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2010.07.15 Thursday

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Sean and Chris welcome long-lost KP Report veterans Mark MacDonald and John Ricciardi from 8-4 to the show to discuss Rising, the Nintendo 3DS, E3, and the finer points of localization.

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Guests   :   Mark MacDonald
John Ricciardi
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Christopher Johns
Seiro Hirose
Sound Editing   :   Christopher Johns
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1 / Polysics_2004 / 2010年07月16日 00:31

Fantastic episode, good to have Mark and John back on after so long too!
Personally I'd love to see a whole episode about localization.
I've only done one year of my university course on Japanese, but one day I'd love to be a localizer, so it'd be great to hear more.

2 / Ville / 2010年07月16日 01:15

Woo, John and Mark! The circle is almost complete, all we need now is Ryan :D

That said, if you guys bump into Ryan at gamescom or some other event, drag him to the show!

3 / french YAMORI / 2010年07月16日 01:42

Ho ho ho it's been a long long time since Ryan in number 90 something in 2008 when the kantoku came in France cool but i miss this sweet femal brise in the air .

Marc do you still not belive the crazy story of the fan about MGS ?

I think TGS2010 will be better than E3.

About MGS rising have you got a release date.

For castlevania i don't like Gabriel, and i play castlevania since the junior high school on every systeme and don't find the veiw of europe by japanese gothique fantasy style i love in this game at the 2D time he have a more europeen tast in the graphics now but the story, voices, and gameplay are great it's sure things got to change even if i don't like some elements maybe some body who don't like castlevania can enjoy it now.

Ayami Kojima still make the art in this game to ? For me she's like Shinkawa san unique style and you can feel a deepe emotion just looking the art.

For MGSPW are we gonna have the solution book of square enix in europe or something else ?

For MGS4 we already got trophies in the game unlock all the rancks, but can we have just something that apire on the profil on psn with all the rancks we got please please onegaishimasu.

I know you got a so many solid secret stuff going on so make it or say that you don't gonna make it because when i play MGSPW i prefer to have new great game than just some throphies.

Thank you for this podcast could you bring Ryan if he got the time.


4 / Harry / 2010年07月16日 02:08

No Chrystine's Comment Corner! Wrestling Bears should be much further down her list of priorities!

Ah well, it was nice to have a blast from the past with John and Mark. Maybe some day you could get Ryan on the show? Using some form of software? *cough* Skype *cough*

I thought the lack of crawling in PW was fine, it helped pace the stealth to a portable system. I can't really mention the boss difficulty as I did them all on CO OP first time.

Comment corner special next week, especially since I wrote a minature novel's worth of feedback, twice. And hearing what you thought on it it may have been a neat birthday present :P

But seriously no worries, but a comment corner special next week would be good.

5 / TheMancho / 2010年07月16日 03:09

you got Mark YES! Of course now you know you muat get ryan back on the show one day, you must!

6 / TheMancho / 2010年07月16日 15:57

Even though Mark called MGS3 Metal Gear 3, I can forgive him as I did in the past. But seriously get Ryan Payton on the show for a "proper" sendoff. And the episode must be over an hour long to commerate him!
In fact if you must get Ken and Aki in one part with Ryan, then Mark and John in another. Then you can release to parts with Ryan. Though if by some miracle you get Ryan on I doubt you can make everyone appear at different dates... hell bring everyone in at one time and have a eight person podcast! Ryan, Ken, Aki, Sean, Chris, Christine, Mark and John together, It would be AMAZING!

To Ryan's defense most of his KP report episodes were at minimum 45 minutes. and he posted an episode EVERY WEEK.

One other thing, When Chris first joined the show I was highly negative. In fact I remember I posted a ton of negative comments about him. After this episode however I take all that back, he was very knowledgable, did not crack under pressure as fast as Sean did to Mark's questions :P , and he was very informative and kept a very calm composure. It took longer for him to "break in" then it did for you or Christine but I got to give him props He has quickly become the most unique of the hosts. Major Kudos to you, and your admiration of Otacon.

