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Gamescom 2009 Travel Log vol.2
2009.08.19 Wednesday
The randomness continues! ;-)
Also, don't miss our exclusive Gamescom 2009 Special Session!!

Hideo, Touchy, and Tomoko send a report from their train to Cologne...

Inter City Express
(The German Rapid Transit: I.C.E.)

Touchy: Okay, so we are now just leaving Frankfurt using the ICE train line...
Hideo: Here we are, it's... 5:00pm.
Touchy: Yes, it's 5:00pm. We got here at 4:00pm and changed trains at 5:00pm.
Tomoko: It's pretty hot here, isn't it?
Touchy: It is! It's really humid.
Hideo: It's very crowded.
Tomoko & Touchy: Wow...
Tomoko: We're all sitting apart from each other...
Touchy: Yeah, completely scattered... So, how are you doing? Were you able to get some sleep?
Hideo: I kind of have some mysterious ailment... I've got a fever and my head hurts... Not feeling too good right now.
Touchy: You should take it easy tonight.
Hideo: No rest for me tonight.
Touchy: What? You're not going to rest?
Hideo: Nah, I'll be fine.
Touchy: So... This is your 8th time (to GC)...
Hideo: Yes, that's right. But I still haven't gotten a chance to know most of the people here. I know what I'll do... Each day, I'll target a new person to get to know better.
Touchy: So, up until now, it's kind of been like you were looking after everyone from afar?
Hideo: Which station do we have to get off at...?
Tomoko: Wow, look at the view...
Touchy: Oh, I see mountains...

Ken and Aki catch up with Hideo and crew in Cologne to discuss their day over dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Dinner on 8/19 at "Hard Rock CAFE"

Touchy: Okay, here we are at the Cologne Hard Rock Cafe.
Hideo: Yes, that's right. For some reason, we're at HRC.
Aki: For some reason...
Hideo: I don't know why...
Hideo: It's a 3 minute walk away from the hotel. Apparently, they don't have Cologne beer available now so I'll have a Heineken.
Aki: Yeah, I can't believe it!
Touchy: Seems like they don't have any draft beer.
Hideo: Well, I'm having hamburger tonight.

The HRC Hamburger

Aki: Yeah, right after landing.
Touchy: Having American food right after landing in Germany.


Eating Nachos at the HRC

Hideo: Somehow, it doesn't seem like we're in Germany.
Aki: You're right... It feels like we're in America.
Ken: Yeah, it does feel like America.
Ken: But hey, when you guys landed, did you see the dome? You know, the dome...
Aki: Right, the cathedral...

The Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Ken: Did you guys see it?
Touchy: Photo-op!
Ken: Yup, a photo-op.
Hideo: I wanted to go, but no one showed any interest at all.


Touchy: We were interested!
Hideo: Yeah, only in taking pictures!
Aki: We saw it and the real thing is actually really large.
Hideo: I was disappointed that I didn't spot Jason Bourne on the train. I guess suspicious people don't make it through security.

Cologne Central Station (Köln Hauptbahnhof)

Ken: Yeah, the conductors are pretty strict with the inspections.
Hideo: I noticed that the female attendants who were performing the checks were very fashionable.
Ken: Actually, our attendant was a fairly large, middle aged woman...
Aki: That's right! That's right! Also, all the passengers were ordering juice so we thought it was complimentary. We were going to order some and then saw everyone paying for it so we decided to pass.
Ken: Yeah, but we scored some free peanuts in the end.
Hideo: Actually I got the juice...
Ken: Oh, you fell for it!? (laughs)

Touchy: Okay everyone, our usual cheers!
All: Cheeeeeeers!
Ken: Let's do our best at Gamescom!!


Original Japanese audio is here.

More to come tomorrow...

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1 / ssp619 / 2009年08月20日 02:35


2 / Metal Gear Help / 2009年08月20日 05:12

hey, this is cool

3 / Blogger / 2009年08月20日 05:57

Hideo: Well, I'm having hamburger tonight.
Aki: Yeah, right after landing.
Touchy: Having American food right after landing in Germany. "


4 / ashbash159 / 2009年08月20日 09:09

This is so funny and random. I wonder if there's a hidden message in these? There must be some reason to these mini-blogs!

5 / Anthoni / 2009年08月20日 14:16

I really need to learn Japanese.

6 / Xiong_Warriorzz / 2009年08月20日 17:37

wow! this is great! is this going to be something new? id like to see more!

Its comforting to know that even great game developers take time outs. You guys work hard, im glad you guys can take it easy and have time for laughs.

Kewl update Sean,

- Xiong_Warriorzz

7 / Johnno / 2009年08月21日 03:29

So will there be eating in Peace Walker?

8 / Burger / 2009年08月21日 06:02

Nice update, it's much more fun to read with the pics!

The HRC Hamburger looks tasty!

9 / Furei Kinoko the stupid gamer / 2010年02月14日 19:31

to aki-chan and ken-chan: more info,please? *whine*

10 / Criag / 2010年10月25日 03:44

Could do with a HRC Hamburger right now...

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