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2011.08.25 Thursday

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The KPR crew takes a quick "time-out" from crunch to wish Hideo a happy birthday, recap gamescom 2011, and address a few hot Comment Corner topics regarding the MGS HD collection.

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Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 09/08/2011 <<

Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Christine Kogure
Sound Recording   :   Christopher Johns
Sound Editing   :   Christopher Johns
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1 / GILMOR-THE-GREAT  / 2011年08月25日 21:46

i can't believe i missed it HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. K!!!!!!!!!!

2 / SolidSnakeLegacy / 2011年08月25日 22:07

Hello Sean, Chris, and Christine I am writing from the us

I would like to start off by saying that I hope that Mr. Kojima had a good birthday.

As for the aspect ratio of the cutscenes, I think the super-widescreen looks cool. I think it would be cool if fans could choose between the super-widescreen, and full-screen like in films so they can play to their preference.

I do have some new questions about the HD collections, as well as a question about Snake Eater 3D. Will MGS 2 and 3 still feature their main themes composed by Harry Gregson-Williams?

Will it be possible in Peace Walker HD to turn the captions off during the entire game?

Will the US version of the HD collection allow for transfarring with MGS 2 and 3? I ask is cause so the fans can transfer their data into the HD pack without losing their data.

In Snake Eater 3D, is crawling still an option, or is it like Peace Walker, and just standing, or crouched walking and running?

3 / GILMOR-THE-GREAT / 2011年08月25日 22:16

Thank you haven't had backwards compatibility since 60 gig PS3 crashed after 2 months after purchase... have played & beaten every MG game ever made & continue to convert PSN users to MGO instead of COD or other... i even buy GOY editions & ship to friends... please distribute more copies of MGS4 to game shops who continue to Rip us OFF!!! THIS MEANS YOU GUY who sells used Subsistance for $400 on ebay & AMAZON..2 words for u... HA HA (nelsons simpsons voice) MGS3 HD!!!!Thank you Guys & Gal... please keep up the Great work!!!! u ar appreciated !!!!

4 / CVillar / 2011年08月26日 03:08

Please keep the original 16:9 aspect ratio for the cutscenes in MGS2 and MGS3. No "super widescreen"

5 / Stealth1986 / 2011年08月26日 03:31

My vote for the aspect ratio of the HD cutscenes is for widescreen! I never really enjoyed the cutscenes with that unusually big black bar at the bottom of the cutscenes.

6 / METALGearFanHere / 2011年08月26日 03:51

Hey kp, i have a question i hope you can answer! will the "Documents Of MGS2" be included in the MGS HD collection? thanks and keep up the awesome work!

7 / Artemio / 2011年08月26日 04:37

Regarding the super widescreen "feature", I believe it should be fixed and presented properly. In 16:9 as it was created and intended.

We understand it might be late in the process, but it would make teh collection complete and stand as it should. You guys now that it shows stuff that wasn't intended this way, and making it keep the letterbox format when it is already displayed in HD is silly.

Or maybe, make it optional if it is a feature. There are several die hard fans that are into HD video. the Kojima fan is usually versed in video formats and likes tech as far as console gamers go. KP has always been about having cutting edge features. We would like to have the option at least.

I quote the Snake soup regarding the "showing more" argument:

'However, the argument that they did this to let everyone "see more of the action" is a fallacy because if this was really the case, why have any letterboxing at all? Why don't they extend the top and bottom in order to let us see even more of the action? The logic behind the argument also gets further diluted when you take into consideration that the cutscenes in the original PlayStation 2 versions were not in this aspect ratio. We were not meant to see "more of the action" because if we were, it would have been visible in the original.'

8 / Adamska / 2011年08月26日 06:17

It looks like the HD collection is coming along quite nice and I look forward to purchasing it once it hits stores in a couple of months. As you've admitted in the podcast, it has been too long since any new info on Rising was made available and it was very disappointing not to see the game make an appearance at GC, especially considering the fact that you made a promise last year to have something substantial at this year's show. The reasoning behind this decision is indeed entirely understandable, but you also know that this type of placement and marketing is necessary in a certain quantity and I really hope it won't be too long before you have some outstanding new footage to display to the public. Cheers

9 / Ravi Singh / 2011年08月26日 08:59

Keep the original aspect ratio. Now that I have an HDTV, I'd rather see less black bars and more of the actual cutscene. If "more of the action" was not included in the originals, I don't think I'll be missing anything. To go back to the classic Mickey Mouse example, I would not expect an original 4:3 Mickey Mouse short to be 16:9 because it was not "shot" that way.

10 / jimannajmi / 2011年08月26日 10:09

please keep the MGS HD collection cutscenes in 16:9 ratio as in MGS4, we do not need super wide screen as it compromises the original cinematography. thank you.

11 / AncientFlounder / 2011年08月26日 10:11

Just writing to chime in on my opinion about the 'super widescreen' issue. I'm for not going that route and to keep the original aspect ratio and have it fit perfectly on 16x9 widescreen televisions. To me, it seems the most logical thing to do, since the original cinemas were shown like that, letterboxed for 4x3 standard definition televisions. 'Seeing more of the action' doesn't make any sense, unless, there was something extremely important that was being missed when we first played these games.

The HD collection for MGS is being made to preserve classics and bring them to new players. Preserving the original aspect ratio should be part of that mission. Expanding the aspect ratio makes no sense and should be abandoned. Thank you.

12 / Reecee / 2011年08月26日 11:41

Hey, it's good you addressed the aspect ratio issue.

I want the cinematography to be like in the original PS2 released. The cutscenes on the PS2 were in fact already in Widescreen. There is no need to alter Kojima's cinematography after all these years. I don't want to see breakdanging Lolcelot lying on the ground, when in the original MGS3 you only saw his leg. You say you make sure no weird things are scene, but there were already weird things on screenshots released. Lolcelot and Arsenal Tengu Butt being two examples.

I'm all for HD but please, just take the original cutscenes and make them HD and the subtitles too. And fix some typos from the original subtitles. (eg United Snates)

It may sound cool to "see more" but really, all I want is the original games in HD. In gameplay it's good to see more. But not during cutscenes. Like I said, it alters Kojima's cinematography.

Also what's going to happen with the real life footage? For instance at the end of MGS2? Will that be in HD too?

13 / Echo / 2011年08月26日 12:14

Please give us the option to change between super Widescreen and normal view!

Hope you guys include The Document of MGS2 as well as extras like Snake tales and Snake vs Monkeys.


