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KP ALERT ! - Episode 004
2013.06.21 Friday

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Learn more about the meaning behind the Phantom Pain, the game system of MGSV, and our E3 trailer! Composer Ludvig Forsell also drops in to discuss the theme song "Sins of the Father!"

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Extended Director’s Cut

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Standard Version

>> Next Episode : ? ? ? <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Guests   :   Ludvig Forssell (Enemy shot in E3 Trailer)
Special Doc   :   Michaelgregory Fudge (Doctor in the beginning of GDC Trailer)
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
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1 / Sky / 2013年06月21日 21:47

so what i get from this mgo will be open world?really sad day for mgo2 community

2 / GTG / 2013年06月21日 22:31

i just want to say thank you for keeping up with the scheduled alerts... was that KENJI performing the surgery don't waste time answering this as a codec it was just an observation. great work

3 / Bader al-Sulaiman / 2013年06月21日 22:55

the game MGSV has Arabic subtitle?

4 / milkywayguy / 2013年06月21日 23:51

Great show guys,I have a question about NEW mother base, will fulton recovery recruitment system be back in a new game?

5 / TheViciousDogMan / 2013年06月21日 23:55


6 / Chris Hill / 2013年06月22日 00:10

Are we going to be seeing Naomi Hunter in this game?
As we already have Liquid (Eli) confirmed

7 / Miller / 2013年06月22日 00:24

XOF will pay for what they did to Alligator ;_;7

8 / frank pina / 2013年06月22日 00:31

Hi KP! im really concerned about the lack of Harry Gregson Williams scoring TPP... also there's a chance to hear the classic MGS main theme any time soon on MGSv trailers?

9 / EnderMX / 2013年06月22日 00:56

Thanks for the update. On the last episode you said you'd speak on MGO if there was further information released, which there was. Can you comment on this?

10 / Snake1992 / 2013年06月22日 01:02

Any word about the theory of Gray Fox actually being Big Boss in Phantom pain ?

11 / Lorenzo Swinkels / 2013年06月22日 01:13

hi guys...i can onessly say that this looks realy like the best game ever made and i am not saying it becus i like metal gear!.
its just true it looks like the best game ever.
i want to ask a risky quistion.
does it have a deaper base building
than peace walker like placing units and cars? asigning weapons to personel and costumise each soldier.
that would be reaaaaaalllly cool

12 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年06月22日 02:17

Love the radio drama, it's pretty fun! Haha this hasn't been popular in America for a long time. Love the weekly podcasts, but I just saw that it will return in "? ?? ??" :( I hope it will be at least back at the 2 week increments although I feel really spoiled with the one week increments and I hope it's that it will be 1 week increments

13 / E-mann / 2013年06月22日 02:55

I think a lot of MGS fans are having "Phantom Pain" when it comes to David Hayter and how he was amputated from Snake and discarded.
Amputation usually is never the patient's decision. Sometimes it can be a mistake. Either way they have to live with the pain and loss.
Is this replacement "limb" better than the original? Time will tell I guess.

14 / Peace Runner / 2013年06月22日 03:22

Great! We share the similar views!

Also, I've already seen the GDC presentation.

15 / Falcopelle / 2013年06月22日 04:46

It's very interesting. Also great interview with Ludwig! Kp alet rules!
Greetings from Italy and my youtube channel "Thezanzibarland"!

16 / Nightshader / 2013年06月22日 06:22

Hello guys, I think I remember from a while back that you said you had some interviews lined up for Metal Gear Rising and such. What I was hoping for at some time was an interview with Quinton Flynn as his return for Raiden! I was really hoping to have hear his thoughts on his return. Please try to get him on the show sometime!!!

17 / TheMancho / 2013年06月22日 06:33

If you guys don't mind in addition to updating the KP alert Itunes link, keep the KP report itunes link up as well with the newest KP Alert episodes, I'm to lazy to switch over lol.

