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2011.12.11 Sunday

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The VGAs have concluded and Metal Gear Revengeace has been announced! The KP Crew welcomes the Creative Producer of MGR, Yuji Korekado to the show to discuss all thing Rising!

Chris Johns

>> Next Session: 12/22/2011 <<

Guest   :   Yuji Korekado
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Ken Mendoza
Voice actor   :   McQueary_Joshua
Sound Recording   :   Christopher Johns
Sound Editing   :   Christopher Johns
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1 / TheMancho / 2011年12月11日 12:43

Why is Rising set after MGS4? Can you guys just leave Raiden alone? Now his whole redemption and MGS4 ending are a waste. I'm disappointed.

2 / Constantine / 2011年12月11日 12:49


3 / SoupNPaste / 2011年12月11日 12:53

Sites like NeoGaf and GameFAQs are reacting negatively to the news that this takes place after MGS4. I agree why cant the writer of this game leave Jack with his family alone?

4 / TheMancho / 2011年12月11日 13:06

As you guys said though if there is one thing Platinum does right, it's gameplay. Sad Kamiya is not directing but gameplay wise I expect great things.

5 / Carbon / 2011年12月11日 13:46

OK, the storyline of Metal Gear Solid: Rising definitely interested me, whereas the storyline of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance does not. The idea of exploring Raiden's transformation between MGS2 and MGS4 was exciting to me. This being set way after MGS4 and coming up with a new story, plus having Raiden revert to cyborg form, confuses me and isn't as interesting.

Here is my attempt at trying to understand Rising's role in the series:

Raiden's design is fairly different and more bulkier than before. I'd imagine Raiden gets free reign between his human form and cyborg form in the universe now, after the events of MGS4 (where we see him revert to human), and utilises this new and improved cyborg suit for missions. Probably funded by the money he gets from his jobs for PMC's.

Only, the big problem in the world now is the increased use in cyborgs. An even bigger focus in robotics than ever before, maybe helped by Ocelot's usage of Frogs and the emergence of Raiden. Instead of Metal Gears being the reigning military weapons, cyborgs are now in the mainstream and are utilised for the missions that require more finesse/individuality. It does seem that the technology used to create Raiden is being used to create other cyborgs (similar aesthetics and shit).

6 / TheMancho / 2011年12月11日 14:05

You know I was thinking about this and why waste the script Tamari wrote for the original rising? How about including it in a mode in a hypothetical MGS4 substance? It seems like a waste to have spent years writing that first story only to never use it again, also since Platinum is making Rising, that gives KP some more freedom to revive MGS4!

7 / A pissed troll / 2011年12月11日 14:05

Wow... um.... wooow..... um.....
why are you outsourcing your game to Platinum games?
Why are you not only raping the Metal Gear Brand, but ruined Rising's original concept? The story where Raiden's psychology reverts back to his child soldier days make sense in between MGS2 and 4? Why is it A SEQUEL TO 4!? WHY DID YOU OUTSOURCE YOUR WORK AGAIN!? WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN DOING!? Not the HD collection certainly, half of that was outsourced to Bluepoint Games. And apparently this is by Platinum games.
If you're not going to work on Metal Gear Games, can't you at least let the series Rest in Peace? Instead you decide take the worn legend and smash its face in with a devkit, pry open it's ribs with a crowbar, and burn the insides.
You have murdered Metal Gear, this is a sequel to Snake's Revenge.

8 / UberCornFunFunPartyTime!!!! The 1st  / 2011年12月11日 14:35's so big... flashy... different. change scares the 'Schmidt' out of me, especially a big change like this. well before anything else i have questions
1. what happened? i thought Raiden
put down his sword to stay with his family
2. snakes' probably dead, but what happens to Otacon and Sunny? will they make an appearance or is this gonna be all about Raiden?
3. if platinum games is handling the gameplay, does that mean no more Easter eggs (kerotan, ghosts) and memorable boss fights? (psycho mantis, the end, the boss)
4. in the VGA's trailer why does raiden sound so....blood thirsty... it does not sound like Raiden it sounds like a monster who kills people because he can, seems like the opposite of what he wanted to become in mgs2
5. what the hell does "revenge with a vengeance" mean and who the hell is he 'revenging'? also, auto correct agrees with me, 'revengeance' is NOT a word [yes #5 was a serious question and comment, the ending half of the VGA's rising trailer was the part that dissapointed me the most... you know where it was all like ' dun dun dun.........dun, dun, ......dun dun dunnnan.......dun dun dun....' and it zoomed in and away from the title a bunch of times.... because that was just silly(not a good silly either).
okay i know it kinda sounds like i'm just some jerk who's bashing rising for kicks but i'm actually a big fan of M.G.S. which is why i really want rising to succeed (so i may play it to Oblivion). i didn't expect rising to be a so faced paced, so straight forward, so flashy and intense up until now i thought i knew what to expect and now everything is so fast and flashy that it's almost gaudy i was i don't know why but i was kind of expecting Rising to be... slower... to give me the option to take it slow and cut everyone and everything at my own pace.... now i almost feel like i'm being forced to cut my way out of every situation... kind of takes the fun out of it. alright well, you probably wont read this anyway but it feels good to pretend like my opinion matters.
and one more thing i think if you design the story around the gameplay... the game WILL end in failure, i pray that you'll prove me wrong. :T

9 / blaster365 / 2011年12月11日 15:02

1- developed by "platinum games" (Bayonetta, Vanquish)
Excuse: we got stuck and could not develop anymore.
2- no more stealth but all action hack n slash.
Excuse: we couldnt balance between the two... could snake not totally ignore stealth and blast the shit out of everything could he not?
3- complete story change from before to after MGS4.
Excuse: it limited what they could do with gameplay, and a new story without a set timeline gave them more freedom... gameplay comes first.

"ultimately we made the right choices"
right choices for you maybe... not for us...

complete cop-out

10 / KojimaMetalGearfan / 2011年12月11日 15:29

Hey there guys, I'm a long time listener as well as a long time fan of the franchise.

I'm wondering about the new story of Metal Gear Rising as it's now being called. What is the new story for the game and can you say anything about it?

Also, how do Vamp as well as Metal Gear Ray tie into the new story? The reason that I'm asking is that I'm absolutely confused.

I'm glad that Quinton is back as Raiden though! If you can somehow make the story for the new version of Rising less confusing I would greatly appreciate it!

If not, that's totally understandable! Tanks and keep up the awesome work :)

11 / Kchow23 / 2011年12月11日 15:43

Hey guys, I am extremely happy about the new direction of Metal Gear Rising and having Platinum Games develop it as they have made some of my favorite games, gameplay-wise. This is definetily a great combinations since KP is really good at story and PG is great at gameplay and I can't wait to get to try it out! What new reveals at the VGAs were you guys excited about? I really liked the reveal of "The Last of Us" and the new trailer of ME3 in particular. Keep up the great work!

12 / Erichw5 / 2011年12月11日 16:10

My only concern about Rising is the violence. Is there a setting to turn off the blood in the options menu like in all the MGS games. Thank you

13 / LAZER / 2011年12月11日 16:58

1st question: Is PC version still planned?
2nd: Why the graphics looks worse than before?
3rd: Why there's less blood?
4th: Can the player still choose the angle of cutting?
5th: Can Raiden's saya still change positions (for example: from his back to his side)?
I think that's it for now. Still sad that the old concept is gone, and the game looks that it "requires less intellect" than before. But i still hope for the best. Good luck with the hard work that you'r e doing ;)

14 / ASHLER / 2011年12月11日 18:19

Please tell me it’s not true that you guys cut out all of the stealth in Rising… because if you did a lot of fans are going to want to use Hideo’s new business cars for more than just a collectors item that they add to their MGS shrines. Stealth games are my favorite game genre and I’ve been dreaming of a fast paced stealth game sense I got to play Gray Fox in Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions back in 1999. I even when as far as to plot out a game play concept of what I would do if I made a fast paced stealth game. And the problems I ran in to where level design, it would control much of the pacing and flow of the game play. How fast you could move and how much you could hide in any given moment. The level design would all so shape the difficulty by giving you too much space or not enough of it. So in the end the level design was tricky to visualize as a whole but if it where balanced right I feel it would work out. The other one was you would need a lot of NPC’s that had to be eliminated or traversed. And back in 1999 I didn’t think the current systems could handle something like that but now days it’s totally possible. I was also a little worried how fun it would be for players, to just cut down a bunch of NPC’s insanely fast over and over again. I knew I was having a lot of fun playing through my concept ideas in my mind, just the thought of having the choice to speed-stealth down a crowded alleyway full of NPC’s and taking all of them out with none of the knowing what hit them made me smile. Or just simply speed-stealth past them all as if you were moving through a series of revolving doors. You might drop your stealth for a more direct approach, hacking and slashing your way through these domino place targets that are begging to be toppled by your blade. Or doing both moving in and out of stealth, playing with the NPC’s minds making them careless and trigger happy so as they try to shoot your darting silhouette they end up filling there team mate with bullets that where meant for you. As the body count goes up so does there fear, they get so freaked out they end up pissing there pants and running with their tail between their legs. just to be struck down with a well placed shuriken in the back. Then to mix things up you stop to focus on a one on one duel, you draw out this bushido dance to the point where you get tired of playing with your blades food. So you pull some underhanded Togakure ninja moves, which would move you out of the line of site of your dancing partner, giving you the opportunity to end your dance with your blade or with the empty silence and confusion of your sudden disappearance. So now you can imagine when I heard that Rising might be doing fast paced stealth I got so excited but now I don’t know what to think. I Guess I’ll just have to pray to my Metal Gear shrine that Rising won’t be cutting my heart out next year.

15 / J.R / 2011年12月11日 18:48

I love Platinum games but there some wrong with this. The 09 trailer looked better.

1) You need to tweak the look on Rising, it doesn't look like metal gear at all.
2) Improve the graphics, they looked better before
3) Change that horrible music!!!

16 / Mitsotakis / 2011年12月11日 19:26

I 've just seen the trailer and what can i say...Thanks for ruining the best game series of all time.
Unless the trailer doesn't do it justice, it's a pure gutless piece of americanised shit...

17 / Adamska / 2011年12月11日 19:39

Wow. What a boat load of information to process.... OK, first and foremost i really love the music you've included in the podcast and very much appreciate you letting it run for a bit before you went into the conversation. If we could get more information on the score and whether or not Mr. HGW will be involved with this game as well it would be greatly appreciated. The trailer does look fantastic and it was quite surprising to see some of the new elements presented in it. After carefully thinking over what you discussed in the podcast in terms of production challenges and obstacles I have to say that I would have preferred to play the initial variant of the game more because I simply love stealth gameplay the most however I do understand exceedingly well that it just wasn't possible for you to develop a viable version on the initial perimeters and thus an entirely new concept had to be undertaken in order to deliver the best possible experience even if that experience explored a narrower field of gameplay. I just hope that the story which was developed for the initial build will see the light of day in the next canon MGS entry regardless of what time period that game ends up being set in (it can be delivered through flashbacks etc). I was really looking forward to learning more about Ocelots whereabouts and deeds during that particular time frame and even though it wasn't a certainty there would be anything significant related to him in the initial build now it is definitive that Ocelot won't have anything to do with the new storyline. Congratulations on the brand new website, it looks good and I've had an enjoyable time browsing through it. A parting question from me would be in relation to Matsuyama-san and whether or not he was able to maintain a core position in the Rising development team, I would really hate to hear he got fired over the development snag or similar because he genuinely looked completely committed and devoted to delivering a fantastic experience for the widest demographic possible. I'm now going to take a few more days to process all of the information you've served for us today. Cheers

18 / Smiley / 2011年12月11日 19:48

Excited to see what Platinum can do for the series. They've made some great action games. also glad to hear Quinton Flynn is back.

