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KP ALERT ! - Episode 001
2013.05.31 Friday

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The official Kojima Productions podcast is back with an all new name and format! In Episode 001 of the KP ALERT! we welcome guests Ludvig Forssell (composer) and Joshua McQuery (game designer) to discuss Moby Dick Studios, reflect on Game Developer Conference 2013, and look forward to E3 2013!

>> Next Episode : 06/06/2013 <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Guests   :   Ludvig Forssell
Joshua McQueary
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
Phantom Guest   :   ???
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1 / LOYALFANS / 2013年05月31日 20:18


2 / Yuber112 / 2013年05月31日 20:28

Great episode. I got all sad when I heard Metal Gear Online music being played. It's so painful not being able to play that game anymore. :(

3 / Big Boss / 2013年05月31日 20:42

just thank you for your hard work. i'm a big fan from saudi arabia

4 / Valmet / 2013年05月31日 21:37

It has been a while since I've heard the dulcet tones of the KPR team. Glad that you guys are back to keep us updated with the latest at KP.

5 / Tetsujin / 2013年05月31日 22:54

Hey guys,

glad you're back. Enjoyed the interview about the Moby Dick/Joakim Mogren campaign!

Question: Did you ever record interviews with any of the MGR staff/actors? I was hoping we'd get some Rising cast interviews eventually, especially now that it's out.

6 / Italian Joe / 2013年05月31日 23:17

"Shall we walk through the rainy plain of Spain?"

7 / Fox-Balls / 2013年05月31日 23:18

Very good to hear from yous again :) Been so excited by Metal Gear Solid V an PS4. Really looking forward to Konami pre E3 show an E3 itself.

8 / Renas / 2013年05月31日 23:28

Will these be put on the old Kojima Productions Report feed on iTunes?

9 / Italian Joe / 2013年05月31日 23:36

It was a couple of part coming from "MGSVTTP/GZ" and/or "MGO3" what i've hearded in this KPAlert or just a funny joke of yours?

10 / skinner  / 2013年06月01日 00:41

next discussion is there any way you are able to provide info on the next installment of metal gear online?

11 / Harry / 2013年06月01日 01:38

Good to see the report is back in some form! Really enjoyed it - hearing about GDC and the Moby Dick stuff! Great to hear some of those old familiar voices again.

I really do wish you brought back the vanilla, original report though. It's strange but it means as much to me as the series itself in some ways, it was an incredible augmentation to the games I loved and I listened for over half a decade. It's got me through monotonous jobs, peeked my interest in upcoming games to a ridiculous level and made me look insane at the gym as I laugh to myself. The correspondence with you guys made me feel more than a fan, and if we never get another KP Report, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you guys, and Ryan, for giving us years of phenomenal podcasting!

It just seems a shame that the KP Report, after running for so long, will never reach 200 episodes :( or 1000 ;)

I'm pretty sure that was Chris getting fultoned! Bring back Christine, Ken(zumi) and Aki too! :D

Nevertheless, it's good to have this back in some form. I hope you keep it going and don't go silent again :)

12 / A Black Cat / 2013年06月01日 01:52

Hello Kojima Productions. Can you tell us anything about the next Metal Gear Online? Hideo Kojima said the plan is to make it more suited to a western audience. Could you shed some light on how the project is going in that aspect?

13 / vito / 2013年06月01日 02:15

how can i send a question to the pdcast? here?

14 / davidhayterissnake / 2013年06月01日 02:17

So guys what is the story with ground zeroes and the phantom pain being the same game? are they being sold together? on the same disc? is ground zeroes DLC? It's very confusing and i'm sure everyone wants to know.

15 / Raiden's Platinum Hair / 2013年06月01日 03:16

PLEASE, can you answer this.
Which parts of Raiden are human and is not? We know he has artificial arms, but it seems to be mixed out there. Some say he's only got a human head, and some say half and half. Which is correct?

16 / The Legendary Gas Snake / 2013年06月01日 03:16

You can never be more cryptic than "No David Hayter"

17 / BigBoss475 / 2013年06月01日 03:40

You guys have no idea how happy I am too hear your voices again. Better late then never.

18 / Panda / 2013年06月01日 04:04

How big is the team working on MGS5 and the Fox Engine?