14 / AwesomeBrand / 2011年08月26日 12:47

Dear Kojima Productions,
I am really looking forward to this collection. My original copies aren't exactly what they used to be, what with the wearing come from natural use. However, the community has felt uneasy about the decision to use a super widescreen presentation. The original cutscenes were directed and choreographed and whatnot in a widescreen presentation. At first I thought they were exaggerating myself, but after seeing a few screenshots and such I can see a few places where this is actually a big flaw, such as one scene where Ocelot is literally frozen, which is MUCH less noticeable where he's mostly offscreen in the original.
The super widescreen can also serve as a problem to prerendered movie sequences such as live-action shots in New York. These are already rendered in the original widescreen format, but if not available in the super widescreen format you'll have to go to NYC and record new footage to replace this footage. This also applies to the openings for both MGS2 and 3, which were shot in the same widescreen format. If these are neither portrayed in their original aspect ratios nor rerendered in some way, they will be in a box surrounded by black.
I'm also curious about a few of the extras, Each game will have their own paragraph separate from this one for cleanliness' sake.
First off, The VR Missions in 2 are confirmed, which is a plus, and I believe that this also means that features such as Snake Tales, Boss Rush, and Casting Theater will all be present, but I'm wondering some other features, such as the skateboarding minigame which was originally a demo of the Evolution Skateboarding game Konami released in 2002. This was exclusive to the PS2 version, so I'm curious if this extra will be featured in ANY version of MGSHD. There's also the Document of MGS2, a supplemental collector's item to any fans of Metal Gear Solid 2. It was released once and only once, so it is very rare nowadays. I'd appreciate if it's features were either imported to the game itself or the Document itself was offered on the PlayStation Store/Xbox Live Marketplace akin to the Metal Gear Solid 4 Database. Finally, there's the scene that was cut from MGS2 due to a controversial event that had happened prior to the release of MGS2. Time has passed, and I really want to know if this scene can be restored. If not, then at least put some flags on the building where the last scenes take place? There are poles jutting from the building with nothing on them, and they look kinda silly.
Next up, in Metal Gear Solid 3, the main issue with extras was that most of them were on the 2nd disc. Many rejoiced when the announcement was made that features such as the MSX originals were to be included in the collection. However, we still don't know how this will be handled. Will these be updated by stretching them out and filtering the graphics look "crisp" or will it retain it's original look completely? Then there's other features such as Boss Attack or the Secret Theater shorts, which were also on the 2nd disc of the PS2 version. I also want to know if the game being multiconsole will prevent the Snake vs Monkey Minigame from being in the game, or if it'll be a PS3 exclusive? There's also some that wonder for the ORIGINAL Metal Gear Online. People have been wanting this ever since the original servers shut down, and some even prefer it to MGS4's MGO. Peace Walker's Online Versus mode COULD serve as a substitute, but I don't think it'll satisfy everyone, so I really want to know if it's possible to bring back the original MGO.
One of your fans,

15 / Tomaz / 2011年08月26日 13:02

I loved this MGS,the pw is awersome,the MGS3 i dont have anything to talk,because its awersome,and MGS3 was the game that i more played variously times,and now its incridible,i only have one request to say: Can you at kojipro put the mode walke crouched ? its more easy cause i was plaigin mgs4 and when turn to 3 it was much diferent hehehhe,so thank you i love this present: MGS2+3+PW+mg1+2 and a chance to play mgs1 in ps3 and have original (cause i dont taked the chance) its a great present !! Thank you ! :D

16 / Tomaz / 2011年08月26日 13:03

And Happy Birthday MR.Kojima :D

17 / frankie / 2011年08月26日 13:42

wow thanks for been so open kjp, you now some people want super widescreen, some not, so why not instead of imposing a position, you create a option, put on the config menu the aspect ratio the user wants to use, and btw since people is asking for dicument of mgs2, please on the bluray vaersion you can put it ala god of war collection (it included many extras/making off/ trailers of both games) it shoulbe wise to include production material from both MGS2 and MGS3, and about the cellphone Raiden Uses on the big shell, please use the tune that appearen on the japanese version of the game, you know the one with iwase's motif

18 / Vice / 2011年08月26日 13:45

I want original aspect ratio. I do not want "super widescreen". I always prefer the originals, at any cost, including letterboxing.

19 / Sargent Tollhouse / 2011年08月26日 14:00

Hello Sean

I'd just like to put my vote in for the original 16:9 aspect ratio for mgs2 and 3. i have played both games countless times and I want to have the same experience playing this hd collection. I feel that the wide screen feature ruins some cut scene's composition and can make them look awkward at times. Please keep the original ratio please. Thank you.

Mr. Tollhouse

20 / UnclGhost / 2011年08月26日 14:16

After seeing the "super widescreen" footage in action, I have to say that the 16:9 looks a bit better and more cinematic. You can tell that the games weren't meant to be seen in "super widescreen," and for MGS especially, cinematography is important.

21 / Smiley / 2011年08月26日 14:24

This aspect ratio situation is tricky. I understand why you'd want to go the widescreen route but to fit the continuity of MGS4 I believe the cutscenes should be made to fit the entire screen and preserve a proper aspect ratio to do just that. Also have the subtitles in the game like MGS4 rather than under a letterbox. Hope this feedback helps.

22 / Godzillarex / 2011年08月26日 14:45

Happy Birthday Mr. Kojima!

It was great meeting you for the first time at Comic Con, I hope you had a chance to see Dinner with the Snakes 2.

Regarding the aspect ratio, I think you guys should try to preserve the original 16:9 ratio, not extend the image to see more of the sides. If we weren't meant to see all that stuff in the first place, why change that now?

Can't wait for the collection to release!

23 / David E. Kelly / 2011年08月26日 14:49

Hi there Chris Christine and Sean!

Let me start off by saying you guys are the best. I listen to the report religiously and really love the behind the scenes stuff. You guys entertaining.

You asked us to vote on the ASPECT RATIO and I vote it to be kept original 16:9!!


24 / TheMancho / 2011年08月26日 15:18

As I've said already I want both options available. Super Widescreen is my preferred option but only if the "breakdancing Ocelot" and that random Tengu solider's butt in the screen are fixed. Those were two that were found with only a small clip and one screen shot. If you are going to pursue "super widescreen" make sure all graphical goofs are fixed, this will prolly require you to pause all your cutscenes repeatedly and check them tediously. Also keep Snake vs Monkey. That is all.

25 / Nates / 2011年08月26日 15:23

Please don't use the "super widescreen" feature on the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. Or, at least give players the option to keep the original aspect ratio. While there are plus sides to having a larger field of vision, the super widescreen mode does not reflect the intended aspect ratio of the game. This is a very important issue for a cinematic game series like Metal Gear Solid, so please give players the option to retain the OAR.