One thing I hope that gets explained in a future podcast is whether or not we find out what exactly didn't make it into the new Rising story. I wanted to know how Raiden first became a cyborg ninja and I wonder if this will still be explained in some way for the new Rising concept.

19 / paul / 2011年12月11日 20:28

what happen to the original concept?? i think this game is too far from the original MGS series.. :(

20 / Callum Hurley / 2011年12月11日 20:38

R.I.P Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

I must ask what everyone is thinking, is this game canon? Honestly i hope not because MGS4 ended Raidens fighting days perfectly. But i still think this game looks amazing, Koji Pro and Platinum working together? It's like its destined for success! However Platinum denied their involvement with Rising earlier this year. Please answer and give more Revengeance details! Good job guys

21 / Cameron / 2011年12月11日 20:54

I arrived back from a great night out last night and when I watched the Rising "Revengeance" it ruined my night. Watching it this morning has ruined my morning.

I'll start of with the positives. The gameplay looks quite fun. Done, let's move on.

What has become of the Metal Gear series? How has Kojima let his series be handled this way? From the trailer along one can grasp that :

1. The writing seems awful. The trailer is riddled with poorly written and cliched dialogue. The game is after MGS4? Oh right, that makes we're just throwing Raidens happy ending out the window (for the second time)? The end of two brought closure to Raiden's story, 4 brought even more closure to his story, then this comes along.
I find it hard to believe as well that Raiden would work for anybody else at this stage of his life, from 2 onwards he learns to only fight for what he believes in, this better be cleared up.
The cheesy guys in suits and sunglasses? What the hell is this the Matrix? The Vamp rip-off character? Poor character design if I ever saw it. The fact that the rewrite only took two months as opposed to the original story's ten isnt very comforting either.

2. The graphics engine has been downgraded big time. The e3 2009 trailer has extremely superior graphics to this. The graphics don't even seem to match the level of MGS4. The problem with outsourcing is it is hard to match KP's level of presentation.

3. The game was more interesting before. The original trailer was classy and interesting, it definately had a tone that felt in line with the series. This doesn't feel like a Metal Gear game at all, but not in a good way. The original story premise was actually very intriguing, what happened that transformed Raiden from his MGS2 self to his MGS4 self, the rescue of Sunny, the recovery of Big Bosses body etc. This new concept isn't interesting in the slightest.

4. This is the worst trailer I have ever seen. Cheesy in a bad way, awful awful music, 90's rock music kinda thing going on? Has absolute zero style. Cheap looking font. This is the same Metal Gear series that is known for it's awe inspiring score, philosophical themes, deep and layered storylines? All I see is a cheesy action game that doesn't deserve the Metal Gear name, the series has taken a big downgrade in every way imaginable.

I know you won't post this, why would you? It's obvious only the positive comments will get posted, but I'll tell you this much, hardcore Metal Gear fans aren't happy. A lot of them are furious. With the goal to appeal to a bigger western audience, you have dumbed down the series and kicked dirt in our faces. We have followed the series since its beginning, we have invested time, money and emotion and what do we get in return? This? It's not like I'm not up for experimentation either, I was extremely excited after the original Rising trailer, a game that looks superior to this one.

Metal Gear Solid series RIP.

22 / ssp619 / 2011年12月11日 23:34

Hi all,
Let me say that I love the work that you and Bluepoint have done with the HD collection.

However, there are a few bugs that me and others have noticed that I wish would be addressed in a future patch:-

- The sea lice that should appear in the cutscene before Fortune's fight do not appear on screen but can be heard [MGS2]

- The rope that the Gurlokuvich soldiers use to descend from the helicopter during the opening is invisible [MGS2]

- The SHAVER item in MGS2 has no effect on Snake's appearance if given to him. In the original, Snake would appear clean-shaven during the Arsenal Gear sequence if the SHAVER was given to him during the beginning of the game. In the HD collection it has no effect on him which is inaccurate.[MGS2]

- The first door in the PLANT chapter has a weird texture that says "metalgear2:gunsofthepatriots", this makes no sense, please remove it [MGS2}

- The radio conversation that Snake has with Sigint when the SAA weapon is equipped is inaccurate, the words spoken do not match the words on screen [MGS3}

- Make it so that the SQUARE button is not considered to be the Select button as well.
i.e: Currently, If I choose to make Select my codec button, SQUARE becomes the codec button as well which makes no sense whatsoever.

What I recommend:
SQUARE: Auto-Aim Toggle.
SELECT: Codec.
L3: Co-Ops Comms.
R3(While Aiming): Shoulder-Switch

By doing that, you make use of all the buttons on the Dualshock3 controller, while also being much more comfortable and streamlined to play.

I truly hope that you take my suggestions seriously, as the HD collection is currently not up to the high standards set by the previous games in the series.

Hopefully a patch will be released before the European launch at the very least.

Thanks, and keep up the good work guys :)
Rising looks phenomenal !!

23 / Deadagent / 2011年12月11日 23:56

Hi fellas, just wanted to tell you how your new MGS:Rising trailer blew my mind. I havent really cared that much about rising until now, sure the footage has looked nice and slicing people up sound like fun times but I've still always came up with kinda "meh looks ok" feeling with it. That changed today as I noticed that one of my favourite gaming companies "Platinum Games" is involved. This trailer leaves me with one simple question: Where can I sing up to give you guys all of my money?

Sorry if my english is not the best, hopefully I didnt make too many typos


24 / Harry / 2011年12月12日 01:55

Hey team! Sorry I haven't written in for a couple of reports (mega busy, tis the season!) and thanks for answering my question in session 150!

So the big news then. Rising. "Revengeance". I don't want to be negative or cynical, but I can't lie; I don't think I could have been more disappointed with that trailer.

I wanted answers to a few questions before I posted any opinion on it, but thankfully most of them were already in this report. My only remaining question is whether it is canon? But from statements made I'm going to assume that it is.

Firstly, I think I've been fairly vocal since 2009 that I don't really think Rising is a good idea. Just as a fundamental concept. Truth be told I'm at the stage where I wish the series would be left alone. But I could put up with it. It had a chance to be good. Set between 2 and 4, the story wouldn't crap on the only character having a nice ending at the end of MGS4 (Meryl getting married to what was essentially a defecating easter egg doesn't count). It could flesh out Raiden and Snake rescuing Sunny, Liquid's ascendance, how Raiden became a cyborg etc. We didn't need to see these things, but we could without anything else in the series being tainted.

Now you could say that Rising now being set after MGS4 gives the game a lot of creative freedom. But the series was tied up at MGS4? Raiden got over his "dark side" finally and found his family again. The concept of new Rising completely ruins that, much like a lot of plot elements in MGS4 ruined resolutions from past games.

My main peeve however, is that Rising no longer looks anything akin to what I would consider Metal Gear. Aesthetically, it's not MGS. In terms of gameplay, it's not MGS. In terms of what we've seen of the story (some VERY corny dialogue and what looks like (groan) Vamp as a cyborg ninja); it's not MGS. Or at least not anything I wish to be part of the franchise.

The whole decision to outsource the gameplay development to Platinum and remove stealth completely (even Ac!d had stealth) is needless to say, utterly disappointing. The only reprieve here really for me (who's never really thought the concept of Rising was worth bothering with) is that less KJP resources are being spent on a game that I would never want to play. To use an analogy, it's like seeing a trailer for Star Wars Episode VII that has Dinosaurs and Elves in it.

The whole development of Rising has been a trackable mess, and I honestly expect this to show in the end product. And what the hell was up with the music? No Harry Gregson Williams score, just some grating over the top guitar to some grating over the top action.

I'm actually dreading the release of Rising. I can tell just from the trailer and the censored comments here about cutting story for gameplay that Rising isn't going to be anywhere near the level of story as other games in the series, combine this with the completely off the wall gameplay that is removed from the core of the series and you've got a recipe for a game that I don't think will please many fans, or at least severely divide opinion.

Finally, I could get behind the old Rising to some degree because you could sneak, and it seemed to have the core of the series still intact from what was shown and released, but with some additional, new features. The "Revengeance" (worst tagline/name ever by the way) version seems to be some whole other beast. Some unfamilar, ugly thing that has replaced something that at least had some potential. I'm not sure what it is, but as a fan it's alienating, anger inducing and it feels like someone decided to make an action ninja game, and tag Raiden's name on for brand recognition.

I honestly hope to god it isn't canon but it sounds like it is. I only say that because of the omission of "Solid". Good luck with it though, I hope even now something that I might like can be salvaged out of it. I feel like KJP has taken on way too many projects lately and as a whole this has caused quality to slide on some things. PW was a great game, the HD collection looks sick, but I'm not sure why MGS3DS and now particularly Rising are even being made. I just want to forget about them, and of course, I haven't played them yet and I could always choose to not buy them (and probably never will), but it just feels that gradually, one of my most beloved game franchises is being ruined by the people who created it. And Platinum Games.

More positively, thanks for a good report. It was great to have answers to some burning questions and I'll always love vanilla Metal Gear Solid and KJP in general. I just wish you guys would do something new (that doesn't contrast with and mess up the old)! Hopefully with the FOX engine though eh? A new IP. The sky is the limit then. :)

PS. I always feel bad critising things after listening to the report for so many years and getting to the know the people behind the game. But, I've got to be honest, and I really needed to get that off my chest.

25 / GTG  / 2011年12月12日 03:54

REVENGEANSE .... isn't even a word!!!! WEBSTERS PLEASE HELP!!!! break please give us.. (Yoda)

26 / Mr. RHC / 2011年12月12日 06:35

An interesting development! Platinum Games is a fantastic studio!

This must have been an tough decision to make, it takes courage to make such like this. The game is for sure a gameplay spin-off, something new. There is potential to go spin-off with the story as well.

Good luck with collaboratin!

27 / BigBoss / 2011年12月12日 06:37

I was wondering if you can release a demo of the old RISING and is there a chance of you guys making MGS R in the furture? The new RISING doesnt seem very MGS-ISH will there be any type of stealth? I hope MG R is good tho...

28 / french yamori / 2011年12月12日 08:32

Ho no funny ending trailer with the yellow helmet ?

29 / AFormerFan / 2011年12月12日 14:48

I'm very dissappointed in you KP crew. Not so much you guys, (sean, chris, christine) but the men and women who have worked for years with hideo who crumbled and shattered when it came time to prove themeselves. You had a story which fans wanted to see, and you botched it in favor of ruining raiden's story by once again denying him a happy ending. Months of planning, ruined. You could have made a game that answered all the loose ends of raiden's plot, and snuck in a few cameos like Snake, and Eva... and called it a day. But you failed, you couldn't even get past the tech demo phase. That's not the main reason I'm not happy though, the real reason is that it is rather telling that Hideo constantly tried to build you all up so that you could build games of you own, and then without him you all failed him... and us and crumbled. You guys led fans on with the promise of linking mgs2 and 4... only to cop out and ruin Raiden. First the whole MGS4 trophy debacle which some people are still waiting for a definitive answer from you and now this blatant retcon of the series. You just gave up and let Platinum do whatever they wanted and desicrated this noble series. It's sad and telling, what would your company be like without Hideo? Did the message he tried to preach in mgs2 not only fly over gamers heads but all you in the studio to? I shutter to think how you guys finish games without him, no wonder his job is so stressful. I doubt you'll even read this.

