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Episode 005 Donna Burke Alert!
2013.07.02 Tuesday
Donna Burke will drop by the KP Alert ! on July 18th to talk about the new theme song of METAL GEAR SOLID V "Sins of the Father!"

Have questions for Donna? We'll also take some time to address mail from fans! Leave your questions or comments below!

About Donna:
Donna Burke, a singer, narrator, and entrepreneur, was born in Perth, Australia, and moved to Tokyo, Japan in 1996. Her voice can be heard on many anime and video game soundtracks. She sang the theme of METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER "Heavens Divide" and also provided vocals for the MGSV theme song "Sins of the Father," unveiled at this year's E3 Show.

>> Coming on 07/18/2013 <<
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1 / big_boss1987 / 2013年07月03日 19:19

i'd like to ask if GZ is a demo of TPP?
also, about the release date, i assume that kojima-san is planning to announce it on his birthday, right?
and finally, a BETA online test is closer than we think and you are announcing it, right?
give my regards to Donna and a great performance.

2 / Banrexos / 2013年07月03日 19:31

I would cry tears of joy if they played a newly recorded orchestra version of the MGS Theme from MGS1-3 in MGSV.

3 / GTG / 2013年07月03日 22:10

please give us the lyrics to Sins of a Father... noone is getting them right ex: "it makes me believe... that SAINTS (not SINS) never die can't wash their blood off our hands" its SAINTS (not SINS) please correct people who don't have a good ear unless i'm hearing it wrong than please correct me..... WE LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!

4 / Glasscut / 2013年07月03日 22:50

Are we going to get the Metal Gear Online Beta Soon.. At least i hope so.. ??

5 / Fox-Balls / 2013年07月03日 22:53

Hello KP crew.

Sean you mentioned loss in the last episode, I think this is a really important subject an kinda resonates with me right now if Im honest. I noticed that Big Bosses horn is buried quite deep, is there some sort of brain damage caused? and is it made of diamond?

Donna can you take me out somewhere? lol might be hard though Im in England :D

Im just amazed by everything Ive seen so far MGSV related

6 / Phenrir / 2013年07月04日 07:07

When will "Sins of the Father" be released? Can't wait to hear it over and over on my phone, on my laptop, EVERYWEHERE. I loved Heavens Divide, but this new one just gives me the goosebumps every time I listen to it. Great job and thanks for this awesome piece of music!

7 / Hamiwiful / 2013年07月04日 07:39

Kojima tweeted long ago the "Western Marketing" about showing the world premiere on VGA, GDC announcement, Gameplay demostration on E3, with TPP it was somewhat similar to this "western marketing", can we expect a launch at November/December?

Kojima also said about "Pilot" episodes as digital download, can we expect that GZ will be a digital download? if so, when?

MGO Beta please.

Harry Gregson-Williams is going to do something in MGSV?

December 13 2013?

And Thalia what? is she going to participate in the game?

Donna you are great, I love you.

8 / Alex / 2013年07月04日 07:46

First off, Donna is truly amazing in her talents for moving vocally, that has to be said. Heaven's Divide was playing from the ether during a Kojima signing event I attended and it made the whole thing feel heavenly emotional; Kojima could not have picked a better person for Sins of the Father. Its what tipped the whole trailer easily over into "Best of E3" status.
My 2 part question is, does she play or watch the games, and do they fill her in on where the story direction is going into (spoilers basically) for her to have that fuller richness before recording Sins of the Father?
Thank you and great job on the song!

9 / Dr.Doc / 2013年07月04日 08:16

When can we download it? Amazing voice, epic song. WOAH-HOOOOOOOO

10 / simon stocks / 2013年07月04日 08:17

is donna burke a fan of the metal gear solid games? and i say hello!

can we have more information on how the episode style of story telling is going to work?

11 / giovani / 2013年07月04日 08:17

this game will release this year?,

ps: one day i will work with you kojima

12 / timesplitter88 / 2013年07月04日 08:17

When can i buy Sins of the Father on itunes?!?!?! It is such an epic song and I want it on my iPod!!!!!! :)

13 / CrunchButtsteak / 2013年07月04日 08:19

For Donna: What prompted your move to Japan, was it business, fascination with the culture, a mixture of the two, or something else? Also, how big would you say your work on MGSV is, considering your career? Because I seriously think this is some of your best work since Turn A Gundam (which was great).

14 / Smertanosez / 2013年07月04日 08:19

Is there a possibility that a Metal Gear Soundtrack with all your tracks will be released?

15 / solidsnakefromfinland / 2013年07月04日 08:19

What was the hardest part about this theme? Was it emotionally any challenging? Thanks!

