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2009.06.01 Monday

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Kojima Productions at the Microsoft Conference?!
Sean is joined by Christine and Chris to reveal the NEXT MGS!
Jump in!

Show Notes:
The official E3 2009 SPECIAL SITE is now OPEN!

Sean Eyestone

>> Next E3 Session: 06/02/2009 <<

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Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / SOLD BY MICROSOFT $$$  / 2009年06月02日 03:59


2 / Miguel / 2009年06月02日 04:02

I wish It wouldn't be only for 360...there are too PS3's fans expecting...

3 / Johnny / 2009年06月02日 04:03

Guys, kojima, you just lost a fan, i thought kojima was playstation for life, you guys really dissapoint me, guess i wont be buying anybody of your products again.

4 / andrew_63 / 2009年06月02日 04:06

i´m very disapointed becouse betray us ur fans from the begining, and now our most preciated exclusive n u give it to the xbox 360...... men whitout honor whitout word

5 / LAME / 2009年06月02日 04:11


6 / KoffinKitten / 2009年06月02日 04:17

Oh my god....

7 / Ray / 2009年06月02日 04:17

MGS going to Microsoft. I've just lost any faith I ever had in the gaming industry. If there is a god, and he loves us this will be multi platform.

8 / Kojima EX-FAN / 2009年06月02日 04:22

MGS on 360 !!

Kojima you make a big error VERY BIG ERROR I DISLIKE MGS NOW.


9 / Fanboy / 2009年06月02日 04:26

im sure the game will be great but im kinda disappointed by the technical limitations the 360 can do. but at any rate it will be great

10 / Sulakeu / 2009年06月02日 04:26

Why MGS : Rising on 360 ? Why Kojima !!? I loved you :(

11 / Alex / 2009年06月02日 04:33

I saw the next Metal Gear game and I just want to know if it is xbox 360 exclusive. If it is I am really upset that it won't be coming out for the PS3.

12 / tokenflipguy / 2009年06月02日 04:34

Is this going to be multi plat?

13 / Silent Fury / 2009年06月02日 04:37

im ao annoyed right now ps3 has officaly lost all its exclusives omg i cant belive it. =( why hideo why oh why =(. Hopefully its going to be a difrent kind of mgs for the 360 and the real one is still for the ps3 but NO its on the xbox now isnt it =( im so upset by this

14 / Silent Fury / 2009年06月02日 04:38

=( ps3 is doomed

15 / Yncubusbenfica / 2009年06月02日 04:38

But is it exclusive?

16 / Q / 2009年06月02日 04:38

Now to wait for the PS3 version. :D

17 / lepolohuevo / 2009年06月02日 04:40

I really hope MGS Rising is also coming to the PS3, you guys made me buy a PS3 for the Metal Gear series and I'm not going to waste more money on another console... Is it only for Xbox?

18 / ZalAamir / 2009年06月02日 04:41

awesome news going to the 360!
i just have a ps3,but been a fan of kojipro for quite some time,and hope the decision to branch out to the 360 pays off for you guys.

still hoping it goes to the ps3 as well,though since i already have

19 / snakehunter_fan / 2009年06月02日 04:42

hey Kojima i just buy the PS3 system because of MGS4:(
I'd like to play MGS5 in my PS3 and please dont buy yourself to Microsoft:)

20 / Kumori / 2009年06月02日 04:45

This is awesome?

1 important question!

Is this going to be multiplatform?

Everyone thought it was Sunny!

Plz Big Boss for PS3!!!!

21 / skyjino / 2009年06月02日 04:50

Please say that the new Metal Gear is also on PS3

22 / Alienkid / 2009年06月02日 04:51

This game is going to make me buy a 360. I'm still hoping that the Big Boss game is for PS3, and that there is going to be another Snatcher game for the American audience.

23 / Jeh11 / 2009年06月02日 04:51

MGS...again...and ZOE?? After all theses years...I am really disappointed and tired of waiting :/

24 / 4081 / 2009年06月02日 04:58

i cant believe theyre putting it out on xbox 360! typical persuasion for money lol

25 / Xobi / 2009年06月02日 04:58

I dont know what you have done by announcing a game for the 360. I guess it makes more business sense.
But you were the last guy who i thought would bow down to that MICROSOFT

26 / Silent Assassin / 2009年06月02日 04:59

If this turns out to be a 360 exclusive, you let down a lot of fans. I hope MGS:Rising will be available for the PS3 too. Guess we have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

27 / Eager Snake / 2009年06月02日 05:00

Completely disappointed.
Hideo you were great, honestly, but I can not believe what you did.

Shame on you

28 / Jussi / 2009年06月02日 05:05

I hope this is not your desition Maestro.
But anyway , this is Lightning Bot Action , so then REAL MGS be on Playstation.

29 / Carl Riot / 2009年06月02日 05:06

This is amazing news.

30 / Eager Snake / 2009年06月02日 05:09

Since Ryan left the company I suspected something similar.
I feel lost inside. And always, always, admire your work guys. But this left me completely stunned.

Greetings from Argentina.

31 / Shacksay / 2009年06月02日 05:13

I'm disappointed >:(

32 / Disappointed Fan / 2009年06月02日 05:15

Thank you guys for selling out to Microsoft! Thanks so much for now making the once great hardware pushing game, into a title limited by inferior hardware. Blu-Ray wasn't big enough? So you guys go to DVD9. Kojima's presentation on Raising the bar on stealth gaming? The bar was dropped. Thanks so much for going for money, and forgetting about innovation and super high quality. MGS4 was a masterpiece in terms of technical achievement, storytelling, and the swan song for Solid Snake. And now, MGS on the 360, is a complete 180 on that concept. Thanks so much Kojima Productions! Thanks so much. Way to go guys. Keep pushing yourselves. Next time, let's just make MGS5 a 360 exclusive! Because you need "DVD" type hardware and not "Theatre type" hardware.

33 / ssp619 / 2009年06月02日 05:21

Wow looks AWESOME!!!

34 / Panou / 2009年06月02日 05:24

I'm really disappointed that Metal Gear Solid Rising will release on Xbox 360... Hideo, why did you go away from Sony??? ='(

35 / Angryman / 2009年06月02日 05:25

I don't like the idea of it going to the 360 i feel like kojima sold out on the PS3 fans just to make more money, but money does speak and i guess its a good financial move. The only thing i didn't hear if it was coming to the it?

36 / Joao PS3 / 2009年06月02日 05:25


37 / BigRaiden / 2009年06月02日 05:25

Oh! Im a Spanish men. The Next Metal Gear Solid have to be in Spanish. Here in España, the firts MGS was so incredible. Alfonso Vallés(Solid Snakes's voive) is famous bebause MGS1. Please Mr. Kojima

38 / ps3formgsbuyer / 2009年06月02日 05:26

a black day for playstation owners

39 / mgs 4 life / 2009年06月02日 05:28

does this mean its going to be on xbox if it is yes finally !

40 / Zeolin / 2009年06月02日 05:30

Microsoft has a lot of money, huh ?

41 / why!? / 2009年06月02日 05:33

why!? why xbox

42 / ps3formgsbuyer / 2009年06月02日 05:35

a black day for ps3 owners

43 / Miles / 2009年06月02日 05:40

I don't care about the 360. When is it coming to playstation.

44 / Kianu10 / 2009年06月02日 05:47

the game is multiplatform right? it has to be...

45 / DeJaVu / 2009年06月02日 05:52

Sell out!

46 / crux / 2009年06月02日 06:05

i am really happy that there is another metal gear but please tell me it is for playstation aswell. I am still holding out hope seeing as noone has used the words "exclusive for xbox 360". All of the mega fans of the series who have playstations because they know that metal gear is almost always a playstation exclusive like me will be really disapointed if it is just for xbox

47 / mimicry / 2009年06月02日 06:11

Check back in 4 hours...right go team,wait a second 4hrs from now or 4hrs from 3hrs ago??Alright taking the whole time difference thing into context I can see why you havent come up with a starting time,but you could have linked the waiting time to the next teaser count down i.e please come back 1hr after the countdown on the teaser ends...ahhh it doesnt matter Im just being a looser as always.

48 / neil dee / 2009年06月02日 06:11

why did you do it?

49 / Diekoch / 2009年06月02日 06:17

Better not be an exclusive for the 360, tell me, is it? cuz it would be a huge dissapointment.

50 / Haio / 2009年06月02日 06:18

Metal Gear for XBOX 360?

Why Mr. Kojima Why?

How much money had Microsoft to pay?

51 / K3NT4W / 2009年06月02日 06:22

Hello, I'm very happy that XBOX360 owners will finally able to play metal gear but, the day when I bought my next gen consol, I chose playstation against XBOX because Metal Gear was announced on Playstation. So please, Tell me that metal gear rising will be on Playstation 3 ... Thanks for these wonderfull games

52 / ihab / 2009年06月02日 06:27

thats really amazing to hear a new mgs seias and its an amazing idea that riaden will be the main charecter this time. is it gonna be for xb360 only ?? they didnt mention if its gonna be also at ps3? best game ever mgs :)

53 / The Knight Owl / 2009年06月02日 06:30

No kojima, please tell me you didn't sell out. The ne game i thought would stay exclusive.... You litterally broke my heart.

54 / a few mgs fans / 2009年06月02日 06:37

We buy every MGS gaem and this is how we are being on the lameBox.

55 / Captliu / 2009年06月02日 06:39

Now that MGR is on the 360 do you think there will be any backlash from fans who thinks that any new MGS should be exclusive the Playstation? Why did Mr. kojima decide to put 360?? I thought technology wise would it not be better than putting it on PS3 and not 360?

56 / xiang-ai / 2009年06月02日 06:47

only on 360 ?

57 / OtakuFox / 2009年06月02日 06:48

Another Metal Gear game! Awesome! I hope it isn't 360 only though

58 / Luggruff / 2009年06月02日 07:06

No, and again no. Don't let Microsoft in on MGS! Why LIMIT the production?!!

59 / Question / 2009年06月02日 07:18

will this game be available on the playstation 3 system as well??
thanks in advance...

60 / federico  / 2009年06月02日 07:31

you disappoint us all, and you know that well. but money buys everithing, i guess.
let me just say i bought a ps3 just for your games. i'm just disappointed, and that's all. you were the emblem of the playstation community.... now you're just a mercenary. gaming industry has changed... (to be read with snake's voice)

61 / Catarina / 2009年06月02日 07:41

Mr. Kojima, I'm an avid videogamer female player who fell in love with the Meta Gear Series since it was released to Playstation.
I've played all of them countless times and all of those times I was amased with your capability and capacity to drawn us to your movie like stories which, must I say has been extremely rare to find at famous hollywood.

When you announced that Metal Gear Solid 4 was the last of series, I got sad since I wouldn't have fun waiting each time for a new game get released. So when all the rumors started to built that you have possibly been thinking of doing another one made me feel like the old times.

However, after watching the trailer and doing a bit of research I felt a mix of feelings. First, I was exhilarated with the fact that my guess were right, there were going to be a new MGS and after a few minutes I felt truly sad and disappointed when I saw that this new game was going to come out to the Xbox360 instead of being an exclusive for Playstation which all the others have been (except of course the remake of Metal Gear 1 for the nintendo).

Honnestly, I do not mind that 360 players can have the honnour to play but making (if ) an exclusive for 360? Never ever thought this could have happened, after so many years that we Playstation players had the pleasure and honnour to play the game would be forgotten so easily as we were now.

Please, do not take this as an offensive way. It is not meant that way, what I do mean is, after watching the video I felt disappointed.

It may be too soon since E3 is still running and all, we'll see.

Either way, I do hope this new game has the same amount of success of the other games of the series and I do wish you all the best.



62 / john doe / 2009年06月02日 07:51

mgs xbox 360 announcement at e3 ruined my day. why mr. kojima why :(

63 / .... / 2009年06月02日 07:51

kojima , you broke our heart . We have cursed u . don't make a new game for ps3 . we don't want ur games .

64 / FabianQ / 2009年06月02日 07:53

Kojima, i love your games. BUT IN SONY CONSOLE :(
So tell my WHY?! ;-;

65 / serpiente / 2009年06月02日 08:01

sad to see metal gear is going to lower the quality of work the quality of game goes to be a port sadly to see as a franchise that always goes for the best now go for the same

66 / Alan / 2009年06月02日 08:06

I am disappointed :|
No Trailer for MGS
No PS3 game >_<

67 / Dethn / 2009年06月02日 08:08

Hello mister Hideo,

I'm a PS3 player and I play MGS franchise since 1998 with the first MGS on PS1. I saw the Microsoft conf and I was very dissapointed, Why ? Why did you do that ? You have a lot of fans, you have create the most famous story of the video game story on Sony's consoles.

I hope you have revelations for the tomorrow conference because now, a lot of yours fans think you have betrayed us.

I hope you will able to suprised us ... please, Mr Kojima, don't betrayed us.

68 / BeN017 / 2009年06月02日 08:11

Noooooooo Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!Not a MGS on X360!!!

69 / Mastrolindo / 2009年06月02日 08:18

Is This game an exclusive for xbox360?

70 / Cuny / 2009年06月02日 08:18

Does it will be an "only on 360" game ?

71 / Zack / 2009年06月02日 08:32

Nice to know that there is a new MGS game around...
Well, I bought a PS3, 'cause I a huge fan of MGS series, this is mean that I will need to buy a Xbox? This new MGS will be exclusive?
how much will I lose if I dont play this game?
BTW? Raiden didn't suppose to have blue eyes?
Mr. Kojima have something new for PS3 too?

Thank all of you, and keep the good work!

72 / YourSoul / 2009年06月02日 08:32

i hope it was worth selling your soul like all other devs this generation kojima, for the money huh? you lost all respect i ever had for your creativity, i cannot wait to see what watered down version of dream looks like

its shame i thought you and Tetsuya Nomura were last true devs that had some honour, i guess in this day and age there is no such thing when it comes to the dollar signs

73 / mgs rules / 2009年06月02日 08:35

men cant belive mgs for xbox men it sucks I liked mgs series just for ps
(play station) i have bought all.

74 / Anon / 2009年06月02日 08:37

Masterful trolling Kojima, masterful trolling.

75 / Joel S / 2009年06月02日 09:01

Congratulations on the announcement guys, looks very cool. I would like some confirmation on whether Rising is multiplatform or not though. I bought a PS3 solely for Metal Gear games and I'm hoping Kojima Productions will continue to support this platform.

Looking forward to more surprises!

76 / MGS-M / 2009年06月02日 09:25

Yes I just think that whole thing about Raiden becoming popular only after MGS4 is just silly. I am disappointed at how people treated Raiden very badly after MGS2 and now that he's a ''badass'', people are truely crawling to his feet. It's always all about being ''badass'', if he'S not badass then they say he's gay. I don't like how the population thinks. I think MGS2 was one of the greatest things I ever experienced and a hugely immense part of that was because of Raiden. People need to grow up and become more mature and accept characters like Raiden. I still loved Raiden in MGS4, as he was still Raiden, but I just think it's too bad Hideo Kojima had to change his initial idea due to pressure by immature gamers.

77 / KojimaWorshiper / 2009年06月02日 09:25

AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 360! Bill Gates did it! convinced Kojima! 360 owners will get crazy!!!!!!!! Will get a 360 for this. Definitely.

78 / MGSFAN! / 2009年06月02日 10:15

I cant wait to hear the anouncements for tomorow when sony presents. and i hope that new game isnt just for xbox bc i will kick kojima in the balls if it isnt for ps3 as well. send on the message.

79 / commondo / 2009年06月02日 10:19

is tit for ps3

80 / brother / 2009年06月02日 10:28

why xboow why

81 / mgs rules / 2009年06月02日 10:32

NO!!!!!!!!mgs rising for xbox 360 or even worst I heard thatits going to be 360 only men thats bull s***

82 / Snake-87 / 2009年06月02日 10:37

(Mohammed from Kuwait)

Hi Sean , you are doing great in the report .

- is Mr.kojima working on all the projects? or some of them? TELL ME YOU DONT KNOW IF YOU DONT , DONT LEAVE ME PLEAAAAAAASE XD

- Is it real that Harry.G.W is not the composer of the NEXT MGS ?

- are we going to see the next metal gear after 3 or 4 years -_-"?

- BIG BOSS in another game ? i cant wait 12 Hour XP .

Thanks ^_^

83 / わにくん / 2009年06月02日 10:57











84 / kick / 2009年06月02日 11:01

Kojima is DEAD

85 / anon / 2009年06月02日 11:07

good job

86 / Micro Soft Solid?? (Booooo) / 2009年06月02日 11:11

So you sold out to the Patriots.
Bill Gates offered you the Philosiphers Legacy in exchange for the MGS franchise.
Talk about war economy.
I have followed MGS from the start.
I bought a PS3 because i am a huge fan of the series.
This is a dark day for MGS fans.
If MGS Rising isnt multi platform, i think the story (and the fans) will have ended with MGS4.
Why Komjima? Plz make a PS3 version or we will never buy a MGS game again :(

87 / noname / 2009年06月02日 11:15


88 / SoJaded / 2009年06月02日 11:16

*Face palm* Why!?
Everybody knows that XBOX 360 fails!

89 / Snake, Snake, SNNNNNAAAAAAAKKKKKEEEE! / 2009年06月02日 11:19

Is there any reason really why the move to the 360? MGS has always been strictly a PS series and I'm kind of sad to see it on 360 now. Why the change guys?

Also, as much as I love Raiden, the series is called METAL GEAR SOLID. The last entry of Solid Snake was 4, and I was fine with him being a supporting character in 2 and fine with playing as Big Boss in 3, but a big reason that I love these games is because of Snake. MGS and 4 are my two favorites because I WAS Snake, I was Solid Snake, and he is the heart of this series. I love Big Boss and Raiden, but Snake is Snake. Playing as Snake just gives you a magical feeling that is unparalleled by any gaming character.

Making another game after 4 was just so epic, and sent Snake out as the true hero he is just doesn't seem right to me. Yes I know, it's a business, but guys, the story of Metal Gear Solid is done. 4 wrapped it up really well. There's no need to keep going. I'd be fine with remakes of MG and MG2 or a prequel of Guns of the Patriots or picking up where Portable Ops (still need to play that) left off, but making a game centered around Raiden....

I also hope that this release is not limited to the 360 because MGS is a Playstation series. Regardless of what happens to this series, the first four games will always be remembered as one of the best series in games ever, and the best series to ever grace the Playstation family of consoles.

Do not forget where you came from Mr. Kojima. I still support you and love your work and all you've done to inspire me, but to me, this is taking it too far. It might be time to move on to something else.

90 / Morbid Bloom / 2009年06月02日 11:25

they never said it was a xbox 360 exclusive....

91 / Chris / 2009年06月02日 11:25

First of all I'm really excited to hear that Raiden is back. Secondly, WOW you should really have announced that its NOT is Kojima Productions NOT upset at how much initial flak they got for not clarifying this? Big whoops indeed...

92 / :( / 2009年06月02日 11:34

Do you really think that people that only have Xboxs (the only reason for a console exclusive) are interested in a PS francise such as this? They wont know a thing about the games or history. The fans of MGS are PS owners. Why make a game that we cant play? Atleast make it for both platforms so the MGS /FANS/ can play. Stupiest marketing scheme I've ever seen. Good job going with Microsoft's money instead. Now you have no fan base. :)

93 / Rsix / 2009年06月02日 11:49

whats wrong with the xbox its a good console. MGS will always be good. fan boys make me sick. And he didn't say 360 exclusive earlier today.