30 / xxxPMCKILLAxxx / 2011年12月12日 18:03

long time listener here. i thought i'd throw in my two cents since i know you read this, first the positives about rising.
1. platinum's involvement. they are the best of the best when it comes to action games, and prolly the best current japan developers (no offense kp lol).

2. the "feel" of the trailer. the whole cyborgs vs cyborgs theme seems like if done right can be epic.

3. the fact that you guys are writing the story, i love platinum but they forte is gameplay, yours is story.

now the negatives which at this point outweigh the positives at least in my opinion.
1. why after mgs4? this means that the whole arc of raiden giving up war like snake was tossed out like a bad pair of sneakers. that's not a good thing. many hardcore mg fansites are reactin negatively to this.

2. why the waste of the old script? i personally wanted more depth on the world of mgs4's patriot controlled war zone. meeting big mama and her lra, getting the location of sunny from her, rescuing sunny (wit snake perhaps?) and getting big boss' body for eba, seeing raiden's depression and how the patriots turned him into a robot, (at least mg4 implied they did) it would have been a change of pace for an action game to have a great meaningful story, and to throw it away is disgraceful, how about making it into a digital comic like the psp mgs1 digital comic?

3. platinum games should not make demands of you, you should make demands of them, it should be 50-50. they change story because they make games around story, well that's fine but this is your game, and your story. just my opionon

4. the ememies in the trailer looke like they had no hit detection at all, this is prolly because it still in development but it's really noticable.

5. if we touch on the story again, wouldn't the world be better off since foxalive killed the patrots? this world seems more violent and chaotic than it did in mgs4, it would habe been the perfect setting during the peroid in between mg2 and 4. i'm sure you could have found a way to explain why no cyborgs appear in mgs4, maybe raiden defeated theyre main cpu or somethin' lol.

6. revengence? transfarring was so bad it was good but revengeane is so bad it's ... bad? i do like the badass font tho

anyways enough rambling, i'll give you guys the benefit of the doubt and wait til the game is out before judgement. peace.

31 / chupman / 2011年12月12日 18:29

I too am very disappointed with what I have seen of the new rising. I was really looking forward to the older version because it looked like it took real skill to actually do much in that game. Not just another hack and slash or combo heavy game. I wanted something radically new. But I understand there was no use in wasting time and delving into development hell. But where the real disappointing thing is I expected something amazing from platinum and Kojima Productions. Its such a great partnership! But the game looked so generic, so stupid, so bad. It looked like a extremely bare bones, pitiful ninja gaiden. I really hope that what has to come will reveal something redeeming, but I have many doubts.

32 / chisslen / 2011年12月12日 18:32

More people need to tell the developers more directly about how disappointed and pissed they are over the new rising. I mean just look at those comments on the youtube videos!

33 / Zeeshan Karimi / 2011年12月12日 20:46

If you look at rest of big titles like Resident Evil and Ace Combat etc they've done the very same thing.

I'd say this is the perfect time for this new MGS series to eliminate the monotonous.

34 / / 2011年12月12日 22:10

I just bought te HD pack of MGS for xbox and love it! Although I am very disappointed that the latest game "Guns of the Patroits" isn't apart of the collection! I had a PS3 but after MGS4 and God of War, it just wasn't being used...please read this post and bring MGS4 to Xbox 360! Believe when I when I say, there are plenty of fans who'll buy it today if it were available. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!

35 / paul / 2011年12月12日 23:01

i really hope they will still revised this game! PLEASE! for the sake of the fans that love MGS for a long time! >.<

36 / Luke Wilson / 2011年12月13日 00:11

As a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid and the Metal Gear games, I have to say I'm disappointed at how this turned out. Throwing away part of a story the fans were looking forward to for an over-the-top canon and 'westernized' story whilst ditching the core dynamic of Metal Gear games, stealth, which has been included in every game and spin-off can only spell the slow decline of the metal gear series in my eyes.
I understand the whole Jack The Ripper mechanic which I assume is some sort of 'super mode' fueled by combat/combos or something, which could be pretty cool.

I feel like KP has to clear up whether this is canon or not because although the 'Solid' title has been dropped, with the whole talking about it taking place after MGS4 I cannot see it fitting in at all in the main canon. The whole message of MGS4 was bittersweet and gave Raiden his happy ending and MGR seems to ruin this.

37 / Boyzby / 2011年12月13日 01:54

I love the Metal Gear games and their story as much as the next guy, which is why I'm disappointed to see that Raiden is in his cyborg ninja armor AFTER MGS4. You really can't just say, "Well, now it takes place afterwards." because there is nothing that the game's story will do to make me accept that. I think the gameplay that Platinum brings to the table is going to be awesome but it makes me cringe knowing that it's place in the timeline was moved just to give more freedom. Seems like a very poor decision. I'm still very much looking forward to playing it, but it's just going to always be condemned to me in terms of story.

38 / Solidus Hawk / 2011年12月13日 02:08

so you're telling me that trailer is way better than we saw in E3 2010 ?

That's what I call B.S

39 / noname / 2011年12月13日 04:04

This looks much more worse than the original Rising. The original was dark, edgy and cool but this just looks like another 'HACK N SLASH' game with no interesting concepts. Where has ZAN DATSU gone? I was looking forward to the story of how Raiden became very dark etc. This is gone now? The trailer looks to be like a cheesy anime with Raiden picking up METAL GEAR RAY and the cheesy J-ROCK music. Go back to the older version! Most fans are saying the same thing on forums etc...

オリジナルはダークで、エッジーで、時代の先を行く感じだったが、今回のそれは、どこにでもあるような全く面白みのないコンセプトの 'HACK N SLASH' 的なゲームだ。

ZAN DATSU はどこへ?雷電がどうやってここまで、ダークな影のある人間になったのか、興味があったに、それはどこへ?

今回のライジングはまるで、雷電がMETAL GEAR RAY を持ち上げて、振り回す、安っぽいアニメと、安っぽいJ-ROCKが混ぜ合わさった感じだ。


40 / Alex / 2011年12月13日 04:22

This game is an insult to everything MGS stands for. MGS has tactical gameeplay, amazing music and a good story. This is just some mindless hack n slash. Why not just cancel it, as if MGS fans would actually want to play a rubbish game like this. Please look at the outrage all over the web my MGS fans, you tricked us for the last 2 years that we were gonna get an MGS game and all we get is a bad looking devil may cry.

41 / Fox-Balls / 2011年12月13日 04:34

To all the Negative Comment Guys.. you ungrateful little sods!!! Hideo has given you MG for over 20 years. hes crafted games that have transcended the usual video game experience. an most of all he gave you The Boss! and for what? your negative karma comments. you live in an age where your free to communicate with the creators of genius an those comments are all you have? do me a favour an throw your keyboards out the window. pfft.

arnt all true genius misunderstood though.

"loalty to the end" love you KJP ;)

welcome to this weeks Heavy Comment Corner :D

42 / luffywang573 / 2011年12月13日 05:15

i definitely excite for MGR. im big fan to MG series, and im very open to new ideas and i like the approach (hence to why it MGR not MGSR). and KJ Pro X Platinum games just sound like a great idea. cant wait to see whatelse you guys can make.
though one question about whats shown in the trailer, about the slash effect when raiden strikes, it feel rather bright to me. and effect like this can be see in many games,but i actually perfer the clean slash like in the original trailer. it feel like a fast and clean cut. so is it possible to turn off those effect when playing the games?

43 / goemon / 2011年12月13日 05:47

um... wow. So many negative comments. The only thing I can agree with the other posts on here is that I don't like the fact that you changed time periods.

That being said I'm worried that Platinum won't bring any other content to the table once you beat the game. MGS games are known for their extra content that unlocks when you beat the games, costumes, extra modes, online modes, ect.

Platinum... is not. I hope that you'll use some of your magic and get some extra features in the game.

44 / R2RO / 2011年12月13日 05:49

guys guys guys..... calm down, this is Metal Gear "rising", ok. for a second, lets look at the title shall we. ok its says metal gear, ok so its set in the same universe. now, oh wait, um, yeah there is no "solid" anywere, ok well, oh look at that! it says Rising.yes its true that it used to be called MG"S":rising BUT they change that name for a good reason, because its obviously taking a different direction. so i don't know y ppl are getting a titty attack over the game style being different: "oh no! were is the stealth" SHUT IT!. oh and aslo, way back wen this game had smaller sub text: "Lightning Bolt Action"... and that still didn't get across thru all ur thick skulls that this game was gonna be completely different WOW. how blind are all of u? really? sure this looks different, sure this contradicts things from previous games, but you know wat i have been playing mgs for many many long years, i have shaken Mr. kojima's hand in new york(best day ever :D)... i am happy with how this game is turning out(as i expected). i do have some minor gripes about it but i don't think ppl should just rage about stupid obviously hinted things from the past....

45 / 8NINE3 / 2011年12月13日 06:23

Disappointed with what I saw at the VGA's.. You guys should scrap MGRR and return to the original idea MGS:R.. Just cause it was unplayable or The concept didn't come onto the screen you would of liked.. That doesn't mean with more guidance more kojima the game can't go back on track the fans will wait 2 more years I would wait. Please please don't let P.G make this hack and slash horrible game... I want a game from kp

46 / Arthur / 2011年12月13日 07:09

I'm very dissappointed. Raiden says stuff like "Let's have fun", this doesn't match to the Raiden we know. And a Hack'n Slay, come on. :(

47 / Garrett Hawk / 2011年12月13日 07:23

SOLUTION: Cleary many people are upset. You can easilly get out of the blame-ray KP folks. Very simple: make MGR not apart of the official canon. Many people are excited to play MGR, most of those people are not the original fans of the series. I think the game will be fun, but its not going to reach the level of the previous MGS titles. I bet you're working on at least one title that will make these people happy -- but if you want to satisfy all -- make MGR like Ac!d to the MGS canon. Removing the 'Solid' was the first step. Good luck guys!

48 / blackhawk65589 / 2011年12月13日 07:25

Great podcast guys! On the topic at hand, rising, i personaly have mixed feelings, i does look really cool, but on the same token im really hoping for the element of stealth in the game :D

49 / RISING MUST CHANGE / 2011年12月13日 07:45

This looks much more worse than the original Rising. The original was dark, edgy and cool but this just looks like another 'HACK N SLASH' game with no interesting concepts. Where has ZAN DATSU gone? I was looking forward to the story of how Raiden became very dark etc. This is gone now? The trailer looks to be like a cheesy anime with Raiden picking up METAL GEAR RAY and the cheesy J-ROCK music. Go back to the older version! Most fans are saying the same thing on forums etc

オリジナルはダークで、エッジーで、時代の先を行く感じだったが、今回のそれは、どこにでもあるような全く面白みのないコンセプトの 'HACK N SLASH' 的なゲームだ。

ZAN DATSU はどこへ?雷電がどうやってここまで、ダークな影のある人間になったのか、興味があったに、それはどこへ?

