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KP ALERT ! - Episode 002
2013.06.06 Thursday

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KP Alert ! ramps up to E3 with a peek behind the scenes of METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN and KONAMI's Pre-E3 show! Be sure to check back on June 11th for the official kick-off of E3 2013!

>> Next Episode : 06/11/2013 <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Guests   :   Jay Boor
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
Phantom Guest   :   ???
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1 / GTG (GILMOR THE GREAT) / 2013年06月08日 00:15

MOBY DICK.... look at the map of africa flip it on its side & viola you have a whale tail folks... RACE & REVENGE = apartheid !!!!!!!

2 / EDDIB87 / 2013年06月08日 00:25


But why no Daivd Hayter in MGS5 !? this isnt right !!

3 / SOLID_JHJ / 2013年06月08日 00:53


4 / GTG / 2013年06月08日 00:54

great show wish christine the best!!!!

E3 new trailer props to kojima to sticking to his guns wanting to unveil next week in person ... you guys deserve to have that moment to relish the fans reaction in person with all the work you do.... you folks just keep giving me more reasons to stick around..... great work just want you to know its appreciated

5 / Pig / 2013年06月08日 01:08

Nothing on MGO? I am disappoint.

6 / DavidPliskin / 2013年06月08日 01:21

Hey guys, great to hear that the podcast is finally back after such a long break.

Still, there was something that didn't quite make sense to me when you answered the questions about the change of Snakes voice actor.

How come Akio Ōtsuka can dub over Kiefer Sutherland's face-capture performance, but David Hayter can't?

Why not have two audio channels for the english voice acting 'Sutherland Snake' and 'Hayter Snake'.

You're job is to make a satisfying experience for the players, no?

By including both voice actors you would satisfy the large group of loyal fans who want Hayter, AND the new players who pick the game up to hear Sutherland.

By leaving Hayter out in the cold like you have, you've basically spat in the faces of your fans and said "Tough luck! Kojima wants a (c-list) hollywood actor to voice Snake and that's final!"

Please don't let this be another Raiden in MGS2 fiasco.

7 / CalorieMate / 2013年06月08日 01:27

Thanks for clearing up the confusion about why the Japnese voice actor has remained the same. I understand now that the changes in the western version are due to Kojima's vision of making games more like films by having actors portray all parts of the character "voice, facial, action".

I'm looking forward to E3 of course! :D


I'm hoping that the codec in-game will still be big part of the title - hearing that Snake's dialogue is going to be reduced in terms of quantity when compared to previous games has made me worried about this. So my question to you is are you planning on putting lots of optional conversations in the codec like in previous games?

8 / GTG / 2013年06月08日 01:27

can you please include a side mission that has keifer (BIG BOSS) tackling a christmas tree!!!!! he did it in real life check youtube it would be awesome to see a drunk BB take out a christmas tree!!!!

9 / BaderAl-Sulaiman / 2013年06月08日 01:56


10 / Callum Hurley / 2013年06月08日 02:20

Hey guys! Another great episode!

One question.
Is there any chance you could make an option to play GZ/PP with JP voices and ENG subtitles in the ENG versions?

I love Akio Otsuka. Also, to everyone upset, I'll miss Hayter too, but Sutherland is a fine actor, let's see how he does! :)

Thanks guys!

11 / miri88 / 2013年06月08日 03:15

changing the voice doesn't make sense really... u could just use Keith S. to Do the motion capture and have david Hayter Do the voice just like Akio... why not just do that? and another question, please tell me david hayter will still be voicing Solid Snake?

12 / Jake / 2013年06月08日 03:38

Will there be any word on whether or not Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain are truly separate games at E3?

13 / Frederick G. / 2013年06月08日 04:26

Are there going to be more big name actors joining Sutherland? Also, if the themes of the game if race, will have to do with apartheid? Since Outer Heaven was in Africa.

14 / jly / 2013年06月08日 04:43

Very disappointed with the decision to remove David Hayter. What makes this even worse is having a very recognizable celebrity voice, in Sutherland, now portraying the character of Big Boss. If Hayter had to be replaced I would have much preferred an unknown or non celebrity.

