 2009年04月19日 09:12

I absolutely love ZoE2, and consider it the best game I've ever played. It was such an incredible experience that it pushed me to focus on an education geared towards game design opposed to engineering. It's essentially the most inspiring game I've ever played. The breathtaking artstyle, the fluid combat, and the excellent level and boss design are all some of the best gaming has ever seen (Inhert is my favourite boss fight I've ever played, so unique, strange, and fun).
I have a few friends who managed to play the game for short periods, but they never got a chance to buy the full game, since it was so rare, but even then, they all found it incredibly fun.

60 / Badger / 2009年04月19日 09:12

Did I hear mention of Zone of the Enders?

Well colour me interested! We'd love another one over here.

61 / Jeff P. / 2009年04月19日 09:19

Zone of the Enders 3 on current generation systems?

That's like a dream come true to me. Please KJP, make this a reality for me.

62 / K-Mitch / 2009年04月19日 09:27

Hello, I'm leaving a comment to let you know that I'm interested in another ZOE game, but I think I would be more interested in seeing Mr. Kojima's new ideas in a new game--as long as that game can be played on my PS3 ;). I haven't played the previous ZOE games, nor have I even played all of the MGS games. In fact, what I would be interested in more than anything else would be some sort of special edition re-release of the previous ZOE games(which would also help you decide on whether there is some good support and potential money in making a new one) and for MGS1 to be put on the PS Store in North America...please

63 / Stocko / 2009年04月19日 09:28

I want Zone of Enders 3 it will be awesome kojima/konami and you know it!

64 / GuerrillaGorilla / 2009年04月19日 09:32

Please oh please bring out ZOE 3 exclusive to the ps3. I would literally buy 10 copies of the game just to give some to my friends to enjoy. This series is one of my ALL TIME favorite games.

I LOVE You Hideo Kojima W00T!!!

65 / Alex L. / 2009年04月19日 09:33

I would love a new ZOE game on the PS3.

66 / Itchy / 2009年04月19日 09:33

I personally would love another Zone of the Enders game, assuming you guys have the time to make one and are interested enough why not?

67 / Senhiro / 2009年04月19日 09:39

Yes! i would pretty much like to see zone of the enders 3!, it's just as epic as metal gear solid series, sweetmusic, sweet story! first day must buy! I'd like to see it in this new generation!, please mr. kojima! make zone of the enders 3 and i will take a picture of you and pray every night (lol)

68 / Shawn / 2009年04月19日 09:41

If Zone of the Enders 3 isn't story dependent on the first 2. Day 1 buy for my ps3.

69 / Okage / 2009年04月19日 09:41

Please make ZOE3!!!!!

70 / mexican aegis / 2009年04月19日 09:43

im a great fan of all your games right now we need more excellent titles why dont give us more zone of the enders, those series were an important chapter in the video games speed action and story that we havent seen i most of the actual titles pls give us more zoe

71 / mgsXfan / 2009年04月19日 09:45

Zone of the Enders 3 onegai.... arigato :D

72 / SuperSJ04 / 2009年04月19日 09:46

i would love you to try making ZOE3 up to the quality of Crysis on the pc. nothing is impossible Kojima, there is always a way. prove to the world you're the best. this game should also be ps3 exclusive (more time to prefect your art). if people really want to play your game they would of bought the ps3 by now and not wait for it to be port to their system.

i know you're just like me Kojima, you're perfectionist but sometime it's easier to just take shortcut. i've been down those road too many time before and i regret taking the short rout dearly. don't let yourself regret another work of your Kojima, set your standard to be match with Crysis on pc.

this is my video i created and i put my best effort in trying to pefect it. even though i was limited with couple video clip with mess up quality, i still found way to make it work. look at the detail i put into this video.

Kojima make ZOE3 for the ps3 a perfection that can't be match or touch by any other title out there. I think the next best looking game will be Uncharted 2, can you top it?

ask for major support from Sony if you must. good luck and hope to see your masterpiece soon Kojima.

we're both perfectionist, so i'm expecting only the best from you sir.

73 / Son / 2009年04月19日 10:01

I think Zone Of The Enders is the one game that really got me into gaming, and latley due to the finacial crisis and the rise of casual games. I feel the life support system of the type of games Kojima-sama makes it gonna switch off. However I feel, just like MGS4, Zone of the Enders 3 will rekindle the flame of hardcore gaming, and set it burning for many more years.

74 / Oshimai / 2009年04月19日 10:02

PLEASE make a ZOE sequel. There are not enough good mecha games on the market (North America). Armored Core is 'ok' at the most and the Gundam games that are available here are all boring. Heck the Ray vs. Rex boss fight in MGS4 is much better than the mecha battles featured in most mecha games available in North America. PLEASE release a new ZOE!!!

75 / Raiden's-light / 2009年04月19日 10:05

I would love a ZOE3 :)
day 1 of course!

Oh and I have a PS3,just letting you guys know so that you make it for the right console :P..[even though I'm sure it'll be for the PS3 :) ]

~Great podcast guys,thanks!
Tc <3 KojimaPro

76 / Shawn / 2009年04月19日 10:08

If Zone of the Enders 3 isn't story dependent on the first 2. Day 1 buy for my ps3.

77 / Raiden / 2009年04月19日 10:13

Yes please,1 ZoE3 !! at E3 :p

78 / Jon (California) / 2009年04月19日 10:15

Need ZOE3 and remake Snatcher, I'll buy anything Kojima Productions, it's always the best!

79 / Sean / 2009年04月19日 10:16

Zone of the Enders 3. Please make it!!!

80 / Bowdz / 2009年04月19日 10:17

In response to the podcast, I would like to say that there is no game that would like to see more than ZoE3 from Kojima Productions. I can also speak for my friends, most of which are casual gamers, would all be extremely interested in ZoE3. After the brilliance of the first two games, it would be sad not to see a third. We want ZoE3!!!!

81 / Colton / 2009年04月19日 10:17

I would LOVE another ZOE game. So many of my friends want the game too! They've probably posted comments here already lol.

82 / yencid / 2009年04月19日 10:21

pppllleeassee make a ZoE sequel!!!

83 / Isuka321 / 2009年04月19日 10:21

Please, Mr. Kojima, make ZOE3! I would love a sequel to one of my favorite series's!

84 / Yoshitatsu / 2009年04月19日 10:23

I would definetely buy a ZOE-Title for the PS3.
Where can I pre-order?

85 / SoulShift / 2009年04月19日 10:25

Dear KP, i would love to see a new ZoE appear. While im not too sure if my other friends would be ready to buy it since they're not so interested in thoose kinds of game. Say about two fifth's (2/5) of my friends would actually buy the game.
However, with the right type of ideas put into the game concerning visualality and combat it would most likely change their mind.
Keep that in mind!

86 / Vengeance1138 / 2009年04月19日 10:30

Plz make ZOE3!! It would sell Millions! It's such a cult classic franchise and must go on.

87 / ZoE Please / 2009年04月19日 10:32

I'd love to get ZoE3, but I'd love it even more if you were to put ZoE 1 & 2 on one Blu-ray disc as well.
I missed the chance to play 'em on the ps2, but I'd still love to check them out.

88 / Manu-Kesna / 2009年04月19日 10:41

ireally want ZOE 3! it would be awesome!

89 / Tre / 2009年04月19日 10:41


90 / Manu-Kesna / 2009年04月19日 10:41

ireally want ZOE 3! it would be awesome!

91 / righteous / 2009年04月19日 10:41

yes i'd be interested in ZOE3, but keep it exclusive to PS3 to use it's fullest potential

92 / MikhaelRomanenko / 2009年04月19日 10:45

Oh yeah Z.O.E 3 for PS3 would be awesome, an instant buy for me!

93 / B.Mage456 / 2009年04月19日 10:47

ZOE3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

94 / MGS4ever / 2009年04月19日 10:47

PS3 Exclusive!

95 / EDY / 2009年04月19日 10:52

I'd love to see a Zone of the Enders 3, the first two were amazing. A third sequel in HD would be absolutely fantastic, please consider this Kojima! :D

96 / Largo / 2009年04月19日 10:54

Yes i would love to see a third instalment in teh ZOE series. The first two were very enjoyable. You dont see mech games like that anymore. So the market is probably good in that regards.

97 / OmegaArchetype / 2009年04月19日 10:56

I've been patiently waiting for Zone of the Enders 3.

Just thought you guys should know that there is quite a big demand for the game. I hope I see it soon, and I think it'd be great on the newer tech of the PS3. Really though, as long as we get ZOE3 I'm sure all of us fans will be content.

98 / Zone of the enders 3 / 2009年04月19日 10:59

I am definitely interested and I know atleast ten of my friends that I got addicted on the game

99 / la-li-lu-le-lo / 2009年04月19日 11:02

ZONE OF THE ENDERS 3 DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

100 / Solid Snake / 2009年04月19日 11:04

Kojima San I honestly think you should do Zone of the Enders 3.

101 / Dingo Egret / 2009年04月19日 11:06

Kojima, what are you waiting? Zone of the Enders 3 now! Bring Jehuty and me back!

102 / Kulina / 2009年04月19日 11:06

Plz make a sequel of ZOE on PS3
i am a fan of ZOE and ZOE second run is my favortie game of all time

103 / Big Boss / 2009年04月19日 11:07

Please make Zone of the Enders 3, it was the Bosses last will... Dont let it die in vain.

104 / Jolly / 2009年04月19日 11:10

Not too many new games interest me. If ZOE3 came out, it would be a first day purchase without a doubt!

105 / Ken Marinaris / 2009年04月19日 11:11

Kojima have you forgotten about us? Please bring us back, Zone of the Enders 3!!!

106 / DeepThroat / 2009年04月19日 11:17


107 / Legend_z / 2009年04月19日 11:19


108 / K-Mitch / 2009年04月19日 11:26

Hello, I'm leaving a comment to let you know that I'm interested in another ZOE game, but I think I would be more interested in seeing Mr. Kojima's new ideas in a new game--as long as that game can be played on my PS3 ;). I haven't played the previous ZOE games, nor have I even played all of the MGS games. In fact, what I would be interested in more than anything else would be some sort of special edition re-release of the previous ZOE games(which would also help you decide on whether there is some good support and potential money in making a new one) and for MGS1 to be put on the PS Store in North America...please

109 / Slashkice / 2009年04月19日 11:29

I would love to see a ZOE3! After telling my friends about the series, they're also excited about a third!

110 / IrrelevantAlex / 2009年04月19日 11:31

Even though my screen name is Irrelevant, my wallet size isn't. Please make ZOE3.

111 / sp1cychick3n / 2009年04月19日 11:34

Regarding the recent question as to whether or not we gamers would be interested in Zone of the Enders 3, all I have to say is YES! The first tow games are one of the best games I've ever played. The felling I got when playing those games has not been replicated; it was that good. I really hope there is Z.O.E 3. Cheers.

112 / Tony D / 2009年04月19日 11:37

We want a Zone of the Enders sequel!! Everyone who had a PS2 wants one!

113 / Tony D / 2009年04月19日 11:38

A Zone of the Enders sequel is currently in great demand. Most everyone who owns a PS3 wants a sequel... This game NEEDS to be made!

114 / ZalAamir / 2009年04月19日 11:40

i would love to see ZOE 3 on the PS3.making it multiplatform would be great,too.

115 / Erik / 2009年04月19日 11:40

I'd definitely be interested in a ZOE 3.

116 / badboykill1 / 2009年04月19日 11:43

please bring out ZOE3 in PS3. yes i still have ZOE1 & and 2 and still my best favorite games ever :)

117 / BajunidUS / 2009年04月19日 11:44

I want ZOE3!!!!

118 / PhoenixByte / 2009年04月19日 11:46

Mr hideo kojima,

plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzz we want ZOE3!!!

p/s: mgs rocks!!!

119 / SnakeEyeNull / 2009年04月19日 12:12

i am Abdulla from kuwait, and i am a huge fan of kolima san creations,
and yes i would love to see ZOE3
on ps3 as i loved the first two, and i ma sure if mr kijima put half the effort he put in mgs4 it going to be fantastic.

120 / zeejay / 2009年04月19日 12:14

Uh... I know this from a website about wanting a ZOE3 on PS3 and it mentions that if anyone is interested in ZOE3 in the podcast (translated by a fellow friend) to leave a comment so here I am, saying as a ZOE fan who'd played the second ZOE on PS2:

Please Kojima. I, for one, had been waiting for the ZOE sequel. There is no other games like ZOE that match it's scope worldwide whether it is by story or gameplay. Please make ZOE3....

121 / owwie / 2009年04月19日 12:22

Yea we be interested in a ZoE 3.

122 / Pollux / 2009年04月19日 12:26


This game would be awesome on wii, we can use "jehuty" sword with wii motion plus

123 / Dx Fat / 2009年04月19日 12:27

I´m interested in ZOE3.

124 / Mister Metatron / 2009年04月19日 12:27

Mr Kojima, please make another ZOE game. It will make fans of the game extremely happy. I'm positive millions of fans from all around the world will buy a copy if you do. Please Mr. Kojima and people from Kojima Productions, make a next-gen Zone of the Enders game. WE'RE BEGGING YOU. :(

125 / KoNz3n / 2009年04月19日 12:28

Hi, I'm from Malaysia and I'm a very very very huge Z.O.E fan so you MUST make a z.o.e for the PS3 I'm begging you!!!!!

126 / Mister Metatron / 2009年04月19日 12:31

Mr Kojima, please make another ZOE game. It will make fans of the game extremely happy. I'm positive millions of fans from all around the world will buy a copy if you do. Please Mr. Kojima and people from Kojima Productions, make a next-gen Zone of the Enders game. WE'RE BEGGING YOU. :(

127 / Nomaru / 2009年04月19日 12:32

Please make ZOE3 for ps3!!!!

128 / aYUSmi / 2009年04月19日 12:43

Kojima plz make ZOE3. plzzzzzzzzzz...

129 / BLACKOUT! / 2009年04月19日 12:49


Let's go for Z.O.E 3 next!!!

130 / Jwkim / 2009年04月19日 12:52

I"d love to see ZOE3

131 / themagg / 2009年04月19日 12:54

Yes, I want ZOE 3!!!!

Greetings from Mexico!

132 / SWATwolf / 2009年04月19日 13:10

Did I hear Zone of Ender 3?
Kojima-san! Orewa honto ni suteki ZoE series!

133 / ZONE OF THE ENDERS3 / 2009年04月19日 13:23

Please bundle it with MGS5 Demo ASAP. Sankyu!

134 / x-Sideswipe / 2009年04月19日 13:29

Hell yes we're interested in ZOE3

135 / EliteRUSH / 2009年04月19日 13:42

I would be very interested in seeing a Zone of the Enders 3 :P

136 / a fan / 2009年04月19日 13:46

start doing Zone of the Enders already, you lazy f***s.

137 / gigz / 2009年04月19日 13:47

ZOE !! ZOE !! ZOEE !!

138 / Mr.Capel / 2009年04月19日 13:58

hurrah! ZOE 3!

139 / ZOE fan / 2009年04月19日 14:03

I want a Zone of the Enders 3 game!!!

140 / morro / 2009年04月19日 14:07

DO WANT ZOE 3 !!!!!111111111

141 / Lockie / 2009年04月19日 14:09

Hell yeah. I'd LOVE a third Zone Of Enders for PlayStation 3.

Please make it happen Mr Kojima.


142 / ericcartman396 / 2009年04月19日 14:18

please release Zone of Enders 3!!

143 / zoefancpf / 2009年04月19日 14:26

i loved zone of the enders 2! i'd love for kojima productions to make a third!

144 / DarkStar / 2009年04月19日 14:41

ZOE3 please!!

145 / ac / 2009年04月19日 14:45

make another zone of enders!

146 / KillerVibe / 2009年04月19日 14:46

I would LOVE another ZOE game, same with my friends who are familiar with hideo's work. But I dont know if I would rather have a ZOE3 than a totally new KP's IP...hard choice really.

147 / okcis / 2009年04月19日 14:58

start making multiplatform u son of a @#$%!

148 / Shadow_Prince / 2009年04月19日 15:16

Yes i would love if ZOE comes to the PS3!!

149 / Feylin / 2009年04月19日 15:18

ZOE3 please! D:

We've been waiting for ages! If the game is better advertised, I'm SURE that it'll sell a lot more this time. Not to mention with the internet far more common now for information distribution the title will be better known.

150 / ShinGundam / 2009年04月19日 15:26

Yes Please I want ZOE on PS3 and It
would be great if its specialized
on that hardware like MGS4 and I wish
If you make it more longer and focus
on Game Design I mean I want great
Stages , Original Ideas and great
Story I wish If we hear announcement this E3

151 / Flashbang / 2009年04月19日 15:27


152 / Hideo4EVER / 2009年04月19日 15:34

Hideo, you must release ZOE3, alot of people enjoy your previous games for a reason. They were and still are amazing. I understand if you want to branch out into new things, but for now please work on what you have now, because there is no one who can do what you do. You have about 4 million or more fans waiting on your next epic title, don't worry about not having alot of demand for your game. We expect quite alot from you, so no one will be disappointed in your work. I wanted to also thank you for staying true, and not selling yourself out like many companies are doing nowadays in the name of profits. Finally I would love including many others, if you did some sort of mini tour around North America, because then you will finally see the large number of people who support you, and it would also get me a chance to see you and meet you in person. So I hope you put up ZOE3 and bring back to life some of your other underrated titles.

153 / XIIIthHour / 2009年04月19日 15:39

I would be INSANELY interested in Zone of the Enders 3.

154 / calvin_0 / 2009年04月19日 15:46

i dont know where to post, but i really want a Z.O.E 3.

155 / Grieve / 2009年04月19日 16:00

ZOE2 is probably my most prized PS2 game I own. At least, it'll be top 5. Truely special. It has a chance to rival the PS3 games I've experienced. A sequel would be great.

PS2 Games Owned - 50 (For reference =p)

156 / adizorz / 2009年04月19日 16:23

Please make a new zone of the enders title, i have been waiting so long to hear anything about it, after hearing that podcast on zoe 3 i felt obliged to comment and tell that this game has a huge following and the sequel is highly anticipated.

157 / Necron / 2009年04月19日 16:47

Metal gear solid is an original and almost deserves a genre all it's own. The sequel had flawless gameplay, some of the best visuals ever seen on the PS2. Everyone knows Hideo team can do Metal Gear and do it well; but isn't it time to try on something new? We've seen the genious that is the metal gear saga so why not bring some focus back to your other project, one people the world over would gladly purchase in droves like they do for metal gear.

158 / groente12 / 2009年04月19日 17:46

please i want the return of leo and dingo im would cry joyness if ZOE3 would be annouced

159 / benjamin / 2009年04月19日 18:08

Please give us another ZOe, i realy loves the 2nd agames and the Animes.With the new generation of console it could be a game never seen before!

160 / Gemini405 / 2009年04月19日 18:26

Uhh... without hesitation or doubt yes we want ZOE3!

161 / jmd749 / 2009年04月19日 18:31

i would love for ZOE3 to be developed and released exclusively on the ps3. it would be a day 1 buy for me. :) come on kojima, make it happen.

162 / Norwegianman / 2009年04月19日 18:40

I am a huge fan of Hideos games and ofc i would love to see a third ZOE game. But i have 3 friends that doesn't even play much and they love the ZOE games and we have been talking for ages about how awesome it would be to play ZOE on a Next Gen Console. Even my sister which barely plays anything and is quite picky in her choice of games loves the whole genre and prays for a next game. I Beg of you to please fulfill our wishes and make a third game!

163 / Vaderous / 2009年04月19日 18:54

Zone of the Enders !!!!!!!
Zone of the Enders !!!!!!!
Zone of the Enders !!!!!!!

164 / SandGaara / 2009年04月19日 18:58

we want ZOE3!!!!

165 / Danton (PSN: PLD_Danny1989) / 2009年04月19日 19:19

Mr. Kojima, It would be incredible if you could make ZoE3 =D

The ZoE series of games are probably the best mecha games of all time, and I'd love to see a 3rd instalment for PS3.

Thanks for reading ^^


Danton (PLD_Danny1989)

166 / Abasan / 2009年04月19日 19:38

I'm from Malaysia, and a lot of our sales figure is skewed because we have to buy our games from local retailers who import directly maybe via Singapore or US. So don't rely on stats provided by Sony because they do such a lousy job of listening to Malaysian PS3 owners. (probably 80-90% of us buy the Singaporean set because it released like 2 years before Malaysia Sony released it and its still cheaper).

Anyway, we want ZOE3. You're hearing from a true Kojima fan. I've been playing MGS from PS one era.

167 / SnakeDead / 2009年04月19日 19:46

Kojima create a new franchise, MGS is dead. Unless you don't want to remake the old Metal Gear games then please let MGS die, or else you just milking the franchise. And no ZOE3, the first ones weren't great, they can't even compare to the level of MGS. Create something NEW, a new franchise at the level of MGS or better!

168 / Khosravi / 2009年04月19日 19:46

Make a new Zone of the Enders please :D

169 / Asmattack / 2009年04月19日 19:47

omg omg yes!! I'm so INTERESTED in ZOE3!!!! :DDD

170 / Zobar / 2009年04月19日 19:57

HELL yeah! we are all waiting for ZOE3!! please make it

171 / anon / 2009年04月19日 20:19

YES!!! bring ZOE to the PS3!!! Drools....!!

172 / I <3 KP / 2009年04月19日 20:21

Yes please convince kojima to bring it to the Ps3, if a game starts on a brand of platform it should continue on that same brand platform.

173 / SakeEater / 2009年04月19日 20:23

Please, please bring it to the ps3!!

174 / ZOE4LIFE / 2009年04月19日 20:25

KP are already quite familiar with the ps3 hardware, continue to work on the ps3 and Please! Bring ZOE to the Playstation 3 Platform!

175 / zero2000 / 2009年04月19日 20:30

Hey. Zone of the Enders 3 would be a blast. I highly enjoyed the first two, and the first one even got me into the Metal Gear Solid series with that awesome MGS2 demo that came with it.

Maybe on ZoE3, you can include a little demo of the inevitable Metal Gear Solid 5?? *hint hint*

176 / Solid Snake / 2009年04月19日 20:30

Bring ZOE to the current generation for Playstation 3!

177 / Metal Gear Mech / 2009年04月19日 20:32

ZOE on Ps3 could utilize the full potential of bluray just like MGS4 which is the greatest game ever.

178 / DeadMaN / 2009年04月19日 20:57

I want Zone of Enders on PS3!!

179 / ZOEManiac / 2009年04月19日 21:12


180 / shadow-power / 2009年04月19日 21:48

yes we want please

181 / Josh Parma / 2009年04月19日 22:10

Yes KJP! Please, I want ZOE3!

182 / clonebassist / 2009年04月19日 22:12

ZOE3 on the PS3 for the United Kingdom!

183 / newps3owner / 2009年04月19日 22:31



184 / Giacomito / 2009年04月19日 22:35

BRING ZO3 to the PS3!!! :D

185 / dcsr23 / 2009年04月19日 22:41

Yes a new ZOE 3 would be awesome with online and next gen graphics...

