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KP ALERT ! - Episode 003 (E3!)
2013.06.11 Tuesday

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Special E3 trailer recap with a focus on audio with Sound Designer Peter Wayne. Tune in next week for an in-depth look at "Sins of the Father" and more!

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Extended Director’s Cut

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Standard Version

>> Next Episode : 06/21/2013 <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Ken Mendoza
Guests   :   Peter Wayne
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
Phantom Guest   :   ???
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1 / Dio / 2013年06月12日 16:43

Alright listen up everybody complaining about the voice cast.

Play through the whole game first when it comes out and THEN complain.

Or just go away and stop spamming this page if you have no plan to support the actual game. You can go back and play any other MGS game and hear your beloved Voice Actors in action.

I was glad to hear you guys mention MGO in this podcast.

It would be amazing if you guys could get one of the developers behind the new one to appear on the show.

The community for the online portion of MGS is HUGE. I know of at least 5 websites dedicated just to those parts of the game.

It would be great if there was a place we could send in our requests and feedback for features the community as a whole wants in the next online component.

2 / Kraid / 2013年06月12日 16:43

Great podcast!
With next-gen versions confirmed now, are there any chances that MGSV will be released on PC as well?

3 / GILMOR THE GREAT / 2013年06月12日 17:20

******SPOILER FILL*****

Trojan Horse fromGZ is PAZ with bomb in stomache
big boss tries to save everyone but bomb goes off and he gets Master Millers sunglasses embedded into his skull for his troubles. and 9 year coma to boot.

liquid (ELI) would be 12 in 1984 he's 33 in MGS1 do the math oh yeah and theres a snake sitting on his lap.

unless they retcon series Quiet can't be naomi she was said to have been born in late 70s.....

congrats great trailers & interview a hurse is a hurse of curse of curse nice one KEN..... people are starting to catch on David Hayter can't BB anymore it would destroy their childhood seeing him turn into this maniacal character. "WAR CHANGES US SNAKE INTO BEASTS" plus who gonna be solid when operation intrude N313 comes for you?

damn aint gonna be he for the finished product so ill say it now thanks for showing the world how MAGIC happens. if you get just 1 person to change because of this its worth it you guys are goona catch hell from all sides but don't change for anybody.....

sorry for the rant im fading out

4 / SwAgO iS bAcK / 2013年06月12日 18:24

Thanks for the the podcast. Could you guy see if you could get some more info about MGO? Like Dio said, MGO's fanbase is one of the most loyal out there.

5 / stacker  / 2013年06月12日 19:11

it just hit me where i saw the kid in the cage in the mggz trailer it looks a ton like Haley Joel Osment. wow but cant be right?... is chico seeing dead people?

6 / Ikuzo / 2013年06月12日 19:14

Kojima Prodcutions! I love youuuuuuu!!!

*Phew* Not that I've got that out of my system - I was wondering:

Can you tell us any more about the new L.A. studio?

Will the new game feature cardboard boxes/naughty posters/'distracting' magazines and all of the other good stuff from previous titles?

We've seen quite a few trailers now and they have all looked excellent graphically but, we were told that the trailers before this week were using the power of current generation consoles - is this true? How about the E3 trailer? They all look like they should be next-gen but I know Kojima Productions literally perform miracles when it comes to the games you create.

We've seen a lot of animals in the trailers so far, erm, will Snake be able to expand his 'culinary adventures' to the 'dishes' present in the game's locales?

7 / za door knob / 2013年06月12日 19:18

I know you want this whole "hayter thing" to die and I'm still buying the game but I think what we all wanna know is whether or not David is gone from the franchise for good? I mean a future game with Solid Snake would have Sutherland voicing Snake now right? If so thats a damn shame.

8 / Jonn / 2013年06月12日 19:38

Oh my god they mentioned Metal Gear Online!! HNNNNNGGGGGG

9 / MidasIsKing / 2013年06月12日 19:44

Thanks for another podcast so soon.

As previously mentioned, having another MGO would be a huge selling point for MGSV. It would be great if you could clarify if one is planned or not, if one isn't planned than can you just inform us of this fact on the next podcast? It would be kind of cruel to keep thousands of fans waiting in suspension if this was the case. Thank you KP

10 / MilkyAlien / 2013年06月12日 20:01

Please Kojima don't change a thing, MGS1 pushed games storytelling forward a million miles, should this game succeed what it's dealing with it could do the same all over again.

11 / Alex / 2013年06月12日 20:45

I got some questions.
Is second screen experiences exclusive to Xbox One, or anything at all exclusive to either versions at this point?
Can you elaborate any on the second screen? Is it more of an app or something with direct gameplay influence.
Will Ground Zeroes be released digitally first as a download, before the full disc release of Phantom Pain? This was a rumor. That would be a great way to generate excitement and have us experiment with the gameplay and keep us busy until release. We would pay for the early access, especially if we can during the Holiday season.
Is the press getting any hands on time and/or gameplay demonstrations?

12 / Paprika / 2013年06月12日 20:58

As much as I love your new format, I think you guys should start uploading these podcasts to Soundcloud or something, where people would be able to stream instead of download every single podcast you put out here.

13 / 9039 / 2013年06月12日 21:22

Will there be a PC version like Rising?