94 / psycofirek / 2009年06月02日 11:49

Thank you for your hard work on the Metal Gear Saga. Don't listen to the haters, the real fans are pleased and excited at the prospect of even more Tactical Espionage (or Lightning Bolt) Action.

95 / Whiners... / 2009年06月02日 11:58

Bunch of whiners...

A - E3 isn't over yet.

B - There was a picture of Big Boss on the teaser site, in case you've all forgetten, which indicates there might be an announcement of another game (based on the Olive Drab BDU, the Vietnam-era harness and the 50 year old'ish look on Big Boss's face, one can assume that the 2 pics are not related to the same game), possibly for the PS3.

If that's not the case, FISHDO.

And please, cut this whining BS.

96 / Freddy / 2009年06月02日 12:00

Pleaseee pleaseee we want Metal Gear Solid:RISING on ps3 too pleaseeeee!!!!! please make it multiplatform please make it on ps3 and xbox 360 please i only have a ps3 and i want to play the game i am a big fan please Hideo pleaseeeeeeee i want to play as raiden pleaseeee

97 / One thing I don't get... / 2009年06月02日 12:05

why did they change Raiden's eyes from blue to orange...

98 / i still love you kojima / 2009年06月02日 12:10

It's your game, do what ever you want with it.

99 / ast3risko / 2009年06月02日 12:13

it doesnt matter in what company this man present a metal gear
all we know is that

that man can create a masterpiece alway (a big example is the metal gear solid the twin snakes for nintendo) please stop to say shit
and better wait for a very real game

mr. Kojima Thanks for make other Metal Gear i follow you since mgs
god luck and i wait paciently this launch

saludos de Chile

100 / PSFANBOY / 2009年06月02日 12:22

why kojima whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!???? you was a PSfanboy

101 / PIe Assassin / 2009年06月02日 12:28

lol note they didnt say it would be exlcusive to the 360 only that it would be on the 360

102 / Raiden3000 / 2009年06月02日 12:32

Pls make this for the PS3 too.

103 / Confusedman / 2009年06月02日 12:32

I worked my ass of to get a ps3 i have played all, ALL ur MGS games i love them all...
i knew it was Raiden the second i saw thunder
Raiden-MGS4"It rained on the day i was born"
"Raiden you were the Lighting in that storm" Snake-MGS4
I was happy really happy to hear that Raiden is the new character but i will stop buying ur games if it an exclusive game for Xbox...i have other financial things i have to take care off,i don't have the money for a 360...I hope that MGS5 goes the PS3 and that 360 doesn't hurt the game play and the game designed b/c 360 can't compare to PS3...I will wait till 6/2/09 to hear what u have in store for the PS3 i hope you give us something great...right now i feel like Grey Fox
"I'm either enemy nor friend"

104 / fade to black / 2009年06月02日 12:40

I think im gonna cry!!
I live in argentina, im not a rich guy...
I could barely buy my 360 (arcade)
You made a poor man smile, thank you Kojima. Im wishing the play3 owners could also play this game... Like I wish sometime play MGS4 without buying a ps3. Impossible I think.
And for those who dont pay attention to details... the game dont say "TACTICAL SPIONAGE ACTION" its says... "LIGHTNING BOLT ACTION" ............that's "other bar" pal

xbox360 hardware is inferior to ps3... but you already know that, im expecting wich magic trick you gonna play this time =)

105 / Solid Raziel / 2009年06月02日 12:43

this is outrageous, how is it possible to sell to the highest bidder, I agree, you are a TRAITORS..

106 / Claus / 2009年06月02日 12:47

I hope this is one of your jokes, Damn, Money? More Mgs? More consoles? This have to be exclusive! Damn, Say we have Mgs4...

107 / housegroove / 2009年06月02日 12:50

Like some others here i'm curious as if this is going to be multi-plat. MGS:R is going to the 360... gratz to the 360 owners.

What really bothered me is how MS made the announcement as more of a bullet point "we finally have Metal Gear" They didnt give Kojima san any respect it seemed. Kind of like "thanks now dont let the door hit you on the a$s on the way out" Would have been nice to see them make more of a big deal about it since all the 360 fans have been shouting far and wide to get a metal gear game. Did anyone there at kojima productions feel the same?

108 / why? / 2009年06月02日 13:07

Kojima, don't turn your back on us please...say it isn't true... :*(

109 / You guys don't care / 2009年06月02日 13:09

I bet once you guys read all these comments. You're going to make quirky idiotic comments, like "oh no we're traitors" and then just laugh it off.

Way to go guys. Make that money. Who cares about honor and nobility in the gaming industry. Such a thing doesn't exist. And everybody thought that Hideo Kojima still believed in that. But we're wrong. The fans are wrong. The 5 million MGS4 owners are wrong. The millions of Metal Gear fans are wrong.

You don't care about quality. You just want the most money possible. And by making the game on the 360, it proves that.

In history, Kojima Productions has shown what you guys can do to new hardware. MGS2 and MGS3 still stand as the best looking PS2 titles to date.

MGS4 was also a technical marvel.

But now MGS:R will be limited by a hardware without a standard HDD, uses DVD9, and has a weaker CPU.

I hope the message of the fans is clear. We're not happy. We're not happy with Kojima. And we're not happy with KP.

So go ahead, and have your laughs. You guys have turned your backs on the millions of loyal playstation fans. Now it's only right, that we turn our backs on you.

So unless you make MGS5 a PS3 exclusive, only then will you partially redeem yourselves as a worthy developer.

110 / nunYa / 2009年06月02日 13:11

glad to be rid of you.

111 / noname / 2009年06月02日 13:11

people forgot that mgs2 did came out for the ps2 and xbox, so people expect awesome game for both systems and don't disrespect konami and my god mister hideo kojima productions............................. thanks for the marvelous games, expect the unexpected

112 / Van / 2009年06月02日 13:15

Meh I bought the PS3 for MGS4 if they want to make MGS5 a X360 only title then that's their choice but out of all the XBOX 1 owners I dont think many bought MGS2:Subsistence

113 / blablabla / 2009年06月02日 13:24

serve u right ps3 owners!!!hahahah.when MGS 4 was announced for PS3, we, the 360 owner kinda disappointed with the decisioni'm a big MGS fan, and i 've been following MGS since MGS until MG3..time to move on kojima..Good Job, for no neglecting us, the 360 owner..
To ps3 owner, dont u just think, only the PS deserved the MGS series, but also us.
I dont mind if MGS goes multiplat as long as we, the gamers or can i call it, the fans of MGS enjoy this superb game together.


114 / David / 2009年06月02日 13:25

Wtf Kojima, MGS for Xbox?
Never thought I'd see the day.
I doubt i'll be buying this one.

How much did Microsoft pay you?

115 / Pandorra / 2009年06月02日 13:27

Guys... Stop crying.
You know, MG wasn´t PS-only? It started on MSX and NES!
You made fun of all the 360-users and now you get what you deserve.

It´s that simple.

By the way... Don´t you think you´ve thrown a lot of money in the mouth of Sony with that extra expensive console?
Think about it...

116 / kat / 2009年06月02日 13:27

at least it'll be in 1080p...

i can't imagine it not being multi-platform.

though still. pretty big kick in the balls to MG/MGS fans...

117 / Jaded-DanPSN / 2009年06月02日 13:30

Sometimes in life we make choices, right, wrong its all a matter of opinion. As far as developing for a system like 360 goes, my opinion is that your wrong for doing so because Im sure you noticed we WERE proud to have you as an symbol of Playstation might.
So yea your wallets fatter IM SURE, but at what cost? You really dont think it was your Perfect game making skills that made MGSeries so desirable do you? yea thats part of a bigger puzzle you seemed to FAIL at grasping.
Why am I trying to explain a concept to a man who made the games that helped redifine the meaning of the word....

Loyalty Mr. Kojima, Loyalty

118 / AgentNoOne / 2009年06月02日 13:53

Woot! New Metal Gear Solid, very cool I would follow Kojima. Anywhere, this series is awesome.
Besides it gives me a reason to steal my friends Xbox360. lols.
GO KOJIMA!!!!!!!!!

119 / LLLL / 2009年06月02日 13:58

so u guys crying babies are the sony's fans...not MGS. i'm also a MGS fan.True MGS fan wouldnt mind if MGS ported to another platform..and Kojima is not a bias person who only focuses on sony..He just want his fans on other platform to experience MGS, no matter on what console..
I wouldnt mind if HALO or Gears coming to PS3 because great gamers deserve great games.
Konami and Kojima are not owned by Sony, so shut the hell up u PS3 owners and wait for MGS Rising to come to PS3!!

120 / RS / 2009年06月02日 14:00

...guys, MGS: Rising is not an Xbox 360 exclusive. Stop crying.

121 / z / 2009年06月02日 14:01

nnnooooo. i want to play the next mgs game but i dont have a 360. no plese go back to sony.ps3 forever. plese konami. i lov mgs but i cant afford a 360. mgs seriesare my favorite game franchise. plese dont do this to me and ur fans. ppplllleeesssee. im begging you. plese!!!

122 / IgaveHerAnel / 2009年06月02日 14:04

This is a new Beginning for Kijima and Konami, Great To hear MGS on multi platform...This means $$$ for Konami.

123 / disapoint / 2009年06月02日 14:07

hey i saw u guys jump the ship so to speak an i think its real coward way to do. u guys had fans from PS since the beginnig an now u betray our love

there r some things worth more than money. its called honor an u guys obv left that at the door


124 / noname / 2009年06月02日 14:07

I hope you guys know it's being released for the 360, PS3, and PC.

125 / Mirai / 2009年06月02日 14:07

I think it's a good thing. The more people who can experience these cool games the better right?

Also.. Sean, Chris and Christine are awesome!! Keep up the good work :D

126 / MrNet / 2009年06月02日 14:10

*sigh* you guys do know this will most likely be multiplatform. Xbox, PS3, PC.

127 / joey jojo / 2009年06月02日 14:11

jeez guys this is disappointing. you probably don't care but i bought a ps3 for mgs4 and future metal gear games.

128 / joe gamer / 2009年06月02日 14:11

what the hell is this, why the countdown hype? should of just told all the ps3 owners this s*** wasnt for us,i bought the ps3 for mgs 5. waste of my time visiting the site getting worked up to find out its an x box exclusive. been a fan for as long as i can remember followed the series closely got box sets collectibles and all. I hope u plan something good for us

129 / GreyFox / 2009年06月02日 14:14

Metal gear was one of my first NES games. Of course I know that isnt the game Hideo wanted, as it debut'd on the MSX.

But it got me into gaming. I also bought a PS once I played the Metal Gear Solid demo in the 90's. Same with PS2. I am no fanboy. And I am a PC gamer at heart.

But I am not buying a 360 console for MGRising. Why? I bought a PS3 just for MGS4...

So I ask..why would you do this? You attract so many fans and then suddenly switchplatforms? Why can't you just make BOTH games...dual platforms. As a gamer, it would be better if everyone could enjoy all the games and not be limited due to this "console war" (which is a joke).
Fanboys or not fanboys, I'm sure you can understand where I am coming from. It's as if you were a HALO or Gears of War fan and the next installment was exclusive on another console.

What gives?

130 / Chief / 2009年06月02日 14:15

You people are all idiots, it's announced that it's not 360 exclusive, it's for 360, PS3 and PC

131 / Anonymous / 2009年06月02日 14:19

Are you guys idiots? You guys should be lucky that Kojima even let us still have MGS4 exclusively for the PS3. Also to those who say that the Metal Gear Solid series has always been in the PS family, no.

Metal Gear: MSX
Metal Gear 2: MSX
Metal Gear Solid: PS, GCN
Metal Gear Solid 2: PS2, Xbox

MGS3 and MGS4 are the only ones that are still currently exclusive to their console.

All of you people should be sucking on the greatness that is Kojima. Not calling him a traitor or whatnot.

132 / FUCKYEAR / 2009年06月02日 14:29

>> Next E3 Session: 06/02/2009 <<

133 / Ti / 2009年06月02日 14:29

Common guys, how are they traitors? By the way, no one said this game is exclusive to 360!?! Everyone should be able to enjoy the game.. It also makes good business sense.. You guys do realize that Konami is a THIRD PARTY developer right? WOW!

134 / MRkabibbles / 2009年06月02日 14:31

Just accept that there's an mgs game coming for the 360 and move on. You all act like you're entitled to mgs games being sony only. Metal Gear isn't a sony ip. Stop all this whining. Jeez.

135 / MorketSinFyrste / 2009年06月02日 14:35

You people do realized MG and MG2 were multi platform. MGS was on PS1, PC and GC, MGS2 was on PS2 and Xbox. 3 and 4 have been the only exclusive ones, also it was stated that this one is 360/PS3 and PC. MGS is great and it was one of the things that got me to buy a PS3 but that's not the only thing, if you people spend that much money for 1 game that's pathetic. I'll just wait for the PS3 release that will have all the DLC content and extra stuff, if there is any, just like everything else that gets released on the 2 consoles.

136 / Ilya Nightroad / 2009年06月02日 14:36

Kojima-sama, I'm sure this is only the beginning, isn't it?
The success of the Xbix 360 is not, commercially speaking, something to ignore...but our faith in Playstation trademark is immortal. And yours? ;D

137 / Words cannot express how upset I am / 2009年06月02日 14:36

Therefore... I have turned to song. Hideo Kojima, this is for you.

So many words for the broken heart....
Its hard to see in a crimson love
So hard to breathe
Walk with me, and maybe

Show me the meaning of being lonely
Is this the feeling I need to walk with???
Tell me why, I can't be there where you are
Theres something missing in my heart!!!

There's no where to run, I have no place to go
Surrender my heart, boooody and soul
How can it be you're asking me to play a game that'd never beeeeee?????

138 / Bondo / 2009年06月02日 14:41

It probably will have two versions, one with Raiden and the PS3 version will have Bigg Boss. Just a guess that might be realized tomorrow...

139 / MuteWinter / 2009年06月02日 14:42

This was the smartest move EVER.
So much more people will have the opportunity to play your masterpiece and not only sony fans (that, judging by these comments, are all eleven years old boys).
You will be pleased at the succes this game will gather, congratulations Kojima productions!

140 / MGSBigBoss / 2009年06月02日 14:47

This is for X360, PS3, AND PC. All Kojima can attain from this is split up sales from playstation community. You really think there are big MGS fans on xbox or PC? Epic Fail and Honor has no price. Seppuku is the answer!

141 / hmmmm.... / 2009年06月02日 14:51

I'll buy it still........but you sir have lost all my trust!!!! I always will be a fan of metal gear and you have broke my heart..........

142 / Invisible Cobra / 2009年06月02日 14:53

I've been a fan of the series since the biginning. But now I'm starting to lose my faith. The series has always been with Sony, and now it's going to M$. Why? What good is going to come out having it for the 360? PS3 is where the fanbase is, and you're switching over to the system that has nothing but greedy 12 year olds.

I've seen around the internet, and even with the Xbox loving kids around my neighborhood, laughing and going crazy about this, when they used to say that they didn't care at all about the series. See, that just shows that they only care because they're getting something that we're not. That's the kind of people that are going to buy this.

And if it has a version of MGO on it, it'll be like the Halo games online, little 12 year olds going crazy, cheating, and doing nothing but being obnoxious and Teabagging thinking it's funny.

If it was also for the PS3, I wouldn't care. But if it includes MGO, and they'll be connected to the PS3 MGO, then I'll be really dissapointed.

143 / Anonymous / 2009年06月02日 14:56

Guys, it's just a freaking video game

144 / xland333 / 2009年06月02日 14:57

You are all complete idiots!!!! No were did they exclusive. And Metal Gear Solid 2 was not a PS2 exclusive. It was on XBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and PC!!!!!! and the original MGS was also on PC and metal gear solid touch is only on Iphone and there was a Metal Gear on EXCLUSIVE to verison phones but NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. and besides sonys press con. still has to happen. And 360 does not get Solid Snake. In Closing you are all some of the stupidest people i know if you are crying about this calling Kojima a traitor!!!!! shut up and have faith in Kojima and his team!!!!!!!! Im one of the biggest MGS fans around and i have complete faith in the team!!!!! Thanks Kojima Productions for making us real fans on edge and making big announcments!!!! I cant wait to see what else you have to show!!!!

145 / @MGSR / 2009年06月02日 15:01

I've be pissed if this was not coming to the PS3 (the rumor is that it will as well as the PC). I, as a long time MGS fan, i understand why the direction to go multiplatform. Gaming is a business after all, but all i'm hoping is that KP keeps the quality over quantity in mind as they previously have in the pass... all i'm saying is...please don't milk the MGS franchise with spin offs! but if you have to make them great games! thank you and good luck!!!!

146 / Thanks / 2009年06月02日 15:02

Thank you for making a 360 version of this. Can you port over MGS4 too please, it is the only one in the series I haven't got the chance to play yet. Thanks for making a 360 version of this though.

147 / MGSR boycott / 2009年06月02日 15:10


148 / Disapointed / 2009年06月02日 15:13

Raiden is cool and everything but honestly, metal gear solid isn't known as a ninja sword kind of game, and if that is the way this one is going to be, im really not interested in playing it. Solid Snake is the heart of this series, if we can't play as him or if he isn't a huge part in this game then you guys should just change the name of the game. If I have to play as Raiden then you just lost a huge fan. Xbox sucks by the way.

149 / Akiba / 2009年06月02日 15:14

I think that this is good thing.
Im huge MGS fan i got Ps2 and MGS 2, MGS 3 for it and still i think that this gonna be epic and reason is: I didnt buy 400€ cost PS3 and now i get good console whit new MGS :P

150 / Insight / 2009年06月02日 15:15

Stop saying the MGS series was always STRICTLY with Sony. In case, you're forgetting, two MGS titles were released for systems that weren't Sony's. Hell, one of them was even an exclusive for the Gamecube. So stop you're complaining and realize that it's a business. He'll do with it what he likes.

151 / yeeaaahhhh / 2009年06月02日 15:17

im still getting it.

152 / bolok / 2009年06月02日 15:21


153 / gilly bates / 2009年06月02日 15:21

delicious butthurt of people who can't enjoy their games without whining... is delicious

154 / seigfreid / 2009年06月02日 15:21

This kind of stuff happens all the time, if you really are a humongous fan of his games you would just suck it up and buy a 360, I'm no fanboy but I am happy he is branching out to the fratboy type audience of the xbox360

155 / Eman Kcin / 2009年06月02日 15:24

To all those fans crying because there's a MGS game on the 360: Shut up and grow up. Stop whining.

156 / Tomo / 2009年06月02日 15:25

Great news, now more people can enjoy the Metal Gear series.

157 / Graf Mints / 2009年06月02日 15:25

Are you guys serious? You're this upset over a Metal Gear game going to the 360? MGS2 was on the XBox. MGS and MGS2 were both on PC. It's a videogame system. A piece of technology. It is not a country or your family. Stop with the unwarranted loyalty to electronics.

As an owner of both the PlayStation 3 and an XBox 360 I am simply happy to hear of a new Metal Gear being released with Kojima at the wheel. Thank you for all of your past work and thank you for this wonderful news.

158 / :) / 2009年06月02日 15:25

I Can't wait

159 / noname / 2009年06月02日 15:26

I wonder how much money microsoft slipped under the table to get this...

