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KP ALERT ! - Episode 007
2013.11.18 Monday

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The MGSV Experience? Reflex Mode? A PlayStation exclusive mission?

Answers to the most-asked questions about METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, along with more details on the exclusive "Déjà Vu Mission" and more--Only on the Kojima Productions Alert 007!

Also, what does "Déjà Vu Mission" mean to you? We want to know! Send us your favorite, most memorable moments from the original Metal Gear Solid!

>> "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes"Official Site ... Pre-Order Now!

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Director   :   Jackie Tan
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
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1 / CryptDemon / 2013年11月18日 21:56

You guys need to offer a disc version in the US for next gen consoles. NOBODY is happy about this. We collectors would also like the premium and limited packages. We're tired of Japan getting special treatment.

2 / MelonFucker / 2013年11月18日 23:15

MGO? :(

3 / Old / 2013年11月18日 23:49

Wheres Metal Gear Online neeeeews ! OMFG !!!

4 / FrankieJ / 2013年11月19日 00:16

I like how you've begun pre orders for the PS3 and 360, but no pres for PS4 and XBO? I look forward to this in the spring and am always keeping posted to KP Alert. Good job on the game and the trailers they both look amazing!

5 / Rogue Agent / 2013年11月19日 01:08

Regarding the marking system, Sean stated that it's optional. However, will I be able to use my binoculars and NOT mark any targets?

6 / JMG2 / 2013年11月19日 02:49

Hello, Sean and co.!

I really love Yoji Shinkawa's artwork for all of the MGS games, ever since I flipped through MGS1's full color manual. I own the 25th Anniversary artbook set, featuring over 600 pages of Shinkawa's amazing work. My favorite game covers are the ones featuring Shinkawa art (MGS: Intergal, MGS2:SOL/SUB, MGS3:SE(EU)/SUB, MGS4 EU etc.) In one episode (about the Legacy Book), you said that Americans tend to prefer CGI rendered box art, which is absolutely not the case for me!
Bioshock: Infinite had a reversible cover, featuring art from the game. For the physical PS3/XBox 360 release of Ground Zeroes, it would be awesome if you guys could do something similar!

Also, I would love it if the U.S. got a full-sized artbook for Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain.

My favorite MGS1 memory was the battle with Sniper Wolf in the Snowfield, and her death. It was such a beautiful scene, and Snake showed a surprising amount of compassion to his dying foe ("You're no dog. You're a wolf.")
I also love the Codec conversation with Campbell right after that scene.

Solid Snake: "Listen, we're not responsible for her choices. Everyone decides their own fate, no matter where they were born. Words like fate, karma, it's all just an excuse for giving up if you ask me."

Even though I didn't play it until 2009, MGS1 was still an incredible game to me.

7 / William  / 2013年11月19日 03:40

I am looking forward to the little tidbits of the Deja Vu mission to make it feel like Alaska/Shadow Moses again!

The Foxhound flag, the snow, the genome soldiers, Solid Snake, the Hind D, Donald Anderson, Psycho Mantis, the cameras, and more!

I would love to see a cameo of Meryl incorporated somehow into the mission. She was a great and likable character in MGS1!

8 / Winter_Cat / 2013年11月19日 04:16

Hey guys,
After all the demos that have been shown, I was wondering when the next episode would be, since the demos brought up a lot of questions, so it was nice hearing the responses. But aaargh on playing coy about GZ's length. At the moment, the issue of GZ's length is my main curiosity and concern. Before it was announced that GZ would be sold separately, I was worried that GZ would just be an hour or two mission, the same length as the tanker mission in MGS2, but when it was announced I became hopeful that it would be more than that to justify the price point. I wouldn't really consider the side ops to be a part of length, unless they were necessary to open up the main op(s), and I obviously want more of GZ than less. At the moment, I'm actually more excited for GZ than TPP, because GZ ties into PW quite closely and continues the arc, while TPP is its own game, as removed from the games around it as any other MGS. (My main concern over TPP is the open world elements that I worry will be worse in a less compact form.) My assumption at the moment is that GZ will close the arcs introduced in PW. I quite enjoyed PW, from the back-to-basic mechanics, the progression system, and the character are my favorite in the series (although I though they were very underused in the story, which I thought was a bit weak, but oh well). Kaz was always just a great character, and I didn't realize how much I liked the character of Paz until I though about what could be done with the character when she was revealed to have survived, back when GZ was first announced. I want GZ to be lengthy enough to stand on its own as a game, not just a prologue to a larger game.
I want more areas to GZ than just the one shown, and I worry that that one area is all that the game will have, with rehashed missions just making different use of the same area. Side ops are nice, but a dozen side ops will not be the same as one new area.
Enough of that topic; I noticed that there is a difficulty select in GZ for missions, and I think that this is good (a traditional difficulty setting was one of those things I though was mission from PW), but I hope there will be more than just the two difficulties in the final game. Playing through ZOE2 earlier this year reminded me how fun having a super tough difficulty can be, and I'm far too use to seeing MGS games with a half-dozen difficulties, two is just not enough.
I mentioned this in an earlier message, but I'll reiterate: I like the idea of reflex mode, but I still find the auto-aim snap to the guard to be too overbearing and I want to turn off just that aspect of reflex mode, not the whole thing.
When I think of MGS1, I think of the use of colors in each environment, each one creating a distinct mood that helped the overall atmosphere of the game, making the game age really well. The other thing i think of is the claustrophobia that the game induced, especially on the second disk, with a farther and farther decent underground, and how nice the sunrise at the end felt juxtaposed next to the darkness and oppression of the earlier environments.