14 / Adamska / 2013年06月12日 21:50

First and foremost, I can't imagine that there is anybody more excited and enthused about learning more of Ocelot's story arc than myself. This was something I had hoped would come to fruition for ages. The character design looks fantastic even though I did find it quite a departure from the previous games (despite the foundation remaining the same). One rather disappointing fact is that Mr. Zimmerman clearly isn't voicing the character any longer. The new VO is of great quality and overall delivery however it genuinely has next to nothing in terms of the richness and uniqueness that was Zimmerman's interpretation. His VO is in my opinion the most unique and best delivered (flawless consistency) of all the VOs I had ever listened to. Now I understand that this is Ocelot at a relatively younger age but I still very much imagined he would have at least a tad of that grit and snarl that so vividly brought the character to life. Yes, age is clearly the major culprit in his voice deteriorating but still.... my hope was for this VO to have an audible layer of what would later become the well known wild cat talk ;). This way, the character sounds rather generic, I will certainly reserve further/in depth judgement until the game is shipped but I fear the best voice overs in entertainment history are a thing of the past. As good as the new guys are they simply aren't in any way, shape or form better than the preceding cast and in a lot of ways are downright inferior. Clearly, those are my thoughts and sensibilities, and ultimately none of this will preclude me from enjoying the final product to the fullest extent. Till next time, Cheers.

15 / Curious / 2013年06月12日 22:03

Could you confirm to me that the Snake in this game really is Big Boss and not some mysterious new clone? I have a feeling that there is something big still to be revealed of this game. + In the trailers and interviews no one has ever said the name Big Boss (it's always Snake). And i know Big Boss is Snake believe me but it could be that they are just dodging the name and at the end it will be MGS2 all over again.

Big Boss is my favorite charachter ever in games so i can't wait to play as him again.

16 / Italian Joe / 2013年06月12日 22:05

Hi guys,

I want to know if "Punished Snake" (a very appropriate code name...) will be able to ride, or eat just like in Snake Eater as well, another animals to move all over the huge open world like for example an elephant or the mule/donkey i saw in the first part of the trailer ?

I'll ask because i loved so much the so emblematic Mule scene in Peace Walker and i think would be very funny if in Metal Gear Solid V the player can go around like in a legendary spaghetti western game of the past released by Konami in 1991: Sunset "Mule" Riders!!! XD

Please even if the answer is no say yes ^^

17 / GTG / 2013年06月12日 23:00

officially 24 hours now no sleep... nerve pain in a great way thanks to you guys ... i keep having recurrent dream of an August 16th release date... just not sure of the year...doh! this is just too much fun with the speculation got the whole family involved .. so much fun.. im gonna agree with my spit personality hoping you folks never change KJP THE BEST .... keep up the good work folks @ motherbase will be..oops..... never gets old

18 / RoadRanga / 2013年06月12日 23:32

I noticed in the E3 trailer that the exclamation mark and alert sound isn't there. Are you dropping the alert sound in favour for a darker tone or are you keeping it?

19 / Tim / 2013年06月13日 00:45

KojiPro, you are awesome!
I'm the creator of a big MGS fan group of ~90 people that established just a week ago, and all of us mainly play on PC. We would LOVE to see MGSV on it as well!

Our Kudos to you!

20 / Caesarean Poor Kid / 2013年06月13日 01:02

Trailer looks awesome but there's something that makes it look stupid.

When the caption "A New Breed of Stealth!" appeared, Big Boss bends to the side of the horse. Actually his head and arm are obviously sticking out and no way the soldiers couldn't have seen that.

Please change the animation to Big Boss' arm grabbing a part of saddle and moving his leg to the side of the horse so he can't be seen.

Really, there's now way I'll be able to swallow that after seeing the caption "A New Breed of Stealth!"

Not to be rude but it seems more like "A New Breed of Poor Sighted Soldiers"

21 / donnieboi / 2013年06月13日 01:12

Are they even working on mgo now? Why did they shut it down a year ago, if they knew they would take years to make a new one? Why not just shut the ps3 version down only when mgo 3 was finally ready? U gotta keep pressing them on this issue.

22 / Troll Hound / 2013年06月13日 01:21

Nice podcast! But please don't westernize MGO

23 / Mr MGO / 2013年06月13日 01:24

Please ask Kojima this, as we have been discussing certain fears fans (meeting in many forums) have about the next mgo: Will the next mgo be fully developed by Americans? Will kojipro simply use mgo2 assets combined with fox engine to get mgo3 finished faster. I think most fans would be happy of they simply just re-do the ps3 mgs4 version of MGO, but use fox engine and better servers. Things like the SOP system may not make sense in mgs 5's timeline, but it's essential to what made MGO 2 unique. We are afraid that American developers might oversimplify it, or use poorly designed, unbalanced maps. MGO 2 was one of the few online games to get EVERYTHING perfect. All it needed was better servers and to get rid of konami ID. MGO 2 + fox engine is all we need. Please Kojima productions, use MGO 2 as your basis for making MGO 3's foundation. Don't start completely from scratch.

24 / gg / 2013年06月13日 01:43

We want Metal gear Online! Tell us more!

25 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月13日 01:56

Hey sorry I am being really critical of Kojima, but just as some feedback, there needs to be more diverse characters that aren't always related to one another. It just seems somewhat unoriginal and even the parts where he is changing the history and theology of the MGS universe. Especially in MGS 1 Miller (I know he was really Liquid Snake) and the story said nothing about Miller losing all his limbs and such. Anyhow, sometimes I feel the world is going a bit too far as to being unrealistic (I know MGS has a lot of fictional tech and such) it just goes too far sometimes, anyway I know culturally it's a Japanese game, so I know I should be more forgiving. Anyway, still loving the report and the new style; can't wait for the game... sadly I leave the country for a couple years in the fall and I won't be able to play it for a long time if it doesn't come out soon. :(

26 / BlackCat / 2013年06月13日 01:58

thank you for noticing the interest in a new MGO :)

27 / NinjaKakashi / 2013年06月13日 03:02

I had already made my psn MGO3_Kakashi for the new MGO whilst the last one was closing. I can't wait for any updates on MGO and ofcourse mgs5 release date rather than spoilers that I just can't help myself to watch.

28 / MushiMGO / 2013年06月13日 03:04

It's great we got a mention about MGO! I'm extremely excited for MGSV in general, but MGO is the portion of MGS4 that accumulated the most playtime for me(and I've beaten MGS4 a solid 7 or 8 times). Thanks for the mention guys and I will make sure to keep checking back for more info!

