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2010.05.27 Thursday

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SNAAAAAKE!!!!! David Hayter sits down to chat about Peace Walker, Metal Gear, and his various projects outside of gaming. Sean and Christine also address your comments and announce the World Tour details for North America.

Less than 2 weeks left before Peace Walker lands in the Americas! To celebrate, the next episode of the report is airing on launch day: June 8th! Don't miss it!

Language Notes:

(It's very common in Japan for those who go on trips (domestic & overseas) to bring back a little something for family, friends and co-workers. Snacks are a popular choice.)

li hing
-Short for li hing mui which is Chinese for a sweet-sour dried plum. Li hing powder refers to the sweet-sour salty powder that coats the plum.
(In Hawaii, it's popular to add li hing powder to various foods to add a twist to favorite snacks.)

- Traditional dance of Hawaii

- child/children
(li hing hula keiki is the name of the snack that Christine brought back from Hawaii for Sean.)

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Sean Eyestone

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Guest   :   David Hayter
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Sound Recording   :   Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Seiro Hirose
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1 / Solemn Snake / 2010年05月27日 19:12

Hheyyyy; I was wonderning where Chris was from the beginning.

"Heloowwhhh" aaahhhhhhh!!!!!! I think I'm blushing.. :D

2 / MetalGearFanHere / 2010年05月27日 20:04

Hey guy's great job at!

I Want PW!!!!!!

3 / french YAMORI / 2010年05月27日 21:03

yes the snake voice is back so great i like to see david in france with all the team is a long time we don't have heard ken and aki i miss you guys untile the jun 17 vive la fance cochon

4 / SOGEKING / 2010年05月27日 22:49

nooo, i wanted him to say "kept you waiting, huh?" :(

5 / Harry / 2010年05月28日 00:52

Yes! You will make an integral podcast for PW! I will make you! And remember it was my idea, I wrote in about it around September last year :P

Advantages of a PW Podcast:

- The level design suits it way more than MGS4 as you choose a level and the game is broken into little bits of portable goodness, this makes it more flexible as with the MGS4 Integrals we had to go back sometimes and it was awkward

- Walkman gets more use

- You make us fans dead happy ;)


- None

Make them please! :D

I thought at the beginning "Chris is being unusually quiet", then I thought maybe he was dead like Ken and Aki but no, he's on holiday; hope he has a good time :)

Loved the Hayter interview, cant believe he was sick during recordings haha, that really shows how much they put into it, not just effort, but body fuids. ;)

And an early report! Yes! Although your "Next Session" part still says the 11th :)

Looking forwards to next time, and release of PW! :D

6 / RedSwirl / 2010年05月28日 04:18

You think this blog will ever get RSS?

7 / ssp619 / 2010年05月28日 07:41

Thank you very much for answering my question. Now I'm really looking forward to the next couple of episodes.
p.s: I'm a HE.

8 / Brandon  / 2010年05月28日 09:09

I'm legally blind due to prematurity and there is no cure for my type of vision. I am working hard to get into the video game business. Having the disability I have I spend a lot of time drawing, reading, writing, and playing video games.

To anyone who understands- since I can't do some jobs i'd like to in life (be a soldier, cop, etc.) I think of video games as an even "playing" field (multiplayer-wise) and they allow me to have fun without my disability getting in the way.

Which is why i am very passionate about video games and the world they create. Hideo, Sean, David, and the rest of the team for all the Metal Gear games have always made me feel welcome and part of the video game universe MGS creates.

Thank you all for doing such a great job, i've followed and played the entire series, gotten any special editions, and am looking forward to PEACE WALKER. Thanks again, to all of you. I've always felt welcome playing the MGS games.

9 / TheMancho / 2010年05月28日 16:13

Awesome episode! I know that Hayter loves the series and plays the games, but it really irks me when he calls metal gear solid 3, metal gear 3. In another interview he called MGS2 metal gear 2... :| KP needs to remake the MSX games and tell Hayter that he is coming in to record dialogue for Metal Gear and METAL GEAR 2. Sorry for the rant, there is no snake like hayter!

10 / Shibito Snake / 2010年05月28日 18:08

Hi peep's, another great Show!!!

What David said about Snake saying have a great wedding, Im gunna go &nd die now. Was so funny, I creased up, could'ent stop laughing.

So wish that was a cut scene.

Glad you all had very cool holidays.

P.S. Sean you have to play read dead to the end, the last part of the story is insanely good.

Take care all....

Piece V.

11 / MetalGearFanHere / 2010年05月28日 22:12

Best One yett hey can next report can chris have his own coner like christine? it wood be cool great job on mgs and kp report and can chriss have a funny corner plz say in you're next report

12 / Mr. RHC / 2010年05月28日 23:37

@ TheMancho
A friend of mine also tends to say Metal Gear 2,3,4; it sounds a bit awkward to me too. Force of habit? Probably.