Finally as you most likely know sign me up for the "please release MGS4 expanded edition... list" if it exists.

7 / french YAMORI / 2010年07月16日 21:01

What is this ''taboo'' game that the kantoku same talke about in famitsu a over MGS or a new game and what meen something that we can't make in Peace Walker ?

Something that you can't make in Peace Walker ? We can make so many things in P.W i have not clear the game at 100%.

The only solution it's to have the kantoku sama on the report for a special edition. I can't sleep now.

So the next 3 years what kind of game are we gonna have not a MGS i hope.

8 / Nightshader / 2010年07月17日 02:46

Thanks for bringing back Mark MacDonaled! He always makes me laugh with his sense of humor. Speaking of which you guys should start bringing back some older guys like, Chip Beamen, and Ryan Payton! Please get Ryan to come on the show, we all wanna know what hes been up to and we miss him!!!!

9 / blackhawk65589 / 2010年07月17日 05:41

nice podcast guys! as for PW i dont have a problem with it i LOVE IT!!! but the boss battles that arnt that hard you just have to take your time and use solid cover before reloading and ect.

10 / McMullersAMM / 2010年07月17日 10:28

Brilliant show, so laid back and talking about the press and things going on really made it stand out.
I only have two points to make on MGS3DS. If you wanted to make MGS3 on it, I'd be in total favour as MGS3 always felt a bit awkward. However there is two points I feel that an MGS3 remake needs and they both involve music.
1:Harry Gregson-Williams - This guy is responsible for the real emotion sounds of MGS3s OST and his music really worked well with Norihiko Hibino's to make MGS3 a musical masterpiece. Just his work on MGS4 makes me wish for his return to MGS. Mobs Alive, Metal Gear Saga, Father and Son and Old Snake are fantastic tracks.
2: Once you have him back, please work out an arrangement about the similarities between the old MGS theme and Sviridov's winter road. We miss that theme very badly and surely there must be a way to keep everyone happy. MGS3 used this theme amazingly well and its always a shame to think its gone for good so please get it back.
To finish off I guess it'd be nice if you could make some comment on the music issue and Harry Gregs hopeful return for maybe Rising or something. I know its an uncomfortable issue to raise for a company but TAPPY made a great theme and Japan has too much pride in its music for things like stealing work. It would be nice if you could clarify and make comment on these kinds of things as music has always been an amazing part of the series. Great show and can't wait for the next one.

11 / french YAMORI / 2010年07月18日 05:12

Hello now many people on the web in France think the MGS RISING gonna be bad. First most of the old fan don't like Raiden in MGS2, the story will be acsible to every one and they don't like that to. One of them say now MGS want to reach a new public who got 15 - 20 and don't know MGS at the start and that bring down the history to please at the new gamer.

I think it a good thing to have new people don't know anything about MGS and want to play because the kantoku sama have never think to make Raiden if this japanese girl have never play to MGS. I don't like Raiden to but i will never forget this game experience that's why i put my money on this game. New gameplay is essential to enjoy game and attract new players.

This kind of fan don't stop to want naked or solid snake on the game. Hopefully the kantoku sama put a real end a this story with MGS4 and the great Peace Walker.

One guy write a good article about how the MGS push the kantoku sama to make others MGS games againe and compare that with the history of the guy who write Sherlock Holms. When do we gonna have more info about the story maybe the trailer.

For the game ''taboo'' the only taboo i see on game is sex yes or i don't know what else is taboo on game. Can you tell us.

12 / New Zealand Snake / 2010年07月18日 15:03

Entertaining show, great that Mark and John have come back, they are always interesting to listen to. I remember the reports when Ryan had them on a few years ago and they were recording outside with the bento recorder in the garden, and one report in particular they had a really interesting (and long) discussion about the pro's and con's of digital distribution. And just like last time they were on they had just as many questions for you as you did for them (and some good side-steping of questions by Sean!). Good to hear they are starting up there own podcast to!

Good to hear that you guys are listening to the feed back from PW, I never had a problem with the lack of crawling, I'm still battling my way though extra ops and enjoying it.

