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2009.10.29 Thursday

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Chris and Christine are joined by the awesome twosome Ken & Aki to discuss games, zoos, and relationships!?

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Contest Announcement:
We are holding the 3rd installment of our Trivia Contest and so be sure to tune into Episode 103 for the details! Check out the link below and enter by 8:00am (PDT) Wednesday, November 4th, 2009 for your next chance to win some cool limited-edition TGS schwag!! Good luck to all! =)

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Japanese Notes:

-ace student that excels in academics

-older sister

-A girl who can be cold or aloof around people, but who also has a side to her that fawns over the person that she is interested in.

Chris & Christine

>> Next Session: 11/12/2009 <<

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Guest   :   Ken Imaizumi
Aki Saito
Cast   :   Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / ssp619 / 2009年10月29日 21:00

Will listen NOW!!!!

2 / ssp619 / 2009年10月29日 22:11

Hey guys!!
Great show, it's also good to know that there will be an English MPW demo, I LOVE ME SOME DAVID HAYTER!!

Though I'm extremely disappointed that I still didn't win a trivia contest even though I posted the correct answer both times, better luck next time I guess and congrats to those who won.

p.s: Nice job to both of you, you handled the job like pros :D
p.s-2: Please give us some more info on Castlevania, I'm extremely disappointed in the lack of info on it in TGS.
p.s-3: We still want MGS4 Trophies ;p

3 / ssp619 / 2009年10月29日 22:23

I also forgot to mention that I'm IN LOVE with your team photo, I love it so much that put it as my wallpaper!!

4 / Mr.RHC / 2009年10月30日 01:59

Awesome! I was so hoping for an english localization demo!

Having a first glance at the voice in a full demo version will be really great!
Nice episode :D

5 / FoxBalls  / 2009年10月30日 11:17

The new information at the end of Peace Walker about The Boss is keeping me awake at night :-)

6 / Flacidsnake / 2009年10月31日 01:03

Hey Guys'

You rule!! Ken and Aki are so funny. Great job Chris and Christine and thanks for the blog-commenting translation.

7 / Henry_Spencer / 2009年10月31日 06:15

Who's translating/localising Peace Walker? Just interested.

8 / Harry / 2009年10月31日 07:44

Good report! Great to hear about an English Demo!

I was just wondering when, if ever, the original MGS is going to hit the European Store? Living in England th language thing can be pretty frustrating (especially since we invented bloody English :) ) and we still dont have it. I'd love to have a final answer and I've been checking the PS Store for weeks since June 18th.

Have a good week KP! :D

9 / Rex / 2009年11月02日 07:35

this is some sweet news

10 / Sumea / 2009年11月02日 17:46

Great job guys.

I kinda wanted to hear someone mention their stance on VALVe games, since I like them. Kojima games are curious one since I have no modern consoles, only a PC, so, I love all kojima games for what I can play them, but do not own them myself (Rare copy of PC MGS2 and PS1 MGS I DO have though)

anyway, great job on interesting show, very well done, liking the professional sound, and even the japanese culture sidenotes that pop up.

With love from Finland, Sumea

11 / Kelga / 2009年11月02日 22:10

Great episode guys! Ken is such a philosopher!

Wow... I've heard and seen of Love Plus from sites, but from your discussion, it made me realise that this could be a next step in dating sim games. Kinda like what Pokemon started. This is like Tamagochi (those virtual pet machines from years back) fusing with Dating sim genre, exciting and innovative, just hope it doesn't get out of hand, seen articles online that people were getting into trouble with their girlfriends and wives. So watch it Aki! Lol I'm curious how Aki's wife and family feel about him playing Love Plus. Lol

Thank you very much Christine for the guide for commenting on the KP Blog! Hopefully one day I will understand Japanese enough to understand what Hideo is posting, they seems random most of the time but interesting. Lol

I love the photo of the KP Blog crew! You guys look so stylish, the setting and lighting are very cool. Hideo's the man! Lol Christine you are so beautiful! Is that Ken second from the left?! The Ken I see is always more casual looking. Lol Seeing this photo gave me some ideas, maybe one day you guys can take a more “casual or funny” photo and also, maybe Yoji can illustrate the crew in the style of his choice. That would be sweet.

Seeing Christine's past blog post introducing Chris, he looks bit Asian; does he have Asian blood flowing in his veins?

Chris, I dig your request of a picture of Sean and David, but I'll go one level higher, how bout... a photo with Sean and all the voice actors and staffs involved in PW, how's that? Hopefully that's possible.

