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2009.06.11 Thursday

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After surviving the chaos of E3 preparations, Sean, Christine, and Chris are back in the studio to answer questions and delve a little deeper into each of KP's newly announced projects!

Show Notes:
Be sure to check out the latest version of the E3 Special Site for details on all FOUR new KP titles including MGA!

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 06/25/2009 <<

>> Have a question you want read over the air? Submit it over at our mailbox:

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Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / ... / 2009年06月11日 23:14


2 / Sergio Oliva / 2009年06月12日 00:00

Montreal to New York to meet Hideo Kojima

The title pretty much says it all, but read on for the full story.

Myself and two friends traveled from Montreal to New York city for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and to shake hands with the legendary director Hideo Kojima. It started as a silly idea, After seeing the launch poster over on Kotaku, a friend suggested that it was very tempting for us to go. I thought at the time that this was simply a joke, no one would travel that far off for a signing. Even if it was Kojima. No one sane anyway.

After a night of discussing it with my friend, who's birthday was this week, he made me realize it was a once in a lifetime chance not only to meet a great creator and great director, but also meet the man whose work/games has shaped all three of our career choices (one of us as a full fledge level designer, me as a recently graduated videogame school student looking for work and the other as a new student in the field of sound design) After the talk, it was settled, not going would be something we all would regret.

We wanted to go and come back as quickly as possible. We also didn't want to spend a lot of money either. We went for the bus route. Now I don't know which of you take the bus often, but when I went to Quebec city(about 3hrs from Mtl), the bus was beautiful had comfortable seats, and a bathroom with running water. It would seem that the longer the trip is the worse the bus they give you is. The bathroom, was a hole in the floor and instead of running water it was hand sanitizer.

We took the bus at 7:45 am Wednesday morning and got to New York at 4:10pm.

Luckily we were a block away from our hotel: the Carter Hotel. We knew from the website that it was a one star hotel so we weren't surprised to see what we saw, but honestly, it did the job nicely and was air conditioned. One star could have been much worse in my opinion.

We had no idea how things were at the Virgin megastore. We knew there was going to be a lot of people, but what we saw amazed us. It was a line up that went around the block and then some. Pessimist that I am, I thought we're screwed, we stayed 8 hours in a crappy bus to get nothing. My friend, Ed, the optimism to my pessimism, assured me we'd be fine. By head count we were 275th in line.(although the line grew to about 850-900) With lawn chairs, brought all the way from Montreal, we sat comfortably in the shade for more than 6 hours.

In line we met several fans of the series, and it was a great sight to see so many in one spot. They were from all over, but were all shocked to find that we were from Montreal. Hell it still surprises us that we went.

The last hour in line felt like the longest. Once inside the store and seeing mister Kojima there, we were floored. We were told in line that we weren't allowed to shake hands with him due to the time (at this point it was 1:40) I handed this lady the slip from my game and she handed it to him. I traveled all this way to meet the man and to me meeting a man or person is with contact. I was gonna shake his hand.

When I went up, my friend Sergio mentioned Canada. It actually came out as "Me. Canada!". The translator for Kojima asked what he meant, and i said we were from Montreal in Japanese. Quite poorly I might ad, but Kojima and her understood and were smiling and hopefully impressed.

So when it came my time to sign, I looked at him, stuck out my hand, and said Kojima-san. Thankfully he smiled and shook my hand. My friends were jealous and i got to shake the legends hand.

Check in for part two to hear about the Uniclo signing and the return trip.

My Best Friend Jonathan Maggio wrote this a year ago and posted it here. Also my Birthday is June 17th Enjoy

3 / Polysics_2004 / 2009年06月12日 01:18

Good show as per, although it's a bit dissapointing that you didn't say anything more about Raiden's eye colour.
By the way, when will we see Ken and Aki's E3 video podcast?

4 / Solid Snaaake / 2009年06月12日 02:38

More bloopers please! XD

5 / mimicry / 2009年06月12日 02:48

Hiya,In MGS3,after naked snake is imprisoned,before escaping the prison cell,if you call paramedic and save she mentions some stuff on vampires then if you reset the console you get to play a bit of castlevania some type of nightmare...does this signify the length of the change over by any chance?ALso I was wondering if you would recomend any castlevania titles that would help me get into the story and game play a bit more in order to fully appreciate the "NEXT BEST THING".

6 / CoporalEd / 2009年06月12日 06:43

Again, this was a very good show, I really enjoyed listening to you guys.

And it seems Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is going to be really major and well developed! I'm really looking forward to that!