29 / ABDOU / 2013年06月13日 04:14

MGO3 need the LAN option to enlarge the game's life ...

30 / Jack / 2013年06月13日 05:18

Please Kojima and staff, add the option to have the Japanese voice overs with English subtitles in the American version of MGS5! There are fans like myself who prefer the Jpns over the English voice actors, please give us the option to choose what we can listen to!

31 / Okay / 2013年06月13日 05:51

Great show, I like that banner. it reminds me of curing Naked Snake in MGS3. so in order for MGO to begin developement the studio in LA has to be up and running? how about a shout out when it begins developement? also I think the question people have been struggling to ask is whether GZ and TPP are the same-disc and same-purchase? I would understand it if the XBOX 360 and PS3 versions were on 2 discs, and you don't have to tell me the massive installation proccess this game will have. lol I will be getting this game on both 360 and PS3. man if MGO comes to 360 they are going to get owned so hard xDDDD I will teach people tho.... gg nice show GET TO WORK!!!! >:O

32 / Okay / 2013年06月13日 05:58

is Kojima seriously tweeting jean's now? ROFLMFAO

33 / liquid SNAKE / 2013年06月13日 06:21

let us know something about Metal Gear Online please ;_;

34 / MGS #1 FAN / 2013年06月13日 06:28

the e3 trailer was awesome!! the song is classic mgs music it reminded me of the snake eater song in mgs3 =) also i cant wait to hear information about mgo3 hopefully you guys can talk about it soon

35 / gray fox / 2013年06月13日 06:57

Okay, so you're not going to budge on the decision to replace Hayter, I get it. You'll reap the consequences of your actions when the reviews come in.

Sutherland's voice acting will take away from the immersion of the game. It happens when famous actors voice do v/o roles in animated movies as well. You're constantly thinking about the actor and not the character.

After watching the trailers though, I must say the game looks absolutely amazing! It's just a shame you had to replace Hayter - It's like the game will be 95% perfect, where if you had kept Hayter it would be 100%.

I'm just holding onto a small hope that this is an elaborate ruse designed by Mr. Kojima.

Please let this be a ruse.

36 / Jake / 2013年06月13日 07:14

I was wondering, will we see a trailer, with maybe a comparison of PS3 to the PS4, or 360 to the Xbox One? I know some people are concerned about the quality drop.

37 / bigger owner / 2013年06月13日 07:18

more mgo pls

38 / Windalgo / 2013年06月13日 09:00

Please bring back MGO.

39 / gtkiller / 2013年06月13日 09:18

What a great trailer Kojima san you have always been the savor of games for me without your games I wouldn't continue gaming.

40 / Winnie / 2013年06月13日 09:35

Hi guys!

I really enjoyed the show and learning more about the process behind building that trailer. The interview with Peter was great too. Was that an Australian accent I heard? Super cool to see some more Aussie talent in MGS if that's the case! Also that theme song in the trailer was amazing, props to everyone involved. It made my heart soar!

Keep up the good work, guys!

41 / frank pina / 2013年06月13日 09:46

can I expect the MGS classic main theme to show up in some shape or form I really miss it.

42 / 4N San Jima / 2013年06月13日 10:03

Many websites are discussing the aspects of a future MGO, and we cannot wait to see what you show us.


43 / Justin D. / 2013年06月13日 11:57

Great trailer, I must have watched it 10 times, but what's up with the soldier in the trailer that has the same outfit as olga gurlukovich from sons of liberty, I bet theres a story behind that. And any KP news or guests coming to San Diego Comic-con this year. Also, I'm loving the return of the podcast, Keep up the great work!

44 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月13日 14:45

Big Boss killing all those people in the cages... I saw it I SAW IT! HOW CAN HE POSSIBLY DO THAT!?!? IS BIG BOSS SO BENT ON REVENGE HE WILL STOP AT NOTHING!?!? That's probably why Kaz Miller eventually leaves and moves to Alaska; even Miller has a point where he stops seeking revenge... Big Boss will cease to be Big Boss with his terrible desire for revenge the Boss would be so ashamed if she knew her son (kind of son) turned out this way. This game will be such an emotional journey to see the absolute breaking hate between ZERO and Big Boss, this will be sad.

45 / Jonny2x4 / 2013年06月13日 16:07

Since MGS5 is open-world, is there any possibility for the developers to bring back the food-hunting aspects from MGS3? It makes more sense for such a feature to be in an open-world game than in a linear one.

Also, I really liked the uniform system and I was wondering if there's going to be more suit for Snake to wear. A biker suit seems to be a given, but what about a scuba gear or an NBC suit?

And finally, are there more characters in MGS5 besides the ones shown in the last trailer? I'm hoping that Frank Jaeger will show up in the game.

46 / GTG  / 2013年06月13日 16:42

******DYINGPHOENIX*******cage killing? what dude he pays'em off and they walk back into what just now occured to me to be a mineshaft. they're locked into to go back to work. BB is slaveing & training he doesn't shootem... RACE remember key plot point.

47 / GTG / 2013年06月13日 16:53

*****DYINGPHOENIX**** see the confusion now... it's the way mr. K cut the trailer its 2 very separate scenes.... they're the ones keeping outer heaven afloat BB is'nt gonna off what he see's as a key to his revenge .... uh oh theres that other theme popping up.

maybe im wrong .... caling mr. K caling mr. K emergency clear this up right away... i love antenna t.v.

48 / GTG / 2013年06月13日 17:03

***** DYING PHOENIX *****RETRACTION he's inspecting the diamonds ohh... i thought he was paying them...oops... running a slave camp with a killer quota... i really thought those were 2 very separate scenes but you may be right........any chance that's SIGINT doing the training??

