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2009.08.06 Thursday

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Sean and Christine return from vacation to chat about PW voice sessions, the development process at KP, and the unbearably HOT Japanese summer.

** UPDATE **
For players in the U.S. & Canada--
Metal Gear Solid Touch is on SALE from Aug 13th - Aug 15th for just $2.99! Grab it while it lasts!

Show Notes:

English: "heat exhaustion"
Japanese: 夏ばて
(natsu bate)
Comment: "bate" is prounounced as "ba-teh," not like "bait."

English: "heat stroke"
Japanese: 熱中症

English: "dog days of summer"
Japanese: 土用の丑の日
(doyou no ushi no hi)
Comment: The "doyou no ushi no hi" changes each year and this year's dates were July 19th and 31st.

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 08/19/2009 <<

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Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / Silent Assassin / 2009年08月06日 22:56

Well done. Nice Podcast.
Can you please bring Mr. Kojima on your 100th episode and have him talk about making MGS games?That would be great.

2 / Metal Gear Help / 2009年08月07日 01:15

great show. It must be horrible with the heat. I haven't had much hot days where I live. Keep up the good work!

3 / Krazyfoxx / 2009年08月07日 05:43

Another great podcast.
Thanks for addressing the whole trophy issue.
I agree with Silent Assassin, it would be really cool to hear Mr. Kojima again on the podcast.

4 / Joe / 2009年08月07日 06:23

Thanks for addresing MGS4 trophies, i really appreciate, and if you guys do decide to do MGS4 trophies please make it for the single-player and not just MGO.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

5 / solid_hayter / 2009年08月07日 09:58

can ou please try and find out for us if david hayter will voice snake again in peace walker? that would make for a good announcement for the 100th episode!!! thanks guys!

6 / Bossy / 2009年08月07日 11:08


i want to know what he has been you too.

7 / Maikeru / 2009年08月07日 11:38

Ha ha, man you guys should try living in Texas. Man the humidity and 100 degree weather is bad with no chance of rain. Great job guys keep up the good work. And remember to sneeze into your elbows!

8 / SolidSammy / 2009年08月07日 21:32

Thanks you for your comments about trophies. There is a lot of asking about it. MGS 4 is one of the best selling title (on PS3) and trophies is the only missing piece ! (sorry for my english, I'm Frech :-)

9 / AresTopaz / 2009年08月08日 02:53

Cool! Nice to see the Japanese lessons continuing.
That Japanese bug sounds like what I had last week -even though it wasn't hot...
Looking forward to the 100th episode -just hope they make it LONGERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Get well soon Chris!

10 / Howling Griffon / 2009年08月08日 02:56

Definitely Ryan Payton for episode 100!

11 / AresTopaz / 2009年08月08日 03:03

I just figured it out: 'Natsu bate' -that looks dangerous!!! no wonder they wrote 'pronounced as "ba-teh"'!
Reminds me of the Japanese drink that sounds like... what a cow does!!!

12 / Razmossis / 2009年08月08日 04:09

So I take it we'll hear more about Trophies at TGS

13 / TheMancho / 2009年08月08日 04:26

Fine I'll stop pestering you for trophies... for now! But If I don't hear anything by December time to start pestering you... maybe :) As for the 100th episode get Ryan on or at least talk about him! Keep up the good work guys!

14 / Marin / 2009年08月08日 10:45

Great episode,thank you for mentioned the Trophies...and YES Mr.Kojima must be on ep100! Maybe awnsering a couple of questions sent...

15 / dude / 2009年08月08日 14:01

Thanks for finally saying SOMETHING about the trophies.