186 / Sen / 2009年04月19日 22:50

ZOE3: please make this game Mr.Kojima

187 / geralt187 / 2009年04月19日 23:06


188 / Hassan  / 2009年04月19日 23:27

I'd love a Zone of the Enders 3

189 / Jekkie / 2009年04月19日 23:58

We need ZOE3 now! well I want it all on the ps3, policenauts, snatcher, metal gear and metal gear 2 remakes, a new IP from Mr. Kojima and let Kojima's team handle MGS franchise, we believe in the KP team! That's my dream though. :)

190 / JW / 2009年04月20日 00:00

ZoE 3 Please!!!!!
Thank you KJP!!

191 / kazasho / 2009年04月20日 00:28

Erm, I want Zone of Enders in PS3 and MGS5 demo comes with it :P

More games for PS3, either on PSN or Blueray Disk. MGS4 ftw!

192 / haadiuken1983 / 2009年04月20日 00:41

There must be a third ZOE!!plsssssssss

193 / Final Talos / 2009年04月20日 00:52

Give us ZOE 3 nooooooooooooow with epic music and epic gameplay!!!!!!

194 / Ryo / 2009年04月20日 00:55

Hi Hideo,

Extremely superb work on MGS4. Best game I've played and own so far on my PS3. But when (and I say when, not if) you make ZOE3, that will rank #1 with MGS4.

I really loved ZOE2 on the PS2 (and still look around for it locally) and look forward to ZOE3.

Keep up the awesome work!

195 / NateDrake11 / 2009年04月20日 01:04

Make another Zone of the Enders please!!!!!!!

196 / RandomPlaye'n / 2009年04月20日 01:05

ZOE3!! OMG!!

197 / MassiveGamer / 2009年04月20日 01:08

We. need. Zone of the Enders. 3.

198 / SONY BRAIN CELL / 2009年04月20日 01:10

Please make ZOE3

199 / Dekkerfist / 2009年04月20日 01:12

Zone of the Enders 3 should be awesome!

200 / youngprince / 2009年04月20日 01:17

please make zone of the Enders 3!!!!!!!!

201 / Pascal / 2009年04月20日 01:19

If we want Kone of the Enders 3?
Of course! I love mech, anime and the previous games in the series!

202 / Bishop!. / 2009年04月20日 01:20


203 / wilsonXcore / 2009年04月20日 01:38


204 / jehuty789 / 2009年04月20日 01:48

Please make Zone of the Enders 3,

I've been waiting so long for a new sequel of one of my all-time favourite games,it's such a shame that the game is so under-rated

205 / envision / 2009年04月20日 01:52

I'd love a zone of the enders 3

206 / Mortal_Wombat / 2009年04月20日 01:53



207 / axel / 2009年04月20日 02:00

please make Zone of the Enders 3

208 / electroshockwave / 2009年04月20日 02:22

I would love ZOE3 for the PS3 as well as Snatcher and Policenauts for the PSN or steam. Can't wait to hear about the next Kojima productions project.

209 / ZOEFAN10000000000000 / 2009年04月20日 02:24

Please, please, PLEASE!!! Make this game for PS3. One of the greatest games of the last generation needs a sequel, and it would be a disservice not to. Some of the greatest gaming moments I've had from the last generation were from ZOE2. And I picked that game up on a whim, not knowing anything about it. The game seemed interesting enough, and I couldn't be happier with that purchase.

210 / WarDragon989 / 2009年04月20日 02:28

ZOE3 would be awesome to have (next gen graphics, loads of power-ups, multiplayer (survival (co-op) etc)) but i don't see how you could carry on the story from ZOE2 it felt wrapped up, unless you have Jehety as the villain =S

211 / java / 2009年04月20日 02:36

Bring on ZOE 3 !!!

212 / axel / 2009年04月20日 02:38

please make Zone of the Enders 3

213 / godoforgy / 2009年04月20日 03:10

Dear Mr. Hideo I look forward to what ever project you apply your style into however i have high hopes that a ZOE3 is not far in the future

214 / IvanCP / 2009年04月20日 03:25

OMG, i want a MGS5 not a Z.O.E -.-

215 / actrambley21 / 2009年04月20日 03:50

Please make another ZOE game! I loved the series on the PS2 and have been waiting for another game ever since. Don't pass it up!

216 / Ovaltine / 2009年04月20日 03:55

please ZOE3 i have at least 15 friends who would also buy it

217 / Gohan / 2009年04月20日 03:55


218 / Sndtribe9 / 2009年04月20日 04:02

Coming from someone who played both ZOE games and loved them, a third would be unthinkably awesome! There are so many people that want it outside the fanbase (myself included) please consider it!

219 / NohmanZ.O.E2 / 2009年04月20日 04:24

Zone of the Enders for the PS3.

220 / ShinKun7 / 2009年04月20日 04:27

ZOE 3 for PS3 now!!!

221 / Erathaol / 2009年04月20日 04:49

I would love a Zone of Enders 3. I'd like to see more on Leo Stenbuck, I liked how in the first one he struggled with his moral conscience and right choice to be made in the heat of battle. It was a really fun engaging game to play, and I loved the fast pace battle. I really think the franchise could be do some incredible things in this generation of gaming.

222 / Jak / 2009年04月20日 04:51

I play never a Game of ZOE, but if Kojima make a 3 part, they will be a ''best seller of the Videogames''.
PD: Sorry for my bad english, i'm Spanish...

223 / SolidJehuty / 2009年04月20日 05:06

Please Konami and Kojima, please make a new Zone of the Enders game. ZOE2 is the best robot game ever made.

224 / Anon7281 / 2009年04月20日 05:37

Zone of the Enders is THE BEST SERIES EVER THERE SHOULD TOTALLY BE A ZONE OF THE ENDERS 3!!!! I would buy 50 copies of it!

225 / HollowNinja / 2009年04月20日 05:39

High-speed mech action for the win, come on, hurry up!

226 / Cherry / 2009年04月20日 05:52


227 / Psycho / 2009年04月20日 06:01

Zone of enders 2 was one of the greatest games i have ever played. A great masterpiece

228 / JEHUTY / 2009年04月20日 06:16

Please make a Zone of the Enders 3, even a port of the other 2 would be great on PS3. PSN maybe, one of the best 2 game series of all time. Great Work Kojipro.

229 / red / 2009年04月20日 06:48

bring zoe3, even if its japan ps3 only, you'll still make a ton of money and then you can think about bringing it to europe and north america.

230 / AbaddonSoul / 2009年04月20日 07:01

A new Zone of the Enders would simply be orgasmic.

231 / Togepi / 2009年04月20日 07:06

Yes we are interested in ZOE3.

232 / D4rkW4rr10r / 2009年04月20日 07:16

Regarding ZOE3:

I'd rather see Kojima's new game project than to get a new ZOE.

ZOE was/is great but I'd like to see something fresh.

233 / KC / 2009年04月20日 07:17

YES YES YES!! I've been waiting years for this chance! 2nd Runner is amazing, it is still graphically beautiful, the storyline is well done too, ZOE3 would be mind blowing, I can't get over how awesome it would look!

234 / Hori / 2009年04月20日 07:17

Please Mr. Kojima !!!

Make a ZOE 3 for PS3.

This game will be wonderfull for the fans !!


Bye from Spain !!

235 / Silveth / 2009年04月20日 07:40

Hi, Silveth here, and being a huge fan/owner of all the MGS and ZoE games, I would like to say that I would love a ZoE sequel. The funny thing is, I never got into it until my friend, who I showed MGS to, showed me ZoE. He only has a Wii and a PS2, but he says he'd definitely buy a PS3 for Zone of the Enders 3. Anyway, great podcast! Thanks to you and Kojima!

236 / silent_snake / 2009年04月20日 08:05

Let's put this simply like this:
We want ZOE 3!
Thank you. ;-)

237 / Gamer Mbcaggin / 2009年04月20日 08:16

Please make zone of the enders 3

238 / ParanoiaRaven / 2009年04月20日 08:17

Here's to ZOE3 hopefully getting done.

239 / Zen / 2009年04月20日 08:22

Where is my ZOE3?!

240 / teraflame / 2009年04月20日 08:22

please make Zone of the Enders 3!

241 / Jake / 2009年04月20日 08:25

I'd love for ZOE3 to come out, especially on the Xbox 360. The first ZOE was the first game I ever played on my PS2 and ZOE2 was just a great game on its own. A ZOE game on a next-gen system would look and play amazing.

242 / Bobs / 2009年04月20日 08:28

ZOE3 would make me and my friends very happy!

243 / Flash_anubis / 2009年04月20日 09:13

@_@ oh yes a ZOE3 would complete me! i knew something was missing in my life and thats another zoe bring out the mechs!! (short answer yes zoe3 would be f'in awesome)

244 / Razety / 2009年04月20日 09:19

Hey, I want a Zone Of the Enders sequel, too! I loved ZOE 1&2! Konami makes such great games! Please! I have Metal Gear Solid 4 and Silent Hill Homecoming! My collection misses a Zone Of the Enders 3. I love Metal Gear Solid, I love Silent Hill and I love Zone Of the Enders. You see, I love Konami!

Best regards

Razety from Germany

245 / Bladethegreat / 2009年04月20日 09:37


246 / Ravic / 2009年04月20日 09:49

Please, please, please make ZOE3.

247 / Karl / 2009年04月20日 11:16

Please make another ZOE game! It would look amazing on the newer consoles!

248 / Gitaroo / 2009年04月20日 11:28

ZOE3 please

249 / Anthony / 2009年04月20日 11:30

Hideo's best quality is the fact he deals with the making of games from the heart, and not so much for money.

Even up to this day I promote ZOE 2. ZOE 3 would make an extremely loud noise in this day and age. People like me recommend it in advance. Please consider making ZOE 3 as a top priority. I know a lot of people that love the ZOE games, and we are always willing to expose the great details to others who don't look into ZOE games. I never seen anyone not like ZOE 2. With todays hardware, and the use of cell shading, ZOE 3 can be one freaky game.

250 / Nit3mare / 2009年04月20日 11:35


251 / Miluzgdl / 2009年04月20日 11:38

We want trophies for MGS4 :) and ZOE 3 :)

252 / Krosark / 2009年04月20日 12:05

I wanna play ZOE 3 in my PS3!!11

253 / Narkomanden / 2009年04月20日 13:53

Hey, I would really really really like if ZOE3 comes out, I bought a PS3 so I could play a ZOE (which i would know it would get done!) and for MGS4. For me ZOE2 has been the best game ever made, a 3rd part really is necessary. And Snatcher too but just because the main story didn't have an "ending" But top priority a ZOE 3 Thanks!

254 / John21 / 2009年04月20日 14:06

DO it Now!!!

255 / Daveak47 / 2009年04月20日 15:20

PLEASE PLEASE MAKE Zone of the Enders 3. PLEASE. I have been waiting for years. ZOE 2 was one the greatest game I've ever played.

256 / Daveak47 / 2009年04月20日 15:21

PLEASE PLEASE MAKE Zone of the Enders 3. PLEASE. I have been waiting for years. ZOE 2 was one the greatest game I've ever played.

257 / PS3 FAN / 2009年04月20日 15:43

ZOE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

258 / META84 / 2009年04月20日 15:44

Are you gonna make ZOE3

259 / Blueman / 2009年04月20日 15:45

My jaw dropped in hope. I'm so glad that its being considered :D Defiantly want to see a ZOE for the ps3

260 / Freppson / 2009年04月20日 15:54

I've never played a ZOE but i'm rather interested in it :). Would love to play a new game.

261 / mavibe / 2009年04月20日 16:01

somehow id prefer see'ing another zoe than another metal gear :) we need a change . although i only played zoe2 ,but it was one of the best ever game i played :D

262 / Senski / 2009年04月20日 16:34

iv never played or realy heard anything abaut zone of the enders, so i cant say for sure if i would play ZOE3, You would have to promote it abit more in the EU id guess :P i dont have anything against zone of the enders but i would rather have something totaly new. But as i said, i have never played or seen a single second of any ZOE game :D so do what you want x) MGS4 ROCKS!!!!! and MGO is the best online shooter this generation

263 / lunatic0001 / 2009年04月20日 17:02

ZOE3 much appreciated

264 / noname / 2009年04月20日 17:58

Umm, hell yea I want ZOE3 on PS3. So do my friends.
Stop asking and just make it already! xD

265 / Omaru / 2009年04月20日 18:06


266 / Robert / 2009年04月20日 18:33

ZoE3 *drools*

267 / F.Fontaine / 2009年04月20日 18:49

Dear Kojima Productions,

'Would you kindly' make ZOE3?

268 / SlashZaku / 2009年04月20日 18:55

Would love to see another installment of the ZOE series coming exclusively to the PS3 :)

269 / Sieg-sama / 2009年04月20日 19:23

I was told that this is where you leave comments on whether or not you're looking forward to ZOE3. If so, then HELL YEAH I am! If not then, sorry for the flood.

270 / LegendaryAim / 2009年04月20日 19:24

I want Zone Of The Enders 3 on the Playstation 3! and honestly I know a few of my friends who are highly interested in three things. Fast paced action, Mechs and a Great Story. Things you can find in a ZOE game.

271 / GreyFox32 / 2009年04月20日 19:56

I'd love to see Zone of The Enders 3

272 / jet lee singh / 2009年04月20日 20:04

MR Kojima, I don't know if you remember the London Signing in Oxford Street where you signed those nice White MGS4 game sleeves. I wasn't able to attent but sent my brother! You may remember him as the guy who pulled out a sealed & wrapped copy of Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner. He told me you had an exciting look on your face when you saw it.

We need a ZOE 3 and we need it to be exclusive. I still have both my ZOE copies and just recentl replayed them! The 2nd Runner is one of the best games ever made PERIOD!

273 / ZOE / 2009年04月20日 20:10

I want ZOE3 on PS3

274 / SkiZou / 2009年04月20日 20:22

I want ZOE 3 for PS3. Oh and also cookies!

275 / Zone of the beginner / 2009年04月20日 20:26

I want ZOE3 on my ps3!! :D

276 / mikey / 2009年04月20日 20:47

please make zone of the ender 3 not just 4 da fans but 4 MIKEY!

277 / Galvanise_ / 2009年04月20日 20:59

I want ZOE 3 on PS3!

278 / DV07 / 2009年04月20日 21:08

i love Zone of the Enders! Bring on ZOE3

279 / Reaper / 2009年04月20日 21:11

Do it faggot!

280 / John Saladin / 2009年04月20日 21:17

Great Podcast!
To bad that lake was not in the final product. Would be cool to see alternate routs.
But still Shadow Moses really looks impersive.
Good job!

281 / Levithian / 2009年04月20日 21:19


please please let us have Zone of the Enders 3


282 / chaosdeath12345 / 2009年04月20日 21:55

Please make Zone of Enders 3 for PS3 console.

283 / skinnyjr / 2009年04月20日 22:05

Lord Kojima I want a ZOE3 on the PS3 exclusively.... I want Jehuty back with a new story !!!!

284 / Sindetta / 2009年04月20日 22:10

ZOE3 would sell just as much as MGS4 and you can bet that me and every one of my friends wants this game. the last 2 were so awesome! I just hope it's atleast as long as #2

285 / ShinAsura / 2009年04月20日 23:05

Please give me Zone of the Enders 3, Please please please please

I'll become a casual gamer if you release it, well not really but gimme!

286 / Tyrial / 2009年04月20日 23:20

Well first off ZOE along with MGS is one of my fav games ever, to me its mech battle done right. Now onto wat you want. I have a friend, he appreciates MGS, but he doesnt really play games like i do, (or we), he plays every once in A while, mostly while at my place, and he always wanted to play ZOE, versus. it was just awesome, pitting Orbital frames against each other, its actually the game he used to memorize the buttons on a Ps controll

287 / OPHIDIAN / 2009年04月20日 23:42


288 / Tharnuk / 2009年04月21日 01:30

I really enjoyed this podcast! Although that little lake with braking ice sounded really interesting... But the nostalgic feeling was better transported like this, right. Also very nice was listening to people knowing the MGS series even better than me ,)

And hey: good luck on your marriage ;)

Have a nice and Sunny day!

289 / Lazy / 2009年04月21日 01:56

I want ZOE3 for PS3... please :)

290 / William / 2009年04月21日 02:14

A new Z.O.E. for the PS3 would be spectacular.

291 / REBELYELL89 / 2009年04月21日 02:17

ZOE3 would be sweet i know of over 15 people that are just friend's that would love it and so would i that is unless there's a big MG/MGS game being made then do that xD <3

292 / Wooo / 2009年04月21日 02:54

ZOE3 We need more fast paced robot combat.

293 / mk / 2009年04月21日 03:06

i want zoe 3

294 / wanebe snake / 2009年04月21日 04:08

is ther going to be a MGS 5...?

295 / Dave / 2009年04月21日 04:16

ZOE 3 = PS3!

I'm one of 5 friends who want this game! Please make it happen!

296 / Raz / 2009年04月21日 04:21

YES WE WANT Zone Of The Enders 3.
And 4. Probably 5 too.

297 / 2000yearsoldman / 2009年04月21日 04:23

Been hearing rumors about you guys are thinking make a new Zone of Enders game, all I want say is: Do it, it is gonna be awesome!

That is all.

298 / JasonKs / 2009年04月21日 04:27


299 / CHRP718 / 2009年04月21日 04:48

Zone of the Enders 3 & Metal Gear Raiden for PlayStation®3 GO GO GO
SONY needs your support :)

300 / Fabius / 2009年04月21日 04:48

Yes Kojima, we want Zone of the Enders 3 exclusive on the PS3 so that you have the possibility to make the best ZOE ever!

301 / Onikage04 / 2009年04月21日 04:52

I hope Kojima Production will make a sequel of Zone of the Enders....Please Hideo : )

302 / Anonymous / 2009年04月21日 04:54

Zone of the Enders 3 would be absolutely spectacular. The first was a good games, but the second is one of my favorite games ever. The action, the story, and everything came together. Now, to see a Zone of the Enders 3, with Playstation 3 hardware would be heavenly.
My friend, who had heard of the game, had said that it looks and great and I'm sure he would enjoy it too.
In short, Zone of the Enders 3 should definitely be a high priority on Kojima's list.

303 / playzy / 2009年04月21日 04:57

hi i am from germany zone of the enders was my fist ps2 game in december 2001. i loved that game and i bought zoe2 at realeae day in germany. i want a zone of the enders 3 for this gen pleaaaase mr kojima.

304 / agent_stevo / 2009年04月21日 05:02

yes, we need Zone of the Enders 3. and MGS5. can't KP make both at the same time exclusive to ps3???

305 / Fonzie / 2009年04月21日 05:03

Never played zone of the enders 1 but I really loved zone of enders 2, the execution really rocked! Zone of enders 3 would be a definite buy for me!

306 / taliskerstale01 / 2009年04月21日 05:03

Definately we need a third part for Zone of the Enders...Both GREAT GAMES!!!...

307 / big boss / 2009年04月21日 05:03

i loved zone of enders. It will be great if the third one would to come out

308 / ExcelBeyond / 2009年04月21日 05:03

I know a few people interested in ZOE3. I introduced 2 MGS friends to it, and they both love it. The also both wanna see Policenauts in English!

309 / Akilebailoyo / 2009年04月21日 05:04

PLEASE!!!! ZOE 3 For the PS 3

310 / Menchi / 2009年04月21日 05:05

Zone of the Enders 3! Please please please!

311 / Chuck Norris / 2009年04月21日 05:05

ZOE3? YESS...x70!
That is all.

312 / Konosuke / 2009年04月21日 05:07

I really want a ZOE3!!! I lust for it!

313 / DCI / 2009年04月21日 05:10

More Zone of the Enders please!!

314 / ifhd / 2009年04月21日 05:12

I want Zone of the Enders

315 / Mister 庭 / 2009年04月21日 05:16

I would love to see Zone Of The Enders 3, ZoE is one of the best Mech Games out there, the battles are intense, the music is great and overall its just kickass.

Hideo Kojima, you are a god among Video Gamers, so keep your good work up. :)

Well, short said, i would love to see Zone Of The Enders 3.

316 / Acko / 2009年04月21日 05:17

We want Zone of the Enders 3 on ps3

317 / Cinos / 2009年04月21日 05:20

I would love to see ZOE3, Multi-platform of course.

318 / Stiobhan / 2009年04月21日 05:21

I loved the 1st 2 Zone of Enders games. A new Zone of Enders series would be amazing. One that is Epic like MGS4. The new series pilots could be like Raidens of the Future, all cybernetic. Either way just getting a new Kojima Production game would be cool

319 / Sager / 2009年04月21日 05:23

ZOE3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


320 / Gringo234 / 2009年04月21日 05:25

I want and many others want ZOE3.

321 / Sway823 / 2009年04月21日 05:27

I am really interested in Zone of the Enders 3.

322 / noname / 2009年04月21日 05:30

Zone of Enders 3 please please.

323 / guyman_KWASI / 2009年04月21日 05:31

i never really got the chance to play ZOE. i heard its a really good franchise and it would be too valueble to go. PS3 needs an exclusive lyk Zone of the Enders 3 and only you can make it happen. Cos ur gangstaaaaaaarr

324 / chuuey / 2009年04月21日 05:31

you guys really should make ZOE3! I love the series! :)

325 / zoe / 2009年04月21日 05:32

zoe 3 please very great series

326 / gamelover5 / 2009年04月21日 05:33

hell yeah i want a zone enders 3. if you guys do start working on it make it a long game that uses alot the ps3 power

327 / neo_bahamut / 2009年04月21日 05:34

ZOE 3 FTW!!!!

328 / Edge / 2009年04月21日 05:34

ZOE 3? yes please.

329 / white devil / 2009年04月21日 05:37

ZONE OF ENDERS, yes please! :D

330 / elchebib / 2009年04月21日 05:37

Zone of the Enders was good.
Zone of the Enders 2 was magnificent. I liked the anime transition the game took.
Zone of the Enders 3 would be phenomenal. A game like that would be a definite buy for me. Just announce and it would be an instant buy for me on day one.

331 / Sonic-Boom / 2009年04月21日 05:37

ZOE3 please i want it on my ps3
with anime cut sence
DAY 1 buy at any cost

332 / Zorik / 2009年04月21日 05:39

Please bring New Zone of the Enders on xbox 360 and PS3 platforms !

333 / Naked $nake / 2009年04月21日 05:39

Please master, make Z.O.E. ps3 version. :) I will definetly buy it.

334 / Baka / 2009年04月21日 05:40

Yes please release a Zone of the Enders 3 on ps3 !!!
Most mecha games are either hardcore stuff most people dont get like Armored core .... or pure arcade stuff without much of a story like those Gundam games or Virtual One . Not to mention that you gotta be fan of the concerned anime , and half those games arent good to begin with .

The usual ZOE awesomeness plus some multiplayer modes like co-op or something close to Virtual on , would make this game a hit .

335 / fox / 2009年04月21日 05:41


make it exclusive, and it's a No Buy!