9 / NinjaKakashi / 2013年11月19日 07:10

Excited for MGS as it is always awesome but I enjoy MGO soooooo much and it would be cool to have a trailer on that and to know if it is going to be on Ground Zeros!!

There are so many lost souls suffering from MGO withdrawals and people are even jailbreaking their ps3's to play the old ones just so that they turn their PS3 into a MGO box and don't care about a PSN ban.

10 / GTG  / 2013年11月19日 07:17

yes a new alert THANK YOU

11 / Nagisa / 2013年11月19日 07:35

Will first person view attack still be in it like in MGS4 and MGS3 Snake Eater 3d?

Peace Walker lacked it to compensate for the more limited controls. In the GDC tech demo in the room with the table I think I remember Snake switching to first person perspective but I can't remember fully.

12 / Deepthroat / 2013年11月19日 07:54

My favorite memories are of David Hayter voicing Snake.

13 / TrickyCustomer / 2013年11月19日 08:02

Hi guys, Great to hear you again, its been too long!! I was just wondering will other countries i.e UK be getting the limited or collector's edition of MGS GZ? The hard copy game with figure and peace walker novel? As advertised in japan. Also will ps4 and xbox one be able to have hard copy of the game when it releases? Appreciate any feedback and can't wait to play ground zeroes and phantom pain.

14 / GTG / 2013年11月19日 08:39

first off great alert second sean your commentary was not only valued with the trailer but needed. as for reflex time there's nothing like scrambling for your life in a MG game its such a thrill & this one looks to be the old school HOLY SH%% type of alert sirens & all..unless of course your doing a BB emblem run... we wiil be able to do a BB emblem run right?
Question are the buildings in GZ just eye cany or can we infiltrate? if it's a spoiler please ignore.

Favorite MGS moment......HIDEO..... crap whats wrong with my TV???????? blew me away with the control swap.. that & figuring out i didn't have to use the PPK combo on GF when he's going nuts. & the whole RO battle & the Tank & SW & the PAL .... i just discovered after 15 frign years there's an elevator in the smelting room ARRG 15 years you don't have to play with the moving crane..... VR MGR, LS big reveal was awesome. figuring out i could use FP aim during Jeep escape with triangle... ARRG again 15 years... & im spent

15 / GTG  / 2013年11月19日 08:58

Addendum- though it may have taken me 15 years to figure out the aforementioned this is not a complaint this is a tribute to game design that after 15 years a player can still discover something new in your game. that goes for every game not just MGS but each MG. so please leave the hand holding to a minimum MG discovery is just to fulfilling.

16 / TheMancho / 2013年11月19日 10:08

I'm love Sutherland's Big Boss, but him voicing Solid Snake in this deja vu mission is just wrong. I'm sorry but can't you guys use archive audio of Hayter as Snake in this? I thought the snake sword in rising not coming out in the west was fishy, and this confirms it... have you really cut ties with hayter completly? I hope not, you guys should at least use the twin snakes audio of hayter for this deja vu mission, because hearing sutherland voice solid snake isn't very nostalgic at all nor does it bring back a feeling of deja vu. :(

17 / presto-chango / 2013年11月19日 10:29

Déjà Vu to me means hearing the original Solid Snake, David Hayter. So this Jack Bauer Snake is lost on me.

Also why am I paying 30 bucks for what will probably be 2 or 4 hours of gameplay? Won't the intro in the Phantom pain be a tutorial as well? Spiltting them into 2 isn't cool. Charging 30 bucks for digital PS4 while JP gets it and PS3 on disc for 30 and digital 20 for both?