3DS does sound very cool and would be nice to see it 'in the flesh'.

Rising looks good, sounds like its has some impressive tech behind it if you can cut down buildings! Though I admit I was pretty skeptical when I first saw it as my first reaction was that it had lost it's stealth roots, but good to hear that's not the case.

Castlevania looks like it will be alot of fun, never played the earlier ones but will be picking this one up.

Great report, looking forward to the next one.

Oh yea, be nice to have Ken back on and hear what he been up to, and yea i agree with those above me that would be nice to have Ryan back on sometime.

13 / Buu50 / 2010年07月18日 22:22


Listen,i have been playing PW Non-stop since i got it,and,i'v gotta say,its one of the best games i'v ever played,and THE best PSP game...EVER!

I'v been a huge fan of MGS ever since i was little,and i have never played better,or more fun games ever in my life.So,i know a few things about good gaming ideas,so,first of all,Rising is a GO GO,the idea of a main,side story,for,a,main,side character,AWESOME!!!

The 3DS now,ok,this is great.This game will make a lot of money,i asked over 100 people in my area(Who all play MGS)(Ya,i know,its a very big gaming town),an astonishing 94% present agreed that this game,would be AWESOME!Oddly,when asked if they like the DS,or DS lite,they replied no,most said either they'd buy it only for Metal Gear Solid 3:D,or kid Icuris.

This is a message to all in KP
These game i mentioned,are,are gonna be,and hopefully will be,some of the best Kojima titles yet.and with the help of the people,we can make these games,be THE BEST GAMES EVER,so you can put down your old DS's,you can put down your wii remotes,and we can SLICE THROUGH WALL'S,WE CAN EXPAND OUR MOTHER BASES,AND WE CAN USE ARE NAKED EYES,TO SEE THE TREE FROGS INFRONT OF USE,AND TOGETHER,WE ARE MGS!!!!!

Thanks KP,hope this makes a great game happen.

14 / french YAMORI / 2010年07月19日 03:43

Chiyomura Shikura san, so the taboo of the kantoku sama is to make an adventure game with suda51 ? no sex bring Kenichiro Imaizumi san on the report.

15 / hi / 2010年07月19日 07:20

i was wondering if metal ger solid rising will be featuring the playstation trophy system because i no i would enjoy getting a trophy for slicing 10 eople through a wall or something crazy like that,anyway keep up the good work guys!

16 / Assam Is Tea / 2010年07月20日 07:47

Actually, it feels like there is a difficulty adjustment. The bosses take about the same time to take down with four people or just solo.

17 / nOObert / 2010年07月20日 20:40

Great show!!!

It remembered me of the "old" reports, which Ryan hosted. It is always great to hear your guests asking some really good questions.

To bad that the next ZOE got pushed back. I have dreams ( sometimes daydreams :D ) of that game... Can't stop imagine how it would look and play on a PS3^^

Looking forward to the next session and best wishes from Germany!!!


btw "Kojima-san doesn't have to make Metal Gear any more." ( just saying :D )

18 / futureMan / 2010年07月20日 23:46

Can pw have extra missions for download and a 3ds mission like snake is having a dream that would be awesome.

thanks for listening.

19 / Harrison / 2010年07月23日 07:18

Can you please release a trophy patch for MGS4, MGS PW for PS3 and the MGS Collection (containing MGS1-3) on PS3 with trophies? Pretty please? Or did you leave the MGS4 trophy patch in your other pants? Also, what about MGS PSN avatars for our profiles and MGS Home spaces?

20 / Harry / 2010年07月23日 20:50

@Harrison: What in their pants? lol

I'm not too fussed over MGS4 trophies anymore. I'd like MG 1 and 2 remakes too. KJP is doing an incredible amount of stuff and I think we should be grateful for that, even though there's a lot more we'd like.