336 / Kyle of Las Vegas / 2009年04月21日 05:42

I NEED Zone of the Enders 3....SO BADLY!!!! Please put it on the top of your priority list. Anybody I show ZoE: 2nd Runner to, they flip out about how amazing it is. My siblings and friends fell in love with the ZoE series, but not as much as I do. I have NEVER bought a game on the first day of its release or been at a midnight launch. Let me tell you: I'd be the FIRST person in line for Zone of the Enders 3!!! I kid you not.

337 / 3QU / 2009年04月21日 05:52

Yes i would like to play ZOE 3 i love 1 and 2 and the mp3 beyond the bounds

338 / tonif430 / 2009年04月21日 05:55

=We want ZOE!!!!

339 / tim / 2009年04月21日 05:55

Make Zone of the Enders 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

340 / Raein / 2009年04月21日 06:07


Zone of the Enders 3. Please make it! PLEASE!

341 / Mike / 2009年04月21日 06:08

I would very much like a third Zone of the Enders, preferably on Playstation 3. Thank you!

342 / Bloody_Marcel / 2009年04月21日 06:10

ZOE 3 please! Make it happen.

343 / Jazper / 2009年04月21日 06:10

About Zone of the Enders 3, I think you can make this game more appealing to casuals by making it an open world type game with lots of variety in missions and story as those are very popular in the west at the moment. It would be neat to explore a massive city then go in your orbital frame and explore outer space!

344 / Idolo / 2009年04月21日 06:12

Definitely want ZoE 3. Zoe2 was one of the best PS2 games and till now the best mecha game I've ever played. If you're doing a sequel, please keep the style and the feel of the gameplay.

I wouldn't mind a ZoE for DS or PSP either. Fist of Mars/Testament 2137 for the GBA is also top notch as well the best game for the GBA, imo.

345 / Charles / 2009年04月21日 06:12

I personally, would love to see a ZOE: 3, ZOE and 2, especially 2, were fantastic games, I can only imagine what you guys could do with current hardware and your talent.

346 / Micke / 2009年04月21日 06:13

Yes please! More Zone of the Enders for everyone!

347 / phleg01 / 2009年04月21日 06:14

I would do ANYTHING for a ZOE3!!! Make it so!!!

348 / Nick / 2009年04月21日 06:16

ZOE3? Hell yeah! :) I've only played the ZOE2, but it was very good. I'd buy 3 in a heartbeat.

349 / Fernando / 2009年04月21日 06:18

Zone of the Enders for the Wii.

IR Pointer would be great for that game.

350 / Gman / 2009年04月21日 06:19

I want ZoE3 and so do a lot of my casual friends. Please make it. Thanks for your time

351 / Moggelicious / 2009年04月21日 06:19

New zone of enders for both PS3 and 360 please! or a "remake" of the first and second ZOE =) thank you H.K.!

352 / alex / 2009年04月21日 06:20

i would LOVE zone of the enders 3. Those games were so fun and were more beatiful than any toher game of their time. The combat was so fluent, i really with kojima could take on gundam or even guyver

353 / chaos / 2009年04月21日 06:20

yes! zone of the enders for ps3

354 / Weaselman / 2009年04月21日 06:21

I really enjoyed the Second Runner and would love to see a new ZOE on ps3. The fast paced action and visual flair of the first two instalments resulted in them being the only two mech games Ive ever bought.

355 / Live_Feed / 2009年04月21日 06:22

Oh God Zone of the Enders 3 must become reality on the PS3.

356 / ZOE3PLEASE!!! / 2009年04月21日 06:23

hey Koj, I'm one of your biggest fans... and I would LOVE a Zone Of The Enders 3 for the PS3

I heard you were guaging interest via comments and stuff so I thought I'd drop a line and let you know that I would absolutely love a ZOE3

357 / Alakratt / 2009年04月21日 06:24

I would love to see another Zone of the Enders game!! C'mon Kojima!! Please!! Just imagine what can be done with them on the PS3!!!

358 / noname / 2009年04月21日 06:25

i quit gaming recently because games are just plain boring now

however -- zoe3 for ps3 is one of the few things that would bring me back

359 / Van_Occupanther / 2009年04月21日 06:25

I'd much more prefer a snatcher sequel :]

360 / Irrational Panda / 2009年04月21日 06:25

If Zone of the Enders 3 comes out, I'll rebuy the PS3 I sold after I beat MGS4.

That's all I want to say.

361 / Irrational Panda / 2009年04月21日 06:25

If Zone of the Enders 3 comes out, I'll rebuy the PS3 I sold after I beat MGS4.

That's all I want to say.

362 / jehuty / 2009年04月21日 06:27

please kojima-san, bring zoe3 to the ps3. such an awesome game!

363 / JVV / 2009年04月21日 06:28

Yes for Z.O.E 3! I loved Z.O.E 2nd runner! and REX vs RAY was awesome in MGS4!

364 / Weymaster / 2009年04月21日 06:28

YES Kojima-San. I'd buy a new ZOE game anytime. Even an HD remake of 1 and 2 for PS3.
I have wrote to you several times through the years congratulating you and your team for your awesome work. I'd like to do it one more time and to let you know that your games are the ones that keep me in this hobby. Last year MGS4 was the only game that I played from beginning to end and I still play it from time to time. I can't buy the DLC but I have 3 copies for each one of the MGS games (I have never done that for any other game, I just want to show you my support).

Also, I'd love to see you directing a movie. Please! Direct a movie!


365 / Rozco / 2009年04月21日 06:29

ZOE 3!!

366 / Mr.Prince101 / 2009年04月21日 06:31

Mr. Kojima

I wanted to congratulate you on the success of Metal Gear Solid 4. A great game that answered all the questions in a beautiful cinematic experience. It is sad to see such an amazing franchise come to an end. However, I do not want you to stop developing video games. I want you to make another Zone of the Enders game please. I am not a hardcore fan of the franchise. I never played the first game and only watched a few episodes of the anime series. However, ZOE2 is the benchmark I compare all other mecha games to. No other game looked so beautiful with smooth mecha gameplay on the PS2. I almost broke my controller during the attack sequence on the fortress with all those units on the screen. I never thought something like that was possible on the PS2, but you did it. You and your team made it possible. With the power of the PS3 and the space of Blue Ray discs, you can truly make an epic experience. I will be extremely grateful if you can make another beautiful mecha game again. However, I beg you not to change the visual style of the game to make it look more "realistic".

Thank you.

367 / Squatingdog / 2009年04月21日 06:31

I want ZOE3. So bad.


368 / BigD / 2009年04月21日 06:31

I played the second ZOE and enjoyed the story. I've been patiently waiting for a new one. I have Gundam Crossfire, which I enjoy, but I want a mech game with a faster pace like what ZOE delivered. PLEASE create another.

369 / Lando / 2009年04月21日 06:35

Yes Zone Of the Enders 3 please! PLEASE! PS3 would be greatly preferred as well, you know keeping up the trend.

370 / Kenshen / 2009年04月21日 06:37

I would by anything Kojima makes, I don't even have a PS3 and I own MGS4! XD

I really would want ZOE3, by the time it comes out, I would surely have the system to enjoy it!

371 / poisonelf / 2009年04月21日 06:37

YES I want a new ZOE game (in HD pls). Thank you :)

372 / OokieSpookie / 2009年04月21日 06:38

Zone of the Enders 3 Pleeeeeeeeeeease!
Even as a download title for the Playstation Network or a full release. Even redo the first two as downloadable titles it would be fantastic.

373 / ZOE fan / 2009年04月21日 06:38

Make Z.O.E 3 please!

374 / James / 2009年04月21日 06:41

I hates Metal Gear Solid honestly... but me and all my friends loved ZOE!!! plz make another one!!!

375 / noname / 2009年04月21日 06:41


376 / Derp / 2009年04月21日 06:43


377 / Joe / 2009年04月21日 06:43

Awsome podcast and YES we want another ZOE game, i just recently played the 1st and 2nd and they are some of my favorite games of all time now, but please make it for PS3 only!!!

378 / fr-ak-2-er / 2009年04月21日 06:44


379 / Seijuro Hiko / 2009年04月21日 06:46

Thank you for making MGS4 such a great game, and please make ZOE3 for the PS3! :)

380 / freedom31 / 2009年04月21日 06:46

bring ZOE to the PS3 please!!!! and bring back ADA and her awesomeness!!

381 / Darren / 2009年04月21日 06:47

We all want ZOE3 :D!!!! PLEASE !

382 / Rude_Sparthan / 2009年04月21日 06:47

...oh my god yeeeeeeeeeeeees please......... is the only game I'm waiting and than I can die..!! :o) here from Switzerland.. I love MGS4.. say GREAT is not enough... and if you give us also Z.O.E.3 it's like a dream, I can cry... :o) so please, my heart is your!! congratulation to everybody and a bow to the Master Hideo, thank's for all

383 / Matty / 2009年04月21日 06:47

Need Zone of the Enders 3. Those games are awesome and they'll be even more amazing now. I need to see this game.

384 / wigglytuff / 2009年04月21日 06:49

Zone of the enders 3 on xbox 360 and playstation 3

385 / Konosuke / 2009年04月21日 06:50

A PS3 ZOE! I would be really disappointed if KojiPro decided do to a Wii ZOE!

386 / Sveinn Eirikur / 2009年04月21日 06:50

Yes! I want a third Zone of the Enders! I loved the two main games and played "The Fist of Mars" more than most similar games. I even bought the anime just in hopes of increasing the chances of getting a game for a current generation console (preferably ps3/360 for the eye-candy factor).

387 / noname / 2009年04月21日 06:50

You have to make ZOE 3, it was such a good stroy with awesome gameplay.

388 / Juliandej / 2009年04月21日 06:50

You have to make ZOE 3, it was such a good stroy with awesome gameplay.

389 / turtleboy3503 / 2009年04月21日 06:51

OMG zone of the enders for 360 please!

390 / BiosNova / 2009年04月21日 06:53

ZOE3 would be amazing!

391 / Rude_Sparthan / 2009年04月21日 06:54

...oh my god yeeeeeeeeeeeees please......... is the only game I'm waiting and than I can die..!! :o) here from Switzerland.. I love MGS4.. say GREAT is not enough... and if you give us also Z.O.E.3 it's like a dream, I can cry... :o) so please, my heart is your!! congratulation to everybody and a bow to the Master Hideo, thank's for all

392 / Santhiel / 2009年04月21日 06:55

I want ZOE 3 on the Playstation 3 PLEASE !!!!!

393 / HitmanAgent47 / 2009年04月21日 06:57

Yes I want zone of the enders 3, zone of the enders 2 was my favorite ps2 games, just make sure it's not 6 hours of gameplay and 20 hours of cutscenes.

394 / DNSDies / 2009年04月21日 06:57


I look forward to it!

395 / lolitsme / 2009年04月21日 06:58


396 / Richard Vo / 2009年04月21日 06:59


397 / WHY AREN'T YOU ALREADY MAKING IT / 2009年04月21日 07:01


398 / Malone / 2009年04月21日 07:01

I just wanna say, I would pre-order a new ZOE once it's announced, and get it on day one. Same for my ZOE fan friend

399 / kwame332 / 2009年04月21日 07:01

I want to see Zone of the Enders 3, onegaishima!!!

400 / FungLip / 2009年04月21日 07:04

I want ZOE3! And if you guys are really doing it. I'll spread my love of ZOE3 to everyone I know. We need a next gen Mech game! DO IT.

401 / Ormuz / 2009年04月21日 07:04


402 / ____ / 2009年04月21日 07:06

ZOE3 please, but NOT FOR WII :(

403 / Genki-JAM / 2009年04月21日 07:10

PLEASE make ZoE3 for the PS3! SOON!!

404 / AmR / 2009年04月21日 07:11


405 / Davedough / 2009年04月21日 07:13

Kojima-sama; please for the love of all things holy, produce Zone of the Enders 3

406 / Bishnu / 2009年04月21日 07:13

i would love to see another zoe game


407 / Casan / 2009年04月21日 07:17

Yes, we need ZOE3.

408 / Gr1mmj0w / 2009年04月21日 07:18

I would love love love a ZOE3, ZOE is one of those games that lives in my memories. It would be golden to see it on next gen.

HI Kojima-san I meet you when you came to Activision and Treyarch!

409 / A Guy / 2009年04月21日 07:18

I'd really like Zone of Enders 3 for the Playstation 3 pretty please.

410 / Kuro / 2009年04月21日 07:19

ZOE 3, oh my god yes!

411 / Vengeance / 2009年04月21日 07:19

You have to make Z.o.e 3, z.o.e 2 was amazing on the ps2 and i dont think there is a better space mech fighting game out there.....even though i currently do not own either of the next gen consoles i will go out and buy this first day when it comes out....

412 / Ninjak / 2009年04月21日 07:20

Yessssssss, pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

413 / Anon / 2009年04月21日 07:21

Make ZoE3 please

414 / Mithen / 2009年04月21日 07:21






*eyes bulge out of head*

Sane mode: Look the matter of fact (yes, fact, lol) is that ZOE2 was one of the better action games made "last gen", it had simple yet very adaptable battle system, there were lots of neat alt weapons along with way to approach fights, it had tons of replayablity, it was gorgeous, wondrous music, and it's one of the few games to do the giant robot/mecha genre justice (and I'm talking something like 5 games out of thousands here... sadly). In fact, the only thing I think ZOE2 was missing was "gattai" (fusion, combining), you have beam sabers/guns, dues ex machina, new super energies, super guns, AI awakening, rivals, subspace, upgrades, crazy old man scientist, buxom heroines, man-machine interfaces, ex-ace turned hero ... I mean I could go on forever. And, again, the thing that's so amazing is that despite it being a sort of love song to giant robot/mecha fans, it WAS A GREAT GAME. The scenes, the story, the gam, the pacing were all great- going from the almost ethereal cruiser battle to the thousand man war was amazing... and when zero shift finally kicks in... :'D Even after you beat it there's tons of things to do, and with variety, no less... there a virtual mission like section, a 1 on 1 fighter, various option in replay, heck there's even a vic viper shooter! Now, that's not to say there weren't niggles here and there, but sometime those can be overlook when something really great comes along. However, if you do make a ZOE3 please make it dual audio, 'kay?

From a business perspective, I'd offer the argument that given the restricted nature (trying to be nice here) of this generation, the game would probably get more press and more eyes on it than in the past when there were a billion and one things coming to PS2, not to mention years of fans like myself proclaiming its virtues to high heaven, so there must be at least more awareness, and thus potential for greater sales than in the past. Plus anime's more popular in the US than in the past, so mecha is more prevalent here, and with Tengen Toppa Guren Lagann giving the genre a bit of a kick in the pants there should also be a bit more interest in general. I also think Konami's tied up pretty well with TTGL as well, so that should help with recognition by proxy in Japan, at least. Please consider it. I'll buy 2 copies. ;)

415 / GUTS / 2009年04月21日 07:22

Please make a new ZOE for PSP, both the other ones were great!

416 / Jake / 2009年04月21日 07:23

I want to see Dingo in action again more than any other thing in the world! :D
You're the one for the job Hideo!
In all honesty I like Z.O.E more than the M.G.S franchise, a new one is a must. If anything to showcase how beautiful it would look in HD.

But more than that, I have always loved the story telling in your games. Truly inspirational, and you deserve every award you get for them!

Take care. Jake.

417 / Derek / 2009年04月21日 07:23

I'd be all over a ZoE3 game. It'd make me buy a PS3.

418 / Arx / 2009年04月21日 07:24

Please produce Zone of the Enders 3 .
This is my most wanted game on ps3.
There is a massive fanbase in US and Europe waiting for it and hoping it will arrive someday.

419 / Captain Epix / 2009年04月21日 07:25

I would hella buy a ZoE3. My only hope, should this happen, is that the protagonist be Leo Stenbuck, now that he's a total hardass.

Really, anything but Dingo Egret again would be acceptable.

F Dingo Egret.

420 / Ixion / 2009年04月21日 07:25

I'm a big fan of the ZOE series and I would love a sequel on the PS3!

421 / Kagari / 2009年04月21日 07:25

I heard you guys are interested in Zone of Enders 3? Yep, I'll buy it 1st day if it ever comes out on ps3.

422 / Limi / 2009年04月21日 07:27

Hi, no thank you I wouldn't like a new Zone of enders. I liked Zone of Enders, but i think you should probably do something different. Thanks for listening :3

423 / GalacticPunt / 2009年04月21日 07:28

I would love to see a ZOE 3. I won't be buying a PS3 until the price drops to $199. A Wii version would be a cool idea. I'm not too keen on the 360.

424 / Cmurillo100 / 2009年04月21日 07:29

I would be so pleased if ZOE 3 was made. Just the thought makes me so giddy inside

425 / Seff / 2009年04月21日 07:30

Bring back Zone of The Enders!
that was an amazing series, the characters, the gameplay. innovation in a bottle!

i love to see it in HD!

426 / Jon / 2009年04月21日 07:30

Please make Zone of the Enders 3!!!

427 / mikami / 2009年04月21日 07:30

hi mr kojima
i really think you and your team should consider developing a next instalment for next generation systems of the zone of the enders series since while it is a VERY good game many people did not get to experience it and take full enjoyment of the games and this game will bring in more fans of your games to you out of the millions you already have.
even though i am not one to say which platform it should be on i personally think that it should either be exclusive to the xbox 360 for the online which i and alot of other fans of the game would really love to see and i can imagine a feature where you can customize your own jehuty and u can have one on one battle or just have about 18 players in an area battling it out either way it would be really nice.On the other hand if it was for ps3 then it has the possibility to become another one of your BEAUTIFUL MASTERPIECES which most recently was mgs4 guns of the patriots ( really awesome game :) )
and trulu prove that psn can be a great service as xbox live can be. Either way mr kojima it would be really awesome if you were to announce this at e3 exclusive or not.I and the countless of fans out there would really apprecitate it if you make another installment of zone of the enders.And please take your time to make this game as you did with mgs4 and make it have true next gen quality.
The thing i enoyed most about zoe1 and zoe2 was the dialog which you are most good at producing and i expect the best out of all your games since they are all truly real gems such as mgs2 which was the first game i played from your collection of developed games then zoe and so forth. i also really enjoyed the fast paced combat and all the guns and the zero speed move that you aquire right when you fight anubis in zoe2.
please i really hope you can develop zoe3 as soon as you can which i hope is in your priority list for your next game to make your masterpiece and release it just in the perfect time as you did with mgs4.

thank you for you time
hideo kojima and the devs working
at kojima productions

428 / noname / 2009年04月21日 07:32

Yes, I would say I've been looking forward to ZoE 3.

429 / ZOE 3! / 2009年04月21日 07:38

Put me down as an absolute must-buy for a new Zone of the Enders!

430 / Zaka / 2009年04月21日 07:39

YEah want ZOE3 for long dudes make it happen already!

431 / hu24ebr / 2009年04月21日 07:40

please make ZOE3, I would asure you it would sell millions, I am in bahrain for gods sake and I know atleast 20 of my friends who keep dreaming of a sequal.
so again, please.

432 / Calion / 2009年04月21日 07:47

Words cannot express how much I would love a sequel to ZOE2. ZOE3 would be a dream come true. Please make that happen KojiPro!

433 / Randomguy555 / 2009年04月21日 07:49

Please bring ZoE III to us. 360 or PS3, I'll buy either console to play this game. ZoE II was easily the best action game I've ever played.

keep up the good work

434 / Vazel / 2009年04月21日 07:50

I want another Zone of the Enders game please!

435 / dedalojj / 2009年04月21日 07:50

Yes please :). I would love to see a new Zone of The Enders on teh PS3. After seeing what you guys were able to do with REX on Metal Gear 4 the thought of a Zone of The Enders makes my heart happy.

436 / Macross22 / 2009年04月21日 07:50

I'll really love a Zone of Enders 3, please make it happen.

437 / Jufo / 2009年04月21日 07:50

I want another Zone of the Enders game. Please make it happen.

438 / Darkiiix / 2009年04月21日 07:51

Yes ZOE3 for the ps3 . . . and 360 *if you want*

439 / Dynames / 2009年04月21日 07:55

We want ZOE3. ZOE is the best mech combat game in my opinion. I would love to have a third one done by the legendary, Hideo Kojima. Bring ZOE3 to light. Please!

440 / The Kingslayer / 2009年04月21日 07:56

You have to make ZOE3. It was one of the best examples of a game doing great art, animation, mech gameplay, variety of missions, and action story. I new generation of ZOE could push the boundaries and take the whole experience to a new level. The only way that it would make good business sense is if the game were multiplatform. Looking at game sales this generation and the expense this would be your best bet. Gamers across the PS3 and Xbox 360 have played ZOE2. So there is no need to fragment the audience at all. Taking a look at Resident Evil 5, and with your high quality attention to detail Mr.Kojima San then this would be an outstanding legacy to leave in this generation. Leaving the kind of mark in gaming that creates new memories and a foundation to continue gaming. This is what Konami has been about, and the ZOE series is a testament to that. Please create ZOE3...

441 / Phizzy T / 2009年04月21日 07:57

I would love to see ZOE3, especially that the second one blew me away, was one of the best robot games i'd played

442 / mac / 2009年04月21日 07:58

I would like to see a ZOE 3! Thanks.

443 / Vka / 2009年04月21日 08:00

Please release Zone of the Enders 2 on PlayStation Network or Xbox Live Arcade in order to gauge iterest in the franchise. I would like ZOE3, but I would prefer it to be multiplatform (PC+PS3+360) which I assume would be expensive to develop for.

444 / Zephyr_Ex / 2009年04月21日 08:04

YES, ZOE 3 please! :)

445 / ML KioncWarlord / 2009年04月21日 08:04

this will be epic!

446 / SnakeXs / 2009年04月21日 08:08


447 / Hero / 2009年04月21日 08:08

Give me ZoE 3 :(

and make it a PS3 exclusive while you're at it.

448 / UMDGaara / 2009年04月21日 08:10

I would buy a PS3 just for Zone of the Enders 3. I love the gameplay of Z.O.E. 2, so if there is a chance for a 3rd game in the series (or for a similar-playing game with a different license) please make this a priority!!

449 / kevcozha / 2009年04月21日 08:10

Hey there man
if you were to make a Zone of the Ender 3 be it released tomorrow or even 10 years down the road you can be assured I'll pick it up Day 1

450 / jack / 2009年04月21日 08:15

ZOE3 on PS3? Sign me up.

I'm new to the ZOE franchise but the little that I played from ZOE2 was enough to get me hooked. I think a fully-fletched ZOE3 on the PS3 would look and play amazing.

451 / Tek Blitz / 2009年04月21日 08:16

Zone of the Enders 3 multi platform please!

452 / T_T / 2009年04月21日 08:17

Yes, we want really want to see a Zone of the Enders 3 both on PS3 and PSP.

453 / Stephen / 2009年04月21日 08:19

I would really like to give this series try. So please release it hopefully on a Sony platform.

454 / Youngblood / 2009年04月21日 08:20

I've been linked from a news report that said you need some encouragement to make ZoE3. Well here it is. I feel there's been a sharp decline in Mech-based games in recent years and Kojima Productions seems like the best to change that.