18 / MrSC / 2013年06月22日 06:38

Will Metal Gear Online 3 (MGO3) be for the PS3 or PS4?.. or both?

19 / randaM hcivortteP / 2013年06月22日 07:13

Firstly i love the show and Series very much. Now, I think Mr. Hayter will be sorely missed in MGSV. That being said I am intrigued to hear the new take on the character. With Avi Arad suggesting Kiefer, does this mean we can look forward to seeing Solid Sutherland in the movie? Again I will miss David profoundly in the game, but Kiefer isn't a bad choice, especially for a movie. Also any chance of news on the film, there hasn't been any since it was announced?

20 / BlahBlahBob / 2013年06月22日 08:01

Fantastic! The Famitsu interview with Kojima was somewhat vague on the state of MGO, so I'm very appreciative to hear in your podcast that it is being worked on. Thank you!

MGO is mine and my friend's favorite game ever. We would play every weekend, both my and his ps3 setup at his apartment where we would play side by side almost co-op. It was great and while we played other games here and there we would always go back to MGO. It was such a solid and fun game, we're still sad to not even have the option to play it anymore and have been hoping for a new MGO or a return of the previous one. We have tried many other games, but haven't found a decent substitute yet.

We both are looking forward to reviving our weekend game nights when MGSV is released. Thanks for the information, and the great informative work on these podcasts.

21 / Dio / 2013年06月22日 08:14

I have a question regarding the closed MGO game that came with MGS4.

Do you guys think it would ever be possible to allow players to rent servers from Kojima Pro/Konami?

Like for example Battlefield 3 allows players to be in charge of their own lobbies. But you have to pay them a fee which I think is monthly.

If Konami would allow it I know more than a few communities that would be willing to come together and pay the cost.

I was thinking maybe one Survival lobby and one Free Battle lobby.

22 / Dio / 2013年06月22日 08:30

Oh forgot to say that I loved the podcast today. You guys are great. Kind of sad that you won't be able to do one next week.

But keep on doing a good job working on the game you guys are awesome.

23 / Winter_Cat / 2013年06月22日 10:28

Hey guys,
Just a quick question: about the facial capture models, I was wonder if the model that is scanned into the game is the actor that is playing the character, or if you found someone with the right looking face and someone else to do the acting? My main concern with the Fox engine is the limits it could pose to artistic creativity, and although I doubt this will be an issue with MGS, but it could come up with a game less connected to the real world (ZOE, for example--is that why ZOE3 was canceled?), and I would like to hear if KP has thought about this, especially since the Fox engine will be used in other games.

24 / Solid Cake / 2013年06月22日 10:54

Hi guys.

Is a PC release of MGSV on the cards? I know the FOX Engine has PC compatibility and Konami is experimenting with PC releases. Is it safe to say MGSV will come to PC?

Are there also any plans for Peace Walker HD save data to be used in MGSV?


25 / Donnieboi / 2013年06月22日 11:11

Now some of us MGO fans are more confused than ever before: Kojima Pro is speaking of MGO as if it is solely a co-op endeavor. To long time fans, this does not sound like traditional mgo. This instead sounds like MGS 5 with online co-op. What fans would like to know is: will the MGO in MGS 5 also include traditional modes like Team deathmatch. Will it also have smaller, balanced maps For team vs team battle (mgo2 style). We hear alot about open world, but open world doesn't translate well in traditional MGO. Open world is wonderful for co-op, or team sneaking modes. But not for any of the other modes and refined smaller, close-combat type of maps that made MGO a thrilling team on team affair.

Please ask Kojima pro if they could clarify whether or not we will also have smaller, confined maps for traditional MGO2 style of combat, please.