Can I buy both in one is my main question? I don't have a lot of money so it will be a hassle to buy them both seperatly, can you plese bundle them?

18 / Miri88 / 2013年11月19日 12:14

who will be voicing "Solid Snake" in the Deja Vu mission? let's see how "deja vu" the mission can be

19 / Meghterb / 2013年11月19日 17:03

The new episodes do not appear in my phone. What's the problem? I had to download SoundCloud app to get this.

20 / CR95 / 2013年11月19日 18:34

Wonderful news and nostalgic music snippets! Ending definitely gave me goosebumps with Pscho Mantis and etcetera. Anyways I believe the fight with Grey Fox is a memorable moment and would "LOVE" to relive this in GZ; the REX battle is a highlight as well. Love this podcast and the updates are great.
-David Hayter is Solid Snake and the "Deju Vu" effect could be lessened without his inclusion ); Bring him back for this mission???

21 / Cosima / 2013年11月19日 20:18

My favorite MGS memory was seeing the hallway of corpses gray fox left, scared the livin' hell out of me... more so than Silent Hill :P

I have a question about MGS5 though, if I wait until Phantom Pain releases will you guys bundle GZ and PP on a single disc? I'd pay a premium price if I have to! Please do so KP!

Rocket Peace!

22 / Jodie Books / 2013年11月19日 20:18

Will we get some sort of special edition with soundtrack or Snake figure in Europe? Please. And will Ground Zeroes have Co-op or MGO? Will The Phantom Pain have co-op? I love Peace Walker's co-op.

23 / The frank Jaeger / 2013年11月19日 22:20

Hi, love your podcast and Metal Gear in general and thought I'd contribute for once. So my all time favorite MGS moment is when Gray Fox says his final words after saving Snake. "We are not tools of the governemnt or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at. But at least I always fought for what I believed in. Snake, farewell." It's also my favorite Metal Gear line in general. The entire boss battle against REX is epic, but that moment is my favorite of all.

24 / miri88 / 2013年11月19日 23:03

my favorite metal gear solid 1 of the deja vu mission I hope to see is when solid snake (david hayter of course) say " A Hind D?? Colonel, What's a Russian Gunship doing here?"

25 / Razmossis / 2013年11月20日 00:35

Liking the bullet drop idea, will it be in MGO3?

26 / Solid Cake / 2013年11月20日 00:40

Can we please get some kind of solid (no pun intended) confirmation on a PC version?

Furthermore, what's going on with Rising on PC? I'm starting to hear people saying it's cancelled, which I know isn't actually true, but with all the misinformation about MGSV that's been spread over the past few months, you guys might want to do something to remind people it's coming.

27 / kanto_wanderer / 2013年11月20日 01:29

Hey guys, quick question. Kojima has said in past interviews that he feels using cutscenes has become outdated as a narrative device for games. Though I partially agree with him and understand there are more interactive means to keep the player involved in your story and characters, I'm wondering if there will still be a good amount of cutscenes to complement the many hours of gameplay in Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain. Based on how well-directed a lot of those moments from the trailers are, if they serve as an indication, I doubt I'd mind watching hours of cutscene footage in the finished game.

28 / GTG  / 2013年11月20日 05:19

in light of the recent knowledge about BB rescuing Chico can we please have a Homer Simpson moment '' i had to break in here because you wanted a girl? " ( WHY YOU LITTLE ) Chico passes out BB " DOH! "

29 / TrophySupport / 2013年11月20日 06:41

My favorite memories are hearing the lines

"A Hind D? Colonel What's a russian gunship doing here"

"A survellence camera?"

"I hope that's not your only trick"

Those all bring back feelings of deja vu... however hearing keifer sutherland saying any of them does not and kills the whole point of nostalgia that JP players will get from Akio Otsuka saying those same lines.

Use Hayter for the Deja Vu mission, do the right thing guys. Do the right thing, put aside your egos and call Hayter back if only for this mission. Hell while you're at it do what mancho said and get him to voice the snake sword in rising for rising fans (I don't really care about that though).

...and people were saying Hayter would still be Solid Snake and Sutherland is BB only... what are they saying now?

Also I agree with cryptdemon put PP on disc for PS4 please, I hate digital games/downloads.

30 / tokenflipguy / 2013年11月20日 07:33

Is there wind that'll effect bullet trajectory?

31 / GreyFox7 / 2013年11月20日 11:51

My favorite memory of MGS1 was watching my older brothers play it when I was 9 years old. I'll never forget seeing Snake use the ketchup bottle to lure the guard into the prison cell only to take him out and escape to freedom. Ever since that moment, I have been hooked to MGS. It's the little details, oddities, and moments that make MGS so beautiful and unique. I can't wait for the next chapters.

