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2012.03.08 Thursday

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The KP crew takes to the street (or... park?) in this special late-night recording of KPR. What hazards lurk in the dark of night? Will the recording hold up without the aid of Chris' Herculean arm? What's up with GDC, Snake Eater 3D, FOX, REX, and the Smithsonian? Get the answers in this latest news-packed edition of the Kojima Productions Report!

If you haven't seen the latest updates on our GDC hiring page (including the FOX screens) check the link below:

Japanese Notes:

- Japanese for "Director" (What we call Hideo around the office).
(Inadvertently mentioned by Sean when talking about the FOX engine pics)

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 03/22/2012 <<

Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christine Kogure
Ken Mendoza
Sound Recording   :   Sean Eyestone
Sound Editing   :   Sean Eyestone
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1 / grey lynx / 2012年03月09日 02:58

Hey guys can you ever tell us what the heck equipment u guys use and pricing on it?

2 / Adamska / 2012年03月09日 05:14

This was by far the best podcaast in terms of sound quality since you guys took over from Payton.

3 / Frank_piña / 2012年03月09日 07:45

this is a wish list i want for a possible 25th anniv music collection since the one from the 20th made some horrible omitions, so here we go! and for keeping stuff nice we'll use a 3 disc format!!

-----------disc 1----------------- SOLID SNAKE SAGA

1. METAL GEAR SAGA (a long medley like the previous one but with more motifs from more recent games like mgs4/pw and the omitted mgs main theme!)
2.Theme of Tara and alert form METAL GEAR
3.VS mercenary unit/big boss battle and escape from METAL GEAR
4.Theme of solid snake
5.Zanzibar breeze.
7.Heliport cutscene bgm from MGS1
8.encounter from MGS1.
9.Enclonsure from MGS1.
10.The Best is yet to come ending vocal from MGS1
11.Metal Gear Solid Main Theme from MGS2
12.Tanker incident and olga's boss theme from MGS2
13.Revolver Ocelot from MGS2
14.BIG SHELL from MGS2
15.Olga's theme from MGS2's the Harrier from MGS2
17.18 Prelude to the Denouement from MGS2
18. yell dead cell and father and son from MGS2
19.Who I am Really (game edit full version) from MGS2
20.Can't Say Good Bye to Yesterday from MGS2

-----------disc 2------------------ BIG BOSS SAGA

22.Metal Gear Solid Main Theme. from MGS3 (this one dosen't switch to MGS2's the world only needs one big boss, it dosen't fade out either it lasts 06:32 min)
21. CQC from MGS3
22. Virtuous Mission
23. cobra unit battle mix from each encounter
24. Fortress sneaking
25.Battle in the base and battle in the jungle
24.Life's End (complete with the part when snake and eva arrive at the lake)
25. Return of the MIGs from MGS3.
26. debriefing
27.Metal Gear Solid Main Theme from MGS:PO (A.K.A showtime but with 4 aditional minutes never before heard by mankind without voice overs)
28.The Hunt from MGS:PO
29:ICBMG from MGS:PO
30:revelation from MGS:PO
31:Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Main Theme from mpw
32:IA battle mix from mpw
33.little brother extended with the part where snake tells amanda he can't finish off her little brother. from mpw
34.Outer Heaven from Mpw
35.the theme that plays when snake is going to be kill by zadornov and then the fsnl saves him from mpw
35. the theme that plays when big boss tell why he didn't shake the cia chief's hands from mpw
36.Zero Allies without the vocaloid voice.... from mpw
37.MGS:pw main theme fellow soldier Ver. from mpw
38.Heaven's Divide from MPW
39.OLD METAL GEAR bonus track from MGS3.
40. Measal Gear Solid: departure (when pippo snake meets snake) BONUS TRACK

-----------disc 3------------------ NANOMACHINE SYSTEM CONTROL
41.Metal Gear Solid Main Theme from MGS: The Twin Snakes and Bande Dessinee
42. Next Generation Classic (full version) from MGS: The Twin Snakes and Bande Dessinee
43. the Hind D from MGS: The Twin Snakes and Bande Dessinee
44. METAL GEAR REX is Moving from MGS: The Twin Snakes and Bande Dessinee
45: OLD SNAKE from MGS4
46:Love Theme from MGS4
47:gekko from MGS4
48.White Blood from MGS4
49:Mobs alive from MGS4
50:Guns of the Patriots from MGS4
51:Everithing beggins (with Harry MGS motif) from MGS4
52:Father and Son from MGS4
53:Metal Gear Saga from MGS4
54:Metal Gear Solid: Rising E3 2010 theme
55:Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance VGA 2011 theme
56:Metal Gear Solid Main Theme E3 1997 X REVENGEANCE NINJA MIX!
57-60: ??????? nothing I can imagine mostly never released stuff!!!

4 / Vic Boss / 2012年03月09日 09:59

Nothing on Rising, huh?

5 / Echo / 2012年03月09日 20:57

Hey, I saw that the Square-enix Play arts team were on Hideoblog jpn. Unfortunately i can't speak Japanese could you tell us what they said?
Absolutly loving the new figures. Im hoping for MGS2&4 Snake and Raiden and Phyco Mantis

6 / Peace Runner / 2012年03月09日 23:42

Why is there no Peace Walker on the HD Collection for the PS Vita?