160 / crisXIII / 2009年06月02日 15:27

its coming out for the ps3 and 360 so all you ps3 fanboys can breath now and stop raging. dont forget guys that this is business and their not abandoning you, their expanding to earn more money and there is nothing wrong with that. it comes out for both consoles so buy it for the console you have a hard on for

161 / noname / 2009年06月02日 15:27


162 / problem, officer? / 2009年06月02日 15:27


163 / Tiko / 2009年06月02日 15:33

The Raiden's eyes are orange because Xbox can't make it blue xDD!
Seriously, I hope that it will be multi-platform... ?I'm MG's fan I will feel traitioned if it will be mutli...

164 / noname / 2009年06月02日 15:34

It's multiplatform. who cares, either way i'll get to play it.

Looking forward to more metal gear solid.

165 / Commen Sense / 2009年06月02日 15:34

Seriously Sony fans enough, its ridiculous. If you listened to the press conference, right before MGS was revealed, the guy talking said "the game 360 fans have wanted to play most" well Microsoft went out and got it. As of now MGS4 is still yours and yours alone, this is a new game which by the way you are getting, so is PC. So calm down, you are also getting another PSP game so relax.

166 / You guys are fanboy console kiddies / 2009年06月02日 15:35

Meanwhile, I'll be playing the superior version on the PC.

167 / Tom / 2009年06月02日 15:37

I do own a 360 and a PS3, but I still feel slightly "betrayed".

If this is multiplatform, then I'm buying it for the PS3, the console the franchise was meant to be played on. :D

168 / Leviathan Merc. / 2009年06月02日 15:39

I love Kojimas work but he once told us that he makes games for his fans, and every PS3 owner is a fan. Snake (rest his soul) would have been ashamed.

169 / The Goddamned Batman / 2009年06月02日 15:40

Easy you guys, I highly doubt he'd go from PS exclusive to Xbox exclusive. The Wiki article on it says its multiplatform, everyone just needs to chill the f*** out.

170 / Redacel / 2009年06月02日 15:46

i never post but i primarily bought the PS3 for MGS beacuse that is where MGS has had its game and if it is only on xbox that is messed up.

171 / ELI / 2009年06月02日 15:49

this is great news, MGS for more people to enjoy!

172 / Blindsided / 2009年06月02日 15:52

Trully a disappointment. I've forever been a Metal Gear fan and even bought my PS3 only for MGS4 and any future games of the series.

You set such a high bar with MGS4... why would downgrading to an inferior console be in your interest? sure Microsoft has the money, but we are the fans who have loved everything Metal Gear put in front of us and spent countless hours speculating theories and loving every minute of Solid Snake's story as a soldier. I guarantee this move to the 360 is losing much more of a fanbase than you know.

You did such a wonderful job with MGS4 and gave the PS3 a fighting chance, showing off its superior hardware and making use of the system in order to deliver one astounding game. I was really hoping you'd strive to achieve better and really push the limitations of PS3 hardware instead of sliding back and taking the easy street to cash.

And why exclusive? WHY? Why leave Sony completely in the dust when their system can easily run whatever the xbox can? Even if the MGSR comes out for PS3 at a later date, i will still be plenty disappointed that we get the "tattered remains" of the game. The last attempt to re-market the installment in order to boost sales.

We are your fans Hideo. Why?

I know you're a 3rd party developer, but too many of your fans are like me, and specifically bought the PS3 to experience the future of the Metal Gear series.

Please hear what we have to say. I've been with you every step of the way and have enjoyed Metal Gear immensly! But no matter how big a fan I am, after a move like this i am ready to move on. And i guarantee you a LOT of other fans will do the same. Please remember your fans.

173 / Kilburn / 2009年06月02日 15:55

What pisses me off is that ALL the fanboys would say "OMG! TEH MGS IS TEH SUXORZ" and now that it's part of their lbrary, its god's gift to mankind. Screw that. Say, we PS3ers get Halo or Mass Effect or.... Well thats really where the good exclusives end. We still got GoW3, Uncharted 2, Joker exclusive to PS3 in Arkham, Killzone, inFAMOUS, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance, MGS4, Gran Turismo, etc.... Not tactical Espionage action. More like Raiden May Cry. Or Ninja Raiden. Anyway... Kojima = World's #1 Troll!

174 / anonomous / 2009年06月02日 15:55

calm down, it will be on ps3. calm down, calm down, calm down.

175 / Uriel999 / 2009年06月02日 15:58

LOL, system fanboys=phail. Kojima Productions thanks for bringing gamers more stealth espionage action! As a gamer with both the 360 and the ps3 (yes you guys got me to get the ps3, but hey I needed it anyways to play the old mgs games cause my ps2 broke) I think it is awesome you are bringing Metal Gear to the xbox 360 so more gamers can enjoy your series. While you have not announced whether or not the game is exclusive either way true gamers will not care. Only the fanboys will be bothered. And for what? Games are made to make money, why would you not try to make games for other platforms. It is simple economics. So yes, thanks again for continuing the series, and I look forward to finding out through the rest of E3 what we have to look forward for from Kojima Productions.

176 / Jack Reacher / 2009年06月02日 16:03

Wait, its coming to the PS3 right? Who cares if it goes to the 360, your a bunch of losers its got nothing to do with you be greatful they are still making these games you selfish losers

177 / Hurr Durr / 2009年06月02日 16:04

Lots of butthurt in here. You babies need to get a life.

178 / BoxxMann / 2009年06月02日 16:05

All these people crying over having to share a game are children.


179 / _CARLOX_ / 2009年06月02日 16:07

Loyalty to the end!

180 / KOJIMA HURRY UP AND GIVE US / 2009年06月02日 16:08


181 / vortigrundle / 2009年06月02日 16:08

i like gears of metal it is an cool gaem and i like it a lot

182 / 32ftSniper / 2009年06月02日 16:08

well i think this is just a trick from hideo, he does very well at hiding the truth...besides sony's press con. is tomorrow.

183 / A Non E-moose / 2009年06月02日 16:09

Kojima,-san, if you read the comments on your own blog - these are your fans. Rabid, screaming children who fight over whose console is better like it actually means anything.

The people who say OMG YOU BETRAYED US FOR MICRO$OFT'S MONEY are people you would do well to ignore. They only seem to care that the rival console loses this imaginary 'console war' and not that the game is any good on the console that you've chosen to develop it for.

184 / john / 2009年06月02日 16:10

Now that you made this multiplatform, I hope that it's graphically equal on both consoles at least.

185 / Moonakira / 2009年06月02日 16:13

we should understand kojima. sometimes the company makes the decison for maximal value. he just can't hold it... i just hope the next mgs will be as good as mgs4. if it's multi plat, don't let 360 down the game...

186 / Kai / 2009年06月02日 16:13

To all you people screaming below, You do know that MGS: Rising is not going to be directed by Mr.Kojima?... And it's also multi... ?

187 / Kojima Messed Up / 2009年06月02日 16:19

Kojima, you messed up. Do you know how many fans you lost today at E3? Enjoy sales not hitting a million in the first week.

188 / diaz / 2009年06月02日 16:21

im pretty sure its multi platform

189 / cyphermega / 2009年06月02日 16:25

You people no nothing on storytelling. Why let your creation stay still because of a few fans. Snakes story has been told for a long time and its time to let others grow from the story as well. Its quite simple new story new direction and if your a real fan you'll appreciate the expansion of the metalgear universe .

190 / Never / 2009年06月02日 16:28

Never expected hideo to be a sellout. guess he had us tricked with his Honor speaches

191 / noname / 2009年06月02日 16:29

Raiden's mission will be to stop Milo aka the new Patriot AI.

192 / noname / 2009年06月02日 16:30


193 / .... / 2009年06月02日 16:35

why kojima why?

194 / Josef / 2009年06月02日 16:37


195 / bawb / 2009年06月02日 16:39


196 / blablabla2 / 2009年06月02日 16:51

u guys, stop being kids... especially to PS3 owners.u make fun of 360 users and now when kojima announced another MGS will be multiplat, suddenly u behave like kids..sotp being a cry baby..grew up..btw, it's just a video game.To me,everyone deserve to enjoy MGS, no matter on which console..

THANK U KOJIMA!!!!we 360 users love u!!!!!

197 / thisbjohn / 2009年06月02日 16:56

This can't be I am very disapointed
First it was Substance on XBOX
Now Rising on 360
(Twin Snake Was Acceptable)

Hope he'll change his mind and have it on PS3 as well

198 / Don't do this (360) / 2009年06月02日 16:58

Please don't throw away the series like that, MGS lives and breathes on Sony!

199 / PS3 / 2009年06月02日 16:59

Awesome. PS3 is a good console but not great. Developing to the 360 is a big leap forward for you!
Great finally you realize what others (Tekken 6 example)realize. That making a game to the 360 is a good thing. Great work!

200 / Real / 2009年06月02日 17:01

Come on you 14 year olds. Stop calling them traitors. What's does it matter that it is for the 360? Calling them traitors, that is very grown up. silly people.

201 / Spiffy / 2009年06月02日 17:01

The lady at the end said "We'd love to hear your feedback", she won't be saying that next time....

When the Wii got Chocobo Tales, a spinoff to the main series of Final Fantasy no one cared so what's so bad about another console having a spin off to the MGS series?

202 / Anonymous / 2009年06月02日 17:02

Lowyat PS3 Fanboy representative reporting in. Just kidding.

203 / Lowyat/PS3 / 2009年06月02日 17:08


204 / Seckro / 2009年06月02日 17:08

Guys, seriously. Enough with this damn hate. Kojima was tired of the playstation hardware a long time ago. You screaming traitor makes it even less of a chance that Kojima will give a damn about your comments. He barely made revenue on MGS4 sales because of the PS3 itself. Its cool to be a fan of the MGS franchise. Don't blame someone for wanting to expand. Kojima shows loyalty to his fans and he wants to make the game better. If you where true fans of the series just get a 360 and play the damn game. Come on. Its why you bought a PS3 right?

205 / noname / 2009年06月02日 17:13

Kojima its treasonous one! only bought Ps3 beacause of the new metal gear solid 4 and you spear the new metal gear for xbox360?This does not have pardon!

206 / TiNhO / 2009年06月02日 17:26

No words to share...

207 / Commen_sense / 2009年06月02日 17:29

*flame shield up* LOL there is alot of fail in these comments. Apparently some people here seem to beleive the 360 is a dying system while as a matter of fact it is only getting better as we have seen through its line up and tuneups becoming more available to us. I think this was the right move for MGS so that they could bring the love to 360 exclusive players so they can get in on this awesome series. Seriously everyone think before you comment.

208 / StarFoxA / 2009年06月02日 17:30

Everyone complaining needs to get a life. In the big picture of things, does it honestly make that big of a difference in your life whether or not a Metal Gear Solid game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3? I can understand people being a little bit upset, but decrying any game developed by Kojima from this point forward is ridiculous. This is a business, and the goal will always be money. Hate to break it to you, but that's the reason Kojima developed the rest of the Metal Gear series as well. Metal Gear Solid: Rising is no exception.

209 / amd9999 / 2009年06月02日 17:34

heheh its been conquer by FREEMASON!!! Microsoft is FREEMASON!!!!! RICH!!

210 / GuiltyDragon / 2009年06月02日 17:40

I'm glad to see a Metal Gear game on 360. Can't wait for MGS4 to be announced multiplatform as well.

211 / Highlander Wolf / 2009年06月02日 17:43

Well it's Monday night, so all we've got to go by is the above picture of Raiden - but I'm very impressed by the character design! Raiden... looks completely inhuman. That's good.

One request for this Raiden game - just because he's a ninja now, don't shy away from the guns. He has lots of experience with heavy weapons (MGS2), and we didn't see him fire a single bullet in MGS4... give the man guns, I say!

Please ignore all these other posts, calling you traitors and whatnot just because you're developing for another console. Feel free to do what you want; in my eyes you've earned that freedom. But, it'd be nice to see MGS Rising on the PS3...! :^)


P.S. - Why is it called "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" if Solid Snake isn't the main character? Why not "Metal Gear Raiden" or something like that?

212 / Linkyshinks / 2009年06月02日 17:57

God you people are sad lol

Great news Kojima san!, looking forward to Rising, it sounds awesome.

213 / Florent / 2009年06月02日 17:58

Hello all, for me Microsoft kill the video game and MGS on xbox 360 is for me a bad news but the business is business and Mr Kojima is not a traitor but is a creator of video games which is his job. For me the xbox 360
deserves no mgs but it is the choice of Mr Kojima or Konami its all.

214 / <3 Kojima / 2009年06月02日 17:58

Cry on... support Kojima over your damn console. Kojima > both consoles.

Bring us another fantastic game. These people say they won't buy any of your products anymore? They're missing out and we can care less.

215 / lol / 2009年06月02日 18:06

"91 / :( / June 2, 2009 11:34 AM

Do you really think that people that only have Xboxs (the only reason for a console exclusive) are interested in a PS francise such as this? They wont know a thing about the games or history. The fans of MGS are PS owners. Why make a game that we cant play? Atleast make it for both platforms so the MGS /FANS/ can play. Stupiest marketing scheme I've ever seen. Good job going with Microsoft's money instead. Now you have no fan base. :)"

I've played and beaten every single MG and MGS, save MGS4 because it's on the PS3, and I don't want to dish out the cash for it.

But keep whining because your mom wont buy you an XBox360 AND a PS3.

216 / josh / 2009年06月02日 18:11

i dont have a problem with more people being able to play this insane series of games, but it disapoints me due to the self chosen restriction on potential disc power. i have friends who own both consoles and use their 360s much more than their PS3s who were quite annoyed at this decision for that reason. i always looked forward to the next mgs as pushing the barrier but i guess this one will be just another game

217 / player of MGS / 2009年06月02日 18:15


218 / ZeroCool3397 / 2009年06月02日 18:16

People need to wake up, who cares if its not 'just for the ps3 fanboys' I think its great but i think you lot need to grow up. Its a game, not real life. If your a true fan like you all keep saying then it wont matter what console a game comes out on. They do the same thing near enough so cut the guy some slack for bringing something new to the xbox. At the end of the day limiting yourself to one option will only loose you money people have wages to pay and mouths to feed. If your a fan your a fan regardless, your all the traitors for not supporting the franchise.

219 / fuo / 2009年06月02日 18:22



220 / f / 2009年06月02日 18:26



221 / Yoboman / 2009年06月02日 18:32


222 / Baki / 2009年06月02日 18:43

Konichiwa Kojima-san.

First, I would like to say I am really looking forward to this new game. Playing MGS 4 gave me renewed respect for the Raiden character. My only request for this game is to find a way to get rid of the multiple installs (on the PS3 version).

Arigato Kojima-san.


223 / 360-user / 2009年06月02日 18:46

Ha! All PS3 fanboys are freaking out, it's both funny and sad really (I mean, get a life). Not that I care too much about MSG, but this can be interesting.

224 / noname / 2009年06月02日 18:52

For all the disloyal pseudo-Metal gear fans...MGS was never an exclusive franchise to begin with.

To Kojima, thank you for not abandoning somebody who's been a fan of the series since the days of the PSX. While I know it won't be MGS4, it's still nice to know you think of your audience on a wide scale.

225 / sprsk / 2009年06月02日 18:52

Just tell me when I can get your games on a Nintendo product. Oh boy I can't wait. I love playing with my Wii.

226 / lastguy / 2009年06月02日 18:53

What a shame ! Raiden as main character...
F*** Raiden.

227 / Van Darkholme / 2009年06月02日 18:54


228 / METAL GEAR KOJIMA / 2009年06月02日 18:55

Kojima.. I suppose you are going to change those ! ! ! ! symbol of your games to $ $ $ $ ... dissapointed that you prefer money than the fans' trusts.. what a joke developer..

229 / Calm down dear, it's just a game / 2009年06月02日 18:57

The game is multiplatform; PC, 360 and PS3.

Games sell better on the 360 than the PS3 because there are more 360s out there. You can't expect Konami to invest tens of millions of dollars in making games and not want the best returns.

230 / LOL / 2009年06月02日 18:58

Hey, there's still time to buy the superior console, the 360. :>

231 / KADARE / 2009年06月02日 18:58

Multiplatform games are never as good as exclusives, games are always better when built from the ground up focussing on the strengths of a single platform. It was just to announce a port of MGS4, a year after the game had already been released, i wouldn't have cared... but now I worry kojima-san's vision will be compromised by the challenges of multiplatform development. disappointing news.

232 / Zack / 2009年06月02日 19:04

I Have anything to do with stupid console wars. My point is just that I buy MGS games since Psone, and now that I bought a PS3, I don't have money to buy another console, just to play MGS. If this game don`t come to PS3, nice, I'll never buy it.
BTW, I`m also suprised about this game going DVD9, I wonder what will happen with quality of stuff, and, the game story...

I insist, my point have nothing to do with stupid console wars, I just want to understand, and know if I`ll buy the next MGS or not.

Of course, there is more on E3 to come.

233 / Do you rike it ;) / 2009年06月02日 19:09

@ Guys down:

Be cool. Whats the problem ? It´s all O.K.

234 / Zack / 2009年06月02日 19:12

AND now as a GNU/Linux fan, I want a MGS port to Linux OpenGL!

Well people I tried at least... U know, this world is full of surprises...

235 / David R. Lambert / 2009年06月02日 19:16

I'm more ashamed to be a gamer than a MGS fan. Do you people stop to think even for a second before posting? Reading these comments, I can see why gamers get a bad name. Just look at what you've written? First off, console exclusivity, with the exception of first party titles and certain so-called "timed exclusives", is a thing of the past. So this should not even be a surprise. Second, I'd really like an answer to this: How can it possibly be a bad thing for someone to purchase the most popular console (for mainstream and hardcore gamers), with the best online functionality, the largest game selection, the highest quality first party exclusives, and the lowest price (especially ion today's financially burdened times) and be able to play a first rate game like MGS on it? It's a good thing guys, and there's no way to argue against that. If the PS3 dies, it'll be because it was overambitious and over-priced, NOT because a MGS game appeared on another platform.

236 / KOB / 2009年06月02日 19:19

You sold your soul to the microsoft for money, burn in hell kojima.

237 / Tetsujin / 2009年06月02日 19:19

Honestly, people pulling the "traitor" card are really immature fanboys. This is business, not some story about honor and loyalty...between one company and another.

And last but not least:
RISING is NOT Xbox360 exclusive.

Stop being idiots and stop spamming up the comments with your whiny bullshit.

238 / hello / 2009年06月02日 19:23

You hurt my heart...
I can't belive the NEWS...
How much money is microsoft give you?
I bought your games on PS series
You shouldn't hurt players heart!
I want to sell out my MG collection now.

239 / Foxhound494 / 2009年06月02日 19:24

Lightning Bolt Action? Metal Gear Solid need's to go back to basics, STEALTH.

MGS4 was ruined by the new action components leading it futher away from stealth espionage which the MGS franchise is famous for.

I want to see a stealth game not another action game. I'm hoping Kojima has something good instore for the PS3 otherwise you will leave many loyal fans dissapointed.

240 / Jeremy / 2009年06月02日 19:27

Ha! All these people claim to be fans of Kojima and MGS,but all I see here are rabid, crying fanboys.

This is great for Metal Gear, multiplatform allows everyone to enjoy this historic series.

241 / koko / 2009年06月02日 19:38

kojima i love you
konami i love you

242 / Igor / 2009年06月02日 19:42

I have both consoles.

Thanks for yet another new game Mr. Kojima!

Enjoy being butthurt Sonybros :)

243 / KOJIMA BETRAYED US / 2009年06月02日 19:49


244 / Squall85 / 2009年06月02日 19:54

Yupp, ms has enough money to keep the xbox alive. They bought the next MGS title (I hope it wont be exclusive). I can imagine how could people buy xbox... Ahh, never mind...