26 / Tetsujin / 2011年08月26日 15:41

I think the original aspect ratio should be preserved. Super Widescreen just isn't how we were meant to see the cutscenes. And cinematography is VERY important in MGS cutscenes imo. Thusly, they should keep the original aspect ratio.

27 / Trentaferd / 2011年08月26日 16:05

Were I to choose between the original format and the super widescreen, I think that I would choose the original for the collection. However, I think that the optimal situation would be for it to be optional. The upcoming release of the anniversary edition of Halo: Combat Evolved will have updated high definition cutscenes, with the original cutscenes available at the press of a button to alternate back and worth during a viewing. If the super widescreen were included as a bonus feature that could be viewed as an alternate to the original, I would certainly take advantage of that, and would actually be quite enthusiastic about it. But I don't think that it's worth it to risk compromising the quality of the game's cinematography so that we can see some additional, yet fairly unnecessary scenery. This is especially true, I feel, when what appears to be nearly a quarter of the screen's area is unused (but of course, for subtitles) to make room for the extra scene width.
In a related matter, the option of pausing during cutscenes was immensely helpful to me in MGS4, and I would appreciate it just as much in the HD Collection, if possible.
Some other questions I have have already been addressed by others posting here, such as the situation with other bonus features from MGS2&3 (skateboarding mode, Snake Tales, Snake vs. Monkey, Boss Modes, original MGO, etc.), but there is one item that I haven't seen addressed yet: cross-platform play on Peace Walker. It would most likely be impossible for Xbox players, but I would be very pleased if I could play co-op games with people playing on both PS3 and PSP consoles. Can you say anything about the possibility of this?
Thanks, and please keep up the good work!

28 / AssCAM / 2011年08月26日 16:48

Include the option for both in regards to the cutscene style. All these people crying makes me embarassed to be an mgs fan. MGS without widescreen style cutscenes? I can't imagine it... maybe that's why I'm not to fond of mgs4.

29 / John Doom / 2011年08月26日 17:03

Please, erase the black bars from the cutscenes and keep the 16:9 support as it should be. I'm asking this because altering the aspect ratio using the so-called "superwidescreen" destroys the original choreography. Also I'd like to see new improved textures because they are too blurry. I'm asking it because I already own MGS2 and MGS3 and I want a real upgrade to HD, not a simple port (even Ubisoft upgraded textures to hi-res for "Prince of Persia Trilogy")

30 / Ron!n / 2011年08月26日 17:26

Although I am sure the "Superwide" looks acceptable, if you are planning a Vita Version of these HD titles, it would look just ridiculous to make the cutscenes even smaller on an already small screen. Also I think 16:9 is wide enough...this isn't IMAX, it is a home console game. And if you want to show us "More of the action" Then widen the top and bottom too...and then we can see even more of the "even more action"!

31 / IV-Snake / 2011年08月26日 18:58

Please, i don't want to play with this "super widescreen", it's just too small for my TV, i hope you fix it the most earlier possible.

A fan of MGS who is worried.

32 / Meryl/Snake-Fan / 2011年08月26日 19:27

I'm a huge fan of the Metal Gear Saga and am looking forward to the HD releases. This "Super Widescreen" thing is the only problem I have with it.

I do not want Super-Widescreen, If you truly are "not trying to recreate these games and upgrade them" then DON'T try to recreate and upgrade them and maintain the original 16:9 aspect ratio only this time in full screen.

I don't want a huge black bar on the bottom of the screen and a whole bunch of extra stuff on the sides I was never meant to see.

The games look great otherwise, again i'm totally excited for it and may even buy it on BOTH consoles on day one but this is actually enough of an irritation that I may skip it altogether and just stick with my PS2 versions.

33 / Harry / 2011年08月26日 19:59

Short but sweet! :) Could have done with a Chris Quiz' Corner though :P

Regarding the MGS HD aspect ratio, I'd prefer the widescreen format. It would be nice to see bits of cutscenes I've never seen before, and the more subtle differences or additions there are to the game the better. I've played the originals countless times, anything that makes me feel like I'm not buying the same game again is definately a plus. So long as it doesn't break anything, it's a yes vote from me. The people who want the "original experience" probably already own the original game. They can pop it in their PS2 if they're really fussed about it.

As wary as I am about Rising, it's still disappointing and a little irritating as a fan to be in the dark for so long. Trailers are normally put out to hype release of the game, so I guess we can't expect the game out any time soon. I know a story trailer would be hard to edit, but what about recorded gameplay? Would that be easier? Or is the game not yet in a position where gameplay can be recorded? I'm merely curious about the trailer editting, it would be nice to get an interview about that at some point when you guys aren't as busy.

I'm starting to miss Ken and Aki again, it would be great if you guys could them on the podcast soon.

I know it was a couple of podcasts ago, but I was too busy to write in a list of potential nicknames for Ken Mendoza, but here are some now:

Kenny Ken
Ken the Ken
Ken Ken
Kenny the Ken Ken

I hope you can use at least one of them.

And a belated Happy Birthday to Kojima!

I'll always be a fan of KJP, even if its not always doing what I want. Maybe I'm just becoming more jaded as a gamer. But you guys are always great regardless, keep up the good, no, amazing work! :)


34 / Terminento / 2011年08月26日 21:11

I'm a happy follower of the Metal Gear series.
As many of the other posts stated, I believe it would be best to keep the sequencies 16:9, full screen, no black bars, a la MGS4, if possible. There are certain shots in which the original composition feels more dramatic, specially closeups in which only half of the face is seen. The scenes loose most of their strenght if the face is fully shown.
That way it would be completely faithful to the originals, and also more spectacular, since now we do have 16:9 tv sets and thus don't need the black bars anymore. The black bars were there to favour certain frame shot composition to begin with, so now just go 16:9 fullscreen.

35 / CycloneFox / 2011年08月26日 21:29

Please keep the MGS HD collection cutscenes in 16:9. we do not need super wide screen as it compromises the original cinematography, as jimannajmi said.

Thank you so so much for you effort to bring it in HD 60fps and 16:9!

36 / Eus777 / 2011年08月26日 21:44

Super-widescreen looks awesome!
Hello from Argentina :)

37 / Kyrill / 2011年08月26日 21:45

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to worry about the fans.
I don't think the super-widescreen format is a good thing. Seeing more things is not a good argument to me, as Kojima didn't intend to show us those things in the original versions.

