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KP ALERT ! - Episode 006
2013.09.04 Wednesday

Download / 31.1MB / MP3 / STEREO / Site info

What is licensing? How do we license? What's coming in the future?
Raiden's sword? Stealth camouflage? Or Big Boss’s eye patch?

Leave comments and let us know what kind of licensed products YOU want from MGS!

>> Next Episode : ? ? ? <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Guest   :   Kaoru Saito
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Christopher Johns
Ken Mendoza
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
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1 / BigBoss89 / 2013年09月04日 11:21

I have been checking this site 10+ times a day since august 1st. Thank you for finally posting this episode. Looking foward to more info in the near future, cheers from toronto, canada! :)

2 / TheMonsterHunter / 2013年09月04日 12:33

Man, you guys were killing me with this suspenseful waiting! I feel so relieved to hear something about what's going on in KP. I was wondering about something in Phantom Pain. In Peace Walker, there was a little cross over with Monster Hunter, will there be another cross over with any other game? It doesn't have to be Monster Hunter.

3 / Ninjastyle / 2013年09月04日 13:23

Hey, I was thinking about buying a PS4 but then I heard that multiplayer games on Xbox One will have an option to utilize dedicated servers; I am not sure if it has an extra fee for the publisher/developer to pay but I know that games including Call of Duty, Forza Motorsport and some of the big titles will be running on them.
I was a big MGO fan but sometimes the lag on PS3 was really annoying. I want to play MGO with my old friends on Playstation but I would rather play it on Xbox One since the multiplayer experience would be much more fluid with no P2P hosting and noticeable lag. Are there any plans to have MGO run on dedicated servers on Xbox One, or maybe even PS4?

4 / Nick / 2013年09月04日 14:59

Will there be another MGS V gameplay trailer? or any video content coming soon?!

5 / Skootenbeeten / 2013年09月04日 16:14

I've been checking constantly too. I thought I'd lost that child like excitement for a new game. Now I realise it's because no game compares to Metal Gear for getting me all giddy like a kid at Christmas!

6 / GTG / 2013年09月04日 18:00

toy figures: you could make one like "captain power" where a laser hits the toy & the pilot gets ejected or other damage etc.. damn i'm old.... but you guys asked great podcast have a GREAT TGS!!!!!!!

7 / mgs fan 445 / 2013年09月04日 22:36

Will any news of MGO be released soon? & Any news on release date for MGS 5 or a timeframe? I've heard March 2014 through google search but prefer from actual kjp employee instead of konami investor listening from finance companies. -.-

8 / Bread and Butter / 2013年09月05日 00:21

Huh? There was a Walkman in the trailer? I've heard about 1500 conspiracy theories about the game which use details from the trailer that are on an almost microscopic level but I haven't heard or noticed myself "anything" about it! I've seen the trailers 100s of times now too. @_@ lol OMG yay! I hope that means we can listen to songs and stuff again!

VERY interesting answer to the Kojima-san mo-cap question, oh wow - I can't wait!!

9 / Bread and Butter / 2013年09月05日 00:37

...ohhh, wait... you meant Chico's Walkman right? lol! I thought you meant in the new trailer. X_X"

You guys should totally make a replica HF Katana btw (child friendly version) ^_^

10 / Fox-Balls / 2013年09月05日 00:39

I looked for a Big Boss eye patch but couldn't find one. A really good quality MGSV eye patch would be amazing just to emulate Big Boss ;)

Im very interested in the Seiko watch I really want the MGSV edition.

Wish Outer Heaven was real I want to move there.

Big Boss goes through so much in life and odds always seem stacked against him. When Ocelot rescues him from hospital on a white horse it gives me a good feeling.

Im an old insane fox but I love MGS, despite my messy life right now will always love it.

11 / shafagh / 2013年09月05日 01:29

when the mgs phantompain releasedate?

12 / StealthCivet / 2013年09月05日 02:42

MGO MGO MGO MGo mgo mgo ... .. . .. ... .zz zzZ ZZZ ZZz zz. ... .. .


13 / Rogue Agent / 2013年09月05日 06:33

Will MGSV The Phantom Pain ever be released on a next-gen handheld in the future? Is this possible?

