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KP ALERT ! - Episode V
2013.07.19 Friday

Download / 44.6MB / MP3 / STEREO / Site info

Kept you waiting, huh?!

Thanks for all your comments and questions! Episode V is here!
Learn the answer to your questions, featuring special guest Donna Burke,
a first look at the lyrics to the “Sins of the Father” (E3 trailer) and more!

>> Pacific Rim Shinkawa Image
>> Comic-con Figures
>> Lyrics of "Sins of the Father" (E3 trailer portion)

>> Next Episode : Coming Soon! <<


Pacific Rim illustration
Exclusive artwork for the movie Pacific Rim
created by Metal Gear Solid Art Director
Yoji Shinkawa (Japanese Version)


Square-Enix Play Arts KAI
Raiden Action Figures (Blue SDCC exclusive version)

Revoltech Yamaguchi MGS Naked Snake

Hot Toys "The Boss" Figure


[ Lyrics of "Sins of the Father" (E3 trailer portion): ]

Pride, feeds their blackened hearts
And the thirst, must be quenched, to fuel hypocrisy
Cleansing flames, is the only way to repent
Renounce, what made you

Words that kill, would you speak them to me
With your breath so still, it makes me believe

The Sins never die, can't wash this blood off our hands
Let the world fear us all, it's just means to an end
Our salvation lies, In the Father's sins,
beyond the truth, let me suffer now

In my heart I just know that there's no way to light up the dark, in his eyes.

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Special Guest   :   Donna Burke
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Guests   :   Ludvig Forssell
Peter Wayne
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
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1 / GTG / 2013年07月16日 23:05

are you folks gonna take a break & have some fun @ SDCC this week? Ken was going if i recall? you deserve some time off!!!!!

2 / noname / 2013年07月17日 22:36

from what I have seen so far I cant wait until the US release.

3 / SERIOUSLY / 2013年07月18日 00:39

I have a massive concern.

I have just bought a PS3 as I can not afford a PS4.
I desperately want to play MGSV and hearing it was coming to PS3 was music to my ears.
Now I'm worried that at the last minute you'll turn around and say that the game is too complex for current gen and only release it next gen.
Can you give me a guarantee that the game will come to PS3?

4 / NinjaKakashiEU / 2013年07月18日 16:36

Dude it is guaranteed... Please news on Metal Gear Online or I am going to die before the games release!

5 / Snoop / 2013年07月18日 19:01

When is this coming?

We can't wait!

I wanted to ask Donna whether she's watching The Ashes Cricket between England and Australia, but I guess it's too late for that -_-

6 / GTG / 2013年07月18日 21:02

9pm your time 6am mine 7/18 cough cough disappearing quickly... still keeping the faith though

7 / Purple Fox / 2013年07月18日 23:04

It's 11am AST here I'm anxious over here!

8 / scenario iv / 2013年07月18日 23:05

Will you have an interview with stefanie joosten in a next podcast? o.o

9 / GTG / 2013年07月19日 00:10

mr. K is on a plane where to Hiroshima festival or CCSD.hmmmmmmm please dont take me seriously not upset just sleep deprived i guess you meant the 18th US time.... its all good hope you guys are able to get some fun in @ CC

10 / Snake / 2013年07月19日 01:10

Kept you waiting huh?

11 / Shibito Snake / 2013年07月19日 02:33

Howdy every 1. Just a quick question for you, In the first Ground Zero's trailer, when Big Boss uses the 3D map we see orange/yellow lines at the bottom of the screen.

Then again on the red band trailer, they R there again during the torture scene.

Does this have something 2 do with technology or something else?

If U can't comment on it right now no probs. Snake out.........

12 / Sold Diamond Dog / 2013年07月19日 02:41

Hello, I have a question in regards to the country manager for Konami-Brazil at E3 stating that MGSV will be out next Fiscal year. Is that statement correct?

13 / Frank Jeager / 2013年07月19日 03:15

Can't wait for each episode, am looking forward to hearing about the Sins of the father being made. Also want to ask if Ground Zeroes will have a beta of Metal Gear Online? I am a die hard MGO player from the MGS3 Subsistence and i'm looking to get more friends involved in MGO, GZ will be a great starter for a beta for newcomers to MGO. Thanks Again!!!

14 / nicholas oldmastro / 2013年07月19日 04:52

Hi Donna,I have been your fan since I first listened to your song called "Heavens divide",which is really amazing and i look forward to listening the complete version of your new song,that is sins of the father.So,I asked to myself,could you please sing it now??????I know,it's impossible,but who knows!!