Still, there's some people that are interested in this super-widescreen format. A great solution to me would be to have a choice, if possible during the cutscenes, by pressing a button to switch from the original format to the new super-widescreen format, like we already have the R1 button to use first person view in MGS3 or to zoom-in in MGS2's cutscenes.
So, what about pressing the triangle button to "see more of the action" if the players want to, and press again to get back to the original format ? With an option to set-up the default format the player wants ?

Thank you again and keep up the great work at Kojima Productions !
(By the way, I can't wait to see some ZOE HD footage as well)

38 / Nickname? / 2011年08月26日 21:46

Hello their KP crew, just a couple of things. Will the cut scenes from MGS2 following 9/11 be included in HD version, even in an extra features form? (quite understandable if their omitted still though.)
Also will the third bonus disk from the European region version of MGS3 Subsistance be included in the new HD collection?

Thanks for reading this and keep up the podcastin'!

39 / Ellis Kim / 2011年08月26日 22:10

For the love of god, please at least GIVE us the option to opt-in for the full-screened 16:9 cutscenes, as that's how the original game was. You must preserve the original composition, for posterity's sake if nothing else. I assumed that the reason for the super-widescreen was because that was easier for you guys, seeing as how the black bars originally hid the health bar and item boxes perfectly, as well as for cutscene-to-gameplay direct transitions at various points throughout both MGS2 and 3. But if its actually easier for you guys to have 16:9 full cutscenes, then PLEASE give us that.

If there's an internal struggle between the two, then just include the option for both! Make that an optional choice when you start a new game, right along with difficulty and Soliton radar type! I've dreamed for years and years of getting to see MGS 2 and 3's cutscenes in full 16:9 HD! Please don't spoil that dream of mine, and of so many others out there. You could put a little blurb of text for the two options, like "Select Super Widescreen if you wish to see the newly remastered cinematography retooled exclusively for this HD release!" and "Select Original Widescreen to see the originally envisioned cinematography," or something along those lines. You could even have a little mini-diagram next to each to show how a scene is blocked by the letterboxing, but all abstract lines with a little person's silhouette done in a vector outline for comparison of how that person looks in the letterboxing and without the letterboxing.

But while I'm on that note, could you guys please include a demo theater for MGS2, sort of like how there originally was with MGS1 and 3:Subsistence, but without MGS1's constant inbetween synopsis texts? I'd love to be able to just hit a "Play All" button and just watch them run one from another, including the pertinent codec calls.

Speaking of which, if you do include MGS3:Subsistence's Demo Theater, there's a correction you need to make: The cutscenes jump from Snake landing from his HALO jump and Zero telling him to get his backpack, to him having acquired his backpack and some random voice (The Boss) telling him to remember CQC as he randomly aims his gun around.

If I were to show this play-all sequence to someone as a cinematic experience, there's absolutely zero context as to why Snake suddenly does that, let alone tell who this voice is, without the codec call that you get from picking up the backpack. PLEASE include that codec call into the sequence in demo theater. If you must, maybe include pre-recorded movement data and show Snake picking up the backpack, either in-engine or as a video (see: Metroid: Other M's Theater "movie" mode).

40 / What the what?? / 2011年08月26日 22:13

Holla Kojima Productions Podcast Crew (Is that what they call you around the office? Should get t-shirts made up, or baseball jerseys with that title on it. I'll move on anyway...)

Like I was asking, could an official store be set up by KP to sell items like the play arts PW figures and what not as it is especially hard for international buyers to get access to these products. Plus i'm not the biggest fan of handing my credit card details over to almost all websites on the internet, learnt that the hard way after I gave a bunch of my Nigerian prince friends some money... still havn't heard back from them with that $10,000 guaranteed return on my investment. It should be soon... anytime now.

Thanks for reading this request/suggestion/proposal. I hope it hasn't wasted too much of your time, as right about now your probably asking, "Hey, how do I get the last 30 seconds of my life back, we can only realistically adress a few of these comments."

Anyway, thanks again!

41 / Ellis Kim / 2011年08月26日 22:17

Oh, and one more thing: Please please please include a "Play-All" option for those amazing cinematics for Peacewalker HD. I loved Peacewalker, but watching the cutscenes are sort of a pain, as I want to just be able to sit back and relax after having beaten the game.

But while I'm on that note, can you guys address why the 2D art assets in Peacewalker aren't using the original masters for the artwork? I was really hoping to see those amazing cutscenes with HD 2D assets, not an uprez'd cutscene. I'm sorry if this was addressed in the podcast earlier at some point and I missed it.

Keep up the good work.

42 / LUis / 2011年08月26日 22:17

PLease keep regular widescreen for cutscenes No Super widescreen. Also please MGS 1 HD please please.

thank you guys and thank you Kojima

43 / Ellis Kim / 2011年08月26日 22:22

Oh, and one last thing (sorry for the spam)...

MGO. Yeah, that thing. I imagine its a hot topic amongst MGO die hards, but here's my suggestion: Don't try to bother with MGO. Support Peacewalker's multiplayer along with MGS4's multiplayer.

In fact, include MGS4's MGO's multplayer, fully patched and up to date, including the ability to NOT USE KONAMI ID AND JUST USE PSN'S ID. Seriously. Don't let MGO shrivel and die more than it has, guys.

Make MGO a separate executable from the XMB/360 equivalent, let me load that up right from the word go. That was one of MGO's largest failures right next to Konami ID. Hell, make MGO free to play! Release it on PSN as a standalone, and sell all of that aesthetic gear stuff as microtransactions (...and if I recall correctly, don't you already sell points for money?).

Some seriously lost opportunities here. The HD collection is a huge opportunity to do MGO right this time around.

44 / Lolcelot / 2011年08月26日 22:34

I want the cutscenes in Sons of Liberty HD and Snake Eater HD to be like in MGS4. No letterboxing.

And give us an option to choose between that and Super Widescreen. That would satisfy everyone.

So over a year ago you said about MGS4 trophies "We can't comment on that yet" Well? Can you comment now?

45 / Tanooki / 2011年08月26日 23:06

I'm in favor of keeping the original aspect ratio so I don't see black bars on my HDTV. At least make "Super Widescreen" an option and not the standard. Not only does it look strange, it messes with the cut scenes. If you guys want us to see "more of the action" as Sean Eyestone said, why not get rid of the black bars all together?