26 / Aaron F, Marsh / 2013年06月22日 11:35

I appreciate you still putting effort in to the stealth genre man. Thank You

27 / Adamska / 2013年06月22日 14:28

Good discussion. I've got to say that I do think Baker's interpretation for Ocelot has a great deal in common with Keaton's, however I cannot say the same for his version vs Zimmerman's, at least not for now, because it does appear to lack a certain amount of grit and whine which would presumably come at the age portrayed but I'll reserve further judgement until I've heard his VO at a far greater length. Also, the overall pitch Baker assumes is definitely deeper than Zimmerman's. Just my thoughts, thanks for all the other information, these conversations are genuinely beginning to obtain the level of depth and entertainment value that Payton's podcast had. Cheers.

28 / Solid Snack / 2013年06月22日 14:39

You guys are doing a fantastic job! I can't wait for the next episode! I don't have any questions, but keep it up! You guys rock!

29 / Mista / 2013年06月22日 14:45

Will we see a REAL MGO game, or just some lame co-op?

30 / Billy goat / 2013年06月22日 14:54

Will we get a real mgo or is it only co-op nonsense?

31 / Winnie / 2013年06月22日 14:56

In response to Peter, it's going fantastic, mate! :P

That's really cool to hear about how diverse the KP team is! Having so many people from varying cultures collaborating on MGS really makes it series that can appeal to anyone in the world, and that really sets it apart from other games in the industry.

Also super glad that MGO is coming back, no multiplayer game has been able to satisfy that MGO itch since it retired. Can't wait to hear more news as it comes!

32 / Italian Joe / 2013年06月22日 20:11

Hello guys,

Here's a list of questions/advice by an old die-hard Kojima's fan since 1993: enjoy it or skip it as you wish ^^

- Please ask to Kojima Productions/Konami about releasing all the MGSV trailers on PlayStation Network too, besides youtube, so i can finally download and wach them on my ps3/HD Tv without using my very old pc/monitor with ultimate low quality spec!!! (OMG i need your help so badly!)

- In the Next Metal Gear Online will the player be able to scan his real face by ps3/ps4 camera/Kinect to add it on the poligonal character ?

- In MGO3 will the pre-selected codec message i loved so much using in MGO2 (i was famous as a "Voice E Codec Master" XD) be present also in this edition and could them eventually been customizable by recording the real voice of the player through a microphone ?

- MGO3 will be playable using the old Konami ID or by the PSN and Xbox Live ID just like happened for the HD version of Peace Walker ?

- Will the next MGO also have a brand new and advanced community web site where the fans from all over the world can share their experiences using the power of internet ? (the old one was near useless in my opinion)

- The MGO3 american, european and japanise servers will be separated again or will be interconnected like for the CO-OP and VS mode of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition ?

- In MGSV why dont let the players' names to appear again on soldiers' dog-tags, just like happened in MGS2/MGS2Substance and MGSTTS, through an official contest or "somethingelse" like a speedrun completition of a MGS Ground Zeroes demo for example ?

- Why don't upgrade the super old european Kojima Production web site ?: it's a "shame" considering the value of KP in the electronic entertainment world...

I wonder if the next KP Alert will appear near or during the next Comi-con... ;)

Thanks for listening, see you soon on KP Alert 5 comment page, i hope so ^^

33 / Raz / 2013年06月22日 20:58

Over a year since it's been taken offline, I'm still watching MGO videos on youtube. What reason can you give for shutting it down in the first place, and what can you say about the plan you have with MGO3?

34 / Rogue Agent / 2013年06月22日 22:40

Is Kojima's casting decision isolated to Big Boss or should we expect Solid Snake to be recasted in future appearances too?

35 / ??? / 2013年06月23日 08:13

In Peace Walker Big Boss threw away the name Snake and even his bandanna and told everyone to start calling him Big Boss.

What gives Why is everyone at KP and in the game calling him Snake?

36 / tokenflipguy / 2013年06月23日 11:28

Something a bit off-topid. Is the patch for ZOEHD going to come to the US?

37 / Dio / 2013年06月23日 15:24

Please disregard my last question my fanboyism caused me to forget that in order for that to work you guys would have to put man hours into that.

And I think we could all agree that the work would be way better spent on MGSV and other projects.