Also, I'd like to say another thanks, particularly to Kojima-San for your speeches at GDC this year (I'm counting the one at the Apple store also). They were very inspiring, witty, insightful and humorous. Please continue to join everyone at GDC in the years to come...

455 / CasualGuy9021090210 / 2009年04月21日 08:20

After seeing the Metal Gear vs Ray fight in MGS4, I think it would be a shame to not have a ZOE game on next gen (current gen) hardware. ZOE2 has some of the most amazing effects I have ever seen in a game and in some regards felt like a casual friendly title due to the auto-locking feature. If you want the game to appeal to casual gamers then make sure to keep the controls simple, slow the action down a little without reducing the quality of the effects and use more realistic interpretations of characters rather than going the anime route. Casual gamers can relate to real people more than niche anime characters.

456 / SneakySolid / 2009年04月21日 08:24

Kojima, Zone of the Enders is my MOST anticipated game for this generation of consoles. Such a game that could push the limits of the PS3 would be nothing less than amazing!!! Please make it happen!

457 / MGS fan / 2009年04月21日 08:24

Z.O.E 3 PLEASE make it happen.

458 / Vebent / 2009年04月21日 08:26

I really want ZoE 3. I beat the first one but not the second. So please Im begging. Make ZoE 3.

459 / darpa06 / 2009年04月21日 08:27

all we want is an other zoe, pretty please

460 / Staples17 / 2009年04月21日 08:30

Zone of the Enders 3 would be absolutely awsome. I still remember when I was playing through the 2nd one where the game just screamed Epic. For example when you had to destor the carrier ship one after the other, I can only image what the game would be like with an engin comparable to MGS4. Well, know that if you ever decide to make it, I'll be all over it :P


461 / Anonnymous / 2009年04月21日 08:31

I sure do want a ZOE 3! I loved the previous games!

462 / Sigma / 2009年04月21日 08:33

concerteza gostaria muito de ver uma sequencia de zone of the enders , seria relmente extraodinário !!!

463 / ShadowSeeker / 2009年04月21日 08:44

I think that a ZOE 3 would be a great idea, and not only for casual gamers, but for the many die hard ans of the series as well. I personally would love to see a sequel to this amazing series

464 / JesseGear / 2009年04月21日 08:44

I would love nothing more than to have a ZOE 3 game. me and my best friend have been wanting one for awile with great online versus. you have my signature ;)

465 / webrunner / 2009年04月21日 08:48

I would very much like a new ZOE

466 / doomtrain6 / 2009年04月21日 08:53


467 / Kon-spiracee / 2009年04月21日 08:53

I would just like to say there is an overwhelming need to see another Zone of the Enders game on next gen hardware. In every generation of gaming the classics must always make their presence known. Zone of the Enders should not be any different.

468 / TheWolf / 2009年04月21日 08:56

Yes!! Give me ZOE3

469 / HypoDrive / 2009年04月21日 08:58

I've been playing these games since MGS 1 and I loved buying ZOE 1 and 2. Me and my friends would love to play a sequel made on the next generation consoles.

470 / Prashant. / 2009年04月21日 08:59

Yes to ZoE3.

471 / buttery ass alex / 2009年04月21日 09:03

everyone wants a zone of the enders three. PLEASEEEEE

472 / HideoFanBoy / 2009年04月21日 09:11

Please just do ZOE3! I just played Anubis recentely and it kicks ass of so many mainstream games! Its incredibely well designed and the fighting is adicting! Just work on the camera, vastly improve the versus mode and do a good marketing campaign for the game! If it goes multitap i dont care... I JUST WANT IT SO BAD!! Hideo & Shinkawa = Perfect Armony :3

473 / Lionet / 2009年04月21日 09:12

Hi. for Just read "Kojima asks: do you really want Zone of the Enders 3?" on QJ net. YES, I do. I loved ZO2, was one of my favorite games on PS2.

474 / STEVE301187 / 2009年04月21日 09:16

I think a MGS4 version for Xbox 360 will be more interresting. I own it on PS3, but I bought my PS3 almost only for it. I prefere so much my Xbox 360.

Another game from Konami should come back too: Azure Dreams. Why not as a WiiWare/PSNetwork/XboxLiveArcade title?

475 / DongHungLong / 2009年04月21日 09:16

Zone of Enders 3 Please... I love the first 2 games and would love a next gen version.

476 / ZOE / 2009年04月21日 09:17

please make ZOE 3!

477 / Panajev / 2009年04月21日 09:18

Yes, please do bring us a new ZoE game if you can give it the high quality and polish ALL Kojima Production games are known for. Else, please forget about it, do not subject us to the Silent Hill: Home Coming of ZoE games, that is a so-so mediocre game that follows one of the best gems delivered on PS2.

478 / Phantasms_8 / 2009年04月21日 09:20

I read from a website that in the latest podcast there is talk about Zone of the Enders 3 and all I have to say is DO IT!!! ZOE 2 is one of all time favorite games and I have always been hoping Kojima will make another game.

479 / cranky.pants / 2009年04月21日 09:21


480 / noname / 2009年04月21日 09:22

ZoE 3 yes please

481 / Chavez / 2009年04月21日 09:27

Zone of the Enders 3?


482 / Human / 2009年04月21日 09:29

Great game, and in fact the game I've been waiting for from the beginning of this generation. I bought a PS3, almost exclusively for this game, and it would be the perfect Playstation 3 exclusive.

483 / cali / 2009年04月21日 09:31

zone of the enders for ps3 please!

484 / ArnOLDtheTerMInatoR313 / 2009年04月21日 09:32

Zone of the Enders 3, am I correct?
You mean the game that is Kojima's best game, including MGS, and the underrated classic of last generation? Then yes, I will kill for this game (kidding, maybe).

485 / Syaoran / 2009年04月21日 09:33

I would be very excited for ZoE3 and I know a lot of people who haven't played the series before but would enjoy the game. It would be even greater if it had some sort of online co-op integration. I would definitely buy the game and recommend it to others.

486 / Omnipotent Hideo / 2009年04月21日 09:36

Do we want ZOE 3? YEAH!!1!111!
One of the best PS2 games ever, and though Kojima might have to isolate his time for his new game, please make this as it is definitely worth it.

487 / Toadthroat / 2009年04月21日 09:37


488 / greenjerk / 2009年04月21日 09:37

just read the article about Kojima wanting to know if fans want ZOE3 and I had to post yes! please! please!

489 / Dan / 2009年04月21日 09:38

Iwant ZOE 3..............

490 / Heavenly_King / 2009年04月21日 09:39


491 / D / 2009年04月21日 09:49

No more ZOE please. If you want to appeal to the west this is not the right way to go about it. I would like to see a new franchise/ip from you guys. I've been a fan since I bought mgs on psx and would like something new.

492 / Badr / 2009年04月21日 09:49

We want ZOE3 on xbox360...please

493 / squall009 / 2009年04月21日 09:54

I would love to see a new zoe for ps3 or psp it wouldn't matter. That was a great series and the non stop action was some of the best mech fighting i've ever played in a game. So I'm rooting for a new game but even if you decide not too thanks for a still awsome series!

494 / Leas / 2009年04月21日 09:57

OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A ZONE OF THE ENDERS SEQUEL, you should know that is one of your best series and indeed it is. PLEASE just answer to the call of so many hardcore gamers that had been shut down, making casual gamers a priority instead. Am sure you really enjoy working on the franchise and your are doing ONE HELL OF A JOB. So please make a zone of the enders 3

Thanks :)

495 / hweita / 2009年04月21日 09:58

I really want a new ZOE game!

496 / richi / 2009年04月21日 10:00

I want ZOE on PS3

497 / noname / 2009年04月21日 10:03

ZOE 3 please!!!!!!

498 / Chitownshogun73 / 2009年04月21日 10:07

On a Playstation 3.........HELL YEAH!!!!!!

499 / Illmatic / 2009年04月21日 10:12

ZOE3 on PS3 would be amazing! I absolutely loved ZOE2.

I wouldn't expect it to receive the sales it deserves, but i'd hope and love to think that it would. Considering ZOE2 was one of my favorite games in the PS2 era, i would love to see ZOE3 happen.

500 / 神の鉄 / 2009年04月21日 10:14

"I want ZOE!"ONLY PS3!!

501 / TAIWAN PLAYER / 2009年04月21日 10:17

I want ZOE on PS3!And I love MGS4!!

502 / lazycat25 / 2009年04月21日 10:17

ZOE is the best!!!

503 / schuyler / 2009年04月21日 10:19

i would be very interested in a new zone of the enders game I own all the other games and they are my favorite games of that genre

504 / petethepanda / 2009年04月21日 10:24

I'd kill for Zone of the Enders 3.

505 / fatleon5 / 2009年04月21日 10:24

Please make ZOE3!! Please!

506 / Sinatar / 2009年04月21日 10:25

Zone Of The Enders 3 YES PLEASE

507 / Heavenly_King / 2009年04月21日 10:26


508 / Richard / 2009年04月21日 10:27

ZOE3 for PS3!!!

509 / vaan / 2009年04月21日 10:27

I want to play ZOE.

510 / Chris / 2009年04月21日 10:28


511 / bobby / 2009年04月21日 10:30

have played ZOE1 and ZOE2, 1 was nice, but 2 rocked!!! i would love to see the thrid one on PS3, because cool graphics can be done a psp version would be nice

512 / Solo / 2009年04月21日 10:31

YES!! ZOE3!!! Now that would be awesome, I do like mech-sim fighting, so do most people around the world (to not say everyone.) PLEASE make ZOE3!!

513 / Stephie / 2009年04月21日 10:32

Please Kojima, make another Zone of Enders game. Make it for the PS3 so me and my brother can play it :).

514 / BionicNinjas / 2009年04月21日 10:32

Please please please make a new Zone of the Enders game. Second Runner is one of the most underappreciated and brilliant games of the PS2 generation, and one of my all time favorite games. I would love nothing more than to see a current generation game in this franchise.

PS- Kojima Productions kicks all sorts of ass, you guys rule keep up the good work!

515 / God Tree / 2009年04月21日 10:33


516 / wildgames / 2009年04月21日 10:34


517 / Keeba / 2009年04月21日 10:35

Hey I just wanted to shout out to everyone at Kojima Productions that I never usually leave comments or input but your show is great and I just wanted to say that I have friends that have been on the fence (in spite of all of your wonderful work) about getting a Playstation 3 that have EXCLAIMED AND PROCLAIMED that they will BUY a PS3 -TODAY- if they just simply saw a TRAILER for Zone of the Enders 3. Guys I'm sorry but I hang with A LOT of gamers but I've shown ZOE2 to people who've never even got into the heavy stuff I'm into and have bought a PS2 just for it. Please make ZOE3. Just a screen shot is enough to just push ALOT of people over the edge about this system.

518 / vgouveia / 2009年04月21日 10:36

yes i want a new zone of the enders!!

519 / Akira Lee Taiwan / 2009年04月21日 10:37

I want ZOE3 on PS3.
And remaster MGS 1,2,3 on HD scale on PS3
Your team are the best.
Go ahead

520 / LatinDragon27 / 2009年04月21日 10:38

I want Zone Of Enders 3!!

521 / KARAS / 2009年04月21日 10:39

I Come From Taiwan.
Mr.Kojima's MGS Series I Very Like It.
But ZOE Series I Very Like Too.
So Please Make ZOE3 On PS3.
In 2008/7/11 Mr.Kojima Come To Taiwan I Has Go To Airport To See Mr.Kojima,And Also Hope Mr.Kojima Come To Taiwan Again

522 / Jehuti-alpha / 2009年04月21日 10:40

Please yes, by all means, bring ZOE3 to the PS3.

523 / Yellowcoke / 2009年04月21日 10:41

I come from Taiwan, I really want to play ZOE3 only on PS3 A.S.A.P!!

524 / sentence / 2009年04月21日 10:42

ZoE plzz ^___^ (ps3 =P)

525 / Nick Lin / 2009年04月21日 10:42

Hello , I'm from Taiwan.
I've been waiting for newest Z.O.E.
hope in the future , there will be new release only on PS3.

526 / John Kunan / 2009年04月21日 10:43

Man oh man could I go for some more Zone of the Enders!! There really isn't anything else like it out these days, and a void has been left in my gamer soul!

527 / Threi / 2009年04月21日 10:44

If you're going to put it on the Wii, I'm not buying it. If it's on the PS3/Xbox 360/PC I'll buy 3.

528 / jan huang / 2009年04月21日 10:47

i wan't zeo only on playstation 3

529 / Vanillalite / 2009年04月21日 10:48

Zone of Enders is just to amazing and to blissful not to get another series entry on the Playstation 3! Bring us another Z.O.E.!

530 / alanliu / 2009年04月21日 10:48

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

531 / cjp42jp4504g4 / 2009年04月21日 10:53


532 / hteng / 2009年04月21日 10:54

want want want want want want want want want want want want want want

oh please include the series in Super Robot Wars!!!!!

533 / Soul / 2009年04月21日 10:54


534 / f00942755 / 2009年04月21日 10:56

I want ZOE only on PS3

535 / cloudstw / 2009年04月21日 10:59

I want ZOE on PS3
I need ZOE on PS3
I'm dying for ZOE on PS3

536 / fredgogo / 2009年04月21日 11:00

i really really hope to the brand new Z.O.E in PS3. ANUBIS version is my only one who played robot action tv games, easycontrolling, intersting story and great effect....why still it not heard any infomation now(T-T)"

537 / cloudstw / 2009年04月21日 11:01

I want ZOE on PS3
I need ZOE on PS3
I'm dying for ZOE on PS3

538 / Kurt / 2009年04月21日 11:01

I would love ZoE 3 loved both the first two games!

539 / Leonard Gavin / 2009年04月21日 11:01

Please make Zone of the Enders 3! For Great Justice!

540 / Bryan / 2009年04月21日 11:04

ZOE is a great game, and I have gotten many of my casual gamer friends to play it.
They loved it, but they said they would never have bought the game if I didn't recommend it.

Perhaps an advertisement campaign would work, because its a great game everyone enjoys!

541 / XyuZe / 2009年04月21日 11:04

I want ZOE

542 / HyugaFenrir / 2009年04月21日 11:05

I need more ZoE!!!

543 / noname / 2009年04月21日 11:05

A Zone of the Enders Sequel would be an instant purchase!

544 / miga / 2009年04月21日 11:06


545 / Hunter / 2009年04月21日 11:06

Please, make ZoE, is the only big robot game that is worth playing

546 / Steve / 2009年04月21日 11:07

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Please get the ZOE sequel up on PS3.

547 / Scynt / 2009年04月21日 11:07

Zone of the Enders 3 please!

548 / Wayne / 2009年04月21日 11:07

I want ZOE

549 / miga / 2009年04月21日 11:09


550 / Cory / 2009年04月21日 11:09

I'd kill for a new ZOE. Hopefully it's somewhere on the list of things to develop as I'd hate to see the series end so early..

551 / TrueLink / 2009年04月21日 11:09

I would be a very happy man if you were to make a Zone of the Enders 3. The 2nd Runner is one of the best games I've ever played.

552 / King of eden / 2009年04月21日 11:10

I would love to have a zone of the enders 3. The 2nd game was absolutely delicious

553 / DinRyu / 2009年04月21日 11:10

I would really like another ZoE title. One of my top three favorite mech games.

554 / Toly / 2009年04月21日 11:10

Hell yea we need another ZoE , they were the best mech games i have ever played, even though the first game on the ps2 was short the second ps2 game was soooo awesome , there needs to be a sequel especially on this gen systems

555 / ZOE3 / 2009年04月21日 11:10

Zone of the Enders 3 please. Please. Oh please.

556 / PKJAI / 2009年04月21日 11:11

Love to have ZOE3!!! it was reawlly great for 1 and 2.

557 / Zanto / 2009年04月21日 11:13


558 / zer0s / 2009年04月21日 11:14

ZOE 3!

THIS IS awesome! Just advertise it more!

559 / Xeero / 2009年04月21日 11:14

Putting my comment up regarding the mention of a possibility for Zone of the Enders 3.

In short: Please for the love of Snake, yes! After what we were treated to on ZoE: Second Runner the idea of something like ZoE 3 running on PS3 with the level of polish we saw on MGS4 is extremely appealing and as a longtime fan I would absolutely love to see this series get a third installment. :)

560 / Kurdijef / 2009年04月21日 11:14

Yes I would love a new Zone of the Enders! I have been waiting for a long time. It MUST be a PS3 game, but you can make another Fist of Mars for PSP.

561 / ForteMP3 / 2009年04月21日 11:14

Yes, yes, YES we want Zone of the Enders 3.

562 / DREWEYES / 2009年04月21日 11:16


563 / Jared. / 2009年04月21日 11:16

I really want Zone of the Enders 3!

564 / TheBigCheese / 2009年04月21日 11:16

Please make ZOE 3!! Zoe 2 was one of the best looking and amazing games ever! I cant imagine how awesome it would be for a new ZOE to be on the next gen system!

565 / Amod / 2009年04月21日 11:16


566 / iiiadvocateiii / 2009年04月21日 11:16

Hey, I'm a huge fan of the Metal Gear solid series and Zone of Enders. Looking forward for a Follow up to The Second Runner

567 / Amod / 2009年04月21日 11:16


568 / Tunod / 2009年04月21日 11:16

I would love to see another Zone of the Enders game. Anubis/The Second Runner remains one of my favorite PS2 games, and is one of the few games I feel really captures the fast-paced, frenetic feel of anime-style mecha fights. I'd also love to hear more about Leo Stenbuck, especially now that he has Jehuty back. Maybe focus more on the plight of the Enders again? Some sort of return to Antillia Colony?

569 / KojimaFruit96 / 2009年04月21日 11:17


570 / solgambit / 2009年04月21日 11:18

Hell YES I WANT Zone of the Enders 3! The 2nd one still ranks in my top 10 best games ever!!

571 / SagiMewtwo / 2009年04月21日 11:20

I would definitely love to see a new Zone of the Enders game. I've been waiting a really long time for a new one and I'd definitely grab it on day one.

572 / lostinseganet / 2009年04月21日 11:21

I would like to state that I would love a zoe 3. I have read that the ps4 is in the works. Put it on the ps4. The fans will be rabbid! Be sure to show us lots of goodies online cooperative play mode for the single player. Have the women do more than just be door stops show some pride, but now there is nothing wronng with big titties now. Just mix it up

573 / Arcashton / 2009年04月21日 11:21

I'm a fan of Zone of the Enders, I purchased the 1st 2 games here in Australia for the PS2 and I would purchase the next one immediately if it's available on PS3
Thanks for continuing the Podcast too!

574 / michaelkao38 / 2009年04月21日 11:23

i am ps3 player,
and i want ZOE...^__^ plz
at the same time i want to tell you,i love the mgs4,this is the best game i ever have...^__^

575 / Mkailbowdy / 2009年04月21日 11:23

I would very much like to see Zone of the Enders 3 in the future.

576 / Sonic / 2009年04月21日 11:23

Yes we want Zone of the Enders 3! Please!

577 / domo / 2009年04月21日 11:24

whats this I hear about another ZOE game!?

/gets wallet out

578 / Wirebrain / 2009年04月21日 11:24

I'd very much be interested in ZOE 3. I had fun with the last two and like to see more wild mech battles.

579 / eripmav / 2009年04月21日 11:25

I want ZOE on PS3!

580 / ParanoidHero / 2009年04月21日 11:26

A third Zone of Enders would be very welcome

581 / Firemac / 2009年04月21日 11:26

I love Zone of the Enders, I hooked with the first one, and the second was amazing, a third one for this generation would be amazing. I need it, now!

582 / Alan  / 2009年04月21日 11:26

Yes I want ZOE on PS3
Things that I would like to experience it in ZOE3 on PS3 :
- Sense of War : I mean after playing
Killzone 2 there is a lot complex
activity in the background like
what we watch in Mecha Anime

- Big Scale : I wish if this game
has same scale of macross (Anime)

- More Variety Enemies

- Anime Cut-scenes : I don’t want
CG or Space Submarine Hero

- More Replay Value :
Like Online mode - Profile Cards
a lot of good Unlockables

- ZOE don’t need big changes in
gameplay formula but it would
be better if you try to do new
things in level design

- No more Kids

583 / Adam / 2009年04月21日 11:26

The ZOE series boosts an incredible universe full of rich characters and compelling gameplay, not to mention the amazing personality of ZOE:TSR. A third ZOE is most welcome!

584 / MaxChep / 2009年04月21日 11:26

Zone of Enders over MGS everyday!!!

585 / Chaotix247 / 2009年04月21日 11:26

Yes to ZOE3! On PS3!

586 / redleader / 2009年04月21日 11:27

I want a new ZOE!

587 / ZOE Fan #9999999 / 2009年04月21日 11:28

would be nice if there ZOE3 and looking forward to new story of new Orbital Frames and online mode with customable Orbital Frames.

588 / RGoat / 2009年04月21日 11:28

I hope ZOE can come ONLY ON PLAYSTATION3 !!

589 / Steve / 2009年04月21日 11:29

I want ZOE on PS3 please!!!

I have wait a long timeT.T

590 / Firespear / 2009年04月21日 11:29

I would love to see ZoE 3!

591 / Paul S. / 2009年04月21日 11:29

I'd be insanely excited if there was a new Zone of the Enders game. However, I'd hate to see it get in the way of new IP or, say, a new Snatcher game. :)

592 / BenCohen / 2009年04月21日 11:30

Just letting you know I very much do want a another ZoE game. Unlike most ZoE fans I know, I'd actually never played Metal Gear Solid nor had no idea who Hideo Kojima was before ZoE. I think you should keep in mind that mech games are popular will all sorts of folks and I think it could appeal to a much broader audience this generation with the oversaturation of FPS titles and the undersaturation of anything unique on the PS3. Thanks for hearing me out.

593 / Ravncat / 2009年04月21日 11:30

I would love to see another ZoE game. I hope that it could have a unique story - and not be merely a continuation of ZOE or ZOE2

594 / Alucrid / 2009年04月21日 11:30

Zone of the Enders was easily one of my favorite games on the PS2. I bought the first one for the MGS demo only to end up liking ZOE more. The second one was even better. The game even had amazing music, the songs Beyond the Bounds, Flowing Destiny, Kiss Me Sunlight, and A Light with the Name of Hope were beautiful. I even went so far as to buy the two soundtracks to the game. I practically squealed with delight when I saw the ZOE background on the computer in MGS IV. This console generation is in dire need of a mecha game like ZOE 3, I will preorder ZOE 3 a.s.a.p. if it's released.

595 / RoninOkami / 2009年04月21日 11:30

I think you guys do a phenomenal job with anything you do but i think if you would do another zoe can you make it to where we can have co-op and customization?

596 / jimmy / 2009年04月21日 11:30

I would love nothing more than to play a new zone of the enders game.

597 / Unorthodawks / 2009年04月21日 11:30

Please please please please make a new Zone of the Enders game! I've enjoyed every ZOE movie, show and game that's come out. ZOE2 was my favourite action game (along side mgs3) for PS2. Also please, make it multiplatform so both PS3 and XBOX360 owners can enjoy this great series.