Nice interview though, David Hayter sure enjoys all the character and story development, especially Snake's like every other fan would. He said it himself, he always is like "Really, so that happened".

To be the voice of Snake seemingly accompanies with suffer from time to time..:D
European release = a long way off.

Take care.

13 / Harry / 2010年05月29日 09:25

Ryan Payton is in Japan and you had a meal with him! I just saw his Twitter! :O

Please get him on the show! It would be especially awesome coinciding with the US PW release date podcast! :D

It would be so great if this happened! :)

14 / MetalGearFanHere / 2010年05月29日 12:24

Hey guy's Can You tell Us At E3 Is MGS R is Going To New Trailer Can You Say In The Next report?

PS I Don't Know why but my comment not there? just wanted to let you know keep up Good Jobb Hope To See MGS At E3!!!!!!!

15 / New Zealand Snake / 2010年05月29日 12:35

Another insightful report and interview, you can defiantly tell that David has alot of love for the series and the character(s)even after all these years. (I think the same can be said for Christopher Randolph and Otacon as well)
Having a good voice actor (and script) is pretty important as it is the only 'human' part of the game - David really breaths life into Snake to life and I for one love the work he does and appreciate him going all out and vomiting all over the sound booth (though I imagine other people don't appreciate it quite as much!).

I too have been playing Red Dead Redemption, loving it to, very cool game, and also whoever did the voice of John Marston did good job - has a very cool raspy badassness to it!

Looking forward to PW in a few weeks, cant wait to see what you all have squeezed onto a UMD!

P.S Have you seen the screenshots for the new Call of Duty? There is a guy with a Bandanna who looks like a more realistic Snake/Big Boss!!

16 / New Zealand Snake / 2010年05月29日 13:15

Forgot to add the video on youtube of Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san traveling tough Korea, Taiwan and China pretty interesting,looked pretty insane and alot of fun,the crowds just kept getting bigger! The Korean girl freaking out after being told who the video was for was pretty funny, and some of the costumes people had were pretty cool.

17 / Solemn Snake / 2010年05月30日 03:06

@ TheMancho;

If anyone has WARRANTED dropping the "solid" in "metal gear solid", it's solid snake! ;)

18 / nOObert / 2010年05月30日 09:11

Great episode!

It is nice to hear David Hayters thoughts on MGS4. I think he absolutely hit the nail, when he was asked about his thought on the MGS universe. Maybe it sounds kinda stupid but MGS1 kinda blew me when Snake said something like "every little kid knows that the gulf war syndrome comes from the depleted uranium balistics... " it has not to be true for the game...:D but this sentence alone really blew me!

So yea great podcast looking forward to the next one^^ Maybe with Ken & Aki (almost everyone wanna hear something from you guys... some ppl are even worried about your condition... :/)

So keep up the good work !

Best wishes nOObert^^

19 / justSamurai / 2010年05月30日 20:43

E3 surprises, huh? Dare I say MGS4 trophy patch? Or even better, MGS4: Existence?

20 / TheMancho / 2010年05月31日 06:32

@Mr. RHC
Yeah I guess I can see why, some people don't even know the MSX games exist... which is sad because they were great games! It still gets on my nerves though! ha ha.

@french YAMORI
Agreed 100% about Ken and Aki returning but with E3 coming up I doubt they will most likely be very busy. I doubt they be able to return for a while. :(

21 / Gundosxfd / 2010年05月31日 14:14

Aloha! awz

22 / NoWai / 2010年05月31日 15:33

It has been 3 years, give us trophies for mgs4 already like you promised! if we get no trophie patch at e3 or no mg4 substance edition I will be very sad.

23 / Griffo / 2010年06月01日 00:17

The consistency with which I enjoy these shows is unparalleled, except in special cases like these, when I enjoy them even more.

I really feel regret for not having participated more in this community during this time. But, my obscene amount of work doesn't help, in addition to an artistic temperament, prone to procrastination. :/ I suppose that's no excuse, relative to you guys, who can seemingly always cope.

I'll be traveling to London for both of the signing sessions there in June. Though I'll be making my way from Swansea all the way to the capital, I don't think it compares to the distance between anywhere in Canada and New York. Kudos to that guy.

I'd just like to say that of the little I've had time to play of the Japanese edition of Peace Walker, I love it.

However, what I can't wait for is some quality time to enjoy it, and the time to understand it properly in a language I am fluent in.

Going to London to see Mr. Kojima, Mr. Shinkawa, Kikuchi-san (and hopefully more -- !) will be such a timely break and experience. If it's anywhere near as good as the Metal Gear Solid 4 event, it'll be fantastic.

Keep it up


24 / Griffo / 2010年06月01日 00:37

Sorry to comment twice.

nOObert, although I would also love to hear Ken and Aki on The Report again, they're fine. They both have Twitter accounts, and it's obvious they're simply very busy.