15 / Reaper / 2013年07月19日 05:35

When are we gona find out the truth about snake, is it big boss or not?

16 / Jehuty / 2013年07月19日 07:23

Do you intend on continuing to make MGS music as long as the series exists? (~Plz :3)

17 / Mgo is awesome / 2013年07月19日 07:54

It's July 18th!! When's this podcast coming?

18 / Old Wolf / 2013年07月19日 10:50

Hi KP Alert,

This is definitely the most exciting year for thanks to the MGSV announcement, soon to be father on August and a better carrier in Arts. (I draw small comic poster scenes for NGOs in Africa mostly Khartoum (Sudan).

I really enjoyed KP ALERT V. I really wanted to laugh so hard but had to hold myself cause my pregnant wife was sleeping next to me 03:48 AM.

I recently discovered the podcast, ended up downloading all the episodes on iTunes and listening to them while I work. Yes, it's lame but I'm hardcore that way. I've played all MGS games except the Acid series and portable ops.

My question is about MGSV.
In MGS4 y'all introduced 'sneaking truth a battle between PMCs and Militias/Rebels. Will MGSV have something Similar. Because I loved it.

Also MGS Touch. The app hasn't been updated for iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iPhone 5s Retina display. Please update so I can have something to do when my wife watches her cooking shows.

Oh and iTunes no longer shows the KP ALERT, especially episode 04 & 05(V). What's the deal.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I will keep posting until all my question are addressed on KP ALERT.

19 / Rogue Agent / 2013年07月19日 10:57

Will MGSV The Phantom Pain ever be released on a next-gen handheld in the future? Is this possible?

20 / GTG  / 2013年07月19日 11:41

never lossed faith listening now thanks guys!

21 / GTG / 2013年07月19日 11:54


22 / Lu-Shin / 2013年07月19日 12:00

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

23 / Solemn Snake / 2013年07月19日 12:21

Please don't redo the song it sounds beautiful as it is.

Donna Burke is a wonderful guest.

24 / JMG2 / 2013年07月19日 12:36

Hey Sean! You mentioned the differences between the box art styles for the US, Europe, and Japan (that the US tends to prefer CG, while Europe prefers illustrations.) I'm an American who adores Shinkawa's art, but sadly the last time we got a Shinkawa cover was MGS3: Subsistence. Is there a chance that MGSV will have a reversible cover, similar to Bioshock Infinite, featuring Shinkawa's art?

25 / GTG / 2013年07月19日 12:51

THANK YOU GREAT SHOW!!!! keep em coming

26 / James_fort / 2013年07月19日 13:06

Great podcast:)

I appreciate everything ms Burke has given to mgsv. She is VERY talented!

I only wish we could get more info on mgsv... If the kp team is reading this, please try to give us something in each of your shows. We enjoy the interviews but most of us listening are die hard fans trying to learn more about the game itself.

27 / Paprika / 2013年07月19日 13:21

Donna and Ludvig should be on every episode from now on. Best episode so far - loved it!

28 / Paprika / 2013年07月19日 13:32

Also, I forgot to ask - are you guys familiar with Reddit AMAs? If so, we have about 11,500 fans at /r/MetalGearSolid who would love to see you there answering to some burning questions. Maybe the whole KP Alert crew would make this possible after the release of MGSV?

29 / Dio / 2013年07月19日 14:30

That was a really great episode. Laughed so hard at a lot of different points in the podcast.

These are really making the wait for any MGO info a lot less painful.

Wish there would be a long beta test period so we could get the best game possible online.

30 / glasscut / 2013年07月19日 15:55

MGO news Please.. I feel like a fish out of water.. I am out of MGO.. :(…. Please

31 / Anonymous Snake / 2013年07月19日 16:12

When will you guys release the full version of "Sins of the Father"?? D:

32 / EYESTONE_FAN / 2013年07月19日 23:49

Hey whats up everybody! Great podcast as always, I was wondering now this may be too early to ask but in MGS5 how open is the open world? Is it 100% open and free from the moment you start the game like in the Fallout series, or do you "unlock" more of the map as your progress through the story? either way it will be awesome! Thanks guys, EYESTONE_FAN makes an epic come back haha.

33 / Shibito Snake / 2013年07月20日 01:25

Gr8 podcast m8's, 4rom its nostalgic intro to is hilarious guests. Top notch.

0ff topic, assuming MG Zeke gets destroyed during Ground zeros, does it get replaced with a new model? MG Inugami (INUGAM!) perhaps?