49 / NuWa / 2013年06月13日 17:14

Please talk about it is not fun to wait without news , just a true new , a screen , anything..

50 / Damian Michalski / 2013年06月13日 17:54

Hideo Kojima you are a genius! And finally you decided to make the game more realistic (at least from what i can see) which is I believe a good decision. Also, I think you have made a good choice picking Sutherland instead of Hayter for va. Even though I've always been a fan of Hayter i think he wouldn't suit for the new Big Boss, and a darker not so exaggerated story. I'm realy really, really impressed. So much that I've watched the trailer maybe 100 times or so already :)

51 / MGOmemeSCENEgeneFAN / 2013年06月13日 19:06

please dear God bring back MGO2 to the PS4. It is the most missed multiplayer by a hardcore die hard fan base. Arguably it was the most unique online and with the Survival and Tournament as well as the Store to purchase and customize your characters, no other game has done it that well like Kojima Productions did with MGO2 on MGS4. The game was a massive hit in Japan and had its own unique cult following in America as well, the only major mentioned problem was the exploiters and glitchers of the game. Besides the exploiters/glitchers literally every other aspect of MGO2 on MGS4 was perfect. The competitiveness and uniqueness and passion for the game of community is second to none

52 / hayaaaaakarateeeee / 2013年06月13日 19:17

What about MGO ? MGO 2 was the best game ever and many many people want a new one. So please tell us some news about MGO 3 !!

53 / Abo MnaF / 2013年06月13日 21:17

mr kojima what abiut Mgo plz

54 / SolidTrane / 2013年06月13日 21:43

There are plenty of us who would like to know more about some MGO details, so please keep us updated. Nice job with the trailers btw, really awesome work. Truly owned the whole show.

55 / Fox-Balls  / 2013年06月13日 22:02

E3 was great, thank you to everyone who made that great trailer. Im hungry for this game I cant wait to get into it. Even during hard times I look forward to MGSV as an escape.

Im wondering if the ghost of Volgin is his actual ghost or a projection? An if its a real ghost, maybe we will see The Boss again.

56 / sekab13 / 2013年06月13日 22:58

Hi guys. I am so excited for The Phantom Pain. My only concern is how often you can save your progress.
When playing Peace Walker I used to get really frustrated if I got killed as I knew I had to replay the whole mission again, which resulted in me never completing the game. I hope you can save progress during a mission or at least get some form of checkpoint like in the old games.

57 / Shibito Snake / 2013年06月13日 23:30

Hi guy's loved the trailer. The metal gear solid music just keeps getting better & better. Looking forward to mgs being open world.

Reminds me of Mercenaries on PS2. Gunna miss David but good luck 2 Kiefer. Ocelot sounds like a good transition between the 2 previous VA.

Hope to play it in the nxt 10 months or so.
Take care all Snake out..........

58 / Caesarean Poor Kid / 2013年06月14日 01:38

Quotes from Hideo Kojima

"Stealth in Metal Gear Solid V is very realistic. It’s not just a matter of following the rules of the game anymore. You can decide to just walk to your destination or ride a car. There are less sentries during the night, but you’ll be easy to spot if you turn on the headlights. Of course there are a lot more sentries during the day."

"I think the definition of “real stealth simulator” is appropriate. Previously when the game was on rails players knew what to expect, because designers just put an explosion there, a collapsing wall there…It was like a haunted house."

Well, you blew it on the very first trailer with the moving on the side of the horse thing but the head, arm, and leg, clear visible to the enemies.

I really really would like to appreciate it but damn. I can't fool my self to like it even if I watch it drunk.

For Mr. Hideo Kojima's sake please do something Kojima Productions.

Another is when Big Boss CQC the enemy and stole his gun. The corridor nor the shadow is dark enough to hide Big Boss.

Can you please explain what's happening here on the next podcast?

Don't tell me he can't see Big Boss just because he's slightly looking up.

59 / Alex / 2013年06月14日 01:48

Hey, guys! I love the new podcast format.

Can't wait for Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. Any chance we'll get to play either or both this year?

60 / PROFSR / 2013年06月14日 06:17

KP Alert! thank you for the Ext Dir Cut of the MGS5 trailer, I had not seen it till now. This new trailer raises so many questions that I will cant wait to play the game to have them answered. The only question I have for the next show, will the MGS5 "Movie" style poster be available in print? I would love to get my hands on that and frame it. Till next ep. guys...

61 / SolidTrane / 2013年06月14日 06:58

The given hints on the new poster are coordinates. Try it with google maps. The artwork reads:
Type into Google maps:
-00° 23' 46.21", +08° 35' 21.778"

And you get Gulf of Guinea! In goddamn Africa, where MGSV takes place, in the meanwhile Miller mentions in the PW secret tape, that there is a site near Angola, which isn't far off. Catch my drift?

62 / Tingle Yak / 2013年06月14日 08:13

Can you have the motion actress of Quiet on the podcast please?

63 / Kiki Chell / 2013年06月14日 08:38

I am a big time 24 and MGS fan and as such it feels extremely weird seeing Snake but hearing Jack Bauer's voice. I want my two fave agents to remain separate individuals, but now all I have is Snake Bauer. It is very surreal. It feels wrong. I'm so used to Kiefer as Bauer that I cannot think of anything other than Kiefer when Snake talks. Whereas with Hayter I never thought of him, but Snake when he talked.

What next, will David Hayter be Bauer in 24 Live Another Day?

64 / Thumbs / 2013年06月14日 10:20

The show is great it gave me something to do in this endless summer but the only question I have is what do you mean by prologue to phantom pain does this mean that I will have to buy two mgs5 or or do mean that its just apart of the game

65 / joshuabc12  / 2013年06月14日 10:42

on the 6th day God created hideo kojima and on the 7th day hideo created mgs

66 / mgo fan / 2013年06月14日 13:01

PLEASE any trailer about MGO!!!!!!!!!