16 / DiegoH. / 2013年07月04日 08:19

Donna,have you played any MGS game?

17 / baby skin raiden  / 2013年07月04日 08:19

Will we be able to eventually purchase the single for "Sins of the Father" on iTunes or other mp3 marketplaces?

18 / Alexander Davis / 2013年07月04日 08:22

Hi I just got a question for you guys or the composer if he is available. Am wondering if this part from the extended trailer

7min-40ish seconds in there is a chord progression and melody which seems very influenced by Vince DiCola and his score for Rock IV, just wondering if that is actually the case of it is coincidental? Vince is a great musician and sorely under appreciated in this age of "Hans Zimmer" and such other bland composers, would just like to see some confirmation that he influenced it in some respect. Thanks, absolutely love all the metal gear solid games, actual works of arts and masterpieces of video game.


19 / Satori / 2013年07月04日 08:23

I would like to know if
Mrs. Donna Burke ever played any MGS game and what does she think about the storyline and lore.

20 / Solid Fox / 2013年07月04日 08:23

can we get the full, clean version of the song? I´d like to have it in my Ipod.

21 / Punished legend / 2013年07月04日 08:24

Anything about release date or maybe a pc release in a future?

i know it will be an open world game but we will be able to have entire freedom like an sandbox? also we can travel to MSF or DD and recruit soldiers like PW and customizable weapons like MGS4?

and talking about the *sins of the father* has something to do with the twin snakes and what is the favorite song for her in MGS saga thanks!

22 / Nulloraxus / 2013年07月04日 08:26

Hey there!
I would love to know a release date for "Sins of the Father" theme. I love the song in its whole, gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to it during the trailer.
I would also love to know if there's a Beta planned for the next MGO, and to end, if the release date of Phantom Pain is scheduled for next year ?'
I enjoy this KP Alert a lot, keep up the good work guys!

23 / Alex The Huge / 2013年07月04日 08:26

When will we be able to hear the full song?
Will the Phantom Pain be featured at games, or the Tokyo Game Show?

When can we, the, fans, expect to see another trailer, or a gameplay video?

24 / Esteban / 2013年07月04日 08:28

how can MGSV be released in Xbox 360 when MGS4 couldnt?, mr. Kojima said it would take about 7 cds to play MGS4 in Xbox 360, assuming the open world and the graphic improvements in MGSV how is this game gonna be released in 360?

25 / Gav / 2013年07月04日 08:28

To Donna -
What was it like working on "Sins of the Father" compared to "Heavens Divide"?
Were you able to emotionally invest yourself in the lyrics/themes?

26 / Derek  / 2013年07月04日 08:32

Are you the same Donna Burke that voiced Angela in Silent Hill 2 (2001)?!

27 / matt-a-tatta / 2013年07月04日 08:35

I'd like to ask when the official "Sins of the Father" song will be available for download. Will it be before or after the game is released?

28 / danke / 2013年07月04日 08:38

Mach Metal Gear du geiler Hengst, LOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 / joakim Mogren / 2013年07月04日 08:48

Amazing song! sins of the father gives me chills every time I listen to it phenomenal job Donna!:) my question would be through what personal preparation do you have to do to for such an impacting song or any song for that reason?

30 / Jamezlap / 2013年07月04日 08:54

Have you met hideo kojima? and what do you think of him as a person?

31 / Richie / 2013年07月04日 08:54

What input does she have into the song writing, does she do it all? Was this song written specifically for the game and if so what themes/inspirations was she given?

32 / SnakePlissken  / 2013年07月04日 09:02

I have a question for Donna: Do you think "Sins of the Father!" will out preform "Snake Eater" by Cynthia Harrell?

33 / Lerion27 / 2013年07月04日 09:04

Hi, KP...I'm from Indonesia and I'm one of the biggest fans of ur games. I'd like to ask about much changes in ur latest installment here...
Why Harry Gregson Williams is no longer compose the musics? And the title "Sins of The Father", is it inspired by one of the phrase on the Bible? Or is it refered to some title from another musics or movies from long time ago? Coz this sentence, showed up in so many titles of movies and musics...
To Donna Burke, how do u feel when KP points u to sing a song from the best game in the world...well that'd be all..sorry for my bad english. Thanks so much.

34 / devouredsnake / 2013年07月04日 09:05

Is there plans for a James Bond-esque intro to MGSV?

35 / MikeJoe / 2013年07月04日 09:08

Hi Donna Burke , Love your songs and your voice! How do you find it working with Kojima Productions and how do you find the music composition? Do you think it delivers a message to us gamers?