46 / Cameron / 2011年08月26日 23:29

Hey guys, firstly might I say that you are doing a fantastic job with the hd conversions. The gameplay looks fantastic, I'm especially looking to forward to Snake Eater at 60fps. But as a die-hard Metal Gear Solid fan for as long as I can remember (yes I started early) the Super Widescreen cutscenes kill me. We were never intended to see 'more of the action', if we were we would have seen more from the start. From the screenshots we've seen the super-widescreen does ruin parts of the cinematography, a close up shot on a characters face is no longer a close up. Plus in this day and age, we don't want black bars on our screens while watching cutscenes, there should be a seamless transition. Basically there's been a lot of unease amongst the fans about this issue. We want full screen cutscenes that are exact replicas of the shots from the original, we don't want to see more. If this issue is fixed (which I hope to god it is), I hope you guys don't just zoom in, and the cutscenes are still of great quality and high definition. You said it yourself Sean, your not doing this to mess with the originals, the classics. So don't mess with the classics.

47 / Marc / 2011年08月27日 00:18

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our opinions.

I think you should restore the original aspect ratio. It was understandable to have a letterbox cutscene format before widescreen televisions became the norm, but frankly not to update this... ahem, aspect of the game and retain that format for an HD collection where the gameplay has been expanded to widescreen creates a jarring feel. Given how well everything else in this collection has been done, it's disappointing to have a considerable amount of screen real estate consumed by black borders. A seamless widescreen experience throughout the game a la MGS4 would be both true to the visions of the original games and serve as an appropriate update.

48 / Griffo / 2011年08月27日 02:37

Hi guys. I'm enjoying the podcast as usual, and I'm really looking forward to the HD collection. When you first think about it, it's strange that an HD remaster is the project that I'm most looking forward to. But, when you properly consider it, there's really no way that any other project could contend with the way these games defined me. It's this connection that helps to create franchises - and, often, in a good way.

You asked for opinions on the aspect ratio. Here's mine:

I would prefer the original aspect ratio to be retained in the cutscenes for a few reasons. Obviously, the artistic intent of the individuals who originally authored the cinematic should be respected, regardless of efforts made to ensure that any increased display width doesn't hinder quality. I'm bet quite a few of them have probably moved away from the company, and aren't even around to be consulted on the topic.

Furthermore, in the simple interest of making use of as many available pixels as possible, retaining the original aspect ratio would make more sense.

More visible pixels being rendered = higher display resolution. And, if the original 16:9 aspect ratio is retained, filling an entire standard HD 16:9 screen, there is simply a more immersive visual experience. More pixels are being rendered whilst there is no letterboxing. It's higher resolution, and it's what was intended for the original piece.

If the cutscenes can be anti-aliased, displayed without letterboxing, in their original aspect ratios, and run at 60fps, I can't see ANY reason not to honour the original cinematographer's intentions, whoever that may be. Kojima directed them in that way then, and that's what matters in my opinion. He may have changed as a person, and prefer a different perspective now, but that's not what we're looking for. We're looking for the original to presented in more clarity. Personally, I see the aspect ratio being changed as an adjustment of the original content, not an enhancement of its clarity.

I'd appreciate it if you took this into consideration. Moreover, I'm surprised that it's still possible to adjust the product content in this way at this point, and I respect that you will do so.



49 / Tollhouse / 2011年08月27日 02:50

Hello KP

Please please, keep the 16:9 ratio. I want to see the cutscenes the way they were originally intended. k thanks

50 / John / 2011年08月27日 04:00

Please make 3D versions of MG and MG2: SS! it'd be such a great thing for all of us New and Old gamers to the MGS world :D

51 / Naked Raiden / 2011年08月27日 04:48

I'd personally cast my vote on the widescreen format. It is something different you know, seeing more of the action is always great in my opinion. Also, let me end this by saying I hope Mr.Kojima and the rest had a good time :)

52 / Bag Head / 2011年08月27日 05:55

In concern to the aspect ratio, it should be kept as 16:9 with no black bars. It made sense in the PS2 era when games weren't commonly widescreen, but a widescreen image with black bars looks goofy. Plus the games should be preserved as they were intended.

53 / MetalGearAlex / 2011年08月27日 06:02

Happy birthday Kojima... I have a Metal Gear poem in my book PoemS 151 I know you would like and I'm gonna make a youtube video of it. Also... I think you should definitely keep the aspect ration as the original... not super widescreen cause agreeing with (it just looks weird!) :)

54 / BIGBOSS27 / 2011年08月27日 07:31

*Please give us the option to change between Super Widescreen and normal view!*
Hope it includes Snake Vs Monkey on MGS3S if only for PS3 pleeeeeeeeez!!!!


55 / Sedef122003 / 2011年08月27日 07:33

I personally am against "Super widescreen" as I feel it alters the cut scenes and the way they were originally intended to be viewed, and as is mentioned in the podcast you are aiming to preserve the original experience

56 / Ucraneo / 2011年08月27日 08:13

The original PS2 MGS2 & MGS3 Cutscenes were already in widescreen. Just fill the screen instead of using letterboxing. Great Job guys!

57 / Ronok / 2011年08月27日 08:33

"Super-widescreen" will mess the cutscenes up because the game was never meant to be viewed in it. We'll see things we weren't supposed to and the black bars will take up too much space on the screen. Let's go back to the original aspect-ratio as God (Kojima) intended.

58 / solid ocelot / 2011年08月27日 09:06

HBD Mr.KOJIMA !!! plz continue editing the awesome MGS series.

59 / Aumaan_Snake / 2011年08月27日 09:18

Please keep the original 16:9 widescreen for the cutscenes!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kojima!!

60 / PatriotSmasher / 2011年08月27日 11:07

Hello everyone at Kojima Productions! Long time fan of your output but I also would like proper widescreen rather than super widescreen. Thanks for listening!

61 / FRANKASTER / 2011年08月27日 11:30

keep the original aspect ratios please and while you on it, please re-release the MGS2/3 ost's on physical or digital mediums, might be cool if you add MGS2 main theme to MGO2!

62 / GeneLS / 2011年08月27日 12:53

Happy Birthday to you, Kojima-san! Hope it was a good day.

I wanted to voice my concern with the cutscenes in the super widescreen format. It feels a little strange to see some of the awkward movements not intended to be shown on camera originally and I think, speaking as a videographer, it ruins some of the interesting scene compositions that were present in their native 16:9 look.

I'm not saying to get rid of the super wiescreen format, as I'm sure the team worked hard on it, but a consideration to include an option to view the cutscenes in their original 16:9 format.

63 / MGS whoo! / 2011年08月27日 12:59

Is it not the best coincidence that I receive the MGS3 Premium book on the same day as Kojima-san's birthday? ^_^ Otanjoubi omedetou!

True 16:9 widescreen option would be awesome for the HD collection. I'd love to see the games in the highest quality.

If there was some way to import PS2 saves to the HD Collection that'd be handy.

Will there be an unlockable movie viewer for all the games? It'd be great to view the HD videos once a game is completed.