19 / Mr. RHC / 2013年06月01日 04:50

Hi dear KP Cast, reporting in for The Codec! ^^

It's been a great first session, glad to see that the report is continuing! It always is a great pleasure to listento you and get news from you guys firsthand.

The entirety of the teasers leading up to the reveal of MGSV has been quite spectacular, especially the Phantom Pain /Joakim Mogren affair!

Kudos to everyone involved, especially to Ludvig!

I believe everyone is really excited to find out where MGS5 is headed with the Fox Engine. The first trailer was fantastic, you made an intersting choice with Garbage's "Not Your Kind Of People".

I guess everything concering David Hayter will be revealed come June 6th, that's been quite a shocker!

As always, I'm curious to see what the story of MGSV is going to be, the trailers have been quite magical to say the least.

* RHC-out,
hear you soon.

20 / Fred G. / 2013年06月01日 05:03

Good show!

21 / george orwell / 2013年06月01日 05:56

"Brother(s)!!! It's been too long!"

You're finally back!
I just got one question... What the Hell has been going on?!?!?! You've kept us in the dark for too long! You better have some info for us because I just can't take all secrecy.

Thanks for doing this again, and have a great one!

22 / Scott C. / 2013年06月01日 06:19

Welcome back! I know it's probably too early to ask this question but it can't hurt to try: will you be doing "podcasts" for MGSV like in MGS4 where you show us easter eggs and talk about development? Thanks!

23 / Dio / 2013年06月01日 06:37

I'm still hoping for the day that Metal Gear Online will be re-released.

So many people would buy it if it was priced competitively and didn't need a Konami and Game ID log in.

Much like every other Kojima Pro game there is literally nothing else like it. When it was closed it left a hole in the fans hearts that no other game could fill.

24 / Winter_Cat / 2013年06月01日 07:33

Hey guys,
I'm genuinely surprised that there had not been a podcast for as long as this, but this is good. It seems like there had been plenty of good times to have a podcast, but I figured that you were busy. The GDC presentation left me both excited and worried about the Fox engine. I think the workflow, power and streamlinediness have a lot of potential, but at the same time I worry that the artists will be limited to only using objects from the real world and cannot create anything new. The podcast is a fantastic tool for addressing this. Also, I would appreciate a clearer explanation about the cancellation of ZOE3, since nothing about its cancellation was even mentioned in English and Mr.Kojima talks far too fast for me to understand what he is saying. The explanation that the news feeds gave about it made very little sense to me, and it made me think there were other reasons for its cancellation. As a whole, I think Zone of the Enders is stronger as a series that Metal Gear, and I have been waiting quite a while for a sequel. I still want a sequel, but I get the feeling that KP may not want one. As for MGSV, I was impressed by what I saw, since it seems like it should be a quick franchise cash in but actually looks far more experimental, which is something I always like to see. That said, I have yet to see anything that would sell me on the game, especially the gameplay. Only a few minutes have been shown of the game in the GZ trailer, and I worry about level design suffering because of the open world. I hope it is more like Peace Walker, since that is my favorite of the recent MGS games, but MGSV will probably stand as its own game, which is a good thing. I thought the character redesigns were done well, but I just need to see something...more, and hopefully I will with the E3 reveal.
Cheers, and good to have the podcast back!

25 / Otakon / 2013年06月01日 08:50

Could you interview Hideo Kojima or Yoji Shinkawa or preferably both, that would be amazing

Thanks for continuing the podcast and working on the greatest videogame series ever

26 / JMG2 / 2013年06月01日 11:49

What is the dubbing staff's reason for replacing David Hayter for Big Boss? I'm not necessarily against the decision, just curious about the reasoning behind it.

27 / Jiko Kinsoku / 2013年06月01日 12:19

Have you considered giving Metal Gear Solid V Dual Audio (English and Japanese) like PERSONA 4 ARENA?
I say this because this being a multi-platform game, I assume there's going to be a lot of space left on the PS3 version's Blu-Ray disc. At the very least, it could be a purchasable download for those that are interested in playing the game with Akio Ohtsuka and Tomokazu Sugita laying their sweet, sensual voices all over my headphones.
Love your work guys, glad the KP western audience is getting some more attention and feedback.