36 / Mr. $miley / 2013年07月04日 09:12

Love your work in Metal Gear Solid and hope to hear more songs from you in the future Donna. My question is you were one of the more prominent and returning voice actresses in the Silent Hill series. Would you ever consider coming back to voice acting? Perhaps act and sing in both Silent Hill and MGS games? Would love to hear you play an MGS character someday. Thanks again for your time.

37 / wonzan / 2013年07月04日 09:15

Hi Donna! First of all, I love your voice! Second, how did you get into singing for video games?

38 / Uchiha Kurama / 2013年07月04日 09:21

ohayo, Kojima-san! well, i assume that Eli is the young Liquid Snake, right? Also, please, Kojima-sama, i wait good news for Metal Gear Online 3, and i was thinking... about the game mode.. we have Soldiers vs Soldiers, we have Soldiers vs Snake.. What about.. Soldiers vs Metal Gear? consider putting the Metal Gear in the online field.

39 / RufusMGS / 2013年07月04日 09:22

To Donna:
An amazing and heartfelt performance. Tugs at me every time I watch the trailer. You never disappoint.

And speaking of the theme song, I, as well as many other fans would love if you released it on iTunes or wherever would suitable. We're dying for the full version of yet another epic Metal Gear track. :)

40 / / 2013年07月04日 09:31

Will the song Sins of the Father be available on iTunes at some point? Building up a playlist in anticipation of MGSV

41 / Captain Corgi / 2013年07月04日 09:34

When will "Sins of the Father" be officially released? I, along with many others, really really really want to hear the official studio version, if you haven't noticed by the huge number of fan edits available on youtube.

42 / Antivenom101 / 2013年07月04日 09:37

Hey Donna! Love your songs!
I would just like to ask that if given the chance, is there a possibility for you voicing a character for a future Silent Hill game?

43 / arturo R. (aka shadow snake) / 2013年07月04日 09:39

hi! i have one for Donna :D
Donna brings a lot of powerful emotion into the new theme "Sins of the Father" and also "Heavens Divide". Donna, what kind of mindset do you put yourself into when doing something like that? and how does that experience on "Sins of the Father" compare to the previous theme "Heavens Divide"?

thanks alot

i was so glad to hear that the Hideo Blog podcast came back! keep up the fine work KP Alert crew :)

44 / Ahmed Rehan / 2013年07月04日 09:50

the full version please PLEASE

45 / sirioussnakemgs / 2013年07月04日 10:05

how was Donna Burke asked as a singer for the song. i can obviously see why she was picked by talent, but how did they pick or come across donna.there must have been other candidates or options but what stood out so much compared to others if there was any.

46 / solidgiratina / 2013年07月04日 10:27

I'd like to ask if the theme "Sins of the Father" will be released in any form BEFORE the release of MGSV's soundtrack, and if so, when and how?

47 / Grahm / 2013年07月04日 10:29

How did you get to sing the themes for the MG series? How did Kojima contact you, and how was the meeting?

48 / Granch / 2013年07月04日 11:20

You have an awesome voice; if you received formal vocal training where did you do so and what else have you worked on?

49 / GillianSnatcher95 / 2013年07月04日 11:22

What's your favorite Metal Gear game?

50 / Jose7822 / 2013年07月04日 11:32

I'd like to ask some questions about MGO3. During the EuroGamer EXPO, Mr. Kojima talks about how MGO was more popular in Japan, compared to the rest of the world, because it was created mostly by his staff which were mostly Japanese at the time. This time around, Mr. Kojima wants MGO to be more widely accepted in the Americas and Europe, and thus the development will take place mostly at the new Kojima Production branch in L.A. How will this impact the gameplay system? Will MGO3 deteriorate into a Call of Duty (no skill required) type of shooter? The coolest thing about MGO2 was that it had very intuitive controllers, yet it required skills to master. This set it apart from ANY shooter at the time, and even today. Hopefully we won't get a dumb down version of that system in MGO3.

Also, will MGO3 be open world like MGSV?

Lastly, being that MGSV will not only be cross platform, but also cross generation, will I be able to play the multiplayer online with a friend who bought the PS3 version even though I'm playing the PS4 version of the game?

Thanks so much for your time. Love your show!

51 / IS-SNAKE / 2013年07月04日 11:36

Hi, I'm Mohamed from Morocco, I am a huge fan of the series since the first MGS on PS1,my greetings to all the team Kojima Productions, I would like to ask Miss Donna if she has already played a MGS game or if she plays video games in general ? Thank you, you're amazing ! A great performance !