A real question I have regards MGO that comes with MGSV. I don't know if you guys are aware of this. But the last few months of MGO on EVERY server were plagued by rampant DDOSing of the Konami servers.

A group of players that the community knew each and every member of but couldn't provide satisfactory evidence against, would regularly, sometimes daily just knock down the server.

This made it impossible for anyone to play the game for a short period of time. These players did it to gain prizes from official match lobbies like Tournament and sometimes for their own shits and giggles.

Could you please ask the LA team to implement some kind of protection against that if it's possible? Or at least a better way to report players that cause these attacks?

We knew who they were and they will be on the next game without a doubt.

38 / Sir Jordsy / 2013年06月23日 16:47

Some of us are still wondering why you guys haven't commented on the way Kojima handled Hayters depart. Hayter has done a lot for MGS over the years, I think he at least deserves a handshake and a "thank you for your years of service, we appreciate it." It just seems rude to not acknowledge his hard work over the 15 years.

39 / MOHAMMED OTHMAN  / 2013年06月23日 23:28


40 / Tricky Customer / 2013年06月24日 03:37

Any hint on skull face's background? Will we be able to fly helicopters in the game? Release date for ps3/4?? Thanks for the podcast guys!

41 / reza / 2013年06月24日 07:52

HiMr Kojima

I think Changiz Jalilvand (a well known Iranian voice actor) is the best voice for Persian version of Snake in MGS V The Pantom Pain.

Most Iranian gamer loves MGS series and Kojima...


42 / Andrew / 2013年06月24日 12:48

Thank you so much for continuing the KP Alert, which is the first Metal Gear podcast I have listened to , and for archiving the KP Report, which is new to me.

There is a lot of content to go through as a new Metal Gear Solid fan, and that is tremendously exciting!

43 / Mr. bostanji / 2013年06月24日 18:10

Will the game be released this year or next year?

44 / George / 2013年06月24日 20:18

Guys tell us more about MGO3...
The community of MGO2 is missing that fantastic online game..I want to ask you if the MGO 3 will be like MGO 2 with the same maps or adding some new too,old modes (TSNE,DM,TDM,SNE,RES,BOMB,SDM,CAP)and add some new too but i think its better with the old modes,and of course better graphicks and servers.
All people from MGO 2 want MGO 3 be like MGO 2.

45 / MGSFanBoyDustin / 2013年06月25日 04:38

I can't wait for MGSV. I really am excited for this, also do you think we could see a Xbox One release for the legacy collection.

46 / Reza  / 2013年06月25日 06:33

Hi dear Kojima

As i said before Changiz Jalilvand (a well known Iranian voice actor) is the best voice for Persian version of Snake in MGS V The Phantom Pain.

But a new propose is for voice actor of Solid Snake. I also think Abolfazl Bahram Zand (another well known Iranian voice actor) is the best choice for Persian voice of Solid Snake in any MGS.

These two professional Iranian voice actors are very popular.

I also can say and guarantee that Iranian voice actors are in a high rate in the world.

You can research for the proposal and all conditions.

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and part of Uzbekistan speaks Persian.

Especially that major events of game takes place at Afghanistan, that is a big chance to earn a huge group of new fans.

Currently i heard that you have provided Arabic subtitle for the game, it's good but i think it's not enough to attract new fans.

By doing this you will be the first at applying Iranian voice actor (that are very professional and popular) for Persians.

For more information you can keep touch with me by


47 / OnO / 2013年06月26日 00:18

First of all great work guys. I can tell by how excited you all are that this game will be on a completely new scale of EPIC. Love the commentary.

Secondly, In regards to Metal Gear Online 2:

I really hope the general consensus at Konami/Kojima PRO isn't that this game was a mistake/failure. It was an almost perfect online gaming experience and immediately raised the bar for 3rd person online shooters. It's only downfall was the lack of investment, commitment and security by the people working on it as well as having an almost non-existent marketing team. There was absolutely no advertising for this game in the western hemisphere which allowed inferior online shooters that actually had advertising to generate more hype and consequently create a bigger following. An almost never ending download that was necessary to play the game and Konami's ID system didn't help either. Regardless of that the game was light years ahead of its competition in terms of concept and game mechanics.