Thanks for all the great games you guys have created, can't wait for the next!

598 / distantmantra / 2009年04月21日 11:31

Please make Zone of the Enders 3 for the HD consoles, PS3 in particular. Thanks.

599 / HYR53 / 2009年04月21日 11:32


600 / Cadenza / 2009年04月21日 11:32

YES! Please! There are a **** ton of people that want another ZOE.

601 / Butch4969 / 2009年04月21日 11:32

ZoE is the only mech game I like, we definately need a ZoE3!!

602 / HYR53 / 2009年04月21日 11:33


603 / JoshGrilli / 2009年04月21日 11:33

I am definitely interested in a Zone of the Enders 3. I think it would be great to bring the series to the new generation. I loved 1 & 2. I also enjoyed the GBA game. If you decide to make one, it's an instant purchase for me. Now that you have my hopes up, don't let me down.

604 / Daemon Gildas / 2009年04月21日 11:33

I would love to see a Zone of the Enders sequel. Drop Dingo, though; he just seems to generic. But if you aged Leo to his mid-twenties, and gave him a little scruff (ie. slightly unshaven appearance), I think he could be a really interesting character.

Also, don't forget the versus mode! As strange as it sounds, that was the most fun I've ever had playing a game period. It was a blast to play, even better to watch, and just felt like a great move.

*Maybe* consider adding a small multiplayer element? Not for the story, but little side-missions playing non-Orbital Frames, ala Vic Viper.

And obviously, an unlockable Metal gear "costume" would be a blast to play around with.

I hope you seriously consider it; Zone of the Enders was such an underrated series, I think it has huge potential if you add some online components.

605 / Doooggggrrr / 2009年04月21日 11:33

I need a new Zone of Enders in my life.

606 / Madlaks / 2009年04月21日 11:34

Zone of the Enders 3 hoshii no!!!

ZOE was the game that opened my eyes about Kojima Productions. After that I became a ZOE and MGS fan. As seeing that the MGS series is over with snake, I'd like to see more story for ZoE. You can do it Kojima Team^^. YATTA YATTA

607 / YASHIRO9576 / 2009年04月21日 11:36


608 / Maximillian / 2009年04月21日 11:36

I would absolutely love to see a third Z.O.E. game! For me 2nd Runner remains one of the most memorable gaming experiences of the previous generation. It would be amazing to see Z.O.E. in glorious HD!

609 / jump_912 / 2009年04月21日 11:36

yes.. ZoE sequel! YES.
Please make it for PSP too!

610 / Gamebufffilm / 2009年04月21日 11:36

I would love to see another proper sequel of zone of the enders, Zone of the enders was the only mech combat game I was pleased with and not to mention one of my favorite sci-fi stories in video games, please make a sequel for the PS3

611 / Me_Becoming_I / 2009年04月21日 11:36

Bring Zone of the Enders 3 to the PlayStation 3 only! Please Kojima Productions!

Please not the 360 or Wii.

612 / keister / 2009年04月21日 11:37

ZOE 1 was good, controls were great, nice and fluid, but the story was sometimes lacking and gameplay a bit repetitive. ZOE 2 brought back the awesome controls and provided much more diversity of locations and enemies. Furthermore, the cutscenes were great and so was the story. Love the anime style. If ZOE3 doesn't get made soon it will be a real shame, because the series deserves to be continued. ZOE is the best big robot series available and widely played in the states so bring it back.

613 / Lard / 2009年04月21日 11:37

Would I like to see ZOE3?

Yes definitely. Especially if it's of the same quality as MGS4.

This generation of consoles is really lacking good science fiction games.

Please make ZOE3!!!

614 / Wolv / 2009年04月21日 11:37

ZOE3! Hell yeah!

615 / shong / 2009年04月21日 11:37

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

616 / Kojimech! / 2009年04月21日 11:38

In a pool of terrible third person action mech games, ZOE shines above all others. It put the staple franchise, Gundam, to absolute shame. ZOE was an alright launch title, but ZOE 2 showed that just liked Mega Man Legends, this is more than just some cash-in spin-off.


617 / Kenneth / 2009年04月21日 11:39


618 / Elite Runner / 2009年04月21日 11:39

A sequel is needed right about now. ZOE3 on a PS3 that has good graphics written all over it and great game play cant wait.

619 / Daemon Gildas / 2009年04月21日 11:39

Assuming "Zone of the Enders 3" is a real possibility, just remember to throw some advertisement behind it. That's the only issue I think ZoE 1 and 2 had; most people didn't even know what they were. Also, i dunno why, but I think if you could get permission to use it, Cold's "Change the World" would be a perfect song to go with it. It's older, but would fit the world of ZoE so well, seemed worth suggesting.

Also, make it possible to play as the other Orbital Frames in the Single-player mode. If nothing else, allow players to unlock Anubis.

620 / Govic / 2009年04月21日 11:41

I'd love to see another installment of ZoE. I'm not the casual gamer type you actually are looking for input from, but I've probably put more hours into ZoE2 then any other game I own. It remains to date my favorite mech game.
Solid controls, strong story, addictive face-paced, yet intuitive action.
Ironically, I'm not a Kojima die-hard fan either, as I never really could get that into the metal gear solid series.
So yes, I'd love to see another Zone of the Enders game, the PS3 has a ton of potential for the series, and its world deserves a deeper view, beyond BAHRAM's rise and fall.

621 / mechcross / 2009年04月21日 11:41

hi kojima... i read a petition about ZOE 3 from!! OMG obviously a YES we do want to see this game land on the PS3! THere are many mech fans out there who are hungry for another sequal of ZOE. the 1st and 2nd was awesome. i'm sure 3 will be epic

622 / chaos / 2009年04月21日 11:42

Please make something not related to metal gear, thankyou

623 / FoxKit / 2009年04月21日 11:43

I love ZoE!
If it plays anything like the Metal Gear fight in MGS4, I'm all in! n.n

624 / sephiroth_4 / 2009年04月21日 11:43

DUH! ZOE is the best mech action game hands down. ZOE 3 please! ZOE anything for ps3.

625 / ForgottenSpiral / 2009年04月21日 11:43

Please, please, please, PLEASE, PLEEAAASE- make a new Zone of the Enders!

626 / MiniKumi / 2009年04月21日 11:43


627 / Erichw5 / 2009年04月21日 11:44

Hey Just heard on Kotaku about the ZOE3 Discussion. I Would very much like A ZOE3 game for the PS3 and I know at least several other people i work with at Best Buy who would like it too. I hope you get the feedback you need to get this project going.

628 / TSO / 2009年04月21日 11:45

I would love ZOE 3 on Playstation 3. ZOE 2 was greaT!

629 / Sinful-Sam / 2009年04月21日 11:46

I would love to see a ZOE3. Please make it happen.

630 / x13 / 2009年04月21日 11:47


631 / CM-Freak / 2009年04月21日 11:49

I want ZoE 3!!!!

632 / Diunx / 2009年04月21日 11:50

Zone of the enders 3 all over my ps3 or 360!

633 / Grassroots / 2009年04月21日 11:52

All I can say is please make ZOE3, you'd make a lot of people happy.

634 / bring back ZOtE!!! / 2009年04月21日 11:52

i want another ZOtE!!!!!

635 / topkdashe / 2009年04月21日 11:53

I want ZOE!

636 / beluga / 2009年04月21日 11:53

everyone wants more zone of the enders, and real ones not portable ones. both games had absolutely incredible gameplay.

637 / Stephen / 2009年04月21日 11:54

I've bought every ZOE game in the series and loved it! Please, the fans want another!

638 / psn:SolidOni_ds / 2009年04月21日 11:55

YES I WOULD LOVE A ZOE3! That should be your top priority Mr. Kojima!

639 / raven / 2009年04月21日 11:56

love metal gear seris

640 / raven / 2009年04月21日 11:56

love metal gear seris

641 / Lard / 2009年04月21日 11:57

Could we also have an English version of Policenauts?


642 / AllenR / 2009年04月21日 11:57

I'm not going to lie, I never picked up ZoE or ZoE2. They didn't really interest me at first because I'm not a big mech fan but I managed to find a used copy of the game at my local GameStop. All I can honestly say is that to this day the game looks great. It's a very solid game, but my only flaw with it is that it's a little too short and the story felt a little empty. Though I would personally love to see a new ZoE game with some HD support and more in depth game play and story.

In the end, let's just say that if ZoE3 for the PS3 or 360 were announced today, I would honestly be pretty hyped for it and pay off my pre-order at GameStop asap.

643 / rdfitch / 2009年04月21日 11:57

Please, I beg you, make another Zone of the Enders.

644 / Pierre-Olivier / 2009年04月21日 11:58

For the love of the best mecha space opera ever, please make a Zone of the Enders sequel!

I greatly admire the work of KP.

645 / Gaseous Snake / 2009年04月21日 11:59

We want a sequel to Zone of the Enders!! It should retain the anime style graphics of the second entry and the great soundtrack. The PS3 should be able to provide a visual fest with that graphic style.

ZOE 2 had great gameplay. It's the online mech based game I've really please, bring it on!!

646 / Oren Ivansson / 2009年04月21日 12:00

I hope Konami will consider developing another Zone of the Enders game. ZOE has the best controls for a mech game EVER. It also has very creative designs by Shinkawa-san. Jehuty and Anubis are just too sexy!

647 / k;jaSQgbfi / 2009年04月21日 12:00

please make zone of the ender 3

648 / jobocan / 2009年04月21日 12:01

Zone of the Enders 3 has been on my must buy list on the PS3 as soon as it was rumored before the PS3 even came out. What's taking you so long?

649 / SmashKing / 2009年04月21日 12:01


Zone of the Enders is so awesome there is no other game in the world that plays as solid as it. I felt like I was truly controlling this machine as I played. Make another I CAN ONLY IMAGINE where you would take it next. Make it multi platform(or not) tho because I want it to sell well over a million and dont call it ZOE 3 Call it Zone of The Enders Revolution. ZOE (R). Top 2 games last gen for me Zone 1 and 2 and Ninja Gaiden and its because they made me feel like I was truly controlling something really cool.

650 / Kyle / 2009年04月21日 12:02

A ZOE sequel? YES. I will buy that on release day.

651 / FILLY1 / 2009年04月21日 12:02

HELL YESSS!!! waiting for that game ever since I finished zone of the enders 2

652 / MaximusDM / 2009年04月21日 12:02

Anubis/Z.O.E.2 was easily one of the greatest video games I have ever played from start to finish. Yes it was quite short but it all came together flawlessly. You nailed the anime visuals with the inclusion of clever cell shading and anime cutscenes and the soundtrack and the having each mission be unique and interesting character and bosses. The game is a timeless classic. I will have this game paid off the moment I can reserve it. Simple as that.

653 / Jigsaw / 2009年04月21日 12:03

I wouldn't mind a Zone of the Enders 3... but what I really want is Snatcher 2!

654 / awizzo / 2009年04月21日 12:03

yes i would love another zoe again on the ps3

655 / butqua / 2009年04月21日 12:03

i do want ZOE more than mgs

656 / global unborn  / 2009年04月21日 12:04

mr. hideo kojima i would love to see mgs 5,and zoe 3 announced at e3,keep up the great work

657 / MattyP / 2009年04月21日 12:05

Hey, I just want to say that ZoE 3 would be a first day buy for me! Definately support it.

658 / alivetilldawn / 2009年04月21日 12:05

Zone of the Enders are incredible games, the power of the PS3 could only push forward the series into a truly system defining game. Please make a sequel!!!!

659 / Mauricio / 2009年04月21日 12:05

Please please make Zone of the Enders 3!!! The second game is one of the finest mecha games ever created, a third one could only be even better.

660 / TD / 2009年04月21日 12:05

I need another ZoE!

661 / Pancaka / 2009年04月21日 12:06

HELL YES! Like every fan of the game I'm going to have some quips or suggestions that will probably never be heard, but I'll voice my opinions anyway! 1. No more animated cut scenes 2. Minor part customization. 3. Online Versus (and co-op?) game play mode(s) Also it would be cool if there was a Special edition version with a Jehuty figure that had both games packaged on a separate disc that would be AWESOME (even though I already have both of them on PS2). Also, the biggest negatives for the game in some peoples eyes is the cut scenes and the targeting system so targeting should be a higher priority area of concentration for the developers. I REALLY love the game and there is so much potential for greatness for a game like ZOE on the PS3. All it needs is some fine tuning, some account of past mistakes, feedback from people who played the game and a hell of a lot more advertising than past installments. GO ZOE!!!

662 / Pants / 2009年04月21日 12:07

Please make a Zone of the Enders game.

663 / 林柏全 / 2009年04月21日 12:07


664 / Pancaka / 2009年04月21日 12:07

Also a Cameo from Snake would be hilarious and awesome!

665 / Laharl / 2009年04月21日 12:08

As a huge Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders fan I would personally love to see a ZOE 3. Hopefully enough fans will post here and show just how important this project is to us. Considering how impressed I was with MGS 4 I can't even imagine what the team might do with their better knowledge of the PS3's technology combined with such a broad and imaginative universe. Also: Make sure there's copious amounts of Zero Shifting!

666 / / 2009年04月21日 12:08

New ZOE for PS3 please! KOJIMA FTW!

667 / loxaeric / 2009年04月21日 12:09

I want ZOE!

668 / firelogic / 2009年04月21日 12:10

I would do very very bad things for a ZoE3. I kid you not.

669 / noname / 2009年04月21日 12:10

New ZOE3 Please!!!!!!!

670 / TF2MMORPG / 2009年04月21日 12:10

YES ZONE OF ENDERS 3 will get me to buy a PS3

671 / ZOE  / 2009年04月21日 12:11


672 / XalekXVI / 2009年04月21日 12:12

I can't find anything for the Zone of the Enders thing. But yes!!! Make a third!!!!

673 / cless / 2009年04月21日 12:12

I want ZOE3!.....

674 / Ezreal / 2009年04月21日 12:12

As a fellow game designer, I have to say that ZoE is the single best mecha series to ever exist. The fluidity of the controls has never even been rivaled. I've long since dreamt that i would get another chance to play a new Zone of the Enders!

675 / zerosozha / 2009年04月21日 12:13

Yes, Kojima-san, we would like Zone of the Enders 3.

676 / cless / 2009年04月21日 12:13

I want ZOE3!.....

677 / MASK / 2009年04月21日 12:13

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

678 / KA56 / 2009年04月21日 12:13

ZOE2 was nearly perfect & sequel would be awesome! DO IT KOJIMA!!!

679 / velocity7 / 2009年04月21日 12:13

I heard that you guys wanted to know if we wanted a sequel to Zone of the Enders, and my answer is yes!

680 / Raymond / 2009年04月21日 12:14

Bring the Zone of Enders 3 out. Hurray!

681 / yic / 2009年04月21日 12:15

I want ZOE !!
Only on playstation3 !!

682 / Terin / 2009年04月21日 12:15

Zone of the Enders 3 *needs* to happen, lol. Don't forget Versus mode, too! Maybe even extent the multiplayer a bit. Of course, Online-Versus would be great, but maybe add some "Multiplayer Missions"? What I mean is, make it something separate from the single-player storyline, and give unique rewards.

Also, perhaps a co-op mode? If such a thing is added, though, I would suggest making the second player non-story related. Reason for this, is because when you have a Storyline-related partner, it gives too much away about the story. Resident Evil 5, for example, I *knew* that Sheva wasn't going to die; solely because she was Player 2's character.

Anyways, hopefully you go ahead with a new Zone of the Enders title. My only real request, is allow players to unlock Anubis for playing the single-player game.

683 / noname / 2009年04月21日 12:15

Please make another ZOE game!

684 / Unit-00 / 2009年04月21日 12:16

Please!!! I need Zone Of the Enders3
it would be a must get for all PS3 gamers just like MGS4.

685 / DUO / 2009年04月21日 12:16


686 / Unit-00 / 2009年04月21日 12:16

Please!!! I need Zone Of the Enders3
it would be a must get for all PS3 gamers just like MGS4.

687 / MARTZ / 2009年04月21日 12:17

ZOE2 was easily one of the most exciting games on the PS2. I don't care if it's 360, PS3 or (preferably) both, but I want to see what a current-gen ZOE3 can do!

P.S: Best soundtrack ever.

688 / Sutebensu / 2009年04月21日 12:17

Zone of the Enders 3 would be awesome to get it would be best for ps3

689 / spence / 2009年04月21日 12:18

zone of the enders 3!!!!! PLEASE

690 / Atomicvideohead / 2009年04月21日 12:20

yes. another ZOE, please! (on the 360, even better)

691 / zool / 2009年04月21日 12:20



692 / Dan / 2009年04月21日 12:20

ZOE3 would be amazing. I love the first two, ZOE2 in particular is my favourite game ever. If you do create ZOE3, please make it for the Xbox 360!

693 / Kyle / 2009年04月21日 12:21

please, please, please make a Zone Of The Enders 3 please, please, please!!!

694 / Andrew Geldart / 2009年04月21日 12:21

Make ZoE 3! ZoE is one of the best game series of all time. MGS4 was amazing, ZoE3 done on a next gen system, especially with the PS3, will be even better.

695 / ZOEFAN / 2009年04月21日 12:21

Zone of the Enders 3? OMG YES PLEASE! I would sell my soul for a third one...

696 / Enterprise-E / 2009年04月21日 12:22

Awesome Podcast. Yes Please make an ZOE3 for the PS3.

697 / Yamaneko / 2009年04月21日 12:22

Hey Hideo Kun...

What's up ?

What you doing ??

Shake your *ss and make

Zone of Enders 3

Hurry! Hurry!

Hugs and Kisses


698 / Ash Frog / 2009年04月21日 12:22


699 / ZOEFAN / 2009年04月21日 12:22

Zone of the Enders 3? OMG YES PLEASE! I would sell my soul for a third one...

700 / LazerViking / 2009年04月21日 12:23

I would absolutely be on board for another ZoE sequel! I absolutely loved the first two PS2 entries, games that not either look or play like any other mech action game out there. The aesthetic uniqueness and fine tuned controls are achievements not to be left behind in the past, yet ones that should be celebrated in evolving sequels!

/nerd out

701 / holy canadian  / 2009年04月21日 12:24

ZOE3 for Wii please. Thanks!

702 / artur / 2009年04月21日 12:25

please make zone of enders 3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! ONEGAI!!!!!!!

703 / hijki / 2009年04月21日 12:27

Please do MGS for wii. Or release the colection of all the games for wii.
zoe will be good too.


704 / LK / 2009年04月21日 12:27

I have to say I have been hoping and waiting for another ZoE for a long time. I always felt that ZoE 2 was better than ZoE one (a rarity for sequels). one problem I had with it was that it was too short, ZoE is this beautiful phenomenal world, and I felt like we really only got a taste in the first two games.

I also have to say, the teleport mechanic in ZoE 2 was probably the coolest thing in sci-fi video games. Superbly done.

705 / Tubatic / 2009年04月21日 12:29

I most certainly do want a Zone of the Enders 3. The 2nd Runner was a masterful work of gaming. The mech control was outstanding. The flow and design of the game's progression, from learning to mastery, to expanding the powers of the mech was just perfect. Blended in with a beautiful score and a solidly emotional story, and ZoE2 is on my shortlist of favorite games of all time.

Kojima Productions, I most certainly do want a Zone of the Enders 3.

706 / kenshin-kun / 2009年04月21日 12:30

Kojima-san, please make zoe3 for ps3. we can use the same game engine as mgs4 for zoe 3 to speed up development.
What do u think?

707 / Soulshift / 2009年04月21日 12:32

Yes, I would definitely like to see a new installment in the Z.O.E. series. I think it's really the only series with well designed, agile mecha, and I really enjoy the kind of gameplay that this enables.

708 / sonicz / 2009年04月21日 12:32

ZoE2 was one of the greatest games of the last generation, ZoE3 would be one of the greatest of the current.

709 / DarKaoZ / 2009年04月21日 12:32

You guys want to know how much we wantZOE3?! Damn, just check NeoGaf and search for ZOE3, people just get hype everytime there is a "possible" annoucnement from Kojima Productions. ZOE2 was outstanding, short but best Mech game out there. I would love to see a ZOE3 with the same anime stuff but a more well narrated story. Also I wouldn't mind if the game was longer than ZOE2 or a bit more challenging. Anyways, I hope you guys can see how good ZOE IP is and you don't let it die.

710 / DeeBeeP / 2009年04月21日 12:34

I've been dieing for a new ZoE. The ZoE universe is full of unique characters, zany plots and storylines, but at the same time is an extremely deep and engaging franchise.

Kojima would do himself and all of us fans the right to put some major effort into a third sequel and now with the PS3 it would be awesome to get some robust multiplayer.

711 / Joe / 2009年04月21日 12:34

If Mr. Kojima and his team of talented people make a third Zone of the Enders title. I will buy it on release day.

712 / Phantasm / 2009年04月21日 12:36

I'd personally love to see a new Zone of Enders. The mecha game genre has had a trend of chugging out mediocre games for years which has given it a bit of a stigma with ZoE being one of the few gems within the genre. The lack of evolution of the genre and the advent of a new generation of tech allows a lot of room for innovation and creativity in development also.

713 / uh / 2009年04月21日 12:37

zoe 3? yes please
with co-op and anubis playable.

714 / BellicoseBreakfast / 2009年04月21日 12:37

I own both Zone of the Enders games. My friends and I still play them to this day. Please make another ZOE game!

715 / Strider M / 2009年04月21日 12:40

Yes Zone of the Enders 3

And while you're at it... Do a Boktai/Lunar Knights for Wii...

Whatever... anything is good...

716 / DarkCode / 2009年04月21日 12:41

I would LOVE another Zone of the Enders. That series is absolutely wonderful!

717 / lovetomech / 2009年04月21日 12:42


718 / Brian McDoogle / 2009年04月21日 12:45

Please make Zone of Enders 3

719 / Rhodes / 2009年04月21日 12:47

Zone of Enders 3, PLEASE. Exciting cool mech fun. The second one had a great plot too. I played it before I had played metal gear or even knew about Kojima and it totally blew my mind as a kid. It's had a special place in my heart since then. Anything that could conjure up the same organic joy would be greatly appreciated.

720 / Shalashaska / 2009年04月21日 12:47

Zone of the enders 3 please

721 / noname / 2009年04月21日 12:48

Make Zone of The Enders 3!
and include ZOE1 and ZOE2 on blu ray if its not to much to ask.

722 / SonicTHP / 2009年04月21日 12:49

The Zone of the Enders series is on the best series of action games there is. It is also a mecha based game without equal. The speed of the combat, the free flight, the various abilities, and the surprisingly fun 2-player modes all made it one my favorite series ever. I would love to see a sequel to the series on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 in the future. I can't even think of any game I would anticipate more.

723 / Paustinj / 2009年04月21日 12:49

Yes, I want a Zone of the Enders 3! Zone of the Enders is one of my favotire series ever. Plus, ZOE 2 is the best Mech game ever made, period. Please, oh please make a Zone of the Enders 3.