28 / Jack / 2013年06月01日 13:32

Nice one ^_^

29 / Adamska / 2013年06月01日 14:50

Well, after being fairly harsh with criticism geared toward the steeply declining quality of the previous podcast iteration I am genuinely pleased to express my happiness and satisfaction with the new and heavily improved podcast format. Not only is the content quality far closer to where it was under Ryan Payton (I hope it gets there and exceeds it with subsequent installments), the technical quality of the podcast is finally adequate and easily audible on any kind of device. The puzzling and quirky marketing for MGSV was mostly excellent, I enjoyed it tremendously and most importantly the trailer itself was absolutely phenomenal. The one thing which remains questionable is the whole charade around the voice actor for Snake in the forthcoming game, it has now gone on for so long that if Hayter ends up voicing him again, the whole thing is downright stupid in my opinion. It lost its potential impact a long time ago. On the other hand, if all of it was serious decision making on Kojima's part (as implied) then it would be understandable. That would be my only potentially negative remark regarding all of the advertising efforts for the game. As my closing note, I would humbly suggest Shinkawa-san as a guest on the podcast and, if you have the time, organizing another (far better managed) art contest. Thanks for reading. All the best.

30 / Nightshader / 2013年06月01日 15:46

Hello guys! Love the new show format! The only thing that I am grateful for, is to just see that you guys are back after a half year of silence! It is just so great to finally see you guys back again!

31 / MushiMGO / 2013年06月01日 18:37

When will we be hearing about the next Metal Gear Online? MGO2 was amazing! I can't wait for the next installment. Are we going to be getting a beta any time soon?

32 / GTG  / 2013年06月01日 23:45

it's nice to have a behind the scenes taste of the best productions team in the world kudos on the interviews...

Question.... FOX engine original intent to shorten development production any chance of you great folks telling us how long MGSV has actually been progressing considering GZ reveal last year you have to be a couple years out at least from final i would think... with mr. K's personality it seems that the FOX engine provides him with almost too many choices i feel for you guys considering what MGS 4 put you through... i think mr K's perfection or bust mentality is gonna wind him up in a world of hurt..... 1 day @ a time guys & gal good luck & good work keep it up folks @ mother base will be... oops too soon?

33 / tokenflipguy / 2013年06月02日 01:50

Who is doing the localization for MGSV? If you can answer it though, I understand if you don't.

34 / GTG / 2013年06月02日 02:07

in answer to the theme of MGSV it has to be TIME right??? 9 year coma up to operation N313.. woo hoo machine gun kid coming to PS4 on FOX ...

35 / TheMancho / 2013年06月02日 05:38

Welcome back it's been a while. I like the new format, doesn't the JP Hidechan Radio have similar segments? Anyways I doubt you can answer them buy I do have a few questions. What happenened to Christine? How is ground zeros going to be distributed? On a separate standalone disc, Day 1 DLC, or as part of MGS5 proper? Why didn't you guys contact David Hayter? (I personally believe he should only voice Big Boss in the GZ prologue. Finally an idea, MORE GUESTS! Bring back Aki, Ken, Mark McDonald, and more! What about that interview with Quinton Flynn you promised around Rising's release date?

36 / Joakim Mogren  / 2013年06月02日 09:34

It's good to hear your voices again.
My question is: where is chris?

37 / Jack1911 / 2013年06月02日 13:49

Great to hear you guys will be coming back, you've been *sorely* missed!

38 / Alex / 2013年06月02日 15:44

I'd like to know if the Legacy Collection will only be sold via Amazon in the US.
Also, there should totally be a Vita collection consisting of all the non-Kojima, lesser known, and portable games. The MGS "B" collection consisting of Portable Ops, Ops Plus, MGS Mobile, MGS Touch, Ac!d 1 & 2, MGS Ghost Babel, etc.

39 / Akaras / 2013年06月03日 01:41

I was just wondering if it's not to much trouble could you please make your MGS 5 trailer available on PSN.
Also welcome back.
Kept us waiting huh?