Also one thing I hated about the marketing for MGS4 was how the trailers gave away too much info. For example, returning to Shadow Moses should have been a complete surprise in my opinion. I really hope MGS5 stays away from this.
Anyway this is still my most anticipated game, and I'm glad the podcast is back.

15 / skinner  / 2013年06月08日 05:16

any news on metal gear online? lots of fans are eagerly waiting for any news/info.

16 / MushiMGO / 2013年06月08日 05:22

Why have we still not heard ANYTHING about Metal Gear Online? I feel like yesterday was a huge middle finger to the fans, but regardless I am still hopeful for E3. Please guy any details on MGO would be fantastic.

17 / Goyle / 2013年06月08日 05:39

I think you guys should have at least had David voice Snake in the GZ section but with Kiefer now voicing Snake does that mean that David is gone from the series for good in any future sequels or spinoffs or cameos like smash bros brawl?

18 / CryptDemon / 2013年06月08日 11:19

While I like the explanations for why the voice was changed, it would be really sweet to have as an extra or unlockable a David Hayter dub for people who would rather listen to him.

19 / Psycho NOOB / 2013年06月08日 12:40


1: would you rather fly the flaming unicorn from The Phantom Pain, or ride The Boss' andalusian to it's death? (burn your kiester in flight, or throw a legendary horse down a mountain).

2: what if there was a gun called the STARS NET that looked like a ridiculously fat shotgun and it shoots an electromagnetic net around targets (enemy or item) then fultons them to MB? the gun could be upgraded in R&D to carry more enemies or items, and further the range the weapon can fire aswell as it's capacity... the target would have to be fully exposed for it to work too. what if sean? WAT IF!?!

20 / One who idolizes Liquid Snake / 2013年06月08日 12:49

Hello! I am a very long time listener going all the way back to the very beginning, and this is my very first time writing in. I have been trying to deal with the conflicted feelings that I have over this casting decision. On the one hand, I'm going to miss David Hayter as the voice of Big Boss. On the other hand, I've always felt that Kiefer Sutherland would be my back up choice to be Snake ever since I first watched 24 back in 2001. So this news is bittersweet in the purest sense of the word.

I have two questions for you guys. First, did Kiefer Sutherland only do facial motion capture, or did he also do body movements as well?

Secondly, does the reasoning behind this casting decision mean that the other principle characters from previous games like Miller or Huey (if they are coming back) are being recast?

Thank you, keep up the great work, and if possible get Kiefer on the podcast! I'm very excited, and I can't wait until this game comes out.

21 / Psycho 6662 / 2013年06月08日 13:39

If Strangelove meets Ocelot in MGSV I'm going to cry... please don't let that happen ;[

22 / The Frown / 2013年06月08日 13:59

Hi guys! Your friendly only Costa Rican listener here(Hola Kendoza)

I want to talk a little bit about the news from the Pre E3 show. Which is the old Kojima "swicharoo", I don't feel too upset over David Hayter's absence. I'm no doubt a huge fan of the man with the golden vocal cords. However I think Kojima is taking the series in a very good direction.

I do hope for one thing, since you guys are doing VO dubs for all other languages because this now is kind of like a movie made in English and dubbed for all other languages. Why not make a special DAVID HAYTER DUB DLC? It's the perfect crime! sell it for 5-10 bucks and make a bunch of cash from us, his fans! It's so diabolic and beautiful that it would work.

Listen to me KP and you will laugh all the way to the bank!

23 / j3 / 2013年06月08日 16:26

Big fan of the Sutherland casting news and can't wait to see more from E3 next week. For a question, what does everyone at KP think about the "backlash" and internet crying out for David Hayter to be Snake, or that this is still some huge ruse that's still going on?

24 / gray fox / 2013年06月08日 17:39

The more I read and hear about the reasons to replace Hayter, the less sense it makes. If the details of Sutherland's face aren't being incorporated into the image, what makes his performance so special? If the Japanese voice actor's voice can be dubbed into the game, why can't Hayter's?

Many fans on the internet have pointed out over the months that the sudden change in voice makes no sense in terms of the established narrative of the series. And right now, given what's been said, I'm having a hard time seeing the switch to Sutherland as anything other than a publicity stunt.

