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2012.05.10 Thursday

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Sean and Kendoza stumble down to the bowels of the Konami building for a late-night, sleep-deprived, semi-delirious KP Report about MGR, E3, and Kojima's ongoing European tour. Crunch, crunch, crunch!!!

Sean Eyestone

>> Next Session: 05/24/2012 <<

Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Sound Recording   :   Christopher Johns
Sound Editing   :   Christopher Johns
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1 / High Chancellor Robert Underthorpe / 2012年05月02日 22:47

Have a good holiday! Lord knows you deserve it.

2 / TheRatch / 2012年05月04日 12:55

I bought the camo PSP "Big Boss Pack" that came with a UMD copy of PW. So to I have to pay $30 to buy it again to have it my Vita, and does transfarring work on the Vita with the PSP version of PW?

Excited for my HD Collection for Vita, per-ordered it!

3 / Johan / 2012年05月04日 20:54

Really weak, Ryan Payton posted a podcast every week, had guests that mattered and did it mostly by himself.

4 / NeoSnake4 / 2012年05月08日 02:10

Hey KP. I have a question. When are you guys going to make a sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. For a while as a fan of Kojima's games it has been my wish for him to work on a Castlevania game and since my wish was granted and I played through the game numerous times I LOVE IT! The ending [don't worry fellow spoilers!] gives hints to a sequel or follow up which explains the
Castlevania Mythos but in a new way for the next generation of gamers and fans alike.Please work on the sequel! I await to hear the news!


5 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月08日 11:58

So is there another Metal Gear Solid coming out or another project!?? There needs to be something, the only thing being teased is MGR:R That's kind of lame, there has to be more than just that. And how the crap do I play Portable Ops on a Vita? I don't have the digital copy and I don't want to buy 50 copies of the same game. Excited for Rising finally, but I am still a little scared of the game being way too goofy and having a subpar story. HOPE it's great I have faith in Kojima and company.

6 / Remo / 2012年05月09日 17:54

Hey guys and gals,

So Kojima was down in Frankfurt visiting Crytek! This is so cool! I really would like to see a collaboration between the two developers, that would be the ultimate game - METAL GEAR CRYSIS! Crossover title are big these days and its good for devs and fans alike.

I've also got a question about recruitment - Are Kojima Productions still reviewing the applications? I sent my application in on the 22nd March, but havent heard anything. No response whatsoever. Please, Please, Please, let me know what the situation is as I'd still like to know if there is still an opportunity available at the KojiPro.

Sean, Please checked your LinkedIn messages! ;)

Thanks in Advance and keep up the great work!


7 / FOX-HOUNDER_N313 / 2012年05月10日 02:29

Hey KP crew!

I have a question in regards to transfarring for the MGS HD Collection. If i transfer my completed save data from the PS3 version to the Vita, will that unlock all the trophies i have in the PS3 version in the Vita version? or do i have to acquire them again?

In all honestly it doesn't matter to me, i'll be buying the Vita version no matter what. I have some friends who were curious though.

Keep up the great work you all! Thanks in advance :)

8 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月10日 07:41

Hey I kind of agree with Johan on the comment page. You guys should have a podcast every week! Tell your producers and executive producers to put more money into the podcast so the listeners get some more attention. Sorrry to be spoiled, but Ryan Payton really did have one every week with some really good guests. I would like to hear from Kris Zimmerman and the voice actors again, maybe even some Platinum employee's, and don't forget Aki Saito! I miss having him on the show and that other guy I think his name was Ken or something, he was Japanese or asian if I remember. By the way, Sean Eyestones voice doesn't match him, it's kind of funny to see him in person on some interviews and video's I just don't imagine that voice coming from someone like him LOL!

9 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月10日 07:44

And by the way please PLEASE!!!! Have a demo released at least 6 months before Metal Gear Rising releases, just like back in the day where they released demos before to get hype up, don't just demo the game at E3 almost no one can go to that. LOL last time you released a demo you released after the primary release... :S

10 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月10日 16:15

I agree with Johan, it's true you guys always skip a week and Ryan Payton was alone and did one a week. You gotta do more weekly and have more guest speakers like Kris Zimmerman and voice actors like Quinton Flynn for Rising. Please announce other projects at E3. Get Aki Saito on the podcast along with the other Ken that use to come on with Ryan Payton, heck even have Ryan Payton guest speak

11 / Krait  / 2012年05月11日 01:04

Hey guys, working hard as always. I'm noticing a lot of harsh comments here, some of these people need to understand the heavy workflow in the industry especially come time for a big press conference such as E3.

Crunch time to get content and material out the door for E3 let alone the multiple projects your studio is working on (FOX engine, project "Ogre", Rising, and the supposed MGS "5"!)

