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2012.08.23 Thursday

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Kendoza, Chris & Christine say "Prost!" to Gamescom with a quick recap of Rising at the event and look forward to the 25th Anniversary celebration!

Ken Mendoza

>> Next Session: coming soon ?! <<

Cast   :   Ken Mendoza
Christine Kogure
Christopher Johns
Sound Recording   :   Christopher Johns
Sound Editing   :   Christopher Johns
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1 / Mr. RHC / 2012年08月24日 01:45

Hope you enjoyed your stay @ Gamescom!

The report ist too quiet though.

2 / LightningBoltAction / 2012年08月24日 01:46

It was a long wait for Gamescom to finally see an updated version of Rising's Demo. Lo and behold the same E3 2012 trailer that made me from hating MGR to loving it was shown and amazing as ever but with an added twist.

The trailer was advertised as new on gaming sites so I checked it out. This is the same trailer I've watched a thousand times. But in the end I was like, "Hell YEAH!!!"

So you thought the reason was because of the cyborg dog?

Not at all.

It's because even on the pre-rendered cutscene, Raiden still doesn't have any lightning on his body at all.

I felt like, "Finally, my long-awaited confirmation. 'CONSTANT LIGHTNING' ditched!!!"

"Now, the game is perfect."

After that I watched several Gamescom Rising Demo's on youtube.

(CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!) The constant lightning is still there.

My analysis is that, since they stuck with the beautiful trailer where the constant lightning is off and better yet added an update which also has no constant lightning on Raiden then PG or KP finally removed the constant lightning.

The BladeWolf footage was un update so I assumed that it is what's going to be implemented on the demo.

But how come? How come the demo is so different on what is being shown the trailer which is actually the main marketing video?
This is the video that enticed me to finally decide to give this game a try when it gets released. Why is there so much disparity between the demo we are going to play and the marketing video?

Is it because the Demo on gamescom is outdated? Please let us know.

Why is it on the pre-rendered cutscene there is NO lightning on Raiden at all?

You might say, it's because he is not fighting. But it was clearly shown that he was attacked by BladeWolf and even struggled but still no constant lightning.

Imagine that cutscene with Raiden's body constantly flickering and flickering. That being implemented in the game will completely ruin your immersion.

I bet the one who made the trailer decided to turn the constant lightning off because he himself knows it's annoying to look at. And looks epic when it appears on specific points.

I challenge you guys, who are responsible for the cutscenes, to watch the cutscenes you make with Raiden's body flickering and flickering and flickering for no reason while saying his lines and see if you can survive it.

I'm not asking you to totally remove it. But at the least give us just an OPTION to play it like what is being shown on the UPDATED marketing trailer.

You can even make a joke about it like a 'Lightning Leak Proof' armor as an alternate suit.

Or just a toggle option like. 'FUEL CELL FULL' Indicator ON/OFF. Or even a cheat. Whatever is going to fix it.

Though I seem to be the only one complaining about it. I'm not alone in this. If you want I can send you comments from different video and threads regarding this.

If we are not going to be able to play what was shown the UPDATED trailer or NEW cutscene then I'm going to have to wait for a PC Version just for a MOD that turn the constant lightning off to the one that is like the trailer where it only appears on specific points.

You have responded regarding this previously on a report saying that the 'effect is not final'. But since it wasn't a clear answer whether we are going to get a chance to play it as being shown by the marketing trailer, I've decided to ask this again since I thought I new build of the Demo is what was shown on Gamescom.

It's not a question of whether it can or cannot be done. It's clearly shown on the trailer that it was done before. It's just a question of whether we are going to at least get an OPTION to play it as what was shown on the even UPDATED marketing trailer or not.

Please don't take this negatively. It's just it matters to me too much. I've been waiting for this game since Metal Gear Solid:Rising.

3 / AwesomeBrand / 2012年08月24日 06:24

I always wondered this but didn't occur to me until now. In Peace Walker near the end of the game, Snake tells Miller to get the Pentagon on the line. In the HD Collection version Snake says Norad, but the word bubble still said "Pentagon"? What's up with this?

4 / Alex / 2012年08月24日 23:00

Hi guys, I wish I could've been at Gamescom this year. The MGR demo looked awesome.

I got a question though, will the demo be physically on the disc with Zone of the Enders HD Collection?