25 / Italian Joe / 2013年06月08日 18:59

Hi guys,

A simple and very important question: what's Hideo Kojima and Konami Digital Entertainment think about the new Microsoft console a.k.a. Xbox one and which politics will be adopted in future by both the Kojima Productions Japan and Los Angeles studios regarding the all the so """loved""" new "stuff" already annunced officially by MS yesterday like the used games selling limit and how would them eventually be added in the next "A Hideo Kojima game" ?

I know it's near impossible to have a big important answer like this one by a radio show but i guess all the fans out there need to know the truth as soon as possible...

I'll wish you a happy Piposaru hunting in the MGSV open world to all of you...(?) ^^

26 / Adamska / 2013年06月08日 21:00

Here are my thoughts on the selection of Mr. Sutherland as the new VO for Snake: Even though I have never genuinely cared for his acting style or thought of him as a phenomenally good voice actor I am absolutely certain that he will bring a level of professionalism and quality to the table that will meet all of Kojima-san's exceptionally demanding criteria. The way the game is shaping up promises to be the best quality MG experience to date. With that out the way, most of the reasoning you offered for switching actors is pure marketing buzz (higher profile branding as a result of a major Hollywood actor (relatively speaking) being involved as opposed to Hayter who is certainly notably more low profile). The whole hoopla about Sutherland being able to adequately provide facial expressions due to his weathered look falls tragi-comically flat as the man is merely two years older than Hayter. He has absolutely zero added physical authenticity versus what Hayter could have provided. On top of that, I firmly believe he does not posses any higher VO quality/capability than Hayter does. This last point is of course entirely down to individual interpretation - 100% subjective. I clearly hold great respect for Hayter and everything he has done for the series however don't for a second think that if I thought your decision was genuinely grounded in a merit-ful cause and resulted in an unquestionably higher product quality I would not be in full support of making the change and respectfully parting with the previous actor. Clearly, I do not believe this was handled in such a manner. I am eagerly awaiting your E3 presentations. Till next time, best regards....

27 / John Doe / 2013年06月09日 00:01

The fact that Sutherland is doing the voice in BOTH Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain blows Hideo's bullshit excuse of 'I needed an older actor' right out of the fucking water.

BB is 39 years old in Ground Zeroes so needing an 'older man' in his late 40's doing the voice is completely irrelevant. Not only that it's going to be jarring for future fans to play Peace Walker and then play GZ and wonder why BB's voice changed in the span of a few weeks.

It just doesn't make sense! Stop this before its too late.

28 / Emily / 2013年06月09日 04:08

Was the horse motion-captured?

29 / JOnathan / 2013年06月09日 05:20

Where is the Feed Address,OPML link to manually added to my podcast app.

30 / Snowyday / 2013年06月09日 05:38

Hi I like Metal Gear Solid games and I would like to play Metal Gear Solid games on Wii U please bring them to the Wii U thanks

31 / Winter_Cat / 2013年06月09日 06:28

Hey guys,
I was sorta expecting more at the pre-E3 event than just announcing a new voice actor, like a trailer or something, but I suspect that will come later. I was excited to see who the new actor would be, but I felt that Kiefer Sutherland is a disappointing choice, albeit reasonable. He is by no means a bad actor, but I wonder if I will be able to see Snake as the character, rather that Kiefer Sutherland playing Snake. Also, I worry about KP becoming too influenced by Hollywood, and not using a traditional voice actor does nothing to assuage those fears. However, I cannot pass judgement over whether he was a good choice, since only the announcement has been made, rather than showing Snake with his voice, so until then...

32 / True Metal Fan PMH / 2013年06月09日 08:04

Sweet! So glad Big Boss has his own voice, Kiefer Sutherland makes great young Richard Doyle lol (I get that Richard's too old for full body mocap) Fantastic work guys.

33 / frank pina / 2013年06月09日 12:08

hi glad to se you guys coming back from the death, just a couple of questions I have: if snake returns to the new super smash bros who will do the english dub? and Why Harry Gregson Williams is not scoring MGSV?
why is everything different im afraid of change there's no a single piece of music that can unify the metal gear solid series in the same way indiana jones and back to the future have? some kind of music that didn't change within each game release that make you remember certain emotions from the past of the franchise?