Thanx 4 reading Snake out........

34 / Italian Joe / 2013年07月20日 02:33

Hello guys,

I really enjoied this episode of the podcast starting from The unexpected "Metal Gear radio stations swiching" as initial portion: for an old hardcore fan like me it really was a heart breaking moment to hear (expecially the Victory Song/MGO reference) so I wish to know who was responsable for this magnificent idea for the intro and thank you for the official partial lyrics too so everybody doesn't understand english properly can now try to discover the meaning behind this "deadly" words without additional confusion ;)

"would you speak them to me" (?)

I wonder if this part of the song could be a superb "Taxi Driver reference" between Big Boss and his possibly mirror's image called "Ishmael" ?


Can you please confirm if the man teaching the kids on how to use a rifle in the MGSV E3 Red Band trailer is a new full body scanned actor, just like Stefanie Joosten/Quiet, precisely if his identity is Dante Carver ?

Thanks for listening good work to all of you and, please, don't forget to ask Mr Kojima (btw the "mew" at the 21 min and 47 sec was coming from him during one of his "Ninja-Cat disguised secret missions" in Donna's house... XD) to upload his fantastic, emotionally, adrenalinic and so enigmatic trailers on PlayStation network too so all the low spec pc owners like me can finally use a properly device to search clues in any single frame starting from the image reflected on Miller's left lens sunglasses in the last one released for example...

35 / Old Wold / 2013年07月20日 03:59

Hi KP Alert,

This is definitely the most exciting year for me thanks to the MGSV announcement, soon to be father on August and a better carrier in Arts. (I draw small comic poster scenes for NGOs in Africa mostly Khartoum (Sudan).

I really enjoyed KP ALERT V. I really wanted to laugh so hard but had to hold myself cause my pregnant wife was sleeping next to me 03:48 AM.

I recently discovered the podcast, ended up downloading all the episodes on iTunes and listening to them while I work. Yes, it's lame but I'm hardcore that way. I've played all MGS games except the Acid series and portable ops.

MGS4 is my favorite of all I got all the Achievements, I guess that would cover all the weapons, camouflage, items, and iPod tracks.


-In MGS4 y'all introduced 'sneaking through a battle between PMCs and Militias/Rebels'. Will MGSV have something Similar. Because I loved it.

-Also MGS Touch. The app hasn't been updated for iPhone 5, iOS 6 and iPhone 4s Retina display. Please update so I can have something to do when my wife watches her cooking shows.

-Oh and iTunes no longer shows the KP ALERT, especially episode 04 & 05(V). What's the deal?


-Regarding MGO, I hope there'll be CO-OPS because I loved it on MGS-PW.

-Also in MGO if we could have tanks and choppers that we can pilot, that would be awesome. Maybe Kill streaks like call a chopper and it provides cover for like a min. Dogs too, like kill ten guys in a row and you can call on dogs to provide support, or even UAV.

-The whole losing points on MGO was bad, please remove such a thing.

-This time maybe you can level up weapons like in MGS PW (I'm sure y'all are doing just that). That way one can always use their favorite weapon rather than kill so many in a round just to use the one love. I think by earning weapons through level-ups gives the player more sense of personal goal. And camo on weapons. Also custom parts for all weapons, each gifted by a level up.

Keep up the good work.

P.S. I will keep posting until all my questions and requests are addressed on KP ALERT. Muhahahaaa

36 / TrophySupport / 2013年07月20日 05:34


David Hayter can still do the young Snake voice, go on youtube and search for a video called David Hayter meets his son (not sure if I can link here)

He does both the gravelly old snake voice and a young snake voice.

KP fire Kris Zimmerman for forcing the old snake voice on us in PW and the 2 graphic novels in legacy collection, and if you ever do get Hayter back force him to use the younger voice or give him the boot!

37 / Munchies / 2013年07月20日 19:04

You know I just thought of something, suppose MG1/MG2SS were remade... if so what martial art would Snake use in Zanzibar Land?

Obviously if the hypothetical remakes happen we'll see CQC probably being used in Outer Heaven, but what about in Zanzibar land?

Snake refuses to use CQC in Shadow Moses, the Tanker, and the Big Shell because he didn't want to use the same style as the traitor Big Boss. Story wise it would also apply to Zanzibarland as well. CQC is a huge part of the gameplay now, and going back to the way the older games handled hand-to-hand combat would seem backwards. Doubly so if a MG1 remake would use CQC.