14 / Rouge XIII / 2013年09月05日 09:38

A game with Gray Fox made by Hideo Kojima himself.

15 / FiloSeba / 2013年09月05日 09:41

Solid Eye!!! it would be great like the one that David Hayter used in MGS4 opening, but with some real functions!!!

16 / Noside / 2013年09月05日 09:43

Solid Snake's Bandana.

17 / Solace / 2013年09月05日 10:00

The HF blade would be awesome to have! Anything wearable would also be cool, I'd feel like I really got the most bang for my buck if I was able to show it off.

18 / Nick / 2013年09月05日 10:21

Foxhound Trenchcoats

19 / mastermoose / 2013年09月05日 10:48

A rerelease of the Solid Snake and Grey Fox play arts kai's! It'd also be great to see a high quality, posed, 1/8 scaled figure of a character! (Snake, Raiden, Big Boss).

20 / FrankJaegerofmgo / 2013年09月05日 10:57

I would love to see a The Boss/Big Boss/Solid Snake bandana for cosplaying. Of course people make their own but an authentic Konami/KP bandana would be great! Keep up the podcast and creating the game!

21 / Emily / 2013年09月05日 11:06

More than anything I want an MGSV Ocelot figure from Play Arts Kai! (I would also buy an MGS3-version, but he really looks his best in MGSV.)

I would also like to see more merchandise of the various logos, like patches and keychains. Diamond Dogs and XOF logos should appear on something. More clothing merchandise would be great, too.

22 / Crypt / 2013年09月05日 11:20

You guys need to get the following figures made by 3A or Play Arts Kai

The End
The Fury
The B&B unit
MGS1 Ocelot
Psycho Mantis
MGS2 Ninja
Various Genome & Gurlukuvich soldiers

23 / Alex / 2013年09月05日 11:34

I just really want the cardboard box bobble head and Legacy Collection shirt that were for sale during Comic Con.

24 / SnAke370 / 2013年09月05日 11:46

Would really really really love to buy the mgs aluminium iPhone 5 case. I live in NZ though :(

25 / Martian / 2013年09月05日 12:27

Revoltech Gray Fox, Metal Gear Rex and Ray. And on a side note, bring on Zone of The Ender 3.

26 / George / 2013年09月05日 16:20

Hello! If you was to create anything it would have to be The Solid Eye! Find a way for it to connect with the iPhone via app maybe? Let it have a camera? It would be amazing!

27 / Psycho Mantis / 2013年09月05日 17:26


28 / Tricky Customer / 2013年09月05日 18:09

Hi guys, I'm writing in from the isle of man can you find where it is without Google, maps etc lol anyway I was wondering will there be an announcement about a metal gear game that us supposedly being released this year? Maybe a downloadable ground zeroes? Source came from a game analyst on Twitter. Thanks & look forward to next episode

29 / Cyan_Bloodbane / 2013年09月05日 19:46


More Metal Gear Solid model kits would be good, like the REX. I'd like to build all the Metal Gears.

The older I get, the more functional I like merchandise to be, to justify cluttering up my room with more stuff. So practical use merchandise is always cool. Like a pocket knife, or lighter, or Military grade ration tin.

30 / Tricky Customer / 2013年09月05日 20:16

How about you guys release metal gear solid novels to cover the series and release in audio book format too! Get David hayter to narrate them, that would be cool.

31 / Srenzo / 2013年09月05日 20:46

Seiko watch that Big Boss uses in MGSV

32 / IlikeMG / 2013年09月05日 23:14

I want Raiden sword.

33 / SolidSnakeEye / 2013年09月06日 01:26

Will MGSV be released next fiscal year meaning 2014 early 2015? Or will we be surprised with a December release?

34 / unknownspecies / 2013年09月06日 02:28

i loved MGO. the next MGO must be exactly like the last one. The rewardshop,the skills system,the chat-function, survival, the third-person view,everything! everything but the lag and cheating!

35 / Solid Cake / 2013年09月06日 05:49

So... are you guys ever going to address PC demand for this game? Also, when will we have more information on the PC release of Rising?

36 / VIC BOSS / 2013年09月06日 07:39


37 / RadicalErick64 / 2013年09月06日 09:30

Could you make a jacket or T-shrit with the camouflage patterns from MGS3, or a figurine of Quiet to come along with a pre-order of MGSV,thanks.