64 / Johnno / 2011年08月27日 13:17

Please get rid of the 'super widescreen'or at least make it some kind of option if you can.

Your super widescreen shows mistakes and 'bloopers' that shouldn't be there, such as Ocelot's stiff unanimated body and face after the's thrown to the ground by Naked Snake which you showed in your own official gameplay trailer! Such things ruin the experience!

So either you'll have to reanimate Ocelot and fix every other mistaken thing in there that we weren't suppoed to see in the first place... Or... you can fix it by sticking to the actual original screen ratio which is already a perfectly fit ratio for HDTVs!

Please preserve Hideo Kojima's original aspect ratio. If you want to keep super widescreen in, then please let it be an option we can change in the main setting before beginning the game. That way everyone's happy.

but if you can't do it then please stick with the original aspect ratio so as to preserve the game's integrity and not display all those silly 'mistakes' that realy weren't supposed to be there to begin with.

People are starting to suspect that the reason you cannot keep the old aspect ratio is due to difficulties and incompetence on the part of the development team behind this HD Collection, that you're now trying to cover up by claiming it is a 'feature.' I hope that's not the case and that you do a faithful job of keeping the cutscenes in teh aspect ratio as they were originally made to be.

Please and thank you! It's good to see that you are fulfilling the fans' requests by putting out the HD collection. Please also do the best job possible by being faithful both artictically and technically to the original games just as they were!

65 / Arsenal Gear / 2011年08月27日 14:15

If your goal is to truly preserve these classic games, then don't alter the cutscenes. We don't need to "see more of the action". We want the classic Kojima cutscenes, the way we remember them. No super wide, please!

66 / J.R. / 2011年08月27日 16:12

How much of the dialog have you re-recorded for the HD collection? If it's most or all of it, is there any way you could include the original audio as well?

As far as cut scene aspect ratio goes, I'm cool with whatever Mr. Kojima feels is best. Those games are like his children and nobody has a right to tell him how to "raise" them.

I think I can answer one of SolidSnakeLegacy's questions. MGS 2 & 3 are not available for psp, so there are no versions to "transfar" to. Maybe we will get lucky and those games will eventually show up on the vita (maybe a vita version of the HD collection) but the lack of the L2 and R2 buttons on the psp would make it near impossible to port those two games over (which is something you could do with vita's rear multi-touch pad) plus, the psp doesn't have the specs necessary to handle them. Vita does. huh. Now that I think of it, I really hope you guys consider a Vita version of the HD collection and set up transfarring for all 3 games. I intended to wait to buy a vita, but if a vita version of the HD collection was announced, I'd preorder one now.

67 / marc / 2011年08月27日 16:23

I am eagerly awaiting this fantastic compilation of some of my favourite games ever. Keep up the good work!

However, I do have one comment to make regarding the apparent aspect ratios of the cut scenes. I believe the "super widescreen" argument is a fallacy along the "it's not a bug, it's a feature" lines. As any film fan knows, keeping the intended aspect ratio is very important for the scene's composition, and may even make some shots look very improper, and the same is true of some of the scenes that have been so far shown for this collection. If anyone's interested, this article gives an interesting insight into how scenes can be ruined by altering the composition in such a way:

Anyway, thanks for reading and taking into account my comment. I know it is rather late in the production so it may not be possible, but if you are taking in feedback, but if it's at all possible could you please rectify this little problem.

Thanks again!

68 / BJohnson / 2011年08月27日 16:50

Please keep the original 16:9 aspect ratio for the cutscenes in MGS2 and MGS3 in HD Collection. :)

69 / SolidusSnake89 / 2011年08月27日 17:01

I agree that you should be able to choose between the widescreen version and the super widescreen version. I understand the necessity of the large black space under the picture for subtitles. I definetley don't want subtitles over the picture.

70 / Slick Prime / 2011年08月27日 18:15

Keep the cutscenes in Widescreen. The black bars are distracting. The super widescreen looks like garbage.

71 / Wolfpox / 2011年08月27日 20:00

Please keep the ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO for the HD Collection!

72 / Giovanni / 2011年08月27日 20:47

Original 16:9! Please! please! please!
Or let us choose which one set.
Best regard.

73 / FOX-HOUNDER_N313 / 2011年08月27日 21:36

Hi guys and gal. i just wanted to chime in on the aspect ratio of the cut-scenes in the HD Collection, i would prefer the 16:9 ratio as opposed to the super widescreen ratio. The idea of being able to see more sounds cool, however i'm too fond of having black bars at the top and bottom of my tv screen. It would be great to have the option of both if that is possible. Keep up the great work, and Happy Birthday Mr Kojima.

74 / Cecil Lurr / 2011年08月27日 23:25

I would like the MGS HD games to be in 16:9, fullscreen like MGS4. And I would very much appreciate an option to pause cutscenes.

If you really want the Super Widescreen, then make it optional. Thanks guys.

What about MGS4 trophies though? XD
I'm sure trophies in MGS4 would make people get back to the game and also play MGO again. MGO is dying :/ It's so hard to get into automatching matches cos no one's ever playing. Trophies for MGS4 would make people play it again

75 / Madnar DR / 2011年08月27日 23:26

No Letterboxing and black bars in MGS2 and MGS3 please.

Make it look the same way as MGS4. Full screen.

Will we be able to play MGS Peace Walker via PSN with friends in co-op?

76 / Arvekari / 2011年08月27日 23:28

Yup, you should definitely use the full screen 16:9 aspect ratio. Also, if not included already, an option to pause the cutscenes would also be nice!

77 / Vic XING / 2011年08月28日 00:07

Can we please have a pause option for cutscenes like in MGS4? I hate when I accidentally skip cutscenes or when someone walks into the room while I watch a cutscene.

And I want Super-Widescreen to be an option. But I want the original cinematography (without letterboxing) by default.

78 / Snakey Panda / 2011年08月28日 02:34

Dear Sean,

Regarding the aspect ratio thing:

I vote for the original aspect ratio to be kept.

Everything about the HD collection looks pretty frigging awesome...except, from my perspective, the aspect ratio thing.

Keep it like it originally was or, if possible, give both options for the user to experience the games however they wish and that, in my mind, will make that collection of diamonds truly shine.


The Snakey Panda

P.S: Let the world be..! ;)


79 / francisco_piña / 2011年08月28日 04:25

happy birthday to hideo! I really want to keep the original 16:9, it might be cool if you can press the squere bottom and chane ratios on the fly, and for peace walker can you change the gameplay model of snake to the cinematic one, i noticed that during the tutorial level you control a hi-res snake, maybe on the rest of the game the psp couldn't handle the extra geometry but current home consoles can, so than will make big boss look cooler!, anyways if you coop your snake will be another msf trooper on someone else's psp, and extra ops missions with AMANDA and CECILE!!! please!! and bring back classic mgs1 main theme!!!!