40 / Psycho NOOB / 2013年06月03日 10:35

One of the things I loved about Metal Gear Online is that all of the maps were designed for two-way spawning, this allowed players to predict where enemies are going and make preemptive attacks, in some cases using overwhelming strategic value. MGS4 gameplay mechanics gave players many options and techniques to use in fighting. but let's just face it, BOOM!!! HEADSHOT!!! is the way to go when playing MGO. and infact there was some pretty creative techniques for shooting the automatic weapons such as assault rifle and SMG. my codec question is whether the dev team of MGS4 fully comprehended the unique shooting method which allowed players to hold down R1 and use our middle finger to switch weapons and simultaneously aim and fire automatic weapons by pressing L1. if so why would characters automatically do a cqc attack if spawning and holding down the R1 button? and now in Peace Walker versus ops we can spawn while holding down R1 w/o doing a cqc attack? I would very much enjoy seeng MGO3 become the new internet meme and see youtube videos everywhere, instead of gun camo, we have character camo, and players actually earn rewards and choose how to spend them. and instead of zombie DLC, we have SOP zombie DLC. like in north american chapter of MGS4 those SOP zombies make a world apocalypse! ROFLLLLL Paz is wearing the gas mask in TPP btw... thanks for trolling everyone w/ moby dik studios. I find it excruciating explaining how MSF does not exist when bb goes into a coma for 9years, which is why kaz makes a new PMC called diamond dogs proly stationed in africa or something... btw will the MGS legacy collection make trophies for MGS1 and VR missions for PS1? oh and sean eyestone I can tell you know alot more about MGS thn you let on...

41 / Jonn / 2013年06月03日 22:15

Give me MGO or give me death.

42 / Krait / 2013年06月03日 23:02

Hey, long time follower of the show -- Finally you're back. I'm posting a question regarding Metal Gear Online (3) and when we'll hear from it. A lot of the MGO2 community has been waiting to hear about the next installment and we're really hoping that it still plays the same. Please get back to us regarding MGO3 news.

43 / Metal Gear Online  / 2013年06月03日 23:13

Hey guys, great to have you back. My Codec call is regarding the next Metal Gear Online. Just wondering if you guys could shed any light regarding the next MGO or when we might hear more news from it.

There is a large fan community for MGO2 that have a lot of concern of the next MGO becoming far too "westernized" -- A lot of people are scared you'll drop the lobby system and just make it a quick jump in and jump out gameplay like the Call of Duty games. Among many other things.

Thanks for taking the time to read my question, have a good one.

44 / Cardboard Box of Destiny / 2013年06月04日 00:47

Hey guys! Its been a while! Good to have you back.

So, the whole Moby Dick thing? Brilliant. The whole no David Hayter thing? not so guys better be playin us...

Anyway enough about that, my question is: Will the Legacy Collection be coming to Australia? or is it just a JP/NA thing?...if so...thats just sad.

I look forward to the next Alert....!

45 / Handycrap101 / 2013年06月04日 02:20


46 / Callum Hurley / 2013年06月04日 06:47

Hey guys, so glad to hear the KP guys again!

Two questions: 1. Were is Christine?! No Christine's Comment Corner?! Sad times.... :(

2. The legacy collection, does this contain English dubs for Bande Dessinee or just sub?

Oh one more, will it be available in the UK?

Thanks guys, so glad you're back! :) keep up the good work!

47 / j3 / 2013年06月04日 06:58

It's been too long!

So glad to see the return of a Kojima Productions podcast. There's no other development team with this kind of connection to their fans, and there's no other development team I could even think of that I yearn to listen to a podcast from. Keep putting them out and I'll keep listening!

48 / « Z_E_R_O » From MGO2 NA / 2013年06月04日 07:45

What can you guys tell us about the next metal gear online ?

49 / ACE / 2013年06月04日 09:53

Can we an mgo or a beta release date

50 / Meritorious / 2013年06月04日 14:47

I think you've kept us waiting long enough. I'm a huge fan and all but i have a few questions to ask regarding the next metal gear online installment: How big of a difference will you be able see in Metal Gear Online(3) from Metal Gear Online(2) regarding gameplay/controls?
Next question, Will we be seeing a beta anytime soon?(For MGO3)

51 / noname / 2013年06月04日 16:50

Back when Ryan hosted the KP Report before the launch of MGS4 he and Ken teased some huge story that they never got to tell, bring back Ken and have him relay the tale at last!

Also bring back David Hayter, you guys are seriously losing a ton of fans for how you treated him. You didn't even give him a courtesy call telling him why hes not bb after 15 years of service? I don't buy that whole "we want to try something new" thing in regards to VO when Akio Otsuka is still Snake in the JP version.