34 / Fk you / 2013年06月09日 13:34

No hayter no mgs

35 / Psycho 6662 / 2013年06月09日 13:38

idk what I'd do just to play 1 freaking game of mgo right now...

36 / D. Roobz / 2013年06月09日 13:42

It's nice to have you guys back, I was wondering where you guys went. I know most people are going to be upset about Keifer Sutherland playing the role of the main character in MGS5 but why have you taken so much effort to disrespect David Hayter in this ordeal? You never told him about being replaced as the voice of Snake, causing him to guess if there's some sort of ruse, even WE are thinking there is some trickery going on, and now you seem to REFUSE even saying his name. What is the deal with that?

37 / SunSmashMaciej / 2013年06月09日 15:34

Something's really bugging me. Is Hayter's name being censored by your nanomachines or something?
All joking aside though, not a mention at all? Come on guys, the guy has been the ICONIC voice of Snake since MGS1. David has put a lot of heart, soul, time and sacrifice (Twin Snakes pay cut comes to mind) into these characters; and no one at KP has the courtesy to say, "Thanks David for working with us over the 15 fantastic years, we wish you luck in wherever you're headed next." I think he deserves some recognition.
Game looks great! New possibilities for emotional expression sounds fantastic. Just don't be salty :p

38 / xxxKILLAxxx / 2013年06月09日 16:33

even thoh kojima is prolly to proud to admit his mistakes, i dont think he anticipated such anger from many fans about hayter being cast aside, you guys should read the konami and mg facebook pages, i hav an idea tho how about you get hayter to voice bb in the ground zeros part of the game so the game can properly transiton to kefer in the pantom pain part. i don think the anger would be as bad if hayter never voiced bb in the first place, he shuld have had a diffrent actor in mg3 to beign with lol. anyways its just a suggestion, keep on rocking guys.

39 / Tim Wilkins / 2013年06月09日 16:49

To be honest, I find it rather a slap to the face of fans by simply ignoring their pleas and comments and twisting facts to justify firing Hayter, labeling him as "just some friend" prior. "Snake was always a silent character." ... Really? Come on. Change the voice, whatever, but acting like the guy didn't make an effort, being heavily involved with the fans and taking a pay cut during Twin Snake's by his own suggestion so the fans could have the entire original cast bar Fox, and didn't deliver an A game each game is kinda... disgustingly unprofessional. The whole example of " Kaz, I'm feeling like crap." never happened in a prior game.

Peace Walker which was told mostly through stills bloody had the simple line of "Kaz..." and portrayed everything it needed... So really, treating the fans like they don't know a thing is rather shoddy. It isn't all about the face but tone of voice and Hayter, Randolf, Downes... everyone ever hired for a MG game has portrayed it through that flawlessly, the use of comic book stills in the PSP games prove this. Which isn't to say the animators have never done a flawless job, both have always complimented and enhanced one another. Treating Hayter like he is some nobody is really not on, at all. He isn't the gum under your foot, it's extremely disrespectful.

I'm not knocking Sutherland, in all honesty he has been a dealt a bum hand and will take the brunt of fans anger because of the way Konami has just simply ignored the fans it has annoyed and many will overlook his performance because of the unprofessional actions of others.

Honestly, you'd think they would have learned their lesson after the Silent Hill HD recast for 2 and 3, ignoring the problem won't make it go away, at all. The game will be great, the engine looks brilliant but what's the point of supporting a company and team that skewer facts to tell you don't know what you really want and present a forced alternative nobody really wanted.

Disappointed guys.

40 / metal gear solid = awesome / 2013年06月10日 01:14

cant wait to see what you guys show at e3!

41 / umanokoibito / 2013年06月10日 03:37

Hi, thanks for this great show.
Well, I have a question.. is Kojima Productions going next-gen? Kojima haven't said anything yet about in which consoles MGSV will release although the trailers show current-gen... but whenever Geoff Keighley asks him about that, he always reply with a "I can't say anything about it yet"..