38 / mgo = awesome  / 2013年07月20日 23:19

please!! please!! please!! give us some information about MGO3 we need to know!!!!!!!

39 / shafagh / 2013年07月21日 21:42

hello when mgs phantompain relesedate?

40 / Rye0077r / 2013年07月22日 00:18

I understand that the MGS Legacy Collection contains all Kojima-san directed games, but can you talk about why the canon [and excellent] MGS Portable Ops has not received the HD treatment?

Related: Would there ever be a possibility of a MGS handheld HD collection [MGSPO, the AC!Ds, and maybe even Ghost Babel?]

Keep up the fantastic work!

41 / Winter_Cat / 2013年07月22日 02:00

Hey guys,
Always good to hear from different people in the podcast. I didn't really like "Sins of the Father" when I first heard it, but it grown on me, and I think it makes a good theme from MGSV. I tip my hat to Donna Burke.
I recently noticed that the ZOE HD patch went up, and I was really surprised at how dramatic the difference was (both good and bad), including the changes to the color palette and lighting. I'm not sure if that's just a result of tweaking the engine or if it was intentional. On that notes, were there any little changes to the game in the patch. (I have actually noticed that there are more slow-downs post patch, but I guess that is the cost of everything else moving smoother.) (I'm still going to bug you guys about ZOE3's cancellation, since I have seen no press releases in English about it. I would be really happy even if the release is "yes it is canceled, and here's why.") The thing I want to see the most from the Fox engine is not another MGS, but something else from KP, whether a ZOE sequel or preferably a new IP. When I heard MGSV was Project Ogre, I was a bit disappointed since I though Ogre would be something bold and new, while still getting more MGS through GZ. I'm not sure if KP is working on something else besides MGSV, but I hope for something other than MGSVI after V.

42 / Xearrik / 2013年07月22日 03:29

Great job. When can I buy this fabled wrist watch? I can't find any of the original ones from the 80s for sale. I am also requesting more info on MGO. Is the MGO2 style dead?

43 / Fox-Balls / 2013年07月23日 01:09

Donna speaks words that kill to Ludvig :D

44 / Magnus Snake / 2013年07月23日 04:23

Is Harry Gregson Williams going to work in the making of MGSV's Soundtrack ?

45 / french yamori / 2013年07月23日 10:37

Very funny show Donna is hilarious, i'm jalous of ComiCon any plan to have some exclusive item for European event ?

About Sin of the father it feel to me like the Opera, because you can link those words to some character & what happen on the trailer at the same time

MGSV go above what i expect with just one trailer

i wonder how we will be able to experience the story this time,

in MGS3 i remember one time a real shock when i decide to not shot the Boss & Snake did it.

Make me realise i didn't have any influence on what happen ( & the time paradoxe too )

Kojima sama keep on saying at first time the game might be censored,

how will you approche hard emotional moments ? Just cutscenes, some in-game actions, & will you make players feel guilty about it like we have take this on our own.

I always see on other MSG a line that you don't cross to be accessible to many costumer as possible, will the game be rated Z in Japan this time ?

Hey no more outside podcast style i miss it ! Any news for GamesCom in Germany ?

Le cochon est satisfait

46 / enot08 / 2013年07月23日 17:11

Hideo, hello!
On behalf of the Russians fans of MG series, I want to ask you two questions:
- Will there be MGS5 present Russian subtitles? Konami adds Russian subtitles in Castlevania 2, in connection with this matter to your game.
- In Russia over the past 20 years has accumulated a huge fan base of your games, many players pushes play your games just the language barrier. Do you plan to continue to do the master disk includes original Russian language, at least at the level of Russian subtitles?

Thank you, Regards, Sergey.

47 / Kitsyfluff / 2013年07月24日 14:29

Wow, I decided to visit this page again and the show started back up again? Glad i caught it again early, I thought it had ended completely! Good to hear you guys again!

48 / id / 2013年07月25日 05:46


49 / FreemanTiger / 2013年07月25日 06:16

Thank you! The lyrics will mean a lot to many I am sure :-)

50 / LOL / 2013年07月25日 07:18

thats the lyrics EHHHH Guys i just want to let you know that the the lyrics have beeeen out fooor quiteeee somtimmme by now and i have to say this isnt news to me

51 / Spenraw / 2013年07月25日 09:25

Really hope some more gameplay stuff is talked about, I want to hear more about the CQC

52 / snake1580 / 2013年07月26日 10:06

we want more info i was playing mgs 1 the part when sniper wolf was killed and she said saladin save her is the same one in the mgs V

53 / StealthCivet / 2013年07月26日 11:38

One question... MGO? Any and all details welcome :)

54 / elsolidito / 2013年07月26日 13:14

The ideal for made the movie of metal gear solid is Guillermo del Toro!!!