52 / lorenzo swinkels / 2013年06月04日 17:50

i hope mgs 5 wil have a more detailed base building sistem
and wil have soldiers running around you own base

53 / notareal / 2013年06月04日 19:56

Is there any possibility that MGS Social Ops will come to Europe iOS and Android?

54 / Phatcorns / 2013年06月04日 22:46

Is there an iTunes link for the store?

55 / owner / 2013年06月04日 22:53

mgo pls

56 / french YAMORI / 2013年06月05日 05:09

Well Come Back cool new concept, smart way to have update about what happen inside KOJI PRO & long time with nothing new to say, & where is Christine

Congratulation on KOJIPRO L.A so when will you capture Cliff.B !

Did you go to siggraph this year or you go make some research every year ?

When the Kantoku sama was in France he say something about a zomby game with Grey Fox please let Suda 51 work on it and build the univer Shadow of the damned & Lolipop chainsaw was a lot of fun this guy don't need to work with the last engine on the market the magic can work with anything.

I think Ludo is a hubot ! question for him did he look a swedish tv show call Real Human ?

About ZOE Kojima sama mention something happen during the Haidara Night on HIDE RADIO that somebody letf the team i think can we know more about that ? Is it still possible to have a new ZOE game...

Maybe too early to ask but will you be there during the GamesCom in Germany & what can we expect to see there same as E3 or some bonus...

Still amuse by how you always try to find new innovative way to tease your game to much white night after your crazy trailer so much fun to talk about that with fans :), even David Bowie look interesting to me now when i learn about Halloween Jack & Diamond Dogs song i see what you doing there !

Sad for people who realy name Joakim Mogre but it's hilarious how far fan go to know something

MGR projet rescue mission by PG is a success, love the high difficulty level Revengeance... I would love to see PG working on ZOE

But i don't like a lot of stuff & i understand that you can't do more things about it because of money and time you spend on it.

Menu : i would like to have the kikoken Raiden style like the one on the demo menu, when we beat the game by pressing L3+R3

A better didactic on Raiden combo like you do on MGS4 with a little video on what we should expect when we do it

Story : i hate Raiden so much when i buy MGS2 for the first time i sold the game two day later when i play with Raiden... Just to say how much i don't like him. Rebuy it after a month, the game blow my mind.

I feel like when Raiden go crazy it don't sound real to me... I was wishing to see him when he was a kid since you show that on the trailer Wrong, so one of my deception about it is as a Raiden "hater" i can't appreciated him if i don't see him younger going through this chaotic life experience of being a child soldier & rise up as the man he became in MGS2

& the first time he go crazy in the game don't feel good to me because i can still controle im with the pad, to really feel is going out of controle for me is to make Raiden kill every character around him but in game. And during this in game time Raiden will kill every one & the player will not be allowed to controle him with the pad to realy see the blood thirsty side take controle...

& why Raiden always keep the first suit during the cutscenes when we have select an other when we play ?

The story is not bad but i can't like it even if this different elements bring together (can) happen in real life the excitement come from "we gonna reveal more about Raiden" ! & when don't know more about him that's the point.

For me Amstrong is not so bad in France a lot of people say he look like a mix of the french president face & a bodybuilder lol

I like what he represent remember me Solidus in MGS2 infiltrate the politics systeme to reach is goal, but the way is introduce in the game is bad because we never see him in a news, paper, tv or eared of him before we face him on the new or something els...

Samuel is great funny is Brazilian i spend on month in Brazil during the crazyyyyy carnival.

And i like him even more after playing the DLC much more technique to play in revengeance mode then Raiden ninja style

Can't wait for E3 & the ???e reveal, good have the report back we miss it a lot, will you bring some poeple how work on the fox engine on the report ! Can we have social ops on androide too in europe !

Peace <3

57 / french YAMORI / 2013年06月05日 08:18

Update on MGS3 throphy list - beat the game in european exteme & obtaine the fox hound embleme would be nice

58 / Metal Gear Online Fan / 2013年06月05日 08:56

Will there be an online portion of MGS5? If so, how far removed will it be from previous iterations?

There is a large fan-base here awaiting its return.

