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KP ALERT ! - Episode 008
2013.12.13 Friday

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Get the latest news and exclusive details on MGSV: GROUND ZEROES and the Xbox-exclusive "Jamais Vu" Mission! We also discuss game design and level design, as we welcome level designer Jordan Amaro to Episode 008 of the Kojima Productions Alert!

>> "Jamais Vu" Mission

>> Mission : Ground Zeroes "Night"

>> "Metal Gear Solid V" Q&A with Hideo Kojima

>> "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes"Official Site ... Pre-Order Now!

>> Next Episode : ? ? ? <<

Director   :   Jackie Tan
Guest   :   Jordan Amaro
Cast   :   Sean Eyestone
Ken Mendoza
Sound Director   :   Peter Wayne
Logo Design   :   Kazuro Takada
Toru Murakami
Web Support   :   Takaaki Kitamura
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1 / Italian Joe / 2013年12月13日 21:12


- I'm sorry to inform you guys but on the european PlayStation Netwoek the Metal Gear Rising Revengeance dlc's "...are NOT yet free!!!" to download EVEN after the regular changes in the list of free games for psplus members (with MGRR in it until last month) so if Konami-Kojima Productions-Platinumgames can fix this misterious problem I, and so many other europeans who buyed this game still waiting the free dlc price to appear from weeks on their stores, can really appreciate it or we must wait an hyphotetical european release of the MGRR special edition to finally download this dlc's for free ?

"You have a score to settle..." ;)

- Please someone remind Kojima about the existence of the trailer section on the european psn: I say this because the last trailer edited by him appeared on psn trailer section, here in europe at least, was the one for MGRR so I just can't explain why after all this time NOT A SINGLE ONE of the trailers for MGSVGZ and MGSVTPP were uploaded on the store!!!

- Why on japanise psn YES and on european psn NO !?

- Subtitles problems for all the languages maybe ?

- You need the money to make them !?

- Are someone listening to me or I'm just wasting time posting in this comment section of the KP Alert ?

I'm really pissed of because for people like me who have had in the past (or can have in the future) problems about connecting to the internet the possibility to download this amazing story and gameplay trailers comment by Sean in maximum quality possible on the hard drive of their consoles could be very important so please, again, do it!!!

About the Jamais Vu Mission:

- Will the PlayStation users be able to play this mission on their MGSVGZ/MGSVTPP copies for ps3/ps4 in the future or it's a timeless exclusive for the Microsoft's consoles ?

- Will the players with a platinum tropy/all achievement on each Kojima Productions game already unlocked for their psn ID/Xbox live ID (at the moment i miss MGRR and ZOE HD Collection platinum trophies but I'll take them soon) be able to get some exclusive extras in MGSVGZ or/and in MGSVTPP ?

That's would be really awesome in my opinion!!!

Thanks for listening (I hope so)

2 / GTG  / 2013年12月14日 04:13

Great show!
1st person aim yet another question in the books thank you have a great holiday

3 / Rogue Agent / 2013年12月14日 04:50

Is there any chance of the Japanese cover (featuring Snake and Kaz) making its way to the West, in the future?

4 / Winter_Cat / 2013年12月14日 08:52

Hey guys,
Comparing the Deja Vu and Jamais Vu missions, the Jamais Vu mission just looks better because it looks to be trying something interesting, while Deja Vu looks to add nothing that we haven't seen already in MGS4, so it seems like effort was only put into Jamais Vu from a creative stand point. Still, they both seem to be a degree of fluff to me, since I don't seen anything substantial being added in either case that doesn't already approximate something that could be gotten either way. They just look like slight mash ups on the same map. Speaking of which, I'm becoming more and more convinced that GZ has one and only one area, based on how it is being talked about ("15 minutes of a film"?) and this is kinda disappoint to me. If it really is only one area, then I may end up skipping GZ altogether and wait a year or so for TPP. I know that it's a large area, but I still imagine becoming sick of the same area, again and again. I hope I'm wrong.
Anyway, good podcast as always.

5 / DyingPhoenix  / 2013年12月14日 09:08

I am still here listening to this podcast, still my favorite since day one! Love it greatly, thanks for all the podcast memories.