67 / Unknown Error  / 2013年06月14日 13:14

would you please give us more information about the next MGO, I'm a fan from Saudi Arabia and by speaking of my community they looking forward to support Arabic Language only in the Subtitles of the games and make the game as region-free, also bring back all stuff from past MGO.

68 / GTG / 2013年06月14日 13:44

no one believes this is not a next gen trailer ...... oh ye of little faith.... can't wait to see u guys walking off award show stages just shaking yur head with the " tried to warn ya" look did mr K like the bi-foculs?

69 / spirit / 2013年06月14日 15:03

Please give us information about MGO , we asking to make online (free region) , and we hope so much to make new MGO like MGO2 , It was amazing , and ban the cheats quickly :)

70 / Jac1911 / 2013年06月14日 15:09

Please send Peter my thanks as well! Not to beat up on you guys' past work too much, but the podcast sounds much better now...namely because I can hear all of your voices clearly! Definitely a step up in quality. Keep it up!

71 / Peace Runner / 2013年06月14日 16:32

Real-time passage of time and weather is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't really like it when games go from day and night in 30minutes or so.

I really would like to do my missions at night without changing to day after 15 minutes or so. That's very unrealistic.

But do we get to sleep inside a cardboard box to pass time? So I can do some day missions at night?

I have several ideas with the sleeping mechanics.

There are missions like main missions that you can't just sleep to past time.

Kaz would say, "Snake! You can't sleep during this mission!"

And sleeping doesn't actually just skip time but fast forward time very fast so when a guard walks by to your box, it goes back to real time so have to pick the place where you sleep carefully.

Though I bet moving to motherbase or country to country changes time.

72 / Peace Runner / 2013年06月14日 16:33

And don't forget my H.A.L.O Jump

Peace Out. . .

73 / Mr. RHC / 2013年06月14日 18:05

Bombastic showing at E3 with one of your best trailers ever! Hands down! Kudos to Hideo Kojima, and Mr. Honda for composing "Sins Of The Father" and of course to Donna Burke for an amazing performance.

Useless to say, kudos to everyone involved, from the graphics department in this game and of course to the Kp Alert team!

A lot of us are really impressed, I'm getting MGS4 pre-launch vibes from this!

74 / Blacksun / 2013年06月15日 00:08

Hideo and Kojima PRO I love you)))!!!!

75 / Zandatsu / 2013年06月15日 04:48

One thing I hope MGS5 finally does is make BB evil, to many fan on the net keep saying BB was the real hero of the series and Solid Snake was the villian yada yada yada. BB started off good for sure but he was no better than Zero at the end, wanting a world of universal warfare. Had he defeated the Patriots he would have just created a world of war. He said to Snake himself in MGS4 I WAS WRONG.

Solid Snake, yes he's used by others (including the Patriots) but he always does more than what they want him to do, and despite having a similar origin to his father, being betrayed, blindly following orders, ending up hating governments and politicians, he doesn't lose his humanity. Solid Snake is the only one in his family to fight the Patriots without losing his morality or resorting to terrorism. In that sense he's still the good guy and ultimately the redemption of Big Boss. Just because he's being used most of the time doesn't change that aspect of his character. He's the only Snake to really embody a true hero. He's kinda like lawrence of arabia, he's trying to find his identity on the battlefield but everyone else just takes advantage and uses him. Anyways just my thoughts (I hope Kojima agrees but than again he has been showing BB and the Boss more love than the main character) and I hope MGSV ties into MG1 properly. (not sure how the twist in MG1 can work now since everyone knows BB is the leader of Outer Heaven but I leave it in Kojima's hands.) Also I'm fine with Sutherland BB, but don't recast Solid Snake in the future. Also I'm not sure who would voice Old BB in the future Doyle or Sutherland? lol

76 / stn-rte / 2013年06月15日 08:46

we want online in metal gear solid v and want it like mgo2 but more maps.

77 / Your #1 Fan / 2013年06月15日 09:35

it would be so much more emotion from David Hayter.
bring back MGO1, 2, and MPO+

78 / hima / 2013年06月15日 10:50

Please please ... dont make any big deffrent play styl between MGO and a new MGO was great ... please ... miss TSNE ...

79 / Shaoken / 2013年06月15日 14:28

@ Poor Kid,

For the horse thing take into consideration the distance between Snake's horse and the soldiers. They're far enough away to not be able to make out a foot from the rest of the saddle. I'd imagine if they were closer they could tell something was up.

As for the hallway, that's just a video game thing. If they made the hallway as dark as it actually was you wouldn't be able to see Snake at all which would make playing the game rather difficult. If that still bothers you the guy is in a light area with the light in his eyes, making it harder to see into the dark compared to Big Boss whose eye is used to the dark being able to make out more detail.

Great podcast (first I listened to from KP), always a good thing to hear about how much work goes into such an epic game.

80 / N / 2013年06月16日 04:10

Hey, guys! Wow, the new trailer is nothing short of amazing. It's been all I've thought about since Monday when I happened to be tuning into the Microsoft conference. Imagine my shock when one of the characters mentioned "saving Miller." I swear that my heart stopped and I dared to hope for a few tense seconds that this was Metal Gear. I remember thinking "what are the odds? Miller's a pretty common last name..." But needless to say, when the KojiPro logo showed up, I screamed louder than is probably healthy.

But seriously, you guys did an incredible job and it really says something when there is so much content and so many layers in one trailer that you feel like you can talk about it for weeks. This is one of the many reasons why I stick with you guys- there is so much depth to everything you release and that makes for a very exciting and satisfying experience for the fans.