MGO3 could yet again set the bar for it's online genre but it could just as easily become a shadow of its predecessor. Competitive gaming is the biggest market in gaming right now and MGS is the perfect brand to capitalize on it. I just hope at the very least it will please the fans who were dedicated to MGO2.

48 / Cef / 2013年06月26日 06:08

Hi Sean, Ken, and other potential guest! Pure technical questions since the rest of the game is still heavily under wraps. I'm awfully curious about how the animation has evolved for MGSV/Ground Zeroes. In the Ground Zeroes trailer's brief gameplay demonstration there's quite a few amazing looking transitions between movements and smooth shifts in Snakes position according to terrain. While I assume Koji Pro and MGS aren't unfamiliar with IK (Inverse kinematics) as I believe it has been utilized since MGS3, hearing that the mocap would be performed not by Japanese actors, and the increase in animation blending, I'm very interested to see how it changes the way Snake feels to play. Most "western games" have embraced these animation methods and has lead to the character feeling --and this isn't necessarily a bad thing-- a little sluggish and slow to respond (Uncharted, Assassin's Creed). While eastern action games tend focus on having the character not overly animated (exp. walk/run transitions) to preserve tight and responsive controls, but also have an uncanny feeling of moving on a dime (MGS4, Bayonetta).
Also, major props for simulating weapons on characters as if they were slung across the chest. Looks very cool on Snake.
Bonus question if you have the time: how has it been implementing the vehicle physics? that's also very new territory for MGS and I'd appreciate any anecdotes about how that has been getting it in the game.

49 / Reza Episode 3 / 2013年06月26日 07:16

Hi dear Kojima


This is a good source for seeing power of Iranian voice actors.There are a lot of voice actors in Iran for Persian version of MGS V, especially Bahram Zand (as i said before he might be the best voice for Snake in MGS V or Solid Snake in any MGS)


50 / Bimbo Slice / 2013年06月26日 11:56

Will MGO 3 be a real MGO game (team deathmatch, tsne, etc style) or is it just some dumb co-op? I don't mind the co-op, but we want a REAL MGO too! MGO 2 was perfect, balanced, with balanced maps etc. Why change what isn't broken. Just get better servers and your good to go. Please don't mess up the next MGO, don't make it too easy or making it appeal to westerners. I'm from America, and even Americans prefer Japanese style of gameplay. The ONLY thing wrong with MGO2 was the konami id's. Please ask Kojima if we're getting a REAL MGO. i've been listening to your podcast and we've Still not received a straight answer.

51 / Caesarean Poor Kid / 2013年06月27日 19:50

Watch part at the end where IGN talk about the bending on horse thing.

52 / Adamska / 2013年06月27日 21:35

All right, since I presume your mocking of Sutherland's phantom pain dialogue from the trailer is, at least in part, a reference to my remarks about how I found that bit of VO a tad on the corny side I will further expand my reasoning. I have actually had a family member who had an amputation as a result of diabetes disease and, for the last five years of life, lived through the experiences of phantom pain. At no point would that person express the pain and overwhelming amount of despair in such a superficial manner as Sutherland assumes. Not to say that there isn't a great deal of emotional intensity in his delivery, but that intensity is all condensed on the surface, rather than coming from a tremendously deep, desperate place. This is okay as the actor fortunately hasn't experienced any of it himself and he ultimately delivers the lines in an acceptable manner, simply not as sophisticated and subtle as to genuinely represent an actual situation where an amputee would express his/her feelings about it. Again, just my opinion, even though it's based on actual experience, your team's interpretation can certainly remain entirely different. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

53 / Digital Knight / 2013年06月28日 02:54

Hi guys! I know that the MGS Legacy Collection is almost out, my question is: I already bought the HD Collection for PS3 and also want to get the Legacy Collection...Will my save files carry over? or will I have to start over?