38 / TheMancho / 2013年09月06日 16:35

So the previews on MGSV are out on various websites and a lot of people are iffy so far. Regenerating Health in an MGS game? Please say that was just for the demo you guys showed off, regenerating health is not needed in an mgs game, and would just be you guys following the trend of other gamers. I have faith in you guys.

39 / Snoopy / 2013年09月06日 16:36

A specific gaming website had went throguh the demo apparently. and says there is slow motion executions, cqc.. and the ration system is not there in the new game this true?

40 / Italian Joe / 2013年09月06日 19:53

Hello guys,

If you want crazy ideas for a new series of action figures check this out

- Hideo Snake

Remember the Kojima head he recieved from Platinum/Play Arts Kai with a Raiden action figures and equipped on a Solid Snake one ? add an old style filmaker camera as special handgun in the box...

- Yoji Fox

Just create a replica of Shinkawa's face included with a Gray Fox action figures from Play Arts Kai with a paint brush blade-sized included as special weapon in the box...

- Hideki Sasaki

Just create a Johnny Sasaki action figures with Hideki's head included in it when seated on a toilet surrounded by a ultradetailed replica of his REAL workstation at Kojima Productions!!! (ROTFL)

Special weapon included in the box: a porn magazine off course XD

Send me a free copy of each action figures if someone consider this ideas as a good opportunity to "steal" money from the fans ^^

41 / Dejan A. / 2013年09月06日 22:48

Hey guys,I thought you would like to clear the canon MG history up before MGSV releases...

So I hope you can answer us if the canon MG history is still;

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

I hope you'll answer...

42 / Cardboard Box of Destiny / 2013年09月07日 00:16

Please, KP, dont change MGS too much...I've been reading things about the demo you showed yesterday, and it sounds like you have turned MG into splinter cell.

We love MGS because its different, and isn't like anything else out it sounds like your starting to become like everyone else, and that concerns me. Slow-mo kills doesn't sound very "Metal Gear" at all....

I'm still not sold on replacing David Hayter. And the fact that you wont even mention his name or thank him for his 14 years of work is insulting not just to him, but his fans as well as yours.

When GZ was announced I was so excited. When TPP was first teased I was going insane. When you finally showed it off and announced it as MGSV...everything started going downhill. A new voice and now this. Westernizing something isn't always the best idea.

Metal Gear used to stand out whenever I looked at them, and they still do, but I'm afraid MGSV will come equipped with Octo-Camo.

43 / Ronri / 2013年09月07日 09:53

Is it possible to have Square Enix make more Play Arts Kai Figures? Specifically ones of Old Snake and Liquid Ocelot? It's the only true missing core characters that the fans need which is left and I've been waiting for an Ocelot Play Arts Kai for a long time now (Major Ocelot from MGS3 or Liquid Ocelot from MGS4 in particular since those were his biggest highlights).

44 / french Yamori / 2013年09月07日 19:55

Nice show Kendoza so funny...

Jumping the gun on L.A demo

What about that ! ( As a point of clarification: Kojima and Konami refer to both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain as separate entities that comprise a single Metal Gear Solid V experience. However, neither will comment as to whether the two projects are included in one purchase. )

1_ why no more health bar ! so you can take any amont of dommage if you get cover & regain health auto, no more stress, no more stamina effect ?

2_ Slow Motion What !? feel like you wanna give a chance to break the alert systeme if only one garde spot us maybe but will it count like a 0 alert ?

3_ if you can say something about building missions on cell phone, will it be part of story or online mode... I don't play on my smart phone looking if you realy bring great stuff to do

MGS ITEM FOR SOME EVENT IN FRANCE like Japan Expo or Paris Games Week

Can't wait for more see you in Japan !

45 / french Yamori / 2013年09月07日 20:09

I don't realy like Quiet since the first trailer, i knew it will bring that topic about women in video game & how they are hypersexualised.

Ok she maybe got a special skin power i think it's may too easy, i can't say nothing real untill i play the game.