6 / nemeraiden / 2013年12月14日 09:51

I got my PS4 on launch day and this is the game I was looking forward to the most on launch day. However, now I'm contemplating whether or not to get it at all. I was fine with the changes to the gameplay, (regenerating health, reflex mode, etc.) and never complained about David Hayter being replaced or threatened to boycott the game over it, even though I was upset. I'm also not one of the people complaining about a "$30 demo" as I trust that there's a good amount of content. The first thing that bugged me was the Xbox exclusive Raiden mission. It looks so amazing yet I don't get to play it because I chose to get a PS4. I was able to accept this though as the Playstation fans get an exclusive mission as well, (though in my opinion, the playstation mission looks like absolute crap and the fact that the Xbox players got that amazing mission makes it feel even worse by comparison.) But the thing that really did me in today is that I realized several button prompts that use the triggers on the Xbox One instead use the L1/R1 buttons on PS4. Now, in the PS3/360 era, this was the norm, PS3 games all use L1 and R1 to aim and shoot. However, the PS4 controller has actual triggers, and has changed the L1/R1 buttons to function more like the 360's bumpers. So I REALLY, REAllY hope, you are not actually expecting players to use L1 and R1 to aim and shoot on the PS4 version of Ground Zeroes. On the PS3 version? Fine. But the PS4 version? for the love of god, please let us shoot with the triggers. It's become the norm for PS4 games already, do not try to make us play a PS4 game with a PS3 control scheme, that's one of the main reasons I got a PS4. I signed a petition and everything to get a physical PS4 release in the US. I was so happy when they announced there would be one, I didn't care at all that it was $10 more, I would have gladly bought it. But now I'm honestly considering just not buying it at all at this point. Between the vastly superior exclusive content on the opposite platform and the horrible looking control scheme on PS4, you've pretty much killed all my excitement for this game. If you could at least say on your next podcast if we can shoot with the triggers on PS4, that would be enough for me to still buy the physical PS4 version. But if not, I think I'll either ignore the game completely or buy a used copy for my 360 when it lands in the bargain bin . My great hope, other than for the control scheme change to the PS4, is that the Raiden mission will become DLC on a later date for Playstation owners. I wouldn't even care if I had to pay for it, I'd still do it. But I'm guessing even that is too much to ask when it comes to you. If you can say whether or not we can use the triggers in the PS4 version, I'd appreciate it. Until then, all of this has pretty much ruined my day.

7 / tokenflipguy / 2013年12月14日 17:00

Great podcast! 2 Questions... Are they are any other projects going on at KP?

Are there any bonus items you unlock once you beat in Ground Zeroes?

8 / LightningBoltAction / 2013年12月14日 17:06

Will Metal Gear Rising Revengeance be coming to SteamOS?

With very few hack and slash games on it, it might sell a lot.

9 / James / 2013年12月14日 22:15

The first memory i had of MGS1 was trying to get past the main menu. i didnt know it was the O button to get through the menu. I WAS PRESSING THE X BUTTON FOR MONTHS until i finally figured it out haha

10 / ItsMeKazu!! / 2013年12月15日 00:38

So it is confirmed that you can fire in first-person aim,I'm really happy about this!

Q:Will player choices affect the story,and if yes,in what degree?Are we gonna get a compact story or will important events be different for everyone?

11 / Sans Frontiers / 2013年12月15日 00:47

Will you do in game podcasts again like in mgs4? & please include an option to just play 1 song on repeat the peacewalker playlist option was annoying pausing to go back to song you wanted.

12 / StealthCivet / 2013年12月15日 07:27

Another KP Alert and still no info on MGO. Please can you say if MGO will be included in GZ or TPP. Also can you let us know if it will be a stand alone game as well.

13 / Nick / 2013年12月15日 14:32

Thanks for the podcast, really enjoy them.

My question is regarding MGS V: The Phantom Pain on last gen consoles (PS3/360)

Since TPP is much bigger in scale. Will things like draw distance, real time whether, night and day simulations and overall gameplay mechanics be the exact same as current gen platforms? (PS4/ONE)

AND if can answer this, are all English voice acting done for both GZ and TPP?


