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MGSV:TPP - Character Creation Behind-the-Scenes
2013.09.06 Friday
- Character Creation Behind-the-Scenes

Unveiled at the Grand Opening of Konami's new Los Angeles Studio on September 5th, 2013 (PST), this behind-the-scenes video details the 3D model creation process for the character "Quiet" featured in METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN.

See a quick overview of the 3D capture process as we follow model & actress Stefanie Joosten through her photography and motion capture sessions, yielding the final version of Quiet as she will appear in the game.

Be sure to check out the new high-detail renders of Quiet below:

Quiet: Detailed Render 1Quiet: Detailed Render 2Quiet: Detailed Render 3Quiet: Detailed Render 4Quiet: Detailed Render 5

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>> KONAMI Establishes Los Angeles Studio
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1 / Anoop / 2013年09月06日 16:48



2 / Snoopy / 2013年09月06日 17:06


3 / Italian Joe / 2013年09月06日 19:27

I'm really impressed to see this pics of a real person full body scanned for MGS, expecially her legs are so "real" to me, and the result give me a very good feeling about how the characters will be able to comunicate their emotions to the players!

Looking Quiet closely into her eyes seems to say something like: "I'll sniping your heart with my cutness from the distance"

I was already "headshoted" XD

4 / Project Siren / 2013年09月06日 19:34

She is so sexy.
I love her.
But i think a small (grid) coat like her pants can make her more beautiful and sexy.

5 / jimmyy / 2013年09月06日 21:23

Nice really looking forward to MGSV

6 / GTG / 2013年09月07日 03:29

i only have 1 request please DO NOT have an AUTO-SAVE feature mg has always about trial & error don't take that away GOW ascension took away save points & almost ruined the series...

7 / Purist No. 6,756,482 / 2013年09月07日 04:34

Hi. Hope you guys are gonna make the harder difficulties very challenging. Us hardcore fans don't need or want hand-holding though I'm sure you know that - just a bit anxious is all. Things like the slow motion before an alert mechanic would be great as an optional feature for us - or you could just make it so you only have half a second in real time to react during it or something. Things like the very quick regenerating health, auto aim (I never use it) are things that I hope you will tweak or turn off for us so we don't feel like we are brainlessly gliding our way through the world.

Quiet looks great as always. Please ignore some of the press - it's ridiculous how games are treated differently to movies. Sexual themes are often an important part of cinematography yet they don't get slammed for it - imagine a 007 film without the sexy females. It's just sensationalism picking on an easy target in the video game industry that shouldn't even be a target at all. Ha, reminds me of MGS2. All of this junk data. lol

8 / Purist No. 6,756,482 / 2013年09月07日 04:40

Oh, and your new studio looks awesome. It looks so sleek and modern - and the surrounding scenery outside is beautiful.

9 / Gross1985 / 2013年09月07日 05:52

Quiet's a hottie. :3

Don't let the complainers drag you down; they don't understand the truth....nor do they see the rifle in her hand.

10 / Swedo / 2013年09月07日 06:18

pretty model
i expect a lot boob bouncing scenes :3

pelease release date, an aproximated date is ok too
stop torturing us ;_;

11 / PSnake / 2013年09月07日 06:22

Do they actually photograph the entire body naked?

12 / GTG / 2013年09月07日 09:39

reg demo- ok from all of the sources i could find there's no more health bar, no more radar & no more HUD....? so it's an MGS with NO MORE HAND HOLDING & WE ACTUALLY HAVE TO USE OUR BRAINS!!!!! THIS MADE MY WEEK I could kiss you guys..... 1080P on PS3 please

13 / farhad / 2013年09月07日 23:22


14 / devillate / 2013年09月08日 03:47

Maybe she should be more serious...

15 / ThePhantomRumor / 2013年09月09日 13:22

There is already a rumor that Quiet is the daughter of Eva and Big Boss, which would be a some twist in the family if you ask me. People are basing this off how how her clothes are similar to Eva's and her hair color is similar to Big Boss (and the fact that she is somewhat half naked like the Naked Camo).

16 / ThePhantomRumor / 2013年09月09日 13:22

There is already a rumor that Quiet is the daughter of Eva and Big Boss, which would be a some twist in the family if you ask me. People are basing this off how how her clothes are similar to Eva's and her hair color is similar to Big Boss (and the fact that she is somewhat half naked like the Naked Camo).

17 / void / 2013年09月12日 00:23

Any chance of interviewing Stefanie on the podcast?
& will we ever see new cqc in action?

18 / GTG / 2013年09月12日 01:52

did you guys know what you signed up for when you applied to koji pro ( long hours, worldwide events, mistranlated articles, controversial subject matter, etc...) i'm just curious if you knew how mr. K liked to go to extremes with his humor & perfectionist work ethic you don't normally get those out of the same person but i think that's what makes you guys so different & by that i mean better than all other developers

19 / E. Pumo / 2013年09月15日 07:37

Wow Im intriged about Quiet, and remember me to much to The End.

20 / subtegral / 2013年09月17日 06:06

Can you please shed some light on why MGS Portable Ops still isn't playable on North American PlayStation Vita systems?

Many, many people would really like it to be.
Japan & Europe play it on Vita.
Why not North America also?

Portable Ops play-ability is greatly improved on Vita thanks to the second analog stick and PSP / PSone Classics right stick re-mapping function.

Any news on this at all would be very nice.

21 / StealthCivet / 2013年09月19日 11:39

Will there be a MGS edition VitaTV in the US? Maybe bundled with digital copy of HD collection :) Maybe has the badass skullcamo paintjob like the mgs psp :) Maybe I get one for free for suggesting such an awesome thing :)

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