P.S. I need more podcasts, the sooner the better!!

32 / StealthCivet / 2013年11月20日 12:59

M G O ? No really, still nothing about MGO. Will MGO be in GZ? Will MGO be in PP? Will MGO be stand alone? Will MGO be all of the above? Does MGO still exist?

33 / Jack.Rayner / 2013年11月20日 13:54

The most memorable part of MGS1? For me, it was obviously the first Raven battle, the one when he was in the tank. That battle left the biggest impression on me. If you guys could add that to the PS3/4 exclusive missions, it would be great!

34 / Strike / 2013年11月20日 15:32

I hope that you guys at KP are still thinking about introducing a bundle package here in the U.S. because Metal Gear is the only reason why I will get a PS4 at the moment. It would be nice to have something great that represents these greatest games of the start of this generation of new consoles.

35 / Fabivito / 2013年11月20日 16:53

So there is a couple of things I want to mention about.

1. At certain points you can see the tagged enemies through walls, obstacles etc. as a x-ray silhouettes but not always. How's come? Is that a random thing? Only specific materials from a specific distance can be seen through? Or you simply need to hold down certain button to make it work?

2. I recently heard that TPP will support save transferring, that if you will have save from GZ you can get some benefits in TPP. If that's true will that work cross platforms? Meaning if I'll have save from GZ on my PS3 is there any way it will affect my TPP experience on PS4?

3. There seems to be a rumor that Kaz could be removed from box cover for the western audience because he could not be recognized. Hope it's just rumor because it doesn't make sense. Kaz is in the game, even if you will remove him from the cover to avoid people thinking "who the heck is this guy" people will still think that way once they will hear/see him in-game. There are more people/aspects in GZ that people may not understand if they didn't play Peace Walker, you can't jump over it but that doesn't mean the product should be affected by that in any way.

4. What's the reason for lack of Blue-ray Disc PS4 version in Europe and US? Is that a definitive decision or it can be still changed?

Beside that, have a good time.

36 / Liquidus Snake / 2013年11月20日 17:20

My favourite moments from MGS1 includes the duel with Ocelot, the torture room dialogue between Naomi and Snake about Big Boss, the Sniper Wolf death scene and Snake’s final encounter with Gray Fox while fighting MG Rex.

These are my favourite moments (namely the last three) because of how emotionally driven these scenes are; especially the dialogue in the prison cell when Naomi questions Snake’s decision for ‘killing’ Big Boss to which he replied that “he wanted it”. Now when I think about that scene, it creates a level of mystery behind Big Boss (some of it answered throughout MGS3 and PW). And for that I can’t wait to see what happens in MGSV. I feel that it will truly live up to the mystery of his character and explain his actions.

The “Déjà Vu Mission” will be a great tribute to MGS1 and long-time fans of the series, and I’m sure it will trigger as much nostalgia as the time we went back to Shadow Moses in MGS4 – accompanied by ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’.
But is the Classic Snake that we play as actually Solid Snake or is it just Big Boss wearing a MGS1 skin? Because I have a question if it’s actually Solid Snake and I hope you don’t mind me asking but will David Hayter be reprising his role as Solid Snake or is Kiefer voicing him? I only ask for the sake of being true to the experience of MGS1, and (in my opinion) it wouldn’t exactly be (100%) nostalgic if there’s a new voice replacing that of ‘Classic Snake’.

Also, in regards to the distribution of Ground Zeroes, can other countries expect a retail copy for next gen versions? Or is there going to be an upgrade programme where you purchase the PS3 version and pay a small fee to download a PS4 version?

My eyes are set for Spring 2014 (March 14th to be exact - the Australian release of GZ) and I am so keen to get a taste of all the hard work that you guys at Koji-Pro have put into MGSV in GZ and eventually The Phantom Pain!

All the best! :)

37 / Italian Joe / 2013年11月20日 21:06


After all this months since the reveal of the new "a Hideo Kojima game" back in august 30 2012 not a single MGSGZ/TPP story/gameplay trailers still appeared on the european or the american psn but in the japanise one the things goes in a very different way... W-H-Y!?

How many years i should wait to finally download this trailers from my stupid, and so unimportant from Konami Digital Entertainment, italian PlayStation Network before throwing that "worthless fossile" of pc from the window of my room because it can display properly the youtube videos in high definition ?

Will the ps3 and the ps4 versions of MGSGZ and MGSTPP capable to share the same save data ?

