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2009.10.15 Thursday

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TGS wrap-up part 2 - The English voice cast for Peace Walker revealed at last!

Contest Announcement:
We are holding a Trivia Contest and so be sure to tune into Episode 102 for the details! Check out the link below and enter by 8:00am (PDT) on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 for your next chance to win some cool limited-edition TGS schwag!! Good luck to all! =)

>> CLICK HERE to enter the contest (Scavenger Hunt)!

Japanese Notes:

- This word means "embarassing" and expresses how ashamed or humiliated a person/the speaker feels.

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 10/29/2009 <<

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Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / Mr. RHC / 2009年10月15日 23:48

Great show, great news! It's good to have David Hayter and Christopher Randolphs back. It might be the last for them working together in a MGS title.

I only wonder if there will be some kind of codec like in the previous games?

2 / ssp619 / 2009年10月16日 00:18

Cool Report, pretty funny too :D

3 / IMRAN / 2009年10月16日 01:32


4 / Harry / 2009年10月16日 01:40

Great Report KP! So good to finally know the voice cast, and seeing as Chris Randolf is in it looks like we could me for some MGS Granpappy Otacon! :)

I'm also wondering if there will be a Codec? And also, will there be 4 player Co Op on all missions or only Boss ones?

Loved the Demo! Best PSP game I've played!

5 / Krazyfoxx / 2009年10月16日 01:51

Another awesome show guys.
I'm very glad to hear that David Hayter will be voicing Snake again.
Congrats to Griffo (sp) on winning the contest.

6 / Shidoni / 2009年10月16日 02:52

You have no idea how much I wanted Chris and David to return. You made me very happy today!! ^^

7 / Kelga / 2009年10月16日 03:55

Take good care Christine! =)

Congrats Griffo, it would be even more hardcore if you referenced to the main character's name from Z.O.E.2: Dingo Egret! I couldn't believe the other answers... lol
Look forward to the next round, good luck everyone!

Awesome to hear the English voice actors announced! Christopher! WOW I'm so surprised... lol I wonder what Huey's character will be like... hmm... lots to look forward to. =)

Some suggestions for the "C" team's (Christine and Chris) shows:

- If it's possible for Sean, could he interview some people on his side and send it back to you guys? It would be awesome to hear from David, Christopher, other voice actors or Kris, and just chat, talk about maybe themselves, their experience with the PW project, speak a line from PW or even talk about the past experience from MGS4 now they don't have anything to hold back.

- It would be great if you guys can bring in guest/s some time, someone from within KP would be cool. It would be even cooler from outside the studio, like someone representing the media? It would be great to hear what they have to say about PW, TGS, KP and the report. I miss all the people who have contributed to the report in the past; they all address very interesting issues. I'm sure they miss been on the report.

- Take this opportunity to address listeners' comments? I'm sure there are lots to address.

Best wishes

8 / Godfall / 2009年10月16日 04:36

Great show, and sounds like some great casting for the English language track, although its admittedly a little disappointing that Richard Doyle didn't get the nod as Snake/Big Boss this time round. I can see why David is there again, but it just seems like after so many games as Snake and whatnot *and casting Doyle as Big Boss later on* it feels a little like you're stepping backward instead of progressing the character, but that's just my opinion *despite all the reasons on the podcast being really valid :p* I know Hayter'll do a great job as always though.

9 / Maikeru  / 2009年10月16日 09:46

Haha you guys were on the money when it came to the American Public Transit System, especially where I am. I once waited about 45 minutes for one bus, luckily i had my PSP with Metal Gear AC!D 2, when the bus finally came two of the same busses came at the same time! Guys you are great, keep up the good work. Im glad MGSPW has very talented voice actors in the game, as always. David Hayter the legend, and Tera Strong with her multiple personalities. Of course you can't forget Christopher Randolf and Vanessa Marshall.

10 / Soprano / 2009年10月16日 11:53

For next episode: maybe talk a bit more about games in Japan or developing in Japan or the culture in Japan or Japan in general. You decide!