That said, you mentioned that you'd like to hear some conspiracy theories we have going on, right? One of the biggest ones I've seen is the thought that Kaz might be a hallucination on Big Boss' part. That is, Big Boss might be hallucinating that Kaz is there, spurring him on in the direction he's heading- a projection of Big Boss' thoughts to convince him of what he's doing. What also seems relevant is that Kaz's outfit in the Red Band version of the trailer really resembles some of Shinkawa-san's early concept art for Big Boss. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

On the subject of Kaz, I don't suppose I could ask if he's blind or even partially blind now? It seems to make sense that he would be given his title as a "visionary" but I can't entirely tell based on the trailer. I don't suppose you guys could satisfy my curiosity?

Keep up the incredible work, you guys. Can't wait to see what else you've got for us. In the meantime we'll keep on speculating. :)

81 / skinner / 2013年06月16日 09:47

MGO info please,is it gunna be open world? will u be able to create character names in game? will it have tournaments and survival like MGO2? die hard fanbase waiting here for info... oh and give my thanks to the team that created MGO for MGS 4 as they are the most talented online game creators out there

82 / MGO Fan No. 18,784 / 2013年06月16日 15:51

Thanks for recognising the demand for another MGO game. I wish you would unpatch and reboot the servers for MGS 4's MGO though until the new one is out. We would all happily spend £££s on it as we know that it costs you money to run and it's past the time frame you originally had in mind. Games like Demon's Souls were going to shut their servers down but didn't due to fan demand. :(

83 / Peace Runner / 2013年06月16日 21:25

About the guys saying that they want almost every character to be 3D scanned for real people, I can say I'm on the opposite side.

It's cool to have real looking people in the game but at the same time I think it's really more artistic to have a character designed by hand like Big Boss and other main characters. It's gives the character it's own identity rather the identity of the person that is captured.

I'm not against 3D scanning though, it certainly has its uses like in Sport games where identity of the players themselves is the one being placed in the game and helps development a lot. But what I'm saying is that I'm against having too many of the characters or the main character to just be ripped of from the face of an actor like Kiefer. I certainly would have hated it if Big Boss is modeled after somebody.

Video game characters being hand made by artist like Shinkawa gives them this unique identity that is certainly their own. But if a character is a 3D scanned person, it will always have that connection to the person who it was scanned from. "Big Boss is scanned from John Doe" instead of "Big Boss is Big Boss"

I'm not saying you should stop 3D scanning real people but I wish that someday unique characters from your future video games will still be hand made like from your previous games.

The Code Talker looks awesome.

84 / Winter_Cat / 2013年06月17日 01:41

Hey guys,
Seeing MGSV in action and more of the story makes me a bit more interested in the game, rather than actually excited, but the presentation was nonetheless great. While I will have to see if this remains so in the full game, I thought the voice actors all were doing a good job and the new voice actors fit better than I would have expected with the other actors for the same character. However, Sutherland's voice as Snake is a bit distracting when I can hear the twang in his voice and suddenly I start hearing Sutherland "acting" instead of the character, but this is mostly when Snake is off screen (like the end of the trailer when the credits are shows), so I might not experience this problem. I think the risk KP is taking with the themes is worth doing, but the tone needs to be just right for the themes to come across as dealing with the subject matter and not just including controversial themes for the sake of controversial themes (I bring up the tone because you included a half-naked young woman in the trailer and the internet was more than eager to show that fact, and fan-service will dampen the themes and maybe even make them appear as a joke)(also, when I was seeing the trailer, the thought crossed my mind that reason these themes were included could be just for the sake of including controversial themes). I doubt Kojima will have to leave the industry if he messes up (like he claimed a while back), but if does screw up, the whole medium of video games could suffer because of it, much like GTA. Another item I wonder about is if the size of the levels possibly being so large that the game itself becomes tedious and boring. There can be such an elegant simplicity (and fun) to running around in a video game without really doing, but too much of a good thing could make me miss the old linearity if too much of the game is just getting to a certain point on horseback. Regardless, I love the idea of being to approach an objective from any angle, and I think that could be game's true strength so long as the level design and game design still holds up (which it looks like from the trailer, but still...). I'm still biter that ZOE3 was cancelled (for which I still have heard nothing reliable about), and that has shaded some of my thoughts and opinions about MGSV, but it still looks amazing.

85 / noname / 2013年06月17日 02:05

is gray fox going to be in the game? or any cyborg ninja?

I realy want gray fox back :-)

86 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 02:09

RETRACTION ***** sea shell on ELI's leg as seen in GDC photorealism through the eyes of a FOX presentation. ...oops my bad

87 / Raynes / 2013年06月17日 02:53

I noticed that in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Legacy collection all canon Metal Gear games are included in it except for Portable Ops. Does this mean Portable Ops is not canon?

88 / Yah Im Skrillex / 2013年06月17日 04:52

Hey guys, can anyone tell me whats going on with Ground Zeros??

89 / EnderMX / 2013年06月17日 06:45

Great news that an announcementthata new MGO is being developed. It would be great if us, the fans, could give some insight and feedback into this creation stream. Any further information? Gameplay images would keep us happy until TGS. Thank you!

90 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 12:40

can you expand on what is meant by real time weather?

is it like tiger woods 13 being hooked up to the weather channel? .... im not a tech guy so please tell it to me like a 2 year old

91 / Dio / 2013年06月17日 14:05

I wish there was an official forum that Kojima Productions could set up.

There it would have a few sub-forums dedicated specifically towards feedback.

It would be great if it could have polls allowing us to vote on features the fans want for the next MGO.

92 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 15:31

MGO SKILL SLOT X... this should only take up 1 skill slot if your an expert @ something you use very little effort in my logic... so a skill should start off hard (more slots) but as you improve should take up fewer slots right??? CQCX 4 EVERY 1.... if your willing to put the time & effort in that is...