今回のライジングはまるで、雷電がMETAL GEAR RAY を持ち上げて、振り回す、安っぽいアニメと、安っぽいJ-ROCKが混ぜ合わさった感じだ。


50 / KyFer / 2011年12月13日 10:58

Hello KP

Long time listener first time commenter, I feel that most MGS fans hold the MG story close to their hearts. As most of the other fans feel I too am sad to hear the game no longer takes place in between 2 and 4. As a passionate fan and hopeful to get into the games industry, I had concocted all sorts of ideas that I thought would end up in the game. These include, Raiden getting the cyborg body, saving Sunny from the Patriots, the transformation of solid snake to old snake (this would be happening in line with Raiden's transformation, as one gains power the other weakens) and the idea of another Drebin agent selling swords to Raiden in a similar fashion to MGS4, the list goes on. But I digress, I fully support KP and its decisions and I am sure other fans will too or will come around eventually. But I do have a question for the KP report team. SPOILER ALERT in the ending of MGS4 it seemed that Raiden was done fighting, patriots were no more,and Raiden was ready to be a dad/husband. My question is: Is the story of Metal Gear Rising cannon to the MG universe or is more like the acid games since it is such a departure from MGS?

Thanks, you guys rule!

51 / UberCornFunFunPartyTime!!!! The 1st  / 2011年12月13日 11:28

PLEASE try again with the story set after two and before 4 or at try to fix it so you don't have to chop everything in your way ( i wanna sneak again! ) or at the very least drop the Revengence part of the new name, that's seriously the stupidest word I've ever heard in my life (i go to school with people who say things like "more better" or "that's mines") please don't mess up my favorite series with lame (bad) dialogue like "Time for Jack to let'er rip" or "revenge with a vengeance" (the most laughable part[actually it just made me sad] of the VGA's )
And what this talk about you not being able to blend Stealth with action? your freaking Kojima Productions! you set the bar so high with for stealth you're up there by yourselves! so high that i didn't even know what Siphon filter was until early this October! I've never worked in video games so i don't know how hard it is to do what you do, but as a gamer (and a true blue mgs fan)you already have everything you need ( psych bar, Threat ring camo index ...) mgs is the only game I've played where the character's were so alive! where you the characters where so human that they could feel when the enemy is close by with out even facing there direction (threat ring = super A plus Bro guy ). Raiden is a cyborg ninja not a cyborg (ninja). ninjas are supposed to be masters of stealth, masters of tracking, not insane blood thirsty 'sword monkeys'
(exuse my harsh language) So PLEASE i implore you to try again with Metal gear Solid: Rising, i'm Sure that the real mgs fans will at least appreciate the extra effort.
( take as long as you want but please just don't serve us a big heaping plate of hack and slash [it's like naked snakes prison nightmare come to life] )

P.S. are there going to be any new MGS:PW HD missions in 2012? if so, please make more perfect stealth and escape missions please

52 / Nightshader / 2011年12月13日 11:37

Ok, im really confused... the website says that Metal gear rising takes place years after MGS4...but than theres alot of talk about the game being a spin off title. Can you guys please clear this up whether this game is canon to the metal gear games or not??

53 / ASHLER / 2011年12月13日 12:31

I hope that the Metal Gear Rising trailer is just a warped perspective of Jack the Rippers mind. This would be how he plays when he’s in a Super Saiyan\Demon mode. This “Ripper mode” makes you feel like you’re playing an 80’s grindhouse version of Devil May Cry. This warped perspective of Mr. Ripper, could have more than just an 80’s grindhouse feel to it, maybe it will jump from film genre to film genre. On the 13th when you release the extended version of the trailer, you’ll be like syke, we got you. Then you’ll tell us you didn’t cut out the stealth and the old game play you are combining the two game play styles. When we play in Raiden mode the game would look and feel like a Metal Gear game. And when we’re playing in Ripper mode it will look and feel like Devil May Cry with some warped film twisted to it. Well a fan can only hope.

54 / IDGAF / 2011年12月13日 12:49

they are doing it with western people in mind??!!! thats what got RES in the shit!!! AND NOW THEY ARE DOINF THE SAME WITH MGS!! EVERYTHING HAS GONE TO SHIT!!

55 / Winnie / 2011年12月13日 14:03

Hey guys.
First on the agenda: Holy mother at that trailer. My jaw was literally on the floor the entire time. While I'm slightly sad to see the old story go, this idea of "the return of the Ripper" really intrigues me and I trust KP and Platinum will take the story to some interesting places.
I have a question. I saw some images a while ago from Yoji Shinkawa's art exhibition that appeared to show off some designs for Rising, including a crazy looking robot character with a little baby robot! (here's the one:
So are these designs going to be incorporated into the new Rising? Is Yoji still leading the art direction? I've always loved his mecha designs and what I've seen from that art expo looked quite amazing. It'd be a shame to let those go to waste.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

56 / tussler / 2011年12月13日 14:45

The new one looks so bad compared to the original concept. Now it is just a average hack and slash with no elegance. It looks like something from 2007. maybe Kojima pro should have given platinum more time before a reveal of any sort, because that looked like a pretty early tech demo to me once you cut the music and actually get to the gameplay.Just look at those animations! This is one of the most disappointing things I have seen in the industry.

57 / french yamori / 2011年12月13日 16:40

Ho no funny ending trailer with the yellow helmet ?

58 / Red Blaster / 2011年12月13日 16:56

What the hell was that new rising trailer, nothing about it screamed metal gear at all. Why are the graphics worse than not only the original trailer but than MGS4? Why set the game after MGS4? Why ruin Raiden's story and development for a cheap cash in? Why couldn't you guys finish the original Rising? The answer... nothing but excuses. It's sad... so sad. Kojima Productions used to be a company to look up to, I bet you guys don't even know that MGO has been hacked to hell and beyond... but since you couldn't even finish Rising I doubt you'll even be able to fix MGo... nor do you even prolly care about it anymore. As Otacon said to Snake in MGS4... I'll remember what you used to be. Cheers.

59 / Splinter Cell Fanboy / 2011年12月13日 19:50

I'm really pleased with the direction of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

Obviously, there was some nice storyline ideas in the test demo. But it was a test demo.

So I mainly like the idea that Metal Gear Rising is a truly unique experience now, with simple MGS elements. The extended Gameplay trailer left me pleasantly surprised, to see a very different type of game.

And its combat was so fast and fluid, along with slight stealthy elements such as hiding in a box..that it made me believe this game will rival Ninja Gaiden.

Sure, there's nothing really based on Metal Gear Solid here. But its a blistering fast game, right up my alley. Just what I can't wait to play!

60 / french yamori / 2011年12月13日 20:39

"You are maybe a machine but your heart still human" we need love where are Rose & lil Jonny snif snif

61 / jsan / 2011年12月13日 20:45

Rising not come for pc? Or u change mind?

62 / Krazyfoxx / 2011年12月14日 00:10

Wow! A lot of negative feedback!
I have to admit to initially being disappointed watching the world premiere myself, but after listening to the report and checking out the website, I think I'm starting to come around.
The first thing I thought watching the trailer was "When did Rising become Bayonetta?", so I guess it wasn't a huge shock to learn that Platinum was working on it now.
I loved Bayonetta, and while I never imagined playing a MG game without stealth, I can't think of anyone who could do the new style better.
I'm also glad that you did remove SOLID from the title as it would have felt wrong to leave it.
I would assume that this means we will be looking at a couple more years now before we'll get to play Rising, so is there any chance we'll see some more "SOLID" action in the meantime?
Look forward to the next report.

63 / Sid / 2011年12月14日 03:34

i really want to give you guys the benefit of the doubt since you guys are KJP, but involving a different developer just ruins it. theres a reason MGS is an icon in the gaming industry, and why bayonetta, vanquish and madworld aren't.

64 / Patra / 2011年12月14日 06:36

Purely disappointed. I thought Raiden is gonna live happily with his family after MGS4. What is this? Has he been brainwashed and used by somebody else again? Gosh! Plus, I've waiting for over one year for the game which will tell me the whole story between MGS2 to MGS 4 to come out so that it can tie up all Raiden's loose end. Not an another spin-off. I wish for some unique stealth game not a flashy cliche action game. If I want those kind of games, I can just buy DMC, GOW or Bayonetta! I stick with this series because of its cunning, intelligent, unique character and story not an action game with overpowered hero and cyborgs.
Ps. Sorry if my English is not that good. By the way, I'm from Thailand where your game, MGS series, is a legend. Everyone knows it. And by this time many of the Thai fans have already seen the MGRV trailer and have loads of complaints. The point is...they just don't speak English so they can't complain to you. Many of them are in kind of a shock right now.
Hope Kojima would know how we feel.

65 / WinterCat / 2011年12月14日 07:02

Okay, so I saw the trailer for MGR, and my mind could not process what I was seeing. After that, I gave it more thought, and I can say that I was rather disappointed with the original Rising being scraped and replaced with a third_party game. There have been quite a few people who disliked the trailer, and they are quite vocal about it, so I'll just skip that. It is just a trailer, and hopfully not indicative of what the actual game is like. I initially dislike the original Rising trailer at E3, but looking back, it still could have been a true Metal Gear game, just with a quicker and more agile character (instead of a Devil May Cry clone, if it is what it looks like). The unveiling of the "new" Rising felt like it was a bait-and-switch and annoyed a lot of people, myself included. I still feel disapointed, but after giving it some thought, I doubt that people would have felt this way if there had not been as much hype or anticipation for Rising. The HD Collection came out only a month ago, and people still remember MGS4, which is still quite good, despite its flaws (which I thought was going to be the general direction that Rising would take). Point is, you did some quite good work that pointed at Rising being something quite differantly from what we saw in that trailer. I don't like having to take rejoice in Rising being outside of the canon, but I am. Thank you for your time.

66 / AwesomeBrand / 2011年12月14日 07:35

At first I was disappointed, and to an extent I still am. After watching the trailer enough though, and dealing with the fact that this is simply a spinoff, I'm starting to dig Rising. I really like Platinum Games too so that's a plus. I only wish that you didn't have to resort to that, I hoped to play a different kind of game from Kojima Productions for once. Either way, I look forward to the game, I just hope the final game is a quality product.
Speaking of a different kind of Koji-pro game, is there any way for there to be an HD version of Kojima's old title, Snatcher? Even if it was a straight port of the Sega CD version to the XBLA/PSN I don't think anybody would have a reason to complain.

67 / ShadowRaz / 2011年12月14日 07:57

Did u guys change the whole Rising story and setting..because the tailer i saw last year is not like the new one. BTW i think the old one looked much better.

68 / Raiden / 2011年12月14日 07:59

He's an idea:

1) Call the game Metal Gear Rising.
Rising will be Raiden's lineage through the MGS universe.

Furthermore, explain the story between MGS:2 and MGS:4. This was a genius idea that EVERYONE wanted.

The original concept trailer for Rising was AMAZING. The few seconds of game play shown is COMPLETELY SUPERIOR to the game play shown in MGR: Revengence.

Hideo, scrap this while you have the time. I will wait extra years for you to begin again.

Either that, or work on ZOE3.

69 / noname / 2011年12月14日 07:59

Will not buy this piece of shit, I want the METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING you promised us. This is not Metal Gear it`s some game made by another developer

70 / john / 2011年12月14日 07:59

wen is it comin out

71 / MasterHank / 2011年12月14日 08:01

I am very disappointed ... The trailer from the year 2010 looked much better. I am also in terms of story development very suspicious. Too bad, a year ago, the game still looked pretty good.