5 / BUMCHEEKS2 / 2012年08月25日 04:27

Hi, I'm a huge fan. Really, I have been a hobby artist for 15 months and would love Hideo Kojima to have a look at my fanart and art!
I have played and collected Metal Gear Solid franchise for a long time. I live, sleep and breathe Metal Gear Solid and have so much respect for the creators and franchise of the game.
I have not been able to afford to go to London when Hideo visits!
I have started up a Deviant Art page to show my fanart and have been on there for just over 3 months.
In the 15 months I have been a hobby artist I have been trying different styles to find my own.
I'm a long way off where I wish to be and would love a comment off Hideo Kojima.

You can follow me on twitter:
Or deviant Art on:

You can see some of my Metal Gear Solid art and collection plus other music and movie art.
Please help a nobody like me out. I would love to make it more than just a hobby!

Thanks again!

6 / Winter_Cat / 2012年08月25日 06:05

Hey guys,
Great podcast as always.
While there was little new shown at Games-com for Rising, it was nice to see the full demo online, so I could finally see what all the reviewers were talking about. The blade wolf, the only thing new at the show, has me intrigued, especially with the tease of working with it.
This leads me to my question. In the original version of Rising (MGSR), one of the concepts shown for the game involved Raiden crouching one what appeared to be Crying Wolf, and the new blade wolf shares this similarity, so I infer that the blade wolf was something reused from the original version. My question is how you want us to view MGR, as a realization of the original version or as a different game that just reuses some of the ideas in the original. When the new version was first shown, I had thought that it was a realization of the original game, but I know that KP still wants to make a game around the original story, so would like to know which one you consider the new Rising to be, or at least would like us to think of it as.
Also, I really appreciate the upgraded comment box, with spell checking and a larger box to write in. (Though the spell checker did not recognize "Raiden" and I suspect that there are other Japanese words that it would not recognize. Just thought I should mention it.)

7 / Jack / 2012年08月26日 02:47

Really looking forward to all the announcements.

8 / BUMCHEEKS2 / 2012年08月26日 03:21

Speaking of Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary there was a competition held by KonamiUK via twitter.
I don't know if the link is still there but it was on:

I was a runner up and would love it if Hideo Kojima could give his view either on twitter to me at @BUMCHEEKS2

or on Deviant Art on:
for some of my fanart!

I have only been a hobby artist for 15 months now and would love to speak to the legend that is Hideo Kojima!

Thanks again and happy 25th Anniversary Metal Gear Soild :)

9 / nemeraiden / 2012年08月26日 10:55

So in the original version of Rising, I noticed that Raiden's sheath was on his hip, now it's on his back. Then on the play arts figure I saw it on his hip again. At first I thought this was an inconsistency, but I noticed at the end of the gamescom demo, it moves from his back to his hip. Is there some sort of reason for this or is it just for fun?

10 / Frank_piña / 2012年08月26日 12:48

tappy theme is missing from mpw´s Walkman fix it please, actually can you put hi-res snake face all the time in mpw? also demo theater for MGS2

11 / StealthCivet / 2012年08月28日 20:52

Hi, long time listener (Ryan Payton days) just a quick question. I see Mr. Kojima keeps posting pictures of 25th anniversary merchandise. My question is, is there any chance the U.S. fans will be able to get there hands on some of it. If so where and when, I really want to get a copy of the 25th anniversary music collection.

12 / GTG / 2012年08月29日 01:05


13 / Hopeless / 2012年08月29日 03:01

Miss MGO :,(

14 / Kamikaze / 2012年08月29日 08:42

Hi! The sound is pretty low, I can barely hear you =(

15 / GTG / 2012年08月29日 13:02


16 / Ninjakakshi / 2012年08月29日 23:24

Hello i've not listened to the podcast yet as i am at work and i've succeeded in forgetting my earphones but i had a question for if you bought mgshd collection on ps3 and have a vita. Will we be able to use our psvita's as a controller for the game in the future?

17 / french yamori / 2012年08月30日 10:25

Enjoying my holiday week in Germany so i must go to Cologne for two days to play MG RISING demo.

Question for Kendoza what games attract your attention during GamesCom if you have the time to play some ? For me Assassin's Creed 3, Dishonored, Hitman Absolution, Tekken Tag 2, & a little bit by DOA

I miss Kore.p & Kendoza live show but it's wasn't realy live ? I like to have a singing from all KOJI PRO members.

Cool to have items that you can only get during the event, will you do the same for more event around the world. Japan Expo or Paris Games Week hi hi :)

Did you have Kendoza's clone in the German konami team ! I speak with a guy who just look like him but it wasn't him. I should have ask to komani staff earlier about the live show i'm so shy, realy kind people.

3 hours waiting to play the demo so long. I play twice so yeah i just wait 6 hours feel like after a tea ceremony my legs hurt. The second time i play was better.