93 / JMG2 / 2013年06月17日 15:36

Since Kojima doesn't seem to have the time or interest to bring back Snatcher or Policenauts himself, wouldn't it be cool if they were licensed to Telltale games? (Developers of "The Walking Dead.") Both games are split up into "Acts", so it would even fit Telltale's episodic format!

94 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 17:07

Trailers: guys u can try to tie all the trailers together but were still missing a huge chunk @ some point after "diamond dogs our new home" BB loses a chunk of the left side of his face... than we go from a 2 piece eyepatch to a three piece where BB seemingly has a ton of stitches removed from right side all the way past his ear... it looks like he got caught by some barbed wire while taking a stroll on his bike or something.... so he has to recover @ least twice if this is big boss can any 1 say snatcher project... may be this goes before & through operation intrude N313 only this time we see it through his eyes/eye...... hey a guy can hope

95 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 20:45

CORRECTION###### LEFT SIDE OF FACE....... im so confused ....i love it it.... haven't had this much confusion & speculation on the net since 2005 TGS!!! MGS4 old snake ..... i hope KJP is enjoying this as much as the fans

96 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 21:32

ok guy poster # sequence of 03031212 ... + in the E3 trailer real time clock stops @ 12:33

i don't believe in coincidence plus the coordinates ... its releasing in africa on december 3rd right just kidding world wide?

97 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 22:22

call me crazy but did MGS just go 3D like AC??? put on my glasses & things got VUNKY

98 / GTG / 2013年06月17日 22:51

RETRACTION: just seeing things thank you sleep deprivation

99 / Caesarean Poor Kid / 2013年06月18日 05:10


Nah, a little more closer and those soldiers should be shooting him instantly.

They should still have noticed him at that distance. Or they're just really dumb.

100 / Caesarean Poor Kid / 2013年06月18日 05:46


About the light thing, I don't want to constantly compare this game to Splinter Cell since their goals/aim based on the previous games seems to differ.

Splinter Cell's goal seems to be the game that is realistic as much as possible. On the other hand, MGS always seemed to be unrealistic even though you can say MGS pioneered the stealth genre.

That said, Kojima claims this game to have more realistic gameplay and the trailer even says "New Breed of Stealth".

This is the first time that MGS is going to start using shadows and darkness to be very relevant on the gameplay in terms of Snake hiding. It used to always function as a means for Snake (the player) to have difficulty seeing enemies which requires you to use night vision, not the other way around. Enemies always won't see you based on your camo, whether it matches the floor or not but not whether it's dark or not. And night and day was pre-set.

Now that light and darkness plays a big part in the game, I believe they should make it right the first time.

In Splinter Cell, when you're hidden in a shadow and enemies can't see you, you also almost can't see Sam himself. That's when the Nigh Vision goggles come into play. It's very realistic.

Big Boss Night Vision should also come into play. There are a lot of situations on previous games that the night vision plays a big part, why is it now that light and darkness plays a big part in the game, that the darkness now doesn't seem very dark?

The scene with the soldier with his gun being stolen by Big Boss looks ridiculous admit or not.

I wish what was shown was just for the sake of showing of a trailer so that people can clearly see what's happening.

I'll be able to accept it if the darkness is not so dark if the game is running in VERY EASY MODE but please Kojima Productions, make at least EXTREME mode more realistic and the darkness to look genuine to not ruin the immersion for serious players.

If you can confirm at least the EXTREME mode of the game to have realism and real darkness on the next podcast, I'd be very happy and other fans that would like to experience a legit stealth game.

Peace Walker not having a difficulty mode ruined it for me. I wish this game has difficulty modes that changes not only enemy hitpoints but also the way the game itself plays so it will cater both casual and hardcore stealth game fans.

PS: Please still do something about the horse bend. Regardless from the distance from the enemies, it still looks dumb.




admit it.

101 / Jon89 / 2013年06月18日 15:24

I examined the poster and zoomed just as Ken suggested. On the center right of the poster, you can see numbers with the ACC & ACO TM labels. I believe acc might be the release date for TPP. I dates I got are: 3/5/2014 and 5/3/2014.

102 / dumdum / 2013年06月18日 18:04

mgs is the only reason i buy playstations. when is the VI released? :D

103 / Rewan / 2013年06月18日 18:29

How come Ocelot is 10 year younger than big boss but looks 10 years older? In MGS3 he looked the part but now in MGS5 it looks to be the other way around.

In ground zeroes he is only 31 years old.

104 / The_BE@$T / 2013年06月18日 19:30

Its so good to listen to the kp reports while drinking hot choko milk ... Glad to hear u back and congrats for Mgs V .. Its formidable .. Its insane .. Its unpredictable ... Its what u expect from Kojima-san and his talented team .. I thank u behalf all fans for the efforts ur making towards this game ... Now to my Q ... In an interview kojima-san mentioned that the phantom pain open world is even bigger than what we could expect from Ground zeroes .. How big is big ?!.. And will there be some side missions since its an open world ? !. And also the appearance of Monster Hunter on peace walker .. Will Kojima-san consider it again ? .. And final Q hope u can inlights the fans about it .. Will Mgs V come out on ps 3 & 4 at the same day or will it take time to be released on the next gen? .. Thank u all and good luck #^^#

105 / Rewan / 2013年06月18日 20:03

also on the part about Eli beein Liquid seams wrong cuz Liquid was born in 72 and MGSGZ takes place in 75 witch makes him 3 years old.

so then adding the factor that Snake and Liquid age faster since they are clones, looking at snakes age in MGS4 hes physical age is at tops 70 when he is in fact 40 witch would mean that in 3 years Snake and Liquid would age to 5.25 physical years and the Eli kid is way to old to be 5. + Snakes rapid ageing proces started after The Big Shell incident and not at birth. Soooo would be real wierd if Eli turns out to be Liquid.

