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KP ALERT ! - Episode 008
2013.12.13 Friday

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Get the latest news and exclusive details on MGSV: GROUND ZEROES and the Xbox-exclusive "Jamais Vu" Mission! We also discuss game design and level design, as we welcome level designer Jordan Amaro to Episode 008 of the Kojima Productions Alert!

>> "Jamais Vu" Mission

>> Mission : Ground Zeroes "Night"

>> "Metal Gear Solid V" Q&A with Hideo Kojima

>> "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes"Official Site ... Pre-Order Now!

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KP ALERT ! - Episode 007
2013.11.18 Monday

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The MGSV Experience? Reflex Mode? A PlayStation exclusive mission?

Answers to the most-asked questions about METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES, along with more details on the exclusive "Déjà Vu Mission" and more--Only on the Kojima Productions Alert 007!

Also, what does "Déjà Vu Mission" mean to you? We want to know! Send us your favorite, most memorable moments from the original Metal Gear Solid!

>> "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes"Official Site ... Pre-Order Now!

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KP ALERT ! - Episode 006
2013.09.04 Wednesday

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What is licensing? How do we license? What's coming in the future?
Raiden's sword? Stealth camouflage? Or Big Boss’s eye patch?

Leave comments and let us know what kind of licensed products YOU want from MGS!

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KP ALERT ! - Episode V
2013.07.19 Friday

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Kept you waiting, huh?!

Thanks for all your comments and questions! Episode V is here!
Learn the answer to your questions, featuring special guest Donna Burke,
a first look at the lyrics to the “Sins of the Father” (E3 trailer) and more!

>> Pacific Rim Shinkawa Image
>> Comic-con Figures
>> Lyrics of "Sins of the Father" (E3 trailer portion)

>> Next Episode : Coming Soon! <<
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Episode 005 Donna Burke Alert!
2013.07.02 Tuesday
Donna Burke will drop by the KP Alert ! on July 18th to talk about the new theme song of METAL GEAR SOLID V "Sins of the Father!"

Have questions for Donna? We'll also take some time to address mail from fans! Leave your questions or comments below!

About Donna:
Donna Burke, a singer, narrator, and entrepreneur, was born in Perth, Australia, and moved to Tokyo, Japan in 1996. Her voice can be heard on many anime and video game soundtracks. She sang the theme of METAL GEAR SOLID PEACE WALKER "Heavens Divide" and also provided vocals for the MGSV theme song "Sins of the Father," unveiled at this year's E3 Show.

>> Coming on 07/18/2013 <<
KP ALERT ! - Episode 004
2013.06.21 Friday

Download / 43.4MB / MP3 / STEREO / Site info

Learn more about the meaning behind the Phantom Pain, the game system of MGSV, and our E3 trailer! Composer Ludvig Forsell also drops in to discuss the theme song "Sins of the Father!"

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Extended Director’s Cut

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Standard Version

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KP ALERT ! - Episode 003 (E3!)
2013.06.11 Tuesday

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Special E3 trailer recap with a focus on audio with Sound Designer Peter Wayne. Tune in next week for an in-depth look at "Sins of the Father" and more!

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Extended Director’s Cut

MGSV:TPP E3 Trailer - Standard Version

>> Next Episode : 06/21/2013 <<
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KP ALERT ! - Episode 002
2013.06.06 Thursday

Download / 27.9MB / MP3 / STEREO / Site info

KP Alert ! ramps up to E3 with a peek behind the scenes of METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN and KONAMI's Pre-E3 show! Be sure to check back on June 11th for the official kick-off of E3 2013!

>> Next Episode : 06/11/2013 <<
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KP ALERT ! - Episode 001
2013.05.31 Friday

/ 38.2MB / MP3 / STEREO / Site info

The official Kojima Productions podcast is back with an all new name and format! In Episode 001 of the KP ALERT! we welcome guests Ludvig Forssell (composer) and Joshua McQuery (game designer) to discuss Moby Dick Studios, reflect on Game Developer Conference 2013, and look forward to E3 2013!

>> Next Episode : 06/06/2013 <<
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