46 / E-mann / 2013年09月08日 01:56

I have a bug list of Ideas For MGS themed products

Classic Japanese woodblock print wall scroll of Yoji shinkawa Art.
Printed on rice paper
Patterned paper is MGS themed

“Snake wants you!” tee shirt
The Boss’s rain slicker
Punished Snake’s Diamond Dogs leather jacket
Foxhound jacket
Solid Snakes boots
MSF Swimwear

Caps and patches
Diamond dogs
Praying Mantis
Otselotovaya Khvatka
Raven Sword
Pieuvre Armement
Outer Haven

Cyborg Ninja: with zip up hood that looks like his mask
Raiden MGS4: with hood that looks like his mask and is transparent like his face shield
Raiden Revengeance : with zip up hood that looks like his mask
Vulcan Raven: hoodie with tattoos printed on it an ravin on the hood

Master Miller designer sunglasses
Strange loves Shagohod shades
Otoons glasses rim
Meryl’s bullet earring form MGS4
Meryl’s Stick on Foxhound tattoo MGS1

Airsoft Replicas
Naked Snake’s custom 1911 from MGS3
The Boss’s Patriot MGS3

Full sized Replica props
from sideshow collectibles

Raiden’s MGS2 sword from With display
Raiden’s MGS2 sword and knife from With display
Raiden’s HF blade from Revengeance With display
Ridens’s head unit from mgs4 with led and moving mask and with display
Ridens’s head unit from revengeance With display

Liquid Snake detached arm With display

Stealth Camouflage unit to With display

Replica zadornov / Punished Snake’s prosthetic hand with lighter and display

Solid Eye with glowing led with and display

Infinite headband and display

Solar Gun

Remote control
1/1 scale MK II and MK III From mgs 4
Note: Comes with bluetooth ps3 controller that can be switched to be used as a real controlee

Shagohod with detachable back

Hot toys or medicom 1/6 scale figures
Solid Snake mgs1 and 4
MSF naked snake
suit battle
Quiet mgs 5
Punished Snake with horse. With Alternate bandaged head and extra hook hand
Old Snake with assassin's creed gear
Eva with bike, helmet, and alternate Tata outfit and head
The Boss with headband and BDU
The bosses Horse
Meryl mgs1 and 4
Renalevalver Ocelot mgs1 and 3
Scale sniper wolf
Haven Trooper
Tengu Trooper MGS2

Play Arts Kai
Haven Trooper
Tengu Trooper MGS2
B&B corps
Foxhound unit mgs1
Dead Cell unit
Cobra Unit

B&B corps
Gear Rex from MGS PW
Mount Snakemore from MGS4

Rezen busts in Shinkawa Style of:
The boss
Big boss
Naked Snake eye patch MGS3
Punished Snake
Solidus Snake
Solid Snake
Liquid Snake
Revolver Ocelot
Major zero

Novelty Items
MGS3 face camo kit: With trading guide on how to create all mgs3 face camo. Includes rubber stamps to create infante face paint konji

MGS theme lunch box with MRE ration.
Note: No game art must look like a prop from the games. Metal Gear Solid 25th Anniversary Japanese Bento Box

Full size tank box
Full size love box
Full size The orange from mgs 2

Code talker
The end
Valkin ravin
Python from Portable OPS

Officially translated MGS art books from Japan
Art of Metal Gear Solid
Art of Metal Gear Solid 2
Art of Metal Gear Solid PW
Art of Metal Gear Solid 4

Phones and tablets
Mgs PW Vocaloid talking app
Says anything you type

Oticon clock app

Official MGS ringtones and sound
Communicator noise MGS3
Item menu
Drebin point noise

47 / Boss Commando / 2013年09月08日 02:47

Sup guys, nice to see you are back.
I have a couple questions for you.

Will "Transfaring" be available In MGS 5 from PS3 to PS4 ?

It has been mentioned that there might be an app for MGS 5. Is there plans to make an app for the vita?

Can you pause Cinematics in MGS 5?

Konami recently acquired a production studio called 4K media. They specialize in animation production and localization of Japanese animated shows.They currently handle localization of the Yugioh property. They used to handle production on GI Joe sigma 6, the animation production of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series from 02-09 and localization of the Pokemon, Kirby and Sonic the Hedgehog animated shows. With this studio at your disposal is there any plans to create a Metal Gear animated series or animated shorts ? If not why isn't there any plans?