Hey ho, 1 year MGS4 xD!

7 / Griffo / 2009年06月12日 06:47

I loved the little sound bite at the end... it really adds character to the podcast. Really funny too, and not at the expense of Christine - It'd be unreasonable to expect everyone to know everything about the whole Metal Gear mythos, and how to pronounce all of the peculiar names.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the show. Keep adding personality and character to it, I love it.

Oh and by the way, what was that little bit of Japanese which Christine muttered at the end? An apology? I'm just interested. :)

Looking forward to all the new games with anticipation which I cannot articulate through words!


8 / Zounds / 2009年06月12日 07:19

MGS4 is never getting a trohpy patch, is it? :/

9 / shadowaustin14 / 2009年06月12日 07:55

great podcast you guys are awesome hey sean i have a question in mgsr are you and aki and whats the others guys name? ken? yea ken anyway are you guys going to have mgsr integral podcast episodes? and if you do is going to be on a ipod touch in the game?

10 / Shiro / 2009年06月12日 08:08

Love the Rising play on words :D it did sound suspicious when i first said it out aloud :D christine you have such a lovely voice :D

11 / Don / 2009年06月12日 09:47

Nice episode. Still no word on adding trophies to MGS4 and MGO?

12 / Graham / 2009年06月12日 13:58


Super excited for Peace Walker. Getting a PSP specifically for that game and also for Portable Ops.

I appreciate you guys trying to get the series more public and bring in more people, but I don't think Rising should be on the 360 or the PC. I feel like the Metal Gear Solid series is for Playstation only and it'd be like if Mario went to Microsoft for a multiplatform release, it just doesn't feel right. I guess that's something I'm gonna have to get over.

Also, am wondering what you guys are going to do for the gameplay in Rising. I know that it's Raiden and his new lightning power is involved, but can you give us any hints at all to what you are going to be able to do?

Stealth based, action based, or a good blend like in MGS4?

By the way, one year anniversary today of getting my MGS4 PS3 80 GB bundle, and the release of MGS4. Thanks for that masterpiece everyone at KP and thanks for all the memories of the other games as well. You guys saved my Summer. Discovered Metal Gear Solid last Summer and it became my favorite series. Thank you so much for everything!

AH, Peace Walker!!!!!!

13 / TheMancho / 2009年06月12日 14:22

Can we get some MGS4 DLC, and MGO content is not MGS4 DLC. Many people want trophies, I just want a VR missions type of thing... :(

14 / Jack Saladin / 2009年06月12日 14:51

Hello there KP report team!
I would like to just say a couple of things regarding KP and PW.
I must applaud you on your shows on E3, and say it was mind breaking to figure out those puzzles.
Also, about PW, since it is created for PSP, and we lack the right analog stick, maybe it would be good to implement Overhead View again. And think about old controls, which were really better and more sneaky in my opinion.
Since this is the last MG game directed by mr. Kojima-san it would be also the best way to say "goodbye" to MGS series as we know it. I'm asking kindly, please remember the old fans, and think about them.

Best regards, Jack

15 / Razmossis / 2009年06月12日 15:51

You probably cant comment on specifics but, I was wondering what will become of the MGS4 engine?
Will it ever be used again? Seems a massive waste if not

16 / Jack / 2009年06月12日 16:43

I'm so glad you're not adding Trophies! They are so lame! Thank you! Emblems are so much better!

Oh, and the new MGS4 stuff, sweet!!

17 / AL / 2009年06月12日 20:41

Will Metal Gear Solid Rising be created on the PS3 first - and then brought onto 360 and PC? Or will it be created on the PC and brought over to PS3 and 360? In other words, is the new engine PC based or PS3 based?

18 / Roxas / 2009年06月12日 22:46

i just wanted to say that the things you are doing for the 1st year anniversary are ok at best. why aren't you doing anything for MGS4 rather than releasing stuff for other games. i would have loved a trophy patch it would have made the game more enjoyable

19 / MGOGAMER / 2009年06月12日 23:39

OMG You guys are great. Mgo is one of my favorite online games I play. Great to hear the Shadow Moses Map is coming finally. Wait did you say ...Solid Snake? !!!!!!!!!!!

20 / A.G. / 2009年06月13日 00:50

What is the proper way to call MPO? You said that it's canon but because Kojima is directing Peace Walker you called the new game "official" and "major". What is MPO? We know it's canon in story, but it sounds like it's not a "MAIN GAME" because Kojima did not direct it. Please clarify exactly what you label MPO to be. It doesn't sound like you're putting MPO in the same grouping as the 6 Kojima MG titles and Peace Walker.

