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2010.01.07 Thursday

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Sean, Christine, and Chris take a quick break from PW crunch to recap 2009 and look ahead to 2010 in this week's mini-report.

Special Update:
Kojima_Pro_Live lives!

Originally created to tweet news from TGS 2009, the official Kojima Productions Twitter feed is being revived as a 3-way tag-team between Sean, Christine, and Chris. Starting today, be sure to follow our official Twitter account "Kojima_Pro_Live" for real-time updates and dev chatter straight from KP! Don't be fooled by imitations!

Christine has also prepared detailed instructions on how to download the demo along with a list of release dates on her blog, so check it out:

Japanese Notes:

-That's true. That sounds good. I agree.
(Said when Christine agrees with Sean that it would be a good idea to recap the Trivia Contest question.)

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 01/21/2010 <<

>> Have a question you want read over the air? Submit it over at our mailbox:

>> And don't forget to drag and drop this link to your iTunes player if you want to subscribe to the podcast!

Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
Christopher Johns
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1 / Nashoki / 2010年01月07日 21:03

Awww, damn I was anxiously waiting for this report. Too bad its a mini-report oh well....Happy new Year guys! I can't wait to get my hands on the MGS4 Master Artbook and PW and PW's OST!

2 / Kelga / 2010年01月08日 04:26

Great session, cos I got the "bragging rights", perhaps? lol

I Was listening to this at work, and as soon as I heard there's a redraw, I paused and quickly told my co-worker the background bout KP, MGS PW and the competition and obviously my username. So that she could understand my excitement (she probably thought: "What a geek!" lol) Anyway, I unpaused and we listened, damn, didn't win. When Sean mentioned bragging rights, I quickly paused again and filled her in on the story, unpaused, and behold, I was mentioned. lol no big deal but it was a cool and fun experience with my co-worker. She and I even watched the trailer from TGS after listening to the session. lol

Really want the MGS4 Master Artbook, it would be a great source of inspiration to me as a multimedia designer and illustrator. Asked my bro, who is in Taiwan at the moment, if he could get it for me, unfortunately he is only coming back to South Africa at the end of February.

It would be a long wait... like Christmas? lol

Happy new year to KP and everyone, This Year is gonna rock, thanks to PW and it's also year of the tiger, my year! :D

Best wishes for the crunchy time!

3 / Harry / 2010年01月08日 04:48

Way too short ... very disappointed ...

Borderlands is a great game, even better on CO OP.

Also, the people who got better answers should have won by default. If there was 2 people with 4, draw from them, the people with 2 shouldn't have got counted at all.

Anyways, an ok show I guess, hoping for more next time, not a good start to 2010 really,

By the way Assassins Creed II ... much better than the original. The story on this one has me hooked, only the very end of AC1 got me excited really.

Uncharted 2 - epic awesomesauce. And Robert Atkin Downes voices Tenzing! :D

4 / Mr. RHC / 2010年01月08日 06:27

Great to see the Koji Pro Twitter back into action!

By the way, good job Kelga! You hit them all!

5 / Kelga / 2010年01月08日 15:11

Harry: Come on, these guys are not getting paid for doing the KP Report, it's out of passion for the company and for us, the fans. We should be grateful and lessen our expectations maybe? :)

Choose the answers with 4? That sound bit unreasonable, the question stated "at least 2"...

Oh, looking forward to KP tweets. :) And don't forget to explain "Piece Walker" when you can!

6 / french octopus / 2010年01月09日 02:36

what only 15min and 3 seconds. Snif snif ,why where is our throphy ? And can you translat the most important theme the kojima kantoku talk about in is 3 sessions two befor the new year and the thrist of 2010. LUV YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR

7 / pauljeremiah / 2010年01月09日 04:40

Thanks so much for the shout out regarding me and my girlfriend Nanaka translating the MGS PW trailer for me.

Happy new year guys
keep up the great work

8 / Gugs92 / 2010年01月09日 20:52

Hey guys, i'm a long time listener, first time commenter. Just wondering if you could shed any light on "MGS Piece walker" (after coming across a new teaser site) in the next podcast??

Thanks, and keep up the good work.
Peace out!!