48 / EYESTONE_FAN / 2013年09月13日 02:22

love the podcast as always great info I had no idea how much work is put into licensing. My question, do you guys as in the whole team spend a lot of time away from home when developing a game or is it more like the average 8-5 job?
P.S. Mr. Eyestone rules!

49 / john  / 2013年09月15日 22:38

I want big boss prosthetic arm and his seiko timepiece

50 / Winter_Cat / 2013年09月16日 04:32

Hey guys,
Since Kojima has been talking about Quiet a lot lately (and thus sparking more talk about Quiet), I thought I would give my thoughts on it. I did not like her character design when I first saw it in the trailer, and that has not changed with time. I also find the focus that has been put on her as odd, since she is neither a returning character nor someone who has gotten a lengthy introduction (like Skull Face). Code Talker has been discussed somewhat, but no where near as much as Quiet, and I find this a but off putting. Once more is revealed about Quiet, then I could understand all the discussions on her and her appearance, but for now, all I see is a skin deep character design that looks terrible, especially in contrast with the designs and redesigns of the other characters.
All the returning characters already have interest in their characters, and the few new characters have done enough in their brief appearances to create interest, except for Quiet. (While I'm mentioning it, everything about Skull Face, from his way of talking, XOF, and the way he moves [whoever is doing the motion capture is doing an excellent job] has me interested in this character and I want to see more of him [like his voice in English, ahem, ahem].)
What Kojima has said on the matter has me interesting in Quiet's role in MGSV, but not in Quiet's character. Everything that has been shown for MGSV has me excited for the game, except for Quiet's design. I would like to see the whole issue of her character addressed, since she seems out of place with everything around her, but I don't know anything about the character.

51 / MrMasterv13 / 2013年09月17日 11:34

Hi, i was wondering, will MGS5 come out for PC? I thought since MGS5 is created on the PC, it would be easier. Let me now as soon as possible.


52 / EnderMX / 2013年09月17日 18:05

News of MGO please?

53 / GTG / 2013年09月19日 13:56

that was worth the 525 yen AWESOME footage... when snake thrue the guard @ the other guard WOW..... the whole demo wow congrats to mr. Korekado with zero alerts

54 / GTG / 2013年09月19日 14:04

question... is this really going to look remotely as good on PS3 as you said in past this was on PS4 specs & still looked alot like you have shown biggest difference being frame rate please guys i just shelled out cash on a new PS3 so i could play this on disk.. too many bugs when consoles 1st launch i'll take 30 Fps as long as the quality you have shown in the past is close..

55 / GTG  / 2013年09月19日 14:13

THINGS I LOVE NEW DEMO .. no life bar, no radar, no HUD, guard AI, exclamation & ? marks, interogation option, disarm,running,jumping,lock picking,marking guards, game not telling you how to play every 10 seconds, i know i missed some, giving backup to helicopter escape, fox engine,
please release it take my money , house, dog , girl

56 / GTG / 2013年09月19日 14:32

can't tell if i dreamed that DEMO ..... or could it really have existed ...... damn nerves i need sleep

57 / GTG / 2013年09月19日 22:53

i'm still trying to take this all in. it seems that just about everything i've imagined doing in a metal gear game since 1988 is in this.... am i dreaming? i pray i make it to release. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr. K & everyone @ KOJI PRO...

PS it would be hilarious if you could cut into 1 of the tents like splinter cell double agent to hide only to find yourself surrounded by guard dogs... just a thought