42 / John / 2013年06月10日 13:20

Please bring it to the PC!

43 / Mr. RHC / 2013年06月10日 16:59

On Kiefer Sutherland and David Hayter...

I guess Kiefer is a good actor and can do a solid performance for MGSV.

But I can't agree with the way how David Hayter is treated after 14 years of Snake.

You didn't even mention his name in the podcast.

44 / I know where my loyalties lie / 2013年06月10日 18:06

Not gonna buy the game if Hayter isn't in it.

He even did two video chats with fans (just youtube his name), played through all games had the TTS pay cut.

I'm loyal to the end.
I'm loyal to David Hayter. As he was to us throughout all these years.

45 / White Mint Chocolate / 2013年06月10日 21:53

What are the chances of an HD Portable Ops on 360/ps3?
It's an important step in Big Boss' story and the dual stick will make the game playable!

Also, I don't believe that people are against Kiefer Sutherland, they just don't like that Kojima fired David Hayter without having the courtesy of telling him.

46 / Psycho 6662 / 2013年06月10日 23:10

Well... I tend to stay away from controversial subjects regarding KP. but the fact is that Hideo did also announce a Metal Gear Solid movie in the future, Hideo also goes to LA like a billion times a year, infact he recently tweeted checking on the Red fox studio in where? LOS ANGELES.
everyone thinks Hideo wasn't westernized at the beginning, when infact he couldn't have been more westernized in MGS1. Sutherland is but one ticket out of thousands Hideo has used to get into hollywood. Ana-one more thing! KOJIMA IS VP OF KONAMI AND DECIDED TO END MGO.

47 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月11日 03:38

The new trailer was AWESOME!!! THIS IS MGS!!!! Can't wait! The only reservation I have is the reuse of Donna Burke for the theme song, she is good, but I am just use to a new singer or artist with each game. Can't wait though, looks good.

48 / Dante_ezio / 2013年06月11日 04:07

Hi guys, I have a question for KP Alert.
First of all the new trailer was AMAZING!!! I'm beyond excited!! And it sounds like Kiefer should have voiced Big Boss all along, excellent work!!
I wanted to ask, will there be some kind of multiplayer available? Like a new MGO or Co-Op?

49 / GillianSeed / 2013年06月11日 04:37

Very disappointed, Keifer is a good actor for sure, but I can't help but feel that Kojima is becoming to way to obsessed with hollywood, I half expect the next MG game to only have hollywood actors, and be some big budget drivel with no heart like his oldergames. In that PRE E3 show, you guys downplay Hayter's acting subtly and yet you don't even have the courtesy to mention hayter by name, at one point when avi arad talks his voice comes in and he says, "... friend of mine... uh used to be snake... but kiefer is in a class of his own." I'm pretty sure he was talking about Hayter (since arad was at marvel when hayter helped write the x-men movies) but censoring or downplaying hayter's involvement is just rude to him and to the fans. I don't buy the excuse that Akio can dub in the JP version, but Hayter can't do the same in the US version. I have bought every MG game new, even Rising, but I may have to get this one used. Sorry guys, I just think it's rude how you've treated hayter, and Kojima's obssession with hollywood isn't doing me any favors... regardless keep up the great work and try not to let Kojima, and KP get to obsessed with hollywood... it's leading the series astray... Please don't forget about Hayter, If Solid Snake ever returns or appears in a crossover game and is recast I can't imagine the shit storm that would rage on, it would make this one seem pale I'd imagine.

50 / GTG (GILMOR THE GREAT / 2013年06月11日 05:34


51 / Hateraide / 2013年06月11日 07:51

I thought Kojima wanted a new voice actor for Snake because he wanted a more serious and/or subtle tone for the way the message of the game is conveyed. And then I heard the corny dialogue in the XB1 E3 trailer... Kojima's writing has always been out there, not some pinacle of literature that only a select few can comprehend, or a script that needs a shakespearian actor to read. I think the "actor swap" was just an excuse to ditch Hayter. I think Hayter sucked in PW anyways though, he sounded like he was 90 years old, I guess some of the fault also lies in the Voice over director but regardless he sucked in that game, If he ever does return (I don't care either way I just find kojima's excuse for actor changes ironic) Get him to use the voice he used as the male jedi knight in the old republic, it doesn't sound like a throat cancer victim. Gonna be funny to hear Sutherland say some classic Kojima lines, I can't wait I'll be there day 1 lol.