724 / Iserion / 2009年04月21日 12:51

Zone of the Enders 1 and 2 are amazing games. I would absolutely buy ZoE3.

725 / David / 2009年04月21日 12:51

I would buy a new Zone of the Enders game the day it went on sale in the U.S.

726 / HI fan / 2009年04月21日 12:53

I want new ZOE game ON PS3.

727 / Fiskibot / 2009年04月21日 12:54

ZOE 3 PleeZe! I will never sell my copy of ZOE2. It is still one of the best games ever. Probably the best Mech game ever.

728 / HIDEO fan / 2009年04月21日 12:54

I want new ZOE game ON PS3.

729 / Zepher / 2009年04月21日 12:54

I humbly request ZOE3, the ZoE series is my all time favorite series.

730 / Beramode / 2009年04月21日 12:55

Hey, you guys should totally make a Zone of the Enders 3.

731 / FanOne / 2009年04月21日 12:55

Zone of Enders 3 - PSP / PS2 / PS3, please!!!!

732 / Mavwick / 2009年04月21日 12:55

ZOE! Smashy robots!

733 / StrikeSeraph / 2009年04月21日 12:56

Please make Zone of the Enders 3! On PS3!!!! お願いします!

734 / Gundam0781 / 2009年04月21日 12:57

I Would Love a Zoe3 the first one was amazing and and number two was just perfect! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a Zone of The Enders 3 for PS3 and only PS3. Thank you!!!!! :)

735 / Saruto / 2009年04月21日 12:57

I would VERY MUCH like to see a third Zone of the Ender's game. ZoE2 has to be my favorite mecha game on the PS2.

736 / darknightmare / 2009年04月21日 12:58

Please do another Zoe Of the Enders

737 / Ryfael / 2009年04月21日 12:59

I would love to see another Zone of the Enders. Collectors Edition with mini figure and booklet of specs.

738 / Canolope / 2009年04月21日 13:00

I loved the atmosphere of both Z.O.E. games, and the combat of 2.

PLEASE MAKE A ZOE3. I will buy a PS3 for that game alone

739 / larry22 / 2009年04月21日 13:01

I want new ZOE game ON PS3

740 / Gamer Mcbaggin / 2009年04月21日 13:02

Please make Zone of the Enders 3

741 / larry22 / 2009年04月21日 13:03

I want new ZOE ON PS3

742 / Krackatoa / 2009年04月21日 13:03

Do... Want... ZOE3...

This generation needs more competent mecha games. The time is right. The masses are waiting eagerly for more of Hideo's work.

Think of the gameplay possibilities with current gen tech. D:

743 / Tom onerse / 2009年04月21日 13:03

I want ZOE

744 / Zeruos / 2009年04月21日 13:03

Zone of the Enders was perhaps one of the best games I have ever played. I had been a fan of mecha related anything since I was a kid (transformers since I was 2 back in the 80's) and that feeling was slowly pushed to the side as RPGs, action, survival (and MGS of course :) ) and fighting games came about and dominated my attention. When ZoE 1 came out, it reignited my interest in mecha and I was playing it day in and out. ZoE2 had the same effect and when I heard of the animes (both idolo and dolores) I went about picking those up and watched to my delight. Over the years however, with lack of newer Front Mission games in the states and my growing distaste for Armored Core, my fill of good mecha action and associated story has been lacking. I (and many others) would LOVE to see a 3rd ZoE as it had a lot of potential and the game play was beyond awesome and the epic fight on the battlefield while defending your forces in ZoE2 is still one of my favorite gameplay moments.

745 / Will / 2009年04月21日 13:04

So now that MGS4 is done, Kojima should definitely do a ZOE3.

746 / Magoo / 2009年04月21日 13:04

I want me some ZOE3, Koji-san.

747 / Xavier Lagunas  / 2009年04月21日 13:05

It would be great to see a part 3 of ZOE please make a ZOE 3 !!

From Mexico: Dômo arigatô gozaimashita

748 / Pliskin / 2009年04月21日 13:05

I want ZOE 3........THX

749 / Suzaku / 2009年04月21日 13:06

Zone of the Enders 3: YES PLEASE.

750 / FFFFFFFFFF / 2009年04月21日 13:08

ZOE3. I want that b*tch. Keep the same controls, make it longer, better localization, and a larger selection of enviroments, and you will have a truely amazing game,

751 / ZOELUVER / 2009年04月21日 13:09


752 / Jack / 2009年04月21日 13:09

ZOE3 would be beautiful. Please make that your next game, Kojima-san!

753 / San / 2009年04月21日 13:10

ZOE3 yes please, and a remake of 1 and 2 would be nice too.

754 / sleepless / 2009年04月21日 13:10

Dear Mr. Kojima. Please make Metal Gear Solid 5. While you are at it, make Zone of the Enders 3 as well. But MGS5 should be your priority.

yours faithfully.


755 / ZOE Fan / 2009年04月21日 13:11

ZOE is what 99% of the Gundam/Macross games could have been. If there ever was a sequel, I would pick up ZOE 3 in a heart beat.

756 / thevagraunt / 2009年04月21日 13:11

Please make another ZOE game! 2nd Runner is one of the greatest action games on the PS2, it still hands up graphically and gameplay wise to todays games, and it also had great music (Beyond the Bound, Ardjet are some of my favorite tracks). What I want more than anything though is to see how you can possibly translate the game that was so heavily stylized to fit within the confines of the PS2's capabilities and bring it to the next-gen spec.

And it'd be great to see more OF designs from Shinkawa-sama. Ardjet is one of the best designs I've ever seen!

757 / SixTwoSixFour / 2009年04月21日 13:11

Hello, Kojima Productions! I'm a big fan, I own all your games- well, not MGS Touch, but anyways. I just wanted to drop a line to say, yes, I would very much like to see a Zone of the Enders 3. ZoE 1 was awesome, and 2 was one of the best games on the PS2. It would be great to see another sequel to this awesome series.

758 / Emerl / 2009年04月21日 13:14

I was brought into the ZoE series through ZoE2 and the Dolores, i anime, and I would LOVE ZoE3. I am currently not a PS3 owner, and have said many times that if ZoE3 were to be made, it would make the decision for me, and I would become a PS3 owner.

759 / Alty / 2009年04月21日 13:14

I heard about Zone of the Enders 3 question from an internet forum and immediately came here to tell you that I would love to see Zone of the Enders 3 on the ps3.

760 / anderyoung / 2009年04月21日 13:15

zone of enders 3 please!

761 / Drew / 2009年04月21日 13:16

I would kill children and raze cities for a third Zone of the Enders.

762 / 2maime / 2009年04月21日 13:16

I wan't ZOE3 only on PS3

763 / That Guy / 2009年04月21日 13:17

ZOE3 would be awesome.

764 / Ching / 2009年04月21日 13:17

I want ZOE〜

765 / theKbob / 2009年04月21日 13:18


More Zone of the Enders, PLEASE!

Best Regards for you and yours,

766 / Vidarcr / 2009年04月21日 13:21

Guys, we NEED a Zone of the Enders for the PS3, with the awesome work you did on MGS4, I'm sure ZOE3 would be great...PLEASE :)

767 / Will / 2009年04月21日 13:22

ZOE3 for PS3 PLEASE. I've been waiting for this game forever. Seriously, ZOE2 is an underrated masterpiece and we must have a follow up.

768 / andy / 2009年04月21日 13:22


769 / Zoppo / 2009年04月21日 13:22

I hopw New MGS & ZOE series come to PS3~ ^^
Thank You Hideo Kojima San~ You are the Best Game Producer!

770 / ethan chou (taiwan) / 2009年04月21日 13:23

"I want ZOE!" &"only on PS3"
mental gaer is a good game!!

771 / ethan chou (taiwan) / 2009年04月21日 13:23

"I want ZOE!" &"only on PS3"
mental gaer is a good game!!

772 / Jehuty / 2009年04月21日 13:24

turn me back on!!!

773 / LordDhampire / 2009年04月21日 13:26

I'm a huge fan of Zoe, and MGS series, and would love a new Zone of the Enders game for Ps3 I can't get enough of the series they are both on my favorite game list for the playstation 2.

774 / Iksander / 2009年04月21日 13:28

ZoE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!

775 / Yousomuscle / 2009年04月21日 13:28

Zone of the Enders 3, please!! I absolutely loved ZoE 1 and 2. Please, please make a third game!

776 / darro87 / 2009年04月21日 13:29

Zone of the Enders is an awesome series. I always wondered why there was never a 3rd! Please, make ZOE3!

777 / guyfrommars / 2009年04月21日 13:31

make mgs4 for xbox360 please! u will make MILLIONS!

778 / Travis / 2009年04月21日 13:31

Hello to Mr. Kojima!

I am a great fan of Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders, and I would LOVE to see "Zone of the Enders 3" appear on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in the future!

Why? The second game was AWESOME, so naturally I want more of it; and I think it would be a good opportunity to expand yourself beyond Metal Gear, I imagine you must be getting burned out on such a long running series, lol.

779 / Micah / 2009年04月21日 13:32

I have been waiting and hoping for a new Z.O.E game for many years. I often replay Z.O.E. 1 and 2 (as well as Fist of Mars) and would be first in line to pre-order and purchase Z.O.E. 3. As the manager of an independent game store, I personally know hundreds of gamers who feel the same way. Please make a new Z.O.E. game!

780 / Robertcvt / 2009年04月21日 13:33

YES I want the end of ZOE, the third episode for a perfect trilogy. And please the trophies on MGS4.

781 / sky / 2009年04月21日 13:35

I want ZOE

782 / Azzli / 2009年04月21日 13:35

I would like a sequel to the ZOE game, after the second runner I've been waiting for a long time for as sequel to be made and so please make one

783 / jamao / 2009年04月21日 13:36

I am throwing my full vote for another zoe.

zoe2 is the model robot/mech game imo. but aside from the outstanding controls, action, gameplay, graphics, etc. which were all amazing, the story was enjoyable as well. two of the levels in zoe2 made me forget that I was playing a video game, and I think thats one of the holy grails.

784 / JmasterP / 2009年04月21日 13:38

I want a ZOE 3 for PS3. The story and and the gameplay were amazing for ZOE 2nd Runner. Im a person who doesnt even like mecha games, but when i played the demo of ZOE 2nd Runner i was hooked and i let my friends play the demo and we all went to the store and bought a copy each. It was just that good and amazing. I didnt even realize it was a Hideo Kojima game until i actually saw the cover for the first time.

785 / shabbydragon / 2009年04月21日 13:41

ZoE is a great action game with a hidden layer of depth. Current generation consoles could really excel this series to the next level with kojima and company!

786 / Light / 2009年04月21日 13:42


787 / Zone of Enders 3 / 2009年04月21日 13:51

Please make ZOEIII! Your games are the best!

788 / hoagies / 2009年04月21日 13:52

Yes ZOE3 would be fantastic, I have been looking forward to another ZOE game for a while now and really liked the first two games, especially ZOE2. And please, both PS3 and 360!

789 / RyanB / 2009年04月21日 13:52

Honestly, despite the fame that Metal Gear Solid has gained - I personally think that ZoE is the better of the games. I know that they're different genres and such, but I think overall, I've never seen a better Mech game with such perfect controls. If you can keep that and continue the story, I can guarantee I'd buy it, and I'd buy the special edition. Zone of the Enders obviously has its fanbase considering you had ZoE 2, the Game Boy game, and the anime (which was awesome I might add), so if that right there isn't proof enough, I don't know what is. All I can really say as a bottom line is that if I don't see this game come out, I'll probably lose all faith in Mech games because ZoE would keep the genre alive.

790 / DLB / 2009年04月21日 13:52

ZOE3 would be fantastic. I'd honestly prefer it over MGS5, at least for the time being.

791 / Fabutan / 2009年04月21日 13:53

I love zone of the enders 1 and 2, I just wanted to say that if you make a 3rd one, I WILL BUY IT!!! AND I WILL LOVE IT!!!!

792 / Gantz / 2009年04月21日 13:53

Zone of the Enders is one of my favorite games ever created. I've owned all versions of the game and would absolutely love another.

Please Kojima, give ZoE another chance in the spotlight.

793 / AZOE / 2009年04月21日 13:54

I want ZOE3!

794 / Gantz / 2009年04月21日 13:54

Zone of the Enders is one of my favorite games ever created. I've owned all versions of the game and would absolutely love another.

Please Kojima, give ZoE another chance in the spotlight.

795 / ssjdecube / 2009年04月21日 13:57

ZOE 3 on PS3 please! I can only imagine how amazing that would be

796 / Vokhens / 2009年04月21日 13:57

Are you Crazy?! YES ZOE III MUST HAVE!!

797 / St.Fenrir / 2009年04月21日 13:58

I can say that A.ZOE is the best game I have ever played!
Althought I have PS3 now, sometime I still turn on my PS2 and plat it.

I have expect ZOE3 since the first time PS3 on sale.

I want to see JEHUTY and other OFs in HD (and in HIGH SPEED!)!

798 / Baust528 / 2009年04月21日 14:04

Please. oh please do a Z.O.E. 3! That would be amazing. Both Z.O.E. games are easily in my top favorite games ever (and believe me, I have played many games in my lifetime). The world needs to see more fast paced mecha action in a game, that's actually done correctly. Z.O.E. has actually done everything right. And while your at it, make it a Wii game. That would be great. Just think of all the possibilities you could have with the control layout!

799 / TGr:V / 2009年04月21日 14:04

I would love a third ZoE, specially if it had metal gears as unlockables.

800 / SPR000X / 2009年04月21日 14:05

ZOE3 Would be........... i cant find the words.... AWESOME!
ZOE1,2 where by favorite games on the Ps2 and ive been wating for ZOE3. Please Kojima, Please make it <3

801 / Thomaticus / 2009年04月21日 14:09

Mr. Kojima,

Please develop Zone of Ender 3 for the PS3, its a game that I've been wanting a long time to finish. I finished both parts 1 and 2 and I'm definitely looking for a 3rd game. I would like Z.O.E. 3 to make full usage of the PS3s system specs and Blu Ray storage capacity. I'd like to see Z.O.E. 3 take games to another level. Also, if you do decided to make the game, make sure that Leo and the Vic Viper make an appearance.

Your friend, and your fan,

Thomas (aka Thomaticus)

802 / Jimmy2 / 2009年04月21日 14:11

Oh my god? Did Kojima San ask us if we want another Zone of the Enders?

Please make another sequel!
PS3, PSP..I dont care! Just give us another one!

803 / HSIN / 2009年04月21日 14:12

I want the good game ZOE. Give me the ZZZ-OOO-EEE, please.

804 / mrampton / 2009年04月21日 14:12

ZOE:2nd Runner was my favorite PS2 game -- I'd love to add the third to my collection!

805 / ZOE! ZOE! / 2009年04月21日 14:13

Give me more ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

806 / carlos / 2009年04月21日 14:15

ZOE 3 next gen please!!!

807 / trav54 / 2009年04月21日 14:16

ZOE3 please. I'll buy it day one.

808 / AgentCLJ / 2009年04月21日 14:16

ZOE 3 would be amazing with current gen technology. The story would need to be just as good or better than the graphics though.

809 / Gavin / 2009年04月21日 14:16

I'd just like you to know that ZOE2 was my favourite PS2 game EVER. It may have been a little too short, but I've never had so much fun and have so much excitement blowing everything the hell up in an orbital frame that can compress time.

ZOE2 still remains one of my most beloved games ever, and I would love to see a ZOE3!


810 / ZOE3 FAN / 2009年04月21日 14:18

ZOE3 PS3???????????????????????????????

811 / aaronyu2 / 2009年04月21日 14:22

oh man, ZOE3 would be awesome

812 / Andy / 2009年04月21日 14:25

Yes, please make ZOE3. And a Snatcher remake on the DS.

813 / Chris22783 / 2009年04月21日 14:26

I want more ZOE - make it so Kojima.

814 / Vashkey / 2009年04月21日 14:28

I loved Zone of the Enders: The Second Running. It was one of my favorite PS2 games and I even imported the soundtrack. I bought and played the other two games, but the Second Runner was hands down my favorite.

That said I would LOVE a new Zone of the enders. I'd want it on the x-box 360 or the PSP. Pretty please! :D

815 / DementedUber / 2009年04月21日 14:29

I would love to see a ZoE sequel :-D

816 / scum2k1 / 2009年04月21日 14:30

ZOE3. Please make it happen!

817 / Omatic / 2009年04月21日 14:35

Zone of the Enders 3 would be a beautiful thing. I still play through The Fist of Mars on my old DS, and I recently played through ZotE just to refresh myself of the story.

818 / Devilx / 2009年04月21日 14:35

yes yes yes yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez i want a ZON 3 :)

819 / PS3+Fanboy / 2009年04月21日 14:37

PPPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE make a ZOE 3.... preferably for the PS3.... definitely not the Wii...
MGS4 was fantastic btw, completely and utterly awesome.

820 / noname / 2009年04月21日 14:39

ZOE3 please……
Ilove ZOE series

821 / dbg / 2009年04月21日 14:40

ZOE 3! ZOE 3! ZOE 3!

822 / MAKE ZOE3 / 2009年04月21日 14:40

Please gawd. Every time an article on any site is posted regarding what Kojima Productions is possibly up to next, there's always a huge amount of people begging for the next game to be ZOE3. Give it to us, pleeeease

823 / mooglemog / 2009年04月21日 14:43

zoe3 please!

824 / etebitan / 2009年04月21日 14:43

please zoe 3, please!!!

825 / Masklein / 2009年04月21日 14:44

I have not ever purchased a Metal Gear game, though I think they are great. I HAVE purchased Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

Make another please!

826 / Ian / 2009年04月21日 14:46

Make Zone of the Enders 3. Really. Do it.

827 / jon / 2009年04月21日 14:46

ZOE3 please!

828 / I Love ZOE / 2009年04月21日 14:47

I WANT ZOE ON PS3. ZOE is a very good game

829 / GenDV138 / 2009年04月21日 14:51

ZOE 3, yes please!

830 / Swanthered / 2009年04月21日 14:52

I'm not sure this is where to put it, but zoe is one of my absolute favorite franchises by a long shot. I would shell out more money then i'd like to admit for another zoe game. (seriously if i was billionaire, i'd fund it myself) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do another kojima! Not a damned fps!! (cause he was at infinity ward learning)

831 / HarlandinTaiwan / 2009年04月21日 14:53


832 / ZOE3 / 2009年04月21日 14:54

Please release ZOE3, include PVP mode or some multiplayer aspect for longevity & replayability. Customizable robots to your personal unique indvidual. Excellent soundtrack with some unique songs by beautiful singer theme.

833 / newtypefx / 2009年04月21日 14:54

A new ZOE game would be great.

834 / JackyBryant / 2009年04月21日 14:56

I'd love to see a Zone of the Enders 3. The second one was and is a stand out on the PS2.

835 / Rafi Khan / 2009年04月21日 14:57

Hey Mr. Kojima. Just letting you know that I would LOVE a third zone of enders game. It is honestly THE game I would take with me if I was to be stranded in an island forever and had a choice of one game. I love it that much, ZOE2 is my favourite action game ever. I would love a sequel!

- Rafi Khan

836 / A1X / 2009年04月21日 14:58

Zone of the Enders 3 on PS3 would be about the most wonderful thing since...MGS4.

837 / ZOE!!! / 2009年04月21日 15:00

PLEASE make another ZOE game. Its one of the few games i never sold off and kept for sentimental value. And if you do make it PLEASE make a full vs mode with many mechs. the old versus was sort of broken as there werent many real matches..
other than that, some of the best mech combat ever

838 / Novalux / 2009年04月21日 15:02

Yes, absolutely I want another Zone of the Enders game! Been an MGS fan for a long time and feel in love in ZOE when I played the first. The second just perfected the entire fast paced robot fighting experience. I know it can only get better now!

839 / Enate / 2009年04月21日 15:02

In the past few days I have been mentioning I want this game like crazy. Do we want it? two words HELL YEA!!!!!!!! Jehuty can finally go BANKAI,(Means Full Release) a game of epic proportions an length to satisfy those who can't stop wanting more. I can see this games intense style being brought to life like never before by the PS3's new capabilities an Kojima productions brilliance. Believe it!!! me an many an I'm talking at least 20 of my friends alone want this game an will buy it as a day 1 purchase. Even the internet is going crazy with the hope of a new ZOE on the rise.

840 / blackdragon_fist / 2009年04月21日 15:03

PLEASE PLEASE make Zone of the Enders 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

841 / Takuma / 2009年04月21日 15:04


842 / Paperboy / 2009年04月21日 15:05

Make another Zone of the Enders!
The thought of ZoE in High Definition makes me giddy like a school girl.

843 / paterique / 2009年04月21日 15:05

plzzzzzwe want zoe3

844 / Asseroth / 2009年04月21日 15:06

Of course people want Zone Of the Enders 3, on PS3! ZoE2 was an excellent game for anime/roobot fans so don´t turn ZoE3 into some Wii minigame thing ya hear!!

845 / neoryu / 2009年04月21日 15:10

OMG, a ZOE3 would be awesome... but anyway any new Kojima game will be awesome.
So if you think taht you're limited in creativity for bringing a new ZOE, just make a new an amazing IP.

846 / Tokubetsu / 2009年04月21日 15:10

Oh f*** yes ZOE3 please. (X360 release too!)

847 / A.J / 2009年04月21日 15:10

I want ZOE

848 / Dinoking / 2009年04月21日 15:12

Kojima Productions: Who Wants Zone of the Enders 3?

I do +1to this

849 / Kikoshi / 2009年04月21日 15:15

Hell yes man!!!! ZoE3!!! please!!!
and MGS5 To go with it! :D

850 / Paperboy / 2009年04月21日 15:16

Oh, forgot to mention, I'd buy a PS3 for ZoE3.

851 / Jeff L.  / 2009年04月21日 15:16

Yes!! Make Z.O.E 3!! I've been waiting for a long time now!!!

852 / animaster / 2009年04月21日 15:22

I would like to see the next Zone of The Enders either on PS3 or PSP (portable version). An interconnectivity feature between PSP and PS3 version of ZoE would be better. ^^

853 / Severon / 2009年04月21日 15:22

I would freaking love a new Zone of Enders game. The 2nd one had some truly awesome moments and very few games really capture that Anime combat vibe. Spin throwing enemies into a glacier and watching it collapse rarely gets old.

854 / Realmido / 2009年04月21日 15:22

I Really want Zone of the Enders 3

855 / SAREVORK / 2009年04月21日 15:25


856 / Haki / 2009年04月21日 15:25

Zone of the Enders was so awesome, but flawed. However, ZOE: The 2nd Runner was pretty much the premiere perfect mech game, in my opinion. The world needs more! Please, give us more!!

857 / LordDante / 2009年04月21日 15:26

you give us ZOE we give you cookies

858 / ted / 2009年04月21日 15:26

I want ZOE!!

859 / NLC / 2009年04月21日 15:28

The world NEEDS Zone of the Enders 3. Please make it happen!

860 / mike taiwan / 2009年04月21日 15:29

YES!! I want ZOE3 !! and hope Mr.Kojima can come to visit Taiwan again!!