54 / Jimmy Cocoa Puffs / 2013年06月28日 12:00

Is MGO3 going to be open-world, or is it going to be a real MGO game? This podcast only made things more confusing. Now we only ave MORE questions. We just want MGO2-style gameplay to return.

55 / VXero / 2013年06月28日 13:42

Hey Sean and Ken!

In some of the recent timelines and in the Legacy Collection, MGS Portable Ops has been missing. I know it's not a "major entry" anymore, but is it still officially canon?

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!

56 / Dio / 2013年06月28日 16:16

Peace Walker was a great game for a portable system.

Peace Walker Vs however has certain flaws that make the population of the game not even close to 1/10th of what MGO2 had.

These flaws are simple. Rescue Mission, Team Sneaking, Bomb Mission, and Race Mission were missing from the game.

3 vs 3 only. I realize this was a limitation of it being a portable game so it can't be faulted on the team. However 4 vs 4 would have been a sweet spot.

Leveling up your weapons and needing to acquire weapons through the campaign in order to use them online. It was a bad idea and put off many of my friends from picking up the game.

Not being able to select weapons during a match between respawns. It was something both MGO games before it did really well.

Those are the biggest issues that should not be repeated in the future.

No in game text chat besides codecs was also a bad idea.

The next Online Component will do great if all of those issues aren't repeated.

Character Customization should return. The reward shop should be integrated into the game and not be forced to run through a website.

57 / GTG  / 2013年06月29日 00:31

@Adamska______________that wasn't sutherland's voice doing the soliloquy that was miller (robyn atkin downes).
sorry to hear about your family but i beg to differ he just never let you know what was really going on inside.....i speak from personal experience unless he's a saint he was furious..... my right side is pretty much worthless & it took me years to get over.... FACT i never lost a limb but extreme nerve pain unlike anything can't explain i begged them to remove my arm but it goes further in to chest so they won't. i have broken & torn just about everything you can in a body but there is no pain like nerve pain..

my thoughts & prayers go out to your family... i hope you never have to experience it but i was mad @ everyone around i too kept it it underwraps but the soliloquy was exactly what was raging in my head ...

sorry to belabor the point but your wrong on all accounts.... & yes that includes his organ shutdown im litterally trying to stay around just to hopefully finish BB story w/i started in 1988... again sorry for the long post....
if i can do that i'd be good to go.. pathetic maybe but i lived life till the wheels came off litterally zero regrets & helped alot of people that's the reason i wrote this so you might find some comfort in your families suffering its there for the taking..

i'm 35 & have never looked back in the end it's worth it just tell your family member the most important thing is to not let the suffering be for nothing offer it up as a prayer.... we never run out of intentions for those & in a sense the become our ens ratione (reason for being)
and if i have overstepped my bounds in anyway i have no apology FACT lifes too short to be wasted with human respect.... can i get an AMEN? go ahead KJP edit away

58 / FOX-HOUNDER_N313 / 2013年06月30日 03:06

Hey guys! I've got a question. Why is KP releasing the MGS Legacy collection exclusively to the PS3? i mean MGS1 & MGS4 have been on the PS3 for like 5 years now and the HD collection for about 2 years. My point is that anyone who wants to get into the Metal Gear series on PS3 probably already has!

Why not release The legacy collection for PC & Wii U? I understand that the Xbox 360's dvd9 can't handle MGS4, but the Wii U disc can hold up to 25GB of data, so it would only take two discs for MGS4 to work on Wii U. For the PC, you guys could release the collection on steam.

It would be great if as many people as possible could play MGS. Plus it would give you guys the opportunity to gauge the demand for Metal Gear on other platforms without spending alot of money.

Please don't leave PC and Nintendo fans out of your new multiplatform direction :) MGS for All.