52 / TheMancho / 2013年06月11日 07:53

Hey guys quick question, since you confirmed that Christine left KP what about Aki? I heard a rumor that he left as well is that true? If so at least bring Ken back on one of these days lol.

53 / Gigahertz / 2013年06月11日 11:12

On the subject of Metal Gear Online 3, if it's in development and you can talk about it that is:
Is there going to be a more effective system in place to catch and/or preventing cheating?
In the MGO2 NA servers, I encountered quite a bit of cheating: lagswitching, download/upload limits, etc.
Konami seemed to have a lot of work on their hands, will there be a more effective banning system?
In addition to that, server attacks were also quite frequent nearing the end of the game. Will the competitive lobby servers be stronger in the future?

Thanks for your time, I'm looking forward to the new installment in the series.

54 / Mizu / 2013年06月11日 16:34


I thought the trailer today was fantastic and I can't wait for the next one! :P

Could you clear up what consoles the game/s will be coming out for please? I'm also wondering whether TPP and GZ will be packaged separately or together and would love it if you could clarify this please.

Thanks guys for all of the hard work you put in. :) !!

55 / Stealth Civet / 2013年06月11日 21:07

Now that most of the "BIG (boss)" announcements revolving around MGS5 have been revealed. I'm kinda left wondering, why no word on a new MGO? If there is no plans for this I might be very disappointed as i played MGS4 4 or 5 times but I played MGO till the servers got shut down :)

56 / notareal / 2013年06月11日 21:50

Is MGS Social Ops ever coming to EU and US?

57 / Dante_Ezio / 2013年06月12日 00:06

Question for KP Alert.
When Ground Zeroes was first shown last year, when talking about it being Open World I couldn't help but notice that it was said you could call in the helicopter for fast travel between other "Countries".
Now we know that MGSV is at least partially set in Afgahnistan but I thought Outer Heaven was established in Africa??
Does this mean we can actually travel to "other countries"??

58 / GTG / 2013年06月12日 00:14

just want you folks @ KJP GREATEST DEVELOPER of ALL TIME!!! its an honor to have my posts edited for spoiler content. but was i right is the answer in the non answer?

59 / GreenGako / 2013年06月12日 03:53

At least mention MGO :o

60 / kojima productions rule!! / 2013年06月12日 04:18

hello guys

why was there a xbox live logo at the end of the new trailer but not one for the playstation network? an answer would be very much appreciated as I'm kinda stressing about it lol

you guys are AMAZING, I LOVE YOU ALL

61 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月12日 04:26

Wait!!! it says in the Metal Gear Solid Novel and Metal Gear Solid 1 that Mcdonnell Miller still has his arm... even in the artwork he has his arm!! STOP CHANGING THE STORY! It's starting to irritate me that the theology keeps changing, Hideo Kojima needs to learn how to write new or original characters instead of using the same ones over and over again.

62 / Hutkeyboy / 2013年06月12日 04:59

Hello, will you be able to tell us if MGSV will also be out on the PC?
The demo and trailers were running on PC so that's why I'm wondering. The game looks really good.

63 / john / 2013年06月12日 05:18

metal gear online info !!

64 / GTG / 2013年06月12日 06:00

trailer: I dont think my heart beat the 1st 3 minutes & for me that's not good as for the rest of the world i hope they realise the greatness that is KOJIMA SAN.... holy Vuck

65 / Shigeru Miyamoto / 2013年06月12日 06:37

Firstly, congtatulations on the new trailer for the next installment of the Metal Gear Solid series. I am overcome with emotions when seen how far this game has come. And as of now on the kojima productions website I am pleased to announce that I will be replacing Charles Martinet the voice of Mario, with david hayter. I once again surprised by Hideo Kojimas upcoming titlr and the buzz he haz created by ignorong my new mario actor. And I am apologizing to you Hideo Kojima for this circumstances.