14 / B-Real Freshness / 2013年12月16日 11:41

Hey I just wanted to say that I dig the podcasts. I like the format, and the topics that you guys talk about during the podcasts are very informative. And before I start real discussion topics, I wanted to say that I think the lens flare is totally awesome. I have been a fan of the Metal Gear Series since the beginning; I think Mr. Kojima is making a great complete game with Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. The open world gameplay change to the MGS series is what the MGS series truly needed. Also I know fans of the series have written their complaints about the new voice of Big Boss/Snake, I am one fan who is embracing Mr. Sutherland’s take on the voice of Big Boss with open arms “Welcome to the MGS Family Mr. Sutherland”. And in fact, in my own personal opinion I wish that David Hayter’s voice was replaced during MGS 3: Snake Eater, because we know him as the voice of Solid Snake. MGS3 is the story of Big Boss; and in MGS 4, David Hayter wasn’t the voice of both Snake and Big Boss. I don’t see why fans are upset. If Mr. Kojima decides to continue any games with either Big Boss or Solid Snake, I believe he should remake the original Metal Gear games with David Hayter as the voice of Solid Snake and Kiefer Sutherland as Big Boss. I pre-ordered Ground Zeroes for the Playstation 3 and am looking forward to the Déjà vu mission. If I am not too late to mention my favorite MGS moment, I would have to say that my favorite MGS moment is when you had to fight Liquid Snake atop of Metal Gear Rex with the strict time limit. Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are the two games I am most excited to play. Keep up the good work, these games look fantastic! Hopefully there will be another podcast before the New Year, but if not. Happy Holidays to everyone at Kojima Productions!

15 / Winter_Cat / 2013年12月16日 11:59

You do know that control schemes can be changed if KP allows it in options, right? Programming a option between L1/R1 and LT/RT is actually one of the easier options to change, easier than turning a feature on/off, so I doubt that KP would restrict it to one or the other. Personally, I prefer L1/R1 to LT/RT (it is all arbitrary, to some degree) so that L2/R2 feel like secondary option to L1/R1 (like a secondary-fire) or unrelated action.
As for the exclusive content, I agree that Jaimas Vu looks better than Deja Vu, but they are still only bonuses, and not a core part of the game.
I'm not saying don't have concerns, I know I have my fair share. Just don't write it off because of somewhat minor things.

@KP: I watched the English side-op demo again, and for some reason the sprinting animation feels less odd/floaty (I'm not sure how to describe it, it just felt too fast the first time I saw it). Just an observation, could just be me.

16 / JMG2 / 2013年12月17日 00:42

Sean and co., I have a pretty big concern with something Kojima said in an interview with Kotaku.
"You have to keep in mind that Solid Snake is not a real human. [As in, within the story universe, Solid Snake is a genetically modified clone.] On the other hand, Big Boss is a real human being with true emotions. He can be more expressive than Solid Snake. So yes, as a result I find him more compelling to write."

But does this not contradict the entire message of MGS1? That genes do not determine your fate?

Even in The Legacy Book, the brief description of MGS1 reads "You, not your genes, decide your destiny."

MGS1 was about not being bound by your genes. Naomi made this clear in the game's ending ("We musn't allow ourselves to be chained to fate. To be ruled by our genes. Humans can choose the life they want to live"), and the fact that Revolver Ocelot (after the credits) explained that Solid Snake, who defeated Liquid Snake atop Metal Gear REX, was actually the inferior clone, was proof of this message.

Sure, Solid Snake tries to hide his feelings, but I always felt that was because of post-traumatic stress disorder, from his experience in Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland (killing his father and best friend.) He's trying to numb his guilt and pain. He tells Otacon "I don't have any more tears to shed." He's cried so much that he's become used to the sorrow he carries with him. He started the game as a bitter, lonely pessimist. But in the end, he (and Naomi) gains a new appreciation for living, and decides to find a new path in life (as shown in MGS2, where he's fighting to stop Metal Gear for future generations.)

Since we're celebrating the 15th Anniversary of MGS1 (with the Deja Vu mission), and looking towards the future (MGSV's theme is "Race", which is closely linked to Genetics), I think Mr.Hideo Kojima should revisit the game and reconsider his thoughts on Solid Snake. I love Big Boss too, but it would break my heart if Kojima only sees Solid Snake as a "copy" of Big Boss.
"As far as Big Boss is concerned; one of the themes of the overall Metal Gear series is having the main character surpass his predecessors, surpass the people who came before him, and really usher in a new generation. So in that sense, Metal Gear Solid 3 is a really key chapter in the series, and Big Boss is a really key character, because he's basically like Snake's father. So that's where I really want to put allot of detail into that character."
^This answer is perfect, respecting both characters. I hope Kojima still has this view, and the other quote was just poorly worded/translated.

I also understand that Kojima hopes that Kiefer Sutherland will bring a new level of emotional depth to Big Boss, through subtle facial acting, and I respect that, but he shouldn't toss away his core themes and disrespect Solid Snake just because his storyline ended before facial acting became part of the series.