9 / Harry / 2010年01月09日 22:14

Kelga: Well, firstly, my expectations are always going to be unreasonably high because KJP is the best game developer company in the world. Hype has ruined games for me before, but KJP usually surpasses even my expectations. I know they don't get payed either, but 15 minutes? I dunno, it's just a little annoying.

As for the competition, well, I submitted 2 - "Columbia and Costa Rica", but if I submitted more, I'd at least think I should have more chance to win (like 4 pieces of paper in a box instead of one).

I'm not a yesman of the series and I don't think most fans are either; a majority were disappointed with the story of MGS4, I mean, nanomachines explaining most plot holes that were best left alone, the endless retcons (Dr Madnar WTF?) and Johnny going from poo-your-pants joke to main character? ... Anyway not here to rant about that. I can't see how they can fail with Peace Walker, although every character seems to be someone's parent - (Huey, Amanda).

I'm going to post my honest view of it, a comment consisting solely of compliments is useless really. If I did post all my praise for KP I'd be here for several days anyway.

And yes, explain Piece Walker!

10 / New Zealand Snake / 2010年01月10日 16:34

Hey KP crew. Thanks for taking the time to do the report, nice show to kick start 2010, even if not everyone appreciates it...
Hopefully the pink bucket will be making a comeback later on in the year for future giveaways!
Good to hear what games you have been playing, Uncharted 2 is alot of fun and one defiantly one games of '09.
I've actually just got around to playing Mirrors Edge, if you get the chance to pick it up do so, love the art direction and use of color/lighting/music in the game.

@ Kelga, good stuff dude, your post about pausing the podcast made me smile! Surely you must be in the running to be one of the worlds most hardcore Metal Gear fans? :P

11 / Harry / 2010年01月14日 08:53

Wait, so people can direct comments at me and I cannot respond? Joy. I must be snowballing a reputation as the KPR grumpy man, but meh, comments here seem a little too "sugared". I do ENJOY the report A LOT, I hope my critisism isn't interpreted as insults.

Anyway, I think I speak for everyone when I say - BRING KEN AND AKI BACK! :D Are they dead or something?! We haven't heard them in ages! You're overworking them KP! :P

12 / Noel Shourai / 2010年01月15日 00:43

I actually just answered for fun, didn't expect much.

It'd be nice to win some TGS stuff, but I think I'm perfectly cool with the ten seconds of fame I got for naming three countries.

United States did make me scratch my head for a bit though.

13 / Kelga / 2010年01月18日 17:39

@New Zealand Snake: Nah, I'm just trained by MGS and my profession to have a eye for every detail, but you can say I'm a fan of KP. lol

@KPR team: Hey guys, since its crunch time, I'm sure the stress level is pretty high, how bout just chill out in the Reports to come? Talk about things you don't have to worry about, perhaps bout yourselves, hobbies, general news, Japan culture, each others' dark secret or what ever. lol

ps. It has been a long time since we heard from Ken and Aki, we miss them!

Best Wishes

14 / Harry / 2010年01月19日 08:44

Hi guys! :D

I know I've made a lot of comments on this report, but well, this idea came to me and I got too excited. :P

I got into these Podcasts through the Integral ones on MGS4 (which are brilliant by the way), and I know Peace Walker is still a way off, but if you guys could do PODCASTS for Peace Walker, going into as much detail as you did in the integrals, I would tatoo your names into my face. ;) Or if you like, send you money. :)

Just a section of the regular podcasts, similar to the E3 Trailer commentary, would be epic. I know I probably sound a little crazy wanting it this badly, but these podcasts are the best! :D

Just going into design, easter eggs, good tactics and such would be ... so soooo goood!

Hope you like this idea guys, I don't think it's possible to have them integrated, but off a sub section in the full KP Report would be equally epic. :)

Thanks guys! :D

15 / Kelga / 2010年01月19日 23:34

@ Harry: "comments here seem a little too "sugared"", nicely said. lol Criticism can be good, especially constructive criticism. You have a really good idea, I would like to see it happen too.

I've also noticed that lately, the people commenting here are starting to interact with each other, which is pretty cool i think.

By the way, bit late but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN KEN!!! you have become a good producer... lol :D :D :D

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