245 / Dreadknux / 2009年06月02日 19:56

Sony fanboys. Shut the hell up.

P.S. I <3 my PS3.

246 / Dionar / 2009年06月02日 20:01

Kojima you are a traditor!!!! SOLD BY MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!
PS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!:@

247 / WaLn / 2009年06月02日 20:02

It's hard to put my disappointment in words. =( MGS belongs to the PlayStation, since 1998! The PlayStation made MGS big!

248 / MR>NICE GUY / 2009年06月02日 20:08


249 / David / 2009年06月02日 20:10

That's an shame IF this game only in x box 360 , changeing sides ?

250 / Welcome to 360 / 2009年06月02日 20:10

Welcome to a better console Kojima-san. Boy, these fangirl tears taste delicious. Cry moar.

251 / sotodefonk / 2009年06月02日 20:17

what the hell is wrong with you people?

its good for xbox users to have a mgs game and good if it is multiplataform because i can play it, but traitors?... shame?... "i no longer like mgs"...

please give me a break and get a life please

252 / King / 2009年06月02日 20:19

Haha...these comments are both hilarious and pathetic.

253 / News Bot / 2009年06月02日 20:24

Wow you people (comments, not KP) have to be some of the biggest retards I've ever seen.


254 / Vanilla / 2009年06月02日 20:25

You sold your soul...

255 / Where ? where ? where ? / 2009年06月02日 20:26

Where is the new license of Mr Hideo Kojima ?
I want a new license , a new big project , a new experience ,not an other mgs .
Kojima you lost your creativity ?
me, I lost my passion but
I remain hopeful

256 / Taro / 2009年06月02日 20:27

Console Wars retards.
MGR is Multi.

257 / infamous mantis / 2009年06月02日 20:28

From an adult's point of view multiplatform is good , cos all people can play MGS Rising.

From a mgs fanboy point of view , please have some PS3 to PSP connectivy to unlock content not found on other versions

Sadly a true MGS5 for Playstation 3


258 / PHILIPOS / 2009年06月02日 20:29

I'm a MGS fan for years... since 1998 from the age of 10.. In my opinion calling names and surrounding with blasphemy a man and his team makes me understand that all these people called or self called i must say "gamers" actually care about the games that they play.. So what if MGS is multiplatform. This won't effect either the quality of the game or humiliate the SONY brand. Come on... Seize the moment and the following suprises from KP... Try to be more open minded...

259 / They Call me ... / 2009年06月02日 20:31

Mr Kojima you lost lots of fan including a boy who has grown with mgs series a boy belive in true hero snake a boy who loyal to end a boy who is lastnight understood meaning of some legend must DIE .
A Legend whom sold himself to A Company and close his eyes to his Fans
Bye For Ever Mr Directior

260 / Where ? where ? where ? / 2009年06月02日 20:32

Where is the new license of Mr Hideo Kojima ?
I want a new license , a new big project , a new experience ,not an other mgs .
Kojima you lost your creativity ?
me, I lost my passion but
I remain hopeful

261 / bzayid / 2009年06月02日 20:34




262 / BIG BOSS / 2009年06月02日 20:35


263 / Metal Gear Help / 2009年06月02日 20:37

I think that it is ridiculous that people are complaining about this. Granted, I am too a little annoyed, but not enough to loose faith in Kojima. After today, I am sure I will be blow away by whatever Kojima does for PS3 next!

264 / Mr. Slammor / 2009年06月02日 20:39

I like big boobs and i cannot lie!!
mgs 4 da world

265 / Dimitri (orléans) / 2009年06月02日 20:40

Mister Kojima, you're the best !

266 / SOLD YOUR SOUL FOR SOME BUCKS / 2009年06月02日 20:41

you are a man without honor...

whats with your visions? thought MGS4 will be your last MGS

you are just a money-craving liar

267 / lmao / 2009年06月02日 20:41

Rofl, Fanboyspam.
Calm down, it's not 360 exclusive.

268 / Joelnes / 2009年06月02日 20:42

Dr Mr Kojima

I love you i would actually turn gay for you <3

and I love how you finally made it multi-platform.

269 / Aleks / 2009年06月02日 20:45

Hi there KP Report Team,

Nice to have a daily Report and listen every Day to your voices. ( especially Christine's) ;)

I was actually suprised, when i saw MGSR for 360 but i think i didnt heard something about exclusive for Xbox 360. I know you cant tell it now and it tickels you in your fingers, but i am guessing or hoping, that you will announce MGS5 for Playstation 3 and maybe later MGSR will come to the PS3 and MGS5 to the Xbox. Why not? I would be satisfied if there would come out both games on both consoles. I hope you heard it Mr. Kojima and Metal Gear Team!

Have a nice time making another MGS and dont dissapoint us ;)

your Aleks

P.S. Thanks for answering my Question about the guy following you in Eastern Europe in your Report. And dont listen to the PS3 Fanboys, who call you traitors.

270 / msboy / 2009年06月02日 20:46

i see it coming:
gran turismo 5 for the xbox 360, too. hahaha :D
hey fanboys. shut up now.
there are too many freaks on the world like you.

271 / rev / 2009年06月02日 20:47

You guys are making Sony fans look like idiots. Chill out. The PS3 will get the game too, and the PSP will get another game.

272 / Ken / 2009年06月02日 20:47






273 / Kingame / 2009年06月02日 20:50

I don't think that the fault is of Koiima... but... this is a huge mistake...

274 / golgarta 2905 / 2009年06月02日 20:52

Hey theres a lot of Money from MS
for Kojima.

I wish you a lucky Holiday in Redmond or Vegas.

R.I.P Kojima on PS3

275 / jARVIS / 2009年06月02日 20:57

Very Nice! PS3 was kind of a disappointment for the development team, so this is a result of that. Maybe they loose a few childish fans, but they will gain millions of new one's.

276 / xaviermaas / 2009年06月02日 20:57

wow why cant you guys just be happy that kojima put Metal Gear on x-box its going to make the fanbase bigger than it already is Metal Gear is still going to be on PS3 so just be happy with it

277 / Jaouro / 2009年06月02日 21:03

Don't mind the angry people below me... they are PS3 fans NOT MGS fans.

a True MGS fan will buy a console just to play an MGS game... Good luck with rising, I am sure it will be awesome.

Please Continue the trend to make Multiplatform games, since there are no other way Japanese developers can survive in this gen...Multiplatform games are they key.

Exclusives only make fanboys happy.

278 / PS3 PLEASE! / 2009年06月02日 21:05


279 / FrAn! / 2009年06月02日 21:06

Hideo Kojima WAS my hero...

280 / PSN: gabrielr26 / 2009年06月02日 21:09


281 / Dan / 2009年06月02日 21:11

Everyone stop hateing kojima pro makes great games and will continue to do so

282 / The Omega Man / 2009年06月02日 21:18

I just wanted to let you know as a Playstation owner that I don't mind MGS on the Xbox 360, however I expect that us PS3 owners also get some MGS loving. So i am looking forward to hear what you have in store for us PS3 owners.

283 / FrAn! / 2009年06月02日 21:18


continue EXIT

284 / FrAn! / 2009年06月02日 21:20

why? why? and now? ps3 zero!!!! f**** kojima

285 / I love Kojima / 2009年06月02日 21:21

You are my favorite person. I have never been happier. Thank you for giving me and all 360 owners the chance to play your new game.

286 / k_nuth / 2009年06月02日 21:22

you're a traitors, i'll never think kojima make a master game for the 360, this is horrible, what about the ps...why???? B:

287 / Why? / 2009年06月02日 21:27

why is it a 360 exclusive? the ps3 could just as easily do that game, i bought my ps3 just for metal gear solid 4

288 / Vip / 2009年06月02日 21:27

playstation fans have been well and trully kicked in the face, why not make it multi platform????

289 / max / 2009年06月02日 21:29

@ all the guys who said, he is a traitor o.e.

shame on you all guys.
a real mgs fan should support this...
ps3 or doesn't matter.
a new mgs game---that's the only thing!!!
it is normal that hideo wanted to give the xbox users the chance to get the experience with this awesone game.

290 / Vip / 2009年06月02日 21:29

i was just looking on ebay for cheapest 360, i had to scroll through 10 pages of FAULTY 360's, and yet you think MGS is worthy for XBOX 360??!!??

291 / Vip / 2009年06月02日 21:33

im just hoping, that MGS rising is standalone raiden story for xboxers, and we devoted playstation owners will get a continuation of MGS story with BIG BOSS in the past, outer heaven fortress!!! please Hideo

292 / tista360 / 2009年06月02日 21:35

i love you mr kojima thank you. you make all xbox360 owners happy thank you again

293 / ivansup / 2009年06月02日 21:48

I hope it will come to PC.....

294 / lmfao / 2009年06月02日 21:52

omg u guys are too funny
u act like ur life wouldn't have any more sense xDDDDDD
it's only a GAME!

295 / doesitmatter / 2009年06月02日 21:58

These comments make me feel ashamed being part of the gaming-community.

296 / NutJobJim / 2009年06月02日 22:00

Cant wait to play this on 360.
My console in now complete.

297 / Liquid / 2009年06月02日 22:01

and big boss?.......

298 / (ex?)FAN OF A SELLOUT / 2009年06月02日 22:05


299 / Mass Suicide / 2009年06月02日 22:07

Going to have to commit suicide after hearing this awful news. Thanks for being swallowed by Microsoft's Deep pocket and can't wait to hear the "Expanding the gaming audience" more like "Expand our pockets".

300 / kuiop / 2009年06月02日 22:09

now I have another reason to kill myself, XBOX sucks

301 / MGS fan no more / 2009年06月02日 22:14

Kojima u sold out TRAITOR

302 / Turbo / 2009年06月02日 22:15

Lol sony fan boys are killing themselves lol

303 / IGN Guy / 2009年06月02日 22:20

Why, Kojima why?

A PSP game won't make up for this, most people with PS3's don't even have PSP's.

304 / mgsgamerperson / 2009年06月02日 22:20

wow this is going to be the death of kojima. Jesus just face it the ps3 is the better system the xbox is a dead console and this anouncement is the death of kojima.

305 / Drizzet / 2009年06月02日 22:21


306 / McBain / 2009年06月02日 22:22

not cool kojima

307 / kailex / 2009年06月02日 22:23

kijoma please do the metal gear resing for xbox 360 and ps3 T_T

308 / Siegelink / 2009年06月02日 22:23

That poem is priceless, you guys a re f***ng nuts. Do you even care that you get to play another MGS title?

309 / PS3 version will suck because of X360 / 2009年06月02日 22:23


310 / Rich / 2009年06月02日 22:24

Good gods guys, it's a spin off game for 360, who cares at the end of the day they have to run a buisness somehow and im sure Kojima San wants to get his ideas to as wide an audience as possible.

Anyway we have Sony's conference today and im sure Hideo has something nice planned for us too ;)

311 / kronos / 2009年06月02日 22:27

Hey, I know it's not a good moment to ask about this, with all this thing going on about the new game, but I'd like to know what happened with the Metal Gear Solid Digital Novel? can I still get that?

312 / ex hardcore MGS fan / 2009年06月02日 22:30

i don't know what to say.. seriously...

313 / CONSOLE WARRIOR / 2009年06月02日 22:31


314 / Shiki / 2009年06月02日 22:33

Good move ! Now more can experience the greatness of MGS !! Don't let a bunch of 13 y/o fanboys bother you, good move !

315 / noname / 2009年06月02日 22:34

Wow, more people can enjoy the MGS franchise now!
Oh wait, that's a bad thing because you can only afford one console that you somewhat need to provide a mindless devotion to.

Grow up, you manchildren.

316 / kojimafan / 2009年06月02日 22:41

what the hell ps3 NERDS!!!! we all deserve the mgs game, 360 desrves this, he's not ps3 for life you sad wankers, it was origanlly for nintendo remember, KOJIMA created mgs, you guys gonna hate him then, your not very loyal and it is you who are the sell outs

317 / netr / 2009年06月02日 22:43

This is realy, realy bad

Kojima fans or m$$$$ this is questinon, $ is bad choice!

dissapoint me and all MGS fan!!

318 / Lars / 2009年06月02日 22:46

I love MGS and to be honest I love my Playstation the most of all consoles I've ever owned. However I don't care at all if MG is going multiplatform, since I can still enjoy it anyway!

However one of the best things about exclusive titles, like MGS4, is that they use specific powers/strengths of a console. Console exclusive titles are most appealing to me because of this.

But I guess more (multiplatform) money is needed, in these recession times.

Its kind of a shame if this game will be downgraded (think difference in DVD/Bluray, sixaxis motion, HDD as standard) in any way whatsoever.

Please make 2 great versions of RISING (one X360, one PS3), Kojipro, instead of concessions and lazy ports (like most devs do).


319 / bhytre / 2009年06月02日 22:56

Hello mister Kojima, I am thrilled by your announcement of Metal Gear Rising and support you in developing the best version of the game on xbox 360.

320 / 360 / 2009年06月02日 23:01

Thanks Kojima for MGS on x360 until there isn't a tactical espionaje action. You Are GREAT!!

321 / kailex / 2009年06月02日 23:01

kijoma please do the metal gear resing for xbox 360 and ps3 T_T

322 / MGS fanboy / 2009年06月02日 23:01

My favorit franchise right in the toilet

323 / angry snake / 2009年06月02日 23:01

what the hell kojima . have u forgotten US nuclear bombed japan...

and you betray japan for these greedy american companies. you have HAVE LOST MY CUSTOM AND SEVERAL 10000000 OF FANS.


324 / Representing 95% of gamers / 2009年06月02日 23:02

Wow most of these people are bats**t insane. Branching out to other venues isn't a bad thing. My god its like some of you would take a bullet for you'r ps3. Competition is always good for the consumer.

325 / XxXCrying WolfXxX / 2009年06月02日 23:03

Guys would u please take it easy it will be unfortunetly on Xbox but so will it be on PS3! Kojima Im a big fan of ur work and I want to say i skipped a beat when I heard the news. I feel better knowing It's muti-platform but still it hurts me to know it will be on such a disgust that is an Xbox. PS3 and MGS fans the real question would be KOJIMA please DO NOT destroy the beautiful visual graphics on the PS3 version for the sake of making it muti-platform!!!!!

326 / DarkSider2k9 / 2009年06月02日 23:09

people are looking at this all wrong i see it as xbox needing to be saved by playstations hero because there titles are just pants lol you might take metal gear but snake stays where he belongs which is on playstation ive been playing metal gear since it first started on ps1 and yes i dont own msx versions i still support the idea even if it is flawed there does need to be a new metal gear but not on xbox for one reason xbox is limited to dvd where as ps3 is next gen this could be a mistake but for me atleast metal gear has ended in mgs4 good luck with the new one

327 / S.q / 2009年06月02日 23:11

Hem... Excuse me, but all people here begin to play videogames with XBOX 360/ps3 ?

Metal gear solid was in xbox (mgs2, a true game) and Gamecube ( Twin Snake)... So why cry like that?
I'm a sony-fan too and i don't understand... mgs 4 or mgs 5 is on 360 ? No ?
This is just a SPIN-OFF , like the psp and gc games , and not the "Next" episode.

You're all play at twin snake and the mg psp ? Me, no...
More, this game is on ps3 too... so stop crying (ps3 fans) and ejaculate (360 fans) for Nothing.

328 / Former Kojima Fan / 2009年06月02日 23:16

Kojima how could you DO this to us? WE have been your loyal fans all these years, and you allowed the next Metal Gear game to go to XBOX! I'M PHYSICALLY SICK at this announcement. I'm so angry that I wasn't able to sleep last night. You'd better CANCEL the 360 game, or else NONE of your loyal fans will buy this game, then it'll BOMB and your BUSINESS WILL GO DOWN IN FLAMES. Stop his NONSENSE, NOW.

329 / Gullian Seed / 2009年06月02日 23:17

We want Snatcher too ^_^

330 / JFthemc / 2009年06月02日 23:22

why do you betrayer, he will only release a game in xbox360, he had not say nothing about ps3 and what will he do

331 / Tom / 2009年06月02日 23:25

Honestly I can't say I am pleased, for one I know this is multiplat but yet you seen content to play MS's fanboy games? You have a loyal fanbase and you know this is how they were going to react. All in all this is a really dick move on your and MS's part, if you want to make a multiplat game fine but why let MS pay you to aggitate your fanbase? Oh and by the way Metal Gear on PSP is not going to appease anyone. I don't mind multi plat games but they way you presented it has caused you to loose face with your more extreme fans.

332 / superonizuka / 2009年06月02日 23:26

xbox360.... WTF KOJIMA?!?!

333 / Kira / 2009年06月02日 23:29

Interesting... A new teaser site.

Either way, this is a very big loss. But in the E3 trailer, it doesn't say anything about being 360 exclusive. We'll just have to wait for sony to have their turn at the E3 =P

334 / Mav / 2009年06月02日 23:29

I hope this is one big throw off kojima, because if you think you can take a whiny poor excuse of a secondary character ( and thats all he is ) give him inexplicable ninja abilites and give him a top spot in *coughs* THE NEW METAL GEAR GAME! then i think you're just winding us all up :-)

335 / Mav / 2009年06月02日 23:31

...and please tell me that you're not seriously replacing "tactical espionage action" with "lightning bolt action"...are you trying to see how many loyal fans you guys can piss all over?

336 / Ally / 2009年06月02日 23:31

Wow, something as irrelevant as which bit of electronics a game plays back on sure does attract the internet's craziest crazies. Nice work everyone.

337 / Raiden / 2009年06月02日 23:32

If the game is only on 360 I will Fu***** shoot something! They can't do that. How stupid can you be, all the fans are using PS3!

338 / Bruce / 2009年06月02日 23:34

Didn't think you'd sell out like SE

339 / John / 2009年06月02日 23:37

I guess it'll be a short game then, Kojima only has about 6.5gb to work with now.

340 / Kenny / 2009年06月02日 23:39

Kojima - Master troll

10/10, would rage again

341 / Concerned Fan / 2009年06月02日 23:39

I wonder if Kojima realizes he's ruining the Metal Gear name and franchise by making this game for the 360. Kojima has lost some of my respect, I probably won't even pick up Metal Gear Rising because I don't want to support it. Even though it's multiplat, it'll still sell less than MGS4 did.

342 / Ben / 2009年06月02日 23:42

Hope theres a decent PS3 exclusive to be announced today.

343 /   / 2009年06月02日 23:45

I've been a big fan since MGS 2, never owned a Playstation console though. Thanks for throwing a bone!

344 / Lioneye / 2009年06月02日 23:46

i did hear this was gonna be multiformat but i've heard way too much about i being 360 only....
i'm seriously dissapointed....kojima you freaking sell out....

345 / Hideo_God / 2009年06月02日 23:52

You're GOD HIDEO KOJIMA, Thanks for MGS on x360!!!!

346 / noname / 2009年06月02日 23:52

Why would you willingly put your game onto the xbox 360?

347 / MASKU-KUN / 2009年06月02日 23:53

What's with the mask? I must know its secrets.

348 / You guys... / 2009年06月02日 23:54

It's just a videogame kids...

349 / The truth comes from my mouth / 2009年06月02日 23:54

Xbox is the light, praise Hideo!

350 / Mr.X / 2009年06月02日 23:55

Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyy?
I LOVE MGS, but i hate 360...

Tonight i want MGS5 only PS3.. Pleaseeeee

351 / Once loyal MGS fan / 2009年06月02日 23:56

Unbelievable, I dont believe that Kojima wanted this, Konami forced him.