Example: if a buy MGSGZ for the ps3 and MGSTPPP for ps4 (lately in june 2015 maybe...?) can i use the save data of GZ to unlock extras, trophies and most important of all continue the first run on the ps4 edition of TPP without restarting from the square one ?

About the Deja vù mission

If i can replay the entire MGS story with all the legendary boss fights throughout the entire Camp Omega that's would be really AWESOME under so many aspects among other things like side ops of this amarcord mission which can also take back some super special character from MGS VR Mission like the gigantic monster Genolla and why dont give the players the chance to use the other character of MGS like Meryl, Mei Ling, the entire Foxhound unit in side ops ad hoc ?

If in this MGSGZ special mission based on MGS Kojima Productions programmers (if they dont already did it...) can recreate some of the scenes of this legendary animated tribute it will the greatest of all the possible wins in my honest opinion: just try to imagine how cool would be to play Solid and/or Liquid during the chase jeep scene to all Camp Omega!!!

Please, DO IT.

38 / Lorenzo swinkels / 2013年11月20日 21:49

o my god!!! this game is killer cool!!!
i love every dissision made by now including the keffer suderland.
i have a couple of quistions
in the ground zeroes trailer we see skull face and other xof soldier riding of in a jeep allong with camp omaga guards . one of the guards has a little bit of a taint and his face is at one point zoomed in he the msf spy we saw in the new gamplay narated by john eyestone ?
and if not ho is he ??? it sound verry stupid but sinse trailer one im currius who he is and why hes zoomed in . maybe hes spechal or somthing...
ha ha lol but can also turns out he is just a guard.

39 / GTG  / 2013年11月21日 04:29

for all the MGO people SHUT UP i get it played it i loved it but they opened a NEW friggn studio just for you so give it time. I'm sure when they have news they'll let us know in the meantime let's just be quiet. old italian saying....Festina Lente ( hurry up but take your time ) in other words let them take as much time as they need in order to produce a great product. Gosta Represent

40 / GTG / 2013年11月21日 05:01

Walkman music does this me BB can listen to metalica during his infiltrations like i did in Oblivion? if so will it alert guards? can we heal faster by playing Roy Orbison's "only the lonely" while hiding under a bed? can we set music to an alert like in NHL if I score a goal i hear Duh Duh Duh Duh ( SNAKE EATER ) its awesome... just wondering cause listening to metalica's "ONE" would fit TPP so well.... and i'm spent....

41 / Guysavage / 2013年11月21日 05:11

Sup guys, good show nice to see you are alive.
Can we address the elephant in the room? Namely the fact that there will be a physical retail version of GZ on next gen consoles and a PS4 Bundle in Japan. Why is this not available in the West and are there any plans to release a physical version of GZ on next gen consoles?

Thank you,


42 / Gilmour the Terrible / 2013年11月22日 08:11

Even Ryan Payton and IGN think Hayter not being in the deja vu mission is wrong, read the comments on the IGN page guys, you should start lsitening to fans before it's to late.


43 / Fillion / 2013年11月22日 08:46

I think Kojima-sama watches the competition very closely, aka Splinter Cell, GTA 5, Uncharted, ect. Since Splinter Cell's protagonist's voice actor was changed and had the gane gad mark and execute, he probably thought replacing Snake's voice would be accepted as would the marking (though without the exeuction that SC has).

Seperating the two was needed in case Snake and Big Boss ever met, but Ohtsuka being Big Boss makes that whole plot point moot. IHO however, costume or not having the new voice coming out of SOLID SNAKE is spitting in the face of David Hayter and until I can get my hands on The Phantom Pain and judge for myself, it seems unnecessary and kinda rude to us die-hards to have a nostalgic mission with 70% of the nostalgia removed.

All you people complaining about Hayter won't do any good, they've already shown they aren't moving on this issue sadly. Kojima's even deleted tweets that mention Hayter's name. Then again, it's not the end of the world: the game looks incredible.

44 / Winnie / 2013年11月22日 08:54

Hey guys!

Thanks for bringing us that commentary video, it was great finally being able to understand exactly what was going on in that TGS gameplay demo! That bulletdrop mechanic is news to me, and it sounds like a really interesting new tactical layer on top of the combat. Will bullets also be affected by weather like wind/rain?

Also, whilst there's the audio/visual cues for when you're about to be spotted by a search light, is there, or have you considered adding something similar for when you're about to be spotted by normal guards? The Last of Us had a system where you'd hear a powerful audio cue before you were about to be spotted, saving you from some situations where you would've been spotted without realising. It was a subtle system, but worked very well in the game's favour.