Thank you.

21 / Cameron / 2009年06月13日 02:32

Great Show Guys! Any news when we'll get a trailer for Rising?

You made me super excited for both PW and Rising, you put all my worries to rest.

22 / OREGAN / 2009年06月13日 02:33

Trailer for Rising PLEASE!!! When will we get it? Will we have to wait months? I hope not...

23 / Adamska / 2009年06月13日 02:35

Love the show. Can you give us a hint for when Rising will be released? Will we have to wait the same amount of time we waited for MGS4?

When will we see the trailer???

24 / MAGNUM / 2009年06月13日 02:36


25 / Jackie-boy / 2009年06月13日 02:37

Give us a clue how long it will be before Rising is released? Or when we'll see a trailer at least?

26 / CesarMartin / 2009年06月13日 03:50

i always wish a game with Grayfox with the same gameplay of DevilMayCry or Castlevania, well i maybe a im not no so wrong, and i thing MGSrising will have that kind of gameplay =)

27 / Luca / 2009年06月13日 04:55

A year after MGS4 came out...

28 / Luke / 2009年06月13日 05:36

Great show!
I've some questions, please answare!
1. It looks like KP hired a new guy for doing voice over in the trailers. What's his name? Will he play one of the characters? I really like his tone.
2. Will David Hayter be involved in Peace Walker? And in Rising? Ok, this one could be a little bit of a spoiler! :)
3. The Peace Walker trailer is great, really Mr. Kojima style! The question is: who scored it? In the title card at the end there's no clue about that. MGS franchise scores have been always great, since 1987. I would really like knowing what is Mr. Kojima aproaching when directing the composer.

Good job!

29 / RAIDEN LOVER / 2009年06月13日 05:40

I hardly believe that a new perspective and the game with this Mythology, I am very excited for the game, more than ever, Thank you, Friends for the Information, I enjoyed a lot, Yes we all saw the ArtWork, but I did not expect that it seriously I thought it is just match his name, but This will affect the whole Story , That's great This is more than I expect now I am unable to Use my imagination all I will do is wait for this fascinating project Metal Gear Solid Raising

30 / Black Arts Viper / 2009年06月13日 07:08

Good recap and info...though, not enough clarification on Castlevania: LoS. It seems that it was independently 'Lords of Shadow' in 2008 at GDC, and was retooled into a Castlevania title. My concern is that there won't be enough Castlevania references (Classic Sub-Weapons, candles, hearts, tough platforming (a must!), strategically-placed enemies rather than hack'n'slash, skeletons, vampires, mermen, clock towers, aqueducts, memorable music, and the like). Right now it seems more Lord of the Rings-type Fantasy (orcs, shires, etc) than Gothic Horror. (Castlevania wasn't primarily "anime" for its entire run by the way--that's a recent phenomenon).

If LoS was not originally a Castlevania game, I hope enough Castlevania references will be put into it. (the whip's a start, but not nearly enough). Even a "rebirth" can't ignore the roots, or it won't be legitimately "Castlevania." The way its "dark fairy-tale" setting/atmosphere is right now would be like setting Metal Gear in a genre like the Wild West. (In other words, it'd make it a different franchise).

31 / DAPHATHERO / 2009年06月13日 07:42

Alls we get to celebrate the MGS4 aniversary is Metal Gear Online DLC? Which most people probably won't even be able to play because they can't understand KONAMI's LAME ID SERVICE. You guys win the Fail of the year award. You don't celebrate MGS4 by releasing an expansion to KONAMI's ID Wankfest of a game. Belive it or not there are MGS fans who do not like to play MGO. Until you release content for the single player game that isn't lame I won't be touching MGS4. A lot of people on the internet share my view.

32 / PennyWise / 2009年06月13日 19:07

When Chris mentioned the new character is PW, I thought it might be the clown from IT, then realized oh, Peace Walker, DOH! Weird still is that I noticed Pennywise the band's PW logo on the character's heart on their CD insert to Reason To Believe just as Chris made that statement. Strange coincidence!

33 / Rowan / 2009年06月13日 20:48

I'm really excited to see a FULL MGS game coming to PSP and if the implied 4 player is there, it'll quickly become my FAVOURITE multiplayer game. Out of curiosity, is there any way for us to get music used in the Peace walker trailer?

34 / Jason007 / 2009年06月14日 01:46

Another great show!

I'm really excited for the MGO downloadable content, especially being able to play around the communications towers.