16 / Matthew Floratos ( / 2009年08月08日 14:19

Hey there guys,

What's the current status of the Metal Gear AC!D series? I love Metal Gear AC!D, and out of the post-MGS3 releases, AC!D 2 is my favorite game. It seems to be that the AC!D formula is brilliantly simple, and could be expanded in so many ways. For example, has Kojima Productions given any thought to a PSN/XBLA-based AC!D game? Hideo Kojima suggested that it was a possibility in the last year or so. Personally, (and just secretly) I would really love a new AC!D over something like Rising. Which is not to knock Rising, because I'm sure it'll be just fine, but as you can probably tell, I really love the AC!D series. :-)

17 / David / 2009年08月08日 19:54

About the translation of "doyou no ushi no hi", shouldn't be the translation just "the 2nd Dog Day"?
"Doyou" are "the Dog Days", the hottest period of the year (in English it's called like that after Sirius, the Dog Star). ~ By the way, does not "Dog Days" imply summer? (I'm not native English speaker).
Then, "ushi no hi" literally is "the day of the cow", but it's used just to count days. Since the cow is the second sign in the horoscope, it means "the second day", I think.
In Spanish it should be something like "el segundo día de la Canícula", which kindda sounds funny ;P
Regards from New Orleans :)

18 / DamonTheMoney / 2009年08月09日 06:43

Well done on the podcast.
I want to say it's good to know that you're listening to the community about trophies. But what I really want to say is that I never cared for trophies in MGS4. Why? Because it is the single best and most emotionally driven game I've ever played, and I hope it doesn't sound to corny but I always thought it was above trophies.

Also, I'd LOVE if Hideo Kojima would pop in on the podcast on episode 100. I appreciate that he doesn't speak much English, but an appearance would be wonderful nonetheless.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my comment =]

19 / Dblakenz / 2009年08月09日 09:19

Hey another great show guys, always interesting to hear about the various aspects of the game design process, and about life in Japan!
Cant believe 100 already, I've been listening since number 1! Haven't missed an episode! I also agree with Silent Assassin an Bossy for the 100th episode it would be great to have Mr Kojima on the show. If you do, one thing I've always wanted to know what his favourite Metal Gear moment is? ie; a favourite cut scene, line, story twist, game play element etc
Also would b great to hear from Ryan, he was such a big part of the KP report and MGS4 so would be good to hear his thoughts on how MGS4 turned out.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next one!

P.S What happened to the E3 Video Report.....?

20 / Griffo / 2009年08月09日 13:13

Enjoyed the show. Unwaveringly interesting, as always. ;)

Anyway, since you asked for suggestions for the 100th show, here's mine: Guest Payton appearance perhaps? I know full well that he's working at the new Halo studio, but I don't really see how this would be a barrier. I'm not sure what the relationship between the Halo studio and KP is like, if there is one. But again, I (in my ignorance) can't think of a good reason why any of this might pose problems.

It would be great to have all the KPR personalities together at once during a recording, but knowing how unlikely it is when considering what KP schedules are probably like, I would be more than happy to just hear an appearance from Sean, Chris, Kristine, Aki, Ken and Ryan in one show, not necessarily all recording together at the same time. Maybe you could surprise me though. :P Kojima wouldn’t hurt either!

I bet Ryan would be pleased to call in/Skype in during the podcast to maybe have an interview with you guys about the making of MGS4 and the previous KPR podcasts.

It would be invaluably interesting to most, if not all, listeners.

I know basic scheduling can be very frustrating when organising intercontinental things like these, but I'm also sure you can appreciate what the 100th episode means to a lot of people too! Ryan even mentioned it a lot during his time as the host. ;)

Oh, and be sure to ask him to divulge the secrets of the voice recording story to do with LaLiLuLeLo during the making of MGS4! Been waiting to hear that one for over a year!

Also, I enjoy surprising rewards which trophies provide whilst casually playing through a game, but I’m not one to dedicate time specifically towards them. So, I’d be excited to hear about MGS4 trophy support, but it’s not essential for me. Suffice to say, it sounds like you have more than that planned and being geared up for announcement, so consider me greatly looking forward to potential news.

Side note: Sean, I really appreciate how frustrating it may be to have all the news stories and such being materialised out of the most miniscule off-hand comment you made on this community podcast. Can’t say Ryan seemed to enjoy that either. I don’t know what exactly you have planned for release – if anything – so I don’t know what your reaction to this press behaviour is. Not knowing any of this, I can still see it as being positive, despite irritating, in that more people are aware of this potential of news from your studio. 