To me, the story of Solid Snake is how a monster, not created from nature, gains his humanity. Going by the E3 trailer (and his portrayal in the MSX games), Big Boss' story is how a normal human becomes a "demon."

17 / MrMasterv13 / 2013年12月17日 02:51

I love what MGS has become after 25 years. But i was wondering, Will MGSV GZ or MGSV TPP or both will come out for PC. Let us know as soon as possible

BTW Great work on the podcast


18 / GreyFox7 / 2013年12月17日 14:09

First off, thank you so much for reading my comment on the podcast! It's such an honor to think that maybe, just maybe, Kojima-san has read something that I've written.

Now, I have a few comments. I've recently read that now that the Ground Zeroes release date has been announced, The Phantom Pain might not be released until 2015. Please tell me this is not true and that I won't have to wait another year for the complete MGS5 experience.

Also, I love the fact the diversity you guys have at KojiPro in Japan. It seems to me that you guys hire from all around the world which is super cool. I'm curious how many non-programmers work there or KojiPro LA? I have a mathematics degree, but I have a huge passion for gaming.

19 / JMG2 / 2013年12月17日 14:42

Oops, I'm sorry. The Kotaku URL in my previous comment (Comment #16) is broken.

I really hope you guys respond to my concerns in Comment #16. Cheers!

20 / Fabivito / 2013年12月18日 00:12

I second to comment #1 about trailers. I would really appreciate if I could download HD E3 extended trailer of The Phantom Pain on my hdd and keep them together with the MGS4 trailers. Just some collection aspect you know.

21 / George Sears 1972 / 2013年12月18日 05:44

Hi :-)

regarding Peace Walker, i noticed back in 2010, that Snake's head was rendered higher in the opening main mission (during the cqc training session, during 3d cutscenes and in the mission prep). Throughout the rest of the game he had a lower rendered face during gameplay. This goes for the console versions as well. I assume this was due to the rather limiting technology of the PSP system for a huge game like PW to work fluently. So my question is, if it would be possible to at least replace Snake's low rendered face with the uprendered version in the general gameplay in the HD version. I know you don't usually do any changes to older games, but i don't think it's too much to ask. Since the release of GZ is around the corner and TPP coming up, i think lots of people are playing PW again and would aprreciate if Snake would look a just little bit better and more apropriate in the console versions. I think it's a rather minor change, but it would make a huge difference. A patch for ps3 and xbox360 maybe (if possible for psp too)? I'm lookin forward to hearing from you. Keep those podcasts coming ;-)
Best regards

22 / maX Volnutt / 2013年12月18日 08:52

Hey KP Alert,

Great posdcast, as always. It's always inspiring to hear how multi-national your team is. That aside, I have a very important question that MUST BE ADDRESSED (dun dun DUNN)!

There's been a lot of great new information about Ground Zeroes and the platforms it's releasing on lately. However, information on the PC version has been conspicuously absent. No knock against the PS4 or Xbox One, but I spent a lot of money building a top-of-the-line PC and it is absolutely my first choice for MGSV and gaming in general. I don't think PC gamers will mind if it's released a little later (we're used to it) but I think we'd all like reassurance that it's still on track.

Again, as a PC gamer, I also have to wonder about the add-ons. I'm a huge fan of Raiden and MGRR (I loved cutting up my home town of Denver) so I was saddened to hear Jamais Vu will be XBox exclusive... will PC have anything special to look forward to?

Thanks a lot!

23 / Shibito Snake / 2013年12月18日 21:55

Been thinking about TPP trailer, the 1 where BB wakes 4rom his coma. The strange stuff going on!?.. Fire whale and such, 0ne Word comes 2 mind.


Hope every 1 has a gr8 X-MAS at KP.

24 / SPTX / 2013年12月18日 23:28

MGR is coming anyday on steam. But PC is not steam, steam is barely one of the many platforms available in there. What about everyone else? And what of those like me who refuse to buy digital only? Do you plan to release a NO-steam boxed version? I saw it on a website I planned on ordering from but it just disappeared from their list, is it discontinued? Don't turn your back on us.

25 / jmw / 2013年12月19日 02:28

I'd love to get a clearer confirmation on specific platforms for release. At the moment I'm confused. Will PS4 GZ be released "in-box" at retail stores in the US or not??

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