MGS has been my favourite game series ever since I played Metal Gear 1, I have always loved the fact that it was on Sony consoles, and now its losing its Sony uniqueness, and will turn into just another multiplat series dumbed down to suit the 360 and its fanbase.

Make a real MGS game on the PS3 Kojima, not this "Lightning Bolt Action" stuff.

352 / NOT EXCLUSIVE / 2009年06月02日 23:57


353 / Still loyal / 2009年06月03日 00:04

Dear Hideo blog

I gotta say I'me very appreciative for all the games you've made before, mgs1 is by far my favourite game ever.
However, many people bought ps3s soley for your originality and talent, now it seems you have wasted these people their money.

But I still have faith in you to produce something more mgs-related than rising and hopefully a PS3 exclusive, as most people want.

Tactical Espionage Action forever. We don't want flashy Lightning Bolt action, we want your tried and proven.

Thank you.

354 / KojimaFan / 2009年06月03日 00:05

That's not very nice from these people. Kojima obviously given a lot for players, and this is how people thank. You know, what have they ever done? But it is not about Mr Kojima in the end of the day, is it? I think it is about Sony.

355 / kojima_lostMe  / 2009年06月03日 00:08

japanese over at 2channel are angry at kojima !!! WHY KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS!!!

356 / seifador / 2009年06月03日 00:12

hey guys dont blame kojima
mgs rising will be multiplataform and it's not mgs5.
theres no honor or play station loaylty cause if u dont know metal gear 1 and 2 were both nintendo games... so just sit and wait cus he wont disappoint u like he did with nintendo fans
this game will be multi plataform now shut up

357 / diego / 2009年06月03日 00:16

people !!! stop !!!

kojima only do a metal gear for 360, ps3 have ALL the metal gears!

what more your want ?? this man is f***ing awesome, yoouuur SHOULD BE GLAD, not doing what your are doing...

358 / Kumori / 2009年06月03日 00:20

Wow, it seems you managed to get more comments than hideochano radio! xD

359 / Kenhutchinson / 2009年06月03日 00:24

Excuse them Kojima-San, they don't now what they say.......
I think you've done a great move with a version of Metal Gear Solid for xbox360.
You have my respect.

360 / Tokaro / 2009年06月03日 00:25

It's for 360,PS3 and Games for Windows people. Quit freaking out for god sake. It's just business after all. PS3 hasn't lost any exclusives because this ISN'T MGS4. MGS4 was exclusive, this is a new game and it's going to be done on several other platforms. MGS2 was available on the PC and Xbox, it wasn't exclusive. You guys are idiots, enough said. You people are the emotionally unstable dregs who are bringing this generation down.

361 / Shuya / 2009年06月03日 00:25

hmmm there's a lot of hate here, take no notice they are obviously not mgs fans.

I've waited for a cyborg ninja game since the vr missions with Grey fox all the way back in mgs integral.

I am really looking forward to what exciting new game play/story you at kp can bring with this type of character (finally someone can give ninja gaiden some true competition).

Thank you for all your brilliant work over the years (your games are best in the industry I'm sure many will agree) and I really enjoy the kp report and the integral podcasts.

"Just a warm up" huh? Now who else has a press conference today I wonder ...:P

362 / Hideo Kojima / 2009年06月03日 00:25

Did ju rike it?

363 / lol fanboys / 2009年06月03日 00:26

sure is /v/ in here

364 / NOOOOOOOOO / 2009年06月03日 00:27


365 / cobra 661 / 2009年06月03日 00:27

men with brains. why keep your money maker on the failing console. when you can make money from the 360.

366 / Hideos / 2009年06月03日 00:29

I rike it.

367 / Game Journalist (fan) / 2009年06月03日 00:29

Hey guys, i know kojima is our god and all but don't worry, its multi, even for PC.

368 / Tokaro / 2009年06月03日 00:30


you should have remade Snatcher or made ZOE 3 for godsake!

369 / ... / 2009年06月03日 00:32

I taught you japanese people respected something called honor and word... You kojima said you'll ever ever ever create something to the xbox system again and look at this you ugly bastard... you appear all smiling and homo and talk about mgs on xbox...
You're dead for me...

370 / Tokaro / 2009年06月03日 00:32

Also, Raiden's new design looks cool. Still though, ZOE 3 would have been the best announcement in the world.

371 / Liquidus / 2009年06月03日 00:33

Kojima you're nothing more than a hack. You see I am Metal Gear and I am pretty disappointed at the lack of quality that KojiPro has put into the series post MGS2.

MGS3 was terrible, MGS: PO just as bad, while MGS4 was a nightmare. Nanomachines and loading screens were just a bit too much. Since there was no real plan on the plot you recanted a lot of the story and filled it with nanomachine non-sense.

I've always loved the story of MGS games but since MGS3, each game was getting worse. MGSR is a terrible concept and it should have stayed a concept. BTW I don't understand how you could not edit some of the ridiculous cutscenes (Ocelot running from Snake after the Ray/Rex fight and laughing like a child)etc.

The opening intro was terrible and the perfect example of why you should have never listened to Ryan Payton. Oh and I do miss the original MGS theme but I guess that russian composer had some say in that eh?

You said it was the end? You said it was over? Now you give us Lighting Bolt Action?! You need to get you priorities straightened out. Make a new IP! Suda 51 is dying to work on Project S, the fans want ZOE3... they don't want another terrible MGS game.

372 / >:/ / 2009年06月03日 00:34

You idiots know its coming out for the PS3 as well right?

373 / Alard / 2009年06月03日 00:36

Well... good for Microsoft and all the Xbox owners.

But I was hoping that Kojima would keep the MGS series as Sony exclusives.

374 / NARTONIC / 2009年06月03日 00:38


375 / Arnoldo / 2009年06月03日 00:38

You guys do realize only two MGS games were exclusive...MGS3 and MGS4.

Q_Q moar IMO.

376 / The Comments Lol'er / 2009年06月03日 00:40

lol at the comments here.
lol at the playstation fanboys.
lol at their bitter tears.
lol at their ignorance.
lol at "betrayal".

oh well, good time, always fun to see the fanboys crying.

Well done, Kojima, I am looking forward to this new MGS game. (Pretty sure that's also on PS3, seeing how Microsoft didn't boast about it being exclusive.)

377 / Nesster / 2009年06月03日 00:41

Congratulations on your decision, Kojima-san!

378 / Ash / 2009年06月03日 00:41


379 / Dingleberry McPooman 402 / 2009年06月03日 00:41


380 / Lol@comments / 2009年06月03日 00:43

Just thought I'd post in regards to the comments whining about MGS:R on the 360.
PS3 owners are such a sad breed =(
I feel sorry for them, getting worked up over 1 game going to a console they don't own. It's not like the 360 is expensive anymore, and if you can afford a PS3 you can afford a 360.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the game. Seeing as I can't get MGS4 as I'm not buying the PS3 untill a pricedrop it'll be nice to have a Metal Gear game to play =D

381 / cocoman / 2009年06月03日 00:45

stfu sony fanboys be happy that the game is coming to the ps3 and is not 360 exvlusive, i just dont understand you... when you like kojima then try to understand him, sony gives a shit on exclusives and the xbox 360 was sold more than the ps3, 360 means $$$MONEY$$$ for kojima=good games in the future... just be happy. start to cry when an exclusive 360 mgs will come. c ya

382 / Snake / 2009年06月03日 00:46

With the economy i aint mad at ya kojima lmao.... But 360? how can anyone even play a mgs game with thos controllers.??? better off on the wii honestly haha... Hope it comes out for ps3!!!

383 / fanfromportugal / 2009年06月03日 00:48

I just hope that the game will be released for the PS3 since its the better platform (console)!!
We just have to wait until tomorow....

384 / A Kojima Fan / 2009年06月03日 00:50

Ey, wait a moment, you say that kojima is a traitor because he create a game only for Xbox 360? jajaja, the xbox players don't have the enough rights to play kojima's game in xbox 360???? it's incredible...

385 / True Fan / 2009年06月03日 00:51

Kojima never said exclusively on the XBOX 360!!
There's still a chance for us boys!

386 / Freak / 2009年06月03日 00:53

Imagine if M$ gets MGSR and Sony gets MGSPO2, now that would suck major ass...

387 / Please / 2009年06月03日 00:53

Yey. I read that you making it to PS3 to. Thank god:DDD If its true:S

388 / A NEUTRAL PERSON / 2009年06月03日 01:01

I dont see the point why ps3 owners are all acting like a bunch of spoilt kids.GROW UP YOU PEOPLE.Besides noone knows if it is going to be 360 exclusive or not.The point is that if you are able to play a game why whould you care if another person with a different console can play it too.And even if you cant play the game,and even if it is your favourite game cant u just be patient until it comes to your console or be able to play it either at a friend of yours or an internet cafe.I once had a ps1 and played metal gear 1.I palyed metalgear2 one year ago on my pc and still havent played mgs3 and 4 cause i dont own neither an xbox nor a ps3,i dont whine about it and i dont care about it.LIFE IS NOT A GAME AN XBOX,A PS3 OR WHATEVER GAMEMACHINE EXISTS OUT THERE.AND IF ANYONE THINKS SO HE SHOULD COMMIT SUICIDE BECAUSE HE IS ALREADY DEAD.As for Kojima put yourself in his position.If sm1 offered you a million dollars just to make a game for his console you would be an idiot if you didnt accept the offer just because some of your "fans" that have most likely already bought your game will be dissapointed.And all those who threat that they wont buy your next game are all liars cause they will first chance they get.Kojima isnt a ps fan nor an xbox fan he is a "money fan" as most of the game industry people cause gaming is their job and jobs exists for sm1 to make profit out of them.They create games so that people will like them and buy them.They dont give a shit if the person who plays it owns a ps3 or an xbox or if he will die in front of a tv playing it for hours.PLAYING GAMES AND SUPPORT A GAME ISNT BAD BUT UP TO A POINT AND IT WOULD BE NICE FOR SOME PEOPLE TO HEAR OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS FOR A GAME.

389 / Van / 2009年06月03日 01:07

The point all u XBOX players are missing is if the game is made multi-play it will be nothing campared to MGS4 because of the hard ware there is no way around this PC & XBOX can't use the BLU-ray disc so the game would have to be shorter and way less detailed

390 / roflfanboys / 2009年06月03日 01:08

Boo hoo, MGS isn't coming out for Sony-based consoles. Cry more.

391 / kikoolol / 2009年06月03日 01:17

Go eat hamburger hideo!!!

392 / METAL GEAR SOLID RISING / 2009年06月03日 01:18

You betray to PS3's MGS4 players.
I think it is a good name to the game and you...

393 / ps3 sucks / 2009年06月03日 01:19

yay for 360.

394 / DCaldo / 2009年06月03日 01:20

It's amazing to see all the sony fanboys crying just because the game will be realeased for X360. Great addition to MS. I'll buy that for sure.

395 / Shin Azure / 2009年06月03日 01:21

You should of known that if you shift more PS3's in a month because of MGS4 than sony sold all of last year, that you have a strong fan base there. You may please 360 owners, but some of them also bought a PS3 just for you, and you're alienating another audience at the same time. True I'm not one of them, but unless the rumors of a PSP MGS are true, sony MGS fans are going to be annoyed.

Waiting for E3 to end before i make any final judgments.

396 / Rodrigo - Brazil / 2009年06月03日 01:24


397 / ROYCOROI / 2009年06月03日 01:27

KOJIMA - U have to show a impressive game do PS3 fans now!

398 / Tone / 2009年06月03日 01:31

Hope this is going on ps3 as well, i realy don't care if sony lose the exclusive for MGS, but ps3 games looks way too better than 360.

399 / Oh well / 2009年06月03日 01:33

Do we really want Raiden, though?
Personally I'll be glad that the 360 users are finally able to play MGS, in some form at least. All this PS3 fanboying is kinda sickening. I've only ever used my Sony consoles; but I don't see how you can all be so mentally attached to them; that you can't give up a sub-par character.

I was really hoping that it would be a game Staring "The Boss" and her Cobra's to be honest; but it's not all that much of a disappointment.

Here's hoping PS3 gets some more love in the near future.

400 / Happy / 2009年06月03日 01:36

you people have to stop bitching and tormenting this guys life just because of this seriously grow some balls

401 / roza / 2009年06月03日 01:37

Oh so the PS3 gets an exclusive MGS and everyones like wooo! But when 360 gets one every one turns on kojima!? Guys leave him alone! Sony doesnt OWN MGS! Need I reming you MGS2S came out on PC & Xbox! Anyway, PS3 are more than likely getting an exclusive of their own with Big Boss as the playable character!

402 / A New Kojima Hater / 2009年06月03日 01:37

Thanks a lot for this next limited Metal Gear Solid, with 3 Dvd discs and poor textures at 720p, short cut scenes and 6 hours lenght. Its all that Metal Gears fans needed now, after MGS4 masterpiece.

Cheers Kojima!

403 / Gayden / 2009年06月03日 01:37

I hope MGS Rising for PS3 don't be limited by the weak xbox360 hardware.

404 / SolidSnake / 2009年06月03日 01:41

Oooh the horror the horror, why kojima, whi ddi you betray us, your loyal PS family gamers, we all should have a sepukku now

405 / Rn (Liquidus) from France / 2009年06月03日 01:43

Hummm, what to say...

A new MGS, that's a big surprise! But, Hideo-sama, you made us taken a back: on 360... A bit deceiving...

Any way, I'll always be expecting more for PS3 players. Something special for us PSX,PS2 and PS3 -MGS fans!!!

Awaiting for a MGS 5, only on PS3 !!

PS: (what about to redo Zanzibar scenarios? lol I'm kidding..)

406 / Gabriel Rutherford / 2009年06月03日 01:44


You have just spitted in our faces. Metal Gear is not going to be the same

407 / aaa! / 2009年06月03日 01:46

xbox owners wont like this game...kojima pro what have they done?...what were they thinking? ok ok never mind

408 / ??? / 2009年06月03日 01:49

great disappointment to see a game that would be awesome, downgraded to fit in the crapbox360

409 / Voice of Reason / 2009年06月03日 01:49

Lol @ the raging fanboys. The world owes you nothing. The only reason you're upset is that you're making the choice to be. You are to blame for your own negative life experience. Wake up. Own your choice.

410 / Valenite / 2009年06月03日 01:51

Wow just wow, how can people be so attached to a piece of hardware...

ah and don't lie seeing how mentally disturbed you people are you'll still buy the next mgs on ps3 and rising too, silly sheeps

411 / rich / 2009年06月03日 01:52

Awesome! I can't wait. The end is nigh, Sony.

412 / awesome man 69 / 2009年06月03日 01:59

360 fo' life. yes! we finally got mgs!!!!!!!

413 / Mr Garry / 2009年06月03日 02:00

I am ashamed to be a Metal Gear fan if it means I am pigeon-holed with people like this, who when they told about a new metal gear experience, become volatile and aggressive because it's not on the console they own. It's disgraceful.

414 / :) / 2009年06月03日 02:01

kojima did good on this one!!!!! :)

415 / Seriously... / 2009年06月03日 02:04

KP is screwed. Because the Jack Sparrow fans (360 owners) will rip the game, and you'll gain nothing with that.

It'll be laughable.

416 / Alloy / 2009年06月03日 02:05

I'm very disappointed in KP right now! Why did you sell out to Micro$oft?! Please re-think your decision!

Metal Gear Solid and PlayStation belong together. They go hand-in-hand like apple cinnamon.

Please don't go to the Xbox.

417 / Brazilian / 2009年06月03日 02:05

This guys are so gay uhauhauauha this is just a game! We'll paly it in our PS3 in the same way if it was a exclusive!

418 / former kojima admirer / 2009年06月03日 02:05




419 / redsnake / 2009年06月03日 02:06

c'mon guys, calm down, everybody knows it'll be both on ps3 and 360, besides all those "traitor" critics...why'r u so jealous? what's tha point to get angry 'bout 360 'll definetely have a mgs if ps3'll get it so? when kojima was asked by famitsu, he said the game would be on both ps3 and psp...'s obviously he wanted to mantain the surprise effect over 360 players, but is obviously that it'll be multiplatform, besides the huge ammount of mony that that fact represents, i don't think he'd betray all us mgs/sony fans (in fact i have both ps3 and 360, so it doesn't matter to me in what platform it'll be released xD)

i'm impatient...i wanna know more'bout these weird masks ;-)

420 / Great Work / 2009年06月03日 02:12

Thank you for recognizing the Metal Gear Solid series is not all about playstation, and deserves to be played by all of your audience.

I have played every MGS twice especially the first on PS1, some of the best games period.

But I could not pay for ps3 as it was too expensive to get it for a couple of games.

But this is great news, now everyone can enjoy the series & maybe Splinter Cell too.

I say more power to everyone, bring Metal Gear Online & the like to each platform. Games on multiple systems can be just as awesome as exclusives, Resident Evil 5 is proof of that. What a great game.

421 / What? / 2009年06月03日 02:12

Ultimate Sneaking Game my ass Kojima

422 / IROULXIII / 2009年06月03日 02:15

Kojima... you are traitor... thats all... all for money? thats sucks.. I buy games only in ps3 ,not multiplataform games. Here is too easy buy pirate games in 360 OK!!!

423 / Filipe / 2009年06月03日 02:20

Kojima Why?

424 / The Patriots / 2009年06月03日 02:23

Fission Mailed

425 / RaDimarzio / 2009年06月03日 02:26

I'm very happy about the Metal Gear series be coming to x360. Of course that we can see by the comments here that the ps fans aren't happy, but u may be sure that u will gain even more fans from the 360 base (which is even larger than the ps).
Proudly as never... cya

426 / T02 / 2009年06月03日 02:27

Honestly... this is awesome news for all of us =) 360 and PS3, they'll make more money on the 360 which will allow for better games down the road. Fanboys need to grow up.

427 / Old-Edu / 2009年06月03日 02:29

Kojima, I can't believe this is true
U should had killed that idiot (Raiden) in MGS4
it would be a nice ending for him
but no, that stupid is going to be the main character of the new MGS? I just can't believe that
I don't care about this going to be in 360 too, I just don't want to see Raiden anymore, PLEASE!
I'm a big fan of MGS series since 1998...
let it be SNAKE, and not Raiden, PLEAE

428 / MGSFAN / 2009年06月03日 02:36

PS3 fanboys, you should be happy because 360 users will can enjoy this excellent game.

429 / aKa xHuNT3Rx / 2009年06月03日 02:37

Hideo Kojima.. is my GODDDDD...
do not listen to those Fanboys who just are envious.

430 / CRISMU / 2009年06月03日 02:38

I was a MGS fan but y get aN Xbox 360 an i get dissapointed because I always wanted to play MGS on my 360
But now you are a GOD!

431 / Shalashaska / 2009年06月03日 02:38

of course it will be multi

432 / I hate the Xbox360 / 2009年06月03日 02:39

His traitor ... It was to launch the new Metal Gear for the box? What was going so well!

433 / ;V@x# / 2009年06月03日 02:40

=/ ps3 rules seu playmobil

434 / we need RISING on ps3 / 2009年06月03日 02:40

please Kojima, MGS4 is a 5 million seller, will you left us alone ?

435 / stevo man / 2009年06月03日 02:42

wtf u guys kojima you cannot drown out the voice of your loyal fans. if you are against this on friday my firend will host games on mgo in protest against this kojima you were the greatest but you sell out your loyal fans for a quick buck but you must think this over

436 / Chikahiro / 2009年06月03日 02:44

Wish you guys the best on your project. Given how the Metal Gear series has been on so many platforms (even before the PS1) over the years, it only seems natural. I would like to echo hopes it will be on the PS3, simply because multiplatform titles usually offer a better return on investment.