So here is a comment from me saying, keep up the great work over there and I look forward to what you guys have to show for E3. I support Kojima Productions heavily because of the quality and time the men and women put into the games they work on.

P.S: Metal Gear Online is almost closing, it's a sad day! Here's hoping there is MGO "3" with MGS "5" ;)

12 / Just Another Snake / 2012年05月11日 01:45

[You can ignore this, this is just a comment to the other commenters:

Johan; Ryan Payton was assistant Producer on just ONE project, Sean and Ken are working on multiple projects with large roles with alot to do, Ryan just had less to do and more availability time-wise, nothing to do with being more committed. If they commit more to the report, they will be committing less to the games, so be happy that more work is going into the games they are kindly making for us.

NeoSnake4; Kojima Productions don't decide whether a sequel will arrive or not, they only assisted in the development, those kinds of decisions are not their responsibility.]

13 / Ac!d Snake / 2012年05月11日 01:51

Hey Guys, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedules to give us a podcast.
Firstly, do you have an exact date and times in which Kojima will be signing in London's Uniqlo store on Oxford Street? I don't know when it is.
Secondly, did I hear John Cygan's (Solidus Snake's << Just in case other listeners didn't know) voice in Risings Teasers? I do hope so, we might shed some light on Raidens past, I am VERY excited!

I hope this is read on air, have a great "Crunch" and thank you very much for the hard work.

PS, after the rumours of Rising's Vita version were established as incorrect, is there any Metal Gear's on their way to Vita? (Other than Vita's HD Collection).

14 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月11日 05:59

Never mind my repeated comments, I think I repeated a couple times. Thanks so much for reading my comments and story I haven't had anything read in 4-5 years of listening and commenting since podcasts in the 20's. So you totally 1uped Ryan Payton right there. Looking forward to Rising thanks!

15 / Davy / 2012年05月11日 08:41

found some rather "interesting" news i thought id share with you guys. "Had the pleasure of working with John Cygan, Benito Martinez & Christina Puccelli today under the direction of the esteemed Kris Zimmerman!"― Quinton Flynn. Keep in mind that John Cygan, is the voice of Solidus Snake. Christina Puccelli, is the voice of Sunny. Just remember, Solidus died in mgs4. So maybe there going back? Maybe a flash back? i just hope theyre changing the story to take place back between mgs2 and mgs4. if not. i hope they make it noncanon.

16 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年05月11日 11:54

I am commenting to much now sorry, but thanks again for reading my story on the air, to be quite honest I don't know if it's because this story of going so FAR out of my way to get MGS2 is the reason why I love the game so intensely or if it's because in a way it "immortalizes" Solid Snake as a character because he is a side character and you realize how BA he really is. It really established his personality in MGS2 which I know Kojima liked to leave Solid Snake a little open so gamers to relate to him more. Thanks again I LOVE THE KP REPORT!

17 / Winter_Cat / 2012年05月12日 01:17

Heys guys,
Great podcast as always. I have to admit that the Rising campaing is interesting...and it has me intrigued to see more, especially since it teases a story that still ties into the main series. But I ahve to ask something, unrelated to Rising: Do you know where the impatient elevator trick in older games came from?
Anyway, cheers!
PS I still think throwing Ray into the air was ridiculous, but don't plan on missing Rising because of that.

18 / Alex / 2012年05月12日 06:02

Please have Koji Pro tweet out a link when the shirts become available to order online in the US. I want like 5 of them but don't want to pay the import fees just to get them.

19 / nemeraiden / 2012年05月12日 08:01

I'm disappointed in the fans for expecting everything to be explained right away. "Why is Raiden a cyborg again and not with his family?" Well how bout you wait to play the game and find out? "I was expecting gameplay, why did I get a live action trailer?" Well, we got a live action teaser, and it's not E3 yet, why would you expect anything else? And the worst one "You better not have live action cutscenes!" Who honestly thought that was going to happen? We've already seen in-game cutscenes in the trailer, these videos are somewhat of a viral campaign. I have such a hard time understanding how a series like Metal Gear can have such a profound story and deep themes, yet the majority of the fanbase is so unintelligent. I want to apologize on behalf of all the dimwitted fans and thank you for all the work you do and for finally putting out some stuff for us Rising fans. I also noticed the cyborg organ concept art, you rip those out with zan-datsu right? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Also, I enjoyed seeing Solidus again, I've always wondered what he was like back in the civil war

20 / Cyborg Samurai / 2012年05月12日 23:40

Will Rising have PSVita Transfarring?