52 / Justin / 2013年07月04日 12:32

Dear Koji-Pro,

I'd like to give an overall comment not just relating to Donna Burke and the KP alert.

I'm extremely impressed with everything I've learned so far about MGSV. At first, I was one of the fans who had a knot in his stomach when the idea of replacing Hayter was even mentioned. I figured it had to be a classic Kojima prank. I was frustrated, but know I've had time to sit with it and I'm very excited for Sutherland. I honestly think that his delivery in the little we've heard so far is much more natural than what we've been given in past games. I believe this fits well with Kojima's vision of maturing the Metal Gear acting and drama overall. I can't wait to see how emotion is conveyed in this game through the characters.

I'd like to know if MGSV will continue the tradition of rewarding players for not killing. This is one of the things I appreciate most of MGS titles. I understand that Big Boss's story will most likely include some nasty stuff (as we've already seen in the extended E3 trailer) but I really hope that it will still be possible to complete the game with no kills whenever possible.

Another thing, can you confirm that both versions of the game (current-gen and next-gen) will be released at the same time? I just really don't want the PS3/360 version to release before the others because I want to play it on PS4 and wouldn't be able to handle knowing that it's already out there. (I only ask because Kojima seems to have communicated that you will finish optimizing for current-gen before moving on to next-gen)

You guys probably can't comment on this, but can you confirm how Ground Zeroes will be released? I know it will be a prologue to The Phantom Pain and released beforehand, but I'm wondering if it will still be disc based or just a digital download.

Thanks so much for the hard work on the game. I CANNOT wait. If that E3 trailer was on a VHS tape I would have completely worn it out already.


53 / Dio / 2013年07月04日 12:56

I will admit that the main reason I loved Peace Walker as much as I did was because of Heaven's Divide. That song was amazing.

Sins of the Father, however, sounds like it's going to beat it for my all time favorite vocal song associated with MGS.

Keep up the great work!

54 / Freshingredient / 2013年07月04日 13:18

Will Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection be getting a PS4 and/or XBOXone version?

55 / MikeyMudkipz / 2013年07月04日 14:14

Hi, i was wondering if you ever became your own tactical espionage character from metal gear, which one would you relate to the most Donna Burke, or if you got to make your own, what would be your name and skills, powers, etc. :]

56 / Dante_Ezio / 2013年07月04日 14:26

Hey guys, you really need to help put some of these ridiculous theories to rest that people keep spouting over the Internet! The biggest and most ridiculous one is that the Big Boss we see in The Phantom Pain is not actually Big Boss, it's Gray Fox posing as his double......oh and Ishmael is either Big Boss or Gray Fox before he assumes Big Boss' identity.....PLEASE could you confirm that it's BIG BOSS and not Gray Fox?? PLEASE!

57 / N7_Stormtrooper / 2013年07月04日 17:20

Is there a reason why you decided to have Kiefer Sutherland voice Snake, instead of David Hayter?

58 / The Sons of Big Boss1986 / 2013年07月04日 19:34

Id like to ask if the theme sins of the father will be released on the internet or will have to wait till the game is released to own that particlar song? which i must say its amazing!

59 / OldWolf  / 2013年07月04日 19:45

Hi, this question regards iTunes on Mac, the KP Alert Podcast hasn't been updated since Episode 03. Had to download SoundCloud for Episode 04.

My second Question is about Metal Gear Solud Touch for iPhone it hasn't been update for iOS 6, Retina Screen and iPhone 5. So are the plans for updating it? I still play it during my breaks. Please!

From Sudan

60 / NCell / 2013年07月04日 20:07

Before you get the lyrics, do they tell you the background story for that song? If so, how does that change your performance?

61 / Meghterb / 2013年07月04日 22:05

Tell Donna that she has one of the best voices I ever heard in my life!

62 / Water_Snake / 2013年07月04日 22:23

I have some questions for Donna Burke :
-How does she feel about working in the video game industries and on an other MGS ?
- Has she played the game before ?
- Will she ? :)

63 / pip139 / 2013年07月04日 22:28

Anyone know when the theme will be released on itunes, soundtrack, etc.

64 / Tomaz FANMETALGEAR / 2013年07月04日 22:30

You inspire us so much on PW,how you can put all emotions of mgs5 story in a great 1 song? thanks its bealtiful (i use to listen every time your songs)

65 / Tennotsukai / 2013年07月04日 22:32

Question for Donna.