66 / Specter / 2013年06月12日 07:15

Best Metal Gear trailer in years...
but can't get hyped because of Jack Bauer.

67 / (SHORT) / 2013年06月12日 08:34

i just noticed the snake on "ELI's" lap pretty clever...

68 / the kid ben / 2013年06月12日 08:40

whats happening with mgo? thats really all i look forward to. to be rank 1 or around there like ussual :p

69 / CloneOrDie / 2013年06月12日 08:49

Waiting for ENGLISH version of 061113 HideRadio Ep. 3! When's the translated version comin???

70 / (LONG) / 2013年06月12日 10:50

SPOILERS**********************holy crackers is Quiet Naomi?? saved by BB and GF in rodesia....

71 / xxCTRLALTDELx / 2013年06月12日 11:06

Love the podcast. After watching a video series talking about the history of MG.I decided to make a leap of faith and buy the HD collection, MGS1 on PSN, MGS:PO, and MGS4:GotP. I made pledge to myself to beat as many MG games before MG: Rising Revengance and I completed all of them, but due to college I have slowed down and only need to beat MGS:PW. My question is when will KP Alert be available on iTunes? Also have any of you taken a leap of faith by buying a whole series?

72 / Timmy / 2013年06月12日 11:33

LOL @ DavidPliskin claiming that Keifer Sutherland is a C-list actor. David Hayter is about a D-list actor, a guy who is known only for voice work, and his actual acting is largely unknown.

David Hayter was incredibly lazy in MGS4 & I'm glad he is being replaced by a more capable actor.

Snake & Big Boss should have different voices anyway. They are different characters, who had different lives, so the voices shouldn't be the same. Liquid & Solidus both had different voices to show that they were different. It honestly makes no sense to have Solid Snake & Big Boss have the same voice, which is the entire point of Kojima replacing him in the role. David Hayter should have been replaced for MGS3 to not have had this problem.

73 / Jim / 2013年06月12日 11:35

Looks to me like the child soldiers in the trailer may be from Liberia, thus tying in Raiden's origins to Big Boss.

74 / GTG / 2013年06月12日 12:35

been playing metal gear since 1988 nintendo (i was 10 /11didn't know MSX even existed... than snakes revenge came out & i conned a kid into getting it & i would " barrow " it from him he never touched the controler...rumors existed of MG 2 solid snake but never got to play MSX MG's till MGS subsistance.... but to answer your question CTRLAL i took a leap with the GoW series was fun but.... it aint METAL GEAR

75 / elrengo76 / 2013年06月12日 12:57


76 / Hanzo / 2013年06月12日 13:07

IF MGS5 was to release on the PC, Please support modding! I would love to play around with the FoxEngine :D Release FoxEngine on the PC ala UDK would definitely be a good move also, making FoxEngine more popular.

77 / Guest / 2013年06月12日 13:08

It wasn't cool on Kojima's part letting David Hayter go like that. I just hope he makes up for this.

78 / Hassan / 2013年06月12日 13:29

Why there is no reference to Portable Ops in its successors? Is it still canon or not?

79 / DavidPliskin / 2013年06月13日 07:14

@Timmy - David Hayter might be a D-lister, but his voice acting far surpasses Kiefer Sutherland's - in talent and established narrative (14 years of voicing Snake).

All Sutherland has going for him is that he was in the TV series 24 and a few movies that never really reviewed that well.

The fact of the matter is that his voice is going to stand out like a sore thumb.

80 / Mike / 2013年06月13日 07:32

I can't wait for any new MGO News!! Best online game ever. I'm serious.

I hope Konami LA doesn't westernize the game too much! Keep alot of Japanese and MGO2 elements in there too I hope.

81 / BOSTERO / 2013年06月13日 21:19


82 / gg / 2013年06月14日 12:54

MGO!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! just 30sec clip

83 / Ammar-A1 / 2013年06月15日 07:30

don't add stupid things to mgo

84 / MGO WE MISSED YOU !  / 2013年06月15日 07:45


85 / The GOLden  / 2013年06月15日 08:23

we need MGO3 same MGO2 ..
ID konami have more 1 char
Surv and turn

86 / DeKam  / 2013年06月17日 08:09

ATTN : Director or Producer " Hideo Kojima'' about Civilization Wars ™ Project.