59 / Dio / 2013年06月05日 09:17

Oh also on the subject of the next Metal Gear Online. Something that absolutely must return is the clan system.

It was so well done compared to every other game I've played online.


The Emblem editor.

You could create a 32x32 Pixel art picture.

This Picture would show up next to the names of every member of your clan in game.

Such a tiny thing but kept the community of the game so close together.

60 / Gigahertz / 2013年06月05日 09:22

On the subject of Metal Gear Online 3, if it's in development that is:
Is there going to be a more effective system in place to catch and/or preventing cheating?
In the MGO2 NA servers, I encountered quite a bit of cheating: lagswitching, download/upload limits, etc.
I know that it is difficult to catch or prevent cheating in game, but will players have more influence in getting cheaters banned? It seemed that the team had quite a bit of work in having to sift through lists of people that were accused, but during the time that I was playing, bans seemed to dim down, nearing the end of the game. Due to this, my question may not be so relevant.
In addition to that, I know that DDoS attacks were also quite frequent nearing the end of the game. Will the competitive lobby servers be stronger in the future?

Thanks for your time, I'm looking forward to the new installment in the series.

61 / Sonic812 / 2013年06月05日 11:37

We will always trust and respect all decision made by Kojima and his amazing team NO matter what and by WE I am speaking for the many fans that cannot access this webpage

I just want you to KNOW NOTHING will ever replace MGO in my heart but i understand why you guys had to shut it down but literally online gaming just isnt there for me I NEED MGO we have online for other things sure but MGO was the most unique thing ever and I CANNOT see living the rest of my life without it ever returning.

Also Rather DAVID HAYTER is there or not we will still buy your game dont listen to the ignorant post below.

The voice actor opens the door for the character but the story and everything else blows the door off it's HENGES (sorry if typo)

KEEP up the GOOD WORK GOOD LUCK and I will be buying Whatever limited or special edition and I HOPE it comes to ps4 in a bundle

62 / Suffering from withdrawal symptom / 2013年06月05日 20:29

When/Can we have some news on Metal Gear Online? That game had a really dedicated, tight community and we are all eagerly anticipating a bit of news regarding the next version.

63 / Sabo / 2013年06月05日 20:53

I hope MGO3 is like MGO2 but better

64 / Breakdown / 2013年06月06日 00:32

Please give me MGO back, I miss it. My SVD is my best frent for long time^^ I thanking you from heart.

65 / Sammie Wilkinson / 2013年06月06日 02:04

When is MGO3 coming out? Thousands of players are waiting for confirmation of this.

66 / Sapporo Ichiban / 2013年06月06日 03:46

MGO3 please, i need it, i had so much fun playing MGO2 and it made me sad to know that i can't play it anymore. do it. please

67 / Dante_Ezio / 2013年06月06日 06:10

Hi guys, welcome back! Very excited for MGSV, well done so far! I wanted to ask a question that hopefully you get to answer, what is your guys definition of "open-world" in relation to MGSV?
Is it more like Assassins Creed with multiple, almost 'Hub' type areas to roam around or more like GTA and Just Cause 2 with a huge open single map to explore?
thanks guys!

68 / Professor / 2013年06月06日 07:45

Hey im loving the new format, very segmented and smooth. Love all the soundbites in between and i love the new name for the comment corner. The only gripe i have is WHERES CHRIS AND CHRISTINE??? Their personalities were great and fun to listen to!!

69 / The Last of Us / 2013年06月06日 10:10

It is that true too..all love to David Hayter and Kojima too :)

70 / Neku 7sec hs / 2013年06月06日 10:29

Just information on mgo3 and weither or not there will be a beta available anytime soon like there was for mgo2

71 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月06日 13:31

PODCAST PODCAST PODCAST!! I loved it and I loved the radio drama. America doesn't do these anymore and hasn't done radio drama since the early 1900's. Anyway cool idea good direction and great podcast. Being David Hayter back for at least Ground Zeroes. :)

72 / random-hajile / 2013年06月07日 03:19

To everyone complaining about Hayter remember what SS said in MGS1 "David... my name is David" Now think about BB his name is Jack... Jack Bauer! :P

Now if Bauer voices SS in a remake or something instead of Hayter then we riot lol

73 / GTG / 2013年06月07日 03:31

i'm not a hayter hater but to hear keifer as BB has me relieved hater is snake BB is BB ...... had to use him in MGS 3 for the wammy ending***SPOILERS**** your greater than the Boss i award you the title of BIG BOSS... & continuity for PW but a change is nice especially as we creep ever closer to operation intrude N313.