80 / jonthomas83 / 2011年08月28日 04:27

Thanks so much for your KP report, which I listen to regularly. Also, thanks so much for MG & MG2 on the HD Collection, I love that!

I would like to put forward my vote to keep the ORIGINAL aspect ratio of the original games. I think it's important.

another suggestion I would love would be to include the "Document of MGS2" in the collection, that would be amazing!

Thanks for your time and for listening, and for communicating with us fans and giving us the opportunity to give us your feedback.

Many thanks,

P.S. An ultimate Metal Gear music collection CD box set would be great too! :) haha

81 / Willythejet / 2011年08月28日 04:57

I would prefer in the Original 16X9 aspect ration of the cutscenes, but without the black bar for subtitles. Just like MGS4, I prefer to have the scenes to fill the entire 16X9 HDTV

82 / Armand!? / 2011年08月28日 05:14

I am a huge fan of the MGS series and would like to keep the ratio 16:9, this is how it was intended, regardless of your decision i will be picking this game up at midnight and will be playing it non stop, thank you for your caring about what the fans think. really looking forward to some gameplay of MGS 2 soon as well.

and happy belated birthday!I hope it was as awesome as your games!

83 / a surveillance camera / 2011年08月28日 10:42

I just wanted to add my voice to the choir of people asking that Konami seriously consider restoring the cutscenes to their original aspect ratio, while also eliminating letterboxing to make the most use of modern TVs and achieve a more immersive experience.

You guys have already done a great job with all that has been shown from the HD Collection. It's just that the cutscenes are such a huge part of the MGS series, and it would be a shame if they didn't get anything less than a superb treatment for their grand re-introduction on current platforms.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.

84 / Clockwork / 2011年08月28日 11:12

Please preserve the 16:9 aspect ratio. If the intention is to "take these classics and preserve them as classics." then respect the original cinematography.

85 / Kamensnake / 2011年08月28日 18:33

hey I was wondering if there is a possibility to change from the HD remastered and the original ps2 graphic on demand like in the new remastered Halo?

86 / MuuGi / 2011年08月28日 18:59

For ingame gameplay, that "super widescreen" is good. But for cutscenes it just doesn't work always. For most cutscenes it won't matter, but it ruins every scene that has cinematography with precise cut to something or if there is some uncleaned stuff outside the original picture. At least make it an option to turn off the "super widescreen", there isn't anything we should have seen outside the picture.
As said, original aspect ratio works great with current TVs and black bars could even be removed.

87 / Supersaukko / 2011年08月28日 22:02

No super widescreen please. I want to see the cutscenes the way they were meant to be seen.

88 / nOObert / 2011年08月28日 23:54

Hi everyone^^
great podcast like always :D

whats going on here so many comments - must be a new record :D

like most of the comments say either make it optional (to choose between 16:9 and 2,35:1) or keep the 16:9 aspect ratio. Thats what i would like to see at least^^

So keep up the good work and best wishes from Germany^^


89 / frsnake / 2011年08月29日 04:29

Please keep the ORIGINAL aspect ratio. How can you even think of extending the original picture? Talk to George Lucas and tell him you want to extend his Star Wars - he will ROFL on you. MGS is a piece of art and it should be preserved like that. Original matters, period. Peace and hopefully GJ!

90 / SFP_NooDLe / 2011年08月29日 12:43

Happy belated birthday Hideo Kojima! Hope it was a memorable one and you got lots of cake and presents! :D

Regarding the MGS HD collection cut-scenes, it seems that the majority of fans would prefer to have full-screen 16:9 cut scenes like the ones present in MGS4. Borders look terrible and I own a big HDTV so it will look a little silly. Not only that, but borders are generally intrusive. If you would like to keep the super-widescreen feature, then how about you include an option to have full-screen 16:9 aspect ratio without borders aswell as super widescreen? That way all fans get what they want, although going by the responses you have recieved so far most people would prefer to have full screen 16:9 cut-scenes without borders. I know I am just one of many millions of fans but I sincerely hope you give mines, and other fans views serious considertaion. On a side note, if your free one day and are bored can you dream up a trophy patch for MGS4? I've finished it 12 times already but I'd play it another hundred times if it meant I could collect a platinum trophy! :D
Thanks you Mr. Kojima!

91 / Zantenkai / 2011年08月30日 02:41

Just want to say what a great series of games you've released, I'm an avid fan and still playing MGO2 now practically everyday 3 and a half years since the Premiere B release. I hope to see more and more people coming back to MGO instead of CoD. Please do all you can to revive it back to it's former glory. There are plenty of ideas posted on my twitter @KiakaKyle, A belated Happy Birthday Mr. Kojima. Good work people we're all supporting you.

92 / Iwase-Solid / 2011年08月30日 06:59

16:9 widescreen please!, but might be interesting to see the super wide on a second playtrough!
and what about adding the MGS1 digital comic as a bonus? it doesn't matter that has Japanese voice overs, just to fill the mgs1 gap, and documento of mgs2/3 might be a cool extra too!

93 / Gustava / 2011年08月30日 14:00

A few things..

1) In the summer of 2010 a trophy patch for MGS4 was hinted at. Will we ever get the patch?

2) I want the cutscenes in the HD Editions to take up the entire screen. Fullscreen. HD. No giant black bars. Make the black bars as tiny as possible. I want 16:9. Like MGS4.

3) Make Super Widescreen an OPTION for those who want to use it.

4) It has been ages since we got news regarding MGS Rising. Will there be Rising news at TGS?

5) Will Quinton Flynn be the voice of Raiden again in Rising? I sure hope so. Not using Flynn would be like not using Hayter as Snake. I hope you realise what kind of fan backlash that would cause.

6) Is MGS PW HD going to have PSN support? Will we be able to play co-op online via PSN?

7) Are the subtitles in the HD Editions completely new or will they be re-made? What I mean is, will the typos from the original releases still be present?

8) Is Snake vs Monkey going to be in MGS3 HD? I love that game so much. If it's not on the Xbox, at least make it PS3 exclusive.