861 / Ace / 2009年04月21日 15:29

I heard you just think about ZoE3. Just do it Hideo....please!!!

862 / Shoyo / 2009年04月21日 15:29

Please make another Z.O.E! It looked so good on the PS2, i can't imagine what it would be like on the PS3. It would also be very cool to control an Orbital Frame using the Sixaxis feature. Please make at least one more game!!!!

863 / RAIN / 2009年04月21日 15:30


864 / Tmoon / 2009年04月21日 15:33

Are you kidding?! I just read you wanted to know if people would like a new Zone of the Enders!?
Ofcourse we want a new ZOE, that would make my decade!

865 / aoiyoru / 2009年04月21日 15:36

ZOE 3 !

866 / CloudHiro / 2009年04月21日 15:37

ZOE and ZOE2 are probably the two greatest mech games of all time, I would love a proper sequal!

867 / hi-mahou / 2009年04月21日 15:38

i'd love to see a new zone of enders game. part two was one of my all time favourite games on ps2, and i'm sill playuing it today

868 / mmbbt / 2009年04月21日 15:40

I want ZOE3!!

869 / mushiyo / 2009年04月21日 15:40

please make Z.O.E. the 3rd
i would prefer it to be multi format :D
cant wait
thanks kijima productions!

870 / Thomas Kain / 2009年04月21日 15:41

Please give make another Zone of the Enders, it ruled. (if possible for both the 360 and the Ps3)

871 / nihei / 2009年04月21日 15:42

Please! ZoE 3 for PlayStation 3!!! =D

872 / andyesther / 2009年04月21日 15:42

ZOE 2 is the only one game thatwhen i ask xbox fanboy and nintendo fanboy, they will say, that's a great game(because they were ps2 owner before), for me it's not only a great game, it's the best ever. i am really expecting to hear any news about the game.

873 / 台湾からの謎プレイアー / 2009年04月21日 15:44

I want ZOE in XB360 〜


874 / NARAKU / 2009年04月21日 15:45

I WANT ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

875 / Aaron / 2009年04月21日 15:48

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

876 / Styxisevil / 2009年04月21日 15:49

I got to say....
I want to play the new ZOE series game!!!
ZOE & AZOE is so classic!!!

877 / SegamanXero / 2009年04月21日 15:54

I would love to see another Zone Of The Enders, I have the first two and loved them for their great story and gameplay.

878 / JEFF LIU / 2009年04月21日 15:56


879 / Hinds / 2009年04月21日 15:56

Hi, just saying I loved the Zone of Enders franchise and would love a sequel. Infact I would tell everyone I know to buy it, force them to buy it. ZOE and ZOE: 2nd runner are the best mecha games ever made.

880 / JOHN / 2009年04月21日 15:57

~ I LOVE MGS~ From Taiwan

881 / Seimei / 2009年04月21日 15:58

I'll buy PS3 for Z.O.E3!
Hope it will be published before PS4 announced.

882 / newobi / 2009年04月21日 15:58

I want ZOE3!!

883 / kurokawa / 2009年04月21日 15:59

i want ZOE only on PS3

884 / GTOplaya / 2009年04月21日 16:05

PLEASE make Z.O.E 3! Z.O.E 2 was an amazing game and it would be great if there was a new sequel to the franchise. PS3 exclusive would be nice to.

885 / Titiks / 2009年04月21日 16:11

Please, another Zone of the Enders on PS3 !
And Thanks a lot again for the incredible Snake !

886 / Hybris2k / 2009年04月21日 16:12

I want ZOE3!! THe first game was kinda crappy but ZOE2 rstill rocks!Even voice acting is great :)

887 / Jack / 2009年04月21日 16:15

I would love to play ZoE3

888 / Sioumeng / 2009年04月21日 16:15

I'm a Taiwan player......Give me ZOE for PS3 version...I'll buy it!!

889 / ZOE最高!! / 2009年04月21日 16:16


890 / about next ZOE / 2009年04月21日 16:19

You guys are planning to make a new gen of ZOE?
Great!ZOE is a awesome bot game,I hope I can have that kind of experience for another time.
Please do it on Xbox360,THANX :-)

891 / Shishu / 2009年04月21日 16:21

Dear Kojima Produktions,

Ive heard that you want to hear fans if they want a new Zone of the Enders. Now, here i am. Im Beging you to produce a 3rd game!! (damn you guys!:-D) It doesnt matter on which console, i would buy EVERY console to get the third installment of this game. I think every Zone of the Enders felt very fresh, sure every part had its flaws but every game was and IS very enjoyable. When my dream will come true and you make another ZoE, please make anime cutscenes. I loved those from the Second Runner.
One last thing, thank you ... i love how you are listening to your fans :)

Your alltime fan Shishu. Greetings to the whole Team!

892 / michael lee / 2009年04月21日 16:22

I want ZOE....I very like ZOE GOOG GAME

893 / ka23y / 2009年04月21日 16:26

Yes it would be great to have a new ZOE ! I want it !

894 / Kama / 2009年04月21日 16:27

I want ZOE 3 for PS3, thanks.

895 / CarRoT in TOKYO / 2009年04月21日 16:28

I love AZOE , and want ZOE3!!!

896 / Tvz / 2009年04月21日 16:31

Zone Of The Enders 1&2 were some of the best PS2 games, even better than MGS in my opinion. A true ZOE, in the same spirit as the previous ones, directed by Master Kojima would be a dream come true.

897 / Rinaldus / 2009年04月21日 16:32

I feel like a Zone of the Enders 3 would really make me feel a lot more confident in this generation of games. With only MGS4, Fallout 3, and Valkyria Chronicles having me really love this generation so far; I have been really worried whether or not games are for the most part starting to suck.

So a ZOE3 would do it's part to silence these feelings, so PLEASE Kojima Productions, make this game. It is one of my favorite series, and I always figured Kojima would come back and make a third title.

Plus, it's simply the best Mech Combat game, how can you not give us a current gen version of it.

898 / carlmalown / 2009年04月21日 16:33

ZOE 3 could be an amazing game to an amazing series and with knowing how much care you put into all your products its sure to be an amazing game

899 / MAX / 2009年04月21日 16:34

please make another Zone of the Enders!!!!!

900 / I wan't ZOE only on PS3 / 2009年04月21日 16:34

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

901 / Ryu / 2009年04月21日 16:37

Please, Please, make a new Zone of Enders! I'd like to have a third part of this awesome game!

902 / Ellis / 2009年04月21日 16:38


903 / LISP / 2009年04月21日 16:45

I want new ZOE3...

904 / Rockona / 2009年04月21日 16:45

Gimme Zone of the Enders 3 please ! :o

That would be so awesome.

905 / Rik / 2009年04月21日 16:46

years ago,i buy the ps2 for zoe2, so i m waiting the zoe3 with my ps3

906 / Vector C. / 2009年04月21日 16:47

You have got to make us another ZOE! I can not describe to you how much fun my friends and I had playing the first, and especially the second ZOE. Please, please consider making us ZOE fans another beautiful ZOE game.

-Thank You.

907 / Stuart Bowmer / 2009年04月21日 16:47

Zon Of The Enders is one of my most favourite games. A third would be a must on such a great platform as the PS3.

Please make my dreams come true!

908 / hgtfhht / 2009年04月21日 16:48

ZOE3 PLZ!!!!!!!!!

909 / SOMA / 2009年04月21日 16:49

I Z.O.E...I want see Zephty ome more PS3

910 / crewords / 2009年04月21日 16:49

I'm a Korean.
I like Z.O.E series.
I hope new series of Z.O.E will be released.

911 / Rsrace / 2009年04月21日 16:49

I want to play new ZOE game!!!

912 / Korea HIDEO Mania~!! / 2009年04月21日 16:50

I Want to ZOE3 Only On Playstation3~!! Please!!ㅋ

913 / 陳凱豪 / 2009年04月21日 16:51

I want ZOE!!!

914 / korea User / 2009年04月21日 16:52

ZOE3 Good!!!!!

915 / Ellis / 2009年04月21日 16:52

Also, if you really want to make sure if it sells, why not make ZOE2 HD version on PSN for 19.99?

People will buy it and judge from there!

916 / korean ps2 user kojima jjang / 2009年04月21日 16:53

im your fan really really fan

metal gerar solid and z.o.e too

i hope to see new z.o.e series

please!!! kojima~!

917 / KOREA PS3 USER / 2009年04月21日 16:53

Z.O.E ANUBIS is my best ps2 game.

Robot appearance and motion and game speed made me surprise.

i really want Z.O.E(ps3 ver)

918 / AZZ KICKER / 2009年04月21日 16:55


919 / ZaC_taiwan / 2009年04月21日 16:56

ZOE 1,2 are great.
ZOE 3 can be a great game, too.
I want to play ZOE3!!!

920 / LanceR / 2009年04月21日 16:58

ZOE2 is the best Robot Action game I have played,(P.S: my computer's name is ADA ^_^), I hope its series could have a sequel, and if it will be a sequel, I hope it will be released on many consoles, especially the XB360.

921 / Korean / 2009年04月21日 17:00

F***ing A

922 / Spruchy / 2009年04月21日 17:00

Zone of The Enders 2 changed my life and the way I looked at games. Please make another one.

923 / DarkCloud / 2009年04月21日 17:00

oh man a news Zone of the Enders will be the greast! I waiting all the years for the third Z.o.E. for the sony console!!!

924 / BANGBY / 2009年04月21日 17:00

I Want Z.O.E On PS3

925 / sean / 2009年04月21日 17:01

i say YES to another ZOE!!! the second one was an awesome presentation of action and the cutscenes were short and sweet!

926 / taeguk / 2009年04月21日 17:02

i love zoe!

927 / Czhincksx / 2009年04月21日 17:02

Hello. ZOE3 for PS3 could be GOD

928 / KaOs / 2009年04月21日 17:02

Yes I Like Z.O.E3

929 / Artonelico / 2009年04月21日 17:03

Please make a Zone of the Enders 3 for Playstation 3..

930 / Steven ahn  / 2009年04月21日 17:04

I will buy 2 copies of the game

931 / Blaksen / 2009年04月21日 17:04

I would love to see another Zone of the Enders game it is one of my favorite series of games. I think I would look forward to it even more than I did Metal Gear Solid 4

932 / moxzine / 2009年04月21日 17:05


ZOE 3 !!!!!

933 / JudgeNutmeg / 2009年04月21日 17:05

Is there were we say... "Zone of the Enders 3 PLEASE!!!!!!1!1!"?

934 / Greek God / 2009年04月21日 17:06

Please ,a ZoE 3 would be awesome!!!
WITH a Lv up. System like in Rpgs...

935 / 360 / 2009年04月21日 17:07

Said really my unusual anticipation ultimate region 3 appearances, because in the past I was also because the ultimate region 2 have only then bought PS2, therefore I in the anticipation, hoped that might very quick be possible to play to this game!

936 / TheBasilisk / 2009年04月21日 17:08

I would love to play Zone of the Enders 3 on my PS3! The 1st one was my first game on the PS2^^.i miss it, the Gameplay, the Style, that feeling, the Story. But with more playtime than just 4-5 hours^^ Its a shame that the 1st and 2nd ZoE didnt get the result wich it should get.

937 / kojima big fan from korea / 2009年04月21日 17:09

Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!Z.O.E !!



938 / ruincity / 2009年04月21日 17:09

i want ZOE!!...x50

939 / SchenkTheTank / 2009年04月21日 17:10

I want an new ZoE!that would be pretty cool!

940 / hummel / 2009年04月21日 17:10

I would like to see a sequel of zone of the enders! those games look great

941 / Quixotic / 2009年04月21日 17:12


942 / DeathAdder / 2009年04月21日 17:14

plz Z.O.E3 I WANT.




943 / Wartogh / 2009年04月21日 17:15

Dead God i've been praied so mutch for this day to come. Please make ZOE3 and make it for PS3 or X360... If gonna make something for the wii, make a remake of the second game with new controls, like they did with RE4

944 / Sidewinder / 2009年04月21日 17:17

Zone of the Enders 2 was one of the best games of the PS2 era, so I'd be delighted to buy ZoE3 on the PS3!

I hope you're just teasing and we will see something about ZoE3 already at E3 ;)

945 / drew / 2009年04月21日 17:17

I would absolutely love another Zone of The Enders game. The Rex vs Ray Sequence in MGS4 was one of my favorite parts of the game and reminded me of the series.

946 / eL terra nova / 2009年04月21日 17:18

Yes, yes! I want ZOE back! One of the best games I ever played.

947 / i like zoe / 2009年04月21日 17:18

i need zoe

948 / eL terra nova / 2009年04月21日 17:18

Yes, yes! I want ZOE back! One of the best games I ever played.

949 / Ken / 2009年04月21日 17:19

Please make ZOE 3, that would be sooooo great !!!

950 / ItsMe / 2009年04月21日 17:25

I Want ZOE3! Plz!

951 / yobrenoops / 2009年04月21日 17:26

ZOE3 Please!

952 / Kiyomiz / 2009年04月21日 17:26

Please, develop ZOE3 on ps3!!!!!

953 / Mizbear / 2009年04月21日 17:30

I Want to a Z.O.E for PS3 !!! ^^

954 / Ekeviel / 2009年04月21日 17:30

It would be a really big thing to see a sequel for Zone of the Enders ! i really want to see back of a game full of action like previous ZotE games.

955 / Nacho, Spain / 2009年04月21日 17:30

Hello Mr.Kojima i just wanted you to know im really looking forward for a new Z.O.E it would be amazing.

Thank you, greetings from Spain

956 / dagundam / 2009年04月21日 17:30

Zone of the Enders was a great series. The first was good but the second was so much better. Not to mention the 2 player versus mode and its awesomeness.

Trust me, there are MANY who wants ZOE series to continue. :)

957 / Bayek / 2009年04月21日 17:31

ZOE3 Kojima!!!!

958 / Strider Hiryu / 2009年04月21日 17:31

Aaah, Zone of the Enders... Such a great game series. I've always been fond of good stories involving mechs, so it would be wonderful to see a third iteraction of Zone harnessing the power of PLAYSTATION 3. I think I'd buy it straight away, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Please, Kojima-san: bring it on.

959 / Saist / 2009年04月21日 17:32

Please make Z.O.E. 3 for the playstation 3! Think of the possibilities for story and graphics and gameplay on the most powerful console in the world. Also add an online play fighting mode for replay value and a gundam feel for the game.

960 / Mesmer / 2009年04月21日 17:32

Another Zoe would be fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of the first one, but the 2nd one was fantastic

961 / i love ZOE / 2009年04月21日 17:33

Hey! Mr. Kojima, I would love to see a sequel or a prequel or some kind of new Zone of the Enders game! I have a good hunch it would be a huge hit and everyone would buy it. I know you'd have to put off your new game, but we can wait a bit if it means getting ZOE too! Thanks for all your hard work.

962 / nano_009 / 2009年04月21日 17:34

a new ZoE?
we simply NEED it especially on PS3, and the PS3 deserves it!

963 / not matter / 2009年04月21日 17:34

I want to ZOE!!!
but... I like Kojima's all game..

964 / Ekeviel / 2009年04月21日 17:34

It would be a really big thing to see a sequel for Zone of the Enders ! i really want to see back of a game full of action like previous ZotE games.

965 / crazyys / 2009年04月21日 17:36

yes. i want it. i really liked that games. thank you for making such a good game.
god bless you~

966 / SpcmnSpf / 2009年04月21日 17:38

ZOE3 == Yes, please!

967 / Kovski / 2009年04月21日 17:40

oh i'd love a ZoE3 it would get me to buy a ps3.

968 / XENON / 2009年04月21日 17:41

um....i waana say is


:) i really wait

969 / Levolution / 2009年04月21日 17:41

Regarding whether or not to make a Zone of the Enders 3, my honest answer is YES. PLEASE. The ps2 ZOE games were amazing. Its one of the main things I think about when something about Konami or Hideo Kojima pops up into a discussion/conversation. Mainly because with the tech we have today. Zone of the Enders 3 would be mind bogglingly awesome. Online modes, dlc, vs modes, single player gameplay, co-op play, online co-op play, etc.
So yes, put Zone of the Enders 3 in priority, Kojima. Please!

970 / LichNerZhul / 2009年04月21日 17:41

from Taiwan

971 / yuri / 2009年04月21日 17:43

I`m Korean



972 / FryDay / 2009年04月21日 17:43

Yes i want a Zone of the Enders 3 for my Xbox360 :D

973 / windsky tw / 2009年04月21日 17:43

I need ZOE3.

974 / zoe / 2009年04月21日 17:43

zoe3! plz!!

975 / Andy / 2009年04月21日 17:44

I want a ZoE 3 :D

976 / SuDDaS / 2009年04月21日 17:50

i want z.o.e 3!!!!!!!!! i love it!!

977 / korea / 2009年04月21日 17:50


i want a zoe 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

978 / lesbtall / 2009年04月21日 17:51

You know what? I respect you because of Z.O.E than MGS !!!!!
I'm a student preparing the TV show PD. next year, I will graduate. but if you produce the Z.O.E 3 with ps, my graduation may be postponed.!

979 / Casual? / 2009年04月21日 17:52

I'd very much like a ZOE3 even though I've only played the second for about 2 minutes at a friend's house I very much liked what I saw.

980 / Jeff257 / 2009年04月21日 17:52

Ive been a long time fan of Mr. Kojima. And one franchis Ive really enjoyed is the Zone OF The Enders franchise. I have both games and have played through them multiple times. i also really enjoyed the anime series and have the movie and currently 3 outr of the 6 discs in the series. Id very much like to see a new Zone Of The Enders game come out in the future.

981 / zoefan / 2009年04月21日 17:53

zone of the enders 3 for ps3 please!!!!

982 / Jehuty / 2009年04月21日 17:54

Hi, I hope we can see a Zone of the Enders sequel, it´d be great.

983 / M-Flow / 2009年04月21日 17:59

We want a new Zone of the Enders!
Greeting from Gemany...

984 / Hélios379vb / 2009年04月21日 18:01

You want me to say I really want a new Zone of the Enders so yes I really want a new Zone of the Enders.

985 / buldwei / 2009年04月21日 18:01

YES ! for a new ZOE !!!

986 / man124578 / 2009年04月21日 18:02

I want Z.O.E 3 !!


987 / mania / 2009年04月21日 18:04

wanted z.o.e3!!!!
go go go!!

988 / RayXIV / 2009年04月21日 18:04

I loved The 2nd Runner. I would love to see another one of these games. So please, make my wet dreams come true.

989 / slaud / 2009年04月21日 18:08

I want a new ZOE for Xbox 360 :D

990 / Eleshai / 2009年04月21日 18:08

A 3rd Runner on the PS3 could be very interesting and give a second life to the franchise !
RPG aspect with customizable orbital frames, online battles and cinematic game with a true SF scenario !
Come onnnnnn !
Zone of the Enders 3 !!!
(I will always remember the amazing music on the title screen of the 1st one...)

991 / the AdmiraL / 2009年04月21日 18:08

we want zoe3!!!

992 / jxm07 / 2009年04月21日 18:08


993 / egian / 2009年04月21日 18:09

Please make a new ZOE game please i would buy it it doesnt matter if it is exclsive or a platform game pleasse make the game im begging yoou

994 / Kyosaburo / 2009年04月21日 18:09

Me I want a Zone Of The Ender™ 3. I have played the 2 opus on PS2™ and I'm enjoye to do it. I hope you will continue the serie on PLAYSTAION®3 !!

995 / Akirasama / 2009年04月21日 18:11

J'attend avec impatience l'arrivé d'un ZOE 3!!!

996 / Light_Geiger / 2009年04月21日 18:12

hopefully this is the right podcast but please make ZOE3!!!!! the last two games were amazing! ZOE2 still is one of the best looking ps2 game to date, and I would love to see what Kojima Productions can do with that univers and cell shading on the PS3!!

997 / kRAVEN / 2009年04月21日 18:12

I want zone of the enders 3 ! Anyone want it !

998 / haigo / 2009年04月21日 18:12

I want ZOE

999 / Kolian / 2009年04月21日 18:12

We don't want ZoE 3!

1000 / TAIWAN "FR" / 2009年04月21日 18:13



1001 / solid_snake_ / 2009年04月21日 18:15

mettre big boss dans mgs 5.

1002 / Paulista / 2009年04月21日 18:16


1003 / appleseed789 / 2009年04月21日 18:17

I want a new zone of the enders.
I love this franchise.

1004 / Fate / 2009年04月21日 18:17

Please make Zone of the Enders 3!

1005 / Agitooo / 2009年04月21日 18:18

Please, please, I love very very much zoe!! i need zoe 3!! pleasee!!

1006 / m00sician / 2009年04月21日 18:19

I demand Zone of the Enders 3, please.


1007 / Bulllit / 2009年04月21日 18:19

WE WILL Zone of the Enders 3!!! PLEASE!!!

1008 / Derp / 2009年04月21日 18:19

ZOE 3 lol

1009 / biocat / 2009年04月21日 18:19

I want it!

1010 / TRB02 / 2009年04月21日 18:23

Hello Mister Kojima !
After listening the last podcast, i heard it's was not sure to have ZOE 3.
Fans (and even casual gamers) want a new ZOE because it's not just a video game, it's a work of art with a real script, pure action and rapidity and beautiful graphics. The first and second ZOE were magical and i hope a lot a ZOE 3 on PS3 !

1011 / Minikeums / 2009年04月21日 18:23

I want a Zone of the enders 3

1012 / KSAgamer / 2009年04月21日 18:24

love your work hope you can give us more especially ZOA if you can i played the first two and would like to see another one,thanks for all.

1013 / Desune / 2009年04月21日 18:25

Mr Kojima + Yoji Shinkawa = ZOE 3 !!

1014 / SongOfTheStar / 2009年04月21日 18:28

i need ZOE3

1015 / Zeiro / 2009年04月21日 18:28

ZOE 3 would be awesome

1016 / Anuvis / 2009年04月21日 18:30

comming soon Z.O.E3

oh~ God


1017 / alkaloid / 2009年04月21日 18:32

I want ZOE

1018 / cyril / 2009年04月21日 18:32

hi i am french i like metal gear
and the mecha i dream zone of the enders 3

1019 / Matt35 / 2009年04月21日 18:33

Je veux absolument un Zone of the Enders 3 s'il vous plait cela serait génial

1020 / kimahri51 / 2009年04月21日 18:35

Hi, I realy love Hideo's games and i eard about ZOE have to do it !!! the second runner was great and it is one of my best game ever (with mgs serie :-)) !!!

1021 / Jason "Thabass" / 2009年04月21日 18:35

I have been desperately waiting for a new Zone of the Enders. Please let this happen!

1022 / Ebusus / 2009年04月21日 18:36

Yes, please!!
Even in a far away place like here (Ibiza-Spain) there's a lot of pleople waiting for a new chapter of ZOE!!!

1023 / kim seo bin / 2009年04月21日 18:36


1024 / Foura / 2009年04月21日 18:37

I want ZOE 3 !!!!!!