- why we have so much bug when you start cutting robots enemy in sashimi ? I like to use the right stick to cut feel good.

- what is the frame for the game 30fps or 60fps ? I found Raiden a bit slow when he run ninja mode.

- the cutting practice is nice many watermelon fall on my head lol, hard to controle the camera + where you have to cut sometime, because when you start the blabe mode if the camera is not in a good position you can't reach some body area points with the blade ( but with some practice i'll handel it i think )

Air style combo

- when you can cut a enemy in pieces in the air i don't realy saw what i was doing untill i move the camera during my second play time but the view is great. Do you thing about how the camera will be positioned during the combo auto view or manual control on the camera ? Do you thinking about having different actions during the air part ? Or other things then the zan datsu during the blade mode...

Gekko script scene, is realy cool to see but will you have different other action script for the same enemy ? Just one can be boring...

Black Raiden moves are so cool blade & kicks but will you put combos blade + the kicks ? ( just have blade disconnected from kicks start to be boring after a couple of time ). And when you lock an enemy can you have a different way to avoid attacks ?

The pari system is not so bad than i think, will you put actions where you can kill an enemy just after you gain the pari, but it's have to use power just to not abuse of this action.

Cutscenes action buttons

My favorit part the missiles jumping ( Quick Time Event ) yeahhhhhhh is not so easy to start i think but it's realy too easy why don't we have to press bunch of random buttons every time we have to jump on a missile ?

We can have different actions to do with the level of difficulty like just have to press one button on easy & have the random buttons selection in hard mode & if you press the wrong button on the missile Booooom and you have to start again.

The only thing i don't like in the demo is only about camera control & combos !

The new trailer introduce a enemy who kind of look like wolf, but it remember me more a Bayonetta enemy call " fairness " who design this new enemy PG or you guy ? It make me think about Vanquish too because they plan for Sam Gedeon to have a dog but they finally never use this idea.

Just hope for more combos system ( like Bayonetta, God Of War, or DMC, my character Virgil baby ) with different weapons who really exist in the budo or nindo martial arts. I like to have crazy blood thirty finish like Ninja Assassin movie at the end when he fight his master, or crazy japanese movie like ninja girls vs Frankenstein girls disgusting.

When will you show other weapons system ? Really waiting for surprise weapons like the tanegashima or the solar gun who really coming from japanese legendes, but if you have some don't tell us, or give us kind of tease trailer.

About easter eggs will you put on some in the game ? I like to have both from PG & KP.

The game look great in the way what it can be at the end, but this demo is kind of frustrating really wanted to have more.

The ending custscene is so cool with white Raiden facing Rex i was ready to go but when i saw the names team i was like noooooo i want to play that part you kill me & make me exited about the game at the same time :)

Will you release the Rising demo only with ZOE HD or will you have different way ? ( PSN , put a cd demo on famitsu mag... ect )

So i'm off take care

18 / LightningBoltAction / 2012年08月30日 11:34

Even in PlayStation All-Stars Raiden doesn't have constant lightning flickering out of him.

19 / GTG / 2012年08月30日 14:23

im as excited as a little girl.... suspense almost over good luck everyone... bet u now that yumi kikuchi is going so are the here's to 25 more CHEERS!!!!

20 / GTG / 2012年08月30日 16:22

Congratulations MR.KOJIMA!!! u finally get to make your movie very glad...
Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) from Hawaii 5-0 was made to play Snake... just a thought

21 / Re-Mastered Media / 2012年08月30日 18:22

Hey Guys.

Amazing announcements at the 25th Event!

Can't wait for the movie! First, will Metal Gear Social Ops be available overseas? Also...

The announcements (Movie, Social Game, Fox Game) only fill 3 of the 4 "Coming Soon!" Spaces on the 25th anniversary site. Is there more?!

22 / GTG / 2012年08月30日 18:42

last thing i swear... THANK YOU for the mirror button best PS3 wallpaper EVER!!! GOD BLESS google translate .... i was actually able to keep up with the festivities...

23 / Craigy / 2012年08月30日 21:02

YO. GUYS. COME ON. You knew that you would be announcing Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes a few days after this podcast, BUT YOU DIDN'T GIVE US A DATE FOR THE NEXT PODCAST (WHERE YOU WOULD SURELY DIVULGE EVEN JUST THE TEENIEST BIT MORE INFO TO US INFO-THIRSTY FANS)?! KojiPro sure knows how to tease us, but... COME ON, I'M DYING HERE.
All jokes aside, I'm sure there is a legitimate reason for not giving a date, you're probably hard at work, which I respect and appreciate, but grovelling is always worth a try... right?! I'm super excited to hear more about it, and I wish you guys all the best for the 25th Anniversary event as well as everything else that you're currently working on.