Have you heard the "Brotherhood of Man" song by Motörhead? The lyrics seem to fit this new game like a glove. And Lemmy's voice is hardcore enough to accompany Big Boss's adventures, in my opinion. And they have been active as a band since 1975, so if you turned on an in-game radio, or whatever, you could catch them and it wouldn't feel so weird, even though this particular song is from their 2010 album "The Wörld Is Yours".

So as a singer and a song writer, what do you think of the song and do you think it would go well with the game? (even though Kojima-san probably doesn't like the band and would never put it in due to the heavy instrumental tone)

I really hope you can answer this one, since you'll be buried under a mountain of questions and comments. Love your voice by the way. Keep up the great work.

P.S.: How cool would it be if Lemmy voiced Big Boss, hah.

66 / Italian Joe / 2013年07月05日 00:04

Hi all,

A list of questions for Donna Burke and funny ones for the "Radio Team"

- If you could sing only one of the songs coming from the other titles of the Metal Gear Saga wich track you eventually choose ?

- And why ?

- On July 26 you twitted a pic with some lyrics from "Sins of the Father" on it: can you please tell if the "LET ME SUFFER NOW AND NEVER D... (?)" part will also be present in the final version of the main track ?

- In MGSV there'll be present many Kojima Productions members in the characters cast like "Doctor" Mike Fudge (thank you for saving Big Boss!!!) and "Spetsnatz" Ludvig Forsell (btw R.I.P. man! XD) so can we expect a Donna Burke appearence as a Mother Base "Announcer" or "Singer" during the frequently soldiers parties ?

- Why not a Mother base's Radio Team with Sean Eyestone and Ken Mendoza in it ? ^^

Example: Sean, in perfect Miller style, says through the mic an alarm message for all the Mother Base like this one "DAMN IT MENDOZA OVERBOARD!!!" XD

- I've heard a rumor about one of your beautiful cats regarding the possibility one of them it's Hideo Kojima himself under disguise for secretly controlling if you accidentally twitt some "spoiler" things like the lyrics !? XD

Speaking of cats and "Ninjacatz" like Hideo-san,

- What about "Nuke", the white Paz's cat from Peace Walker: it'll be present in MGSGZ/TPP ?

I'm worried if he survived from X.O.F. strike... :(

- Have Kojima Productions tried to use the Fox Engine to make a 3d scan of real animals like cats, dogs, snakes, mules, bellies, birds ecc... to create better and ultra realistic poligonal models during the development of MGSV or they have quitted this crazy idea from the start ?

- I cant wait to see Hideki Sasaki finnaly take his "role" in MGSV as the KP face cameo for the legendary cell guarding Soldier of the Metal Gear Saga every prisioner loved so much... XD

Thanks for listening and i wish you good work to all of you ;)

67 / Ashley / 2013年07月05日 02:19

How much of Big Boss's story did Ms. Burke have to become familiar with in order to sing "Sins of the Father," with such emotion?

68 / Naked_Snake1972 / 2013年07月05日 02:52

In this episode will the enemies possess Metal Gear which Big Boss will have to face during the game as in the other Metal Gear Solid ?

69 / Noctyrne / 2013年07月05日 03:19


It is clearly "sins." You can read the Japanese subtitles at that part of the song. When Donna sings "The sins never die," the subtitles read "罪は死なない." "罪" is the kanji for sin. On this note, why did Donna decide to move to Japan and would she sing a Japanese version of "Sins of the Father?"

70 / Alex / 2013年07月05日 03:54

Hi, guys (and Donna)!

I got a question for Ms. Burke:

Did you ever have the time to think or discuss the meanings behind the lyrics in "Sins of the Father"?

71 / James Ford / 2013年07月05日 05:46

What is the third bone in Big Boss's arm on the officiel MGS 5 X-Ray Artwork ?

72 / / 2013年07月05日 06:58

Hi everyone !

My question for Donna is really simple, when you're singing MGS' theme, what is your feeling about the lyrics ?
Do you know the story of the game for giving so many emotions ?

Thanks and great job at KP ! ;)

73 / sephiroth654 / 2013年07月05日 07:03

Hello!!! you sing in the intro of metal gear solid 5 ? ^^

74 / Sexy Dracular  / 2013年07月05日 07:24

Can you give an estimate as to when MGSV will be released? And if possible, clarify if GZ and TPP will be sold together. Thank you.

75 / TheJoy_13 / 2013年07月05日 11:52

Did you really cry when you saw the MGS5 trailer?

When is the game coming out?

76 / Revoan  / 2013年07月05日 13:54

Can we please get a 'making-of' video during the production of the MGS V theme song?

It would be great to see how things would look within the studio setting.