72 / Immatureninja69 / 2011年12月14日 08:12

There will be a branch out of new characters, thicker plots, and more backdrop. From what little we know, we sure are making quick judgements. Little is known about the antagonists. MGS4 did conclude a lot with Snake and Jack, But left a lot empty on what Liquids main goal after he got what he was reaching for. Liquid got the ending he wanted, like he foresaw it coming.

73 / moses / 2011年12月14日 08:14

I was completely sold when I first saw the early demo (cutting watermelon,car etc.) like the slo-mo cutting. with the new developer (Platinum) I am completely un-sold. There seems to be no trace of the Metal Gear feel. Very disappointed by the new direction.

74 / Danny / 2011年12月14日 08:24

I want Metal Gear Solid : Rising NOT Metal Gear Rising : Revengeace. In the new trailer it looks like you'll have to damage the enemy with your blade before you get to actually slice them. I want first attempt slicing smoothness like we saw in the original Rising trailer and the way he moved with his sword.. It looked as if he was dancing with it.. but now he is just hack, hack, hack, hack and more hacks.. THEN you get to actually cut.. :(

75 / SpencerM / 2011年12月14日 08:25

They say its whats best for them and their sales, which is a direct product of the fans wanting to get the game or not. And at this point, I dont. So really, whats best for them is to regain complete control and continue. I would much rather wait longer for the REAL game than hurry and get some heart-breaking disappointment of a game. TrueFan

76 / Mgotavo / 2011年12月14日 08:27

Metal gear online 3 or i will not buy it

77 / SOCOMSoldier / 2011年12月14日 08:31

One of the things that trademarks MGS and makes it a favorite game of mine isn't the graphics, or even the game play. It's the story line. That is the core of what makes these games great. And here they go fucking that up.

78 / Rouk / 2011年12月14日 08:36

Iwas waiting a hole month in cant stop watch it I even using two internet ive only have one qouetion when is the realess dat 2012 its closer than sumer or holadays ?

79 / JR / 2011年12月14日 08:56

Please don't call this Metal Gear... refer to it as Rising: Revengeance because this isn't a Metal Gear game. Everything in a metal gear game is not in this game. solid snake, stealth, gun play, realism blended with supernatural, etc. This is just using the metal gear name to sell something that isn't metal gear. It's basically bayonetta 2 with MGS skins. I'm sure it'll be a decent game but I as a Metal Gear fan wont be playing it because I like the Metal Gear series and this is not part of that series.

80 / Ripper / 2011年12月14日 09:10

It's good to see that Kojima decided to make a different genre of the game. A more hack and slash style like DMC and DW. It's a whole new game of metal gear to me.(pretend you don't know any of the Snakes.)

The ending of MGS4 said that raiden lived with his family in peace. Who knows what happened next? Do you guys really think the Metal Gears will just disappear just because Solid Snake doesn't fight anymore? The world will continue even without the snakes and Kojima did a good job holding into that.

I'm also a big fan of the MGS series and i think the setting after MGS4 will help the players move on from it. Snake is gone and raiden needs to step up his game to atleast fill in one of his shoes (nah, no one can fill in snake's shoes.) and MGR will be the bridge in the coming MGS5.

81 / Razauman / 2011年12月14日 09:11

I preordered this game almost 2 years ago, the first trailer and hideo's demo trailer were amazing. after the vga's trailer... I WANT MY MONEY BACK

82 / Necro Skeletal / 2011年12月14日 09:57

First off, I really enjoy the work that Kojima Productions and Platinum Games has done. While I still long to see the story behind the transformation from MGS2 Raiden to MGS4 Raiden (a possible future entry to the Solid series perhaps?), I still feel like this new game will be great. I'm hopeful that Rising is an additional branch to the world of Metal Gear, in the sense that we'll see future Metal Gear Rising games and future Metal Gear Solid games. I'm also a sucker for character customization, and I love additional costumes usable in story modes. It's probably too early to tell, but please tell me we'll get some cool extras for Revengeance!

83 / Agent 0 / 2011年12月14日 10:15

Tbh i can't wait to get it cause they way that it means "Revengence". chould mean that rather Raiden is on a mission to get revenge on the patriots for what they did to him or he prob just some anti cyborg hunter guy that hunts cyborgs. eather way i can't wait. im pretty sure that the voice actor who will play Raidens voice is the same guy from MGS4. quinton flynn. he also played the voice of Reno from Final Fantasy 7.

84 / Metal Gear Petros / 2011年12月14日 10:44

First off, let me say that I've always been a fan of Raiden, and that I've been happy with previous spin-offs like AC!D and AC!D 2, which were quite ingenious--sometimes more so than the mainline “Solid” series even. Unfortunately, I’ve got to be honest, the Platinum Games version of Rising, nicknamed Revengence, appears to be a very sloppy, largely uninspired cop-out. From the business perspective, I understand the desire to “save face” by not canceling a long-discussed project. However, the sad thing is, no one will win with this backup strategy―-not Kojima Productions, not Platinum Games, and not the fans. There is a very, very slim market for this game. 95% of Metal Gear fans will rebuke the game based on its tone and gameplay style. 95% of Western action-game fans will find it too exotic, anime-esque, and cornball. This is a niche of a niche product. The original Rising, a stealth plus sword-action game―-perhaps a gameplay mixture of MGS4’s Middle East arc, MGS2’s Tengu sequence, and the Tenchu franchise―-had A LOT of promise, and would have at least gotten more MGS fans to give it a try. Especially considering its story was dealing with some pressing mysteries of the years between MGS2 and MGS4. (And personally speaking, MGS 1-2 were my favorite takes on the “Solid” series).

Seeing Raiden develop (maybe even as early as the child solider version), having him rescue Sunny, the ongoing relationship with Rose, his challenging of the Patriots, and then meeting the doctor responsible for the new cyborg tech, etc, would have been captivating. This is a story I'd love to see. (And I assume this new/clunky cyborg outfit was a prototype for what we see streamlined in MGS4). Raiden could have started out more human with traditional MGS gameplay, and then evolve into the cyborg with new gameplay seen in early Rising trailers through subsequent chapters of the game. With enough planning ahead of time before any resources were spent, I think the game design of stealth plus sword-action could have worked. The early trailers seemed to give tastes of how it might with strategically destructible environments and cut-and-take/Zanbatsu. (A new sort of procure on site). One easy way to make the stealth more important would be to limit Raiden’s life once he is a cyborg and make going all-out on the attack to be a detriment unless certain circumstances were present, like the ability to cut-and-take plentiful life-energy back, for instance. And/or, like many MGS games, have some areas specialize in action and some in stealth, and tailor it to the unique abilities of Raiden, which Snake never had.

Unfortunately, regardless of the over-the-top visual creativity here, I see this “Revengence” version becoming a swift bargain bin title not unlike Platinum Game’s niche, stylish, but dubbed repetitive Vanquish action game. It’s just a “me-too” super-ninja action game with the MG name slapped on. Nanobreakers didn’t do too well for Konami as I seem to recall, and this seems like a next-gen version of that. The current aesthetic leans more toward the sci-fi-themed Final Fantasy games and/or Namco’s Razing Storm.

Raiden was a good character because of his “humanity/vulnerability” contrasting Snake’s gruff veteran persona. The MGS4 Raiden was somewhat hard to swallow without an in-between game, but this now completely wastes the character and his potential. It feels like a bad joke. He certainly was never Dante from Devil May Cry, and that’s what his attitude roughly seems to be here. The only thing I can assume is that this character isn’t Raiden at all. But even so, that means even less connection to Metal Gear and even less reason to play. I don’t mean any offense, because I understand the basic idea of business here, but I don’t think the whole thing has been thought through to the end game 100%, even from a business perspective.

I have been cautious toward Metal Gear after MGS4, which I found a very mixed bag in design and story. “Revengeance” doesn’t inspire confidence, even as a spin-off. I have about a 5% morbid-curiosity interest. So, while it’s nice to say that there is a product after all the waiting, the bait-and-switch, and backlash at the critical and retail level would likely have made cancellation or “back-burner status” preferable in the long run. I hate to say it, but I don’t see this ending well for anyone―even Raiden. Nevertheless, good luck. I tune in regularly, and I mean no ill will.

85 / VIDEO / 2011年12月14日 11:23

That former fan up above was right about everything. After watching the rising documentary on konami's youtube page, the impression I have gotten is that without Kojima himself... Kojima productions can't find their ass with both hands. Good god. Do you guys even relay the feedback on here to the other members of the team or what? You really need to get your act together.

86 / Solid Snake / 2011年12月14日 11:43

Revengeace Rock

87 / TheMexican / 2011年12月14日 13:18

Perhaps the name of 'Metal Gear Raiden' is more appropriate for Raiden's own story arch?

88 / Naked Dude / 2011年12月14日 14:41

Hi peeps! I read the many, many, many negative comments that people posted not only here but all over the internet since Saturday. I just finished listening to the new episode, and I completely understand your positions. Having said that there is some things that I have to point out before you loose any more fans that you already have.

1) Record an episode ASAP to clear out some of the shrapnel this whole business has thrown at you.

2) Explain in detail who this new characters are because I've seen a lot of confusion. For example; The other cyborg ninja that somehow resembles Vamp, who is he? Is he really Vamp? If so, that was a poor choice. More RAY? Really? Why not create a new epic Metal Gear that everyone can remember fondly.

3) Metal Gear games have ALWAYS and I repeat ALWAYS has been about stealth, not only the Solid games but the first generation as well; imagine if when MGS came out for the PS what we got was a third person shooter. I don't think the game would have gone farther than that one incarnation.

I'm sad to see people being so negative about a Kojima game after all, he is doing what the fans wanted. I think the problem is now that he is more of a hands off kind of guy or so it seems. I really would love it if Rising was an alternate reality because it looks like an awesome game in its own merit. The music is incredible in the trailer, and the font is so Metalllica like (I hope you guys didnt have to clear it to use it)
I also like how the cutting element is still there as well as the fast paced action. I told every one I've talked about this game, "They said it was going to be, Lighting Bolt Action"
I don't complain much about the choices you guys made but I will point out that you guys have to clear things up before someone at Anonymous gets mad (LOL)
Thanks for the time.

89 / DfatBUi6TN / 2011年12月14日 14:44

eh...after watching the interview that was released today on the official website i have to say i have a sudden change of heart. i understand why most changes had to happen (gameplay, engine, reboot ect.) and i am truly grateful for platinum games for saving rising. i have no problem with this game anymore....besides one thing.. like most of you im disappointed how this game takes place after mgs4. mgs4 is how the story should have chronologically ended. hopefully Kojima Productions and Platinum Games go back and change the story to what it should have originally been like. between mgs2 and mgs4. because if any metal gear game chronologically comes after mgs4, metal gear and the legacy it placed can be severely bruised.

90 / Matt / 2011年12月14日 14:47

While I appreciate the work you guys do at KP, Pre-order cancelled

91 / Tekkaman  / 2011年12月14日 17:18

Hey Internet people. There has been a lot of anger about the direction MGR is headed, But before you even start typing here Go watch the MGR Documentary on It's about what happened to the original Rising and why it was handed off to Platinam. To me this was the best decision they could have made when you hear about how much of a mess the project was in.

92 / AFormerFan / 2011年12月14日 17:22

To Fox-Balls, a completly blind sheep of a fan like you has no right to tell another hard core fan not to be angry and vent. Kiss off mate.