74 / Boss Commando / 2013年06月07日 04:24

Hi guys interesting show. I wanted to comment on the new voice of snake (Big Boss).
I don't hate the idea of Keither Sutherland as BigBoss but at the same time I feel that the fact of him playing the role Might overshadow the character.

Hayter's voice was iconic. you could turn off the lights and play his version of snake and you knew who it was.

The same is true with Akio Otsuka (who is still playing snake in japan)

Now when you listen to Snake speak you won't go hey that's Snake now you're like hey that's Keither Sutherland. The actor should never over shadow the character especially in video games.

David Hayter is an actor so I'm sure if you asked him to do a different performance to fit the tone of the new game he would have done it.

Despite my concerns I am glad Mr. Kojima is taking a more active role in western localization. Will he be doing the same in other territories ? Will snake be played by other High profile actors in their respective languages?

Also by the way why was Keither Sutherland playing Ismail in the game play demo? could it be that Ismail is a hallucination? Like the ghostly versions of the bosses from mgs3 ? or was that done as a fake out.

Thanks guys

75 / I <3 Sean Eyestone! / 2013年06月07日 07:38

I'm glad to have you guys back! Thank you!

Lots of really interesting info in the show. It was great to hear loads of behind the scenes info about the Joakim cover-up and GDC,

Random questions:

1) Will GZs/PP have a podcast like MGS 4 did (hopefully you'll consider it :) )?

2) Any news on a new MGO game (I'm so sad that I can't play it any more :( )?

Erm... there's a load of other questions about GZs/PP but I'm sure you wouldn't be able to answer them. >_<

I suppose it would be good if you could clear up Portable Ops' and Rising's canonicity status (did they really happen in the storyline or are they stories from an 'alternate universe'). Even to this day, you'll find fans of the series having 100 page arguments over this due to conflicting information/interpretations. Sorry, but a bit of extra clarification would be great! lol ^_^

76 / I <3 Sean Eyestone! / 2013年06月07日 07:45

Actually! Sorry for the double post but I really want ask this..!

Why has the Japanese release of the upcoming game kept Akio Ōtsuka as Snake's voice actor but for the western release it has been changed?
I will understand if you can't answer.

Thanks for the show again and I'm looking forward to the next one! :)

77 / GTG / 2013年06月07日 19:16

people on the net are missing the real news here... taking on race & revenge wow hats off to you if you can make a dent in our culture its about time someone has the guts to bring race relations i.e. ( black, white, asian ) not ethnicism i.e.(latins, arabs, italians... sorry had to add the wop ) out of the shadows so we can bring out the truth. racism is ugly & hard to talk about but there tends to be a little in every person on this Rock... even i slip from time to time & i have a multi race family & background... ok enough sorry for the rant good luck changing hearts & minds yur gonna need it... u have my support as always ....
QUESTION? when u developed MGS 4 in the documentary mr K wanted to do a retake on sunny's voice & the whole team was freaked because it might make every thing crash .... is this still the case or has the FOX ENGINE made it so you can add anything anytime and it wont crash the entire game?

78 / GTG / 2013年06月07日 19:25

last one promise MGS V ... is V for vindication i'm starting to think with the race & revenge theme... just a thought i know mr K said for victory did he mean vindication?

79 / GTG / 2013年06月07日 19:38

i lied

I figured it out MGS V in outer heaven going up against Apartheid!!!!!! in africa !!!!!!! hence race & revenge

80 / / 2013年06月08日 08:59

Please Help us Please... :(

81 / Jakm / 2013年06月13日 11:43

1 year without MGO2 :(
i really miss the game, any news of the next MGO? I just want the same level system, the old maps and everything mgo 2 has

82 / Xearrik / 2013年07月01日 09:30

Will there be an "Integral podcast" for Metal Gear Solid V? I really loved the series of them in MGS4. My only problem with them was there wasn't enough. This time go have a designer play the game from start to Finnish and let us follow along, seeing how you like to go threw the game, and give us lots of in site into what went into it.

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