21 / Frank_piña / 2012年05月15日 06:58

Wow I can't wait for this E3 clusternews!!! i know you have lots of stuff to do, but something caught my eye a few months ago, on the official kp/mgs sites theres a full remaster trailer of metal gear solid 3, that for some reason it was not released globally unlike peace walker (you remastered the tgs2009 trailer in order to promote MGSHD) then a few weeks after that that mgs3 trailer appeared on the jpa youtube konami account, on the official HD site and even on official site if you choose Japanese and disappears when you change to other language, actually is the only video that vanishes when you change language. so are you going to upload a remaster trailer for the eventual psn/xboxlive re-release of mgshd? or the vita? I wold really like to see a MGS2 trailer been redone by you guys

also that leaked audio blew my mind when referenced mgs2...

22 / Konstantinos / 2012年05月16日 04:57

Fox Engine after E3 ??? boooooooriiiiiiiiiing.... MGS FANS needs TRUE mgs with fox engine not gay things
Hideo playing with our nerves
BE CAREFUL........

23 / Craigy / 2012年05月18日 23:30

On the quest to uncover the secrets and mysteries within the teaser page, I spent about an hour and a half typing in every single MGS2-related keyword I could think of... Alas, I was only able to think of ONE command (besides Ray) that bore any fruit: Big Shell. I was faced with what looked like a CT or MRI scan of what appeared to be a dismembered Metal Gear Ray...
With the quickly vanishing taste of victory still lingering on my lips, I continued my search, going forth into the belly of the beast. I began wading through the very HTML coding of the webpage itself, scouring the numbers and letters before me for some trace of Metal Gear goodness. Needless to say... I had no idea what I was doing.
Feeling unsatisfied with the sour fruits of my labour, I thought to myself "Surely it can't be this hard to unlock the secrets within this page? Would they really be this cruel?! Maybe... The people at KojiPro do love to tease... But maybe not... Maybe it’s all hiding in plain sight”.
I returned to the surface, and paused for a moment, stroking the poor excuse for facial hair on my chin in deep contemplation. I noticed something about the page almost straight away: the column of binary numbers. Scolding myself for not noticing it beforehand, I quickly put a binary translator to work on it and was met with a familiar line: “I am lightning. The rain transformed.” “A nice touch”, I thought, “but there must be more”. I moved to the videos and went frame by frame as best as I could through the live action videos looking for anything else of a cryptic nature that might have hinted at what lay ahead. Other than a cameo by Barack Obama in the first video, the two binary numbers at the end of the “Sword” video was all that caught my eye. Once again, I put the translator to work and I was met with two letters that both excited me and shot my quest to pieces... E3.
“Very well”, I thought, “it’s not too far away now. I wonder if they can top last year’s announcements.”
But then, as I was about to close the webpage, it hit me. Raiden was in Metal Gear Solid 4 too and the story has a lot more to do with his cyborg nature than MGS2’s... Could the secrets I’m looking for lie behind another hour and a half of typing words into the command box? We’ll just have to find out...

24 / RustyTachikoma / 2012年05月19日 01:33

Hi guys!

Here's a very technical question I hope you can answer.

Will the US PSVita version of MGS HD Collection be "Transfarring" compatible withe European PS3 version?

Also, we miss Ken and Aki! Drag them to the show if you have to.

Can't wait to hear from KojiPro at E3!

Best Regards.

25 / MGOID-NinjaKakashi / 2012年05月19日 23:06

Hey guys I've got an awsome story to share...

If there isn't a new MGO(Metal Gear Online) I will DIE OF AIDS OR SOMETHING RANDOM LIKE THAT(Take your pick of worse disease and I will get that!)

26 / The BE@$T / 2012年05月22日 02:36

Great Podcast guys .. Its good to hear from u as always and Cant wait for E3 to show up so I can see my favorite Ninja game of the year .. I will support it even if it turned out to be just hack and slash .. But I do believe In kojima production and platinum games which they did some great games such as Bayonneta and Vanquish ... and Since mr. kojima and Yuiji are satisfied with the game design ... Then thats all that matters to me .. pls send him my regards .. and advise him not to drink much ^^ ... also its bad that u guys didnt read my story about mgs and how it change my life .. but it doesnt matter since it changed others beside me <3
thank u and I wish a good year and good health for all of u in Kojima production.

27 / MGOID-NinjaKakashi / 2012年05月22日 06:08

LOL just saw a video by machima on youtube stating that kojima was going to give another creator the job of making the game or something like that but because of death threats to kojima to produce it Kojima directed mgs4... LOL I am so sending death threats for mgs5 Kojima San:D

28 / Hurraiden / 2012年05月24日 20:23

This was the best video you have for Rising so far. Other the Zan Datsu ones from 2009.

Please don't hand the trailer making on Platinum Games. Please please please.

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