55 / GTG (GILMOR THE GREAT) / 2013年07月26日 13:29

i have a difficult time believing KJP is going to have PES 2014 debut the FOX engine in September. are you folks cooking up some GZ action for Mr. K's 50th in August? don't mind me just dreaming...

side note question i have some nephews that came to visit last week who love PES so i showed em the konami e3 demo etc but they will never be able to own a PS3 or Xbox till they're 18 they still have a few years will the FOX engine ever work for the WII U if so i'd love to help em out...
side note i also showed em TPP,GZ trailor & green band minus Quiet but got their promise they wouldn't touch it till they were 18 ... i got em PW for their PSP's a few years ago since it was "clean" I wish i had a video camera to capture the expressions on their faces when they saw mother base get destroyed.... i was gonna make it 21 but the facial expressions got me to bend it to 18 plus 1 of em helped me get past a level i'd been stuck in for weeks in PW (nerve pain) so i can beat PW again.

i probably should have broken this into a few posts but ke sera sera ...PES WII U is most important question ...... i just wanted to point out i got like 50 nephews & nieces & they just kick ASS.. so i'd like to help em. oldest 1 is 21 & brought him up on MG since he could hold a controller & i'd lie & tell him he was playing ........ LIFE IS GOOD ...... to quote one of the greatest pick up lines EVER
ok KJP enough about me..... so what do you think about me?

56 / french yamori / 2013年07月26日 22:30

"Berberian Sound Studio" 2012 great movie to watch, remember me the session about sound capture

57 / skinner69 / 2013年07月30日 02:53

MGO news please KP !!!

58 / charmed1 / 2013年07月30日 03:37

Hi guys amazing pod cast.still waiting patiently for some kind of release date news or new metal gear online news sooo looking 4ward to play this game.will we be able to play this before ps4 release or on ps4 release.XD can't wait for the next pod cast keep up the good work ;)

59 / Gamzee / 2013年07月31日 10:33

So will MGSV still be getting a Vita port with Transfarring or has that been cancelled?

60 / MGSV / 2013年07月31日 22:08

is there going to be any MGSV announcements at gamescom 2013 ?

61 / Fox-Balls / 2013年08月01日 21:01

3D motion capture is so cool, I want to try it. CQC!

62 / SolidSnakeLegacy / 2013年08月03日 11:33

Hello KP Alert

Awesome new podcast guys. Sins of the Father is an awesome song. Can't wait to hear the full song.

My only comment on the recasting is that I hope that there is no falling out with David so that he can come back if Snake is in this game, or another future title.

I do have a couple of questions about gameplay. I noticed in the trailer that it looks like you can drive in first person view. Is First Person aiming making a return?

Also, are we gonna be able to choose between having the stun baton, and knife?

63 / Zeke / 2013年08月03日 21:00

So any news about the Metal Gear Movie?

64 / Freddy / 2013年08月04日 21:02

OMG Sean, I saw you in the background of a photo of Kojima doing... motion-capture?? What was going on? Tell us please! lol (If you can that is :) )

P.S. Is Rising canon or not?

P.S.S I <3 you all!!

65 / french Yamori / 2013年08月04日 22:18

Yo one time you say you'r the best on water effect on MGS4 for the level in Eastern Europe.

For me Naughty Dog have some sweet effect like the sand in Uncharted 3, even if i don't like this serie, the way the cutscene come are great still in the flow of action.

All this to ask you on the Fox Engine what effect can make you said "we are the best" Wizzy F baby !

Any news to share about Siggraph ?

because all those next gen engine look pretty great, what make you different ?

So nice to have some talk on how the Fox Engine work

66 / No Place For MGO  / 2013年08月08日 00:25

Love the song can't wait to hear the full version. Oh and I know you said you're going to divulge MGO information as it comes. Any idea when that might be? There has not been a better online game since MGO. Or before MGO for that matter.

67 / Anoop / 2013年08月08日 20:23

There isn't enough news for me.

Sorry if I sound arrogant, but I think we Metal Gear Fans deserve news about the Metal Gear Solid movie, also, more news on MGS 5.

Assassins Creed fans have news about Assassins Creed every day.

MGs is such an awesome series and I think it should do something every month, atleast one teaser or, something updated on the website to keep fans talking about the next game.