77 / Solid-O / 2013年07月05日 14:18


78 / Tairetsu / 2013年07月05日 14:32

I would ask the typical,when is Sins of the father gonna get a full release?,but that would be silly,I want to know actually,are you guys planning on giving support to MetalGearOnline for a long time now?,because the last 4 games on the series launch with MP modes,and the servers quicly went down,so Im really interested to know if this time we are gonna get a MP game for long?

79 / GTG / 2013年07月05日 18:15

@Noctyrne.... thank you so much i kept hearing saints ... thank you thank you thank you

80 / AudioAw2012  / 2013年07月05日 21:13

Will "Sins of the Father" be released as a single or as part of the OST? Also, I love the song Howling at the Moon you perform live. Is there a recorded version?

81 / NCell / 2013年07月05日 23:32

Donna Burke: Does anyone give you background story of the game before giving you the lyrics? If so, how does that chane your way of singing it?
Mail Question :When Big Boss is seen on the motorcycle in one of the first trailers his face isn't scarred, but later on in Afghanistan it is, is this due to design issues or does he get the scars somewhere between the motorcycle scene and Afghanistan?

82 / Purple Fox / 2013年07月06日 01:17

My question would be simply are you gonna answer questions about the game? Us MGS fans are dying to know more.

For a game related question, would it be possible for you guys to clarify whether Ground Zeroes is going to be a separate game from the Phantom Pain? We know that both comprise the story of MGS5 but are they gonna be on the same disk or is it a digital download or what?

For Donna, the tone of the song sounds much more darker and serious than Peace Walkers Heaven's Divide. That being said, which song did you enjoy recording the most and which song do you feel more connected to? Your WHOA HOOOOOOAH is probably the most epic thing I've ever heard. Keep up the good work everyone!

83 / Luther III / 2013年07月06日 02:06

Hello KP Crew! I have a few questions: Was that Roy Campbell at the end of Emmerich's torture scene near the beginning of the Red Band trailer? Can you guys drop any hints concerning the MGSV E3 Poster's clues? When will a release date be announced for MGSV? And finally, when will Ms. Burke's beautifully-sung "Sins of the Father" be released for the public to enjoy?


84 / Dreyes_07 / 2013年07月06日 02:56

To which mgs character do you relate the most?

85 / pipo_star / 2013年07月06日 06:45

To Donna Burke, would you consider doing a song for a maybe mgs movie if it ever comes? If so, what would be your theme on mgs?

86 / Michael / 2013年07月06日 10:53

Could you please tell us if co-op play is going to be in MGSV? I don't want to get my hopes up for features that might not actually be in the game.

87 / Loyal African-American Female MGS Fan / 2013年07月07日 01:01

My question is about the theme of race in The Phantom Pain and the Metal Gear Solid series overall. I’ve noticed that most, if not all of the characters with Asian ancestry―Kazuhira Miller, Frank Jaeger, and even Solid and Liquid Snake―have European features. None of these characters have any discernible mixed race or Asian features. I was wondering if there was any particular reason that the male characters with Asian ancestry in the Metal Gear Solid series appear phenotypically white. Was the whitening of these characters meant to appeal to the average American gamer, who is a white male? Will there be opportunities in future games to see main characters who are Asian males?

88 / Solid_Marwan / 2013年07月07日 12:53

Metal gear online beta as soon as possible please.

89 / Shilly Chell / 2013年07月07日 20:38

Why are there no MGS4 avatars on the PSN?

Can you release Sins of the Father as an mp3 please?

Will you tour the world with Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa and Donna Burke or some voice actors before the release of MGSV, like you did before MGS4 was released?

90 / Big Boss / 2013年07月07日 21:28

Will MGSV and Ground Zeroes be released together or separately.

91 / H-B-Halicki / 2013年07月07日 22:43

bonjour ou bonsoir es que vous aller remettre les armes de metal gear solid peace walker dans metal gear solid v con puise retrouver nos arme préférés comme le G11,M1928A1,M1C,PTRD1941,MG3(AB),M134,M202A1,M1911

92 / Metal Gear Planet / 2013年07月08日 00:11

Donna, first of all thank you for responding to us on twitter about Sins of the Father lyrics. I would like to ask you one more question: Without spoiling anything... what means for you "Words that kill" ?

Thank you and kind regards

93 / Big Boss / 2013年07月08日 00:49

Will Kojima reveal the release date for MGSV this year?

94 / Hybrid Snake / 2013年07月08日 05:02

Is this Snake the real Big Boss in mgs V ?

95 / Snake Eater / 2013年07月08日 06:32

Is MGSV going to be big and long with lots of content.