Anyway, I'm totally stoked for Ground Zeroes and can't wait to pop it into my PS4 next year! :D

45 / Shibito Snake / 2013年11月22日 13:24

Favourite MGS moment! 2 many to choose 4rom. Just a little worried about GZ being download only for nxt gen, as my s#!tty BT broad band is sooo slow, it's going to take 2 & half hours just downloading 20MB of this podcast.

Enlil give me strength...

46 / GTG ( GILMOR THE GREAT )  / 2013年11月23日 00:58

Gilmour the Terrible in no way reprents the views of this fan or the fanbase ( VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED )

47 / GTG  / 2013年11月23日 01:55

Please follow the bouncing ball & SING IT WITH ME -What * the * World * needs * now * is * KO-JI-MA * using * The Phantom Pain * to * show * us * BROTH-ER-LY-LOVE.------------------------------ please see Burt Bacharach What the World Needs now is Love for tone & tempo.

48 / Metal Gear Online 3 / 2013年11月25日 03:22

WE NEED MGO3 TRAILER PLEASE!!!!!!! sorry about caps lol..

49 / kilo bravo  / 2013年11月26日 10:30

so we can turn off the reflex mode and marking can we turn off the lens flare too?.

50 / Black Chamber / 2013年11月27日 06:56

I want to know the truth & an explanation of this statement: "The sales of Ground Zeroes will determine the release window of The Phantom Pain".

Is this really something that Konami have stated - or is it just internet bunk?

If it's possible to release Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2014 then that should be the plan. If it's any later, like 2015 - that is WAY too far from the Ground Zeroes release and people will lose interest.

What is the actual situation regarding this issue?

Thank you for your time and I eagerly await the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

-Black Chamber

51 / EnderMX / 2013年11月27日 23:22

Sorry to repeat what many others have said before me, but I do so to emphasize the desire that many fans have to see more news on MGO3. A full trailer? Great. A teaser video? Good too. Even a screen shot? I'll take it. Just some information....

52 / PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE / 2013年11月28日 04:34

Can you guys, please, explain why Snatcher has never been re released as a download on current consoles?

53 / Peace Runner / 2013年11月28日 17:03

Will there be a Vita version of this game? It seems to me that this would have been a perfect Vita game and also have this feeling that it was supposed to be a Vita game but the Vita flopped and Konami decided to release it as multiplatform.

So are you going to focus on Remote Play instead? No Vita version?

Will you be releasing a Metal Gear game exclusive for the Vita? Even a Rising game?

54 / Idea-Guy 2.0 / 2013年11月30日 10:07

If I buy GZ on PS3 can I "TRANSFAR" my save into PP on PS4 somehow?

55 / MKUltra / 2013年12月02日 10:36

hey guys, big fan of the podcast.
I was just wondering if there is any chance of a PC port of MGSV? I don't have much reason to buy the new consoles yet but my PC could run the game better than my PS3.

I remember talk of the Fox Engine making it easier to port to multiple platforms and early demos ran on PC, yet only console ports have been announced so I'm worried the PC platform will be skipped and I'll have to play the last gen version, any info for PC gamers? Thanks!

56 / memeee / 2013年12月02日 19:28

Will snake be using a para shut in missions???

57 / EYESTONE_FAN / 2013年12月03日 00:25

Great podcast! Loved all the new info on MG5. I want to come face to face with physcho mantis again, I want to question what is real and what is not again. Psycho mantis is great at making you question things.

58 / Black Chamber / 2013年12月03日 04:08

I sincerely hope that Kojima Productions will take full advantage of the PS4 to ensure that the PS4 version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the definitive version.

It's not Sony's fault that they built a superior machine. ;)

59 / Daxter99 / 2013年12月07日 08:35

It has been confirmed that people who play Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain will get a bonus in The Phantom Pain. How will that work if one gets GZ for PS3 and Phantom Pain for PS4 and same for Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

60 / Hunter926 / 2013年12月10日 00:09

Can you give any information on Metal Gear Online yet?

MGO is my main reason for wanting MGSV, so if it's not going to be included with Ground Zeroes, I would like to know before I purchase so I'm not disappointed day 1

61 / GTG  / 2013年12月10日 20:08

1st off thanks for listening alot of developers say they listen to feedback but you actually do. great job on new trailer Sean. you gave us tons of new info & it was nice to see that snake can in fact die ( i'll be doing alot of that ) . can't type alot right now but the main question i have is by not marking targets it seems like a much more MGS3 way of going about ( no radar etc ). if i were trying to get a more MGS3 feel to this game how would you suggest it be played? i hope that made sense.