24 / Greylion / 2012年08月30日 21:50

Metal Gear will be ground zero for ps3 right?

I could not wait until the sale of PS4. ^ ^

Thanks for letting retired snake.

25 / Krait / 2012年08月30日 23:53

Ahhhh! I stayed up all night here in (Toronto) following twitter as news rolled out from the MGS 25th Anniversary event. Amazing news! Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes sounds like a big game!

I'm assuming we won't see the trailer until a bigger event such as TGS for the public eye, yes?

26 / LUIS / 2012年08月31日 01:08

(for ken mendoza)
Mendoza eres un chingón!!!!!! SALUDOS DESDE MONTERREY!! te admiro!!!

27 / trufans / 2012年08月31日 03:04

big boss is cool and all, and raiden is ok. but dont forget the main char of mg is solid sanke! as it stands fans are becoming fans of bb over snake. snake appears in 5 games, bb in 6! dont neglect snake, we need a remake of the msx games starring the true hero young solid snake!

28 / StealthCivet / 2012年08月31日 08:15

So the MGS movie might actually get made. HOOOOORAYYYYYY!!! Here's my suggestions lol David Hayter isn't a realistic choice to play snake, although he did co-write x-men and he KNOWS the material I see him writing the screenplay. I could see Hugh Jackman as Solid, Robert Carradine as Otacon, and Richard Armitage as Liquid. To cap it off the main man Kurt mofrickin Russel as Big Boss depending on wich way they go with the movie.

29 / Aleilola / 2012年08月31日 14:09

The music that plays in MGS PW during the flashbacks to operation Snake Eater with Snake & The Boss, can you play it on the podcast and maybe make it available for download?

30 / Alex / 2012年08月31日 17:11

Happy birthday, Snake!

I just heard about the new Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The first ever MGS game running on Fox Engine! That sounds so exciting.

31 / Alex / 2012年08月31日 19:28

God god people!

When are we, the general public going to see MGS:Ground zero?

Also, more footage of Rising "story" would be great!

32 / Guy Savage / 2012年09月01日 12:38

Any particular reason why there is a 2500 limit METAL GEAR 25th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION book set and why it's set up as a lottery? Will there be a version that is not limited? so that every one can get their hand on it?

33 / here's to you / 2012年09月02日 09:36

i loved the mgs4 references in ground zeroes demo. I know kojima has me looking forward to playing it & please keep that song in game on walkman it's sad it wasn't on mgs4 ipod oe peacewalker's :(
keep here's to you in game music device though please <3

34 / DyingPhoenix / 2012年09月02日 15:23

Important question at teh end please answer: WOWOWOWOWOWOW! HOLY &#$% Ground Zeroes looks next generation, lighting, water effects, surfaces, backgrounds, everything looks amazing... it must be a lot of data to put on a discs, when it comes out please don't compress anything, if it takes 2 Blu-rays... please do it. By the way, I would love to have this question answered hopefully it's a popular one by others so that it will be answered; in the presentation and press Mr. Hideo Kojima was quoted as saying that Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes is a "Prologue" to MGS5... what exactly does that me "Prologue". I don't know if it's a lost in translation or a misinterpretation by the press, but can you help define what that means. Like does it mean two games are being worked on at once (one by part of KJ Pro and Kojima and the other by the other half) or what... what does it mean? it was just kind of a statement that didn't really make sense to me on how the press reported on it... please pretty please even if you don't read my question. Thanks!!! By the way truly Kojima productions have reached the rank of FOX with FOX engine... it's incredibly far better than Activision's engine (obviously lol), Unreals and I think even Crytek seriously better than Crytek thanks for the footage it was "worth the wait" as Otacon would say

35 / GTG / 2012年09月02日 17:28


36 / french yamori / 2012年09月02日 17:50

Is Imaizumi san is addictive to stip club ?

37 / StealthCivet / 2012年09月02日 22:36

All i can say is wow. MGS:GZ looks amazing, a great idea for a game. Can't believe you guys got it all the way to a playable demo stage without any leaks or press of any kind. Good job all and I can't wait to play.

38 / naked ocelot / 2012年09月02日 23:53

hey guys i have seen the trailer and it was the amaisest thing i have ever seen...
the grafics are verry realistic and
the car drive thing is verry amaising
i love naked snakes new look.
and im verry looking forward to this.
you guys are like santa clouse always giving us good stuff!!!