Would be kool.

But maybe it's too much to ask :(

68 / big_boss1988 / 2013年08月09日 15:07

Define early august?

69 / 5.N.4.K.3. / 2013年08月11日 02:39

On a completely unrealated note; is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops a cannon part of the Metal Gear Universe. I couldn't help but noticing "Calling to the Night" was not in the introduction. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but an answer to this question could help lay some of the debates on a "GRAY FOX body double theory" to rest.

70 / Mgo forever / 2013年08月12日 03:29

Since I know you all are very busy, I just wanted to remind you "Early August" ends in 4 days.. Times flying I know.

Question for the team: how many "countries" or locations will be in the game for us to travel to. And is the new MGO being made similar to MGO2, MGS PW, or a new open world based online..?

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72 / shafagh / 2013年08月15日 04:41

hello mr kojima!please tell us when mgs phantompain realease date?beacuse i am going to go to the Asylum!beacuse of you mr kojima!why dont tell us the release date of mgs phantompain?

73 / Nightshader / 2013年08月15日 10:53

Urgh.... i'm so excited for another podcast! Come on guys where are you??

74 / Nick / 2013年08月15日 20:07

Why is it taking you so long?

75 / Neoblack0 / 2013年08月16日 10:18

Lots of nostalgia from the Mgs Theme montage.Awesome work.

76 / cheap NFL jerseys online / 2013年08月17日 20:50

cheap NFL jerseys online

77 / Ex-Boss / 2013年08月18日 08:59

Soo, nothing? Early August is long gone :p

78 / MGO PLEASE / 2013年08月19日 20:48

Guys some news for METAL GEAR ONLINE!!
When you ll upload the episode?

79 / Reticulated Python / 2013年08月20日 18:55

Happy Birthday Mr Kojima for the 24th !!

Btw - I miss you guys :( I've been listening to MGS 4's integral podcasts again in the meantime lol they are awesome :D

80 / Swedo / 2013年08月23日 02:06

"Next Episode : Early August"
cmon its the last week of august now
we suffer enough ;_;

81 / Hanz / 2013年08月23日 05:02

Seriously Kojima Productions...
What is going on?
NO news since E3..
Hope Im not being greedy but... that wasn't enough game-play we got from E£, think we need to see more!

82 / RevolerSnake / 2013年08月23日 20:59

August is almost over. :(

83 / Crypt / 2013年08月24日 02:08

This sure is one late "early august."

Would be nice to get real news since gamescom was a bust.

84 / GILMOR-THE-GREAT  / 2013年08月24日 10:13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Kojima !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this message was paid for by the Metal Gear Academy of Arts & Science

85 / Shibito Snake / 2013年08月24日 19:49

Happy Birthday Mr Kojima Have A Gr8 day! Don't Work 2 Hard. Have Some Cake.

86 / Batzi / 2013年08月26日 02:24

early August huh? :P

87 / WeNeed2Talk / 2013年08月26日 07:47

Yes, about that 'Early August' thing..

88 / Sicko / 2013年08月27日 00:50

This is getting pretty annoying now..

no news at all...

Yes we all do have a life, but we also like to hear more on MGS.

It's not fair... I mean, even in the KP Alert, it's not like we get alot of information to begin with.

It's kinda like trolling... to an irritating level.

KP needs to get a move on with the news f they want to keep their fans.

89 / WUT / 2013年08月27日 04:37

This is pathetic, Ryan Payton always updated regardless of his work load, even when there was nothing to talk about. He cared about the fans you guys obviously don't, if you're that starved for content, what about that Rising interview with Quinton Flynn you promised but never showed?

90 / Dio / 2013年08月27日 08:26

In their defense they didn't say WHICH August it was going to be in.

They can make the next podcast in August 2014 and they wouldn't be wrong.

Besides even in one of these they said "We would like to do one every week but you know...we're making a game and time we spend on this takes away from that."

So yeah it's actually a good sign the less they're talking about it because at least you know they're working hard on this game.

MGSV and MGO3 are going to be amazing.

91 / MGO Fan / 2013年08月27日 14:06

Can we get some information about the new MGO, its been so long since server shutdown, I been waiting for this game... thnks

92 / GTG / 2013年08月30日 23:11

ok bringing humor in so its the 80's we need to have a "LOVE SHACK" CB BOX & some 'lost boys refs for kiefer ..

question - Mr. K talked about selecting your own music for the heli does this mean we can choose anything off of our HDD or is it pre selected in game music like ipod in MGS 4?

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