Ken occasionally tweets in English, and they both also post pictures sometimes.

Hopefully they'll be coming along for the World Tour trips outside Asia. I'm pretty sure Aki will do, since he organised the European side of things.

But further than that, I hope they won't simply be standing behind bouncers, preventing me from showing a morsel of appreciation! ;)


25 / TheMancho / 2010年06月01日 07:43

Harry is right, you and Christine had a meal with Ryan Payton! I have been begging since 2008, bring him back on the show for one last time for proper closure! I'm BEGGING YOU!

26 / The Beanerさん / 2010年06月01日 08:44

Boo! We want Ken! Bring back Ken!

27 / SOGEKING / 2010年06月01日 21:54

is MGS rising gonna be in 3D or not?

28 / Harry / 2010年06月02日 00:58

@Griffo: I checked out Kens Twitter not long ago, and noticed that in a lot of his pictures he has some kind of Micky Mouse toy in army clothing or something; it's hard to describe. Next time he is on the report I'd love to know what it is lol.

29 / MetalGearFanHere  / 2010年06月02日 18:40

Hey I Hope You CAN Have MGS PW DLC So We Can PodChat See How It Was Made

30 / Acid Snake / 2010年06月03日 03:17

man i would love to meet and speak to hayter, it would be awesome!

31 / blackhawk65589 / 2010年06月03日 11:12

nice podcast guys :)

32 / Albator356 / 2010年06月03日 12:34


I'm from Costa Rica and I just saw the video you prepared for us and for all the Latin American community.

I (and many other Metal Gear fans around our little country) and deeply honored and thankful for letting the country be a part of the Meatl Gear history. It's a real shame you could not make it over here, but the presence of Shinji Hirano and (Shuyo Murata?) make this launch event very special.

Sony decided to choose only 10 lucky fans to attend the event, but there were hundreds of people wanting to go to the event. I can say it was a complete success.

Thanks again, Kojima-san, in behalf of the small Costa Rican gaming community.

Que la paz sea contigo!

33 / Rising Bull / 2010年06月03日 12:40

Hey kiddo's I enjoyed this episode of the podcast. I would like to know if Kojima is going to come back soon to Los Angeles after his world tour. Im going to be out of town for that weekend(DAM GRADS!) and I'm kicking myself because I can't be there that day.

34 / MetalGearFanhere / 2010年06月03日 13:06

Hey guy's i'm so happy pw coming out and it great how you're going to reced when pw out great job with the KP Report and MGS

35 / Snake2009MGS / 2010年06月03日 19:26

Hi guy's for E3 are you going to do update the E3 sites more someing new?

36 / BigBoss  / 2010年06月03日 21:25

hey guys are you going to be doing the E3 site it was so cool last time plz do the E3 site

37 / EwokXIII / 2010年06月04日 04:01

I used to think he sounded like Clint Eastwood.

38 / KPfan / 2010年06月04日 04:36

Hi guy for E3 i hope you're there at E3 showing somin and hope you have lot of DLC for pw make all the fan happy and me lol but great job and the E3 site 2009 can you make it E3 2010?

39 / Uttering Squirrel / 2010年06月04日 13:53

Is there going to be a Metal Gear Solid Collection, containing MGS1, 2 and 3 on Blu-Ray Disc with trophies for PS3? Like the God of War Collection?

40 / Darkpen / 2010年06月04日 15:19

Why haven't I been seeing any heavy marketing or hype for this game. I ask PSP owners if they're hyped for "Peace Walker," and without fail, they have no idea what I'm talking about until I mention Metal Gear.

There are no videos on PSN, and none period since the Japanese launch. Your American branch has failed to market this game properly, and your HQ decision to drop the MGS5 moniker will have lost you millions in profit.

How can PW be the PSP killer app this summer when the average PSP owner hasn't been convinced by a deluge of TV ads, local transit metropolitan ads, or billboards?

41 / Solidus_Snake12 / 2010年06月07日 21:53

hey guys thankyou for an awesome report, it was good to hear david hayter again, how's ken and aki going these days i haven't heard from them in a long time, it would be awesome to have the ken and aki report back on air so they can talk about there crazy adventures and everyones darkside,
i have a question what music was playing in the background when ryan payton was doing the report back in 2006 - 2008? what's happening with project S or kojima san may call it sudatcher? if you can answer the questions it will be greatly appreciated,

keep up all the good kojima productions
P.S bring back the ken and aki report

42 / Jedicraft / 2010年06月08日 01:34

Thanks for mentioning I will be going to Uniqlo event, but not mentioning my "extended" lunch, which may turn into a sick day, ::cough:: ::weez::. I don't think my boss is an MGS, but if she is I am in the clear!

My question: is there any items coming up with the original/background of Liquid Snake? He kinda shows up outta the blue in MGS1 and we don't yet know why he is , who he is.


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