59 / noname / 2013年06月30日 03:49

Knowing there would not be another podcast for awhile I gave this episode a good think over this week instead of jumping onto the comment section right away.

I have decided that all I want to say is thank you. Thank you for all of the hard work and passion that you put into everything and the masterpieces that you create. Not many games will still be acclaimed 100 years from now, however, all of the main MGS titles will certainly be. You are all creating history!

60 / Genolla / 2013年07月01日 02:32

Hey KP Team :3 Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to deliver podcasts!

I've been a huge fan ever since my father and I worked hard to 100% MGS VR Missions. But anyways..

What I have heard about MGO3 makes me a bit uneasy. We hear a lot about how MGO3 will be able to connect to social media (E.g., posting your fastest time to get from point a to point b) but I don't recall hearing anything about the Player Vs. Player side of it.

Will MGO3 still have Player Vs. Player game modes, such as (but not limited to) Team Deathmatch, Capture, or Sneaking?

I appreciate anything you guys can tell us and don't stress out working too hard alright? :3 Thanks again!! Keep up the great work!

61 / Karpaty / 2013年07月01日 06:12


I've noticed that many of the non-fictional mechanical designs in MGSV (helicopters, weapons, land vehicles) seem to have been intentionally altered from their real-world counterparts.

Considering that previous Metal Gear Solid games accurately replicated real-world weapons and vehicles, can you explain why such an approach was taken on the visual design?


62 / Crimson Death / 2013年07月01日 08:15

First of all, I wanted to to thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication with the games and for even taking some time to do these podcasts. MGSV is looking great and I'm really looking forward to hearing more.

But with the MGS: Legacy collection and all that, I've seen some people questioning whether or not MGS: Portable Ops is still canon. So, is it?

63 / Xearrik / 2013年07月01日 10:01

Will there be another "Integral podcast" in MGSV? I really loved playing it in MGS4. This time make a entire play threw though. We would love to follow the game makers around and see how they play it, as well as give us tons of insights into the games development post production.

64 / TrophySupport / 2013年07月01日 17:17

I'm probably the only hardcore fan who is glad Hayter is gone. I don't know what happened after MGS1 but his voice was the clearest and most profound in it. If you play all the games you'll notice the gradual changes in the way he does the voice. In MGS1 Snake is very clear and their is less emphasis on ending every sentence with an "arrrrrrr" sound. Starting in MGS2 you can hear him do the whole "arrr" and growliness more but the voice isn't AS gruff as later installments. Now understandably in MGS3 he wanted to differentiate Big Boss from Snake which of course results in more "gravelness" in the voice. Then comes MGS4 where he is a sick, dying, old Snake and he can barely put together a coherent sentence. However, at least that was understandable from a story standpoint and actually worked well.

His outright worst performance was in Peace Walker, it was SO BAD I honestly could not take him (or the game) seriously. His voice sounded like an impersonation or parody of the Snake voice, every word seemed to end with an "arrrrrr" to an overemphasized point... and he somehow sounded even older and in worse condition than Old Snake.

However, the problem lies with the VO director Kris Zimmerman. It is the VO director's job to tell the voice actor what they are looking for and what is good, someone should have said "No, less graveliness and more like MGS1, tone it way down. WAY DOWN. You don't have throat cancer David." Since nobody did this we got the performances we did. Not only that but now Hayter's vocal choards are probably so battered that he can't do anything but a OLD SNAKE voice anymore, so maybe a change of VO was needed after all. Just my 2 cents.

65 / Donna Burke / 2013年07月02日 07:33

Hi, I was wondering when Sins of the Father will be released as an mp3 and CD.

66 / About MGS4 on other consoles / 2013年07月02日 07:38

What people who never played MGS4 and want it on other consoles fail to realise, is this:

Snake uses a PS3 controller to control the Mk.II robot during gameplay.

Sunny is using a PSP to play a game during a Mission Briefing (it's an easter egg).