Looking forward to Ken's video material too.

Keep it up.


21 / Mantis / 2009年08月10日 09:25

Man, that heat must be a killer thing to controll! I always hate the heat. But where i live i guess its nice to have a good mix of the two. Also nice podcast! And i think you guys should really bring on Hideo Kojima or Ryan Payton for the 100th episode. And i really miss Ryan. It was sad to see him go... :(
So i think just to be fair since hes been doing it day one, that you guys should bring him on fo the 100th episode! He might like it alot just like old times! :)

22 / luisangel gongora j / 2009年08月10日 09:32

yeah i know what you mean of hot here in mexico is sometimes really hot between 40 to 30 degree and we also had that flu here for a while called the influenza

thanks for the comment of the trophies needed to hear about that

and well the first mgs i ever played was mgs3 i played it in a cousins house and i didnt lik the shooting ooh and my cousins son didnt let me watch the cutscenes of the first part so some time later i borrowed it and then i got used to it and liked it also watxed the cutscenes so then i bought the mgs essential collection and after playing the threee i got a ps3 and bought mgs4 and all of this happened in 1 year 2008 and know im a a fan 13 years old

nice podcast

23 / Ryan Holben  / 2009年08月10日 12:48

Thanks for referencing my comment Sergio I'm sure some people were confused, and I apologize! XP But yeah bring Ryan back and when you do I wanna know more about Ryan's dark secrets like the fact he's a studmeister and had a few girlfriends in the past (as referred by Aki Saito) Thanks for the episode!

24 / Ryan Holben / 2009年08月10日 12:56

Sorry once again, about the heat you have there is it the fact that you live in a city and the heat is coming from the concrete and the pavement?

25 / Eyeball / 2009年08月11日 05:35

It would be cool to have both Ryan Payton and Mr. Kojima on the 100th episode! but that will never happen... or will it ;)

26 / BIG BOSS / 2009年08月11日 19:05

please make trophies on MGS 4 and mayby MGO trophies (The world will be better with Trophies) PS..200 trophies will be Cool!

27 / Bunny56 / 2009年08月11日 19:28

Will Konami take part in the Games Convention Online 2010? As far as I know MGO is an online game and PW will be mobile. So why don't you have a booth there? Konamis presence in Leipzig was always wonderful. Would love to listen to your answer during the 100th episode!

Best wishes!

28 / lepolohuevo / 2009年08月12日 08:20

Hey, nice show as usual!
For your 100th episode, could you make a groundgreaking announcement? Not necessarily about Metal Gear in specific. Anything would do as long as it's a great one!
Thanks, and good luck on your future poscasts and work at Kojima Productions!

29 / Kelga / 2009年08月13日 20:16

Great show as always!

suggestions for the 100th episode (and everyone seems to be on similar track on this), in short:

We would like to hear from Mr. Hideo Kojima, Ken, Aki and.... Ryan!

And make Ryan the host for old time sake if possible?

Also, announce news that is exclusive from the KP Report. That would surely get many gaming site and blogs to source the info from the show which would attract even more attention to the Report!

We are all having stars in our eyes and big wishes for the 100th episode! *.*

Let it be BIG, let it be LEGENDARY!

30 / FunnyFoot / 2009年08月16日 05:13

Great episode, I'm trying to learn Japanese so these lessons that you guys provide help. Every bit counts. Also anime helps a lot as well which I'm just getting into lol. I hope the 100th episode will turn out to be fantastic. Good luck.

31 / Mr. RHC / 2009年08月16日 08:55


Hope you all regain your stamina, and get rid of 夏ばて.

I heard rumours regarding KP having an appearance @ Gamescon?

I'm looking forward to the next session!

Mr. Roppongi Hill Coffee

32 / senpai3173 / 2009年08月16日 10:16

plz post pics of the gundam if you went

33 / Icematt12 / 2009年08月25日 03:58

If Chris wants a corner then give him one. But first, I think sweet Christine can think up some sort of forfit to amuse the listeners ;)

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