11 / wolfsrain / 2009年10月16日 17:23

Great show keep up the good work..... And also when Sean is going to L.A for voice recordings make sure he brings back interviews from actors (David Hayter, Christopher Randolph) please......

12 / Griffo / 2009年10月17日 04:28


Wow, thanks guys. I really appreciate this. I guess following the report religiously since it began pays off in ways other than providing weeks of entertainment and industry-insider stories. ;)

My friends in uni were quite predictably stunned.

Good luck to all the people entering the next contest.

Indulging in the mentioned voice actor's Wikipedia articles was very pleasant. I’m glad that David got the part again, but I’m also enthusiastic about the potential for Richard Doyle to voice Snake in the future.

Anyway, I couldn’t be more pleased about winning the contest. It might seem trivial to some people, but the Kojima Productions Report has been a part of my life since I was 16, and now I’m 19. Thanks so much.

13 / Icematt12 / 2009年10月17日 10:10

You could always give us some dirt on Sean, or maybe get Ken and/or Aki in to do it if he is a bit of a tyrant ;)

Chris is the only one I don't feel I know well so this should change in the next few episodes. Have fun whilst the big man is away really, he will surely have something planned for his return.

14 / Kelga / 2009年10月17日 16:16

Oh, I have be wanting to know, the Kojima Productions Blogcast, how do I post a comment? Would I have to register with Ameba? And if so, a guide would be helpful.

I'm very interested on the blog, however it is a shame that I cant read Japanese. Is there a possibility for someone at KP (Maybe Christine, but don't want to give her too much request, or how about Chris or other members who can translate) to edit the posts and add in English translations?

To the fellow KP fans:
Are there others who also interested with this topic?
Let's let KP hear our requests.

Best wishes

15 / SnakeMGS4 / 2009年10月19日 05:57

Thanks for telling us who the English voice cast is. I'm glad to see that David Hayter is Big Boss. His voice is amazing.

As for what to do in the following reports without Sean you should get a guest who has never been on the KP report before.

16 / Snakemgs2 / 2009年10月21日 07:39

I would like to say even though I am still kind of young I would love to go work for Kojima Production as a video game programmer.

17 / Ice345 / 2009年10月22日 19:50

...Since you’ve got Hayter back this time, I’d quite like a sequel to Peace Walker with Richard Doyle voicing Big Boss. Be cool if you got Doyle to say the “From now on call me Big Boss“ line simply to symbolise the transition from Naked Snake to Big Boss, after all, like the podcast essentially said, Naked Snake and Big Boss are two effectively two different characters. Would also be nice if Hayter could sound (at least a bit) more like a younger version of Doyle’s Big Boss voice rather than put on essentially the same voice he did for Solid Snake while portarying Big Boss. (that was my only gripe with MGS3 and MPO. Graet job though anyway guise and nice t know that you do ackoledge and recognise Richard’s talent.

18 / pauljeremiah / 2009年10月22日 21:11

Great show, so glad to hear that David Hayter will return as the voice of Snake.

Keep up the great work

19 / mr.blaze / 2009年10月23日 05:47

Hello KP Report crew! I'm wondering if maybe you could include some Halloween themed things in your next episode. Maybe you could discuss how some of the more creepy parts of MGS were made, or talk about what Halloween is like in Japan.

Well, keep up the great work! I love listening every other week.

20 / Polprav / 2009年10月23日 09:09

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

21 / Chyosuke..... Yeah Sean... Ya know the rest / 2009年10月24日 05:19

I actually like the topic of Voice over work since I'm trying to get into this feild... I'll be keeping an ear out for more of what is needed from the actors when they do a job for a company.

Thanks guys!

22 / Spidey / 2009年10月26日 19:36


23 / crygn / 2009年10月27日 15:30

Good luck in LA Sean. We'll miss you! C&C: Why don't you do something different while Sean is away, like a fun facts show or mail special?

24 / Luca / 2009年10月29日 00:34

Hi everybody!

I love PW character design!
Mr. Shinkawa THE BEST!

Good work,
- Luca

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