93 / dk1990 / 2011年12月14日 18:54

will rising be for pc , and will pc's ever see another MGS game?

94 / Dioxide  / 2011年12月14日 19:38

What even happened after mgs2? Through mgs4? I do know that Raiden got captured by the patriots and they make him into a cyborg but what happened???

95 / Harry / 2011年12月14日 20:48

I'd just like to address some comments made here.

Firstly, the "anti-negative" comments that contain things such as "You should be grateful to Kojima for making MGS games, you are so ungrateful", "You haven't played it yet so you can't judge" and particularly the comment by Fox-Balls.

Compare the intellectual level of the plot and themes in MGS2 to the hack and slash game presented before us. I think it would be fair to say that MGS2 was created at some level of genius (and certainly that is often misunderstood), but I don't think anyone would dispute that Revengeance is merely an effort to salvage a project that ran into trouble. What with the backseat story has taken, it doesn't exactly look like a compelling piece of art like MGS2.

As for being ungrateful; KJP is a business that makes games. We are consumers who buy games and provide the company with capital, hopefully enough for them to turn a profit. We pay money to play the games, I've handed over a lot of cash to Kojima over the years. Kojima doesn't owe me anything and I don't owe anything to Kojima. I've merely seen some marketing for a game I do not like the look of and expressed my opinion. That is as far as it goes. All this "ungrateful" rubbish is nonsense. Part of being a fan (or loyal consumer) is questioning what you're going to buy, that kind of filtering in your brain instead of mindlessly buying anything provides KJP with feedback - which they can use to make better games.

As for not playing the game and therefore not knowing enough to judge it, I say this. You don't need to live in a house to know you don't want to live there. The trailer is supposed to make the game look as good as possible and make me as a consumer want to buy it. It didn't.

Fans are quite within their rights to react negatively much like people who like the look of the game are within their rights to react positively. It really is that simple.

I also second the notion made by a few people here; if the game is canon, make it non-canon. It's already very obvious that story is not the emphasis of MGR, of course you need one there to structure the gameplay, but it doesn't need to mean anything. I'd be much more receptive to the idea of MGR if it wasn't canon. Sure, some people still may not like the game, but at least this way it does nothing to effect the rest of the series that fans cherish.

I think the main cause of the upset is that fans feel deceived due to the change, much like MGS2s inception of Raiden (that was very different though, and I personally think it was genius). As someone who didn't like the original concept to begin with, or thought it would work, this isn't an issue for me. Although I certainly appreciate the old concept more now.

Finally, despite a lot of the negative comments here (including my own) I think it's important that it doesn't get blown out of proportion. We are the vocal minority and there will be a lot of people who want to play the game. I seriously doubt that KJP weren't expecting this reaction from more hardcore fans when they made the decision and were unprepared for this. They've made a decision that may well be commercially viable, but doesn't pay off for a great number of fans. I can understand that, although I am disappointed.

Thanks for the 25 video on Rising's development too, very informative and professionally done. Here is a link if any fans haven't seen it yet:

96 / The Productor X / 2011年12月14日 21:35

Kojima Products... you have to back to the 1st game concept(1st trailer of Rising) & it was better than new trailer(revengeance)

97 / GTG / 2011年12月14日 22:31

I believe to have the answer; why don't we take a page from KONAMI 20 years ago & change the name to... wait for it........ wait for it....... ........... TA DAAAAA!!!!!!! _______________Raidens Revenge________________ & remove the Metal Gear brand we must.. (Yoda)

98 / GTG / 2011年12月14日 23:53

Hey Sean!!!!
Careful you must be for what you wish (Yoda) ...... u still looking foreward to our comments.................................. Dohhh!!! (Homer Simpson) LOL

99 / RATA / 2011年12月15日 02:02


100 / MAGNUM-BULLET / 2011年12月15日 04:49

I would give my house,cars,money.... JUST to see Solid Snake fighting against Big Boss in a decent 3D dimension,with aweasome epic cutscenes!!

101 / GTG / 2011年12月15日 07:38

i have chosen to change my sentiment having now watched the 25 min documentary.. If Mr. Kojima gives it the OK than so do i..... IN KOJIMA TRUST WE MUST (Yoda)

102 / sampledvoice / 2011年12月15日 07:40

This is not Metal Gear, this is Bayonetta, Raiden may cry.
Game series completely ruined. No stealth, no naturalness, no script. Only «Metal Gear™». ™™™™™™™™™™™™™™
I go play GT5!

103 / Bo snake / 2011年12月15日 07:55

How many teams do you guys have in Kojima pro? Also please bring stealth back in rising or make a MGS stealth title

104 / Konstantinos / 2011年12月15日 08:16

15,12,2011 epic news from kojima . i hope mgs5 project with Boss making for the PlayStation 4, will be epic

105 / Dr.Spaceman / 2011年12月15日 08:21

First off, if you guys want to bring new fans to the world of Metal Gear. Make a game about the Boss, lets see those events that took place when the Cobra Unit was around in WWII. Or make a MGS game that got people into it in the first place, cinematic camera angles. That's probably just me, I miss the old gameplay, how it felt more sneaky peeking over to see the enemy.

As for revengance, I think everything has been said here on the comment corner already. This game was suppose to bring in new fans to MGS correct? It looks like it'll bring more fans into Bayonetta instead of the past MGS titles.

Kinda funny how Snake's revenge and Rising Revenageance, are both spin offs and weren't all that great, well to be fair we still don't know how Rising will turn out, but from the looks of it, alot of MGS fans will skip this one while the ones with no experience with any MGS titles will buy this game expecting the previous ones will be similar.

I'm sorry to say this, but I am very disappointed about this title. I was excited to see what KojiPro could do with out Hideo, not much I guess?

106 / confuseance / 2011年12月15日 09:35

this is kinda sad and confusing, especially without Kojima as the main director.
why is it now called "Metal Gear Rising" instead of Metal Gear "Solid" Rising? many hardcore fans have had the knowledge for decades that the word "Solid" in the title had nothing to do with Solid Snake, but because it went from 2D to 3D.

i even thought the 2010 trailer looked way more promising than this one. this direction reminds me a lot of Metal Gear 2 Snake's Revenge, which removed the stealth concept, which was developed by another crew who just wanted to bash the original concept and turned it to a pure action game. this looks so similar. this can as well be called "Metal Gear Raiden's Revenge" (a sequel to Snake's Revenge, perhaps.).

Raiden's story was supposed to be over in MGS4 along with the Patriots. A good intriguing plot between MGS2 and MGS4 would have been a great tie in (like it was between Snake Eater, MPO and PW tied in with the rest of the saga).

hope this won't be fission mailed.
(what is Kojima saying about this?)

107 / StuntmanSnake / 2011年12月15日 10:56

I lovvveed the epic music in the beginning of the trailer! Really looking forward to how the game turns out!

I have a question though, is it still possible to play through the entire game without killing anyone? I remember on a previous KP REPORT that it was said to be possible. However, this was at the time the game was METAL GEAR SOLID RISING. Has Platinum Games changed this possibility, or is it still present in the game?

Thanks guys!

108 / iNaBa / 2011年12月15日 12:36

I don't think anyone is doubting the quality of gameplay, if so they haven't played a p* game before. Seriously. They are masters of their craft, What hardcore fans hate is the fact that you smashed our hopes and changed the time period like it was nothing. We still don't know why Raiden became a cyborg.. and now we shall never know.

109 / TrickyCustomer / 2011年12月16日 01:50

I was really excited for this title, set between MGS2 and 4 it would have been a cool new look and style for the metal gear series. BUT having seen the newest trailer and seeing that everything has changed has ruined it for me. Hideo seriously needs to rethink his decision about letting another developer touch his franchise. Keep it in house, otherwise the brand will suffer and the fans will lose faith in konami. which for them should be a financial no no. Wake up konami

110 / TrickyCustomer / 2011年12月16日 02:34

Having seen the documentary i see why it was passed over but i can't help feel its still not right for konami to pass over to another developer. it shows weakness in konami and that shouldn't happen

111 / Chris / 2011年12月16日 04:45

Please reconsider The Boss/ Normandy storyline. That would make for an amazing story. Kojima, you can do it!

112 / WinterCat / 2011年12月16日 05:00

Hello, again,
I noticed that the visual quality of the new Rising was a step down from the original trailer (in part becasue of the change in engine), and I was wondering about the sound design. Kojima Productions has traditionally had good sound in your games, even dating back to the original MGS. With Rising being a collaboration, who is taking over the sound design? I got the impression that Platinum would be doing the sound design (with some over sight from KP).
And wow. There appears to be a more than usual amount comments about MGR, most of them negative. I look forward to seeing how KP responds to the less-than-welcome reception that the new Rising. If any one can pull it off, it is you guys. Cheers.

113 / Shinta / 2011年12月16日 08:24

Metal Gear Solid's first game was the best! Please dont throw Snake out scene man. Show some respect to Legendary Snake and do something for him! I like Raiden too much but we used to see Snake in Hero role, not the Raiden.

114 / Gunner-Hawk / 2011年12月16日 09:00

I hope you guys show a new trailer and/or a new game soon. I think you should make a joke out of this controversy in the next trailer: have Snake ride a skateboard out of his grave saying, "Alright dude!" Add a bunch of ridiculous retcon-like material that seems to ruin MGS4, then conclude in a way that will calm everyone down (non-canon, hint towards a new game, anything).

115 / Cameron / 2011年12月16日 09:25

I know a lot of us are upset about Revengance, but I just heard about the english localization of Project Itoh's novelization of MGS4, this sounds awesome and I can not wait. Finally we could a proper adaption of the MGS series to book format, none of that Raymond Benson trash.

116 / Davy / 2011年12月16日 11:54

after watching the interview that was released on risings official website 2 days ago. i have to say i have a sudden change of heart. i never expected the gameplay to be "stealthy" so a hardcore hack and slash is what i expected. i am truly grateful that Platinum Games stepped into the situation to help "resurrect" rising. but i am still 100% against the fact that rising takes place after mgs4. for the same reasons all you guys do. because we as hardcore metal gear fans are all worried about the story! the thing we all fear the most is the story going to crap. spinoff or not, NOTHING should take place after mgs4. the majority of the people who think this game is going to be good say that because of the gameplay. and i agree. this is raiden not snake. gameplay fits. but the majority of the people who think this game is going to be a bad idea are just simply worried that this game will "scar" metal gears legacy. because like i said before. nothing should take place after mgs4. i am one of the many who obviously think this game is going to bruise metal gear solids story. i hope kojima productions and platinum games have plans to go back and change the story to what it was originally supposed to be. between mgs2 and mgs4. think of it as a compromise. the people who like it get to keep their gameplay. and the people who dont get the story we defiantly were looking forward to.

117 / Tak Fuji / 2011年12月16日 13:21

This is not just a hack and slash title anymore. It's an EXTREME hack and slash. If you just, ya know, continue to press the same button like the "x x x y y y" you'll be sucked. LOVE YOU GUYS.

118 / Ryan Pliskin / 2011年12月16日 22:31

Hello to the KP report team. Long time listener, first time writing in. I would like express my disappointment in Rising. It looks cool, and seems like a lot of hard work went into re-booting the development process. But I'm at a lost of words when I saw the VGA trailer, as to what this game is trying to achieve. It simply looked like a generic anime slasher, far removed from the Hollywood-inspired cinematic presentation of past games.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m confident that Platinum can make great games, and I do welcome Metal Gear to try out new directions, but like all great modern entertainment franchises, what makes them endure the times is by introducing change while hanging on to what makes it great in the first place.