62 / Winter_Cat / 2013年12月10日 23:37

Hey guys,
I saw the English GZ demo, and I though the information was presented well, especially with showing the limits of reflex mode. Anyhow, I still have a minor question about tagging: is it automatic or is it done at the press of a button? I have no idea how many cluttered the control scheme is for MGSV, but I would like the main features (binoculars, tagging, etc.) to be hot-keyed to a button.

63 / Winter_Cat / 2013年12月10日 23:48

Also (following my last message), I was wondering if caution phases are localized and not base wide (since it looks that way from the demos.
Another point I was wondering about was if Camp Omega is the only area in GZ. I understand that you probably want to use the same area for most of the presentations and media, but both of the exclusives use the same map, so I have to wonder if GZ is only one area and then ends, in which case the price point would be really quite steep, regardless of how well made the one area is. I hope I'm wrong in this assumption.

64 / CoffeeBean / 2013年12月11日 02:46

Thanks for listening to us that craved a true stealth simulation experience by allowing us to turn off reflex mode and the tagging. :) I'm much happier now.

Fav MGS1 memory? Erm, loads but one that you may not think about is knocking against the walls to find the hollow ones and using C4 to pass through them (just before the Oceolot fight).

65 / Fabivito / 2013年12月11日 22:30

So it happened, Kaz was removed from the box art. That's too bad in my eyes but...

We got the PS4/XBone retail copies! If you will announce bundle PS4 + MGSV:GZ (physical version) you bought me there. If not well then I'll go buy them separately.

66 / GTG  / 2013年12月11日 22:52

will sending your helicopter into a red LZ always count as an alert to your stats?
if we turn off marking targets can we still mark vehicles i got a kick out of hearing the jeep start up & drive away and to see it on your idroid driving around by some random AI who wanted to get out of the rain & grab a cup of Joe at the barracks was awesome. just curious keep up the great great great work

67 / GTG  / 2013年12月11日 23:00

follow up question
if we knock out the soldiers around a red LZ will it become white?

68 / StealthCivet / 2013年12月11日 23:36

M G O info

69 / Peace Runner / 2013年12月12日 14:48

You're supposed to be able to aim and shoot while in the jeep right?

70 / BigBoss 19 / 2013年12月12日 15:40

Will MGS V GZ have sny type of online modes? Leader board's or coop/vs mode?

71 / french Yamori / 2013年12月13日 01:03

what i think about "deja vu"

first i don't care about that nostalgeek fan service mission & second don't want it !

maybe a cool way to bring back some MGS memories in HD... wait in pixels ahhh... the worst part you put Kiefer voice on it how dare you nooooo "deja vu mais jamais entendu" old fan voice lol

what about the french voice of Snake bring him back too ha ha ha

I don't want to have new MGS 1998 HD it was a masterpiece at that time now "deja vu" it's just old pixels with 3D view... for me

why lots of people like me go down on this MGS "deja vue" ?

my deception came from the gap between what i expect to have & what i get at the end, the way Hideo tease us just for that was really bad i think

who knows some fan might love it... i'm cleary not one of them i already hate that... oh oh oh XBOX get exclusive "jamais vu" content look so fun here you go Snatchers

Hidechan Radio !

why don't you toke about some news share on hidechan ? lots of news about MGSV gameplay & more...

MGS PIGGYBACK solution book MGS3 was the best, bring that quality back !

V has come to can't wait for more

72 / JMG2 / 2013年12月13日 12:36

Actually, Sean and co., I have a pretty big concern with something Mr.Kojima said in an interview with Kotaku.
"You have to keep in mind that Solid Snake is not a real human. [As in, within the story universe, Solid Snake is a genetically modified clone.] On the other hand, Big Boss is a real human being with true emotions. He can be more expressive than Solid Snake. So yes, as a result I find him more compelling to write."

But does this not contradict the entire message of MGS1? That genes do not determine your fate?

Even in The Legacy Book, the brief description of MGS1 reads "You, not your genes, decide your destiny."

MGS1 was about not being bound by your genes. Naomi made this clear in the game's ending ("We musn't allow ourselves to be chained to fate. To be ruled by our genes. Humans can choose the life they want to live"), and the fact that Revolver Ocelot (after the credits) explained that Solid Snake, who defeated Liquid Snake atop Metal Gear REX, was actually the inferior clone, was proof of this message.

Sure, Solid Snake tries to hide his feelings, but I always felt that was because of post-traumatic stress disorder, from his experience in Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland (killing his father and best friend.) He's trying to numb his guilt and pain (like he told Naomi in the prison cell, when he talked about how he killed his father. He said that it was the trauma of his life. He went to Alaska to be alone, to escape the pain.) He started the game as a bitter, lonely pessimist. But in the end, he gains a new appreciation for living, decides to find a new path in life (as shown in MGS2, where he's fighting to stop Metal Gear for future generations.)