To Christine:
"Les Effants Terribles"


35 / MGSfan / 2009年06月14日 14:14

no MGS4 dlc ????? :(((

36 / Vincenzo / 2009年06月14日 18:22

hey guys, thank you for keeping us updated with all kojima productions news. I've been following your programs for months, and I really love it.
Keep working hard!!
Thanks to Seiro Hirose too :D

37 / jehuty / 2009年06月15日 04:02

you must port peace walker for ps2. i am a fan of this saga for 11 years and played almost every game of the series on psx,ps2 and ps3. i guess ps2 system specs is enough to handle this game. so please let us play the missing link of this story in ps2.

38 / Phil Nolastname / 2009年06月15日 06:49

It's good to see 2 new games fleshing out the Metal Gear Solid series, and as someone who writes a parody story blog on the events of the games it just means more work for me lol. Although i'm sure that, on topic of new content, most people would want something MGS4 related as MGO is, to put politely, getting into dire straits thanks to many users abusing others.

Can't wait for Rising, was surprised to see what looks to be Raiden on the back of Crying Wolf, as the MGS4 bosses needed much more story..

Keep up the good work. We fans adore your efforts!

39 / Christian / 2009年06月15日 08:59

C'mon guys, please just tell us if MGS4 is getting trophies or not. A Konami representative made a comment in the PSBlog a while back and said that they were talking about the idea. Please, just a simple answer. WE WANT MGS4/MGO TROPHIES!!

40 / Razmossis / 2009年06月15日 12:53

Okay... just tell us, YES or NO

Is MGS4/MGO going to get Trophies!!!?


41 / Hugo / 2009年06月16日 01:01

When will we see a trailer for Rising?

42 / SniperEye_MGO / 2009年06月16日 01:07

Hey guys, cool show as always.
I have a question about Peace Walker: I know you can't give much away, but will the cut-scenes be animated like MPO, or will they be rendered using the in-game engine? just so you know, i really like the comic book style cut-scenes in portable ops, but either way is cool! Ashley Wood's work on MPO was amazing, but I'm foaming at the mouth to see how Yoji Shinkawa would tackle animated cut-scenes...
P.S. Tell Mr Shinkawa Yngwie Malmsteen ROCKS!!!

43 / Masta0x / 2009年06月16日 01:50

this podcast is gettin more & more interestin, thxs 4 it:D btw i hav a comment bout the mgs characters; there should b a game bout big boss on the ps3!! he's a more awesum character than OLD snake!! will the unknown big boss chap. b on the psp?? thxs

44 / SnakeBoss / 2009年06月16日 05:19

When will we see a trailer featuring RISINGS in game engine?

45 / Ray Oden / 2009年06月16日 06:14

What are the chances that MGS1 gets remade for next gen consoles?

46 / Rowan / 2009年06月16日 06:26

I was re-watching the trailer and finally caught something i didn't first time. BEsides that E 5 thing at the end. All of those soldiers on the beach have a bit of brown hair sticking out of the back of their masks, like snake's in MGS4's, is this just reusing a character model? Or is this a subtle hint to something you're not allowed to say about there being multiple snakes? Even if you can't say anything, could you help me by confirming that I'm right when i say to most of the idea's that it can't be Les Enfants Terribles, because there's no way they could get 3 FULLY MATURED clones in less than 10 years!

47 / James Wolve Seven / 2009年06月16日 07:35

the words, "sneak in" is a wordgame, dosnt mean anything??, like maybe "snake in", that appears in the trailer of metal gear rinsing, at the end.

48 / Razmossis / 2009年06月17日 01:46

@ James.

'Sneak in' was included because the game was revealed at MS's conference and Xboxs tagline is 'Jump in'

49 / Soeckchen / 2009年06月17日 02:49

Will the trophy-patch come as a birthday present for mgs4?

50 / IVY616 / 2009年06月18日 03:49

Will there ever be a patch for listening to your music on the i-pod?

51 / FunnyFoot / 2009年06月18日 10:50

I am glad that mgs rising will be multiplatform so that everyone can enjoy the series. You guys are AWSOME!

52 / Roxas / 2009年06月18日 22:30

why am i not surprised that your MGS1 announcement was for the US only WHAT ABOUT US the us aint the only fecking place in the world you know

53 / BlazeKush420 / 2009年06月19日 15:32

Could you please update MGS4 with Trophies.
Thanks Hideo Kojima.!

54 / MrGarry / 2009年06月19日 19:42

I was just wondering about Raiden's shoulders in the new RISING promo. The colours seem darker, and he has some features that weren't in MGS4 like those spikes on his shoulders, and the brown eyes. IS this really Raiden?