Here’s an example: Why did Batman: Arkam City did incredibly well? It’s because it had elements that is quintessential to Batman while playing homage to the many incarnations of the character over his 70 years of existence. When Rocksteady secured the often hailed “definitive Batman and Joker actors” (Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill), to reprise their roles, it only made fans happier. While the Arkham games are not related to the movies, comics or animated series, fans were all too easy to accept the games as a part of the mythology.

The story of the Metal Gear games always had a underlying message about peace and surprisingly tackles many socially relevant topics as well (memes, genes). This is what makes Metal Gear stand tall above the rest, is that when it actually becomes more than just a generic action videogame. My girlfriend of 4 months is well aware that I’m a Metal Gear fanatic, and I use to tell her how MGS is one of those rare videogames with heart and soul, which recently drove her to watch the VGA trailer, (her first exposure to the series) and as to not sound insulting, she later summoned the courage to ask me is that really the series that I hold so dear, because it looked rather silly and nowhere near as fascinating as I so often told her.

For the first time ever, I was embarrassed to be a Metal Gear fan. I think I speak for many fans that we did not ask for such a game as Rising, and the amount of backlash the game has received all over the net is testament to that. And when there is no demand from fans for such game, who are the target audience for this game anyway?

119 / Silicon-kid / 2011年12月17日 15:46

It's a sad day, when The Twin Snakes seems more Metal Gear like and less over the top than Revengance.

120 / noname / 2011年12月17日 23:48

Hi guys.. and Christine I miss u ... and its great to hear that all of u r fine even though with ur busy schedule.
I've been a big fan of mgs since its debut to be honest .. loved solid snake and Big boss aka "naked snake" and as well as Raiden.. Ive beated every mgs game for at least 60 times and cant get enough of it .. and after playing mgs 4 .. ive been waiting for Rising .. sooo excited about it .. but at the VGA 2011 the trailer at 1st made me shocked .. speechless .. all i was thinking of is "whats this ?!" ..i know its not stealth game but i was hopping for kojima production style .. just like the 1st trailer at E3 2010 .. I was disappointed i wont deny it... but after days of waiting for the documentary of making rising and explanation of the detour of mgs rising to MG Rising Revengeance .. I felt something heavy was taken from my chest .. i know its only the beginning for platinum games to start with Mg rising .. and yet til know it looks promising with what i saw from the footage .. and since Mr. kojima wll be observing this .. I fully trust him and Platinum games .. so now my Q will be this:
will Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance still coming in 2012? Or is it going to be delayed ?
Thank you all for the hard work "kojima production" and to platinum games for accepting this Epic Metal Gear game" cheer up ^^

121 / Naked Dude / 2011年12月18日 04:46

I see my previous comment didn't make it. Oh well it was only a suggestion, if you guys want to use its ok if not that's fine too.
I just want you to know that I care about Rising just like anybody else. I do have to voice some more of my opinions again.

1) How come the Japanese developer thinks American gamers are this Guns Blazing people who just want to run and gun? Certainly not because of games like BF3 or COD's success because if that's the case then the whole world is American. Those games are popular all over the globe. People now are saying that Rising was made to please the Action driven American market. So somehow we have been all lumped into this mass of Fat-lards-couch-sitting-gravy-eating-gun-toting-loud-mouth-dumb-asses. I don't like that, and reject it, every market has micro-markets and you as a game company should realize that. I cant believe that an industry that's been growing this fast can still have this kind of realization when marketing a game. This is very insulting.

2) I love the idea of Rising Reveangance. However, don't be fooled or try to fool us, we all realize this is NOT a real MG game. All MG games, from the Original have been about stealth and that's how it should ALWAYS be. Rising Reveangance is not real in the Metal Gear realm, I deny it as canon, and consider it "Alternate Reality". The Game itself is awesome for what I can see. Its fast paced, has lots of action for us the stupid Americans, cool visuals and music, over all is an Awesome game, just not a REAL MG game.

Thats it for now but if I come up with something else "I'll be back" (Terminator voice)

122 / Aside / 2011年12月19日 00:56

You keep saying MGS Rising..Damnit! xD

123 / francisco pina / 2011年12月19日 06:28

i hope the ending of rising is like the one from super mario bros 2... a dream... a good one, but please let raiden be a man with his family... also bring the theme back!

124 / Shadow Fox / 2011年12月19日 14:04

well i just finished watching the new trailer for MGS: rising Revengence and i'm curious to see how it pans out however until it comes out i can't judge it.

As for the previous story on how Raiden came to be as he was seen in MGS4, simple solution is make a digital graphic novel that would be set between MGS2 and MGS4 that would come with revengence. It's just a suggestion.

I'm sure alot of Fans have mixed feelings on the current product of revengence however all i have to say is give it a chance cause i know i will and again thank you guys and gal for answering my previous questions and keep up the good work.

-End Codec Transmission-

125 / Will G. - / 2011年12月20日 00:20

Wow. No loving for Koji Pro. As a long time fan and somebody who perosnally knows you chaps, I think it looks great. I'm sending positive love your way guys. The game looks really fun. It's got the slick visuals of KP plus the insane speed of Platinum. I'm glad you got Platinum involved to help you guys out. People forget that it takes a large group of talented folks to put together games of this caliber. It's been a tough year for everybody here in Japan. So keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more crazy ninja action down the road when you are ready to show more.


126 / karl / 2011年12月20日 00:42

Very very disappointment.....that's not Metal Gear I knew, What happened Kojima?

127 / Ocelot's Doppelganger / 2011年12月20日 17:27

Great trailer to conclude the VGA's! Haven't been to this site in awhile. Kinda out of the loop, but who was Raiden battling in that video? He looked like some kind of cross between Vamp and Solid Snake.

128 / GTG / 2011年12月20日 22:19

Let's look @ it this way gang ... Ninja Gaiden WITH A GREAT STORY LINE ... about time

129 / chalice / 2011年12月20日 23:23

I think this game is still great but I want they improve some parts such graphic, movement, and more... more better if they keep metal gear solid rising gameplay style....

130 / NickTheGreek / 2011年12月22日 19:37

Common, compare the old rising trailer to the new one. It's obvious that there is no clue of konami in the new one except the characters. The rest is just another game from another studio. Even the animation doesn't follow the Konami style.
Wake up brothers. If you can't finish a game under deadline at least don't ruin it by forwarding to another studio. Fans have patience only for quality games. One more step down for Japan game industry.
And as you said Metal Gear Saga series closed !

131 / Cele / 2011年12月22日 19:49

Just cancel the release date. Just continue develop the old rising title. Take your time even if you release it at 2014. None wants that "platinum" game.

132 / RisingMovie / 2011年12月23日 02:35

I just want to suggest to make a movie or visual novel out of the original script so it doesn't go to waste. An Advent Children like movie would be good.

133 / Speed / 2011年12月23日 03:15

The next report is delayed? Hopefully you don't reschedule it once again, or delay it from all the negativity around here. :P

134 / sinomfg / 2011年12月23日 14:02

very excited for the game, hope you post the podcast soon

135 / The Fear / 2011年12月25日 02:20

Hi guys, I hope you read this out soon as i want everyone to hear this:
Don't jusge a game before you have played it, of course I was dissapointed from seeing the trailer, but hey, it's better than NO GAME. i wish it was set before MGS4, btu if its non canon, then its okay! If I remember correctly, the same mixed reactions came from the original Rising, now its gone and a new one has stepped in, the original is no longer hated. Lots of people hated the original for it 'not being metal gear', now thats changed just because of this? You lightened up to the original Rising, now give Revengeance a chance (despite the fact that Revengeance isn't actually a word, but it's like Transfarring, not a word, but sounds nice) Any way thank you, I hope Revengeance doesn't get cancelled, I just have 3 questions:
Is Revengeance still on track for a 2012 release?
Do we have any word on the UK/EU Release of MGS3D?
And will there be any extras or changes in the UK/EU version of the HD Collection for the delay?
Good job guys keep it up! :P

136 / Aussie Tom / 2011年12月25日 22:48

What can i say?, you probably wont see this. I agree with ALL the negative feedback that has been said, and will be said. But i also think that if done right, and given more time to work on the story and gameplay, Revengeance could end up as a great game.
Heres an idea, seeing as its set after mgs4, why make raiden a full on cyborg again? He could have stayed "human" and still be a badass ninja. Considering the end of MGS4, that would make more sence, no?
You guys sound too happy about MGR's new direction. I along with 95% of the worlds MGS fans, am not. You guys are KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS! My favourite game studio! You dont take no crap from nobody! So why change things? You had a story, an awesome, epic story that everyone wanted to hear. But platinum wanted freedom, so you gave it to them, very generous of you, but not the best idea
Metal Gear is what it is for a reason, because it knows what it is and doesn't hide in a box when someone wants to change the rules. Rising seems to have been forced into hiding...

137 / brainspasm13 / 2011年12月26日 04:41

Merry christmas.

138 / Mr.Awesome / 2011年12月30日 16:50

Question: I have bought a 3DS for Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D ( Like how I bought a PSP for Portable Ops) I didnt mind throughing in the money because the Naked Sample Looked Amazing and The 3DS had a price drop. The game was scheduled for December (If I heard right) but was delayed until March. I didnt mind knowing that the game looked amazing and derserved to be polished and needed time to do so. But now I find that its just a port not a remake, and its still delayed, Why? I loved MGS3 but was kinda excited for the remake, I just wanted to know why this happend. I dont mind a port but I just wanted to know the anwser. If you guys already answered this question can you please name the podcast that it was on. Thanks for the help team you guys are Awesome. By the way I just saw the "New" Rising: Revengeance Trailer. It looks a different but I guess that was the point, Glad the "Solid" was droped but alittle uneasy about its time line. Please have some kind of sneaking, it seems that, like in the end of the video: The sneaking element (Man in the box) has been slashed away. (Raiden Slicing the box) over all I will buy the game But am not expecting a grade "A" game like as expected from KJP. Thats my mind set, Im sure you guys will change it though. KJP has yet to dissapoint in a game. Wish you guys the best of luck.

139 / french YAMORI #miss Japan# / 2012年01月01日 09:00

Happy New Year Best wish

Bonjour et bonne annee a mes conpatriotes Teipei & Lionel, i'm so shy hope Lionel like the "carambare" and he have share this with you. Next time chocolat.

The co-op with Platinum Games sound like a dream if you can put the best of Bayonetta & Vanquish in MGR it will be great. And i want to see if the kantoku sama will let you handel this without say nothing Gambarooooo #mgs2 ending message#

Hideki cute Kamiya sensei is not in the team saddddd, i meet the sensei at TGS cool & crazy (resident evil, devil may cry, vieutiful joe, okami, bayonetta <3) but they got great people wait to know who will be the director a guy from PG or KP ?

The trailer (old & hardcore fan are madddddddddddd about this one) and me to grrrrr. My truth i have never like "the naked boy" Raiden but i love the concept for this character and all the new stuff you have bring with him he was like us a gamer.

Fist time i was so sad about the colors, atmosphere, gameplay elements, and character designe, no more Fox Engine what the Fox ! ok and Raiden devil side sound like Jack the ripper is awake. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT RAIDEN THROW RAY IN THE AIR, too much sake for danjiri celebration i think, but that's PG crazy touch ok.