437 / stevo man / 2009年06月03日 02:47

i suppose we can handle it but please at least make more stuff for the ps3 such as a co op mode or online fighting only for ps3

438 / Me / 2009年06月03日 02:50

Metal Gear for Xbox 360?
It's a big error!!!

439 / PHILIPOS / 2009年06月03日 02:53

I hope the Kojima Productions team doesn't care after watching all these people who used to "love" the team while holding the exclucivity for Sony brand and now turning their back at them.. Pathetic.. Wake up! It's just a game... Get a life first.. !!

440 / SKATER / 2009年06月03日 02:54


441 / Idree / 2009年06月03日 02:59

So how much $$$$$ did MS pay you!?!?

Man i would've donated both my friggin kidney's just to get a new PS3 Metal Gear.

But NOOOOOOOOOO, Our love isn't grater than Microsoft's $$$$$???

442 / noname / 2009年06月03日 03:00

OMG, stop crying here!! I wonder how much more ridiculous you sonytards can be.

443 / noname / 2009年06月03日 03:01

Good move Hideo !

444 / MGSonlyPS3 / 2009年06月03日 03:03

In how many dvds it will be put? 7?

445 / COBRA KAI / 2009年06月03日 03:04



446 / nene / 2009年06月03日 03:04

x box360 really???? this is just wrong i hope you come back to your senses and do the right thing

447 / Alfon / 2009年06月03日 03:10

Hey people ¿you are crazy? PS3 and 360 are only products, not different than a shirt or a pencil. But you pay a brand and you defend him. OMG, where is going the world :(

448 / survalism / 2009年06月03日 03:11

in words of bob dylan:
money doesn't talk, it swears

449 / noname / 2009年06月03日 03:22

stfu fanboys, kojima can do what he want and... kojima rules :D

450 / 360 rules!!! / 2009年06月03日 03:34

360 rules!!! thanx kojima 360 users wont dissapoint u were gonna make metal gear rising best sold! youll see, cause we are the mayority...this ar is over... 360 reigns!!!

451 / Jake / 2009年06月03日 03:43

Its not exclusive! It was merely stated that the new mgs will be coming to the 360, not that it was exclusive... Dont get me wrong MGS should not be allowed anywhere near any consoles other than the Playstation, and Im very dissapointed in Kojima's decision, however Ps3 users will be able to enjoy the title as well as 360 owners. Look at it as a win-win situation.

452 / Jake / 2009年06月03日 03:44

Scratch that... :( we'll find out tommorrow if it comes to ps3. Kojima!

453 / John Doe / 2009年06月03日 03:44

Pleasy Kojima, don't put end on MGS yet! I don't know how is MGS5, but don't put end in this all!
I'm still a MGS fan, don't matter what happen!The story can continue, and better! you can make remakes, else...
Or like nyou did to MGS1, 2, 3...
You did The twin Snakes, Substyance and Subsistence.
You can make this to MGS4!
And new versions of remakes of those first Metal Gears...
But, don't lose the rest of fans you have!

454 / Rey / 2009年06月03日 03:47

Grow up you damned fanboys, you act like he's some evil monster because he didn't decide to give you a game on the PS3. Quit being such selfish pricks.

455 / psychoclown / 2009年06月03日 03:53

Just bought a ps3 for MGS4...bad surprise, I hope it will come out on ps3 too. please.

456 / Hitman / 2009年06月03日 03:53

Kojima man i loved all mgs even the mg series, the 360 does not do mgs justice, your going to have to downgrade the graphics just to be able to fit on the disk, just so it can glitch and over heat, you should rethink what your doing, the 360 is really a piece of crap compared to the ps3,love your work but im just really disappointed, just keep making the best games that there ever was, but just make them for the ps3, come'on raiden for 360, i've been waiting 5 years to play as him again, but you have a reason for everything so still know im with you

457 / RaidenAR4 / 2009年06月03日 03:58

Kojima you should be ashamed ps fans were with you from the start and you let us down. I hope you have some good news for ps3 fans if not you will lose all of the fans who stuck with you.

458 / Sony 4 Life!!!! / 2009年06月03日 04:04

You just lost a fan Kojima,,,but i still hope that this is a multiplatform game,,,(snake?snake?snake?!!!)

459 / 1 pissed off EX mgs fan / 2009年06月03日 04:08

the metal gear series is the only reason i ever keeped up to date on all the consoles its been on from nes to ps1 ps2 psp and ps3 now its going to xbox f*** that and MGS thanx hideo alot if you want your games back you can find them at gamestop im gonna trade them in for Call Of Duty!!!!

460 / Xboxer / 2009年06月03日 04:08

yea kojima, you are a GOD!!!!
i'm HAPPY!!!

461 / xbox owneer / 2009年06月03日 04:09



462 / SolidSnake / 2009年06月03日 04:15

why this happening? pls just stop this let down i dont understand i just want mgs with SolidSnake not raiden not old not alot drama i cant believe that the game that i grow up with now its became like this and now what? mgs go to xbox? raiden has the bandana of the dead SolidSnake to honor him? sorry i cant exempt that tnxs mr kojima and ur team fot the mgs series but if it not SolidSnake pls just stop the game is that simple no SolidSnake no mgs enough with the drama like otacons said i dont have anymore tiers to shead.

463 / sonny / 2009年06月03日 04:17

im not as angry as these guys, but it is abit of a let down, i know you gotta make a living but we dont wanna have to buy an inferior console to play the next MGS

464 / Dreamstory / 2009年06月03日 04:34

Well done Kojima. You won't regret it. You'll have all Xboxers support all over the world. We have legion.


465 / 360boy17 / 2009年06月03日 04:38

u guys r such winey pussies, 360 was the best system in the beginning anyways and the ps3 was always doomed, I don't get why u guys r crapping your pants over this when we should be happy for him because all he is doing is expanding his business.

466 / Solid Snake TKD / 2009年06月03日 04:40

My my what the hell is that,,,,,
You guys really take these things too seriously....
Stop blaming Kojima because of that stupid fanboys
by the way i'm a ps3 player and doesn't have a 360

467 / Jack / 2009年06月03日 04:41


Metal Gear Solid is a PS game.
The MGS1 and MGS2 is on PC,but those game's are not like whats on the PS.

So,please,Hideo,don't go to Microsoft.


468 / kardes / 2009年06月03日 05:02

Easy now, people, MGS has gone over to the Xbox after its PS2 brethren.

469 / Zeroduber / 2009年06月03日 05:05

I like a lot the new character armor
it has a lot of details and look cooler the thes previus armor. I wish you guys give us the wallpaper of this image because it look great.
but I dont like the eye patch it is too used in metal gear series and its becoming kind of cliche image, for snake is ok but using it on raiden... I don't think is gonna work ( its my personal apresiation) but I understand its part of the indrotuction of this new game and try to fuse the iconic eye patch of sanke in raiden, I hope I'm wrong. anyways I cant wait to play this game. you mister Kojima and mister Shinkawa are both GENIUSES I hope you live forever hahaha. adios.

470 / NightF0X / 2009年06月03日 05:17

If it turn out to be a 360 exclusive, you guys will just have thrown a legion of loyal fans in the garbage!

471 / ODIN / 2009年06月03日 05:21


472 / ryan / 2009年06月03日 05:22

you guys are ridiculous. whoever said it was 360 exclusive?

473 / Avenger / 2009年06月03日 05:23

Sad, very sad all of fanboys, don't have education? i don't care if it goes to 360 or NES, is another metal gear solid coming for us, that's the important.
thanks kojima for create metal gear and metal gear solid.
Regards from Spain

474 / mimicry / 2009年06月03日 05:28

Im still mauling the whole thing over so I wont let my hormones do the talking. Hideo San did say Kojima productions is moving to its not just MGS...unless that was a gramatic error. firstly your challenge was impossible,Hideo san said he wouldnt do another MGS(I know its not MGS its MGR) then raidens eyes are red...unless he wears contact lenses...thats pretty messed up,even sunny doesnt have red eyes(they are blu with black pupils if i remember correctly). Kojipro might aswell tell us what they are not going to do then we will know what you will be doing.Moreover I loved raiden from the start because he gave a new perspective on war,he was an innocent sweat bugger with rose as a girl friend,then in 4 he was a wounded lion,that innocence was still burning,but not as brightly as it once was,id like to see a more confused Raiden. oh and its not tactical espionage...its lightning bolt action.After E3 Ill go on a media blackout on ps games until iv played and finished MGSR...I'll get an Xbox,I owe that much to Kojipro.

475 / Mastrolindo / 2009年06月03日 05:38

Mr Kojima... please... guys... in all the world are crying...
We still love you.... but... if you still love us and not only god-money....

Make this game multiplatform.... ps3 can't stay without a metal gear.... FORGET PSP! FOCUS ON PS3! Ps3+360+MetalGearRising = :)

360+MetalGearRising = Chuck norris is coming....

Thanks... and sorry for this last joke....
please... think about it....

476 / whathaveyoudone / 2009年06月03日 05:49

read the comments. whathaveyoudone.

477 / noname / 2009年06月03日 05:54

I look forward to this game. I own a PS3 and that is my preferred system. I also own an Xbox 360 and that is a good system. An announcement that MGS will be on the 360 is great news, this means more fans around the world can enjoy this great series!

478 / Kessler / 2009年06月03日 06:04

hmmkinda disapointed but happy that MGS games aren't dead... but all that countdown thing Big boss' face for an psp game...

Still hoping for a new Snatcher in a future

479 / erm..... / 2009年06月03日 06:15

All people on here demostrate that they loved the games of Mr Kojima because they were exclusive...

480 / Kyle / 2009年06月03日 06:18

"Console war has change, no more we have Metal gear or we have gears of war... wii is going to disapear with Natal... its an endless series of proxy battles fought by MERCENARIES and machines... war has become a well-oiled business transaction

doug stone was predcting the future in MGS4 when he screamed traitor

the best is yet to come see you tomorrow at konami conference...

481 / kurt88 / 2009年06月03日 06:23

big ERROR!!!!!!

manu from italy
and speak english at the next sony press conference like for microsoft..

482 / Callum / 2009年06月03日 06:33

Speechless and Praying to a God.

I hope this Microsoft business isn't as big as we think it is.

Maybe a "Hack n' Slash" Raiden take on Metal Gear, for Western audiences?

Please keep the real Metal Gear Solid with Sony.

483 / Solid Z3R0 / 2009年06月03日 06:38

no metal gear solid :Rising for ps3 ??? :( thats not fairr!!!!!!!! for now on im a ex kojima fan :(

484 / Rai Den / 2009年06月03日 06:41

I must agree, guys. Kojima, what were you thinking?

485 / fanOfKoijma / 2009年06月03日 06:47

all of these idiots who are posting s*** in here should be kicked in ass. I still respect you Kojima! It's amazing what you have done to MGS series!!! Just ignore all those hate mails. To all the others: Rising is going to be a spinoff and Kojima isn't related to it much...I don't see what's the problem in here??? Leave your fanboy shit behind and start thinking. Kojima is doing a real sequel to PSP and it's called MGS: Peace Walker, Kojima and MGS4 development team are working with it.

486 / neox / 2009年06月03日 06:47

I wont buy any metal gear game that comes to the xbox360!!

487 / Kuxi / 2009年06月03日 06:55

So sad... so sad...

488 / NPB-92 / 2009年06月03日 06:56

Oh come on, your being ridiculous (looking at the first few posts)

I know I bum MGS but I'm not crying that it's on 360, it on PS3 aswell :)

489 / PLEASE / 2009年06月03日 06:59




490 / Not a fanboy / 2009年06月03日 07:04

f**n fanboys who cares its a game. y noy share a great game with other consoles.

491 / Albin / 2009年06月03日 07:05

The best game of the history sold by money to a worse platform... bad for sony and bad for metal gear

492 / A Fan... / 2009年06月03日 07:10

Why for XBOX360... Why ?

How much did they for it?...

I know no one will care about our Comments...but we want Answers ;_;

493 / leondasr / 2009年06月03日 07:12

hey respect kojima, is multi and we are going to get peace walker so respect ur god (:

494 / Big MGS fan / 2009年06月03日 07:13

I thoght Otacon told us in the first MGS4 trailor to stick with the PS3....Why would he lie, unless it will come out for PS3 to.

495 / Simeon  / 2009年06月03日 07:23

I really hope that thers not some kind of contract preventing Raiden from ripping it up on the PS3. im sorry...but that is the actions of a sell out.

496 / Just_why_with_XBOX_scum?? / 2009年06月03日 07:24

Why would the best game in the world go to XBOX???? doesnt make sence??
When they made MGS the twin snakes, i thought they wouldnt make the same mistake??
............ but they have
Im guna have to get a 360 just to play on it!

497 / ronzuh / 2009年06月03日 07:37

360 fans love you Kojima!

498 / Simeon  / 2009年06月03日 07:48

I really hope that thers not some kind of contract preventing Raiden from ripping it up on the PS3. im sorry...but that is the actions of a sell out.

499 / PS2Reality / 2009年06月03日 07:50

your soul has a price, Mr Kojima, or i should say Mr Ko$hima..
you don´t exist anymore.

500 / Bob / 2009年06月03日 07:51

Stop whining. It's multiplat. Just be happy there's a new MGS coming out.

501 / Matt / 2009年06月03日 07:51

Guess what isn't the end of the world guys?

MGS going to the 360. Get the hell over it, this is pathetic beyond words.

502 / BUAHAHAHAH! Fuck off, sonary! / 2009年06月03日 07:57

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503 / BossCammando / 2009年06月03日 08:05

Cool Stuff. You know I'm not sure why anyone is angered by this News. If you listened to the pod cast Shawn used the word debut and never the word exclusive. This is what I see happening. MGSR comes out on 360 and not far from it comes MGSPW on PSP. To tide PS users over till MGSR comes for PS3. I also think that Mr Kojima is testing the team to see if they can handle an MGS without him as Director. He has said in the past he might wanted to hand off the game to the team. MGSR is the test. MGSPW I think is Mr Kojima taking on a much less involved Directing project. At least something that is not as involved as MGS4. I also have a feeling we might see a second version of MGS 4 with all the DLC like MGS3S MGS4 Existence?

504 / Jack / 2009年06月03日 08:07

Peace Walker has me hyped. Sadly I do not own a PSP nor do I plan on buying one(money issues). Although I would like to see (a younger) Big Boss on the PS3.

Rising sounds very interesting as well. I can't wait to hear more about it. Multi-platform isn't so bad, don't listen to all the hate. Safety and Peace.

505 / spukka / 2009年06月03日 08:28

Better on the xbox360 More GAME minus VIDEO

506 / A Patriot Spy / 2009年06月03日 08:40

Hi everybody at The KP Report!
This is A Patriot Spy here!
Sean, Christine and Chris are doing a great job and I love listening to you guys!
But I do have one question, What gave you the idea to try something different with the Metal Gear series? Branching out to the Xbox with MGS:R was a bold move and one that I will be eagerly anticipating. As for Peace Walker, Will it have the same cinematic experience that Portable Ops did? I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 so I will be looking forward to MGS Rising and the suprises it will bring.
Heres to the anticipation of these two games and I can't wait to listen to the podcasts and all the "Insider" info ;D.
Thanks a lot!
A Patriot Spy
P.S. I enjoyed the "surprise" during the Microsoft Conference and you guys did a brilliant job in getting me hooked on the teaser website. You guys are such a tease ;P

507 / molotov / 2009年06月03日 08:40

F**k! MGS, Brings us Snatcher / policenauts.

508 / Karina / 2009年06月03日 09:13

you guys complain are not real fans!,are just lunatics on stupid console wars bah! get a hold of yourselfs! if you're a fan of the series......., you might know by now that you CAN PLAY IT ON YOUR PC, and EVERYONE HAS A PC IN HOME!

its just stupid how you boys react to things......just bleeeh, so boring and stupid,grow up!

Raiden its my fav on the series, i don't own a PSP, but i will play Kojima-san game on x360 cause i like to know how Raiden story will end, who cares about this stupid console flame wars? talk about the game already......

good luck on the work Kojima.Pro ^^


509 / Sweet Tits / 2009年06月03日 09:23

Guys who cares if the new MGS is on Xbox, Yeah Xbox blows but hey, It's a new Metal Gear If you were REAL fans you would still belive in Kojima. Yeah i'm a little bit dissapointed too but im just glad theres another metal gear.

510 / NeutralX2 / 2009年06月03日 09:26

These comments are golden. Grow up kids and learn to share.

511 / Jay / 2009年06月03日 09:28

LOL, you guys are a bunch of whiners. How is he a traitor for putting the game on a different system? It's not even the first time a MGS game has appeared on MS console. As games are a creative endeavor it makes sense that someone would want their properties to be accessible to as many people as possible.

512 / Shiroi Kaze / 2009年06月03日 09:30

These comments are pretty funny and sad at the same time.

Yes, I am kind of disappointed, but since MGS:Rising is multiplatform, I'm okay with the idea that more people will play MGS...

513 / Mike / 2009年06月03日 09:56

I just want to know why the peace walker game is PSP and not PS3. Kojima even said that it is canon.

514 / Ps3 Fan girl / 2009年06月03日 09:59

LOL...look @ these Ps3 Fan girls reacting...LOL

...Its just Business Folks... it of not....

515 / ictoancb / 2009年06月03日 10:01

very disappointed.

but im still looking forward to 2 new metal gears. im also very worried by the 360's technical limitations. i want mgs 5 to be as good as 4 if not better and by selling out to microsoft you have limited yourself.

i can sorta understand why your changing to 360 tho, hideo kojima seemed to be getting annoyed about people complianing about it not being on 360 rather than looking at how good the game is.

516 / MGS fan / 2009年06月03日 10:05

I salute you Hideosan for making that bold move. As a gamer it's really a great idea bringing it to 360 since it has a bigger install base hence a bigger crowd will enjoy metal gear. kudos Hideosan.

517 / come on la wei / 2009年06月03日 10:22

to all the lame fanboys out there, come on! mgs was never a sony exclusive. remember twin snakes and substance? for all it's worth i think sony fanboys should even thank kojima. at least it wasnt mgs4 which jumped over. chill guys!

518 / kai1492 / 2009年06月03日 10:34

DUDE!!!WHAT HAPPENED?!i thought kojima was anti M$...ugh...well...good luck with ur new "fans"

519 / xmilocox / 2009年06月03日 10:52

you suck hideo kojima you were my hero but now your lost you sold out to xbox and microsoft.... this isnt fair the ps3 got you to be the amazing creator and director thtat you are and now.... you sould out o microsoft you are a traitor and thanks we know that you care more about the money than the loyalty that the gamers of ps3

520 / UNKNOWN / 2009年06月03日 11:01

I bought a PS3 for the MGS series and now all we get is a PSP game and a multiplatform spinoff....

You've officially alienated your loyal fan base. Thanks.

521 / noname / 2009年06月03日 11:03

i cant believe it kojima you did a masterpiece on the ps3 and on ps2 as well and now you want to switch to a weak console? to the monopoly of bill gates and microsoft? you care more about the money that your sonyfans of ps3 , i think you are a traitor you were my hero but now i think YOU SOLD OUTTTTTTTT $$$$$$$$$$$$$ AND I DONT CARE BUT IF YOU DONT DO THIS GAME IN THE PS3 YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT US THE FANS THAT MADE YOU THE MOST FAMOUS CREATOR OF PERFCET HISTORYS AND VIDEOGAMES

522 / b / 2009年06月03日 11:05

well, lightning bolt action sound like a different spin off for mgs... probably wont play the same...

as long as its fun :) AND MULTI PLATFORM!!!! i bought a ps3 for mgs!