You guys are doing great, looking forward to the next episode. Who's Sean again? Joke joke lol. We miss you Sean. Thank you to everyone at KP for all your hard work.

Best wishes

12 / John / 2009年11月03日 22:07

Hi everybody!

The KP blogcast picture is so coool!
So from left to right we have:
Yoshikazu Matsuhana
Kenichiro Imaizumi
Kazuki Muraoka
Hideo Kojima
Christine Kogure
Yoji Shinkawa

Who's the unknown lady? And the unknown male is perhaps Mr. Shuyo Murata, shortened hair???

Best wishes!

13 / / 2009年11月05日 09:53

Just got the news/rumor that Z.O.E. is in planning stages? I Hope it's true for you guys, Z.O.E. the only reason why I would buy a PS3 and have been waiting for ZOE 3 for years! Please don't disappoint!

- Siege M,

14 / The Beaner-san / 2009年11月07日 08:46

Hey! Tell Ken to start blogging in English too! Because I would read the **** out of that ****.

15 / Spidey / 2009年11月07日 10:19


16 / DiddyGong / 2009年11月07日 19:54

So cool, please keep this going!!!

17 / FoxBalls / 2009年11月07日 22:41

SNAAKEE!! Im gonna drag you out of retirement. Your new mission, is to find The Boss an reunite her with Big Boss. TIME TRAVEL SNAAAKEEE!!!

18 / Chad Warden / 2009年11月08日 06:47

Hello, Kojima Productions!
I would really like to know, is there any chance that Peace Walker will come out on the PS Triple? It feels to me like a great let down if what was anticipated to be the actual Metal Gear Solid 5, and a real solid MGS masterpiece, which I believe Peace Walker to be, were not to be made for the latest and most powerful PlayStation console! I think this game deserves to be seen with MGS4-level graphics, and to be played with an actual PS joypad! I read some rumours that PW is being prepared to be convertible to other consoles... so could you confirm or deny them? Thanks!!

19 / Samir / 2009年11月09日 03:16

Hey guys , let's ask them to release previous MGS games on PS 3 .

20 / Marin / 2009年11月09日 05:27

Wow,im Brazilian,and i didin't now that Bread was "Pan"...i think it comes from portuguese "Pao"...impressive.
Great report guys!

21 / Cecil / 2009年11月09日 06:59


Just a question, There is going to be news soon about metal gear rising?

Thanks a lot

22 / Kelga / 2009年11月09日 16:34

the other lady is Sayaka, the PR lady and... a cosplayer, er... maybe thats a hint for you... at something. lol

Now I wonder who are the guys next to Hideo to the left and next to Christine to the right. Maybe in the next Report they could run a quick introduction for the staffs and bloggers in the photo.

Siege M:
Z.O.E is the only reason for PS3 for you? What about MGS4? lol yeah, everyone is excited about the next Z.O.E but let just keep in mind that KP have their handsful at the moment so its probably too early for KP to fully confirm it with the public.

Best wishes

23 / french octopus / 2009年11月10日 08:08

Oayo gozaimas kp team. Now i have tekken6. Can you tell me what is your best fighting games for me the king of fighter series in 2d is great and you ? And what about the trophies. MGS PW demo is AWESOME great work. The kojima kantoku take inspiration about the situation of Japan with their constitution it's a political theme that not so many people talk about outside Japan how the japanese gamers receve that ? So later and love you all

24 / flomax / 2009年12月15日 10:55

good going

25 / konart / 2009年12月25日 22:08

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

26 / Albert Pieter Dotinga / 2010年01月18日 13:08

Dear Hideo Kojima and the others at KP ive seen the castlevania lords of shadow trailer i was stunned again.... i fell in love..... im a huge castlevania fan i started playing it on MSX2(still got my Turbo-R to play my favourite konami games)
I wish you all the best luck i can i wish i could help on a castlevania game one day..... konami has always been a good tutor to learn from.... your great art combined with the best music always ends up in a masterpiece..... there's only one konami game that i hate the msx version of green beret was horrible.... because it did not contain any japanese love for making games........ Good luck on completing castlevania lord of shadow......

I also gonna put a castlevania tatoo on my arm..... maybe even a konami logo...... for me konami is just as important as einstein is for science......

Thank you verry much for more than 25 years of gaming pleasure.....

27 / latisse / 2010年01月25日 03:05

good stuff

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