96 / nemeraiden / 2013年07月08日 10:36

Hey I'm just curious about whether transfarring is still a feature. Kojima said way back when that all future "major" releases would have a vita version and be transfarring compatible. He also said "project ogre" would have transfarring, and project ogre was recently confirmed by him to be MGSV. Lately he's been talking about second screen integration with smartphones and tablets which is a big feature of the new consoles. So I guess what I'm getting at is if we're still getting a vita port of MGSV with transfarring compatibility with PS3/PS4, or if it's being replaced by remote play and xbox smartglass and the tablet/smartphone integration.

97 / Mike Tornado / 2013年07月08日 15:54

I would like to ask Miss Donna about her beliefs, I love her theme song "Heaven's Divide" from Peace Waker and also the new one which is "Sins of the father", my question is, is she a Christian? Thanks and more power!

98 / linkart / 2013年07月08日 18:11


When you recorded Heaven's Divide, did you know that you will have to record a song for MGS V in the future ? Or did they choose you again later ?

Thanks :)

99 / David Wood / 2013年07月08日 19:16

Do you ever sing sins of the father in the shower?

I do.

100 / Calis1998 / 2013年07月08日 21:02

the mechanical arm of BIG BOSS has some particular function or is it just aesthetic?

101 / tokenflipguy / 2013年07月08日 22:55

How did you get to collaborate with KP?

102 / illusive Snake / 2013年07月08日 23:38

Donna your vioce is amazing, I loved Heavens Divide in Peace walker especially when it was in the game I really hope `sins of the father' will be in the phantom pain aswell, your wonderful. Also Kojima seeing that ocelot is back what are the chances of EVA returning?

103 / snake 01 / 2013年07月09日 02:08

do you know the story of big boss ?
if so, was it easier to sing "sins of the father"

104 / The Snake / 2013年07月09日 02:24

How did you feel in singing for MGS5 and MGS Peace Walker?

105 / Peace Runner / 2013年07月09日 03:20

To Donna Burke@db_singer_actor

Have you played any of the Metal Gear games?

Where you able to beat any them?

106 / Mark S / 2013年07月09日 05:40

Have you ever toured abroad? Any plans to tour in the future (specifically the USA)?

107 / stargateheaven / 2013年07月09日 06:49

hi Donna, just wanted to let you know i really enjoyed your singing "star gate heaven" in DDR. Loved it so much it's now my twitter username^^ Sorry its not strictly Metal Gear related. :)

108 / Gixario / 2013年07月09日 10:00

To Donna, Fantastic Voice and has really shown heart to the theme :)
loved it really much!

( No news over the new MGO? A beta right now would be really great. ;) )

109 / drebin1981 / 2013年07月10日 06:19

is ground zeroes or the phantom pain coming out this year? even if you don't want to give us a release date just give us the year. what kind of customization will be availiable for multiplayer?

110 / Xearrik / 2013年07月10日 16:06

Please tell me where I can buy that watch. Please speak more about the N
MGO. Please speak less about music. Episode 4 was 40 minutes of talk about music. Yes I appreciate that, but you have spent the last 4 episodes talking about the trailer and auidio related topics. Please move on. Diversify your podcast please. And thank for reading my suggestions.

111 / MrChronique / 2013年07月10日 17:29

Hi KP staff,

My question is : Donna Burke, why did you move to Tokyo in Japan ? Did you have a project on mind ? I'm wondering :)

And thank you for your time answering fans question, I love "Heaven's Divide" by the way.

112 / GTG / 2013年07月10日 22:31

i'm only posting this here no worries KJP if you want people to know or not don't post congats on getting them i hope it doesn't take 8 months to get THE PHANTOM PAIN approved like it did with GZ

113 / GTG / 2013年07月11日 14:32

just want to say Thanks for re-doing the mgs digital graphic novels they are great its nice to hear the old cast & some newish additions (gray fox) / nulls.
ashley & yoji AWESOME!!!

114 / NFxJehuty / 2013年07月12日 12:36

Do you plan to continue making MGS soundtracks and themes as long as MGS Series exists, do you enjoy making these songs?

115 / swedo / 2013年07月12日 14:04


116 / J0Scorpionake / 2013年07月13日 05:51

Hi, I have questions for Donna:

1- Wich creative process do you followed for making the voice of this theme?

2- What was the most surprising thing that you learn about Tokyo when you first arrived in 96?

3- How different is Tokyo now from 96 for you?

Thank you KP for this oportunity and keep up the updates, I cant wait for them :)

117 / reza episode 4 / 2013年07月13日 07:03

Hi dear Kojima

As i said before Changiz Jalilvand (a well known Iranian voice actor) is the best voice for Persian version of Snake in MGS V The Phantom Pain.