523 / KojimaWorshiper / 2009年06月03日 11:52

I have ALL mgs games. PS, PS2, PS3. I´m a really huge mgs fan. I´ve allways wanted non Playstation owners to experience the games because they were missing something BIG. I was glad when they got MGS for Pc or MGS2 for Xbox, because other people could discover Mgs and the fanbase grew. So PS3 FANBOYS, stop being so EGOIST, EGOTIST, SELFISH, IMMATURE. I´m really glad that other people can experience what we have over all this amazing years, all because of Mr. Kojima, that you now seem to hate like if he´s broken your heart or something, calling him traitor or sold out to Bill Gates, HES A WORKER! WE WORK FOR LIVING!. And you really thing he will make a mediocre MGS game?? because of 360 limitations (according to PS3 fanboys)??!! Come on! Now, we also want innovation! we loved playing as Snake, but imagine always Snake Snake Snake Snake Snake Snaaaakeeee! in every new game, some of us will get tired. We said goodbye to the greatest hero Solid Snake in MGS4, he will never be forgotten. If you wanna be Snake or tactical espionage action play the old games again. Some of us want a new story and are happy with this, hell! maybe MGS:Raising is even going to be for pc!. So, I´m happy with the decition, I do understand the PS3 fanboys a little but I don´t understand some of them calling the GENIUS Mr. Kojima a traitor after all the happiness he has given us, just because he´s not going to their console. Mr. Kojima thank you for everything, keep up, and good luck with the 360, just please make sure it comes also to PS3.

524 / PLAYER1 / 2009年06月03日 11:53

Judging by the average IQ levels of Xbox owners from playing on Xbox Live, I can safely say the majority of Xbox owners aren't clever enough to understand a story that consists more than "shoot lazerz at alienz!".

Why completely alienate the entire 4 and a half million MGS4 fans who bought a PS3 to play ur games by selling out?

525 / xbox 360 / 2009年06月03日 12:01

you are great KOJIMA ^_^

526 / Sloanius / 2009年06月03日 12:15

I have Metal Gear: Solid 1-4 and can and have enjoyed playing all on my 60G PS3. That being said, if THIS new game with Bad @$$ RAIDEN is only for the xbox 360 I will smash all four discs in a fit of justifiable outrage.

527 / SomeGuy / 2009年06月03日 12:22

wow microsoft gets this and we get a psp game niceeeeeeeeeeeee

528 / TAG / 2009年06月03日 12:44


529 / METALGEARFAN / 2009年06月03日 13:42

I was hoping it to be a kojima prank. From the looks of it, my hopes arn't so high up. I was really looking forward for a raiden game with long scenes like MGS4.Maybe they'll make two versions of it, who knows? I really want to find out why the game is comming out for the XBOX 360?

530 / / 2009年06月03日 14:07

Wow guys, calm down. It's officially multiplay for the Ps3 and PC as well as the 360. Why so much hate for the 360?

531 / Orivuer / 2009年06月03日 14:08


532 / Raziel / 2009年06月03日 14:50

Hi i'm from Argentina, i buy the ps3 only for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Honestly it worth it, and i kown that your games are always between the best games i ever played, i don't going to buy a 360 due to it overheating issue, in my country a 360 or ps3 cost are equal to 3 times a monthly salary, i going to play your game it is comes out to the PS3, i going to play for sure the Peace Walker in my psp thank and the better of lucks, sorry if my english is not good enough :P

533 / Evil_Sephiroth / 2009年06月03日 15:28

According to Geoff Keighley of Gametrailers on his Twitter page he spoke with Jack Treton about MGS: Rising. Jack Treton Confirmed with Keighley that the game will definitely be coming to PS3.
Probably MS pay only for make an exclusive launch for him first MGS

534 / Evil_Sephiroth / 2009年06月03日 15:30

And Konami more exclusive....then is normal a multi

535 / ABOUT TIME! / 2009年06月03日 16:13


536 / Jeremy from New york / 2009年06月03日 16:25

if i had this much fans n i came up with greatest series ever..i would neva sell out nething...MGS was my idol n my 1st game was mgs for ps1...Solid snake was my hero...n still is untill it goes to 360...i loved the mgs series soo much.. i loved eveything about it..y would u do such a thing.?? u have everything u need...i wish i owned ur company just to do things right for the mgs fans...i love ps3 n the mgs series n the fans...y do this to us?? y??

537 / Tetsujin / 2009年06月03日 16:32

It's already been confirmed for PS3 as well, could all the fanboys here please shut the **** up?

Damn. You're making me feel ashamed of being an MGS fan because there's so many ignorant fools in here.

538 / GOD / 2009年06月03日 16:51

Man you are fanboys like a child.

539 / G0D / 2009年06月03日 17:50

YES, Thank You Kojima. Great move taking a great game and bringing it to a system that isn't losing half a billion dollars a year.

540 / Videa / 2009年06月03日 18:17

$ony is dead, I love you Kojima ! Thanks !

541 / Shenzu / 2009年06月03日 18:50

shut up everybody ! Kojima have not choise because he work for konami & MGSR is multi. after he was uncomfortable during the conference millions of dollars, then after the announcement of MGSR he quickly crossed.kojima did not change for me is always a man of honor

542 / Kastanguluka / 2009年06月03日 18:54

You can play MGS in Ps3, too, so... no problem¡. I like 360 :)

543 / Chuz / 2009年06月03日 19:11

Dear Kojima-san, can you stop making MGS games or atleast start a different storyline? You're best when it comes to asking questions, not answering them. I loved playing MGS4 the first time around but wouldn't go back to it at all because dayyamn, the plot is a mess. Something like MGS3 would be epic.


544 / its ok / 2009年06月03日 19:25

its ok people relax this mgs will be on ps3

545 / Not a snake yet / 2009年06月03日 19:43

I am a PS3 owner and a MGS series fan. I just want to say that all pro PS3 and MGS fans are not like those stupid animals above. Grow up kids, you look stupid, especially now that it is confirmed to come out on PS3 too. Forgive them Mr Kojima.

546 / noname / 2009年06月03日 19:51

ps3 owners, get a bloody grip on yourselves, mgs should be enjoyed by everyone, regardles of format. and the idiot who typed the traitors 184 times......get a life!! thank you kojima for giving xbox players the chance to enjoy mgs!!

547 / Sadness / 2009年06月03日 20:15

Why Kojima ? Why ? Or is god? You have just lost a fan, your games(sets) to stick or I think of it, Kojima is finished the series metal gear and beautiful indeed finishes in the fourth opus and kojima died at the same time as snake

548 / FrAn! / 2009年06月03日 20:33

hideo kojima you traitors... you are killed the ps3... hideo you are like radmond

549 / FrAn! / 2009年06月03日 20:39

no place to hide? no... no place to hideo!!!

550 / leonid / 2009年06月03日 20:51

this is SPARTA!!!!!

551 / oaken / 2009年06月03日 21:24

what is the problem ? he never said abandon play3 to work xbox360,

552 / Nominus  / 2009年06月03日 22:10

You are the best Kojima i hope you can create a great story for all the fans of metal gear

553 / Tobeme / 2009年06月03日 23:22

Raiden is the biggest tool and has no value. MGS2 was ok but dang when he became a ninja Raiden, he also became the worst character to ever be.

guy1 - i want to play NINJA RAIDEN GAIDEN

guy2 - No no i think they are calling it MGSR

guy1 - whats the difference?

guy2 - nothing really mostly if you like the most craptastic character (RAIDEN) of the whole saga.

554 / BigBoss_ / 2009年06月03日 23:59

Congratulations Hideo!!!! MGS at least go to Xbox 360!! I hope MGS 4 too :D

555 / vVvgreyfoxvVv / 2009年06月04日 02:58

why do you's always arguee.. its not a great big of deal. so what kojima is bringing his franchise over to 360 .more money= more games to come,
what about all the fans that played the early metal gear solid, but bought a 360, and then the ps3 came out, and i didnt want to buy a ps3 to play one game. also it may not be an xbox exclusive, im not sure if they said anything about it, rumours are its an sequel to mgs4, so its very likely they'll bring it out for ps3. and to let you's know if you's dont already , another mgs is being made for psp, metal gear soild peacewalker i think its called, release in 2010

556 / inca25 / 2009年06月04日 03:22

Hideo SUN this people is veri stuped idiots!!!Becoas You and you games is art for braid and souls!! THANCK YOU MASTER!!GOOD LUK!!(sorry may english is veri bad)

557 / Independent Jack / 2009年06月04日 03:50


Does anyone else have the same problem I have? I might need to switch monitors.

558 / kyle / 2009年06月04日 04:11

I know we all hate how it's not going to be exclusive as far as we know, but Hideo is making th decision for the greater good, if any of you have ever made any games as good as Hideo's whitch i beleive is impossible... you would knw that games can cost hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars to make, meaning non exclusitivity is something we are all gonna have to accept in the coming years with the way the us economy is

559 / Wanderfalke / 2009年06月04日 07:19

All the comments about Kojima being a traitor or suchlike, is just an evidence how immature, narrow-minded, infantile and egoistic gamers and especially fan boys can be. This is just ridiculous. If a title is exclusive then it´s fine to extract all the power of the certain machine to produce a optimized product, which is maybe only possible with this certain machine. But if you can make a trademark game that is feasible on multible platforms, you would be an idiot to not make it.

Ok I can totaly understand the gamers/fan boys if this title ends up being 360 exclusive, due to all the years they have helped to establish the franchise, but it´s pretty much just a matter of time until we get the official confirmation that it is multi platform.

And yes, I´m a 360 owner, and I cant wait to play a game from one of the most creative forces in the gaming industry.

if you would appreciate all the efforts from Kojima-san, then you would be glad for him to be able to expand the MGS experience to a broader audience.

560 / noname / 2009年06月04日 08:24

Thanks Kojima for giving us xbox owners the chance to enjoy mgs too. just a pity that there seems to be an endless bunch of whining morons who think mgs is their exclusive god given right!! Muppets............

561 / daritus / 2009年06月04日 08:47

a game about honor, created by a man solded to the powerfull $$$ thaks hideo

562 / krismagix / 2009年06月04日 09:11

all sony fan forgibes than MGS was multiplataform so many times:

remake of MGS 1 (MGS twin sankes) on Gamecube

MGS 2 Substance on "PS2" and "XBOX 1"

MGS 3 only on PS2

MGS 4 only on PS3

MGS Rising on "PS3" and "XBOX 360"

MGS was multi many times ok? an snake appears in Super Smash Brawl too.

fans fans fans and more poor fans poor kids, bored. Please kojima dont listen to them and keep working, bye.

563 / metal / 2009年06月04日 17:36


564 / noname / 2009年06月04日 18:26

hey you have respect for mr. kojima
MGS is a masterpiece and will always be a masterpiece regardless of console choice!
(hi you are a great kojima! are proud to have you close at hand when you come to milan...remember? am the guy with the shirt with the logo fox you liked :D )

565 / -GrayFox- / 2009年06月04日 19:09

MGS:Rising will exit for PS3 too.
Kojima, You are great!!!

566 / hhh / 2009年06月04日 19:45

MR kojima!!!

Please direct this game..i dont wanna your new team to direct this game!!!

567 / Soliden / 2009年06月04日 21:11

I just... hope that Rising is not an action game, I'm not OK with Raiden taking the lead, worst character in MGS ever, well, better than Akiba, but that's just the way it is and Raiden is there ... unfortunately, but at least... don't take off the sneaking element.

... *sigh* A new MGS announcement has never made me so depressed.

568 / Nevar / 2009年06月04日 21:52

NOOOO!! I want Peace Walker for PS3! Why, Kojima, why?! How can you make an MGS5 for the PSP? Nooo!

569 / Johnny the cool guy  / 2009年06月04日 22:16

It will come to PS3 I LOVE!

570 / Bob / 2009年06月04日 22:35

Thank you Kojima. Now X-box 360 owners can enjoy Metal Gear solid. Hopefully you'll Release more for the 360.

571 / noname / 2009年06月04日 22:54

Guess MGS 4 is the last Konami game i'll own

572 / DudeThatDidUrMum / 2009年06月05日 00:32

Would you guys just shut up? So what if the Xbox360 gets a MGS game? It's not exclusive to the Xbox360 so I don't see any reason to be wasting your time by bitchin over the fact that other gamers are able to experience a great game as well.

Oh and for those idiots with poor reading comprehension and still think that this is exclusive to Xbox360:


573 / z / 2009年06月05日 00:43

its not only 4 x box people. its not exclusive. its for x box live, x box 360 and ps3 too. i konw they went to microsoft but who cares, ps3 fans are still going to play metal gear sold rising and if u have a psp we can play metal gear solid peace walker too so sony fans still get more. whoo hu. thank u hideo kojima.u still rule and i take back my comment from before.

574 / You're all awful / 2009年06月05日 01:25

Oh no, this game isn't on my precious PS3. What ever will I do? Grow up guys, this console elitism is idiotic. Kojima can do whatever they please. Also, losing faith in the whole company because one spin-off game isn't on your preferred console is just downright stupid. You all sound like spoiled brats.

575 / sangio4real / 2009年06月05日 02:27

oh great hideo kojima! wow rising for ps3!!!!! yeahh! but.. why you don't do it and why you just see his production?

576 / crymoar / 2009年06月05日 03:05

why is everybody crying that it's on xbox 360? just buy it for ps3, it's not that hard...

577 / SOLID KAIIN3 / 2009年06月05日 03:12

Yes!!! This Game Is Coming For PS3 TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

578 / Tyleed / 2009年06月05日 06:39

Every last one of you who've said anything about Kojima being a traitor, the game will be limited just because its on the 360 or something of that nature are just plain retarded and ignorant. For one thing it's also going to the PS3 in which any blind fool could've figure that out. Two, the Metal Gear series was never owned by sony in the first place, but has appeared on other consels in past if any of you know your gaming history or would bother to look it up. Three, if you all were true metal gear fans like myself, then you would appreciate that everyone will get a chance to play such a great game. and finally Think of this from kojima's perspective; while the PS3 is great the 360 has a much larger fanbase overall, and the fact that if he did keep it exclusive to the PS3, then he would of been missing out on thousands - millions of potential buyers and especially the way the economy is right now it would've not been a good move from a finacial and economical stand point. Plus alot of 360 owners like myself are not new to block of MGS. I've still got Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3 & portibal ops and still plan to get MGS 4 so don't act like the 360 owners have never played or not fans of Metal Gear.
The is coming from a true fanboy, Not of microsoft, sony or nintendo, but of Gaming in general.

579 / Sol / 2009年06月05日 06:40

Thank you Mr.Kojima now all of your long time fans that own 360 can enjoy this great game thank you again :)

580 / Even fan / 2009年06月05日 06:54

Jeez you guys need to cut him some slack. You're being ridiculous, this is making us PS3 owners look bad. Your life won't end because Xbox is getting this too. Seriously, grow up.

581 / who? / 2009年06月05日 07:45

you gais should make mgs:substance an xbox original

582 / destructor966 / 2009年06月05日 09:26

hey i say that make this one for 360 but dont completely base it on the mgs storyline, cuz if you put mgs4 on 360 aswell it wouldnt have as good graphics as it would have now. i say to keep it on ps3 becuase it has been for playstation and it should be kept that way. becuase ps3 is a better console for this game in terms of graphics and gameplay

583 / Nymbus / 2009年06月05日 12:25

Hideo Kojima, it has been my great joy to play all of the Metal Gear Solid titles and ZOE titles as well. As one of your proud and dedicated fans, I will still likely buy MGS rising on the PS3, however, your decision to not only give your game making soul over to Microsoft and their money grubbing ways makes me extremely sad. Even you yourself have said that developing for one console allows you to maximize it's advantages to make a better game. By committing to this betrayal, you not only disillusion your dedicated fan base, but admit to making a lesser game. In an interview I once read, you proclaimed video games apart from art, due to the fact that they are sold for money and created to be sold, in a matter as to increase their worth. I personally disagreed with you due to the fact that so many artists over time and history have sold their work, some even on commission, asked to create a certain product. With this in mind I deemed you incorrect, or the carrier of one of the highest opinions of what art is, and the herald of the idea that so much of what we thought was art was not indeed art, because it was sold for money.

Congratulations, if your idea of what is and is not art still holds true, then you have just furthered yourself even farther from your games connection to art in the name of money. I will give you the chance to prove me wrong with this next title, but the change from tactical espionage action to lightning bolt action only supports my idea that your games are going to lessen in quality.

Our relationship has been sweet, but I fear I will soon have to bid you farewell.

The hard core gamer.

584 / LOVEMGS4LIFE / 2009年06月05日 12:26


585 / 16bit_bot / 2009年06月05日 13:20

All you guys are failures, grow up who cares if it's coming out on the 360.Also, there is no such thing as honor in business, cut the crap you do what you gotta do to make money or your ass is grass. Things are different and more expensive now. Deal with it and grow some damn balls and stop being babies. Crying over a game that isn't on a specific console. Pathetic all of you.

586 / MyChem / 2009年06月05日 13:50

it says for xbox 360 and PS3?! so im excited.. MGS4 is the reason that i buy a PS3..

587 / RAIDEN LOVER / 2009年06月05日 14:12

Hi Mr. kojima I hope that your OK And Happy
I saw the E3 Expo, and when
you entered it so spectacular
And you was so cool when you sneak on the stage
And much has happened in the most wonderful day is when you advent of the finest and the best game I had waited long yes I am A big Fan Of Raiden And A play MGS 2 &4
it was so charming and wonderful and can not be described I have a feeling that the game system MGS Rising will be RPG Action If I am not mistaken ,Thank God , you have made RAIDEN
the only hero For the next game I was waiting for this for a long long time
I Did not disappoint my hope for the advent of this game
Because I know you will not forget YOUR private audience,And also RAIDEN HE IS COOL Man and Deserves the spot light And also he has a tragic story will make us cry,In addition, he classified as dead cells
and one of the Micah
I loved this person since the first glance, thank you once again
, I wish you all the luck to end Project RAIDEN and I can not wait until I can try and enjoy it, thank you very much because you always satisfy your audience , ^^ I wish you a happy day

588 / sk1nnyb0y / 2009年06月05日 15:11

wow why are u guys complaining so much? for one thing its multi platform so ps3 only guys get it xbox people get it and its not the end of the world.....though thanks hideo for all the great games ive played that you have created

589 / $$ / 2009年06月06日 00:57

When money talks Kojima walks

590 / Solid Snake / 2009年06月06日 10:48

Thank god its multiplatform but kojima why did u do it in the first place and ur giving them xbox live ur a bad bad man

591 / MGSFAN88 / 2009年06月06日 14:01

Of course its coming to the PS3 you guys! Hideo and MS themselves said it would. "Technically we never said it was exclusive". At E3. Besides I'm just gald that the 360 is finally getting one of the greatest series of all time. I mean come on you guys, Hideo gets more profit and we all get to enjoy the game.