106 / GTG / 2013年06月18日 20:03

@Caesarean Poor Kid

dude adjust your brightness & backlighting on yur monitor . the shadows r very dark i have to turn my monitor to dynamic setting every time i watch the trailer & splinter cell c'mon... guard1: huh i wonder what that big floating green light could be? guard2: ah its probably your imagination.

don't compare these 2 franchises they both ask you to suspend your belief & just enjoy the ride yeah even on the side of a horse..... keep in mind the video was sped up the horse is walking not running or even trotting ....

huh? whats in the box? plus the move itself just looked bad ass u have to admit

speaking of all things real in MG universe KJP please don't take away the CB box!!!!!

107 / Breakdown / 2013年06月18日 20:49

Yes! I cry for MGO3, thanking you my friends of own.

108 / Glasscut / 2013年06月19日 02:30

Omg can't wait finally Kojima San is using a great screen actor.. No offense to hayter but kiefer is a bad ass and a real actor.. Voice actors cannot really capture emotion.. Now i can finally listen to more than 30 mins of the cutscenes thanks Kojipro and Kojima San thank you thank you thank you.. i can't wait for MGSV

109 / LightningBoltAction / 2013年06月19日 04:09

When are we getting more news about the PC release of Metal Gear Rising?

Also, who's doing the port? PlatinumGames itself? Konami? or BluePoint?

110 / french Yamori / 2013年06月19日 20:48

thanx for sharing making of info waiting for more :)

My only question is will we still be able to kill nobody in MGSV ?

111 / Necessary Chaos MGO / 2013年06月19日 20:52

Any details about mgo would be much much appreciated.I hope you read this taking the servers offline was a very bad decision fans would pay money per month just to play it right now.If there is any chance of releasing a a metal gear online 2 reboot say at 20 euros or something where mao,ls and other glitchers are patched i can guarantee you will have a lot of sales.

We want literally nothing apart from putting the servers back up which should have stayed up anyway considering the fan support and the money invested in the fans.

In regards with mgo3 if you make it like mgo2 with the fox engine same gp,same reward system you cannot go wrong. I would like to be able to regenerate health like snake did in mgs4 single player by equipping a cardboard box or laying on the floor still.

If you could maybe release a detail about mgo every podcast like a new game mode or playable characters that would really appease the fans a happy customer recommends your game to everyone they know right?

A Metal gear online beta this summer would be fantastic as well and thanks for reading this i hope we get some form of mgo soon.

112 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月20日 15:45

Excited for the weekly podcast that's back... haven't had a weekly podcast from the KojiPro crew since the Ryan Payton days, love the podcast

113 / noname / 2013年06月20日 21:25

Great trailer. Very pleased with the switch to Sutherland. Hayter's voice has been detracting from my enjoyment of the series since mgs3. Looking forward to the next episode.

114 / GTG / 2013年06月21日 00:42

to all MG fans download trailer from eurogamer & play it backwords it makes things easier to understand ...

ex1: BB finds chico unconcious and saves him... ex2: punished snake frees the prisoners and accepts diamonds as pay off....

tons of othe stuff minus the gameplay unless u just want a cheap laugh & lets be honest who couldn't use one about now..KJP u so sly.... i suggest frame by frame by the way

115 / Cosima / 2013年06月21日 06:57

Will we be able to skip gory scenes like the scene with that girl (who everyone thinks is Paz for some reason) I hate gore, and I got queezy watching that. Maybe you guys can do an option like Modern Warfare did, where there is an option to skip or censor disturbing scenes, you could alter the scene if you choose to skip by having the camera higher, I really can't watch that scene please hear me out KP!

116 / french Yamori / 2013年06月21日 07:53

Hidechan radio question, in the trailer at the end we see a walking platforme, can you tell us more about it ? When will we use it & why ?

Huey know something about what cipher is working on in Africa that's why Kaz & Ocelot torture him to know more about this project ... !?

What about Strange Love & Hal ... he is born in 1980 so ...

Since Christine working in a new section is it ruine my chance to see her on a event in France ! Nooooooooo

You need a new femine touch on the show

117 / GTG / 2013年06月21日 08:12

remember i said people were starting to catch on?... yeah well we're not..... maybe a trailer with RACE specific theme should be next priority cause it's still way over our heads. people see child soldiers but no one is linking it to history of apartheid... just a thought

118 / french Yamori / 2013年06月21日 13:53

what just notice on Hidechan radio Kojima sama toke about cloud gaming ! How will you bring content from MGSV on multi divices ?

Need to know more about what going on on Hidechan radio...

119 / jackelbeaver / 2013年06月21日 18:13

Are we going to get an english version of the old Ground Zeroes trailer that only came out in japanese?

120 / JeffAkibarangerOnline / 2013年06月21日 21:36


121 / Captus177 / 2013年06月22日 18:34

While I’m excited like basically everyone else about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I have to say that I wish Kojima-san just did what he knows how do best without trying to look at the western game industry too much. Our industry already lacks diversity as it is.

If looking towards the west will just be a further spur to do better, then I sure won’t complain, but I seriously hope he’ll keep incoming influences to a minimum.

122 / SixfootSamurai / 2013年06月25日 23:58

I'm noticing a lot of criticism on this thread, but I'm content with the fact that we're receiving another addition to the franchise. Although the story may be contrived, at times, and contains the occasional continuity flaw, these are minor issues that we should be able to look past. It is still a story that we all love, and that encourages us to look at war with a new perspective. Overall, I'm pleased with the entire franchise, and I'm taking the time to thank Hideo Kojima and everyone else on the development team for their hard work and diligence. I speak for many Metal Gear fans when I say, "We salute you." I've spent quite a bit of money on this franchise, and to see it go open-world is amazing. Thank you, so much.

123 / destroctive blade / 2013年08月03日 05:33

there were rumors about this trailer being running in current gen counsols. could it be true?

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