21 / french YAMORI / 2010年07月25日 19:37

i must put a comment about the next fighting game we gonna have it's for you lovely christine you must know ono yoshinori gonna give satisfation to the pig fighter inside me street fighter vs tekken in 2D style have you test it because we know some member of kojipro are in S.F give us some info le cochon est satisfait aurevoir vive la France

22 / Snake / 2010年07月26日 10:51

I hope 3DS MGS is a brand new MGS game

23 / Cameron / 2010年07月28日 01:57

Hey Guys, I'm a huge fan of the podcast. I've been a listener since the first ever KP Report, with Ryan Payton's very awkward initial delivery! Luckily, once he got over that, he became a fantastic host! (You three are equally fantastic, I'm a big fan of Chris.)

Anyway, I'd like to lodge a very specific complaint about Peace Walker. Overall, I really enjoyed the game. But there was one huge issue in the story that as a hardcore Metal Gear fan, really bothered me. The Metal Gear prequels detailing Big Boss and his journey, have always been very good at showing the slow progress of the Metal Gear technology. From the Shagohad, to Raxa, it was quite evident how the tech was slowly developing into what we see in MGS1.

However, Peace Walker messed all of this up. The Mecha in Peace Waker are far more advanced then anything we see in MGS1, and border on Metal Gear Ray quality. Considering PW is set almost 30 years before MGS1, this is borderline ridiculous. I understand that from a gameplay perspective, you have to keep things fresh for the player, but for a series that places such a heavy emphasis on story, this is not on. It makes Peace Walker feel like an awkward part of MGS canon that doesn't quite fit in with the timeline.

Zeke, for example, is actually a stronger version of Metal Gear Rex. Zeke comes equipped with everything Rex has, a Railgun (something that was claimed to be revolutionary in MGS1), a Radome, etc.
On top of this, Zeke is able to leap huge distances. So it can do almost everything Rex can do, but then can leap huge distances?

Peace Walker is superior to Rex in pretty much every single way. It is on par with Ray in terms of technical advancements. What's the explantation? Did technology really stay still or in some cases de-evolve in the future?

Let's take Chrysalis, how come this flying technology was never followed up on in the future? When making prequels, it is very important you take everything in the other installments into account.

The Kidnappers also appear to be more futuristic then the Cyphers in MGS2? In Metal Gear Solid 2, Otacon talks about these Cyphers like they are state of the art.

I have one more complaint, this one isn't as much of a game changer though. I feel for future installments, Huey should be voiced by someone other then Christopher Randolph. Otherwise, Huey appears to be almost the exact same character as Otacon. It works for Big Boss and Solid Snake only due to the fact Solid Snake is a clone. Huey resembles Otacon in almost every way, it just seems like lazy character design. But with Sean on the Voice Acting side, you have the chance to differentiate the two characters from each other.

I feel the need to make a complaint on these two points because I know KP won't pick up on them from reviews. That's because generally reviewers aren't hardcore devote Metal Gear fans. They aren't the people who regularly debate and analyse every aspect of the series. The two complaints I just made are game ruiners for the hardcore fans, and it really bothers them. I would love if you could address these issues on the next KP Report and lodge them on the list of criticisms. A lot of fans, including myself, feel the technology in the series should stay consistent through out each time period.

On the plus side, I was a huge fan of the whole AI system in Peace Walker. It was very eerie, creepy and well executed. I felt it was also consistent with the series, in how it showed the basis of the AI System that the Patriots would later implement over society.

Excuse me for the over long comment, I just really strongly feel this needs to be addressed.

Thanks Guys, Keep up the great work!
-Alex Cameron

24 / noname / 2010年07月28日 21:52

Will 3ds come out on PSPGO and will there be extra missions for PW for download as trophies for mgs4 would be great, and a new AI weapon like unmanned hinds.

25 / Hadouken / 2010年07月29日 11:05

Hello from Russia!
Just finished Metal Gear Solid on PS3. And, you know, it’s a masterpiece! The final speech about living, genes and future is bloody amazing. I have only a one small complaint – why Kojima Productions still didn’t released MGS2 and MGS3 on PS3? I wanna see what will happen with Snake in sequels. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d want to see MGS2 and MGS3 on PS3.

Sorry for clumsy english, that is :)

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