But a new propose is for voice actor of Solid Snake. I also think Abolfazl Bahram Zand (another well known Iranian voice actor) is the best choice for Persian voice of Solid Snake in any MGS.

These two professional Iranian voice actors are very popular.

I also can say and guarantee that Iranian voice actors are in a high rate in the world.

You can research for the proposal and all conditions.

Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and part of Uzbekistan speaks Persian.

Especially that major events of game takes place at Afghanistan, that is a big chance to earn a huge group of new fans.

Currently i heard that you have provided Arabic subtitle for the game, it's good but i think it's not enough to attract new fans.

By doing this you will be the first at applying Iranian voice actor (that are very professional and popular) for Persians.

For more information you can keep touch with me by

(please pay attension)

118 / Cooler From Tunisia / 2013年07月13日 08:55

wainting for the show :)

119 / EsT. 1987 / 2013年07月13日 11:21

Hello gorgeous Donna!! Im a huge fan of your voice its sounds beautiful!! and I was wondering are you gonna sing on all of the metal gear solid future titles?

120 / Secret Snake Clone / 2013年07月13日 13:37

Donna Marry me :3

121 / Ace Ashun / 2013年07月13日 18:02

Hi Donna Burke and KP Alert. Donna Burke you have such an amazing voice. Out of Heavens Divide and Sins of the Father which one would you say is your favourite and why?

122 / Deepthroat  / 2013年07月13日 18:23

Before the question,id like to say im one of your greatest FANS! :)
Two questions for Donna:
1)What was your most favorite song you ever performed?
2)What are your thoughts on upcoming MGSV theme?

123 / frank pina / 2013年07月14日 03:17

can you please sing the classic MGS theme in acapella

124 / JackRaidenMaruchan / 2013年07月14日 04:58

Spread the word!
Spread the legacy!

125 / charmed1 / 2013年07月15日 01:14

Hi guys hi donna amazing song and voice :). Is there any place we can download sins of the father?or when will it be available?.I hope soon we will get a metal gear solid v release date?the game looks amazing could you answer it the game will release before ps4 releases?;).I hope so lol. Can't wait for this kp alert look forward hearing from you guys bye

126 / The Zanzibar Land (Youtube channel) / 2013年07月15日 04:21

Angela or Claudia? What has been your best experience in Silent Hill Saga Donna?

Do you prefer acting or singing?

Thx kp alert, wonderful station, metal gear forever!

127 / TrophySupport / 2013年07月16日 05:41


David Hayer can still do the young snake voice, go on youtube and search for a video called David Hayter meets his son, (not sure if I can link here)

he does an Old Snake and Young Snake voice in that video...

KP Fire Kris Zimmerman for forcing old snake on us, and if you ever do get hayter back make him do his young voice or give him the boot!

128 / punished snake / 2013年07月16日 18:55

What do you think of how the game is coming out? what is your favorite character in metal gear solid 5? Can you tell us, what will be one of the best moments? Thank you, and still you did a great job with "sins of father", no one would have sung better, you're the best!

129 / Liquid / 2013年07月16日 19:58

Portable Ops is part of the main plot (canonical) or not?

130 / Big Boss / 2013年07月18日 03:08

If Ground Zeroes and MGSV:The Phantom Pain were released under one title which one of the two would it be?

131 / Snake Eater / 2013年07月18日 03:09

When will Kojima reveal the next MGSV trailer?

132 / john_kramer / 2013年07月18日 09:15

hello, Donna, when i can see your live exibhition of Sins of the Fhater??? :-)

133 / Arun / 2013年07月18日 12:54

Hi Guys (and the beautiful Donna Burke), I was just wondering on the style of gameplay for the new MGO. Will it keep it's roots in the MGO which came with MGS4?

134 / miri88 / 2013年07月18日 14:17

What does "V has come too" mean??

135 / Solemn Snake / 2013年07月18日 17:34

I KNOW that the guy with the ponytail in the new trailer is Decoy Octopus!! You guys had me going for a while but I'm onto you.. ;D

Also, been a while since I've listened to the show! Glad to see you guys are back! Send my Kind regards to Christine, Chris, Sean, Kendoza, and the rest of the awesome team; I really missed you guys.

136 / noname / 2013年07月18日 22:35

Hi Donna! As you will know, most of MGS fans are men. Being so close to this game made you think different about this topic? Thanx

137 / Odessa / 2013年07月19日 05:20

Just wondering what are Donna's favorite games to have worked on.

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