592 / RAIDEN LOVER  / 2009年06月06日 14:39

Even if the game going just for the XBOX
I will buy it no matter what the price is
But thank God that the game will be on PS3
as usual Mr. Kojima Makes his most games are on the PS ..
Incidentally, I expect and I hope the game Rising it will be coming before the 2010 And would probably Kojima tell us more in the Up coming days and also I hope that there is a section or Bolg for discussion at the TGS next event ..
Thanks, and all my respects to Mr. ♥ kojima ♥

593 / daft_otaku / 2009年06月06日 15:18

sales are sales - that much is clear, but as a concerned ps3 owner someone needs a good kick up tha **** - im still waiting for most of the good games, Ps3 longevity my backfoot

594 / luisangel / 2009年06月06日 16:22

i love that raiden is in the new game i was wating to play again him but you still disappoint me i hope the next mgs is exclusive

595 / Goddy / 2009年06月06日 18:14

I've never seen a bigger mob of sobbing, whingy pathetic fanboys.

Unbelievable. Why don't you be smart and own BOTH the PS3 and 360? Sony (and Kojima for that matter) don't give a **** about your "loyalty". They care about the contents of your wallet. You know, like EVERY CORPORATION ON EARTH AND THEIR MUM!

596 / Kaijyu / 2009年06月06日 23:05

Looking at all these comments make me want to stab my eyes out so I couldn't see it. I'm looking forward too this game. You had my worried that metal gear soild 4 was the last one thank god it isn't. You really should turn metal gear soild 4 into a movie because them cutscene were gold!

597 / JustWannaKnow / 2009年06月07日 11:08

I want to hear hideo's opinion on the switch from sony exclusive to multiplatform because i really get the feeling he wasn't too happy about the idea, but of course, i could be wrong

598 / rsnakep / 2009年06月07日 12:00

Check out the trailer or rather short teaser on the E3 special website PS3 peeps. MGS Rising is also on PS3! :D

599 / bender :D / 2009年06月07日 23:22

It's not a 360 exclusive, keep your hair on :)

Kojima shouldn't listen to all the ninny fanboys/girls calling him a traitor, etc. If they were true MGS fans and not just Sony fans, they'd be delighted at the prospect of more people discovering the wonderful world of metal gear.

In short: Stop whining and go play it - well. Eventually :)

Kojima-san kicks ass on whatever console.

600 / Raijin... / 2009年06月08日 05:48

Spectacular,,,a new game with Raiden as the protagonist..I'll buy the dayone!!!!however I can't see the why for you mgs on xbox is a BIG MISTAKE, why the xbox's owners can't play mgs??? I think all the game would be for all console(except wii), everyone would have the possibility to appreciate masterpieces like these!!!

601 / the duke / 2009年06月08日 13:49

How many times do i have to say this? metal gear as a whole was never an exclusive to begin with. The first two games Metal Gear and Metal gear2: Solid snake were both nes games. Metal Gear Solid was ps1, Metal Gear solid 2 was on both the ps2 and the xbox in some form or another. Metal Gear solid: Twin Snakes was a remake of Metal Gear Solid for GC. In the end the nintendo fanboys fave a much better case to complian than sony fanboys.

602 / Captain Falcon / 2009年06月08日 14:48

The MGS series was ALWAYS multi platform.The only ones i can actually remember being Ps2 only were Subsistence,and 3.I think,not to sure on 3.And seriously,stop whining.He's just trying to touch out to the 360 owners that have played the MGS series and don't want to buy a PS3.

603 / Captain Falcon / 2009年06月08日 15:07

Metal Gear,as a whole,was never an exclusive to begin with.
The first two games,Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid snake were both NES games.
Metal Gear Solid was ps1, Metal Gear solid 2 was on both the ps2,and the xbox,in some form or another.
Metal Gear solid: Twin Snakes was a remake of Metal Gear Solid for GC.

In the end,the Nintendo fanboys have a much better cause to complain than sony fanboys.

Kojima is trying to reach out to the Xbox owners that have played MGS before,and don't own the overhyped media tool of a PS3.

I am DEFINITELY not a console fanboy,as i own a ps1,ps2,NES,nintendo,super nintendo,360,xbox,and even an Atari.

And,hey..Raiden for the Xbox owners.And i do believe this is going to be Multi platform.

And they're mainly just doing what every single other corporation on the planet and their mother do,get your sweet,sweet cash.

This'll probably boost Xbox sales if this is single platform.

604 / smh / 2009年06月08日 15:49


605 / / 2009年06月09日 18:46

so if mgs going to 360, why don't you make it on PC?
and why 360? yeah microsoft - money, but their console have much lower perameters than ps3, and if the game will be relised in 360, then xbox takes much higher rates from mgs sales. so sad. i'm filled with sadness.( eather way that's i have no 360, ps3 and ps2 even, so i have only PC, and if you wil make a port of the mgs3 on PC, that will be AWESOME!!!!

606 / i / 2009年06月09日 22:05

i wish snake had gotten cloned again but raiden proved he was a bad ass in metal gear solid 4 and the new suit is awsome

607 / hey good news  / 2009年06月09日 22:08

its 4 ps3 and pc yeah its on the e3 special site up above or type in and click the first thing

608 / big boss / 2009年06月09日 23:43


609 / raiden fan / 2009年06月10日 08:51

i found out mgsr is coming out for the ps3 also microsoft says it has a game for that system but only for a little while for all those who left mgs u r dumb

610 / Zack / 2009年06月10日 12:58

Seriously guys.

you're getting all worked up because its on 360? its on the more dominant console, and Kojima wants money just like you or me.
its his profession, its his way of income, its just business.


611 / 360 and PS2 owner / 2009年06月10日 17:38

Thank you Kojima-san for not ignoring Microsoft's MGS fans.Please make this multiplatform so everyone can enjoy it(PC too) and please make MGS4 multiplatform too.

612 / F**K A SYSTEM / 2009年06月10日 21:59

Hideo you are god of the games!And please buy me a cola!!!!!

613 / marekthepain / 2009年06月12日 06:08

I don´t believe tahat these dorks from bill gates buyed kojima. HIFEO KOJIMA i never buy a game with your name on it. PS3 is the best gamesystem on this planet and this shitty xbox crap is only a ugly copy of the Sony technology. I was your fan since MGS1 but now i´m gonna to find other games and i will never forget your biggest Dissapintment to all of the Fans who buyed your games long before you bekame a star in the game scene.

As a reaction MGS fans all in the world should don´t buy this traitors stuff which kojima calls MGS rising

GET OUT OF MY SIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!

you are now only a pet for crapsoft!

614 / truth / 2009年06月13日 04:47

The idea of combining game development techniques is good, but it would be best of Kojima created the technology himself instead of leasing the crappy technology from today's set of mediocre games on the 360.
FACT: Raiden is very unappealing in almost every way. Kojima knows many people feel this way, but yet he stubbornly forces this character on us time and time again. I don't think he appreciates his fans as much as he lets on. If he did, then Raiden would never have been seen again after MGS2. FACT: XBOX 360 move is selfish and uncalled for. The technology will decrease the potential quality of the game. Lack of hard drive, and MS's crappy tiered memberships will destroy anything gained by using "techonology" driven game development.

615 / mamadou  / 2009年06月13日 05:40

hello first i'm improuve my english with you thanks i'm fan of mgs since mgs3 with the incredible story and history reference. Please can you put the japanese voices for the europe question what is the beter score for finishing mgs4 in the boss extreme without continu and all the over conditions me 3h33min00s. And for mgs5 what kind of game play we gonna have with raiden because now he will never fight like snake. I know kojima san to explore the differents kind of console but make the annonce of mgs rising on 360 why ? France

616 / Ahmedz / 2009年06月13日 07:38

Everyone saying stuff like Hideo you traitor or DIE or any of that bullshit should just grow up. It's his Franchise, he can do whatever he wants with it. stupid butthurt fanboys >__>

617 / Xbox sucks / 2009年06月13日 18:10

u did the biggest mistake of ur lie Son Of A Gun!!

618 / Tuxedo snake / 2009年06月15日 01:08

i hope this game is multi-platform because i am your hugest fan so please don't make all of fans mad because it seems everyone on this blog is mad at you.

619 / Silver FOX / 2009年06月16日 02:44

Greetings from Serbia to all MGS Fans,Kojima Production and our KP reporters !

People great stuff !!! Awesome reports! I was waiting for MGS to be on PC since MGS2:Subsatnce:-)....
I can't belive people what you said about Kojima-San:-( What the hell is wrong with you people?
You all should be a SHAME!!! Why are these PS3 fanboys are so disappointed? I don't see a point...
I don't have XBOX 360 or Playstation 3,and i do not hate some guys beacuse they got that console or other console!
BTW in my country PS3 IS 500€ and XBOX 360 400€,i am crying for MGS 4 since he realesed.Maybe some day i am going to
play him:-( The price is huge so...
You should be happy that NEW MGS IS COMMING! No matter on wich console :-)
If you are the fan of mgs you wouldnt mind if MGS ported to another platform.
If you don't like it don't buy it !!! Do not touch Kojima,beacuse you are the fanboys!
PS3 Fan boys make me sick. Anyway guys... great trailers,great games,great reports....keep it up:-)
Can't wait!!!!!! Peace!!

620 / Cactus_Fantastico / 2009年06月16日 12:02

The man gives you 4 mainstream games + more and because they decide a different marketing ploy you abandon him? He's hardly abandoned any of his fans, more like his half a** fans ditched him because he didn't cater to their delicate pompous ******** with a brand new product. Get over yourselves, 360 users are going to be picking this up anyway and if it goes multi even better, the next one will likely go mutli as well.

621 / rripperr? / 2009年06月16日 19:43

i was going to buy a ps3 just for MGS4 but...

622 / SOLID CORDELL / 2009年06月20日 23:07


623 / Sellout / 2009年06月21日 16:52

lol after playing MGS4 i'm not going to play some half-a$$ed watered down piece of **** like MGS: Rising just so you sellouts can try and fit it on a last gen format. I'm done buying products from you. I hope you go bankrupt.

624 / FrAn! / 2009年06月22日 03:11

hideo kojima sneak out of my playstation

625 / WarZombie / 2009年06月22日 17:02

Man, are you guys whiny or what. You need to stop being such fanboys and be happy that MORE people will get to play this excellent series. And by the way, Xbox owners ARE familiar with Raiden and MGS. Anybody remember MGS2? Yeah, that came out on Xbox. Quit whining, there is nothing wrong with wanting more people to play your games.

626 / solid cordell / 2009年06月22日 22:52

you sony fanboys are funny.iv played mgs from the get go on nintendo. iv played and beat all of them and could not be more happy than i am now.THANK YOU KOJIMA VERY MUCH. i rented a ps3 just so i could play MGS4. the sad thing is metal gear is the ONLY REASON for anyone to bye a ps3.its over priced and its best games have allready seen their day on 360,bio-shock,ninja gaiden,RB6V2 and so on.KOJIMA IM GOING TO BUY 4 COPYS OF THE NEW MGS FOR 360 AND GIVE THEM TO MY FRIENDS...DO NOT LISTEN TO ANGRY FANBOYS WHO ACT LIKE THEIR GIRL LEFT THEM FOR ANOTHER BOY. YOUR DOING A GOOD THING. IF YOU GUYS ARE AS BIG FANS AS YOU SAY YOU ARE YOULL RENT A 360 JUST TO PLAY IT...THAT IS A REAL FAN.

627 / Richard / 2009年06月23日 00:18

Nice job Kojima, you just got me interested in MGS :)
also all the sony bots on this blog need to get a life and stop crying

628 / mgs rising for ps3 / 2009年06月24日 05:50

hope hope this new mgs is coming to ps3

629 / ATRgamer / 2009年06月24日 07:26

After all the negative criticism of MGS2 They are sill going to make a game where Raiden is the main charachter, I'm really disapointed. There needs to be more games in the franchise about Big Boss, and not a cheesy PSP game. Even Another game with Snake but not this crap!

630 / gray fox 264 / 2009年06月24日 21:32

is mgs rising part 5

631 / Ramner / 2009年06月25日 10:00

Thank you for bringing a new MGS game to the 360. I can't wait to play it. The only thing better then the new MGS game would be a port of the great MGS 4 game on the 360. So All of your fans could enjoy your work. Thanks for all the great games. I can't wait to see what you put out next Keep up the great work

632 / Ramner / 2009年06月25日 10:05

What is it with all of the flaming? Come on he makes a great game for the 360 or the ps3 and we all get mad. Lets enjoy his work. I don't have a ps3 I have a 360 had it for along time. I thought about getting a ps3 for MGS 4 alone. But thats not a option so I will have to go with out mgs 4. Come on stop all the flaming because you are mad. I think being a fan of a single system is stupid. think of all the great games you are missing out on because you hate 360 or because you hate ps3. If we would all grow up things would be better. That's just my two cents so flame on all you want.

633 / w/e / 2009年06月26日 04:02

As long as it comes to PS3 as well, I'm fine. I mean, seriously. Who cares if it's for 360? Sure, the PS3 is much better, but it doesn't really matter as long as the game itself can also be played on the PS3.

634 / Toli / 2009年06月26日 06:58

Stop crying, it's probably gonna come out for PS3 and even PC. Also, it's a game, you shouldn't cry about it coming to the 360. I mean seriously, what about the friend of mine that comes to my house, and says, "I wish I had the money for a PS3 so I can buy Metal Gear Solid 4." It's good Kojima is doing 360, it's an easier way to make him more money for MORE MGS games, and it's introducing more Americans to the 360. So yeah, you should all stop cring about this.

635 / ATR / 2009年06月26日 08:03

I could care less what system it comes out on as long as it does not involve Raiden being the main charachter. I really think Kojima will lose alot of fans, I thought he would have learned with all the negativity sourounding MGS2. It was by far the worst in the series , and it was do to "Raiden" being the main star, I can remember how disapointed I was when I finished the tanker mission with Snake and had to play as Raiden. If Kojima wants to take a break from having Snake as the main charachter then I say he should make a "real" console game starring Big Boss,something like MGS 3. I really hope Kojima thinks this game over.

636 / kojima thought..... / 2009年06月26日 12:17

almost every mgs fan didnt like raiden so kojima put it on 360 and now ppl r pissed so he put it on ps3 also....

637 / I hate Fanboys / 2009年06月27日 01:14

I don't see why all you PS3 fanboys are crying like babies its coming to PS3 you should be happy everyone that owns a 360 can enjoy there work with MGS series you guys have to realize Sony is going downhill right now (yes i own a PS3) and if they dont start expanding there games to different platforms there not gonna make as much money. I bought all the MGS for PS2 and PS1 and I got a 360 first and ALOT of people did and didnt want to spend 500-600 dollars for a console for ONE game Im pretty damn sure a large percentage of MGS fans dont own a PS3 and only have 360 and now that its coming to 360 they can play it. I prefer Xbox anyways who cares about a damn blue ray player I bought a GAMING system to play games not watch movies Xbox has more and better games with the expection of MGS4 and there online community is much better. There smart for doing MGS on Xbox if they didnt think it would sell they wouldnt waste there time with it so grow up and enjoy the game when it comes out geez

638 / victor / 2009年06月27日 08:32

i had so much respect for kojima but now that respect is GONE...

639 / some angry guy / 2009年06月27日 14:57

seriously 360 isn't dead it's doing better than the PS3 E3's statistics showed that so he made a good call and it will be multi-platform look at the E3 site

640 / delarge / 2009年06月27日 18:50

Listen up fanboys and crying fanboys.

Kojima is not making Metal Gear Solid Rising so don't cry (reminds me of Crying Wolf lol). It's a new team who is making Metal Gear Solid Rising because Konami wanted a new Metal Gear title to make more profits for their company to make more other games in this gen. Kojima hasn't betrayed you PS3 fans he is now working on Peace Walker for PSP with his team behind MGS4. I'm sure he has something new and fresh for PS3 in the future.

641 / must admit that fanboyism is wrong, people! / 2009年06月27日 21:50

I think this is a collateral ownage for all the loyal Sony MGS fans

642 / guy who owns 360 / 2009年06月29日 05:27

u guys are stupid it isn't 360 exclusive it's multiplatform check the site ur on it right now and u guys are really stupid just because oooh kojima made a game for 360 oh no i hate kojima now. u guys are so stupid y it's a video game and ps3 still has good games coming out so shut up.

643 / M@X890 / 2009年07月03日 02:14

До чего кризис людей доводит!
MGS на XBOX360....
Хорошо что спинофф!
Hideo! We loved you!
from Russia with love!

644 / Stop it fanboys / 2009年07月03日 05:46

Chill. This is nothing but a good thing. Selling MGS on the 360 will boost sales and, in a domino effect, increase Kojima Productions revenue meaning they can make better games with the increased revenue. Stop pissing yourselfs and stop thinking they actually CARE about you.

To them, you are money. Nothing more, nothing less, stop pretending you are special, let the PS3 fanboyism die

645 / deepthroat / 2009年07月07日 18:45

mr. kojima i have an idea for a metal gear solid game. why dont you remake the first 2 metal gear solid games where snake and grey fox infiltrate outer heaven and remake the zanzibar game because many of your fans haven't played them because they are so old. i'm 100% positive that both of those games are great but i don't know how to play them. if you can recreate it for the new systems like for the playstation 3, x-box 360 it would be great because the graphics would be incredible and you can add more lines to the story and i think you would make a lot more money on those games and a lot of your fans like me would be really happy. then finnally we would know the in depth and full story line of metal gear solid and the cool thing is that we could finally see why frank jaeger got the code name fox. and also fight big would be incredible to remake those games. thank you for reading. i will no matter what be a life time fan.

646 / Roe / 2009年07月12日 18:44

this crap better come out for the ps3 in like some fancy version, damn it. This is coming from an xbox360 owner. There are just so many games i refuse to buy for the 360, but for the PS3 instead. its like blasphemy.

647 / That_Guy / 2009年07月22日 18:42

I really don't know if I should feel sorry for the fans here or be mad at them. Seriously just be glad that more people are gonna enjoy the MGS series.

648 / Poxbottle / 2010年06月15日 20:03

I'm disgusted! XBox 360! Shame on you! Some things are sacred! I will boycott! Simply cos some still have honor!

649 / OMGZ / 2010年06月28日 09:29

Well looks like there is no reason to own a PS3 anymore. MGS series was the only thing that made it worthwhile, just gonna throw mine in the trash.

650 / Ed / 2010年06月29日 22:56

Guys, grow up. Hideo Kojima can do whatever he wants with his own series. If he wants it to be on the 360, PC, or even the Wii, it really wouldn't make him a traitor to the fans. Keep in mind that Sony never owned any rights to Metal Gear Solid, he does. You think this is the first time that a Metal Gear game has been made into a multiplatform? Think again. Remember Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance? Ported to Xbox. The first Metal Gear? MSX, NES, and Commodore 64. Metal Gear Solid: Integral? PSX and PC. It shows that Sony isn't exactly the boss.

So who are the REAL traitors? The people who now resent Kojima for making this game multiplatform. I'm not saying that this game will rock, we don't know that. What I AM saying is that now matter how good this game is, all we can do is leave it up the Kojima Productions. The perfect example of how butthurt those fanboys get when they get their "exclusive" games on another console.

651 / noname / 2010年09月13日 12:11

The Metal Gear series originated on the MSX, as well as being ported to the NES (The first one, anyway - second NES game was not by Kojima).

Playstation was winning the console war at the time of Metal Gear Solid's release...and you guys are only just now saying Hideo is selling-out?

Not that I'm say he is or ever has been - everyone has got to make a living, and why not try and get your story out to a wider audience? I'm pretty sure this is going to be multi-platform.

652 / Normal human being / 2011年01月19日 14:29

its announced for ps3, xbox and pc jesus christ.

653 / Ps3isgay / 2012年05月10日 13:28

You all know that this title will eventually release on ps3, so get a life. Stop being and worry about more important things like family and friends. You people get all worked up for nothing. Jeez

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