#Deus ex human revolution# cgi trailer have take many things that i wanted to see in MGR, and i don't think this game is violent #God Of War# is violent. Can we still be able to kill no body ?

Robot Cop suite + devil side of Chuky the puppet + crazy katana skill from Tenjho Tenge "Ito Ogure" san = New Raiden

But after the sadness come a new dream for MGR. I'm sooo hot now because we all know how you can improve stuff all along the time bringing new trailer with more gameplay and story stuff. And PG is in the house can belive that alredy feel the crazy artistique tast from Shin Osaka station :), can't wait for the TGS2012 items hope to come againe. The subway is not so hard to use after i lost myself during one day, love the Middtown Hotel the sushi are mmmmmmh.

Sashimi Action Questions :

1) why the "solid" is off ?
2) who design the MGR logo a fan of metallica in KP or PG ? PG i think.
3) what about Matsuyama Shigenobu san ?
4) will you have new art collaboration from PG i think about Yamanaka san or Yoshimura san ?
5) will you change or improuve the freedom aspect about cuting in the level design ?
6) what about Otacon and Sunny and all the other ?
7) will you bring back a naked Raiden stage or sexy hidden stuff ? I think about the poster in MGS2.
8) how will you level the difficulty (bring the first zandatsu mode) any alert systeme ?
9) Raiden will chose the samurai or the ninja way or both ?
10) will you bring back the japanese idols in men magasine, it's no a question bring that back with 100 pages to enjoy the bunny emblem. I want Sayama Ayaka chan ;) or Christine why not ?
11) Raiden red eye will unlock new power, and the other eye ,mhhh, how can he suck energy now ?
12) how can you describe the mood for this game ? hope for kind of MGS PW, with a crazy tast of the sexy Bayonetta.
13) will you put some cinematique action with "QTE" like MGS PW in MGR ?

Crunch chocolat time, to many stuff running at the same time questions :

1) can we be able to play to MGS 3DS without the new ugly fat stick ?
2) when can we buy the Play Art Kai Red Ninja ? i need this one
3) will you plan to come to Japan Expo 2012 with Korekado Yuji san & PG guys ?
4) why have you take off the data about producer and director on KP history ? private life data ?
5) can you make some contest to win some TGS2011 items ?
6) can you sum up the meeting betewn the kantoku sama and the guy how make #THE MAN FROM NOWHERE# ?
7) can you toke about some sweet spot in Japan (onsen, museum, food)
8) make a super private party in Konami for the 1974 people how have the MGS PW LIMITED EDITION ? Must come with the dogtag.
9) now i have my MGS HD ED, there is so many bug, why don't you take the time to fix that ? Don't you push yourself to much to release game to fast take your time to give us the best experience fan can wait heuuuu i can wait.


140 / Lexy / 2012年01月01日 19:39

My beef with Rising is not with it being an action game, its that it takes place after MGS4 which at this point Raiden was supposed to be restored to almost human and living a life with Rose and his son. Rising was supposed to be a prequel showing how he saved Sunny from the patriots. Also names like "Jack the Ripper" and "White Devil" are definitly not names that Jack would accept upon himself because he hated his past... I can tell Kojima ain't writing the story this time.

141 / bigboss19  / 2012年01月03日 15:17

I was wondering if Kojimapro will try to revive they version of Metal Gear Solid Rising....this MGRR is a new game different gameplay ect...while it looks fun I wish stealth was a option you guys did it with MGS4 how come Rising didn't pan out? It seems like your team can't make a single new game without Hideo himself..

142 / Plisken  / 2012年01月04日 14:45

The trailer looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! So whats the time line, as In how log is it after MGS4 story line? Also can you reveal if there will be any cameos of well known MGS characters making an appearance in this game?

143 / Please-Come-Back! / 2012年01月06日 15:14

The last session was supposed to come out half a month ago, did all this negative feedback kill the report? :(

144 / I want MGS5 instade / 2012年01月08日 04:14

I've seen all there is to see about this Rising Game for now and i am not happy, originally they were to use FOX Engine, but Platinum Games uses their own Engine, it explains the poor pathetic lighting in the trailer, unlike the trailer that was released in 2010 which used FOX Engine and it looked awesome it had realistic lighting and all the cool things plus cool script. Kojima should just council the project like he had done in the 1st place or give us Metal Gear Solid Rising with original FOX Engine and everything Original as it was supposed to be. If not Just Start Working on MGS5 and lets all forget about Rising. The Idea about MGS5 having Cobra unit and Boss is more interesting than the current MGR

145 / ...../////....... / 2012年01月08日 09:13

I liked the 2010 MGSR alot better

146 / Iam / 2012年01月08日 20:59

I don't like how the game has turned up, after being handed to platinum games, personally i think platinum games engine is not good, the lighting is pathetic among other things. They should have stack with FOX Engine which is far more superior from the previous trailers in 2010 the lighting looked more realistic and the game had a nice feel. Now it's just hack and slush the sword is just spinning no technique to the sword as par before it had some form of technique eg. Zan Datsu. they should just council this game if they are not going to Give us the Original Metal Gear Solid Rising wiich is done purely by Kojima Productions and original script Between MGS2 & mGS4.
Or they just scrap the whole project and Kojima to work on MGS5 with maybe the idea of cobra Unit & Boos id like to see and play this. as for now not anticipating MGR at all well see how it will turnout.

147 / Calvin / 2012年01月09日 09:50

All you guys who think MGR is a failure just because it isnt part of the series, Is focused on raiden, has more action over stealth etc etc...stop complaining! I for one and and MANY more people are looking forward to this game and are extremely exited, if you dont like it then just go away and stop hating on this magnificent game that we are lucky to be graced with! Go go Kojima and platinum!! respect from England

148 / relesenewkpreport / 2012年01月10日 14:03

This is downright pathetic, no matter the conditions, the weather or the tension Ryan Payton always updated every week with a new kp report, you guys are taking a month break off and I hope it's not from all these negative rising comments, if so it shows a lack of faith in the product itself.

149 / Giovanni / 2012年01月10日 14:35

After seeing this new Rising, I'm no longer interested in Metal Gear. I don't want any more sequels or prequels anymore, just remake the MSX MG1 and 2.

Go back to the young Solid Snake, Fox-hound Operative infiltrating an enemy base on a dark, cold night...MGS1 style.

That or try your hand at a new I.P. or a new Snatcher.

150 / Davy  / 2012年01月11日 09:12

Rising is too much of a risk of ruining the metal gear franchise...this is what i hope for the future.... They change rising to take place between 2 and 4... they make at least 1 last bigboss story to fill in the 21 year gap between peacewalker and the msx metal gear... They make a substance version of MGS4 with trophies this time!... maybe..just maybe make a remake of the MSX metal gear 1 and 2 and remake MGS1 for ps3 or future systems....and after that...after everything is done... release an encyclopedia for everything metal gear. kinda like mgs4 encyclopedia. The story of metal gear cannot be tampered with anymore.. Rising is a close call.... i hate to say this.. but i think its almost time to let metal gear go.. Hideo let go of metal gear and so must we. that is if we want metal gear to stay the same..just saying guys...

151 / Neil (die-hard) fan & then some / 2012年01月11日 10:22

Hello everyone, we should be thankful that they are bringing this far...yeah it would have been nice to have them stick to the regular story, but I'm sure it will still kick a$$. I wish they would keep doing spin-offs because MGS shouldn't die just at snake. Alot of people think games and movies lose value if they keep making them.
But Mr. Kojima has the ability to not get stagnant. I.E. peace walker
Most of the fans are die hard anyway
so I'm sure anything that has metal gear in it's name will do fine.
I think they should make a young SAS
"Liquid Snake" game. What about "Drebin" he could be a Pre or Post MGS4 game, don't forget about "Meryl" she could do "Tomb Raider" style gun-play in pre or post MGS4 game. I personally would like to see "Sunny" grow up to be an intelligent hacker with ninja type fighting skills she learned from "Raiden." I hope they have as many titles as "Final-Fantasy"
Metal Gear should never run dry...
All the people that are made about this new game can't be true fans anyway, if you were you would be happy they are taking it this far.
(As long as there are people there will be war when there is war there will be Metal Gear) Hopefully someone can translate this to the Japanese headquarters to give some insight to Mr. Kojima and the fans.
Do what you do best Mr. Kojima. Thank you

152 / Neil (die-hard) fan and then some / 2012年01月11日 10:47

By the way, they won't release crap as long as Kojima has a say in it.
He's a perfectionist. Don't judge a
game by it's cover or "trailer" whatever.

153 / Davy / 2012年01月11日 11:57

My biggest fear of this game besides it taking place after mgs4, and ruining the series...IS THAT THERE GONNA MAKE SEQUALS!! Platinum Games said they moved the story from in between 2 and 4 to after 4 so that the game would have more of a timeline... than just in the 5 year gap between 2 and 4. What if they want this games story to continue on so much that they make a sequal(s)!!! just a scenario to think about. If this game doesnt take place after mgs4 its going to kill the game, and if they make sequals, its just spitting on metal gears grave.

154 / K Dawg / 2012年01月11日 14:25

Hey, guys. I realize you're going to have a lot to talk about in the next Report, but I had a burning question about the upcoming Snake Eater 3DS release. Would you be able to tell us if the snake skin 3DS will be released in the US? Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work!

155 / Mr.Awesome / 2012年01月11日 16:11

Q: Why has the MGS Snake Eater 3DS Been Downgraded from a Remake to a port? I don't mind a port just curious.

156 / TheMancho / 2012年01月12日 10:57

Holy crap Davy, I agree 100% with every thing you just said. Well put.

157 / Steven Ohlberg / 2012年01月12日 12:49

During the MGS Rising informational video Kojima mentioned how he really enjoyed the "old style" studio structure that Platinum Games had of having designers and artists and everyone just sitting together and making fast decisions. Personally, I find it a very thought provoking thing to point out. Is that something that Kojima Productions is interested in doing as well down the line? Thanks, can't wait to play Rising later this year!

158 / Reversed / 2012年01月12日 14:17

All of these negative comments just make me want to hug you and tell you everything will be okay!

159 / Harry / 2012年01月12日 21:38

Come on, where's the next report?! I had to work over Christmas you lazy gits! :P

No but seriously, hope you guys had a great Christmas and a happy new year! Looking forward to the next report! :)

160 / PepperSpray / 2012年01月13日 00:19

Negative comments come from old school players that finished the whole series.

We want back the old style !

161 / ammar.gty / 2012年01月29日 14:40

welcom hideo

162 / Ruslan / 2012年02月18日 01:06

This is not MGS((((Hideo sun do somthing pleas.

163 / someguy / 2012年03月05日 16:17

complain about revengence all you want its NOT for MGS fans so move on. KP wants to step away from MGS and so does HIEDO, he wanted to start new projects a long time ago..

164 / Nagi / 2012年09月19日 09:20

Keep the metal Gear game. This looks like a nice action game and the hunter stealth in this game sounds like a refreshing taste (i.e enemies hide from you or sneak up on you. and with you being able to stalk them and deliver a sneak attack) and Metal Gear solid:rising didn't look all that good IMO. The enemies being human would have made the game far too easy while there didn't seem to be any standard melee/sword attacks just aim mode. Plus saving sunny would be the plot most people have wanted and Raiden does that in human form. This game version just makes more sense.

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