39 / Winter_Cat / 2012年09月03日 01:22

Hey guys,
I just saw the trailer for Ground Zeroes, and I must say that it looks just gorgeous, especially with the subtle but realistic movements and such. From what I saw of the game play, it has the same effect, and it looks beautiful because of it, but I have to wonder how the smooth animations effect how Snake handles, and I wasn't a fan of the camera shaking and sometimes drifting a little low. It looks nice and all, but I wonder if it will effect the functionality of the camera in the game. I thought I should bring up these points because, overall, the demo that you guys showed was amazing (albeit not that surprising) and I'm already excited to see what you guys do with it.
I might have wished that there was a little more to take by breath away then the smoothness and realism of the demo (which the E3 Rising demo somehow managed to do) but I hardly see anything wrong with a game reminiscent of Peace Walker.
PS I'm a bit confused as to when the game takes place. The intro implied that it takes place shortly after Peace Walker, but Snake/Big Boss looks much older than in PW (he kind of reminds me Sean Bean, for some reason).

40 / Craigy / 2012年09月03日 06:32

Just seen the trailer. I'm not gonna even bother trying to dissect what I just saw. I'm too excited. The shivers on the back of my neck WON'T STOP. Nothing... And I mean nothing... Get's me pumped like METAL GEAR.
I know this is just the adrenaline talking at the moment, but... Hideo Kojima is a true visionary.

Peace and love to all of KojiPro. I can not wait.

41 / 8nine3 / 2012年09月03日 18:07

I just saw the MGS Ground Zeros from Pax.., it's differnently the best looking MGS to date and must fluid... I only have one wish and that is could kojimaPro add that portion of the game into the MGRising I don't think any of the fans will care if it's not in English or the stage is not finish.. The only thing any of the fans want is that amazing looking game.... Keep up the good work..

42 / ekanS XOF / 2012年09月03日 21:53

Hey guys, I've just watched the ssssssssuuuuupeeeeerrrrrrr amazing trailer. Congrats to you guys for make a ground breaking current gen accomplishment.

No doubt that the graphics is awesome.

But I have some questions for you guys.

There are two watch towers, you shot one guy down but there's another one.

How come they can't hear the chopper coming?

Also, why does Snake use a flare that everybody in the camp can see?

Is it because it's just a demo?

Even half a mile away the enemies should be able to see the flare at night like that.

Why does he use a flare if he has a very hi-tech gadget that can project image just like Star Trek?

43 / Baf / 2012年09月04日 04:36

any new trailers on rising?
KP need to make more games like how Ubisoft constantly makes AC games

44 / Shiro Shinobi / 2012年09月05日 02:13

Black Raiden gets a render.

Sam Rodriguez gets a render.

BladeWolf gets a render.

White Raiden gets no love?

45 / solid snape / 2012年09月05日 03:34

the demo of metal gear solid groundzero looks awesome thangs guys for this awesome game
i hope it plays like peace walker only more detailed like walking around in your own base and stuf ...
this is my top 1 game im looking forward to the number 2 will be raising guys are the best...
but i must say you have a lot of imagenation...

46 / Boss Commando / 2012年09月05日 04:02

Sup guys, I was listining to the MGS4 intrgal podcast again at Shadow Moses and Aki jokingly says there was 3 hours of talk that was cut from the podcast. Is this true? and if so is there any chance we can hear it here. I would really like to here what else Shawn had to say about the level.
It could be something you guys can pop up when you are really busy and can't do the pod cast.


47 / Vanexel / 2012年09月06日 17:19

How many years has Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes been in development? Will David Hayter be doing Voice work for Ground Zeroes? Will Ground Zeroes use up an entire Blu-ray disc like MGS4? Will Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes be transfaring enable?

48 / Kojima's Stalker / 2012年09月06日 17:24

Will this game have a collectors edition like MGS4? Will Ground Zeroes be at TGS or VGA show this year? Is there a lot of pressure on Kojima Productions to get this game out before the next gen systems launch next fall?

49 / Peace Runner / 2012年09月06日 19:57

Does Sam have a codename like Raiden?

Samuel Rodriguez doesn't really sound cool.

I hope he does get a cool codename.

50 / Shibito Snake / 2012年09月06日 20:44

Hello all at Kojima Pro! Just saw the trailer of Ground Zero's, It's got me hyped all over again.

Any way keep up the Really solid work you do over at KP us fans do appreciat every thing your team are capable of.

Take care all.

51 / Solid / 2013年06月14日 01:01

Miss Metal Gear Online :(

52 / OBLISATAIGOTH / 2013年06月14日 13:30

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