58 / Winter_Cat / 2013年09月20日 09:28

Hey guys,
I saw the game-play presentation at TGS, and I thought I would give my thoughts. I looked a lot like PW to me, which I think is a good thing, but with all of the options of, say, MGS4. Everything looked quick and fluid, but it felt too quick for some reason. It could just be that the stage in GZ in smaller and everything was made with larger areas in mind, but it seemed really cluttered, from the HUD to the density of soldiers, to the tight spaces in between the tents. I know that this could just be for the one area, but something about the presentation just did not feel right to me. I cannot say I like the HUD, with constant button prompts appearing on screen, the blue silhouette of the soldiers when they are marked, to the map, which looked to have too much going on in such a small space. The icons for soldiers that have been knocked out also irks me: it does not look clean and it interfered with me understanding what was going on in the demo. I never got the same feeling from the other game-play demonstrations. Another item I should comment on is the slow-motion when detected. I think it is a cool idea to implement, but the implementation in the demo looked far too much, both in how long it lasted, and instantly moving the aimer to soldier, and how much it slowed down time. I suspect that this might be linked to difficulty or the options, but I would like to have it last maybe a second with little time dilation, in which I ave to look around to see where the soldier saw me from. I think they should be moments of panic in which the player is given a chance to recover from a mistake, not something comfortable and easy to exploit. I know this must sound negative, but there is just more to say about things that I didn't like than things I did like. The game looks like a lot of fun, and more of that might come out when the player is presented with more choices in the more open stages. I hope the second presentation will show the more open worldliness of the game.

59 / Italian Joe / 2013年09月21日 02:42

Hey guys,

I've spotted the Outher Heaven logo inside the weapon icon, the MSR-4, during the demo showed yesterday... so I wonder if there'll be another of that kind like Diamond Dogs... or Fox-Hound...?

"I see what you did there..." ;)

Double-triple-crossing missions are coming...!?

If yes, AWESOME!!!!

60 / Nightfox / 2013年09月21日 08:06

Please give some information about the next Metal Gear Online (3), the whole community of metal gear online 2 is asking and hopeing that the new one will be same as the one from mgs4 since everyone loved it the ranking system and so on and please tell hideo to release it with ground zero and not with phantom pain , nobody would like to wait 1 year for this :(

61 / ! / 2013年09月22日 14:35

A play arts kai of old snake

62 / Tricky Customer / 2013年09月23日 08:04

Hi guys, loved the tgs gz live demos! Was wondering when will the English language gz trailer/demos be released? Thanks

63 / fake ray bans / 2013年09月23日 20:46

fake ray bans

64 / Magnus Snake / 2013年09月24日 06:43

1)Are you planning to release the playable demo shown on TGS 013 in the PSN ?

2)I know you guys are going to kill me for this question but the waiting is killing me so: are there any news about the new MGO ? Is the making of it at good point ?

65 / Tricky Customer / 2013年09月25日 15:04

Hey guys please change the skull face voice work he sounds so lame! He needs to be more sinister! like in the japanese version. Snake and kaz are fine!

66 / TrophySupport / 2013年09月25日 16:18

As much as this pains me to say guys, Seeing the other regular MGS voice actors confirmed (Tara Strong, Christopher Randolph etc) pretty much confirms that Kojima's whole "we need proper actors to convey realistic facial expressions!" was bs, and he just has an obsession for Hollywood and wanted a big star as the lead. Hayter could have done it easily. I actually hated hayter (lol) in PW but I really miss him now. I'm still willing to give Keifer a chance but man... that "kept you waiting, huh" line just sucked... no emotion whatsoever... You guys should at least call Hayter and tell him that you didn't need him for this game but future ones could still have him because he's become somewhat bitter recently on twitter and I'd hate to see him burn bridges. Anyways you guys should release a DLC voice pack with Hayter or Doyle voicing BB :P

67 / Shibito Snake / 2013年09月27日 17:44

Hey guys &nd girls. Licensed things i would like 2 see is a model/figure of the End, on top of a hill. Aiming his Mossin Nagat, with his parrakeet on his shoulder.

It is motion sensitive so when someone walks by he says his lines 4rom the game. And his parrakeet can say Grand pa! with the End then saying Quiet!

68 / Cachi Moreno / 2013年09月28日 15:54

We need MGO so much! We become a family playing that game. We really hope to see it again in MGSV!

Greeting from Argentina

69 / Jack Shang / 2013年10月04日 12:01

My question would be: so Boss is facing a building it's night by the way, right to the building is an enemy, left to it a light source. Called light source is projecting Boss's shadow. If the enemy discovers Boss's shadow, is the enemy investigating the abnormality ?

Regards Jack...

70 / Rogue Fox / 2013年11月14日 09:12

Dear Kojima,
I have a question, will you ever tell the future of Snake after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, if you did I recommend that you don't make it a game, but a book, comic, or maybe even a movie who knows but please tell us your representation of the rest of Snakes life
P.S please also tell us the future of the other side characters to please.

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