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87 / Pho / 2013年06月18日 22:14

i hope you guys dont change mgo2 too much it was good game with alot of things to do if i hope it has the same as mgo2 and more dont make it red dead solid

88 / aaaa / 2013年06月18日 23:57

Let people in survival play with thim selfs like this

from level 5 to 0 play survival tegother
5 to 8 play tegother
8 to 15 play tegother
15 to 21 play tegother
and dnt change how we play how we jump how we shot << it's very good
just change the maps
and put more clothes
and if you can ...
survival EU & NA & asia
just the survival we want play with all in the world
when we finish survival or tournament clse this server *

^ sorry bad english
thanx konami for MGO 3

89 / Solid313 / 2013年06月19日 09:57

Please don't change MGO to worse..

90 / Alligator / 2013年06月20日 20:32

Really pleased about the change in voice actor! I've felt like Hayter's been holding back the character for a long time; it became especially obvious when he was cast alongside actors like Robin Atkin Downes. Looking forward to the next episode.

91 / Cyborg Brain / 2013年06月28日 04:42


I can't afford next gen consoles. I've recently had to sell my PS3, along with MGS4 and MGR.
It was very painful.
There was one glimmer of hope! I was given a WiiU as a gift and I was overjoyed to be able to play all the great Nintendo games.
Unfortunately, reading that there are no plans for MGSV coming to WiiU, is disappointing to me.
Could you please, at least, consider this. Most games don't use the gamepad at all, but it doesn't matter, the game is what's important.
So I implore you, to at least consider it, for people who can't afford next gen, or even current gen.
Thank you.

92 / L.A. Garcia / 2013年07月04日 09:10

Will Kojima-san be a playable character in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain?

93 / No Name / 2013年07月04日 19:37

We Want David Mr.Kojima :)

94 / Silve / 2013年07月08日 13:57

How will the Digital Graphic Novels be handled for the US release of Legacy collection? Will it be the same voices as the original 2 Solid games?

95 / enot08 / 2013年07月23日 17:09

Hideo, hello!
On behalf of the Russians fans of MG series, I want to ask you two questions:
- Will there be MGS5 present Russian subtitles? Konami adds Russian subtitles in Castlevania 2, in connection with this matter to your game.
- In Russia over the past 20 years has accumulated a huge fan base of your games, many players pushes play your games just the language barrier. Do you plan to continue to do the master disk includes original Russian language, at least at the level of Russian subtitles?

Thank you, Regards, Sergey.

96 / John Doe / 2013年07月24日 05:52

Please KP give us some footage of the game or some news already!The fans are tired of waiting!!
C O M E O N....

97 / SGM / 2013年08月01日 23:01

Looking forward MGSV :O love the trailer...hope to see or at least have some new ifno at gamescom and maybe release date?but i will be announced in the tgs.

98 / Björn / 2013年08月07日 09:03

hey guys. i loved the third episode about the sounddesign and trailers in general. i'm really interested in those stuff, and i love editing videos, so i decieded to make my own mgs5 trailer, with my own sounds, and a different kind of music. i would appreciate so much if you would watch it and give your opinion. and by the way, what did your colleagues that work on those trailers study? regards from germany.

99 / mgo2  / 2013年11月18日 15:08

kojima please bring back make mgo3 how mgo2 was. You may not realize it but you and the production team sculpted the greatest multiplayer experience ever! Everying from grouping up with your clan and going head to head with other teams to the unique gamemodes, the way the stats were set up, the emblem customization, gear customization , aminmal ranks , level system , team sneak, rescue , Everything was perfect! I Just hope you take the time to read this and realize that mgo was a truly perfect game and it would kill me to see such a work of art go down the drain...p.s dont let your true fans down thank you

100 / William / 2013年11月19日 03:45

I hope the Deja Vu mission will also be for the PS3 version of Ground Zeroes as well.

Even though some of us fans can't get the next gen consoles right away, will the current gen versions of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain look as good as the next gen versions? Will there be a HUGE difference or very minimal?

Thanks guys!

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