7 / Winter_Cat / 2012年03月11日 05:47

Hey guys,
First off, ecelent job on the recruitment campain at GDC. I got a chance to see the Konami booth at GDC, and I had gotten the impression that it was the HR people at the booth. I'm still curious about how KojimaProductions/Konami does their recruiting, both through events like these and normal recruiting, even though attending GDC has killed my immediate desire to work in a large studio like KP. My question is how does the industry usually recruit people into jobs?

8 / Raks / 2012年03月11日 12:56

Where can I download the full manual for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection? The mini manual states that it would be on the Konami-Europe site but I can't seem to find it.

9 / Doll / 2012年03月11日 21:45

Yep, pretty dissapointed there was nothing on Rising. Seems like Metal gear solid 5 is getting information out faster than rising :(

10 / Konstantinos / 2012年03月13日 13:08

Sean SnakeEyes-ton XD

11 / MilkyAlien / 2012年03月14日 11:27

Please say MGS3 will have PhotoCamo on the Vita. It would be such a wasted oppourtunity if it isn't.

12 / Callum Hurley / 2012年03月14日 22:00

I now own Metal Gear Solid 3D Snake Eater, it's AMAZING! It's my best game on 3DS, however, when I buy my Vita Version, I hope you dont shoot your own 3DS version in the foot by giving it the same features :/ However I hope that 3DS gets its own exclusive soon, even if its not important like Portable Ops :) Keep up the great work guys :)

13 / Fat Boss / 2012年03月15日 04:25

hey you guys love the hd collection by the way .....the throephys are realy funny i convinced my frinds to buy hd collectiong too.
they are loving it,
you guys are allways semm to be at top if it comes to good kwalety of a product!
i hate to adres some complains as well (sorry verry sorry....Respect)
but its painfull to have MGO removed...not only for me but you spennd entire levels developing in MGO.....isnt there somthing you guys can do?......maybe if mgo is gone maybe just maybe you can ad a level thats not online and make it a 1 player sneaking mision with some characters peaple buyed ...
thats...not that hard...the levels already disignt dusnt nead a story ....and you can play with all your favorite charcters...and it dusnt take to much time to design....please think about it....
Sorry for the long comment...but..MGo was great but it will be gon...but can there sonthing else that can replase mgo ?
think about it.....(ps mgs 4 is Awesome )
(Ps im not Fat!!)

14 / Krait / 2012年03月15日 14:37

Hey guys, great podcast. Seems like it's warming up over there. We hardly had a winter our selves here in Canada. It's going to hit 22C here soon! Anyway I had a question regarding E3, I know it maybe to soon to answer anything but what do you guys plan to show? Fox Engine? The next Metal Gear Solid that you've been teasing? Rising? Or will it be events and other things you plan to do for the 25th Anniversary.

Keep the podcasts coming, love you guys. Don't work yourselves too hard! ;)

15 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年03月17日 07:55

Hmmm..... the bosses horse in the conference room, I wonder if Big Boss will be riding that in the next game...?? YESH!!!

16 / Deep Throat / 2012年03月18日 23:47

What irritates me more than the actual new direction of the game [Rising] is the way you don't acknowledge the huge amount of extremely justified concerns that people have voiced. Side-stepping and explaining away these concerns through vaguely ignoring and misrepresenting community consensus is the wrong way to treat fans.

A lot evidence suggests that Kojima Productions as a studio is simply not able to develop games in the current industry climate. That's a problem. This needs to be recognised, and although the documentary did this to an extent, acting as if everything is fine damages my confidence in the studio.

I have an open mind. I do not have interest in Metal Gear Rising at this time. That is not a contradiction. I’ve looked at it, assessed what you have shown objectively, and found little value in it.

If your studio / platinum needs to do something new, then *do something new*. A brand-new set of fundamental gameplay philosophies should be part of a new series, not a mutated corpse version of an older one. This would also save the mutilation of a series that Kojima has spent decades constructing, establishing tone for, and attempting to conclude.

Obviously a huge reason behind the existence of this game is the desire to not put to waste the huge amount of left-over content produced for the previous project. Therein lies another huge problem with the motivations for this game’s development.

I wish you would not keep saying not to worry because the game is a spin off when it’s clear that it’s part of the Metal Gear mythos, demonstrated by your repeated declaration of where in it is set in the Metal Gear timeline.

Furthermore, and this is surrounded by multiple other related problems, simply the fact that Raiden’s design is the same as when the game was set before Metal Gear Solid 4 is hugely indicative of the meaninglessness behind the game’s location in the timeline. It also directly relates back to the very loaded reasons for the project’s existence - the attempt to ensure that misguided and unrelated work is recycled efficiently.

It pains me to say this, as I do not take the respect that I have for your studio lightly.

17 / Harry / 2012年03月22日 06:59

Just finished watching the Smithsonian Art Museum interview, really interesting and insightful discussion!

Also thought Sean did a great job with the translation! :)

18 / SolidSnakeLegacy / 2012年03月22日 16:29

Hello KP Report Crew

The photos from the fox engine looks really cool. Congrats on getting in the smithsonian, you guys deserve it.

I do have a question, are you gonna release an update to fix the bugs in the HD Collection?

19 / Mr. T / 2012年03月22日 22:11

I second Mr. Echo's comment.
I would appreciate some highlights from the Play Arts Kai team interview from Hideraji JP. Did they announce future plans outside of Meryl, MGR Raiden & Solidus?

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