94 / J.R. / 2011年08月30日 16:37

I do have one request for the HD collection. There are a couple of areas in MG and MG2 where you are required to refer to the manual. For example, there is a scene where one character is tapping on a wall in code and you have to use the game manual to decode the message. Unfortunately, those things were left out of the Subsistence manual and we were forced to resort to online fAQs to get through those areas. Since MG and MG2 are included with the HD collection, I was just hoping that you could please be sure to include all of those things in the game manual so that we don't have to go to random online FAQs. Maybe you could include a digital version of each game's original manual that we could access through the in-game start menu. If not, just having those things in the collection's manual would be great. Thanks.

95 / Arlo-Marlo / 2011年08月30日 19:14

Hi Christine (and guys) ^_~

Is there going to be a trophy patch for MGS4? I'm asking because I have recently bought all MGO expansion packs and there are only about 80 to 100 people playing Automatching each day. Most of them are level 15 to 18 and I am only level 5. So, when I start automatching it never finds matches for me. And when it does find matches, it takes a really long time. Usually it takes up to 8 or 10 minutes till it finds a match.

Long story short: A trophy patch for MGS4's singleplayer, would also make more people play MGO again. It's such a great game and I think a lot of people have no clue what they're missing out on.

Also, I've completed MGS4 at least 10 times and a trophy patch would be incentive to finish it another couple of times. :P

Regarding the MGS HD games, I have to say I want no giant black bars. Sorry, but in this time and age we don't need that. I want the games' original cinematography. 16:9 with no black bars in HD. That would be perfect.

Of course you could make that.. "Super" Widescreen an option if you want.

Another issue is that the cutscenes are really long and I've always missed a pause option.

Goodbye lady (and guys) and enjoy the life in Japan. Best wishes.

96 / MoldBreaker / 2011年08月30日 19:25

Just wanted to know what it's going to say under our nicknames on PSN when playing the HD games. Is it going to say we're playing MGS2 or MGS3 or MGS PW? Or simply "MGS HD Collection"?

Also, my vote goes to Fullscreen cutscenes like MGS4. But keep that Super Widescreen kajigger for gameplay.

97 / Baha SGAs2 / 2011年08月30日 20:41

a) Is there going to be Zone of the Enders 3?
b) When is MGS Rising coming out?
c) I don't want super widescreen in cutscenes in the MGS HD Collection, sorry.
d) Is there going to be DLC for Peace Walker HD? I mean downloadable songs and camouflage.
e) In MGS3 HD is there going to be DLC? Like the Santa Claus outfit for Naked Snake.

Best wishes. Your fans love you, dear Kojima Productions Team.

98 / WhiteSnake / 2011年08月31日 00:09

All talk of russian composers aside, can we expect the main theme in the HD collection? I don't think I could handle playing MGS2 without hearing that theme right after the Raiden/Solidus battle. It's one of the most brilliant uses of music in the history of, well, any visual medium.

99 / Mr TJ / 2011年08月31日 07:07

I'd enjoy the cutscenes as they were in 16:9.

100 / Rokaviz / 2011年08月31日 11:20

I want full screen cutscenes in MGS2 and Snake Eater.

What other special features / extras will the HD Collection have? VR Missions? Snake vs Monkey? Document of MGS2? Boss Rush? Any details? ^^

101 / HAPPY_TAPPY / 2011年08月31日 13:05

please respect the original aspect ratio, and bring the document of mgs2 back! and if you can pull a mgs3 document it will be perfect, we need to see how that game was made too!
and yes preserve the original main theme

102 / Kroker's Luv / 2011年08月31日 19:53

I don't want super widescreen because it's altering kojima-san's cinematography. Please make the cutscenes in the MGS hd editions like in the original ps2/psp games. But without black bars. It should look like MGS4 to make it consistent.

Is there any chance we will ever get Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on the ps3? I'd love to play that game and I love that Gray Fox appears in it and the song "Calling to the night".

I hope the soundtrack of mgs2 and 3 will be the same as on the ps2! I love the MGS2 Theme and MGS3 theme.

Is Harry Gregson-Williams going to make the soundtrack for Metal Gear Solid Rising?

103 / TrophySupport / 2011年09月01日 07:54

Sean promised us to wait a little longer for trophy information in MGS4... It's been 3 years. If trophies aren't ever going to come to MGS4 why don't you come out and say it instead of leading on your fans?

104 / melba / 2011年09月01日 08:20

Please keep the original aspect ratio. That's how they were and that's how they should be for all time. Other than players seeing things or empty space not meant to be seen in the original, I believe changing the ratio would detract from the original cinematography. Perfect example is the shot The Snake Soup has of the Boss, in the "super widescreen" shot the camera isn't as tight on the subject and the impact of her action is decreased.

105 / Gonzalo / 2011年09月02日 14:01

Agree to leave like a option beetween choose for widescreen or superwidescreen. Please mantain untouchable the cinemas of game for the 16:9 option. Superwidescreen its like a personal-technical achievement but not a achievement for the end gamer user. Thanks and cheers from Mexico =)

106 / eskobar / 2011年09月03日 05:42

After reading a technical explanation of what Kojima Production did for this HD port i have to agree with other consumers in asking THE ORIGINAL 16:9 ASPECT RATIO instead of the "SW" format planned.

Thank you

107 / ODBastard / 2011年09月03日 10:04

Tell Kojima I want my Substance and Subsistence bonuses.

And bring back original 16:9

108 / MilkyAlien / 2011年09月03日 15:36

16:9 and no black bars with the subtitles appearing on the bottom like in MGS4 and PW would be the best way of preserving these classics while wtill bringing them in line with the new games of the series. Thank you for asking the opinions of the fans on this.

Also, please make an announcement about MGO1 some time soon, even if it is a no. I'd really love to have a little checklist of all that's in there.

109 / MOM Corp / 2011年09月05日 17:55

It's simple, you either release MGS2 HD and MGS3 HD with its original cinematography intact, or you don't release it at all. That Super Widescreen talk is cowpoop, to be honest.

And if you remove HGW's MGS2 theme, I won't be getting the game either. I'd rather replay it on my PS2 then.

110 / brainspasm / 2011年09月06日 14:46

Sup fellas,

Just wanted to say I just got back from dragon*con in atlanta, and I did see a few snakes walking around

111 / brainspasm / 2011年09月06日 14:51

Also, I say widescreen. Full HD for the win.

112 / suneku / 2011年09月09日 05:27

what is the Mr. Kojima's Facebook account???

113 / Ender / 2011年09月27日 04:59

The ideal choice would be having "super widescreen" BUT extend the top and bottom as well---content-wise, not aspect-wise, otherwise it'd be a distorting stretch. In other words, we would be able to see more to the sides as well as the top and bottom. I really disliked the black bars in the cutscenes.

114 / Sad Australian / 2011年11月16日 16:14

Why do we have to wait for MGS HD,

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