Sunny owns a PS3 aboard the Nomad.

Psycho Mantis' flashback shows a PS controller.

You cannot defeat Screaming Mantis without shaking the controller (how does this work on other consoles/PC?)

Otacon: We're on PS3 now, blu-ray, dual-layered too. What an age we live in. Wonder what they'll think of next.

So there.

67 / Fan01 / 2013年07月02日 21:00

i demand an explanation over why David Hayter wont be voice casting as snake?

Why kojima? why ? Its snakes voice and actions that made me feel good about the story of the mgs series..

i think i might only buy mgs5 now because of the online thing because no hayter no story..

Really furious about this..

68 / DyingPhoenix / 2013年07月03日 07:34

Please PLEASE make sure that all the voices have good accents. I know it's dumb to complain about, but my biggest issue with MGS4 and other games is that a lot of the times the enemies, secondary characters, etc did not have proper accents. For instance, in MGS4 all the enemies and characters had American accents when they were South American, Middle Eastern, etc. It would actually be cool to have them speak different languages and be subtitled in English as we know Big Boss understands most languages.

69 / FOX-HOUNDER_N313 / 2013年07月03日 08:54

@About MGS4 on other consoles.
Yeah, obviously none of that stuff can be edited out, right?

Seriously dude, that is fanboy nonsense. You didn't point out any technical or factual reason why MGS4 can't be on any other console, just some silly references that can easily be removed or altered.

MGS is multiplat now, and Kojima productions has no reason to keep MGS4 exclusive. Do they seriously expect 360 gamers to buy MGSV when those same gamers can't play 4? There was no reason for MGS4 to be exclusive to begin with because it is not the job of KP to sell PS3's, that is Sony's job!

And on top of all that, Kojima himself said that they might port the legacy collection to Xbox one. MGS4's exclusive days are numbered.

My honest advice to KP would be to bring The legacy collection to every available platform! 360, Wii U, and PC. #MGSForAll

70 / Tring Tong / 2013年07月03日 19:30

The entire Mission Briefing would have to be re-done in order to remove the animations and acting of Sunny playing the PSP. The Mission Briefings are like plays/acts in theater, you can see ALL characters from ALL angles, using the MK.II, despite it playing out like a cutscene. Sunny would miss her cues and shit if you simply edit out the PSP or something. You would have to recreate the whole thing and give her something entirely else to do for the exact amount of time, she used to play the PSP. And how are you supposed to beat Screaming mantis without shaking the controller?

71 / sekab13 / 2013年07月05日 06:53

Hi guys. I am so excited for The Phantom Pain. My only concern is how often you can save your progress.
When playing Peace Walker I used to get really frustrated if I got killed as I knew I had to replay the whole mission again, which resulted in me never completing the game. I hope you can save progress during a mission or at least get some form of checkpoint like in the old games.

72 / Solid Diamond Dog / 2013年07月11日 05:58

Hello Sean & Ken, I was wondering if Anibal Vera (Konami's country manager for Brazil) is correct when in a interview with Machinima at E3 he stated that MGSV will be released in the next fiscal year? Which would give it a release window after 03/31/2014.

73 / Ninja Kitchen System 1100 / 2013年07月12日 02:09

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75 / Andrew Duran / 2013年07月15日 01:04

the meaning behind phantom pain is that the snake we see is not the snake you think it is... BEWARE OF THE DIAMOND DOGS.

76 / ninja blender 1100 / 2013年07月20日 01:56

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80 / Tricky Customer / 2013年07月24日 07:49

Hi guys love the podcast! I was just wondering when will we see another trailer or gameplay demo for mgs v? Also can big boss fly helicopters himself? One more question will mgs v be out early / mid 2014? Thanks and can't wait for more Kp alert!

81 / G0RO / 2013年08月05日 00:07

BRING BACK MGO2 , there was no reason to take it away unless you are real money lovers. Look at all the fans who just want it back and still after a year can't find a game as good as it...

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