1025 / Dragon / 2009年04月21日 18:37


1026 / Nabga / 2009年04月21日 18:37

Pleeeaaaaaase DO ZONE OF THE ENDERS 3 :-D :-D

1027 / junkmagnet / 2009年04月21日 18:39

Please make ZOE 3 for PS3!!

1028 / sarhane / 2009年04月21日 18:39

please guive me a new zone the enders

1029 / roommal / 2009年04月21日 18:40

i buy MGS2~4 AND ZOE2.

1030 / Sergi (Dingo Egret) / 2009年04月21日 18:41

Hello, i'm from Barcelona. (Sorry about my poor english, I starting to learn japanese and I think that japanase is more easy than english for me, I'm a Japan lover and I?ll congratulate you (all team) about your games.

Time ago I send you a mail about ZONE OF THE ENDERS 3, I want it, I NEED IT, after MGS4 I only think about ZOE3 with the PS3 potential, I need to see a secuel (precuel no please, if I can chose).

Ah!.. mmmmm... you need...? ...I'm a graphic and games designer (2D, 3D, etc...) if you need anybody someday... if not... I can do excelent cofees too :P

1031 / Haigo / 2009年04月21日 18:44

ZOE!!! I Want a ZOE3

1032 / Pingo / 2009年04月21日 18:44

Please.. I'd like to see Jehuty in the HD World. The dynamic scale!!

1033 / Rohered / 2009年04月21日 18:46

ZOE missing me...

I want a "Zone of the Enders" for my PS3.

1034 / ameen harun / 2009年04月21日 18:46

i want zoe 3 !!! i will buy limited edition !!

1035 / culturetree / 2009年04月21日 18:46


Um.. Z.O.E 2 was..

It was an excellent.

The Z.O.E 2 was very interested to me.

I really want to Z.O.E 3.

All my best,


1036 / zoe~~ zoe~~~~ / 2009年04月21日 18:47

zoe3 go go go go zoe3 gogogogo go

1037 / Chris / 2009年04月21日 18:47

I would really love to see another Z.O.E game, 1st and 2nd game are my favorite out of the PS2 collection. If you do decide to make it please make it multiplatform and not contricted to one console because I believe everyone should get to play ZOE

1038 / HbkNrt / 2009年04月21日 18:50

C´mon, Koji-san, Create a Snatcher remake (no censured version) for PSP!, and Z.O.E 3 for PS3!.

1039 / Yann / 2009年04月21日 18:53

In LIve From France:
We need a Zone of The Ender 3!!!

And please...not only for PS3. LOL

1040 / crooger / 2009年04月21日 18:53

I WANT ZOE!!!!!!!!!

1041 / Greggy / 2009年04月21日 18:53

New ZoE pleeeeeaaase?

Also, PS3 exclusive perhaps? ^^

it would be so much cooler than an MGS5, MGS4 had such a perfect end.

1042 / Dream / 2009年04月21日 18:54

ZoE3 yes prease!!!

1043 / tabin7 / 2009年04月21日 18:55

please zoe3!!!!!!!

1044 / zoned / 2009年04月21日 18:56

oh jeaaaa give us a future for zone of the enders - it was outstanding!

1045 / pompomldi / 2009年04月21日 19:00

I want zoe3

1046 / rouxmls / 2009年04月21日 19:01

Can you develloppe a new Zone Of The Enders ?

1047 / 해무리 / 2009年04月21日 19:01

I'm Korean KOJIMA fan.
Please give me Z.O.E.3!!!!!!!!!

1048 / GAVIN / 2009年04月21日 19:02

I wan't ZOE only on PS3

1049 / KooLShiN / 2009年04月21日 19:02

Hello Kojima-san !
Watashi wa Stef desu ! yoroshikune !
I'm french, and i really love your country !! because japanese people respect a lot other peoples, and your country. I already went 2 times and visited many places. I hope cameback again and again, and why not see my favorite star ! Oh who is my favorite star ? sorry i will answer :) it's you !! since the first time i played to metal gear solid in ps1 ! my friend had this game in japanese ! i couldn't understand ! but i finished this game 3 times in japanese and 1 times in french ! by the way i hope soon you will keep japanese voice and add only french subtittles because really english voices are really not good than japanese voices. Japanese (again) respect a lot the emotions from a virtual or anime peoples ! it's make a real difference. OK now i will explain why i sent you this message, it's because i saw on website you want to know if Zone of the Enders 3 can be good for us ! So i will tell you my reason ! first it's because it will be the first time for me to leave a message to a star like you, second after discover Metal Gear, when i heard Zone of the Enders 1 was produced by you, i bought the game without read a test by professional video games magazine and yes, it was another BIG game !! i finished the 2 first games !! and again japanese voices are better ! it's a first time for me who i start to love video games with robots, because it's not my style (gundam etc... i don't really like) but your games is simple to play, really easily, and i love the story too !! SO PLEASE GIVE ME THE 3 !!! ONEGAISHIMASU !!! Zehitomo tanomu yo !!
Kiotsukete ne !!

1050 / djshadow / 2009年04月21日 19:02

we want zoe 3 for ps3 !!!!!

1051 / Tetsuoshima / 2009年04月21日 19:02

Mr Kojima, I think that a game as Zone of the Enders, full of high tech mechas, MUST appear on an hight tech system as the PS3!
Please make my dream come true!

1052 / 해무리 / 2009年04月21日 19:06

I'm Korean KOJIMA fan.
Please give me Z.O.E.3!!!!!!!!!

1053 / Mehdi Haddou / 2009年04月21日 19:06

I'm a fan of MGS and all kojima's games !
Please, i wish there will be a ZOE 3 , the 1 was brillant and the 2 was exceptionnal !


Mehdi Haddou, french

1054 / thefungusinmymik / 2009年04月21日 19:06

ZOE3 for me plz!!!

1055 / F.C / 2009年04月21日 19:08

i want to play ZOE3 in xbox360,
and hope can online co-op 3~4 player ,thx

1056 / milkfun / 2009年04月21日 19:09

ZOE2 is great, i want ZOE3!!!

1057 / jiji / 2009年04月21日 19:09

i bought "zone of the enders" for the ps2 and it's the better game of mecha, i would like have a new game with new graphism and more actions

1058 / deep / 2009年04月21日 19:09

Give us Zone of the Enders 3 - or something better :D

1059 / Phil / 2009年04月21日 19:10

I want ZOE3 on PS3!

1060 / Miki / 2009年04月21日 19:11

YES I want ! no wayyyyyyyyy !

1061 / jeng-tw / 2009年04月21日 19:11

I want ZOE!! GO~

1062 / Farushis / 2009年04月21日 19:11


1063 / edge of eternity / 2009年04月21日 19:12


1064 / dante / 2009年04月21日 19:13

Please make Zone of the Enders 3

1065 / GAMER-1991-PL  / 2009年04月21日 19:13

I want Zone of the Enders 3!!!!

1066 / pierreH / 2009年04月21日 19:14

PLEAAAASE make another ZOE game it would be so great !

1067 / kaworu / 2009年04月21日 19:15

I have been waiting for a sequel ever since I finished Zone Of the Enders 2: the series is by far the best mecha related one to ever have been created.
Just don't make it for the Wii, it deserves far better hardware than that.

1068 / PEEL / 2009年04月21日 19:16

ZOE3 only on PS3
MGS5 only on PS3

1069 / SilentSamurai / 2009年04月21日 19:18

I want ZoE 3!

1070 / Wean / 2009年04月21日 19:20

I would love a Zone of the Enders 3 for Wii. Now that you've finished MGS4 but could do this, a game for it, now you are being missed by the developers and wasting your style of play. I think you're the ideal person to create a serious project and to take advantage, I trust you, Kojima.

1071 / Sinful / 2009年04月21日 19:21

A new Zone of the Enders game would be fricking awesome! and my mates would surely get it aswell as we are all big fans

1072 / Raidje / 2009年04月21日 19:22

I want ZoE 3!!!
Do it... Zone of the Ender is the best Mécha-game.
And if you can do it on Xbox 360 too, it will be wonderfull!
Thanks for all!

1073 / mickael / 2009年04月21日 19:23

i see on the site " ps3gen" you want to know who want ZOE3
and I can answer you.
Every one who have ps3 want this game ^^
because you have make a great game last year with MGS4 and we know in europe and in the world you are brillant
another game signed kojima ZOE3 or MGS5 is welcome

1074 / arcar / 2009年04月21日 19:23


1075 / SuicideVII / 2009年04月21日 19:24

Oh my God !! Quiero un nuevo ZOE NOW !! NOOOOOOOW !!

1076 / Dio / 2009年04月21日 19:25

I think everyone would like a new ZoE, that series needs a sequel^^

1077 / Yujii / 2009年04月21日 19:25

Iwant a new zone of the enders !!!!

1078 / ZETA / 2009年04月21日 19:26

I want zone of the enders 3

ps3 please ...

1079 / 千羽古軒 / 2009年04月21日 19:27


1080 / Schizo97 / 2009年04月21日 19:29

MR. Kojima

1081 / dante / 2009年04月21日 19:30

I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!

1082 / Zeph / 2009年04月21日 19:30

Casual gamer myself, never getting as much time to play as I want but both ZoE 1 and 2 are highlights on my shelf. Would definately be interested in the 3rd, assuming it stays true to its predecessors. Probably wont be able to get into it as soon as it would be out but it would be number 1 on the list.

1083 / rensakura / 2009年04月21日 19:30

I want ZOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

1084 / rensakura / 2009年04月21日 19:31

Best Robot Action ever!!!

1085 / TW KUMA / 2009年04月21日 19:31

I want ZOE!

1086 / mehdi / 2009年04月21日 19:31

yes zoe 3

1087 / nooby_78 / 2009年04月21日 19:32

YES!!! we want a ZOE sequel. on PS3!!

1088 / coolzero / 2009年04月21日 19:34

I love Zone of the Enders and i am french please make a nex Z.O.E

1089 / Qu1ck57r1k3 / 2009年04月21日 19:36

I would love to see another Zone of the Enders game. I feel the series can go from great to awesome. It's one of the best mecha games I've ever played for the PS2 and I would love to see this great series make its way to the PS3.

1090 / Alex gatsu / 2009年04月21日 19:38

i want zoe 3 please (i m french arigatou gozaimasu

1091 / fan_of_ZOE / 2009年04月21日 19:40


like my nickname say, i want a ZOE 3!!!

thks H.K...

1092 / 折れ耳猫 / 2009年04月21日 19:42

Z.O.E >//////////<

1093 / Pees / 2009年04月21日 19:43

I'd love to get ZOE 3, I was a big fan of the previous two.

1094 / Geir / 2009年04月21日 19:43

I'd very much like a Zone of the Enders sequel, preferrably on the PS3. This is a series that deserves outstanding graphics and gameplay. :)

1095 / KOREA-AHJ / 2009年04月21日 19:44


1096 / 한국 열려한 팬입니다. (korean fan) / 2009年04月21日 19:44

(In English does)
MGS And all of
zoe 1.2 And all of
ZOE3 If you are not really baralgeot.

1097 / Tendrak / 2009年04月21日 19:45

Zone of the Enders is seriously one of the best mecha series ever! The second one was also one of the most fun games I've ever played. A new one would be awesome!

1098 / JohnnyBushido / 2009年04月21日 19:46

In reply to the search for ZOE game advocates!... Yes I would certainly love to see another ZOE game. Expanded customisation and further depth to the story line are things I would be interestes in.

1099 / Hello from Greece!!!!! / 2009年04月21日 19:46

Hi everyone!I heard you plan on a sequel on Zone of The Enders series.Is it true?It is the best mecha game i ever played,can't wait for one on PS3.Thanks in advance,you can reach me on (a.k.a 141.80) ^_^

1100 / blackbirdi / 2009年04月21日 19:47

go hideo ...go ...i want ZoE³ for ps3 only

1101 / dante / 2009年04月21日 19:48

Please make Zone of the Enders 3

1102 / Venias / 2009年04月21日 19:49

I want Zone of the Enders 3 very much. I definitely think Hideo Kojima and the brilliant developers of KONAMI, who happen to be my favourite, should keep the sequel a PlayStation 3 exclusive, with a possible PSP spin-off. I just find it would be best suited to continue the franchise on what it was built, and to utlitise the advanced capabilities of the Cell Processor and Blu-Ray. Plus, all of us PlayStation fans have been dying for it.

P.S. If KONAMI is paying attention to this, feel free to throw another Castlevania exclusive to us PS3 gamers. We need some love too!

1103 / Qoureno / 2009年04月21日 19:49

I love animes and computer games, so it's natural that I felt in love with the game :) More Zone of the Enders? Why not?

1104 / VP / 2009年04月21日 19:50

ZOE 3 is my dream

1105 / L-XIII / 2009年04月21日 19:51

Master Kojima i'm a fan of your Game i love the Metal gear's serie and The Z.O.E but why not do a Z.O.E 3 ?

1106 / swasono / 2009年04月21日 19:51

Please, give us PS3 fans Zone of the Enders 3!!!

1107 / VP / 2009年04月21日 19:51

ZOE 3 is my dream

1108 / Shaytanfou / 2009年04月21日 19:52

french people want a new zone of the enders , so please keep these project in your mind

1109 / Epcott / 2009年04月21日 19:53

People have been waiting for ZOE3 for years. If possible, adding Sixaxis motion control for flight (similar to the PS3 downloadable game Flower) would help improve controls drastically.

In fact KP, you guys should go play Flower right now and see for yourself.

1110 / Lestat59 / 2009年04月21日 19:56

Hello Mr Kojima,

It will be vrey great to develop the third ZOE...
I know you will make a great job as usual!!

Thank you for all your games.

See you

1111 / Primex08 / 2009年04月21日 19:56

So im from Portugal and i wanna say that i truly truly want a next Zone of the enders so much :) i loved the second one that was the game that i enjoyed (in is genre) the most in the ps2 era, and i can't wait for the next one...

And i wanna congratulate the people that makes this show you re doing a awesome job

1112 / Space Mongoose / 2009年04月21日 19:58

Z.O.E 3 ??? OF course I played the 2 and this is the only mecha game I liked.

For some suggestion in the ZOE 3 Can you create a system to customs the robot and the main charactere.

IN online game it would be perfect to fight different style of robot.

Thank you Kojima.

1113 / ZOE! / 2009年04月21日 19:58

Don't think about sale, just do it.

1114 / noname / 2009年04月21日 19:58


1115 / Seph / 2009年04月21日 19:58

ZOE3 FTW!!!!

1116 / kaname92 / 2009年04月21日 19:59

of course i would like a new ZOE on PS3

1117 / Jehuty / 2009年04月21日 19:59

En temps que fan des 2 Zone Of the Enders j'aimerais vraiment que vous vous lanciez dans la production d'un 3 opus. J'en reve ^_^

1118 / auman / 2009年04月21日 20:00

please please MR. Kojima we all of the world need ZOE 3 !! we MUST HAVE THIS GAME !! that´s true!! i love Z O E !! bring it BACK on ps3 !!!

greeting´s from germany

1119 / DamagY / 2009年04月21日 20:00

Please release ZOE3 on PS3 only. XBox360 users will not buy it and they will complain either way. Most of the core audience for this game will buy it on PS3 and would expect it to be released only on PS3. Please do not follow the steps of Square-Enix and please don't listen to Microsoft's lies.

1120 / Ludooooo / 2009年04月21日 20:02

ZoE 2 was a very beautiful game.

I love Jehuty. Please, I want a Zoe 3.

Thanks for all you do for us.

ludooooo from France.

1121 / Snake007 / 2009年04月21日 20:02

YES, we want another Zone of Enders with the same kind of story tan the first and the same action than the second.
I think Hideo could do great things with this serie.

PS: Thank you for your games Konami's team !

1122 / Belerian / 2009年04月21日 20:03

I really like the first zoe, I love mecha universe and zoe reflect precisily this.
A zoe 3 should be a real experience on next gen

1123 / Chun / 2009年04月21日 20:03

I really looking forward to ZOE3!!

1124 / Brent / 2009年04月21日 20:03

Hi guys great show keep up the good work!

It would be really great if you did a few shows talking about the development of Metal gear Online. Or if you could do something to get the Europe and NA sites updated more frequently as they are currently completely ignored by the MGO development and maitenance team.

In Japan there is the MGO eyes blogs where they talk about the game maps and what not. While none of these have been translated onto the english websites.

There is also a strong feeling in the MGO community of both europe and NA that and Kojima Productions simple couldnt give a s*** about the non Japanese territory players.
You only have to visit websites such as to see this.

Japan servers get special events such as famitsu cup, regain cup and the "protection of a special vip" events. Europe and NA has got absolutley nothing. in fact due to this there has been a huge outflux of "hardcore" players buying copies of the JPN mgo disc and going to play on the JPN servers inclusing myself. Not to mention that the customer support email address completely ignores any messages sent to it as does the bug report email address.

It would be really great if MGO got the attention it deserved

1125 / steph / 2009年04月21日 20:04

I'm ok for a ZOE 3,but on xbox 360 ,and mgs 4 too!

1126 / ludooooo / 2009年04月21日 20:05

And please, don't forget the 360, there is also a lot of players. Thanks.

1127 / Shaks / 2009年04月21日 20:06


1128 / Hassun / 2009年04月21日 20:08

I just want to support any move towards the creation of Zone of the Enders 3.
There are very few games like it on sale in Europe and certainly not with that amount of quality.
Great gameplay, pumping electronic music, fantastic visuals, a good story and some animated cutscenes to top it all off. ZOE2 had all of that + removing the bad parts of the first game. (mainly the "goody goody" whiny main character)

The ZOE series deserves another installment!

1129 / Please! Everybody waiting for: / 2009年04月21日 20:09

Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, Zone Of The Enders 3, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1130 / mhx / 2009年04月21日 20:09

hi I'm Menghaoxuan come from China
I love you ZONE and ZONE2.
And i suppose are team is one of the best team in the world
Keep going ~~
I'm have an action game project
but i have no chance to make it in our country. so ...may be is impossible but it you can give me a hand.i will be grateful. i think that my idea is so fun.

thank you very much!

1131 / derextcd / 2009年04月21日 20:09

pleeeeeeeze make ZOE3 ... it's the best mech-game i've ever played !!! Love Konami!

1132 / fortieTHief / 2009年04月21日 20:09

Please Kojima san,make a ZOE sequel,i love this series.

1133 / cedric / 2009年04月21日 20:10

i would like to see zoe on PS3 please

1134 / Jehuty / 2009年04月21日 20:10

I impatiently await a ZOE 3 it will be brilliant

1135 / Haven / 2009年04月21日 20:10

I really want a new Zone of Enders! Those games had the absolute best 3-D control in just about anything I've played. It gave an amazing sense of freedom. And you still were able to target and attack enemies very well. I loved the style, as well. I can only imagine how amazing a next-generation ZoE game would be. I'd buy it!

1136 / bho / 2009年04月21日 20:10

zoe must back!!!!

1137 / ferro72 / 2009年04月21日 20:10

z.o.e3 exclusive ps3 thank.s

1138 / Tisoucrey / 2009年04月21日 20:12

I'm a french guy, and I'd like to play again to ZOE. Please make a ZOE3! I'll buy it for sure!

1139 / Jason / 2009年04月21日 20:12

I want ZOE only on Playstation3

1140 / Evil_GM / 2009年04月21日 20:13

People have praised you, and people have given a weird eye on you from making MGS series. I myself find that they're games that you've put much effort, but there are things that bothered me in those series. I think MGS series are just way too much overhyped, they were ok, but not necessarily best game of the year. What I really would want to see, is that you'll make one some day, and that's the only game saga that made my eyes go wow, and those were Zone of Enders games. Both 1 and 2 were good, if you could add more things to do, and different things to do, that game would be awesome. In 2nd game even though the it was in English, it was the best voice acting I've ever seen in game. It'd really blow our minds if we could see HD high robot action. I appreciated the versus mode in both 1 and 2, and I liked how you could test out the enemy Frames too. To think that they even made a cartoon from the game tells how much people actually like and want from the series. The world is very well constructed, you already have so much material for the game that all you need to do is give your best again, and give us one more reason why we should buy or keep PS3. Your Zone of Enders didn't fail us, and we hope there will be third and more, for it surely will not fail us even then.

1141 / Wean / 2009年04月21日 20:15

I would love a Zoe 3 for Wii. It's just a machine used by the companies, a serious project on his part would be great.

1142 / Daz / 2009年04月21日 20:16

The Whole world want Zone of the Enders 3 , Please !!!

Thanks :D

1143 / Skeearmon / 2009年04月21日 20:16

A Zone of the Enders 3? Sure, why not? Never did find out what the Metatron mineral was, nor why it drove people batty. That and Z.O.E.2 was a wild ride.

1144 / Gombo / 2009年04月21日 20:17

do want ZOE 3 !

1145 / Jones / 2009年04月21日 20:17

i want new ZOE. played the two first. i want new gen Zoe for sure. just make it longer than the two others.

1146 / Kin. / 2009年04月21日 20:17

I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!I want ZOE!

1147 / Dante_Sparda_62 / 2009年04月21日 20:17

I love those podacsts :-D

About ZOE 3, that would REALLY be a great game. The 2nd Runner was just excellent... I do think developping ZOE 3 would be a good idea.

1148 / Belmondo / 2009年04月21日 20:18

we want zoe3 with a great scenario, mise en scene , great gameplay ,creativity.
in other words, we want a zoe3 like zoe2.
The French love zoe but at present there are no more a really good game exept mgs4 and bioshock.

thank you for reading .
kojima production is one of the only team who produce a fascinating games.
this is the reason of the passion

1149 / ra / 2009年04月21日 20:19

I really really want ZOE3.
Please Mr. kojima

1150 / duckaby / 2009年04月21日 20:20

Currently have a ps2.
zoe3 I wish I could see the wii as I have xbox360.

In Korea, the more expensive ps3.

1151 / Jones / 2009年04月21日 20:20

And make it on PS3 eksklusivly.

1152 / Kelp / 2009年04月21日 20:21

Please Mr. Kojima, ZOE4!

1153 / Kelp / 2009年04月21日 20:23

ZOE3 for 360, Mr. Kojima.

1154 / Tom / 2009年04月21日 20:23

Yes for a new ZOE ;)

1155 / Fable / 2009年04月21日 20:24

We need a third Zone of the Enders :)

1156 / OldSnake72 / 2009年04月21日 20:25

Please, created ZOE3! I pray to you! The first two have been fantastic! Obviously for PS3!
Thanks Kojima Productions!

P.S: Sorry for my language, i'm italian! Xd

1157 / Dances with Ninjas / 2009年04月21日 20:26

ZOE3 Support

1158 / Zippi / 2009年04月21日 20:27

Give us ZoE3 please!

1159 / ZoneOfTheTiger / 2009年04月21日 20:27

I think the next ZotE game should be a PS3 exclusive so it will be of the highest quality when/if it's released

1160 / Lee / 2009年04月21日 20:27


1161 / damien durand / 2009年04月21日 20:30

j ai eu l occasion de jouer a zone of enders 1 pas mal .lescompetences du robot sont a developper un peu . tres belles cinéatiques pourquoi pas un trois amelioré