Since we're celebrating the 15th Anniversary of MGS1 (with the Deja Vu mission), and looking towards the future (MGSV's theme is "Race", which is closely linked to Genetics), I think Mr.Hideo Kojima should revisit the game and reconsider his thoughts on Solid Snake. I love Big Boss too, but it would break my heart if Kojima only sees Solid Snake as a "copy" of Big Boss.
"As far as Big Boss is concerned; one of the themes of the overall Metal Gear series is having the main character surpass his predecessors, surpass the people who came before him, and really usher in a new generation. So in that sense, Metal Gear Solid 3 is a really key chapter in the series, and Big Boss is a really key character, because he's basically like Snake's father. So that's where I really want to put allot of detail into that character."
^This answer is perfect, respecting both characters. I hope Kojima still has this view, and the other quote was just poorly worded/translated.

I understand that Mr.Kojima thinks Kiefer Sutherland will bring a new level of emotional depth to Big Boss, through subtle facial acting, and I respect that, but he shouldn't insult Solid Snake just because his storyline was finished before facial capture became part of the series.

73 / french Yamori / 2013年12月13日 15:22

My best MGS1 memories,

1. Ocelot fight & torture

2. gray fox cutting soldiers, going crazy about his past, & fighting Rex

3. shirtless bloody fight, Solid vs Liquid

4. naked Akiba face down ass up, & toilet scene

5. Meryl running booty shake, & abs

6. Psyco Mantis reading my memory card

7. fox die killing people

8. dog who pi on the carton box

9. animated fights from MGS BD

10. Otacon pi on himself

74 / M.R. / 2013年12月13日 16:17

The Deja Vu mission feels like immersing me into nostalgia, which is nice, but I can always go back and play MGS which I got from the PSN store...

75 / madkingdom / 2013年12月14日 18:38

why not on PC? pls do something...stop xclusive things...

76 / TheMancho / 2013年12月15日 18:32

@JGM2 Well said, Kojima's had that view on Snake since MGS3 sadly. The thing about Snake is that he keeps his emotions hidden but he shows his emotions through words as well like when he tells Colonel in MGS1 "You think my life is some kind of sick joke?" Even though this is Kojima's series and he is my favorite developer I've always hated how he describes Snake as some inhuman war machine when the games themselves show him as anything but

77 / álvaro / 2013年12月23日 00:47

felicitaciones por la gran mejoria en muchisimos aspectos que presenta cada nueva parte de la saga metal gear.
cada vez estoy mas enamorado de este juego
es la unica saga de juegos que conozco de la que podria hablar de esta forma.
cada vez mas real y adictivo sabeis engancharnos por medio de estos carismaticos personajes por los cuales es facil experimentar sentimientos que hacen que ames esta saga de principio a fin.
la experiencia de juego es en definitiva excepcional con gadgets divertidisimos con los que interactuar.
seria ya perfecto una muy alta IA que necesite una mejor tactica a la hora de completar una mision.pienso que el codec deberia servir para llamar a personas que ejerzan de superior pero que para personas que nos den informacion o ayuda en la mision seria increible en cuanto a experiencia de juego que directamente interactuase al lado de nuestro personaje (como haria por ejemplo el ayudante de un francotirador usando sus prismaticos y anotando en su libreta datos importantes) dejando a nuestro personaje la responsabilidad unica de realizar un buen trabajo,este hecho daria mucho juego en el modo de jugar una mision, teniendo por ejemplo que cuidar de nuestro ayudante,siendo siempre esto una una opcion, pudiendo elejir dos opciones: 1-un compañero con IA que nos ayude aportandonos datos en tiempo real pero q la mision sea mas dificil por tener la responsabilidad de cuidar de su vida; y 2-quitarnos de esa responsabilidad haciendo q sea mas facil en ese aspecto pero mas dificil por no tener esa ayuda extra haciendo del juego una version mas propia de heroe solitario como es snake; igual que en peace walker antes de iniciar una mision podiamos elejir opciones.
son ideas que se me ocurren por si realmente los comentarios de los fans pueden ayudar en algo a la realizacion definitiva del juego
un saludo
mgs 4ever

78 / álvaro / 2013年12月23日 00:49

alguna noticia de metal gear online por favor!

79 / Game$ / 2013年12月24日 04:30

Japan gets the best stuff first! I need to hire a wholesaler over there to help me here in the usa :(

80 / BLAZINSB3 / 2014年01月06日 05:03


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