55 / INTVGene / 2009年06月20日 05:35

No Trophy announcement for MGS4? Total failure.

56 / Razmossis / 2009年06月20日 06:20

Well, as expected, I am incredibly disapointed in the announcements.

Even though they were meant to be in celebration of MGS4, none of the announcements had anything to do with MGS4, unless you count actually buying it again at a lower price, but since Europes had that cheap version for months its hard to include it.

The ONE thing that us fans have asked for, for over a year now, and surely the easiest to do, you still haven't included & barely even acknowledged.
Just add Trophies, that is what we actually want.
Imagine how many people have traded MGS4 in, seriously what do you think is gona make them buy it again? TROPHIES THATS WHAT

I am incredibly disapointed

57 / GreatWork / 2009年06月21日 16:16

Great work on all of your games, I really am looking forward to Metal Gear Solid Rising.

It sounds amazing and perhaps you could shed some more light on how Raiden got his scars.....Would be great to know, thanks!

58 / Donut Snake / 2009年06月22日 12:14

I love Metal Gear Solid, don't get me wrong. But is there any chance of a Metal Gear Acid Sequal?

59 / ConanTheKing / 2009年06月23日 00:26

Okay this is a theory that will be a bit out there. But I think that scar on the chest of Big Boss was a sort of self mutilation. Almost like a constant reminder he etched onto himself to never forget The Boss and what she stood for, and that has now been marked upon his body with that scar.

60 / FissionMalied  / 2009年06月23日 05:21

Les Enfants TERRIBLE

i get confused too!

ps. Any chance Ryan Payton will be back in KP? Or is he is still with his family?

61 / Graham / 2009年06月23日 13:36

Guys, I love the show. Been listening to it recently and really enjoy it. I've had a lot of fun keeping up with KP with this report. You guys do a great job!

Just got Portable Ops. I think it's pretty good so far, it's taking some getting used to, but it has a lot of potential and the game is trying to take Metal Gear in a new direction while keeping the old theme of sneaking, which is good.

I just really hope Mr. Kojima (and I'm sure he'll do this) insists on having fully done cut scenes and not the animation scene in Portable Ops. Even though the animated stuff is kind of good, the game would be a lot stronger if they were just normal cut scenes. Look forward to seeing what Peace Walker can bring to the series, and hope it improves upon Portable Ops. A good start, that has a lot of potential. Look forward to getting deeper into it and good luck with all of your new projects.

I'm sure Mr. Kojima will push the PSP to its limit graphically and gameplay wise. Look forward to Peace Walker!


62 / James Thompson / 2009年06月25日 02:03

Hey guys its good to see the podcast up so often although the wait hurts i literally hang on every word of yours searching for metal gear news.

I have one quistion is there any news on trophies for metal gear solid 4 it was a shame you didnt give us them as birthday present for metal gear solid 4 but il keep looking out for them .

keep up the good work

63 / Arma Gideon / 2009年06月29日 08:26

You need to put MPO and MGS:PW on Blu-Ray. Screw the damned PSP and PSP-Go already!!! You aren't getting my $250 plus for one game, and I'm sure there are a lot of others who feel the same. Sony must be giving Kojima a whole **** load of money for their new handheld. Sell outs, put the damned game on PS3. Gas prices have already doubled this year, not all of us have the cash as these damned gaming tycoons.

64 / Snake Eater#1 / 2009年08月07日 01:27

Raiden Sucks!! Big Boss on PS3. Not going to buy a PSP for Peace Walker when I already bought a 400 dollar PS3 for The MGS series.

65 / Andr / 2009年08月07日 03:21

Hi Hideo, i'm reading the MGS4 review on line in meristation i'm going in the 2nd page and I fell in love of MGS4 but i don't have a Play Station 3 and no money, but i have a good PC.

please !!!!!!!!!!! make a PC version of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots that where possible, compatible with Nvidia's 3d vision (you know that would be great)PC users will appreciate what a lifetime and more if the Snake's latest adventure, would be another masterpiece like the PS3, another perfect 10 you can add to your list of accomplishments.


Thank you very much ....

66 / Z.O.E.3 / 2009年08月11日 04:03

Hello Hideo Kojima

I am a fan zone of Enders and would like to know

If you intend to launch zone of Enders 3

Please contact me:

67 / viper solid / 2009年12月23日 23:58

hello i'm italian's fan, i would like know the ultimate news of mgs rising...

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